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KATHRYN HINES Business Manager



Greenville North Carolina


THE passing visitor through the quiet streets of Bath would hardly believe, without stopping to delve into the romantic past of the village, that once the affairs of State were directed from one of the now dilapidated wood and brick buildings that has withstood the onslaught of time through the centuries.

One needs must talk to the quaint villagers, hear their story of Teachy, the Pirate, and of his connivance with Governor Eden for protection of his booty, listen with widened eyes to the thrilling mental picture of secret tunnels and buried treasure before discarding the rumors as having no foundation in actual facts.

The relics of former centuries are still to be seen there; Saint Thomas church built m 1734, two hundred years ago, is built of brick brought over as ballast in the ships from the Mother Country and gives mute evidence of antiquity so easily linked with the weird stories of piracy and corruption in colonial government.

That we may turn back the pages of time and review in our mind's eye the probable scenes of two centuries ago on the coast of North Carolina, the decorations of this book portray the Pirate Teachy and his crew.



In gratitude for his kindly guidance through many difficulties, and in respect for his thorough in- struction in history, this


is dedicated to


Sponsors for the 1934 Tecoan

Mrs E.W.Harvey Greenville N.C.

Mrs G.A. Hines

Rurherfordton, N.C.

Frances Harvey Editor

Kathryn Hines Business Manager


Margart Smith

Mary Gorham

Esther Pridgen


Helen Babcock

Frances Newsome

Louise Morris


M.L. Wright

M.K. Fort



Robert H. Wright President

Leon R. Meadows Director of Summer Schools

J. B. Spilman Treasurer

Mrs. J. B. Spilman Assistant Treasurer

B. W. Ginn Bookkeeper

Hazel Willis Bookkeeper

Howard J. McGinnis Registrar

Ola S. Ross Assistant Registrar

Mattie Scoville Secretary

Agnes Wadlington Secretary

Ellen B. Bowen Secretary

Mrs. Nannie F. Jeter Dietitian

Annie L. Morton Dean of Women

Elizabeth Smith lssistant Dean of Women

Arley V. Moore Dormitory Matron

Mrs. W. G. McKean Dormitory Matron

Mrs. Maime G. Bradshaw Dormitory Matron

Mrs. W. A. Sugg Secretary of Training School

Dr. J. E. Nobles Physician

Annie Morris Superintendent of Infirmary

Mary Lea Smith Assistant Superintendent of Infirmary

A. A. Henderson Steivard

Wade H. Holmes Engineer

J. C. Cockrell Electrician

A. C. Fornes Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds

W. L. Baldree College Carpenter

J. L. Williams Campus Policeman

W. E. Boswell Superintendent of Laundry


Hon. A. T. Allen, Chairman, ex officio Raleigh. N. C.

O. P. Makepeace Sanford, N. C.

W. S. Moye Raleigh, N. C.

J. K. Warren Trenton, N. C.

A. B. Andrews Raleigh. N. C.

Mrs. John G. Dawson Kinston, N. C.

Mrs. Charles S. Forbes Greenville, N. C.

Carl Goerch Raleigh, N. C.

Mrs. W. B. Murphey Snow Hill, N. C.

Henry Clark Bridgers Tarboro, N. C.

E. G. Flanagan Greenville, N. C.

F. C. Harding Greenville, N. C.

ROBERT H. WRIGHT May 21, 1870- April 25, 1934

Grief such as ours when one beloved has left us lonely has no language save silence and tears. It's "the old, old fashion, the fashion that came in with our first garments and last un- changed till our race has run its course and the wide firma- ment shall be rolled up like a scroll - the old, old fashion, death."

Across the dark cloud of the inscrutable mystery of death shines the rainbow promise of immortality and we can believe and hope that eternal form shall still divide eternal soul from all beside and we shall know him when we meet.

He wrought mightily for God and men while here When the final record shall be unrolled, we know that his name will be written high by the Angel that writes with a pen of gold among the names of those that loved their fellow-man. "He is not dead, he doth not sleep. He hath awakened from the dream of life." Dr. J. Y. Jovner.


LEON R. MEADOWS Director of Summer School


C. L. Adams Director of Instruction in Education and Psychology

Hubert C. Haynes Education

Marion K. Fort Director of Training School

Lucille Charlton Education

Dora E. Coates Education

Louise Williams Mathematics

L. R. Meadows Director of Instruction in English

Alice Lucille Turner English

Lois Grigsby English

Km ma Hooper English


Mamie Jenkins English

R. C. Deal Director of Instruction in Foreign Language

A. D. Frank Director of Instruction of History

Laura Ros History

J. B. Flanagan Economics

Dora Meade Piano

Lois V. Gorrell Piano

Gussie Kuykendall Director of Instruction in Public School Music

P. W. Pickleseimer Director of Instruction in Geography


J.B. Cummings Geography

Sara G. Somerville Physical Education

Katherine Holtzclaw Director of Instruction, Home Economics, and Textiles

R.J. Slay Director of Instruction, Science

Loraine Hunter Science

Catherine Cassidy Science

Kate Lewis Director of Instruction, Public School Art

Ruth Bonnewitz Art

Helen G. Gray Librarian

Margaret Sammon Assistant Librarian


Gladys Hughes Critic Teacher

Eunice McGee Critic Teacher

Mrs. Lindsay Savage Critic Teacher

Anne Redwine Critic Teacher

Louise Galphin Critic Teacher

Hazel Willis Secretary

Mrs. J. B. Spillman Assistant Treasurer

Agnes Wadlington Secretary

Elizabeth Smith Assistant Dean of Women

Mrs. Maime Bradshaw Dormitory Matron

Mrs. W. G. McKean Dormitory Matron

M. L. Wright Director of Instruction in Sociology and Home Economics


(Not Photographed)

E. L. Henderson Administration and Supervision

Howard G. McGinnis Psychology

Annie C. Newell Education

Herbert Rebarker Director of Instruction in Mathematics

Mary Green English

Eugenia Thomas Public School Music

Mrs. A. E. Bloxton Director of Instruction, Home Economics, and Foods

Christine Johnson Critic Teacher

Elizabeth Hyman Critic Teacher

Frances Wahl Critic Teacher

Lucy Nulton Critic Teacher

J. H. Hose City Superintendent

Connie Horne Critic Teacher

Vester Mulholland Critic Teacher

Mary York critic Teacher

Mrs. C. A. Bowen Critic Teacher

Mrs. Herbert Utley Critic Teacher

Mrs. Ficklin Arthur Critic Teacher

Mr. J. B. Spillman Treasurer

B. W. Ginn Bookkeeper

Ellen B. Bowes Secretary, Placement Bureau

Arlie V. Moore Dormitory Matron

Annie Morris Superintendent of Infirmary

Mary Lee Smith Assistant Superintendent of Infirmary

Mrs. Nannie Jeter Dietitian

A. A. Henderson Steward



Ruth Parker

Goldsboro, N. C.

