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Located in the Sandhills region of North Carolina, the Sandhills Family Heritage Association (SFHA) works to preserve the unique natural and cultural heritage of African-American families in the Sandhills region, while also carrying on those traditions that have helped sustain the community and culture for hundreds of years.\r\nEnvironmental conservationists have long recognized the Sandhills region as one of the most distinctive and endangered ecosystems in North Carolina and the country. The unique African-American culture that flourishes here is, likewise, nationally significant. The Sandhills Family Heritage Association recognizes that the preservation of its culture is inextricably linked to the land and its residents'ability to live self-sufficiently from that land. As a result, this grassroots organization's work focuses on building what are called \"Communities of HOPE\" through heritage preservation, ownership of land, public education, and economic development, all of which are inter-connected goals given the nature of African-American culture in the Sandhills region.
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