NCSCS Grade 4 Geography and History Objectives
1.02 Describe and compare physical and cultural characteristics of the regions.

NCSCS Grade 4 Language Arts Objectives
2.03 Read a variety of texts, including:
Fiction (legends, novels, folklore, science fiction).

NCSCS Grade 8 North Carolina History Objectives
5.05 Assess the influence of the political, legal, and social movements on the political system and life in North Carolina.

NCSCS Grade 8 Language Arts Objectives
2.01 Analyze and evaluate informational materials that are read, heard, and /or viewed by:
Summarizing information.
Determining the importance of information.
Making connections to related topics/information.
Monitoring comprehension.
Drawing inferences.
Generating questions.
Extending ideas.
5.02 Study the characteristics of literary genres( fiction, nonfiction, drama, and poetry) through:
Reading a variety of literature and other text (e.g. young adult novels, short stories, biographies, plays, free verse, narrative poems).