Eastern reflector, 13 November 1914

Stray I North Carolina.
Taken up at my farm, white I'm County.
black pOi -i. male hog. weighing In the Superior Court
about pounds, unmarked Terra. 1914
I Owner i an pet same by Identifying Adams
Reliable Household Lantern
There is always need for a good
lantern around the home in the
yard, in the cellar, in the attic
wherever a lamp is inconvenient
or unsafe.
The is ideal for home use. It gives a
clear, bright sunlight on tap. It is
strong, durable, compact, handy. Doesn't
leak. Doesn't smoke. Easy to light and
Will last for years. Ask for
At dealers everywhere
him and bag all
T. I
Whit, N C.
heifers one dark red with Mae
, I i Mid spot in
the with tin- mark of crop
right and split th left, the
light red with white streak
shoulder owner ran
same I all coal
D. C.
Richmond. V.
Norfolk. Vi
N. C
S. C-
It Always Helps
says Mrs. Sylvania Woods, of Clifton Mills, Ky., in
writing of her experience with the woman's
tonic She says to use
my back and head would hurt so bad, I
thought the pain would kill was hardly able
to do any of housework. After taking three bottles
of to feel like a new woman. I soon
gained pounds, and now, I do all my housework,
as well as run a big water mill.
wish every suffering woman would give
The Woman's Tonic
a trial. I still use when I feel a little bad,
and it always does me
Headache, backache, side ache, nervousness,
tired, worn-out feelings, etc., are sure signs of woman-
trouble. Signs that you need the woman's
tonic. You cannot make a mistake in trying
for your trouble. It has been helping weak, ailing
women for more than fifty years.
Get a Bottle Today
Why You Should Always Use
Bee Brand Flavoring Extracts
J. Because they are better than Pure Food
, Laws require.
Because they will go further than inferior
Became their delicacy of flavor i
A. Became their Parity and Quality is absolute.
Because they are unreservedly guaranteed.
The Defendant Above Named Will
That a. lion entitled as above hat
h . g B ad in the Superior Court
to procure a divorce absolute, for the
reason stated la the complaint filed
in the office Of th Clerk of Superior
And the said defendant will further
lake notice that he is required to
pear at the November Term of the
Superior Court of said County, to b.
Washington road, held in the Court House, at
Smith bridge and Hodges Creek.
Superior Court
Pitt County.
Luis Ayers
W. S. Ayers
above defendant will take
That a summons in the above en-
titled was issued against the
defendant on the 7th day of September
1914, out of this court to Martin County
for divorce, which summons has
returned not to be found in Martin
the defendant will take
notice that the complaint was field In
said office of the Superior Court on
day of September, 1914, de
n divorce absolute, upon
grounds suited therein, and he will
further take notice he is
to answer or demur to the said com-
plaint or the relief rein
will lie granted.
Th lie r-
M no It K.
Clerk of Superior Conn
on Monday, the day of November
1914, being the ninth Monday, after
the first Monday of September, held
at t lie Court House of said County
in Greenville. N, C, and answer
demur to the complaint in said action
or plaintiff will apply to the Court
tor the relief demanded in said com-
This the day of September, 1914.
Clerk Superior Court.
and are the safest
surest method of trading m hat
n or your loss it
absolutely limited to the amount
bought. No further risk.
Positively the most
Of trading.
Open an account. To can bay
puts or calls on 10.000 bushels
for or you can buy both
for or as many more as you wish
An advance or decline of cent gives
you the chance to take profit
A movement of cents profit.
Write for full particulars bank
B. W.
Address all mail to Lock Box 1430
North Carolina,
Pitt County.
In the Superior Court.
I. A Randolph and B. S.
trading under the firm
Ford Supply Company
name of
Frank Lilly,
Notice of Summons and Warrant of
The defendant in the above
action will take notice that on the
day of October, a summons In the said
a. lion was issued against the defend-
ant by the Clerk of the Superior
Court Pitt County, North Carolina
tiffs claiming the sum of two
thousand two hundred thirty three
63-100 dollars, due on a note and for
goods sold delivered, which sum-
mons is returnable to the December
term of Pitt Superior Court, com-
on the 14th day of
held In the Court House, in
Greenville, In said State and county.
The defendant will also take notice
that a warrant of attachment was is-
sued by said Clerk of the Superior
Court, on the 29th day of October
1914. against the property of said de-
which warrant is returnable
to the December term of the Superior
Court for Pitt County, at the time and
place named for the return of
, summons, above mentioned, when and
i where the defendant is required
appear and answer or demur to the
j complaint, or the relief demanded will
l-e granted.
This October 29th 1914.
A. T.
Clerk of the Superior Court
By virtue of a executed
to me by Gideon Teel, on the 10th day
of January. 1910, securing a certain
obligation and bond therein and
whereas, the terms of the same
not been with, I will sell to
the highest for cash, that tract
of land described in the
giving me this authority, registered in
Book 0-9. page on Monday, at no.- d,
the 16th day of November. 1914. at the ,
Court House door, the following
tract of laud, containing about
seventy acres.
Adjoining the lands of J. H. White-
and Harriett being
L. Cherry's part of the
tract, purchased by Gideon Teel of
K. A. Cherry and Sallie Cherry,
In Hook 11-7, page
This the 15th day Of October. 1914.
I, It.
s. EVERETT, Attorney.
Pitt Count
in th. Superior
vs. Notice of Sale of Land
By an executive directed
lo the sheriff of Pitt
County, from the Superior Court of
Pitt County In the above entitled ac-
will on Monday the day of
November. 1914. at o'clock noon,
expose to public sale, before the
house door In Pitt county
to the highest bidder for cash, to sat
said executor, all the right entitle,
and interest of Smith, the
lb has In the following
real estate lo Situated in
Township Pitt County
Carolina, Beginning at a large
pine in the new mad. T. N. Manning
corner, runs north 1-2 west
poles to Joyner Smith's line, then with
his line to a slake in a branch, then
down said branch to a stake, thence
a straight n V. to a stake
it Smith's corner them. s. 1-2 E.
poles to a slake on a ditch issues of life and death and by
down said ditch to the canal In Hen j mercy and Justice are
up said canal to the human race to re-
BOO acres in tract, res in
acres new land ready for
plow mile from railroad Station,
with graded school and churches, i
miles from County seat with rail-
roads and water transportation.
residences six rooms each plastered
and painted with plenty of out build
logs to each. Residences built with
view to subdivision.
es tobacco Land In high
state of cultivation, land suited to
crops raised in Eastern North Caro-
and especially fine for tobacco.
Address Wheeler Martin, or J. C. Go-
N. C.
The people demand fairness and only
fairness for all, the rich and pool
alike. They will tolerate nothing
Some would that the
people of the State should
to suffer, that the development of the
State should be hampered by a sys-
proven by experience to be wrong
and Inefficient, for fear that the Gene-
Assembly or North Carolina might
be controlled by unjust and
The Constitutional Commission
prepared these amendments was com
posed of men noted for ability and
patriotism. The deliberations of this
Commission were characterized by
thoughtful patience and an earnest de-
sire to serve the people of the Slate.
The amendments come to us
the endorsement of this Commission.
They come to us with the endorse
men of the General Assembly;
I bey come to us with the endorse
in of the of the State;
They come to us with the endorse
to all Farmer's
The lax dodger needs them;
The payer demands them;
Justice and Progress call for u
I hope and believe they will
by people of North Care
There is no doubt that they will
ratified by an majority K
the voters understand their full
port. Let the press give the
meaning In every issue between now
and election day.
Secretary of the Navy
Resolutions of Respect.
Whereas it has pleased God the dis
Denser of all good in whose hands are
nib Swamp
the beginning containing 2-5 acre-,
more or less.
This the day of October, 1914.
Sheriff of Pitt County.
neat M
I all
m. a i .
ft, 4th N.
farm. Will sell for cash or an
easy terms. Address Calvin Mills,
N. C. Route
a mug h
I I.- . .
a co .
I have this day qualified as
on the. estate of Lawrence Jones
and wife Josephine Jones deceased
and all parties holding claims
said parties or heirs of estate will
sent same proper form on or be-
fore Sept 11th 1915., or this notice
will be plead in bar of recovery.
This Sept. 11th. 1914.
W Stokes, N. C,
S. J. Attorney.
Hy virtue of the power of sale
in a certain mortgage deed
by P. Owens and wife,
Owens, to J. L. Fountain and
R. A. Fountain, partners trading
under the firm name of Fountain
Company on the 2nd day of February
1910, which mortgage was duly re-
corded In the office of the Register of
Deeds or Pitt County In Book P-S
Pages and the undersigned
will sell for cash before the Court
House door In Greenville, on Monday,
the day of November, 1914,
following described situate in
said County and Slate, and in the town
of Fountain;
Beginning on the North side of
son Street at the corner of Wilson
and Church Street and running about
North about Fast with Wilson Street
feet to the beginning.
This October 1914.
F. JAMES son.
move from our midst our beloved
Brother M. L. Barker a member of
Lodge No.
Therefore we bow in meek and hum-
submission to his will
That in the death of Brother Barker
we have lost a good citizen a loyal Odd
That with deep heartfelt sympathy
with the relations of the deceased we
express our hope that even so great a
loss to us all may be over-ruled for
good by Him who all things well.
That a copy of these resolutions
spread on our minutes a copy sent the
Reflector for publication.
North Carolina,
Pitt County.
In The Superior Court
Bettie Slade
Summons by Publication
Senator Simmons.
have closely studied the
After careful
and mature reflection it is my
that these amendments, one and
are wise and personally shall
port them, and sincerely hope
they ma; be adopted at the coming
election and become a part of the
John Slade
John Slade the above named defend-
ant will take notice that an action
has been brought as entitled above,
for the purpose of procuring a
absolute, and be will take fur-
notice that if he does not appear
On or before the November Term of
the Superior Court of County
held on the 9th day of November, 1914,
and answer or demur to the complaint
fled In the office of the Clerk of the
Superior Court, on or before the No-
Term of the Superior Court
i organic law of the Slate.
F. M.
. Ex-Governor
I have given much
to the Amendments as a whole, at-st
think that every voter should
them regard Amendments Nos
three, seven am ten as the
Instead of my element
of danger, I am that
Amendment relating to taxation con-
more safeguards in behalf o
. . people and against State indent
of Pitt County. 1914. that the plain- j does the present
will be granted the relief sought
in said complaint, which is a divorce
This the day of October 1914.
