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For over a century there has been a steady decline of the Eastern oyster in the Pamlico Sound. Habitat destruction, pollution, overharvesting, and disease are major factors in reducing the 1902 harvest of 1.8 million bushels to barely 49,000 in 2003. Working with satellite mapping and sonar imaging, Eugene Ballance of Ocracoke is transforming the 1886-1887 Navy survey maps of the oyster reefs in the Pamlico Sound into blueprints for restoring the Eastern oyster. The early maps were created by naval officer Lt. Francis E. Winslow, who, after retiring from the Navy, started the Pamlico Oyster Company in the late 1880s.
Coastwatch (NoCar QH 91 A1 N62x), Vol. Issue , Winter 2004, p14-17, il, map Periodical Website
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