NCSCS Grade 4 Geography and History Objectives
3.01 Assess changes in ways of living over time and determine whether the changes are primarily political, economic, or social.
3.02 Identify people, symbols, events, and documents associated with North Carolina's history.
3.05 Describe the political and social history of colonial North Carolina and analyze its influences on the state today.
4.05 Identify and assess the role of prominent persons in North Carolina, past and present.

NCSCS Grade 4 Language Arts
2.03 Read a variety of texts, including:
nonfiction (autobiographies, informational books, diaries, journals)
3.02 Analyze characters, events, and plots from different selections and cite supporting evidence.
4.10 Use technology as a tool to gather, organize, and present information.
5.01 Explain different celebrated holidays, special days, and cultural traditions in North Carolina communities.