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Date: 1870 - 1890 | Identifier: LL02.
Advertisement for Vegetine, "the great blood purifier". A brown haired girl is looking over a wooden fence. She has blue eyes, a pink short-sleeved top with ruffles, and bracelets. She holds a bottle of Vegetine. Behind her is a tree with white blossoms. The back of the card states that “the lesson of health is well illustrated” on the front by the fruit tree and “the maiden with laughing eyes and rosy cheeks”. Vegetine is “nature’s great purifier and vitalizer”. “It is a radical cure, and will reach the most severe cases of diseases arising from impurity of the blood.” It covers the “warning symptoms” of “languor, ‘that tired feeling’, headache, indigestion, sallow complexion and nervous debility”. Also “humors, canker, salt rheum, ulcers, eruptive diseases of the skin, pimples, boils, tetter and ringworm”. [Prepared by H.R. Stevens (Boston, Mass.)?]. more...