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Page, Ralph Walter, 1881-
Title: Flora Macdonald College
Date: 1920

Paschal, Herbert Richard, 1927-
Title: A History of colonial Bath
Date: 1955
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Payson, William Farquhar, 1876-
Title: John Vytal; a tale of the lost colony
Date: 1901
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Peele, Juliana
Title: The Founders of Rich Square Meeting. Trinity College Historical Society Papers
Date: 1906

Peele, W. J.
Title: The First English Settlement In America - A Study In Location
Date: 1904
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Perkins, S.O. (Samuel Oscar), 1877-
Title: Soil survey of Brunswick county, North Carolina
Date: 1937

Title: Soil survey of Cumberland County, North Carolina
Date: 1925

Perkins, Samuel Oscar, 1877-
Title: Soil survey of Martin county, North Carolina
Date: 1931

Title: Soil survey, Carteret County, North Carolina
Date: 1938

Title: Soil survey of Greene County, North Carolina
Date: 1928

Title: Soil survey of Camden and Currituck counties, North Carolina
Date: 1926

Perry, T. A.
Title: New machine shop in Plymouth, N.C.
Date: 188?

Pittman, Hobson, 1900-
Title: Hobson Pittman: retrospective exhibition : his work since 1920 : February 2-March 3, 1963
Date: 1963
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Plyler, Marion Timothy, 1867-
Title: Leroy Lee Smith : a lawyer of the old school
Date: 1916
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Pollard, Eliza F., d. 1911
Title: The Old moat farm : a story of Queen Elizabeth's days
Date: 1906
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Pollock, John Alfred, 1844-
Title: The Fair lady of Halifax; or, Colmey's six hundred
Date: 1920
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Pool, Bettie Freshwater, 1860-1928
Title: The Eyrie : and other southern stories
Date: 1905
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Title: Literature in the Albemarle
Date: 1915
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Pratt, Joseph Hyde
Title: Report of the Fisheries Convention held at New Bern, North Carolina, December 13, 1911
Date: 1912

Pugh, Jesse Forbes
Title: Three hundred years along the Pasquotank : a biographical history of Camden County
Date: 1957
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Pyle, Howard, 1853-1911
Title: The Story of Jack Ballister's fortunes
Date: 1895
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