President of the Senior Class


Aleen Hunt Vice President

Elizabeth Royall Secretary

Mary Lynx Pipkin Treasurer

Colors: Blue and Silver

Flower: Ragged Robin

Motto: "Rowing, not drifting"


O strive for all the highes, best, and truest;

To seek for every good that may be gained;

To find a wealth of hidden truth and wisdom;

And not to yield a point we have attained;

To work for joy of working, not as duty;

To hold securely to a fair idea;

To have a lofty goal, and then to reach it,

To keep our lives aglow with faith and zeal--

This is our aim, and always we shall follow

The moving star that travels toward success,

The star that calls to honor and achievement,

To worthy life, and will accept no less.


Ellen Moore Fort Senior Class Mascot

Pauline Barber

Biscoe, N. C.

English and History

Emerson Society, President, '34; Inter-Society Committee, '34; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, '33; W. A. A., '31, '32, '33, Business Manager, '33; Class Basketball Team, '31, '32, '33; Monogram Club; Englisb Club, Vice President '33; Chairman of Campus Committee, '34; Associate Editor of Handbook, '34.

Loula May Barker

Greenville, N. C.

Primary Education

Emerson Society; Budget Committee, '32; Testator, '34.

Hilda Barnhill

Bethel, N. C.

Home Economics

Meredith College; Delta Omicron Sigma.

Georgie Weeks Bell

Bogue, N. C.

Mathematics and French

Stella Mae Blevins

Grassy Creek, N. C.

English and French

Class President, '32; Emerson Society; House President, '33; English Club; Phi Sigma; Y. W. C. A.

Lola Alma Brooks

Tarboro, N. C.

Home Economics and Science

Woman's College University of North Carolina, '31; Lanier Society; Y. W. C. A., '31, '32, '33; Athletic Association, '32; Delta Omicron Sigma.

Sally Brooks

Greenville, N. C.

Mars Hill College '31; Emerson Society

Clyde Moseley Brown

Greenville, N. C.

History and Science

Science Club, '31, '32, '33, '34, President, '34; Basketball, '32; Football Manager, '32; Senior Play, '32; Co-ed Club; Scribblers Club, '32, '33, '34; Teco Echo Staff, '33.

Edwina Birch

Walstonburg, N. C.

English and History

Emerson Society, Critic, '33; Y. W. C. A.; English Club, Secretary and Treasurer, '34; Chief Marshal. '34.

Helen Mae Burnette

Greenville, N. C.

Primary Education

Emerson Society; Athletic Association; Y. W. C. A.; Student Volunteer; Class Superlative, '34.

Mary Virginia Cale

Tyner, N. C.

Lanier Society; English Club, '32 Proctor, '32, '33, '34.

Hallyburton Cooke

Dillon, S. C.

Grammar Grade

Queen's College, Charlotte, '31, '32; Scribblers Club, '32, '33, '34; Class Reporter to Teco Echo, '33, '34.

Mattie Lou Cotten

Scotland Neck, N. C.

Elementary Education,

Lanier Society; Y. W. C. A.; Athletic Association; Sophomore Basketball Team, '31; Junior Basketball Team, '32; Member of T. N. T., '31, '32; Procter. '31, '33, '34; Cheerio Club, '33; Social Entertainment Committee, '33, '34.

Rebecca Curtis

Wilson, N. C.

Primary Education

Lanier Society; Junior Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, '31; Treasurer S. G. A., '32, Secretary, '33; Class Testator, '34; Marshal, '33; Y. W. C. A.

Margaret Cuthrell

Selma, N. C.

History and English

Poe Society; Athletic Association, '31-'34; Y. W. C. A., '33, '34; Johnston County Club, '31-'34; Proctor, '33

Elizabeth Dail

Hookerton, N. C.

Grammar Grade

Emerson Society; Y. W. C. A.; Proctor, '33; Y. W. C. A. Choir '34.; Athletic Association, '31.

Emma Lee Davis

Dunn, N. C.

English and History

Emerson Society; Y. W. C. A., '30; Y. W. C. A. Choir; English Club, President, '34; Proctor; Glee Club; Class Poet, '33; Class Prophet, '34.

Perrie Davis

Macon, N. C.

Elementary Education

Florence Denning

Benson, N. C.

Home Economics and Science

Greensboro College, '30, '32; A. S. T. C. Summer School, Boone, N. C. '33; Y. W. C. A. Choir, '32, - 33; Lanier Society. '32-'31; Y. W. C. A., '33, '34; Home Economics Club, '33, '31; House President, '34; Johnston County Club, '33.

Elizabeth Denny

Wilson, N. C.

Elementary Education

Y. W. C. A.; Lanier Society; Scribblers Club; Y. W. C. A. Junior Cabinet; Vice President of Class, '31; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, '32, '33, '34; Vice President of Scribblers, '32; Secretary Lanier Dramatic Club, '33; Teco Echo Staff, '33; Class Representative Tecoan, '33; Delegate to N. C. "Y" Officers' Training Conference, '31, '32, '33; N. C. S. V. U. '31, '32, '33; Blue Ridge Conference, '33; Inter-Society Committee; Vice President Y. W. C. A.. '34; Class Historian.

Mabel Dickens

Fuquay Springs, N. C.

Science and History

Emerson Society; English Club, '31, '32; Proctor, '33; Scribblers Club, '32; Science Club, Vice President, '32, '33; Athletic Association, Secretary, '32, Business Manager, '33, '34; Class Basketball Team, '33; Wearer of College Monogram; Manager Girls' Basketball Team, '33, '34; Y. W. C. A.. '30. '31.

Mildred Elizabeth Dixon

Plymouth, N. C.

Primary Education

Poe Society, Vice President, '34; Senior Cheer Leader, '32, '33; Class Cheer Leader, '31, '32; Athletic Association, '31, '32, '33, '34; College Cheer Leader, '32, '33, '34; Assistant Manager Girls' Basketball Team, '34; Cheerio Club, President, '33, '34; Delta Omicron Sigma, '31, '32, '33; Teco Echo Reporter, '33; Scribblers' Club, '33; Superlative, '33; Y. W. C. A.

Glennie Draper

Conway, N. C.

Primary Education

Greensboro College, '31, '32; Vice President Northampton Club, '33, '34; Poe Society; Y. W. C. A.

Robert A. Eason

Greenville, N. C.

Science and History

Duke University; Emerson Society; Science Club; Co-ed Club; Student Chapel Program Committee, '33; Chairman, '34; Men's Representative Student Council, '34; Football, '32, '33; Basketball, '32, '33, '34; Baseball, '32, Manager, '33, '34: Senior Play, '33.

