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On November 14, 1910, M. F. H. Gouverneur, vice-president of the Tide Water Power Company, and H. M. Chase, manager of the American Chemical and Textile Coloring Company, made the only public test flight of the airplane they built on Shell Island, sometimes called Moore's Beach. More than 5,000 visitors crowded Wrightsville Beach four months earlier, when, on July 4, the pair had planned to attempt the first flight of their self-designed aircraft. Newspaper reports described the November flight, piloted by Mr. Chase, as having attained an altitude of about five feet, sustained for some distance, just long enough to demonstrate the plane's ability to fly. The event carries the distinction of being the first airplane constructed in North Carolina and owned and flown by North Carolinians.
The State (NoCar F 251 S77), Vol. 36 Issue 6, Aug 1968, p9, 14, il
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