Clerk of Superior Court
twit Bar M I
The hew ion,
ii- It old Dr.
hog, not marked, pale red in color
weight pounds. Owner can get
same by paying all coals.
N. O.
Between Black Jack.
b th Basis W all
it m at all goad Writ fat
by best tinted
ea and get price
lime. Don't bay ,
late. A will give
Notice Is hereby given that W.
Ricks, merchant Greenville, N.
tins this day executed a Deed
Assignment for benefit of creditors to
W. A. Teel, Jr. Trustee, and all per-
sons indebted to said W.
hereby to make
Episcopal Convention at New Haven
New Haven. Conn. Nov.
churchmen and laymen are gather-
ed here tonight for the 32nd annual
Church Congress of the Protestant
Church. Rev. Eliot White
of Island, Father Sill of Kent
School and Rev. Dr. Nichols of Holy
Trinity Church, New York, will be
among the speakers during the
which opens tomorrow morning
Wools, y Hull.
commend them all to
voters of the State.
W. W.
Ex-Governor Glens.
I am In favor of all
Constitutional Amendments, and ass
campaigning the State for them.
Having qualified as administrator of
the estate of Joe Forbes, deceased, this
la to notify all persons owing said es-
to pay same immediately to
. the undersigned. All persona to whom
mediate payment to the undersigned, said estate t. Indebted are notified to
Trustee and all persons holding claims, present the same within twelve months
against the said W. H. Hicks are her
to file an itemized,
statement of such claims with the
This the 14th. day of October,
W. A. Jr.
from dale this notice or the
same will be pleaded in bar of
Oct. 1914.
Administrator of Joe Forbes
W F Evans. Attorney.
North Carolina Drainage
lo Meet at
One cf the moat Important and in
of the year is to
; Lu Id by the North Carolina Drain-
Association ii discuss the
I and overflowed lands of North Caro
Represented, Very Beneficial
Una. Since the organization of Hi a
Association the drainage of these lands
has reached large proportions, tie
area drained, or now being drained
being In the neighborhood of
acre,; and a careful estimate shows
that there are within the State
acres of wet and
Swamp lands. The reclamation of
these lands means millions of dollars
to the state in Increased agricultural
values and the elimination of malaria
from these sections.
An Interesting program la being
hundred and Twelve in
Attendance List of Prizes Offered
lo Schools Writing Ac-
count of Work Done.
Thursday, November was a bi-5
in the educational life of Pitt arranged, and among those who
County. The occasion was a meeting expected to at this Convention
the school of the are Governor Locke Hon. John,
S in a gathering the size and en- H. Small. Congressman from the Find
Of which exceeded the ex- District Mr. N. V. Land and
of the school authorities. Industrial Agent of the Southern Rail-1
An inspiring address by State Super-, way; Mr. It E. Rice. Land and Indus-
a table eon V- i the Norfolk Southern
engaged in freely by the com- Hallway; Mr. H. M. of the U.
themselves, a helpful B. Office of Drainage Investigations;
by A. Cox. Chairman of the L. R. Aiken, President of the
Education, and announcements Georgia Drainage represent
suggestions by the county from the University, in-
dent were the features of the morning Agricultural and Mechanical College;
and afternoon sessions. and others The program is not yet
In the neighborhood of a hundred complete, but speakers are expected
representing to take up all sides of drainage pr.-
every school in the entire county One of the interesting
were In the court-room when the conn-1 es will be the reports from
superintendent the meeting from the overflowed areas, re-
order Introduced the State S i-, presenting an area of acres.
Or. Joyner was at his Tile drainage will be discussed in con-
and talked to the detail.
in his own inimitable way along
Of the duties and of several songs, and talked on
their and Its in the schools.
for real public service. He The county superintendent took
the undivided attention of j plans for the year's work and dis-
honors and made an address that; cussed various matters With the
will be of lasting value. era. Reports blanks, pamphlets el.
In the afternoon the distributed. The plans for the
exchanged ideas about the educational observance of Community Service
work of the county and laid plans for j Week were outlined. Prizes were an-
steps during the coming to be given to the school
year. Consolidation of small districts j children writing the best accounts d
and the elimination wherever WOrk done In the various commit-
of the small and necessarily tee communities. There are a total
one-room school, re among the ton- twelve prizes as
Von invited to leave your fuel
store and of business and, with your
sons and daughters, your , ten
thirty A. M. Friday, 1914, to take in
the impressive ceremonies of unveiling the en
ed on the House Square, in memory of the
ate soldiers of Pitt County.
The Singletary Chapter of the Daughters of the Con
hove planned and to secure the erection
of monument; they now desire to see a great con-
course of the men women of Pitt County here, when it
is unveiled, to rejoice with them in its completion. It
erected t perpetuate the of your beloved heroes,
the daughters of the Confederacy are sure you will
take great pleasure in participating in those ceremonies
The Governor of the State will he here to tell of the valor
and heroic deeds of Confederate soldiers in one of the
greatest conflicts of all the ages.
The Daughters of the Confederacy urge all who eon to
gather, with them, around this monument erected to
halted courage, patient endurance and to willing
Bees; and they pray that all who gather there may get a
new baptism of the love of Country and Home, and may
get a row vision of a people who stand for higher ideals of
life, and who believe that true greatness, in Nations and in
individuals, conies from rendering noble service and doing
exact justice.
School on
M in
Reported Allies Have
Reached German Soil at
Three Points Battle Line
i i pi nit ; I
teacher to help solve Hi
i problem. The cities and
to ms and
care tn . i ugh or-
but the
g in those and it Is for
r to introduce them.
clubs shows signs or progress.
Is up to the teacher to keep up th a
enthusiasm for the future progress
North Carolina depends upon the
i of the county.
The majority or the country
do not know the kind of school that
is best for them. They
agricultural schools, the schools tint i
teach farming in the best to the
boys and domestic science or bone
economics to the girls. It is for th
teacher tn use tact and introduce this
type of education into these districts.
The type of school that Is needed i.
one whose minimum Of teachers
three. There should a teacher if
agriculture, and In connection with
ere should be a Of land for the
use of the students, that they may put
Into practice Hie principles learn
in the text books. There should hi
also a teacher of domestic science or
home economics for the girls, and
there should also be an apartment f i
practice In connection with this.
It is necessary Hint all teachers
missionaries going into a
with the purpose of serving,
four things
Partly Insured
lea The
entered into the
suasions and the spirit of the meet
The county superintendent made
various announcements and called
especial attention to the plans j
Community Service Week December t
and S. He asked for the hearty i ;
poll of the and the p I
generally In the educational wore
of the county.
Before adjournment The
of Pitt i
was formally organized, with Mr. it. M
Lewis us president, Messrs W, it
Moore and c W.
dents and County Superintendent B. B,
secretary, it was decide i
that regular meetings should be
twice a year. The next meeting to
I he second Tuesday la January.
first Prize
Ninth Prize
Tenth Prize
twelfth Prize
London. Nov At three points
area of In Silesia, In London, Nov, Th
Prussia and iii force rem wed their
Germans have
In the vicinity
allies were on Gorman soil to-1 and
2.5 i
i . for time since tried to break through the
i- i n to the of France i l were re
i , , in opinion Drill b g. ill ed after the most fighting
military observers, s reversal I i the war
roles of the contending armies. Despite
I p the present time Germany ha
I.,, M generally speaking, h have
the of her enemies, but i i
r feet a
splendid Teacher Keeling.
The Ural meeting of the Pitt
lea, hers for the current year was held
in the court Saturday
it A. M. One hundred and
twelve teachers were registered. The
part tho time was used In
general announcements and II
for the year's work.
The meeting with the stag-
of Thou Almighty
led by Miss of the Training
The prizes be given with th
understanding they are to ,
the in Which children win-
them students, to be u ed In
i , ii. Improvements.
in the meetings
teacher organized received
for the next meeting The
primary teachers, under the lender
hip of Hiss Miriam ire
Study The Course of Study, using
State bulletin as a text. Mr. C W.
Wilson will lead the grade
teachers In a study of day Pro
in and the Course
Of Study The High School section
will study fundamentals
child study under the leadership
of Robert H. Wright
There will be six during
the year, tho next one being on the
In December
would appear to be more or Id to be still
east by . to
victorious of Grand y i th, d tho French
la , i i i
the I Id, the advance guard i
which are than miles from
Always trade In em
Boost nigger
M ill I .
We are in in
which to ii
I of
tables for
Si lend faculty. C. II I
ii. prayer Ml led in the sin.; promptly at so.
Raleigh, Nov. Ail amendments
to the stale Constitution have
lost This was made certain when Mr ; old Will those who have
w. s Wilson, secretary th of any Ind to give forth
Campaign Com-
reported the total vote for and
against the ten amendments Sixty-
ix counties of the State. The remain-
counties in tho BO
East and West of tho Stale will
Dot materially affect the result
parent Against the tax amend-
which was No. in the list
there was a v of 32.864 for and living.
purpose kindly leave them at A. II.
Ellington's before Friday, if not
convenient lo bring them I
Mr. Ellington and he will send for
Eire Halted I checked I Bill late
Night Scions Mow tarsi-
Market in Height
of Season.
die was I
by a lire ram
losses, The lire originated at
o'clock in the steam plant L
Co. which is
war-, house owned by sane
pan- The tire spread
and soon caught ware-
house owned by Mr f R
also destroyed. Before th
flames could be checked they bad
buried two prize owned by
in Ti bi o I n th
v. b U i bi o n then bi d a
i Mr E P. lo,
; hi n house and he .
wen tot d and i
partially covered with e. Ph
in i Mr. Pippin had no In
at all and is n complete loss The
phi e i i aide was but i
Into and i i lei wires
A hi bi longing to Mi Hi
that are needed in the re was burned In the stables l
solution of the rural problem by the the warehouse
better schools, bettor The Are was not under control ii
churches better roads and belt lat In the night and but for fact
homes These changes must emu that a new system water v,
through the schools. The teacher bee,, Installed much
through her pupils must become in lo. have occurred W
i, rested in the people of the. n ale the total loss makes it ,
in which she is teaching and it
necessary for to become The Banner owned
ed with conditions that exist m. Mr. Morrow together with
the country. at about I and
teacher mu I direct and develop r b as
the minds of her pupils along
lines not toward the town life. A So
large of tho rural
because of the unattractive con c,
existing In their home an
surroundings, have for the town. II
tins i b what is to bi mi
, , it in for the teach
lo direct the social life in the
try and to bring to the , om
thing the life of Get the
parents ed In I
activities by
, ., . be Invited I . Diet P
a pan
i u
th i la a i
b in to be t
par of th area
the tailed at lb
Ina for
The territory is not kl DO
lated. hut the taxes which Will
collected by North from
it are and
be pushed
I to I
no doubt
. , b
lake an
at n d h
Tho rural I i
n ii ion that i an to
pi upon the Slate to take care
their , lire lib e ,
,. to do themselves They are t
Ian -lit how to carry this oil by
hi r To do this the teacher I
is a good custom lo put flowers
the graves of our dead, but it is
a bitter custom to give flowers to
Cam. en
tiring into th community speakers
, literature on this subject, bring
lug out the kind of schools
Rural school must meet the require
. ti Keep the children
in the country.