Edna Earle Farrow

Middletown, N. C.

Primary Education

Emerson Society; Y. W. C. A., "31; Proctor, '33.

Pauline Floyd

Fairmont, N. C.

Home Economics and Science

Delta Omicron Sigma, '30, '31; Poe Society; Robeson County Club, '30.

Jessie Vivian Finch

Bailey, N. C.

English and French

Louisburg College, '30, '32; Lanier Society, '32-'34; Phi Sigma, '32-'34; English Club, '34; Y.W.C.A.

Clara Vann Freeman

Coleraine, N. C.

Home Economics and Science

Delta Omicron Sigma; Poe Society; Y. W. C. A. Choir, '30; Advertising Manager of Teco Echo, '32; Poe Society Debater, '32; Proctor, '32; Poe Society Marshal, '32, '33; Secretary Delta Omicron Sigma, '32; Class President, '33; Athletic Association, '33; Secretary Poe Society, '34; Class Prophetess, '34.

Elizabeth Lavinia Fulcher

Roxboro, N. C.

History and Geography

Poe Society; Science Club; Geography Club; Y. W. C. A.

Temperance A. Garriss

Wilson, N. C.

Mathematics and Science

Graduate Work; Poe Society; Athletic Association; Y. W. C. A.; Mathematics Club; Science Club; Proctor.

Nellie Claire Grissom

Rocky Mount, N. C.

History, English, French

Lanier Society; English Club, '32, '33, '34; Phi Sigma, '33, '34; Senior Class Representative, Student Council, '34; Marshal, '34.

Helen Lindsay Harkey

Lexington, N. C.

English and History

Lanier Society; Athletic Association, Vice President, '33; Class Basketball Teams, Captain, '32, '33; Y. W. C. A., Cabinet, '33, '34; Delegate to "Y" Training Conference, '32, '33; Sponsor of Junior "Y" Cabinet, '34; English Club; Proctor; Student Council, '34.

Frances Harvey

Greenville, N. C.

English and History

Emerson Society; Y. W. C. A.; Junior "Y" Cabinet, '31, Chairman, '31; English Club; Class Representative Student Council, '31; Secretary Y. W. C. A., '32; Marshal, '32; Assistant Business Manager Handbook, '31; Delegate N. C. S. F., '32; Business Manager Tecoan, '33; Delegate to N. C. C. P. A., '32, '33, '34; Editor Tecoan, '31;

Lois Hayes

Woodsdale, N. C.

Primary Education

Poe Society; Y.W.C.A., Choir, '34; Tennis Club; Cheerio Club; Scribblers' Club, '34.

Will Nell Higdon

Sylva, N. C.

Science and Home Economics

Piedmont College, '29, '30, '31 ; W. C. T. C, '31 ; Emerson Society, '33, '34; Teco Echo Reporter, '34; Scribblers' Club, '34; Superlative, '34; Delta Omicron Sigma, '33, '34; Athletic Association, President, '34; Class Basketball Team, '33; College Baskethall Squad, '34; Proctor, '34; Cheerio Club, '33, Vice President, '33.

Myrtie Gray Hodges

Ayden, N. C.

French, History and English

Lanier Society; Y. W. C. A., Choir, '32; Teco Echo Reporter Lanier Society, '32; Advertising Manager Teco Echo, '32; Business Manager Teco Echo, '33; Delegate to N. C. C. P. A., '32, '33; English Club, Critic, '32; Cheer Leader Lanier Society, '33; Scribblers' Club, '33; Phi Sigma, '33, '34; Vice President Phi Sigma, '34; College Cheer Leader, '33, '34; Marshal, '34; Superlative, '34; President Lanier Society, '34; Senior Class Superlative, '34.

Mildred Audrey Horton

Greenville, N. C.

Home Economics and Science

Pineland College, '31; Delta Omicron Sigma; Lanier Society; Marshal, '33; Y. W. C. A.; Science Club

Beulah House

Bethel, N. C.

French and History

Poe Society; Y. W. C. A., '30; English Club; Phi Sigma; Glee Club, '33.

Mildred Reeves Howard

Roseboro, N. C.

English and History

Pineland College, '30, '32; Wake Forest College Summer School, '33; Lanier Society; Y. W. C. A.; Vice President Sampson County Club, '33.

Marietta Hoyle

Shelby, N. C.

History and French

Hattie Lee Humphrey

Beaufort, N. C.

French and English

Poe Society; Teco Echo Representative, '31; House President, '33; Marshal, '32; Student Council, '32; Y. W. C. A., '31, '34; English Club, '33, '34; Phi Sigma, '33, '34; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, '34; President of Student Government Association, '34: Delegate to S. I. A. S. G., '33; Delegate to N. S. F. A., '34; Class Superlative, '34.

Aleen Hunt

Wilmington, N. C.

French and Latin

Y. W. C. A.; Junior Cabinet, '31; Emerson Society; Classical Club; Phi Sigma, President, '34; New Hanover County Club, '31; Tennis Club, '33, '34; House President, '33; Vice President of Class, '34; Budget Committee, '34.

Rheta Bridell Hyatt

Hayesville, N. C.

Home Economies and Science

Asheville Teachers College, '30-'32; Delta Omicron Sigma; Emerson Society; Y. W. C. A. Proctor, '32-'34.

Hattie Mae Johnson

Benson, N. C.

Primary 'Education

Greensboro College, '31, '32; Poe Society Johnston County Club; Marshal, "34.

Iva Johnson

Lillington, N. C.

Elementary Education

Pineland College, '30-'32; Lanier Society.

Doris Jones

Elizabeth City, N. C.

Home Economics

Louise Eleanor Jones

New Bern, N. C.

Primary Education

Salem College, '30; Appalachian State Teachers College, Summer, '33; Lanier Society; Class Secretary, '31; Junior Cabinet, '31; Student Volunteer, '31; Y. W. C. A., Choir, '31, '32, '33, '34; Glee Club, '31, '32, '33, '34; Lanier Dramatic Club, '33; Hiking Club, '33; Tennis Club, '34.

Lorna Langley

Oriental, N.C.

Home Economics

Y.W.C.A.; Poe Society; Delta Omicron Sigma

Rachel Lewis

Farmville, N. C.

Home Economics and Science

Queen's College, '30; Delta Omicron Sigma; Lanier Society.

Meredith College, '30, '31; N. C. C. W., '31, '32; Appalachian, Summer, '33; Proctor, '33, '34; Lanier Society, '33, 34; Science Club, '34; English Club '34

Elizabeth Leake

Rich Square, N. C.

