Eastern North Carolina Digital Library


The spirit of the Roanoke, A pageant of Halifax county history
A Pageant of the lower Cape Fear
Apothecary of the Soul Painting
Mr. Hall and his family, especially Susie : a story of Southern life
Brief report of the services rendered by the freed people to the United States Army, in North Carolina, in the spring of 1862
Mrs. G.I. Joe
Milk sterilizer
Medicine bottle
Vick's Vaporub
Patriotism and fraternity : speech of Hon. John H. Small of North Carolina in the House of Representatives, Thursday, May, 23, 1912.
Examining table
Mortar and pestle
New pocket medical formulary, selections
Show globe
Show globe
Lancet set
Bleeding bowl
Mechanical leech
Sampson County M.D.'s
Pill Machine
Pill tile
Pill finisher
Pill machine
Buccaneers and pirates of our coasts
Blackbeard; or, The pirate of the Roanoke, A tale of the Atlantic
A general history of the pyrates: from their first rise and settlement in the Island of Providence, to the present time
The history of the pyrates: containing the lives of Captain Mission. Captain Bowen. Captain Kidd ... and their several crews
Plantation sketches
Plantation memories of the Cape Fear river country
$600 reward!
Proclamation by the governor : $600 reward
$1800 reward
Poison bottle
Iron Lung
Public speaking in Nash!
The truth concerning Pitt County finances
Cyrus B. Watson for Judge Clark, distinguished Democrat warmly endorses him for United States Senate
Goldsboro and its government : from the beginning to the present time
Memorial of the life of J. Johnston Pettigrew : Brig. Gen. of the Confederate States Army
Industrial and historical issue of the Mt. Olive Tribune, Mount Olive, Wayne County, N.C.
Cornelius Harnett; an essay in North Carolina history
Memoirs of an octogenarian
Medicine bottle
Year book and directory of the Rowland Presbyterian Church, Rowland, N.C
Municipal milk distribution in Tarboro, North Carolina
Autobiography of Elder C. B. Hassell (1809-1880) : business, civic, religious leader educator-author
The dealings of God with a laborer, or, The experience of Bernard Greenwood
Housed on the third floor; being a collection of North Caroliniana
Narcotics safe
Public health nursing bag
The pine trail, May 1923
Educational survey of Elizabeth City, North Carolina
Student handbook : Greenville High School
A history of Robersonville public schools, 1878-1959
The Goldsboro Township schools
Survey of the public schools of Lenoir County
Public schools of Wilson County, North Carolina
Report of the public schools of Harnett County, 1911-12