Mr and Mrs. L. C. Maker and little-
daughter from an ex-
tended iii the country.
Mr t K. Brown, who has n
the clubs in this State was a
to deliver an ad-
at the Training School
Mrs ft C. of
Mount is Mrs. J, B. Baker,

THE home
and KM and EASTERN
has plenty at
. Is
ii J E .
. Ml
of death
oil i Kl mm i in
or t
South BOt It d
II mill the I mm I
I lo be tad H can lake can Case.
f i or ii ii d i o than in Pa-Mar, workmen correct-
. n fact and , i i or want of pi t
who can lake cam
Beat I In
mint in lie Stale.
rate -i-i I
. . .
I street
Ail . u led .
; rt-t, tel will at I
U to ii
.,.,,. coming
Mill l for ii
ante Una. up
. . .-.- waiter
I kt
uncertainly the amend
getting our
, . pared lo hoar the
i once more
. u- m full retreat, back
gel good Marl la
the; are doing
gotten out Room
run tor office again The state
made before election was held
i in then
Kl baa In-
I an l Is i
paper recently installed
paper baa recently Installed
The proposed liquor bill will put th
social club as far ;
I the booze drinking Is concerned. A
blind tiger club is a
. . ind to be ended,
la such
be r it will be.
No Other country on fan
. has so advantages
No other country upon
which the shines is so rich In
is so well
nature to produce tin
and provisions
and man's
and no country is
rich mineral timber and
t power resources so susceptible
If such a land as where the
in the recently ti I
Confederate on the
house square, and railed II la
tor unveiling Friday.
Saturday lug the head of tin
soldier was peeping out the top
tin II, a little r the had Blip-
p. d to tool of the figure, and
later it was hanging around the base
of the monument, a by re-
marked that the monument seemed to
have unveiled itself ahead of time
when a wit v. standing near
an explanation. Said he,
following i- s list of now
plant.-- and meats that are be-
made iii different pan.- of the slate
a- reported by the Manufacturer Re-
The of Bills Creak
Draining District have let a
contract to drain sills Creak. II
n bonds were voted lo do the work.
An auxiliary steam driven
to coal about
develop is lo lie
constructed by the Southern Power
to add its
Dudley has a prisoner over there in
jail who has and old cornet on which
light plant a steam driven
about K W condenser.
s tn SEAL
virtue a power of .-ale con
tamed in a certain Mortgage Deed
executed and delivered by Pa-
trick to Brothers, dated the
day of October, Ml, and duly
recorded la in
I ill County, in Hook page M,
and also by Virtue of a of
contained In a certain Mortgage
Deed , x,, i and i by
Patrick to Brothers dated
day of April. and recorded
in the In County
in Book K page the
signed, will on the 7th
i -it to
sale before the court house door In
to the highest bidder for
rash the following described tract or
parcel Of bind to ;
tract land in
be has learned to sound the . I expended beginning at a oil
When he sounded it this morning, old plank road, the dividing
the soldier on the
us any true Confederate would d
Bishop in a
farmers for the Ova proceeding the cover and appeared
the present crop received an average ready for
largely over cents a pound for
their cotton, yielding very large pro
tits, one year's complete failure of the J Walker underwent an
cotton crop, or one year's Inability. a operation in the Wilson Hospital Sun
.,. . ., for an on his arm
at present, to sell the cotton crop m .
brings about such a condition as to
, consist in roadway paving, curb and ,,,,, and Pa
gutter work Additional sewer am, N g poles to
is also to be coating about 30--1 corner, a pine stump,
I i i. k 1-2 poles to a
y has been at
lie is improving but will not be
flood the land with planters begging tho hospital before the last
said was so much the high coal . south ,. he
of living that gives the people so for of
concern hut high cost of foolery
i . how
caused the failure
value of the dollar.
lo realize the
who have backbone and stamina
lead and try to stem the
t TO
talk war. talk business,
expression ha.-, a lot of good
. to ii esp i here where most
. I he trouble is Imaginary anyway.
I'm ban a. go
any other section, and now i
Hi. farmers should be thinking
putting in a i ii They will
. ti Raleigh I'm- . puts it eight i
; it t so ma
s I I i
u hi pi pie
often Vote
The price of sugar is now quote i
a pound having declined several
points since last week. The price
for last year was so the price i;
much above normal If you a. I
paying a war price for sugar it will
be well for you to investigate before,
buying When prices are boosted
are kept up as long as possible.
lab in America
l in South America it
seems, consequently the
of this country are being
adopt a in S. label,
latter is definite and belongs to us
alone while tho former is us
a- is ours
I lo lake Hi
The south olden days did not do County commissioners W. E.
so The south blasted by a four year's tor. E. B. and J. Q. Taylor,
and of Deeds Bell
war never for charity, and never I m
in those days was the country County at the
ed with appeals to help the run Good Congress in session
In the ten-year period between there this week. They will make a-i
sold SI from I of importing the
A company
to manufacture cotton quilts
and other materials. Total
to amount to about
A harbor of refugee is to be con-
stunted Cape LOOkOUt to cost about
Of this sum 11,400.000
available at present.
A ferry is to be constructed at Wei-
A company with capital his
been organized at Greensboro to man-
wagon brakes.
A pulp and paper mill is to be put
operation at Wilmington, capital
Cumberland county is to t
. miles of sand clay road.
and when cc
with a view of procuring lb
i and to cents a pound Id for on .
different years, the south suffered ,,,, county.
much, but ii the situation and
fought ii tight without any such
peal.- as now are being made by
and others who are trying to This week is for the
make the south believe that it hearing of civil cases and next ween
Court This Week.
convened this morning with
I hence N K poles to a corner
pine, thence N i B i-- to
slake, then N K poles to a Blake,
in the old Nicholas line. Thence S S
W to a stake, tho dividing
corner, thence S 1-2 W poles.
a straight line to the beginning. Be-
the same land conveyed by
and wife to Silas Patrick date
Of August 30th 1905, as will appear
of record In Book P of Pill
This sale Is made to satisfy
terms of said Mortgage Deed.
This day of November 1914
PIERCE , Attorneys.
i 11-.
.-. fa e la his own property
,. many a man's picture
i Just lying to s I
, published.
As , .
-rat states added to the tin
Every state
always remains dry and -a. h
brings nearer
x in, made by a man
Mexico a conditions
Villa has the right idea as to how
IO run Mexico. We like the way h
ii the places he gets under
in- control. When Villa comes
Is a general exodus of
be a beggar and the world belie
that it is a beggar Mfg Record.
will be for criminal cases. A large
i timber of are on docket and
will probably require the full i
week's term to dispose of them,
War en
Rheumatism Is an awful thing-
nothing more painful. Don't let it
get a but at
take Pule, Kidney PI . They work
directly on your weakened kidneys
build them up, make
your i and keep it of
acid. Keep Kidney Pills on
band for it the first lift
of rheumatism Sold by ill druggists
Only One
To tut
u. prefer to the pleasure of
having Mi.- Zeppelins drop ion
n US
Ii over the big Ore which visit.-i
town la.-;
too good a town to be set back by a
lire and will soon replace the burned
ii i others
having been load
time the Friedman c
i and Is lea i
The found Ii
H baa read l .; signs lb l
. and says be be a tan
for the in 1916. But
will b.- like him to i his
tunes between now and
is time for everybody to quit
laving any dread of effects of tin
war In Europe. Business is pick in-
up, limes are getting better, and there
i- enough money for everybody to gal
on if it used judiciously. Look
on the bright side and put your should-
to the wheel for a forward move
the will soot,
re to revised If British navy
The have effectually stop-
i the Germans by flooding
laud bat also have lived tin n,
. -o they advance
I Henry and torn pound in
, i choking and gasping
for breath, labored breathing, call for
, , Honey and Tar Compound
will master the croup It cuts the
immediate relief. The very doses
k mucus, clears away the phlegm
and opens up and eases the air
Bold by all
k, oil cold.
of have com
and gone Tr
loosen the grip of bl and colds
You can not get a to la
you what Honey and Tar
Compound will coughs, cold-
croup, bronchial affections, la
cough, and tickling Be-
of druggist an I
by all druggists.
Only One
To th call lull name.
K. W. a Cold in
and and oil coin. x-
On Thursday, the 12th day of Nor-
i i k. ember, at o'clock at the Edwards
es you. loud
Building, near the Court House door,,
in the Town of Greenville, will sell.
to the higher bidder for cash, three
hundred opera chairs sold by Taft j
to Powell Bryan, this sale
being made under order of Court
to sell mortgage property.
Chairs be seen by calling upon
Taft VanDyke or H. C. Edwards
This October 1914.
who made religion an
the election In New York succeed-
ed In ting their man with an over-
majority In spite I
talk against such methods
The story about the Kaiser weep-
over the destruction
reminds one of a man
cause he is eating onions.
Marriage Licenses
Register of Deeds Bell has
issued licenses to the following
couples since last
Q, B- Roebuck, Martin county, and.
Myrtle Carolina.
W. P. Strickland of and,
Strickland of
Win. I,. Bagwell and Marie Rice of
Ben, H of Walstonburg
Anna of i
William Bryant and Mary Bell
laker of Washington.