French and History

Emerson Society, 30, '31, '32; Y. W. C. A. '30, '31, '32; Phi Sigma, '32, '33, '34; Northampton County Club, '34.

Edna Lee McCall

Ellerbe, N. C.

Emerson Society; Athletic Association Basketball Team, '30; Y. W. C. A., Proctor, '34.

Estelle Stanton McCullen

Mount Olive, N. C.

Mathematics, French and Science

Emerson Society; Y. W. C. A.; Math Club; Phi Sigma; Science Club; Proctor, '32, '33; Chairman Social Committee for Mathematics Club, '34; Advertising Manager Teco Echo, '33.

Pearl McHan

Almond, N. C.

Home Economics and Science

Western Carolina Teachers College, '30, '31 Emerson Society; Delta Omicron Sigma; Council Summer, '33; Y. W. C. A.

Margaret Matthews

Willard, N. C.

Home Economics and Science

Poe Society; Athletic Association, '33; Basketball Team, '33; Proctor, '33; Y. W. C. A.; Junior Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, '31; Delta Omicron Sigma; TECOAN Representative

Elcy Miller

Mocksville, N. C.

English and Geography

Rhyne College, '31; Poe Society

Ruth Moore

Ayden, N. C.

Lanier Society, '30-'34; Athletic Assocation '30-'33; Y.W.C.A., '33, '34

Pearl Gray Mooring

La Grange, N. C.

History and Science

Lanier Society; Science Club.

Ola Morris

Washington, N. C.

Elementary Education

Blanche Harper Moseley

Kinston, N. C.

Primary Education

Lanier Society; Athletic Association, '31, '32; Y. W. C. A., '31; House President, '33, '34; Tennis Club, '32; Basketball Team, '31.

Louine Musselwhite

St. Pauls, N. C.

Rosa Lucille Noell

Hillsboro, N. C.

History and English

Poe Society; English Club; Y. W. C. A.; Athletic Association; Scribblers; Class Poet, '31; Inter-Society Debater, '31; Secretary Poe Society, '32; Reportorial Staff of Teco Echo, '31.

Dorothy Odham

Kinston, N. C.

Grammar Grade

Y. W. C. A.; Chairman of Campus Committee, Summer, '33.

Betsy Odum

Nashville, N. C.

Primary Education

Lanier Society, '30-'34.; Y. W. C. A., '32; Athletic Association, '31; Tennis Club, '32; English Club, '30.

Elizabeth Odom

Clinton, N. C.

Home Economics and Science

Delta Omicron Sigma; Y. W. C. A.; Lanier Society.

Lucile Pait

Hamlet, N. C.

Emerson Society; Y. W. C. A.; Delta On Sigma, Treasurer, '32; Proctor, '31.

Elsie Ellen Parker

Weldon, N. C.

Science and History

Emerson Society; Y. W. C. A.; Science Club; Teco Echo Reporter Emerson Society, '33; Junior Y. W. C. A. Cabinet; Scribblers Club, '33.

Mary Geneva Parker

George, N. C.

English and French

Lanier Society; Y. W. C. A.; Athletic Association; Class Basketball Team, '31, '32; Teco Echo Staff, '33; Student Council, '33; Budget Committee, '33; Entertainment Committee, '34; Northampton County Club, '34; Tennis Medal, '31; English Club; Phi Sigma.

Ruth Parker

Goldsboro, N. C.

Home Economics and Science

President, '31; Junior Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, '31; Senior Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, '33; Athletic Association, '31, '32; Treasurer S. G. A., '32; Lanier Society; Class Tecoan Representative, '33; Student Volunteer, '33; Delta Omicron Sigma; Class President, '31; Class Prophet; Class Superlative. '34.

Freda Parks

La Grange, N. C.

Grammar Grade

Emerson Society; Y. W. C, A.; Junior Cabinet, '31.

Lois Parrish

Clio, S. C.

Primary Education

Poe Society; Athletic Association, '30, '31, '32; Y. W. C. A., '30, '31.

Mary L. Pipkin

Goldsboro, N. C.

French and History

Emerson Society; Classical Club, '31; Proctor, '31, '32; Advertising Manager of Teco Echo, '32; Inter-Society Committee, '32, Chairman, '33; Class Secretary, '33; House President, '33; Marshal, '33, '34.; Phi Sigma, '33, '34; Class Treasurer, '34; Associate Editor of Handbook, '33; Entertainment Committee, '34.

Leola Pleasant

Angier, N. C.

Mathematics and Science

Lanier Society; Athletic Association; Delta Omicron Sigma, '32, '33; Math Club, '33, '34; Science Club, '33, '34; Secretary Johnston County Club, 32, President, '33; Secretary Girls' Athletic Association, '34; Class Basketball Team, '33; Monogram Club, '31, '32, '33.

Julia Pollock

Trenton, N. C.

Annie Esther Pridgen

Elm City, N. C.

Grammar Grade

Greensboro College, '31, '32; Lanier Society, Vice President, '34; President of Lanier Dramatic Club, '33; Class Critic, '34; Associate Editor of TECOAN, '34; Y. W. C. A. Choir, '33; Class Superlative, '34.

Josephine Robertson

Greenville, N. C.

English and History

Pauline Robertson

Wendell, N. C.

Primary Education

Campbell College, '31, '32; Poe Society, '33, '31'; Y. W. C. A., '33, '34; Cheerio Club.

Lucille Rose

Norlina, N. C.

Grammar Grade

Poe Society; Scribblers' Club, '31-'34; Teco Echo Reporter, '31, '33; President Student Volunteer, '32-'34; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, '32-'34.; Secretary and Treasurer Scribblers' Club, '32, '33.

Elizabeth Herring Royall

Clinton, N. C.

Home Economics and Science

Pineland College, '31; Lanier Society; Scribblers' Club, '33; Sampson County Club, '33; Y. W. C. A.; Delta Omicron Sigma, '32, '33, '34; Class Secretary, '34.

Ethlyn Sanders

Hubert, N. C.

English and French

Pineland Junior College, '31; English Club, '32, '33; Lanier Society, '32, '33, '34; Vice President Lanier Society, '33; Class Treasurer, '33; Student Council, '34; Y. W. C. A., '32, '33, '34; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, '33; President of Y. W. C. A., '34; Assistant Editor of Handbook, '33; Delegate to Blue Ridge Conference, '33.

Irene Sandling

Wake Forest, N. C.

English and French

Poe Society; Y.W.C.A.; English Club; Phi Sigma

Louise Simmons

Dover, N. C.

English and French

Emerson Society; Y. W. C. A.; English Club.

Jean Simpson

Peachland, N. C.

Margaret Thompson Smith

Farmville, N. C.

Home Economics and Science

Y. W. C. A.; Emerson Society; Delta Omicron Sigma, President, '33; Class Critic, '31; Vice President Class, '32, '33; Associate Editor Tecoan '34; Class Superlative, '34.

