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Born in Kentucky, Jonathon Bowling lived in Belgium for much of his childhood before discovering his love of art while attending college at the University of Kentucky. Bowling followed his girlfriend to North Carolina in 1996 and ended up furthering his two art degrees with a Masters in Sculpture from East Carolina University. In 2002, he opened an art gallery in Greenville named \"The Hobbyhorse,\" where he displays and sells not only his own work, but that of other local artists as well. Bowling specializes in 3 - D sculptures made of steel, glass, wood and even bone. Many of his pieces are representative of animals, mostly birds and fish. He says that he never goes looking for ideas or materials, he simply lets them come to him; many of his materials are things he finds on the side of the road or in dumpsters. Bowling sells many of his pieces to art galleries all over eastern North Carolina and his sculptures have become quite popular among art lovers.
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Vik Sexton, a Greenville artist, presents fun but creepy sculptures made of clay. She has developed her own unique way of painting them to give them a more matte appearance and to make any color she wants. Her pieces include ‘Terror-Dactyls,’ Franklin heads, and a piece entitled the ‘Worst Toy Ever.’ Sexton has been working with clay since she was a small child and has been taking her work to shows for years.
Greenville Times (NoCar Oversize F264 G72 G77), Vol. Issue , October/November 2014, p29-36, il, por
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