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The North Carolina Award is the highest honor the state can bestow on its citizens. Suggested by Dr. Robert Lee Humber of Greenville and instituted by the 1961 General Assembly, the award recognizes 'notable accomplishments by North Carolina citizens in the fields of scholarship, research, the fine arts, and public leadership.' Robert Lee Humber (public service), Hobson Pittman (fine arts), Vermont Connecticut Royster (literature), Charles Phillips Russell (literature) and Stanley G. Stephens (science) received the award in 1968.
North Carolina Awards (NoCar Oversize F 253 N67x), Vol. Issue 5, May 1968, punnumbered, por
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As part of its spring arts festival, Tarboro will be hosting an April performance and ten-day workshop by the New York Theatre Ballet. Events will also include a memorial exhibition in honor of Edgecombe native Hobson Pittman. Pitman was renowned for paintings evoking the South. The festival will conclude with a Gala will be held on April 30.
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This article features the beautiful Blount-Bridgers House, built in Tarboro, NC in 1808 that houses two museums. The first floor exhibits artifacts and furnishings from the 19th century; while the upstairs houses the permanent collection of native artist Hobson Pittman and exhibition space for art shows.