Julia Stilley

Edward, N. C.

History and English

English Club; Poe Society; Y. W. C. A. Athletic Association, '30, '31.

Susie Earl Stox

History and English

Agnes Strickland

Nashville, N.C.

Mathematics and English

Meredith College, '31; Lanier Society; House President, '33; Vice President Student Government, '34; Mathematics Club, '32, Vice President, '33, President, '34; Representative to S.I.A.S.G., '33; Representative to N.C.F.S., '33; Editor of Handbook, '33; Chairman of Points Committee, '34; Y.W.C.A.

Faye Tadlock

Windsor, N. C.

Primary Education

W. C. U. N. C., '31, '32: Poe Society; Athletic Association, '33

Aleen Tedder

History and English

Elizabeth Tetterton

Plymouth, N. C.

Home Economics and Science

Louisburg College, '30, '31, '32; Delta Omicron Sigma; Poe Society.

Avis Tew

Dunn, N. C.

Primary Education

Meredith College, '30; Glee Club, '32, '33, '34; Emerson Society ; Sampson County Club, '33.

Hilda Margaret Thompson

Windsor, N. C.

Home Economics and Science

Emerson Society; Y. W. C. A.; Delta Omi Sigma; Secretary of Class, '33.

Laura Hamlet Thornton

Greenville, N. C.

Home Economics and Science

Frank Wilson Tyson

Ayden, N. C.


W. Alva VanNortwick

Greenville, N. C.

Science and Mathematics

Emerson Society; Scribblers' Club, Secretary, '34; Science Club; Co-ed Club, President, '31, '33, '34; Football, '32; Manager Baseball, '32, '33; Chapel Program Committee, '34; Managing Editor Teco Echo, '34.

Margaret Walter

Farmville, N. C.

History and English

Y. W. C. A.; Lanier Society; Scribblers' Club, '33, '34; English Club; Associate Editor Teco Echo, '33.

Alice Hunter Wharton

Ruffin, N.C.

Grammar Grade

Greensboro College, '31, '32; Poe Society; Athletic Association, '33; Class Superlative, '34; Y. W. C. A., '34; Proctor, '33.

George Wilkerson

English and Mathematics

Helen Forbes White

Greenville, N. C.

Primary Education

Duke University.

Mildred B. Williams

Knightdale, N. C.

Home Economics and Science

Y. W. C. A.; Poe Society; Delta Sigma Omicron.

Ola Williams

Mountain Park, N. C.

Home Economics and Science

Wake Forest College, '31, '32; Junior Cabinet, '31; Emerson Society.

Ruth Williams

Nashville, N. C.

French and English

Emerson Society; Proctor, '32, '33; Athletic Association, '30, '31.

Christine Wilson

Benson, N. C.

Greensboro College, '31, '32; Poe Society Marshal, '34; Y. W. C. A., '33; Choir, '33, '34; Johnston County Club, '33, '34.

Mary Belle Wilson

Benson, N. C.

Greensboro College, '31, '32; Poe Society; Glee Club, '33, '31: Johnston County Club, '31; Y. W. C. A. Choir, '33, '34.

Hazel Woodard

Stonewall, N. C.

History and Geography

Poe Society; Y. W. C. A., '30; Athletic Association. '30, '31, '32; Class Basketball Team, '30, '31, '32

Juanita Young

Lake Landing, N. C.

Primary Education

Y. W. C. A., '30, '31, '32; Emerson Society; Hyde County Club; Athletic Association, '30, '31.


IN the fall of nineteen hundred and thirty there gathered together at East Carolina Teachers College a hundred and thirty-five young girls. They went aboard the blue and silver ship of '34 and headed toward the ocean of graduation beyond the streams of Ignorance, far across the lakes of Obstacles, and the great river of Misfortune. The passengers knew that others had gone before and had received the degree of gold. The life of eleven years in public schools had prepared them for such a voyage.

So large a crew called for leaders. Soon after they left shore the company chose Ruth Parker, Elizabeth Denny, Eleanor Jones, and Catheryn Holland to guide their ship, and selected Miss Holtzclaw and Mr. Cummings as advisers, and Ellen Moore Fort as their mascot. The first part of the group's voyage was an eventful one. First came Registration day. Everyone passed through easily with the kindness and helpfulness given them by the Student Officers. Soon after our voyage began, we drew up to shore for the Junior-Freshman party, which was a picnic at the Country Club. This was followed by initiation into societies. What fun we all had! Soon came Thanksgiving Day, which was the day of basketball con- tests. Can you believe it ! We, the youngest of the contestants, won the championship. After the basketball contests, we left shore and sailed on and on for many months. These months were spent in work and play. In May we brought our ship to shore once more. It was time for us to honor our sister class, the Juniors. We entertained them royally. It was a May-Day party with a May Pole dance and May Poles on the cakes. We had such a lovely time! In just a few weeks our crew disbanded; for it was time for vacation.

The fall of '31 soon came, and the members of our crew gathered at the ship. Our pilots were Stella Hlevins, Margaret Smith, Mary Lynn Pipkin and Mary Elizabeth Crawford. The second part of our voyage was somewhat uneventful compared to our first. Before wi left shore we saw that the Freshman were located and had been initiated into a society. Our crew did not see land again until we returned to pay our respects to the Seniors. We entertained them at a barbecue supper at the lake. Soon our members said farewell to each other. It was time for a leave of absence.

Next, came the year to which we all looked forward to - our Junior year. My, but weren't we becoming important ! We were proud to say that we were members of the crew of the ship of '34. We chose for our captains Clara Vann Freeman, Margaret Smith, Hilda Thompson, and Etblyn Sanders. This part of our voyage was composed mostly of entertainment. There were three big events. First, there was the Junior-Freshman Halloween party. Next came the Freshman-Junior party, which was a lovely bridge dance. Then came the long-looked-for Junior-Senior Banquet and Dance. We decided to ask the Seniors to come aboard our ship for this event. We had our banquet in our dining hall. After the banquet we went on deck for our dance. Jelly Leftwich and his orchestra sat on the upper deck and provided the rhythm for our dancing. All of it was wonderful, and just as successful as we had hoped for. It was not long before we turned our ship toward port. Vacation time was here again.

The fall of '33 soon came. At last, the ambitions of years! The crew entered upon the last lap of the voyage. Our ship was guided by Ruth Parker, Aleen Hunt, Elizabeth Royall, and Mary Lynn Pipkin. The fall was uneventful; perhaps all the members were too busy with practice teaching to engage in merriment. The winter months brought forth the Sophomore-Senior theater party, and the Senior class play, "The Family Upstairs." In the spring our band was entertained by the Juniors.

