Amputation Kit

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Title Amputation Kit
Museum Country Doctor Museum
Date 1800-1899
Extent Length: 40.6" Width: 14" Height: 8.9"
Medium Wooden box/Metal/Fabric/Bone
Subject Surgical instruments
Medical equipment & supplies
Medial aspects of war
Used Dr. Gordon
Owned Dr. Gordon

This American Civil - War era amputation and surgical set consists of a rectangular, wood case with hinged lid and fourteen instruments. Both the lid and the bottom of the case are lined with faded, red velvet with compartments fitted to the instruments. The instruments are a capital saw, a rongeur, a tourniquet, two trephines (one with a brass handle, one with ebony handle), two knives (ebony handles), four pair of tweezers, a director, a lancet, and a Hey’s saw.

This amputation kit, also known as a surgical set, dates back to the Civil War era. The instruments in the kit were used to amputate limbs and perform other surgical procedures. The kit includes two trephines, a variety of knives, an amputation saw, bone nippers, a tourniquet, tweezers, scissors and a hey saw.