NCSCS Grade 4 Geography and History Objectives
1.01 Locate, in absolute and relative terms, major landforms, bodies of water and natural resources in North Carolina.
1.02 Describe and compare physical and cultural characteristics of the regions.
1.03 Suggest some influences that location has on life in North Carolina such as major cities, recreation areas, industry, and farms.
1.04 Evaluate ways the people of North Carolina used, modified, and adapted to the physical environment, past and present.
2.01 Locate and describe American Indians in North Carolina, past and present.
3.02 Identify people, symbols, events, and documents associated with North Carolina's history.
4.01 Assess and evaluate the importance of regional diversity on the development of economic, social, and political institutions in North Carolina.
4.05 Identify and assess the role of prominent persons in North Carolina, past and present.
6.07 Describe the ways North Carolina specializes in economic activity and the relationship between specialization and interdependence.

NCSCS Grade 4 Language Arts
2.03 Read a variety of texts, including:
nonfiction (autobiographies, informational books, diaries, journals)
3.02 Analyze characters, events, and plots from different selections and cite supporting evidence.
4.10 Use technology as a tool to gather, organize, and present information.