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The Pitt County Fair always has been cherished in this county for all that it brings. The first fair occurred on September 17 and 18, 1884, showcasing the Pitt county goods and products to be exhibited at the NC Exposition in Raleigh, NC. The next fair took place in 1898, sponsored by the Greenville Tobacco Fair Association. The next fair was held in 1911 in the Star Warehouse. In 1919, three businessmen built a horse track and fairgrounds at what is now Guy Smith Stadium. In the 1930s, to draw more visitors, the fair allowed auto racing and marriages. In 1936, the Pitt County American Legion took over as sponsorship of the fair and moved it to a site on the Falkland Highway. In 1951, the fairgrounds were moved near the airport, and in 1977 it was moved to its present site.
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In commemoration of the State Fair, the author offered a reminiscing of this event, county style. Example highlighted was Pitt County’s version. Features such as a village exhibit and individuals like Connor Eagles making the Fairgrounds a highly recommended pit stop.
Tar Heel (NoCar F 251 T37x), Vol. 8 Issue 8, Oct 1980, p10