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Perhaps not widely known is the role Washington played for escaped slaves, in securing freedom in a passage to the North. As for prior to slaves’ arrival at the Underground Railroad, noted were codes, songs, and quilt patterns containing information about planned escapes and uprisings on plantations. Also discussed was factors behind choosing Washington as a thoroughfare and information not so widely known related to the Underground Railroad. As for information collaborating with oral histories compiled by the Works Project Administration in the 1920s and 1930s, noted also was local Leesa Jones’s efforts in gathering orally passed down information from other locals about these topics.
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The Elmwood 1820’s long history in the community includes serving as a hospital during the Civil War. This plantation had housed just seven families before its transformation into a bed and breakfast in 2015. Today, it is a repository for local history, represented in Elmwood-related memorabilia the current owners are collecting for its 200th anniversary.