And now, oh joy, goal is at hand! The streams, the lakes, the rivers are all behind, and we, the "Class of '34" enter the Ocean of Life.

Elizabeth Denny, Historian.



WE, the class of nineteen hundred and thirty-four, on the eve of graduation, do hereby make and declare our last will and testament. To the incoming freshman class we leave first, our class colors, blue and silver. with the hope that they will love them as we do. Second, we leave the freshmen a broad and deep outlook on life and the patience to develop this quality all through their years of college life.

Aspiration and courage we leave to the Sophomores. Aspiration to the very highest of ideals and the courage to attain these heights.

Juniors, we leave you all our intellectual attainments through these four years, our personality, originality, dignity, and poise, for you will sorely need all these and many more qualities.

We leave to our faculty our love and affection, and gratitude for their willing and untiring efforts to help us in anything we attempted to do, either as a class or an individual. To them also, we leave peace of mind, at least until another Senior class returns.

And to you, Alma Mater, goes our loyalty.

Esther Pridgen. Loula May Barker.

Elizabeth Denny. Rebecca Curtis.


IT was lovely in the forest, and the Big, Bad Wolf wandered dejectedly about in search of amusement. Suddenly his ear caught a strange, whirring sound overhead, and he saw a silver bird flying.

"Ah-ha," chuckled the wolf to himself, "What have we here?" And away he ran, following with his eyes the shining bird. All at once he stopped, for the bird was falling crazily, and three feathers were floating toward the ground. But when the feathers came nearer, his eyes nearly popped out of his head. They were pigs - the fattest, pinkest pigs in the world, with billowing parachutes attached. Growling hungrily, the wolf rushed toward them, but they squealed their way to a massive glass structure, and slammed the great door in the wolf's disappointed face. Through the transparent walls he saw the three pigs stand with clasped hands while they s;iim with gusto. "Who's afraid of the Big. Bad Wolf?" Then, as they turned, he noticed that each one was labelled, and their names were Rheta Hyatt, Elizabeth Fulcher, and Mildred Horton.

The Big, Bad Wolf began a slow journey around the huge house and saw that it was a world to itself, where many labelled pigs hurried about. This first room was a laboratory and spectacled Dr. Frank Tyson was experimenting with cat whiskers. A neat little assistant. Pauline Floyd, came in and tore a leaf off the calendar, and there was the date, March 16, 1942.

In the next section a paint-smeared artist labelled Will Higdon was putting the final touches to a portrait of the current sensation, Lucile Pait. Three pink wheels were whirling around the studio, and when they stopped there wire the three calisthenic experts: Eleanor Jones, Georgie Bell, and Elizabeth Leake. Adjoining the studio was a book-store, where the serious owner, Esther Pridgen, was deep in conversation with a long-haired poet. Troy Burnette, and a wild-eyed novelist, Julia Stilley.

It was not far to a dimly lighted chapel and the wolf strolled by just as Dr. George Wilkerson announced the first hymn. In the choir he could see Juanita Young and Nell Lee, and at the organ sat the renowned figure of Rebecca Curtis.

When be saw Pauline Barber hurrying toward the aviation field, he followed her, and arrived in time to see two photographers. Estelle Harris and Jessie Finch, rapidly taking shots at Elsie Parker, Marietta Hoyle. and Blanche Moscley. who had just returned from a flight to Timbuctoo. By the side of a strange, fish-like structure stood the proud inventors, Mildred B. Williams and Avis Tew. Mary Lynn Pipkin was crying into an oil cup because she had wrecked her plane and injured her indignant passengers, Agnes Strickland and Alice Wharton.

The Wolf wandered by the hospital where Hilda Thompson was the head nurse. In one room he saw Freda Parks, whose human grasshopper stunt had failed. Attending her were two anxious nurses, Josephine Robertson and Faye Tadlock. In the laboratory Eloise Garrette and Pauline Robertson were making new food capsules. They had tried some of them on Lucile Rose and Laura Thornton, who soon required the services of Ethlyn Sanders and Mildred Howard, reducing specialists.

The library was the next spot of interest, and there Pearl McHan was handing

out heavy volumes to Aileen Hunt who was writing Mud Puddles, Theoretically Treated, illustrated by Beulah House. Mary G. Parker, Louise Simmons, and Jean Simpson were working on a book of suggestions to the unsightly, including pictures of Leola Pleasant and Aleen Tedder, modelling their new eyebrows for the sophisticated. On the shelves he could see a book called Reveries of a Bachelor, by Clyde Brown, another called Missionary Musings by Nellie Grissom, and a third, Helpful Hints to the Hurried Housewife by Frances Harvey. At a table he saw Margaret C'uthrell. almost smothered in books, writing a thesis on the history of polliwogs.

The wolf next passed a crowded court room where Judge Bob Eason was having some difficulty in keeping peace between attorneys Ruth Parker and Helen Burnette. The case concerned a row which occurred in Elcy Miller's tea room when Perry Davis found a button in her sandwich.

In the adjoining room Hilda Barnhill was pouring tea for her mother-in-law. Alva VanNortwick had just announced news flashes by Temperance Garris. The wolf learned that Edwin Burch had created a ravishing coiffure, which had made a hit with those scintillating ladies of Broadway, Glennie Draper and Mattie Lou Cotten. Stella Blevins had developed a new variety of the snapdragon. The best book of the week was Styles for Sylphs by Lola Brooks and Rachel Lewis. Helen Harkey and Clara Vann Freeman were agitating their new calendar with marked success. Mildred Dixon was still studying pyramids, and Mabel Dickens was advocating a return to the gig. After the news flashes Lois Hayes and Ruth Williams did the'ir feature, "Nice and Nutty." Mary Belle Wilson and Florence Denning gave some musical relief, followed by a talk on budgets by Elizabeth Royall. When Alva announced a Jew's harp selection by Emma Lee Davis the wolf moved on to the nursery. There Margaret Matthews was playing with a room full of big-eyed babies. Edna Farrow brought them some orange juice, and Elizabeth Odum tried to give the fattest one some butter, but she was intercepted by Dr. Christine Wilson who insisted that a baby just couldn't take it.

The wolf saw other interesting things - Irene Sandling teaching Russian, Hattie Lee Humphrey leaving for a peace conference, Iva Johnson selling soap, and Hally Cooke making silhouettes. He saw Ola Morris and Louine Musselwhite rolling baby carriages and Edna McCall spanking a little boy. He saw Lueile Noell playing football and Betsey Odum demonstrating egg beaters. Loula May Barker and Hazel Woodard were giving lessons in the Art of Being Nonchalant, and Pearl Mooring was proving her ability as a psycopathist.

