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Edward C. Svendsen oral history interview, May 12, 1989 and June 26, 1993

Date: May. 12 1989 - Jun. 26 1993 | Identifier: OH0113
Captain Svendsen recounts his background in Minneapolis, Minnesota, his education at the U.S. Naval Academy, and his experiences in the USS MISSISSIPPI during World War II. Of particular interest are commentaries on academic and social life at the Academy, training at Bowdoin College as part of the first radar school, duty in the South Pacific at Tarawa in the Gilbert campaign and at Kwajalein, and service in the Aleutian Islands. Capt. Svendsen describes the early use of radar and its development for use on warships. In his second session, Captain Svendsen continued to relate his experiences in computer and radar design for the Navy. Among the topics discussed are the PG School at the U.S. Naval Academy, work at the U.S. Naval Computer Machine Lab, duties at the San Francisco Naval Shipyard, assignment to the Design Division of the Bureau of Ships, and work on the Naval tactical data system. He also comments on Project Sea Hawk and hydrofoil development by the Bureau of Ships. Interviewer: Donald R. Lennon. more...