NCSCS Grade 4 Geography and History Objectives
4.05 Identify and assess the role of prominent persons in North Carolina, past and present.

NCSCS Grade 4 Language Arts Objectives
2.03 Read a variety of texts, including:
nonfiction (autobiographies, informational books, diaries, journals)
3.02 Analyze characters, events, and plots from different selections and cite supporting evidence.
4.10 Use technology as a tool to gather, organize, and present information.

NCSCS Grade 8 North Carolina History Objectives
4.01 Identify and analyze the significance of the causes of secession from the Union, and compare reactions in North Carolina to reactions in other regions of the nation.
4.04 Evaluate the importance of the roles played by individuals at the state and national levels during the Civil War and Reconstruction Period.

NCSCS Grade 8 Language Arts Objectives
2.01 Analyze and evaluate informational materials that are read, heard, and/or viewed by:
summarizing information.
determining the importance of information.
making connections to related topics/information.
monitoring comprehension.
drawing inferences.
generating questions.
extending ideas.