In one corner the wolf saw a lunch room, and he began to feel hungry again. Myrtie Gray Hodges was making turtle soup while Sallie Brooks and Virginia Cale made popovers. Elizabeth Dail peeled onions, and Ola Williams tenderly wiped away her tears. When Lois Parrish and Elizabeth Denny came out nibbling frog legs, the wolf began to violently huff and puff. There is no telling what might have happened, but he suddenly received a stinging blow from a bean shooter. Dazed and breathless, he looked up and saw Lorna Langley. Across her forehead was an inscription, "I keep the wolf from the door!" She took careful aim with her bean shooter. . . .

It was lonely in the forest. But, at least, there were no pigs !


Clara Vann Freeman Best Conversationalist

Hattie Lee Humphery Best-all-around

Esther Pridgen Wittiest

Margaret Smith most Talented

Ruth Parker Friendliest

Alice Wharton Most Individual

Helen Burnette Most Attractive

Myrtie Grey Hodges Most Popular


Joan Bloom Junior Class Mascot

Colors: Gold and White

Flower: Daisy

Motto: "Not to the top but climbing"


I think that there was n'er alive,

A class as good as '35

A class whose aims and ideals high,

Meant "do your very best or die."

A class, who in a losing game,

Could boast the winning class to fame.

Our class is made of fools like me,

But its fame shall love eternally.

(With apologies to Joyce Kilmer)

Helen Boomer, Class Poet


Thelma Peele President

Mary Ella Bunn Vice President

Bessie Hinson Treasurer

Helen Babcock Secretary

Babcock Tinker

Barnes Barnette

Bazemore Beveridge

Bloxton Boomer

Bowen Bowman

Helen Babcock Tarhoro, N. C.

Ellen Baker Reidsville, N. C.

Phoebe Barnes Cash Corner, N. C.

Catherine Barnette Huntersville, N. C.

Prudence Bazemore Windsor, N. C.

Susan Beveridge Beaufort, N. C.

Betty Bloxton Williamsburg, Va.

Helen Boomer Swan Quarter, N. C.

Frances Bowen Williamston, N. C.

Edith Bowman Wadesboro, N. C.

Louise Briley Greenville, N. C.

Mary Alice Brown Mt. Olive, N. C.

Mary Ella Bunn Rocky Mount, N. C.

Eloise Burch Walstonburg, N. C.

Trot Burnetts Greenville, N. C.

Eloise Camp Ahoskie, N. C.

Elizabeth Carswell Thomasville, Ga.

Constance Cheeves Louisburg, N. C.

Elizabeth Clarke Jackson Springs, N. C.

Helen Clark

Briley Brown

Bunn Burch

Burnette Camp

Carswell Cheeves

Clarke, E. Clarke, H.

Cobb Crawford, C.

Crawford, E. Crowe, H.

Crowe, K. Davis, E.

Davis, V. Dawson

Dodd Dunn

Vivian Cobb

Clifton Crawford Greenville, N. C.

Mary Elizabeth Crawford Kinston, N. C.

Henrietta Crowe Faison, N. C

Kathrine Crowe Goldsboro, N. C.

Elizabeth Davis Wilmington, N. C.

Virginia Davis Clinton, N. C.

Thelma Dawson Clinton, N. C.

Bruce Dodd Bunn, N. C.

Nellie Dunn Greenville, N. C.

Dorothie DuVal Creedmore, N. C.

Theo Easom Spring Hope, N. C.

Charles Edwards Macclesfield, N. C.

Paul Fitzgerald Greenville, N. C.

Hubert Suggs Fleming Greenville, N. C.

Mildred Gibson Wilmington, N. C.

Minnie Margaret Gorham Rocky Mount, N. C.

Selma Gurganus Hobersonville, N. C.

Emma Frances Hardee Greenville, N. C.

Helen M. Harkey Jonesboro, N. C.

DuVal Easom

Edwards Fitzgerald

Fleming Gibson

Gorham Gurganus

Hardee Harkey

Mildred Harrison Wilson, N. C.

Zoa Fannie Hart Angler, N. C.

Margaret Hassel Greenville N. C.

Mae Hearne Greenville, N. C.

Ada Clay Hedgepeth Rocky Mount, N. C.

Lucille Henderson Mooresville, N. C.

Kathryn Hines Rutherfordton, N. C.

Bessie Hinson Goldsboro, N. C.

Katherine Hinson Kinston, N.C.

Myrtie Holliday Greenville, N. C.

Harris Hart

Hassell Hearne

Hedgepeth Henderson

Hines Hinson

Hinson Holliday

Murray House Bethel, N. C.

Rachel Hurst Hubert, N. C.

Janice Jenkins Conway, N. C.

Katie Lee Johnson Fuquay Springs, N. C.

Verona Lee Joyner Farmville, N. C.

Mary King Sloop Point, N. C.

Pennie Keel Lang Farmville, N. C.

Doctress Lanier Oxford, N. C.

Margaret Lee Greenville, N. C.

Horne House

Hurst Jenkins

Johnson Joyner

King Lang

Lanier Lee

LeRoy Maness

Mangum Manning

Marshall Marslender

Melvin Mills

Moore Morton

Lucy LeRoy Goldshoro, N. C.

Frances Maness Spray, N. C.

Ruth Lyon Mangum Creedmoor, N. C.

Mildred Manning Bethel, N. C.

Ursula Marshall Halifax, N. C.

Edith Marslender Falkland, N. C.

Norma Melvin White Oak, N. C.

Wardell Mills Greenville, N. C.

Ruth Moore Battleboro, N. C.

Clyde Morton Hubert, N. C.

Aubrey McLean Dillon, S. C.

Renno McLawhorn Ayden, N. C.

Katherine McPhail Shannon, N. C.

Ida Mae Nance Bonlee, N. C.

Frances Newsom Littleton, N. C.

Andy Noe Ayden, N. C.

Adelia Norris Beaufort, N. C.

Jack Nobles Greenville, N. C.

Melba O'Brien Leaksville, N. C.

Elizabeth Ovehton Greenville, N. C.

McLean McLawhorn

McPhail Nance

Newsom Noe

Norris Nobles

O'Brien Overton

Flora Lee Pate Pollocksville, N. C.

Mildred Pearson Clinton, N. C.

Martha Hart Peele Wilson, N. C.

Thelma Peele Everetts, N. C.

Kittye Snow Phillips Pine Tops, N. C.

Lou Pitts Creedmoor, N. C.

Frances Pollock Trenton, N. C.

Louise Powell Emporia, Va.

Mary Louise Powell Emporia, Va.

Baxter Ridenhour Cooleemee, N. C.

Pate Pearson

Peele, M. Peek, T.

Phillips Pitts

Pollock Powell, L.

Powell, M. Ridenhour

Mary Shaw Robeson Greenville, N. C.

