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The author proposed that the ability to see involved the perception of seeing as much as the parts of the eye functioning. Asserting his claim was a patient of his, Melissa Pierce, who gained the ability see because of a program Dr. Murrell proposed would provide the cure: Living and Learning in a Visual Environment (LIVE). Included were the four foci for the program that may prove the adage “seeing is believing” should be expressed as “believing is seeing.”
Tar Heel (NoCar F 251 T37x), Vol. 8 Issue 2, Mar 1980, p20-21
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Winston-Salem based Hanesbrand takes its work overseas. By selling products destined for landfills to recyclers, its helps to provide a new lease on life for items later used by medical teams offering free medical care in the Caribbean and Central America. Courtesy of teaming up with Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, patients from places such as the Dominican Republic receive a new lease on life through medical treatments and procedures.