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A collection of church leaders, lay and clergy, from across the state give their views on the blessings North Carolina has to offer. Their insights and prayers for the state cover topics related to its geography, culture, history, spirit, and people. Individuals offering reflections included Billy Graham, and denominations represented were Catholic, Baptist, Presbyterian, Jewish, Episcopal, Moravian, and Methodist. More information about this project, including videos and musical compositions arranged for it, can be found on its website,
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Traditions associated with Christmas, German immigrant style, are still part of the Yuletide season for many North Carolinians. Traditions traced back to German immigrants also with a religious base include the Moravians’ Putz, a nativity related decoration, and Lebkuchen, a cookie. A holiday tradition with a somewhat dubious origin was the Christmas tree, this decoration possibly brought in by Hessian soldiers during the Revolutionary War.