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About Wilson County

Wilson County is located in the east-central part of North Carolina and is bounded on the north by Nash and Edgecombe counties; on the west by Johnston County; on the south by Wayne and Greene counties; and on the east by Pitt and Edgecombe counties. The area of the county is 373 square miles (238,720 acres). The elevation ranges from 50 feet at Stantonsburg in the southeastern corner of the county to 305 feet in the northwestern part.

Wilson County, named in honor of State Senator Louis D. Wilson, was formed in 1855 from parts of Edgecombe, Nash, Wayne, and Johnston counties. Native Americans of the Tuscarora tribe originally lived in the region. The early European settlers of the area were mostly from Virginia and northeastern North Carolina, descendents of earlier English immigrants.

Wilson, the county seat and largest city, is home to Barton College. It is also a center of tobacco marketing and processing and has many antique shops.

Chris Bingham