John Wilson and
Augustus and
i i
What Means
on the label means REAL
inside package, and RESULTS and
FACTION the have been used.
Always ask for when you buy a stock
or poultry remedy. remedies are
pared from pure, medicinal a
way, and are genuine medicines you can
depend on.
I lee medicine
w w
Bee Dee Healing Dee Colic Remedy
the Bel
in arc
you can get m at
a campaign urging the farmers to,
their crops is to be
by Hi- papers i-t hope it win;
. ., results than the cam-1
for amendments did. hut it .
is hard to say what vote I
have been had DO publicity been given
ID favor of the amendments. It did
an enough
Had II struck you that a father
or mother who will not his child j
read dime novel a
n picture show which is as bad
if not worse Picture convey many
eh a i which i i always
in more interesting manner. Picture
hows arc all ii they an
Tammany Hall Will have another
lean I years in New York State
politics which with its three mar,
lean years in New York City will lust
it out.
The eastern and western of
the State favored the amendments
the central part for some reason
did not do so well. They say
who were familiar With and
them could not help voting
for them.
The Rocky Mount ,
complaining about the high prices o
articles of total, claiming they are high
there than elsewhere. We thought
the cost of living Was higher here th in
anywhere and we believe
place will be right in the rank
when the comes.
Unveiling the Monument
We Are In The
Arc wholesome, thoroughly cleans
log, and have a stimulating effect on
the h. liver and bowels H
with no griping and no
Reflector learns mat the
l.-rent appointed lo
pare the great celebration Fri-
day at the unveiling of
ate Monument have their work well In
hand and that everything will be
ready, and that a line band of muse
has been secured for the occasion.
The people are c to
at and the Assemblage will
be i ailed to order at A at, sharp
and the program will be substantially
as follows
Assemblage called to order bl tin
Master of Ceremonies
Prayer by the Chaplain,
b the
Monument formally presented to the
County Of by Daughters
the Confederacy
-lit by the County
by the Hand.
address by of Norm
Music by the Hand
Monument Unveiled
have Patent BA Girths.
They cross under t h e
horse's body and hold the
blanket in
On. of the Style.
Cook Stoves, Heating
Stoves and Ranges
Buggy Robes, Horse Blank-
and Harness.
Shot Guns, Pistols, and
V-Crimp, Galvanized and Rubber Roofing
Mrs Ii Johnson and little son
by I.
lo Kill
pleasant after effects, -tout people son from
And they live Unmans, and . today .
Ann Bold by all la Ute tor U
Greenville, N. C.
i I lit
-Athletic relations
Man. a OM-M Te been broken off be
They Are.
about the work
l Mill
II plenty of positive proof of
in the testimony of citizens. Such
the and
schools as the of a row In th--
latter town Friday th-
football elevens of the two high
were playing. a
individual players engaged In
Laura M. White,
. had
pain across my back,
worried . I also had a head-
aches which lasted for days a time
The kidney secretion were two fro-
scanty in There
a re other of kidney trouble.
is Kidney Mil advertised,
I procured some at Use Warren Drug
i ,,. they gave me relief,
my hack and the bead
The outer symptom of the
complain left. consider Kid-
ax. Kills a very good remedy for kill
at all dealers.
k for a kidney
Kidney same
v ,,,, had,
N Y.
Should convince the most to the statement Of the local
doubter. Head the a big Syrian
I on the was drawn into
Mrs Laura m. white, Latham ,,. either through a
or of racial prejudice, and
mobbed was
bandied in spin of his own and
other efforts to protect him.
I stopped the trouble.
I Barren Caldwell, of the local schools
Just unloaded another Load of extra good, well broke
Direct from stock farms of Middle West.
has declined, ii ii said, to allow
two teams to play again, at least for
the present The unpleasant occur-
i. marred a game prolific of star
I and pretty team work. The
was IT to in favor of
The superintendent was with the lo-
cal eleven and -1
his upon his own Judgment.
Ar- J
, .
By virtue of power vested in me by
Deed of Trust date, the
day November, 1912, duly
by richer of record In the
office of the Register of
County In Hook D at pace
shall sell for cash to tho
bidder hi public auction the court
house door iii Town of
, . . Monday, tho 7th day of December
A h n on his wed- ,. . .,.,.,
. i bride a
I . filled with described real
nuts, cakes, being and In County of put
and m pan, also for and State of North Carolina,
ore, An old pair of Adjoining lands of
i Arab ire placed In
ii , i mm In meet
ma Bedouins Marriage Is
Much as It Was
Centuries Age.
i,. ,, lies i no shoo, and the other.,
and of them can hit
other first will be of the
; Id after. hie la looked upon
as on unfailing sign, and may
something In It
lot seven days after the wedding
the himself, wan-
doling through Ilia of tho
, ,;. i t work,
by a group of his Hut
on the seventh day be keep
harp lookout, for on day his
friends try suddenly to play a
trick on him. If he escapes them, well
i n he can run to his
and safe, if not, they
his clothes and beat him.
which s.-c-ms n poor return for tho
end entertainment Hut U Is
custom, and that Is the law of tho
and P i t-i i
who will not omit tho smallest
handed down to them by their
Scientific of Art.
Art has passed through a t
era, International and
tho realists and Impressionists, having
mastered the tacts of and
I here form and color,
prepared the way for an
which shall also modern, Mao-
In drama, In
have proved an may ho
Rodin in has shown that
there la n which la not i
r of s l . t. A lo tho
fret of modern art a
power of a , parson-
Mr, Bi partakes of the i
h of these In other
Whose I I.
the West, the
E. Clark on the South and Beat, and
hounded by on the
North, and being tho same land that
was conveyed to Cobb by a B.
all., by of record
in county in Book W-T page
, . and being the same tract of land
fully set out and described In tin
deed of above referred In.
ibis November nth,
ii a ltd Sta
Nov. I Hall,
manager for the Postal Telegraph I
Company In
county, was killed as a result of an
accident of his own gun
while hunting afternoon
He died at two o'clock this morning
I Mr Hall wan bunting with Al-
j den Mayor of
, v. having wounded a bird which
f. u Into the branch s of a fallen
he placed his pun limbs of
lie tree while he attempted tO the
bird. The unfortunate man
on a branch, which the
of pun the load
through his lung. Dr. n. L,
Of Hospital, this was
sent for and was with Mr Hall
he died
Dealer in Horses, Mules,
Cart wheels and Harness.
Piles Cured in to M Day
wilt ii
I lo
, Protruding ii
Ural give sail
, Mr
Wow Cold as the dickens
Why do you put up with such a nuisance
You don't have to-if you furnish your house
with a
Cole's Original
Hot Blast Heater
Norfolk Southern
Schedule In Effect October
N following schedule
published as Information only
and are not guaranteed.
a. m. daily.
Pullman Bleeping cur for Norfolk
u. m. daily, for Plymouth,
City and
Parlor car
Norfolk. for ail point
North and West.
i, p. in. dally, Sunday
a. m. dully for Wilson,
and West. Pullman Sleeping Car
Service. Connects North,
and Weal
, n. daily. Sunday, for
Wilson and Raleigh. Connects for
all points.
p. in. dally for and all
Intermediate stations.
For further information and
in Bleeping cars, apply to J
i, Agent, H.
Notice In Shippers and of
Freight in North
You build only one
i never out from
each winter.
You gel and
warmed with the fuel
i not possible
Burns anything
m rooms
with other stoves.
suit coal, hard coal
The new freight rates, both local
and Joint made by tho lawn
of North Carolina, October 13th,
are on Hie all of this com-
m furnish upon applies
tun Information to these rate
j. r.
I- H
. -1 Sir
Boom a-i
Strawberry Plants I
Plant them now, cents per
Cut Flowers and funeral designs on
Ire. Orders taken for Shade
j Trees, Grape Vines, Rose Hashes, i
and Narcissus,
over .
Lite i
of New
A. Forrest. M
it. i
Come in on
and fuel saver.
I fire
Veterinary Md
treat an animal fails
day or night, om.-o it i
Overland Model
As previously announced, the Company is a
bale of cotton at cents a pound for each direct and sub-dealer in
Overland Cars in the cotton states, and another bale for each car sold
by any dealer and paid for within days from Sept. 16th.
In addition to this will personally buy another bale at I cents for
each err the Greenville territory and paid for within the
Buy an Overland Car, and in this way help the farmers relieve the
depressed price of cotton, a id at the same time help yourself by get-
ting the best Car for the n
Four Cylinder Touring Pour Cylinder Touring.
Four Cylinder Roadster Fair Roadster
Seven Passenger Six Cylinder
Largest stock of parts ever carried in North
Quinn, Miller
Headstones or
Greenville, N. C.
State Distributor.

Han Burned to Death Lawyer Mom
tar When lank h- I Olive Killed by fall at
and Catches Firs I Goldsboro Saturday
Sew Bern, Nov. B
i -sins accidents In the i
. and ch COW
i an
. , . i
r I
i i
e by car i
i before II
. . i an
Si Nov Friends
the State ind In city
ant a I
i ll III this
last night H, Wilson,
. I
be run
. i p.
loading to I
The Mutual Life In-
Company, of
Newark, N. J.
Greenville, N. C.
We Unroll As Many Carpets
you like when conic
here to don't con-
sider it trouble and don't
want you to think re do.
are to suit you with
Boor i and we'll Jo It
U we have to unroll every
. i in tin- store. So don't
be afraid to ask to see as
patterns as you like
The carpets and salesmen are
lore tor Just that purpose.
Established 1875
i ard
and a A
I i
I been s
or there is a
either of
r last year
that r does not
r ea I
. . .
I i Flakes.
. I him
I, i
. I i
U. M.
limited to diseases of to
Ear, and Throat
The of Classes
with Hr. D. L James,
N. C, Monday.
. N
tS M
. . . that
. i. tarnish
.-.;. D
. .
Taft Vandyke
N. C.
i- r
, . T ,
b . Bro., store
n, N.
. . .
Mill With
. Y
Bee Brand
. ration
It's .
ire a
v I , . OS BULBS.
. . . to have
. Hyacinth.
I In it. at
see your r .
I hi Ice i at I lowers for all
Can .
i arrange-
in Floral for funeral
Blooming Pol Plants In Varieties.
