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Baily, Waldron, 1871-1953
Title: Heart of the Blue Ridge
Date: 1915
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Title: June Gold
Date: 1922
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Title: The Homeward trail
Date: 1916
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Title: When the cock crows
Date: 1918
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Baker, Blanche Egerton, 1884-
Title: Mrs. G.I. Joe
Date: 1951

Bank of Edenton (Edenton, N.C.)
Title: By-laws of Bank of Edenton, Edenton, N. C.
Date: 18--

Barker, B. (Benjamin)
Title: Blackbeard; or, The pirate of the Roanoke. A tale of the Atlantic
Date: 1847
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Barrett, J. Pressley (John Pressley), b. 1852
Title: Iola; or, Facing the truth
Date: 1886
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Bass, Cora
Title: The Year book, Sampson County
Date: 1946

Bass, Walton N.
Title: A Brief history of Methodism in Jones County
Date: 1961

Battle, Jeremiah
Title: Edgecombe County. Twelve North Carolina Counties in 1810-1811. North Carolina Historical Review. VI
Date: 1929
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Battle, Jesse Mercer, 1850-
Title: Tributes to my father and mother and some stories of my life
Date: 1911
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Battle, Kemp P.
Title: Glimpses of History in the Names of Our Counties. North Carolina Booklet. 6:1 (July 1906)
Date: 1901
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Beale, Maria, 1849-
Title: Jack O'Doon; a novel
Date: 1894

Bellamy, John Dillard, 1853-1942
Title: Memoirs of an octogenarian
Date: 1942

Bloodworth, Mattie, 1897-
Title: History of Pender County, North Carolina
Date: 1947

Blount, Thomas
Title: Buncombe Hall. North Carolina Booklet. 1:10 (December 1902)
Date: 1902
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Bond, W. R. (William R.), b. 1839
Title: Pickett or Pettigrew? An historical essay
Date: 1900
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Bonner, Lottie Hale
Title: Colonial Bath and Pamlico section, North Carolina
Date: 1939

Boyce, Warren Scott, 1878-
Title: Economic and social history of Chowan County, North Carolina, 1880-1915
Date: 1917
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Brogden, L. C. (Lautrec Cranmer)
Title: Survey of the public schools of Lenoir County
Date: 1954

Brown, J. Howard
Title: History of Concord Lodge, no. 58, ancient, free and accepted Masons, Tarboro, North Carolina, 1811-1958
Date: 1958

Brown, Joseph Parsons
Title: The Commonwealth of Onslow; a history
Date: 1960

Buchan, John, 1875-1940
Title: Salute to adventurers
Date: 1915
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Bunn, B. H. (Benjamin Hickman), 1844-1907
Title: Public speaking in Nash
Date: 187?

Burgwyn, William Hyslop Sumner, 1845-1913
Title: An Address on the military and civil services of General Matt. W. Ransom, May 10, 1906
Date: 1907?
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Burnside, Ambrose Everett, 1824-1881
Title: The Burnside Expedition
Date: 1882

Busbee, Jaques
Title: Kill Devil Hill. North Carolina Booklet. 11:2 (1911)
Date: 1911
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Butts, Francis Banister
Title: The Monitor and the Merrimac. Rhode Island Soldiers and Sailors Historical Society. 4:6 (1890)
Date: 1890
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Byrd, Sam, 1908-
Title: The Duplin story : an historical play with music
Date: 1950
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