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The author recalls visits to Greenville by famous people such as Edward R. Murrow, who visited several times. In March 1968, Barry Goldwater, Republican presidential candidate, spoke at ECU. Other politicians to visit were: Mrs. Jimmy Carter, Nancy Reagan and George Wallace in 1976. Some of the sports greats that have come through Greenville were: Brian Piccolo, Terry Bradshaw, Mercury Morris and Artis Gilmole. Mark Spitz was here several times during swimming competitions and while here in 1968, ECU Swim coach, Ray Scharf, recognized Spitz as a potential super athlete. Scharf tried to recruit Spitz for the ECU Swim Team, but Spitz went to Indiana University instead. Spitz went to the Mexico Olympic Games and did poorly. He went on to the 1972 Munich Olympic Games and came away with seven Gold Medals and world records.