So Palm i, Fen . k
plants for
I Bl . ever LADIES ii
. and
i I, or i l i
by J. L. QUINN
N. C Ph
II H I 149-
I m i
I in
Tit I'M
i and J i
is all right In
. . make
it We
I. .
Chi aper for Von
,. i Hon. W
by re jobs
n re j our re
S. T. THE Plumber.
i .
l it INSURANCE you
. i i
. r I
, I P
to i r i
n All
id I
. 1914
Amy Bowen, teacher m
the colored Graded Schools will an-
In Body Massage and Swed
Ch Lung Develop
at Face b . Calls
answered on Saturday from to
p. n. other days from p. m. ;
How To Children.
i. name toss
I the
.-,. ii Quinine.
t . adults cannot
i i n . nor
, i the bead.
for any i n
. k , . i package. The
.- . . -5
. U each were for members of our
family. use noun but
purest W every
to insure accuracy and faith
Have your prescriptions nil-
you can have
Id the medicine. And confidence,
l a help In effecting a
a . T
Dru Company
. B l Evans
Photos Hay and
Send ii- Your W
n.-. . his from
to Or Bent
in i
Day or Vital.
J. C.
AMI nil
Has the services of Messrs
Oil of a, Ind., and
Charlotte, two ex-
pert auto I id re prepared
to you In repair and repairing
your machine with dispatch and the
I. ii workmanship
to the Pule and
The Oil general tonic.
i i. . i is chill out
Sh i fl lbs at average 13.21
U 6.709,157 lbs average 13.61
Johnston Foxhall averaged their customers 2.19 pr pound more
thorn more
am of tobacco than that sold by the other six warehouses
The above for themselves. If you want the
highest price for your Tobacco come to see us.
O. G. Rucker, Auctioneer.
Johnston Foxhall
A la in acres in good location, with Rail Road
Siding on
e two
and two barns;
Good tobacco and peanut
Apply to
Moseley Bros.
Real Estate Agents.
People Are to Clear
Clean up School
MM Plant Trees and
December and a will be red letter
in Pitt County if plans of
the Community Service Committee for
the county are carried out as outlined.
The committee met in Hie of the
superintendent of schools
Saturday and organized in accordance
with instructions from the state com-
Definite plans were laid for
the work in Pitt county which If
. carried out ought to mean
t great deal for the county.
The plan for the state at large grew
ml of a suggestion made by President
of the State that a
whole week set apart over
North Carolina for definite work along
the lines of community improvement.
The State Committee set apart
and as days to be known
., community Service Week, when
people all over North Carolina
would study their community con-
and make efforts for their
The Pitt County commit-
lee decided to concentrate their
forts on two days observance.
and The idea Is that on Fri-
day the Mb the people of each com-
will gather and improve bad
places the roads, clear up
clean up school and church ground-.,
plant trees, lay off walkways.
sanitary arrangements at school
where necessary, clean up the
interiors, wash windows, scour, etc.
Men. women and children are Invited
to take part in this work, which is ex-
to consume all the morning
The different communities are invited
and expected to have picnic dinners
, the school grounds and use the
afternoon in community meetings, in
which community needs will lie frank-
t. discussed. A study of actual
is to be made, and the people
take counsel together as to bow
, may be improved. This
work will be carried on under the
direction of a local committee consist-
of the members of the school com-
the school teacher, and officer
r members of the local
Report of Condition
at the close of business Oct. 1914.
Loans and discounts .
ed .
Hanking house.,
es . 1,090.98
Due from hanks and bank-
coin .
Silver coin including all
minor coin currency.
National bunk notes and Other
S. notes. 3,348.00
Total . 161,479.43
stock paid
Surplus fund . 326.00
Undivided profits, less cur
rent expenses and taxes
paid .
Notes and hills
ed . 6,000.00
Hills payable . 6.000.00
Time certificates of deposits 14,631.00
Deposits subject to check . 17,741.81
Cashier's checks
Total .
State North Carolina, County
I, J. w. Bailey, Cashier of the
named bank, do solemnly swear that
above is true to the best
my knowledge and belief.
j. W. BAILEY, Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn to before
9th day November, lull.
Pitt county.
In Superior Court.
A. T. Moore, Clerk
lentil of the
estate of T. 1-. William-;, deceased
Ruth Williams, Widow. Lean
lams, J. m Williams. U B.
and wife Willis Du
and wife Emma Dupree, H
and wife Rosa
Williams Leila
being minors without guardian.
By virtue of a decree of the Super-,
of Pitt County mad.- by A.
T. Moor. Clerk, In the above entitled j
cause, on the 4th day of November,
1914, the undersigned Commissioner
ill on MONDAY, the day of
t-ember, 1914 at o'clock noon, ex .
pose to public sale before the Court
House Door in Greenville, to the high
est for cash, the following
tracts or parcels of land to
and being in Falkland Town-
ship, Pitt County, North Carolina and
beginning at the Fork of the Snow-
Hill and Greenville Road in Falkland
Township. Pitt County and running
up the Snow Hill Road to a
bridge across a ditch to K. F. Will-
corner; then up said ditch S
K poles to another ditch K. F
Williams other corner; thence up the
said ditch about poles to T. L.
Williams corner; thence with said
Williams line E poles to the
Road; thence up said road
to the beginning including the dwell-j
and other houses thereon, con-
acres more or less.
Also one other parcel or tract of j
land In said Township. County and
State beginning on tho public road
leading from Snow Hill to Tarboro
and east of Otter's Creek and fork of
tho Old Mill Run and running with
said road S 1-2 W poles; thence
S W poles; then S 1-2 W
poles; then S 1-3 W poles to
stake Mrs. H. P. corner
then N 1-2 W poles to the Old
Mill Run; then down the various
courses of said Mill Run to the
then down Otter's Creek to the County
Bridge en the Tarboro Road; then
down said Road to the beginning con-
acres more or less. The
two tracts above described
lot No. in the Division of th
lands of the late H. F.
This sale will be made for the
pose of making assets of tho estate
T. U. Williams, deceased.
This the 4th. day November,
Gash must order
for want except from those
having regular advertising ac-
counts. The rate Is I fr
line, six words to
. .
Your for MOSS ROSE
the best. H U
for Particular Women. No
man should be without same.
for Catalog. Agents wanted.
allowed. I. Dunn,
Slate Agent. Taylor St., Columbia.
S. C.
Hoe Expect
to Such Law.
Washington, Nov
son does not i a presidential
primary law to be passed during th
m of Congress and sown
for a seek
Oil A 9-34-f
pipes, Ire boards, pat up
your stoves. ST. Hicks.
apply at once. Mrs. Lucy
Dickinson Avenue.
Democratic leaders
can be enacted to be effective In UH
in his last De-
the President urged that
law be He Is
known to still favor a primary n
him the difficulties the technical
The chief difficulty encountered i-
President has bean that of fixing
a for the presidential primaries.
Primaries now are hi Id different
date in tin- states and the question
arises whether the legislatures
change the State primary dates before
State and national
Diaries, ho has been told, would prove
very expensive.
The President has not begun
work on bis message to Congress
be is expected to dwell on the
I for economy in appropriations
bill, and I ll
to urge the , i the
. bill, the Alexander ship
purchase bill, and several remaining
The general expectation of Demo
leaders is that Presidential
already provided for in
r of will play an
at part In tho campaign bu
that the final Of the party
will made again at the con
. . ons.
S C, Nov. Rev. P.
Miller, a well-known Baptist
minister of North Carolina, and pastor
at Jacksonville and Rich
land, near Wilmington, has been re
leased prison in Germany
will soon be on his way hack home
Thai is the information that has
been conveyed to w. Q Hall,
this chairman of the Wilmington
Baptist Association, with the
news that the release was at
by the State Department of th
I United States, to which tho Baptists
I of this city and vicinity, through
for Pitt Farms. If you want to sell.
Sea Henry T. King. l-l-
lings. Apply, Moseley Bros.
E. H. rOB
Irons, Heaters, Lights and fixtures
Proctor Hotel Building.
crop, left round hole right. Owner
et same by paying cost. J. F.
May, at farm.
pieces, table runners or anything ml
or embroidery to Mrs. Travis
Hooker, work done reasonable add
tin Saturday. December . a county
meeting will be held at the courthouse
In Greenville, at which reports from
the various committees will be heard.
and county problems and needs will
i. discussed. This will a sort of
of the work
ore for the common good, and is ex
to be a very gather-
An effort will be made to make
a careful study of actual conditions
i put County along lines of endeavor
and it is hoped that some valuable
facts will he brought out.
The county committee has arranged
to offer for the host reports re-
, work actually done during
,,. days set aside for this community
The details are yet to be work-
. ,. but It is certain that at least
, cash prizes are to be offered la
communities doing the most work and
submitting the best reports of this
work. prizes arc to go to
schools in the communities and are
l,,. used for school improvement
poses. Every community In the
county will have a chance at all these
prizes, and in addition to prizes of
the state committee. The do-
tails will be worked out and announced
Having qualified as executors of
the last will and testament of Alston
Grimes. Deceased, late of
Pitt County. North Carolina, this Is to
notify all persons having claims
against the estate of the said deceased
to exhibit them to the undersigned
on or before the 1st day of November,
or this notice will he pleaded la
bar of their recovery.
All persons Indebted to said estate
will please make immediate payment.
This day of October. 1914.
Washington. N. C.
Invigorating to the and Sickly
The Old Standard tonic. I
TASTELESS chill TONIC, drive, out
a true soc ,
Having qualified as administrator
the late of Pitt County,
tills la to notify all persons having
. against said estate to present
them to me or to my attorney. Albion
Dunn, on or before the day of
November. or this notice will be
pleaded. In bar of their recovery. All
persons indebted to said estate will
please make Immediate payment.
This November 7th. 1914.
Union Dunn. Attorney.
. I i
color red, with
white, about one and two years Old.
Older one has car mark,
ear. Owner can get same
paying all COStS. R- . Will
N. C . ,;
ii a nil
shot and possibly fatally wounded Jim
Edwards in Institute Township Sun-
day at
colored tenants. is In jail
without bond to await the outcome
wound. Tho victim was shot
in the breast in vicinity of vital
organs. Aldridge using a shotgun.
