Eastern North Carolina Digital Library


19th Century Adjustable Operating Table
Examining table
A history of the Tar River Association
Revenue law, 1864-'5 : an act entitled "Revenue."
Economic and social history of Chowan County, North Carolina, 1880-1915
Handbook for Pitt County teachers. 1916-1917
Teacher's handbook, 1926-1927
Second annual catalogue of the North Carolina state colored normal schools for 1905-06
Tooth extractor
Tooth extractor
Tooth extractor
Wall telephone
Rocky Mount Mills : carded cotton yarns, Rocky Mount, N.C
Lecture ticket
Pill tile
Candle lantern
Snuff jar
The Voice of America doubles its power : the new Greenville complex
Saddle bag
Vial case
Money Island
Iron Lung
Gout stool
Foot brace