8th Grade Social Studies
Goal 4: The learner will examine the causes, course, and character of the Civil War and Reconstruction, and their impact on North Carolina and the nation.
4.03 Assess North Carolina's role in the Civil War and analyze the social and economic impact of the war on the state.
4.04 Evaluate the importance of the roles played by individuals at the state and national levels during the Civil War and Reconstruction Period.
4.05 Analyze the political, economic, and social impact of Reconstruction on the state and identify the reasons why Reconstruction came to an end.

8th Grade English Language Arts
Goal 4: The learner will continue to refine critical thinking skills and create criteria to evaluate print and non-print materials.
4.01 Analyze the purpose of the author or creator and the impact of that purpose by:
monitoring comprehension for understanding of what is read, heard, and/or viewed.
evaluating any bias, apparent or hidden messages, emotional factors, and/or propaganda techniques.
evaluating the underlying assumptions of the author/creator.
evaluating the effects of author's craft on the reader/viewer/listener.
4.02 Analyze and develop (with limited assistance) and apply appropriate criteria to evaluate the quality of the communication by:
using knowledge of language structure and literary or media techniques.
drawing conclusions based on evidence, reasons, or relevant information.
considering the implications, consequences, or impact of those conclusions.
4.03 Use the stance of a critic to:
consider alternative points of view or reasons.
remain fair-minded and open to other interpretations.
construct a critical response/review of a work/topic.
Goal 5: The learner will respond to various literary genres using interpretive and evaluative processes.
5.01 Increase fluency, comprehension, and insight through a meaningful and comprehensive literacy program by:
using effective reading strategies to match type of text.
reading literature and other materials selected by the teacher.
analyzing the effects of elements such as plot, theme, characterization, style, mood, and tone.
discussing the effects of such literary devices as figurative language, dialogue, flashback, allusion, irony, and symbolism.
analyzing and evaluating themes and central ideas in literature and other texts in relation to personal and societal issues.
analyzing and evaluating the relationships between and among characters, ideas, concepts, and/or experiences.

English III (High School)
Goal 3: The learner will demonstrate increasing sophistication in defining issues and using argument effectively.
3.01 Use language persuasively in addressing a particular issue by:
finding and interpreting information effectively.
recognizing propaganda as a purposeful technique.
establishing and defending a point of view.
responding respectfully to viewpoints and biases.
3.02 Select an issue or theme and take a stance on that issue by:
reflecting the viewpoint(s) of Americans of different times and places.
recognizing propaganda as a purposeful technique.
showing sensitivity or empathy for the culture represented.
supporting the argument with specific reasons.
Goal 4: The learner will critically analyze text to gain meaning, develop thematic connections, and synthesize ideas.
4.01 Interpret meaning for an audience by:
examining the functions and the effects of narrative strategies such as plot, conflict, suspense, point of view, characterization, and dialogue.
interpreting the effect of figures of speech (e.g., personification, oxymoron) and the effect of devices of sound (e.g., alliteration, onomatopoeia).
analyzing stylistic features such as word choice and links between sense and sound.
identifying ambiguity, contradiction, irony, parody, and satire.
demonstrating how literary works reflect the culture that shaped them.

U. S. History (High School)
Goal 3: Crisis, Civil War, and Reconstruction (1848-1877) - The learner will analyze the issues that led to the Civil War, the effects of the war, and the impact of Reconstruction on the nation.
3.04 Analyze the political, economic, and social impact of Reconstruction on the nation and identify the reasons why Reconstruction came to an end.
3.05 Evaluate the degree to which the Civil War and Reconstruction proved to be a test of the supremacy of the national government.