Dora Bryant, a the cause
of trouble, was arrested but
gave bond. Edwards is alleged to
have followed the woman to the home
or Aldridge, of whom he was
Words followed and Aldridge
ordered Edward's ofT his place. Ed-
wards drew a revolver and Aldridge
with the gun. shot him down
Jim Edwards and Dora Bryant had
been consorting for some time, and
of late Edwards had viewed
as a rival who promised him trouble
The difficulty had been brewing. It Is
for several days.
Edwards Is not. expected to
raw tickling throat, tight
sore lungs, you need
Honey Tar Compound, and
Tim first dose helps, It leaves a
toothing, healing costing as It glides
down your you better
Every user is a friend.
by all druggists.
virtue of authority of an order,
made by the Clerk of the Superior
Court, approved by the Judge of the
Judicial District, I will sell to the
highest bidder for one-fourth
the remainder payable In one, two and
three years from date, with Interest,
at the Court House door, at o'clock
noon, on Monday, the seventh day
December. 1914. the following
i tract of
Being the Herbert share
or lot No. in tho
land division, found In Book No.
Page Record Land Division, of-
of Clerk of Court.
Beginning at a stake on the public
road and runs to Patience Evans heirs
line North West poles to a
Stake; thence North East poles
to a stake; thence South East
poles to a large pine; thence South
East poles to the head of a ditch;
thence with said ditch to the road;
thence with said road to the beginning
containing sixteen acres more or
This the 6th day of November, 1911.
good milch cows. Dairy
Greenville. N.
Notice is hereby given that at the
regular meeting of the Hoard of Com-
missioners of Pill held Monday,
November 2nd, 1914, there was filed
I with said Board, petition asking that a
Public Road be laid out in
Township as follows
at some point between
Tar River and Creek on the
road running from the New Bridge to
the Washington road, and crossing the
lands of J. O. and W. E. Proctor and
the Old Grimes plantation known as
; Yankee Hall, now owned by Mr. Daven
port, and ending at some point on the
Public road running from to
the River at
The will heard at tho re
meeting of tho Board of Com-
missioners of Pitt County, to be held
Monday. December 1914, and all
parties desiring to be heard are ask
to be present on said date, done
order of the Board, this the 4th. day
of November 1914.
II. If, LEWIS, Chairman.
Bell, clerk.
Member American Tuners. Ohio.
So rounds of Plane Repair-lag
Material Carrie
Fine Piano
and PIPE BK-
Regulating, Re-
Greenville, N. C, last Week
Touring Cars F. B. Detroit
P. O. L Detroit.
We have several second hand Ford and
Cars, almost as good as new, for sale cheap.
I Ford Supply Co.
Greenville, N. C.
Illinois Women Meet,
Springfield. Nov. Illinois
Federation of Women's Clubs opened
a four day convention here this morn-
at the State House. A notable
of speakers and entertain-
has brought together a big
representation from all parts of th-
Veterinary Surgeon and
treat all animals. Calls
day or night. at i
. Smith's stables with hospital
Day phone night
By request of the county
you will meet Saturday Nov.
Ll, 1914. instead of Saturday
1914. Please meet promptly
a o'clock A. M. at the
Graded School.
President of the Colored Teachers
Association of Pitt County.
Having as administrator of
C. A. White, late of Pitt County. North
Carolina, this Is to notify all persons
having claims against the estate of
said deceased to exhibit them to tho
undersigned administrator within
twelve months from this date or this,
notice will be pleaded In bar of their
All persons indebted to said estate
will please make Immediate
This November 1914.
the Fire
Wow Cold as the
Why do you put up with such a nuisance
You don't have to-if you furnish your house
with a
Farm For Sale,
For sale one acre farm situated
near N. C, to schools
churches, cleared and In high
slate of cultivation, self draining with
young growth of timber. room
dwelling new, two tenant
houses, and several other out buildings
including two tobacco barns, will
sell and Include farm implements
team and etc., If so desired by pros-
purchaser. If Interested In a
write. P. Box Everetts
c 11-2-2111
Woman Terribly
Around on her feet all day-
a woman has backache, headache. I
stiff swollen joints, weariness, poor
sleep and kidney trouble. Foley Kid
, give Quick relief for these
They strengthen the kidneys
away the pain and wear
Make Hie worth living again
Try Foley Pills and see how
n better you feel-Sold by
Cole's Original
Hot Blast Heater
You build only one fire each winter.
It is out from Tall till Spring.
You gel up and dress in rooms
warmed with the fuel put in the night
This is not possible with other stoves.
Hums anything soft coal, hard coal
or wood.
Come in and sec this lire keeper
and fuel saver.
, name on feed door
of each None genuine without i
Quinn, Miller

Stray Taken North Carolina,
Taken up at my farm, white and I'm County,
black potted, mate . weighing In the Court.
about or SO pounds, unmarked A. Randolph at I R B
Owner OM get same by identifying trading under the firm name f
For the
LAMP is the most
compact and efficient lighting de-
vice for all kinds of vehicles. Will
not blow out or jar out Equipped
with thumb screws, so that it is
easily attached or detached. Throws
a clear light feet ahead. Extra
large red danger signal in back.
It is equipped with handle, and
detached makes a good hand lantern.
Strong. Durable. Will last for ears
At Dealers Everywhere
and paying all costs.
T. U
n. C.
Taken I p.
Ford Supply Company
Frank Lilly,
Notice of and Warrant
The d in th ah rt
Grain Privileges
and calls are the safest
I method of trading in wheat
II oats your loss Is
absolutely limited to the
bought. No further risk.
Positively the most profitable
Open an account. You
open an account You can I
notice on the put or calls on bushels
heifers one dark red with Macs day October, a summons in the said or you can buy both
and white spots and spot in . , , , w, ,. . the defend- for or as many more as you wish
the with the mark of crop the ,,,,;. superior an advance or decline of cant gives
Richmond. Va.
Norfolk. Va.
car and spill the left, the other
light red with white across
shoulder unmarked, owner can
ii by paying all coats,
On Washington road, between
Smith and Hodges Creek.
i informal North Carolina I you to take
the sum of two A movement of cents prom.
thousand two Hundred thirty three ft j Write for full and
on a note and for. references.
sold and delivered, which sum-
North Carolina,
In the Superior
defendant will
IV S. Avers
Thai a summons in above en-
titled action was Issued the
defendant on the day of September,
1914, this court Martin
for divorce, which summons has
ii in d to be found in Martin
U . and the defendant will take
that the complaint was Held In
i office of the Sup. Court on
the 7th day of September, de-
a divorce absolute, upon
stated therein, and he will
further take notice that be i-i
I an or to said com-
Hi tin rein
grant. I
This i ob r,
Clerk of Superior Court
mons is returnable to the December
term of Superior Court, com-1
on 14th day of
1914, held in the Court House, In
i r. in said State and county.
Tin defendant will also take notice
ii a warrant of attachment was Is-
sued by said Clerk of the Superior
Court, on the 29th day of October
1914, against the property of said de-
which warrant is returnable
lo the December term of the Superior
Columbus, Ohio.
Address mail to Lock Boa
North Carolina.
County. .
in Superior Court.
Z v Hooker
W. L. P. Corey and wife
X II Corey.
virtue of a decree of the Superior
Having as
tin- estate B. J. Mills,
late of county. North Carolina,
this is to notify all persons
claims the estate of the said
d to exhibit them to the
at N. C, on
before the 10th day of November
or tills notice will be pleaded in
of their recovery. All persons in
dented to said will picas,
immediate payment.
This day of November 1914
Administrator n Mills d
. . as. d.
i lilts I, EVANS, Attorney.
Struck by Train.
Nov. arm-in-
arm along the Southern railway
miles from here,
morning, Sawyer, of I
and Claude Wade, of High Point, two
runaway lads from the State Deaf and
Dumb school at Morganton, were
struck by the of passenger
Court of made at the
for at the time and ; 1914 of County No. and almost instantly killed.
place named for the return of I Court by His Honor R. B. The tragedy occurred at the month
above mentioned, when and in the above of a cut and near a bend in the
the defendant la required the undersigned Com
appear and answer or demur to the
the t demanded will
l. grants i
i her 59th 1914.
. if Court
It law.
Tin Count
ruder and d the authority
When the train swung around a
will, on Monday, the 7th curve the engineer at the throttle an
la, . December 1914. at o'clock the two boys hut a short distance is
Noon it being the first Monday In Tout of him and made every effort t
December, 1914, expose lo public bring bis train to a snip or warn the
i,. re the Court House Door In Green- impending harm but with-
to the highest bidder fir cash out
lilt traits or par I
I mil to
Majority Friend. Thought Mr. decided w
take his advice, I did not have
Hughes Would Die, But
One Helped Him to
interesting ad-
vices this place, Mr. A. J. Hughes
writes as was down with
stomach trouble for five years, and
would have sick headache so bad, at
any confidence in it.
I have now been taking
three months, and it has cured me
haven't had those awful sick headaches
since began using it.
I am so thankful for what
has done tor
has been
found a very valuable medicine for de-
the stomach and liver. It
that thought surely would die. is composed of pure, vegetable herbs,
I tried different treatments, but they contains no dangerous ingredients, and
Notice is hereby given that W.
Ricks, N. C.,
this day executed a Deed
Deed of I i
by A. Reddick, of the County of
and State of North Carolina, to Harry
Whedbee, Of said County and State
which duly recorded In the office of
the r of Deeds of I'm county
in M-9, pages said Deed
of Trust having been given to secure
for benefit of rs a certain bond of even date
W. A. Jr., Trustee, and all per- and the said Reddick having failed to
sons indebted to said W. H. Ricks satisfy said bond; and the bolder of
are hereby requested to make said bond having applied to the under
mediate to the undersigned signed to sell the lands to said
Trustee and all persons holding claims , bond. Now pursuant thereto the
the said W. II. Ricks are here will sell at the Court
by requested to file an Itemized, door in Greenville. Pitt County. North
tied Statement of such claims with the Carolina, on the SOU. day of
Trustee. her, 1914, at the hour of M. to the
This the 24th. of October. 1914. highest bidder for cash, following
w. A. Jr., Trustee, described land, being In County
i,, I North Carolina
-Adjoining the lands of M.
pi ream of the
tie was not sufficient t .
break deafness placed by
b in w Master's touch and the trail
state North Carolina, and could be the lads had
brushed from the track crumpled
Situated in dying.
