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A Tarheel Guide to the Outdoor Dramas

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NC’s plays about the Lost Colony of Roanoke, Blackbeard, Tom Dooley, Daniel Boone, and Andrew Jackson may come as no surprise. This state was a home for the famous pirate and Elizabethan era English settlers, the subject of the popular song, battle site for this Revolutionary War freedom fighter, and settlement that included Jackson’s parents. Plays about NC’s perhaps lesser known ways of involvement in the Revolutionary War included Fight for Freedom, about the first Declaration of Independence document; The Liberty Cart, about the Battle of Moore’s Creek. As for contributions from religious groups, there was Sound of Peace, about a Quaker settlement in Snow Camp. From this Day Forward traced the life of the Walden family, whose descendants and bakeries still exist in Valdese.
Tar Heel (NoCar F 251 T37x), Vol. 7 Issue 3, May/June 1979, p18-21