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Herbert Augustus White (1877-1929) was a prominent business and insurance man in Greenville. He was a local representative of the Standard Oil Company ,director of the Greenville Bank & Trust Company; vice-president of the Greenville Chamber of Commerce and first president of the Home Building & Loan Association.White was also president of the Pitt County Oil Company; first president of the Standard Realty Company; and was charter member and first chairman of the Greenville Country Club. It was said that H. A. White had the first electric lights, first indoor bathtub and first radio in Greenville. In 1903, White built a home on the corner of Fifth and Greene Streets for former Gov. T. J. Jarvis and wife to live rent free. On July 2, 1908, H. A. White and wife attended the now famous groundbreaking for the East Carolina Teachers Training School. In 1901, White built a story office building at 403 Evans Street, which would later become the office of the Home Building and Loan Association in 1906. His two-story office building is still located on Evans Street uptown and his great granddaughter owns an art shop next door.