Town p, county, bounded on th. it is stated boy- ran
, ii upon mo by .,. r s. Worthing from the school Saturday aft-t-
and when their absence was
heady Hilt
Bern, Nov. 9- All
arc now complete for the fall
reunion of the Bodies of
the Ancient and Accepted right of
which is to be held
New Bern tor three days beginning on
did not seem lo do me any good.
I got so bad, I could not eat or sleep,
my friends, except one, thought I
would die. He advised to try
and quit,
acts gently, yet surely. It can be freely
used by and old, and should be
kept in every family chest
a package
Only a quarter.
Why You Should Always Use
Bee Brand Flavoring Extracts
Because they are better than Pure Food
Laws require
Because they will go further inferior goods.
delicacy flavor i
Because Purity Quality is absolute.
Because they are unreservedly guaranteed.
Ward. T. A. Carson, and Others,
and containing ninety live more
or less, and the same being my home
place, and also the who's and
tracts of land I bought
In Superior Court the heirs of Gray Blount, now
Before A. T. Moore, Clerk, known as part of the Gray mount
Leila E. Williams
North Carolina,
ton and Jam- Edwards; bounded noon
tho Weal by the lands James Nelson noted searching parties were
and Dennis Branch; and on the South but failed to find them.
by another tract land of w. L. V.
and on the East th,
of Amy containing
more or less and being tract
land on which the said W. I,. K
Corey and wife now reside.
Second Situated in
Township. County on the
side of Fork Swamp, adjoining the
lands of Gaskins and others
containing acres more or less and Tuesday. November A large . .
being the land deeded by Farrow of Masons from all parts of th.
to Providence Cooper Hale are expected to be present and
Cannon Mills and by them conveyed participate in this re-union and to
Samuel Gray lo W. L. F. Corey, by. the various degrees which will o.
which is of record in the Regis- given fro.,, the fourth to the thirty
t, rs in County in Hook On Tuesday degrees from th.
fourth lo eleventh will he I
Situated in On following day they will he con
Township. Pill County, in James Po- from eleventh to the nine
containing acres more or and on Thursday those who do-
leas and being the land grants up
to the said w. i P. cony by the thirty-second win have then conferred
North Carolina by Grant up.,,, th. On Wednesday evening s
nil ere. n
Diamond, c.,
on Ml., ,
Hill SALE OR A Kill
sell for cash or
May terms. Address Calvin Mills,
H. Routs 3-
1-14 Dec w.
Jones ii.
. prop r on or be-
1916., or this notice
p ail in bi r of i .
Sept. nth. 1914,
B Attorney.
Is the Basis of all
i. the hull of all rood farming. Writs
the in the
on Farm,
of purr lime.
A postal will gift you
Administratrix of the estate
of K. F Williams
vs. .
Court of County made by A
Verla Williams and Leila Williams
minors and heirs at law of E. F.
Williams, deceased.
By virtue of a decree of the Super
T. Moore. Clerk, on the day
1914, the undersigned Com-1
will on MONDAY, the 7th.
day of December, 1914, expose to pub-
lie safe before Court House Door
In to the highest bidder tor
. the following described tracts
or parcels of land, to
and being In Falkland Town-
Ship. Pitt County, North Carolina an I
being No. in the Division of the
It. P. Williams laud and beginning
u stake in the Snow Hill near
the crossing of Pasture Branch and
. with said road N
. N IS 1-2 E polos; th I
E to a a, rot
i i said ditch S W
. a et gum, T. I. E.
r liars i c then s E
ti . Ionian line; the ,
N 1-2 E poles a stake; then
I w to a i
to the b
1-2 a res more or I
other tract In said ow n
C an I BI b
r ma 13-4 W to plat
Reference is made to the deeds
the heirs to J. A.
for a full description.
This 29th, day of November
lo ltd
Hie County Confederate
Will be unveiled in
Friday, November 13th, with
Governor Locke Craig will deliver
the address on this Interesting
This is a County affair and all the
of the County, who can, an
to present and do his
part In making it a great and memo,
able i of the County
i very old federal i Veteran mu-n
come and bring his family. Special
. i i; will be made lo provide
tor . t.
which is of record in the office of SI which all of the local and
Register Deeds of Pitt County, in visiting members of the lodge will b-
Book Y page present, will be given. This will h
Fourth Situated in Swift the only social event of
Creek Township, County during the week hut a number of
the lands of Nashville Wilson. W r events have been arranged for th
it. Bland, it. H. and Salli, benefit of the visiting lodge
Bland, containing more or less, j
Fifth Situated in Swift NOTICE OF
Creek Township, Pitt County on both. December 1914 Si I
of the Washington Road adjoin- ,, M before the Court-house door
last above mentioned and ,;,.,.,., m,. N ,. Board Of Coin
the lands of K- of County will rent or
wood Cox and Others, containing ,,, ,,. bidder for tie
acres more or 1915, the following tract of land.
These lands will be sub-divided an A certain tract or parcel
sold In lots of or acres yin.
to suit the Township and on the North Bids
This the 2nd day of November, 1911
C. C. PIERCE, Lin,,. n the West side of the Green
Commissioner , am, ,., on ,,,,
H S PIERCE, Attorneys. of the Greenville and Tar-
I road, adjoining the lands of c
T. Randolph Bros., i. w
Perrel and others and being a part
the Susan Brown tract of land, eon
s,; acres more or less.
acres of said land Is cleared
Whereas on the day of September
I II I. he Spirit
home of our worthy Bro I. C, Craw- , a suite of there I
i claimed his beloved wife a ., ., dwelling I nm and stab
present and we trust the children his three tobacco on said
their teachers will attend.
This Nov. I
For .
Now then be II resolved laud, also an overflowing well I
That In the death Bro. Crawford good water. The A, C. L. o
lost a loving companion B
. . true ml ii no
; on earth.
i hi as lo Bro
in i our hi fell sympathy in
That humbly submit the will
Spirit and Say Oh
Hall Lake.
Ball Pity, i
i corner ., . of the National
Association, whit h me, I
In a prong of b; then tomorrow, has together
down the run of Jacob's Branch to , ,,, men pans of the in thy will be done ours,
r of President J. F. who ,,, resolutions b-
the, with hit line n w as an early arrival, said ,, our Tribe.
to a sink- at J. i to me s m era is opening h g h
then BO I E poles to the breeders, the o .
containing acres more which can be grasped for publication.
. The two tracts constituting and We our; submitted.
No In the Division Of the II P. opportunity, ind branches of
Williams land, which was allotted to industry are getting
F Williams by Division Deed dated
the 14th. day of June. 1907. as I Will.
pears of record In the Register's Of ; N. J. Nov. II The contest
lice in Pitt County, In book T page over the estate of the lute Lillian
I Nordics Will have its first airing In
This sale is made for the purpose curt tomorrow, when two wills
of Baking the estate of he submitted tor probate In the
V. Williams, deceased. I tor of which, cut off her b
This day of November, 1914.
Blinker Meet.
Toronto, Out. Nov. II The annual
I band, George W. It while meeting of Canadian
F HARDING. she was at Thursday Island last win- Association opens here tomorrow
Commissioner In the South Sens Madams bead office of the Hank of
i Attorneys Nordics mads her new will. to
. said land, much to the ton
Venice., thO Same. The person
renting will he required to i
., for I be Board re-
serves the right to reject any or all
bids. Further Information can be
from member of Board, lira
Roll, or Julius Brown. Done
order or the Hoard of C
This the lib day of November 1911
GREENVILLE, v November I I
oh HUN-
in. K i I E IN
Ft H
R A I Si
State Union
Holds its First Meeting
In Greenville Wednesday
Address J Welcome and
Feature first
Morning This
Mr. r. s. Barrett, Mr. M. Rhodes
Dr. V. Joyner Makes
to on
I ill. n Subjects.
The seventh annual meeting
Worth Carolina Slate Union
met here this morning at l.
in spacious auditorium of the
Training School. A large number of
delegates were present, nearly all if
the officers of the Union and a largo
amber of visitors from out of tie
State were at this first meeting.
The meeting was called to order
by the President, H. Q. Alexander, Of
Mecklenburg county. A. U.
of the Presbyterian church
lead in prayer.
Mayor J- B. James welcomed the
Union to the city of Greenville a
short speech In which he gave them
the freedom of city.
President Wright of
Training School extended the greetings
f the Chamber of Com
and or the Training School to
the Union
Mr. J. C. Galloway, representative
f Pitt county in tho
welcomed the Union behalf of the
heal Union.
Rev. Cobble responded to these ad
dresses of welcome of the
After addresses of welcome
had been finished there
prominent visiting delegates called up-
n lo address tho Union.
Ono of the most prominent of
ailed upon to speak was Charles S.
Barrett, of Union City, Ga. President
f tho National Union.
Mr. Barrett his address dwelt on
the beauties of western North Caro-
and on tho great things of this
He toM something of his work
m connection with Unions,
what they are trying to do and what
they want to do in tho future. He ex-
pressed himself as delighted at being
at this meeting and that
the farmers are Just coming into
own and that much good will
result from this meeting.
Mr. U. M. Rhodes, president of tho
Tennessee State Union
Batman of tho Hoard of
r the National Union was next Intro-
to the audience.
Mr. Rhodes confined himself mainly
lo facts and figures showing how tho
farmers feed the world and in so doing
only a small living themselves
Until the farmer gets his due they
are going to have a hard lime. One
of the main objects of Union Is to
and bring about cooperation
among tho farmers. When this has
been done the income of the farmer
will have risen from the low figures
representing it to a good
The Union should receive th
Dr. Joyner praised the Union for Its
In bis work. He credited
with giving generous support lo
the two recent education laws passed
in this state. He urged the farmers
to adopt the Community Service worn
advert in tins State saying It I
in. an more to the farmer than
anybody else. Ha cited examples
flowing how tin- have lost
because some well-read man
I t the advantage of their ignorance
lie urged the employment of
country grown and teachers
will look alter Community work.
ho Union is one of the greatest forces
n education In this State and has a
great future before it.
Aft. r several announcements ad-
for dinner was taken an
at o'clock the Union re-assembled
tor executive session. Tonight's sos
on will be at the Court House.
Rev. J. ID. Daniel toes indications Launch Movement
Total Loss Aggregates
Building Harm
Sail m experienced this evening b
six and seven o'clock the most
disastrous fire in years, the total loss
Tho four-story
building on Main street known as the
Caspar building and belonging to O.
