8th Grade English Language Arts
Goal 1: The learner will use language to express individual perspectives through analysis of personal, social, cultural, and historical issues.
1.02 Analyze expressive materials that are read, heard, and/or viewed by:
monitoring comprehension for understanding of what is read, heard and/or viewed.
reviewing the characteristics of expressive works.
determining the importance of literary effects on the reader/viewer/listener.
making connections between works, self and related topics
drawing inferences.
1.04 Reflect on learning experiences by: evaluating how personal perspectives are influenced by society, cultural differences, and historical issues.

English III (High School)
Goal 1: The learner will demonstrate increasing insight and reflection to print and non-print text through personal expression.
1.02 Reflect and respond expressively to texts so that the audience will:
discover multiple perspectives.
investigate connections between life and literature.
explore how the student's life experiences influence his or her response to the selection.
recognize how the responses of others may be different.
articulate insightful connections between life and literature.
consider cultural or historical significance.