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School of Art and Design Portfolio Collection

The School of Art and Design Portfolio Collection is an archive of the creative output of School of Art & Design students from 2009 through 2016. View Homepage

The Senator Robert Burren Morgan Collection
The Senator Robert Burren Morgan Collection

This collection contains a selection of material from the Robert Morgan Papers, which are held in Joyner Library's Special Collections. Morgan was a U.S. senator for North Carolina from 1975-1981. View Homepage

North Carolina Periodicals Index icon
North Carolina Periodicals Index

Provides access to articles in regional publications that pertain to a wide range of North Carolina-related topics, including the arts, business, culture, history, law, natural resources, public policy, tourism, and travel. View Homepage

East Carolina Manuscript Collection logo
East Carolina Manuscript Collection

Contains more than 1250 collections of historical documentation including correspondence, diaries, business and church records, maps, genealogy notes, and photographs, plus some 210 original oral history memoirs. View Homepage

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negatives (photographic) photographs administrative records newspapers letters (correspondence) postcards musical performances books trade cards (advertising) programs (documents) oral histories graphic design textile art (visual works) microscopes Studio ceramics posters stereographs medical equipment prints (visual works) sculpture (visual works) color slides maps drawings (visual works) paintings (visual works) souvenir programs military records jewelry school yearbooks clippings (information artifacts) certificates excerpts advertisements pamphlets ceramics (object genre) video art metalwork (visual works) photographic prints receipts (financial records) specimens covers (gathered matter components) invitations typescripts financial records deeds open reel audiotapes mixed media works envelopes equipment cards (information artifacts) essays portraits logos book jackets technical drawings paper money diaries rings (jewelry) broadsides (notices) minutes necklaces cups speeches watercolors (paintings) dresses (garments) booklets memoirs newsletters notes brochures architectural drawings (visual works) clothing moving images genealogies (histories) programs memorandums lithographs cartoons (humorous images) notebooks poetry proceedings photocopies calendars scrapbooks photograph albums periodicals ledgers (account books) greeting cards glass plate negatives labels (identifying artifacts) dentures government records minute books woodwork (general works) vases title pages sheet music contact sheets containers (receptacles) blueprints (reprographic copies) appointment books drafts (documents) lecture notes reports woodcuts (prints) toys (recreational artifacts) sketches lectures logs (records) masks (costume) family papers enamels (visual works) charts (graphic documents) fliers (printed matter) bowls (vessels) plates (general, dishes) sales catalogs scarves (costume accessories) tooth and tooth components tools transcripts wills obituaries menus journals 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résumés (personnel records) stamps (tools) stereoscopes stickers show globes scripts (documents) signs (declatory or advertising artifacts) slant-front desks uniforms testimonials trunks (containers) washtubs (housekeeping containers) wagons (cargo vehicles) press releases pitchers (vessels) pails military commissions mortars (grinding tools) judicial records intaglio prints firearms flags genealogical tables hairpieces letter books land surveys cabinets (case furniture) caps (headgear) charters bulletins brooms (maintenance tools) bible records baskets (containers) genealogies (histories) coverlets corner cupboards churns galley proofs examination tables exhibition catalogs field beds fire screens (furniture) gasoline pumps gauze frames (motion picture components) frames (protective furnishings) French elbow chairs eulogies depositions desks dental cabinets dressing tables drug jars clocks comic books commode chairs composite photographs chronologies (lists) checks (bank checks) 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Problems, exercises, etc. Wake Island, Battle of, Wake Island, 1941 String Yarn Idaho Performance Greenwood Cemetery (Greenville, N.C.) Conrad, William, 1920-1994 Revolutionaries Merchant mariners Whitaker family Barlow, Della, 1840-1870 Camp Lamb (N.C.) East Carolina University. School of Theatre and Dance Wheeler, Billy Edd Bentsen, Lloyd McPherson & Old Co. Neurasthenia Jones County (N.C.) Lichen Planus  Massachusetts Institute of Technology Prize contests in advertising Kitty Hawk (N.C.) First Presbyterian Church (Goldsboro, N.C.) Electric power-plants Potassium chloride California. National Guard Rhode Island Artillery. 5th Regiment, 1861-1865 Quilting Seven Springs (N.C.) Stream-gaging stations Dereham, Richard Nevus, Spindle Cell Electric cables Tulsa (Okla.) Tennis in art Advertising, Point-of-sale Star trek Potholders Polk, William Tannahill, 1896-1955 Telephone calls Railroad bridges Bombardment, 1945 Memphis (Tenn.) E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company Watertown (Mass.) Edmunds, Pocahontas Wight African American troops Kaifeng (China) Parents United States. Army. Field Artillery, 113th Sharks in art Prince, Lillian Hughes, -1962 Turnage, Moses Chills and fever Spitler, Joseph C. Somerville Hospital (Somerville, Mass.) Coitus Dancers Vaccines Gasoline industry Pruning Alcoholics Anonymous Hoke County (N.C.) Transmitters and transmission Iwo Jima, Battle of, Japan, 1945 Petroleum Propaganda, Anti-communist Priests Chillicothe (Ohio) Air-supported structures Coatings Lifestyles Askew, William Spurgeon Nautilus (Submarine : SS-168) Butter Luckner, Felix, Graf von, 1881-1966 Ransom Xuedian (China) Draughon, Eddie Paschal Dental assistants Hudson, Keith C. Attitudes Foreign service Aviation Farmington (N.M.) Southwest Church (Lenoir County, N.C.) China Sea Graduate students Petty officers Headdresses Maiolo, John R., 1938- Hefner, W.G. (Bill) Rescue work Creature from the Black Lagoon (Motion picture) Asociación de Mexicanos en Carolina del Norte Getsinger, John Conrad, 1812-1891 Brasswork Toucans Colonial period, ca. 1600-1775 Military construction operations Irrigation farming Newport Shipbuilding Corporation (New Bern, N.C.) Poles and towers Ducks Telephone lines Waltham (Mass.) Sexually Transmitted Diseases Blackstone (Va.) National Easter Seal Society for Crippled Children and Adults Duck decoys Horses in art Shoes Schmidt (Germany) Rural schools Louisville (Ky.) Austin (Minn.) Protection Wagons Delaware (Ship of the line) Pneumonia Monroe, James, 1758-1831 Jennie Edmundson Memorial Hospital (Council Bluffs, Iowa) McCarthy, Joseph, 1908-1957 Carmania (Cruiser) Educational exchanges Best of C. L. Moore Butcher, Paul D. Church membership Performing arts Wildfires Traffic engineering Hoover, J. T. B. Lake, I. Beverly (Isaac Beverly), 1906-1996 Jonson, Ben, 1573?-1637 Mural painting and decoration, American Edens, Drew Feed industry Aeronautics Hillman, Sidney, 1887-1946 United States. Navy Tuscarora Indians Smith, James Wild flowers Birmingham (Ala.) Mutuc, Amelito R. Photoengraving Christmas carol Corn Young Democrats Club (East Carolina Teachers College)

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