F. and two adjacent dwell-
belonging to P. H. were
totally destroyed and
damage was done to the main build-
and a storage house of tho P. H.
Danes Knitting Company. It is said
that loss Is largely covered by In-
The fire Is thought to have
originated from an electric motor on
the third door of the Caspar
used for running the elevator.
The Caspar building was four stories
high and extended from Main street
through the entire block to Church
street. It was valued at The
Insurance on It was Part of
it was used as a storage house by
Coleman Bros Tobacco Company, who
had pounds of tobacco It,
valued at and fully covered
by Insurance. Another part of th.
building was used by the Click mail
order business, with a stork
partly Insured. Tho building
was wrecked.
Two dwelling houses th,
building valued at
Insured, were destroyed. There s
tome loss to the P. H. Hades Knitting
Company's building and also
damage to the stock of
Attend Conference With
Excellent Report
Rev. J. H. Daniel Pastor of
Church, lei, this morning
tor Washington, N. to attend the
-North Carolina Conference, which
convenes there today.
With him be carried a most excel-
lent report from the Greenville Church
Which he has served for the past year.
in- church has enjoyed a most pros-
year, and all financial
have been met.
Along all lines the church has made
pronounced gains. During tho yea.-
the congregation have been excel-
Sunday School Mas mad.
gains, and there has
members to the Church, seven were
lost through death and removal,
a not gain of
As a special offering the
School has contributed to the
Orphanage, the Church paying a like
amount. The Aid Society do-
special mention having raised
while the Missionary Society
has raised 099.42. From a Financial
this has been the most sue
year in the history of tin
The total amount raised in cash and
negotiable paper, being more than
probably the largest amount
raised in Greenville for religion
purposes in the same length of time
During the year a ten room parson-
ape situated in a most desirable
has been completed, and is now
occupied by Mr. Daniel family.
Tho Board of Stewards, reported
that every account against the
had been paid immediately on
and that the Pastor's salary
bad been paid in advance throughout
the whole year.
Mr. Daniel says he has spent a hap y
year in Greenville, and hopes to be
and to this hope the
of the community, without regard Ml
say Amen.
this Vanishing
To Help Sufferers In The
War Zone Europe
Rust of Author of Old North
to be Presented
Washington, Nov. IT All
reaching governmental de-
par Here the de-
which overtook business
In the United States when
the war norm burst in Europe la
vat hopeful outlook for
American ventures was summarized
today by Secretary in a
tor to the chamber of commerce of
the nil. in which he de-
the worst be said and admit-
can be said respecting exist
business difficulties In America
our conditions still remains not only
n vi bright, but
In many both pros
pen i,
cannot but with
the misfortunes that have befallen
industries In all the
said Mr. there-
fur should be so much more grate-
that no like fate threatens out
own country. No observer of the
large movements of our commerce to-,
fails to recognize the gnat
that has been made lo
business conditions within the last few
weeks and which is still progressing
course of exchange has be
come more normal. Clearing house
certificates arc being retired.
sums of emergency notes have been
withdrawn and with the opening of
the federal reserve system great ad-
supplies of loanable funds
have become available. There Is no
longer serious concern over our
financial future.
has begun to move, and
existing arrangements promise relief
from the shadow which so long has
lung over the South.
who wants to, may read plain
acts which show on every side no;
only a marked hopeful feeling In in-
but tangible facts on which
such feeling rests. All problems
not worked out yet to perfect
on many sides mills
are busy and factories running full
t me of overtime; the number of
employed is steadily getting less.
of and Sans
Drainage Association Today
Asks to
i ii, seventh Annual ii of tit
North , l
meets today and tomorrow
he arc to be h Id In
opera house. A large numb r
i ales are en from all t v i Hi
ii, in points in Virginia
South Carolina.
Drainage work In ibis State is
a new tiling bin already s i
much interest is being taken that it i-
drainage districts will
represented at this meeting, Even
the Piedmont and the far
part of the iii be re-
presented as there are live drain-
age operations being carried on in that
part of the State.
Among the features today's pro-
gram by the Mayor of
Wilson, by the chairman of
Commissioners, by the president of the
chamber of commerce, Joseph Hyde
Pratt, president of the Drainage Ass.
and others.
The officers will make their reports
committees will he appointed.
lion William A. Graham,
of Agriculture, will speak
Agricultural Benefits from Drainage
Mr. II. E. of the Norfolk
Southern, will present th. railroad
bide drainage.
Mr m E. Sherwin, Professor of Boils
at the Slate Agricultural
College will speak on tile Drain-
Mr H M. Drainage Engine-
r of the Unit, suites office of Drain-
are Investigations on Importance and
Principles of Drainage
With these able speakers on pro-
gram for today a very interesting
will be held.
Should t
In I his Wort Human-
sake. Committee Be-
i. Contributions,
Newborn, N. C, Nov. 17- Just inside
of tho gates of beautiful Cedar .
cemetery in this city is seen a grave
with an Immense marble
slab. Strangers passing that way
ways inquire whoso body rests I
and are Informed that there lies all
that Is mortal of William the
author of that glorious
Tho of William Gaston is No more, for me. in soft marshy soil
known to every school child North will bloom the bright Bluebell.
Carolina and there Is no doubt but as No w i ,,, n the old Oak tree.
Till In Carolina again dwell.
A BoiS Lamentation.
No More I see tho Dogwood
No mom cotton or tobacco stalks,
As long as I remain in this Northern
the sunny Southern walk-i.
of States Deputy Mar
shall Donald Cameron, who deserted
Ms family and was found In company
with the alleged in a white
slave which ho
come up for hearing tomorrow in
District Court. Cameron Is
charged with bigamy and
Wife No. Is a pretty French girl of
Lawrence, Mass., Malvina
on whose evidence, secured
Cameron a few years ago, an alleged
white-slaver was convicted and sent lo
prison for a long term. During th
. trial, the attentions of Cameron to
hearty support and aid of all pretty witness the cause
it means their salvation.
best in Ibis country and It fast
they have sung tho refrain of
melody and have reached tho
Boston, Nov. remarkable chorus and lifted up their voices In
Tho Old North
Tho Good Old North
that they have thought of Its composer
wondered if he had received the
proper recognition for his work of.
love and devotion to his native heather
William Gaston. while his is I
known throughout the length and
breath of North Carolina, has so far
been shown no public appreciation or,
no great memorial marks the spot
where his bones lie but on Tuesday,
November amends will be
tor this when a bust him will bet
later dismissal from tho government placed in the House of f
No will wand, i on the bank of
tho Tar.
Or hunt in the
Ur eat the wild and luscious fruits.
Which In Pitt County are found
I want to be where Maidens are fairest
Where soars Ml Mitchell's Summit
Where my Dear Old Mother, is wailing
for mo,
in down In the Old North
Wallace Mack
log about a change In conditions
Supt. J T. Joyner of Public In
In was
upon In address the Union.
Mr. Clarence Poe, of editor
I ins I I m w, mi the Progressive tor.
is one of th. service, lie left his home, at will the I .
saying he was going to Canada to en- grace that hall. Mr. II Alexander, of
list for the war. He was traced to the William was born in New president of the l
i homo of tho girl, and the Corn 1778 and many I landing the m
police found him hidden there will Journey to the capital city to at-
under a bed. I tend this unveiling
Mr. Arthur J. Hughes, of
I i in town today.
Man Arrested
A Witness.
New Nov. 17- A ease of
usual interest in New Bern Was start-
ed yesterday, when William
white, of was arraigned
United Commissioner
Charles IV Hill yesterday morning on
a warrant charging bin, with
dating a United States witness
lo tho District Court, in viola
Don of chapter and of the
code. The preliminary
was continued for the government,
hi order that the witnesses might DO
summoned The defendant was re-
leased after giving the required b. I
of two hundred and fifty dollars. The
airest was made in New
day morning by United States Deputy
Marshal Charles H. Ange.
he . originated about
weeks ago. while the government
witnesses, In ease against Walter
Brock, colored, of near Vanceboro
were lo New Bern to
the November term of the District I
Court. It Is alleged that
Mated to the that ti. ,
hearing given I I
Commissioner Hill, hoy had Bed on
Brock, and he was going to New Bern
t pay cot, ill the and mail
beat h out of them, It is also
that was under th
influence of whiskey at time he
made the remarks.
i t th. Club
transform i list If a ten
an n y. b
Mouse, is chairman.
This commute appeals to
ville people fur donations for tin H
Th i i- holidays v ill
l, ii re at season ti,
the whole world should be
ens and but how can We spend
n joyous Christmas we are
and do not respond to the
hi from over the waters
II the people who arc able, res-
pond to The Hollar Christmas
that is being agitated in nearly
. in the union much will
he alleviated. Any no mat-
how small, will be thankfully re-
and committee promises
that H will the proper
s iii lime to be used for Christmas
ho please push the movement on.
sending donations as early as possible
lo Mrs. I . she will
very you send her.
Every hoy; girl; every
i woman; In the United
has heard of terrible how
Belgium, a neutral country, has
been the ground for the most
battles In the annuals of bis
bow that her country has
laid waste, her art treasurers
her men wounded and killed
but. above all, how that thousands of
innocent women and children are left
homes, without food, without
are crying to yon
help, will you Co in
Mil I I I TI.
It a meeting of The Sans i
Book Club on Tuesday, Nov it was
derided since the armies of
i-re very In lo I I ads ind
bandages for lb. wounded that the
Club Contributed some materials
Linking those.
The Wish all the people in
lo co operate with then.
mil aid the taxed hospitals.
Vim are asked lo contribute old
linen sheets, pillow cases table clothes
handkerchief, old underwear, cotton
goods, absorbent cotton, in fin I
kind of white goods., except woolens,
flannels and that these article I
You send them not
later than Tuesday, that ,
I,. o
,,. where will be cut and I
Into bandages and pads
Send your contributions lo any
the ladies named below
J. i
Q, B W,
in., of the I
will bold I sale of fan. t
etc., on Thursday, Dec. 10th. Dinner
upper will be served. IS H

Eastern reflector, 13 November 1914
The Eastern Reflector was a newspaper published in Greenville, N.C. It later became known as the Daily Reflector.
November 13, 1914
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