Gout Stool

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Title Gout Stool
Museum Country Doctor Museum
Extent Length: 23.5" Width: 12.7" Height: 52.1" Diameter: 22.9"
Medium Wood
Subject Medical equipment & supplies

This maple, knee-high stool has a concave support rest/cradle at the top. The cradle tilts at the center and is perpendicular to the vertical center post. A cylindrical center post is adjustable with three knobs around the middle and one wooden adjustable screw on the post near the top. The wide round base has four bun feet.

Gout is a form of arthritis that forms when uric acid crystallizes in the joints. The ailment commonly occurs in the big toe, ankle, and knee. This gout stool was designed to prop the leg above the heart in order to slow the flow of blood and alleviate pain. The wooden stool is fully adjustable.