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About Beaufort County

Beaufort County, located in the central section of the eastern part of North Carolina, is bounded on the north by Martin and Washington counties; on the west by Pitt County; on the south by Craven and Pamlico counties; and on the east by Hyde County and Pamlico Sound. Its area is 840 square miles (537,600 acres). The elevation of the county is varied, from 67 feet in the southwestern tip to barely 2 to 5 feet in the eastern part.

Beaufort County was organized from Bath County in 1712. The county was named for Henry Somerset, the Duke of Beaufort, one of the original Lords Proprietors of Carolina. The region was originally inhabited by the Wachapunga tribe of Native Americans. The early European settlers of the region were primarily English. Washington, located on the Tar/Pamlico River, is the county seat.

Annexations from Beaufort County have helped form parts of Craven, Pitt, Martin, and Pamlico counties.

Chris Bingham