Sue Sewell Windsor, N. C.

Lucy Shearin Roanoke Rapids, N. C.

Louise Sharpe Wilson, N. C.

Florence Sinclair Wilson, N. C.

Mary Elizabeth Singletary Clarkton, N. C.

S. Elizabeth Smith Fountain, N. C.

Edna Stanton

Evelyn Turnage Farmville, N. C.

Alma Tyndall Trenton, N. C.

Robeson Sewell

Shearin Sharpe

Sinclair Singletary

Smith Stanton

Turnage Tyndall

Stelma Van Horne Columbia, N. C.

Joe Walker Greenville, N. C.

Ruby Wall Elams, N. C.

Frances Watson Wilson, N. C.

Verda Wilson Greenville, N. C.

Dan Wright Greenville, N. C.

Marguerite Yaeger Greenville, N. C.

Alice Yancey Oxford, N. C.

Not Photographed

Julia Askew Windsor, N. C.

Jessie Roland Brewer Greenville, N. C.

Virginia Cavenaugh Jacksonville, N. C.

Margaret Davenport Mackeys, N. C.

Ona D. Davis Beulahville, N. C.

Josephine Essey Windsor, N. C.

Frances Edgerton Goldsboro, N. C.

Thelma Edmundson Bethel, N. C.

Mary Frances Holland Salemburg, N.C.

Annie R. Horne Greenville, N.C.

Elizabeth Kasey Greenville, N. C.

Grace Elizabeth Lewis Fountain, N. C.

Thelma Martin Dunn, N. C.

Wheatley Martin Dunn, N. C.

Sara E. O'Neil Belhaven, N. C.

Joy Pickard Charlotte, N. C.

Margaret Staton Bethel, N. C.

Lila Mae Taylor Snow Hill, N. C.

Nina Elizabeth Warren Greenville, N.C.

Doris Whitehurst Greenville, N.C.

Nell Williford Elm City, N.C.

Van Horne Walker

Wall Watson

Wilson Wright

Yeager Yancey


Janice Campbell Sophomore Class Mascot

Colors: Purple and Gold

Flower: White Rose

Motto: Not failure, but low aim, is crime


Carolyn Brinkley President

Elizabeth Wilson Vice President

Jewel Cole Secretary

Jean Thomas Treasurer

Lucy Rett Abbot

Kelly Abeyounis

Tressie Auman

Rose Beaman

Benita Belden

Imogene Bethea

Nellie Bloxton

Margaret Bostic

Carolyn Brinkley

Mildred Broadwell

James Carr

Linelle Clark

Jewel Cole

Hazel Copeland

William Cobb

Alex Dail

Fannie Daniels

Thomas Dennis

Rowena Dickinson

Verdessa Dillday

Helen Eaks

Elizabeth Faison

Louise Farrior

Emma Felton

Edward Flannagan

Virginia Fryar

Lucille Gammon

Hazel Gillam

Katie Lee Gordon

Mary Gorham

Isa Costen Grant

Malene Grant

Eugene Grey

Mary Louise Grimes

Evelyn Grimesly

Thelma Haislip

Anne La Due Hartman

Maude Peele Hedgepeth

Elizabeth Hines

Lola Holt

Dorothy Hooks

Ruth Horne

Moenoa Horton

Clyde Howle

Foy Hurdle

Forrest Hyatt

James Jackson

Irene James

James Burton James

Ellen Jenkins

Francis Jennings

Julia Johnson

W. O. Jolly

Clifton Jones

Daniel Jordan

James Joyner

John Kapelic

Elizabeth Keith

Ruby Kelly

Belmont Kittrell

Edna Knight

Helen Lassiter

Dorothy Logan

Verna Belle Lowery

Hattie Pearl Mallard

Minnie Maloy

Clara Mac Martin

Margaret Martin

Katie Miller

Mary Mitchiner

Ruth Moore

Elizabeth Musselwhite

Mae MacFarland

Marcelle Nicholson

Christine O'Berry

Janie Outland

Edward Parker

Blanche Pearson

Margaret Peele

Novella Phillips

William Puckett

Mary Riddle

Sybil Silverthorne

Maude Starling

Rachel Stone

Jean Tate

Aleen Turlington

Ethel Vick

Irma Walker

John Warren

Myra Westbrook

Gretchen Willard

Elizabeth Wilson

Louise Wood

Annie Worthington


Eleanor Haynes Freshman Class Mascot

Colors: Blue and Silver

Flower: Sweet Pea

Motto: The elevator to success is not running, take the stairs


Doris Nichols President

Ellen Racklet Vice President

Mary Alice Starr Secretary

Henrietta Tucker Treasurer



Atkinson, Nancy

Badgett, Mary Rose

Barfield, Evangeline

Barnes, Freda

Blackman, Marguerite

Bowen, Paul

Bracey, Ruth

Bragg, Doris S.

Bray, Mary Saxon

Broadwell, Mildred

Brown, Geneva

Brunson, William

Bynum, McAuley

Cagle, Ruth J.

Campbell, Maggie

Carrow, Genevieve

Cochran, Onie

Copeland, Hazel

Corbett, Mildred E.

Curlee, Winona

Currin, Louise

Davenport, Eva

Davenport, Isabel

Davenport, James

Davis, Ruffin G.

Dick, Margaret

Dildy, Verdessa

Dunn, Preston

Edgerton, Frances

Edwards, Jeannette

Etheridge, Cynthia

Everette, Mary

Faison, Marable

Faulkner, Lillian

Gaskins, Naomi

Gaston, Gladys

Gaston, Joe

Griffin, Alma

Griffin, Mary Katherine

Gulley, Cora

Gulley, Graham

Hamrie, Carolyn

Hearne, Ada

Herring, Mildred

Hines, Martha

Holley, Robert Shield

Hooper, Edgar

Howle, Clyde Cloy

Hunsucker, Annie Sue

Hutchins, Janice

James, Louise

Johnson, David

Johnson, Elizabeth

Johnson, James A.

Joyner, Carl

Kearney, Belle

Kelley, Ruby

Kiker, Ruth

Langston, Vivian

Laurence, Hazel

Leggitt, William

Mattocks, Dorothy

May, William L.

Mayo, Wilbur L.

Mitchell, Mary F.

Moore, Rachel

Morgan, James

McLawhorn, Y. Brown

Nichols, Doris

Noell, Rebecca

Norman, Margaret

Norville, Edith

O'Berry, Christine

Palmer, Janet

Parker, Ernestine

Parker, Aldah

Parker, Gertrude

Parker, Mary Elizabeth

Perry, Katherine

Pickett, Isabelle

Pierce, Virginia

Pittman, James Ray

Porterfield, La Verne

Rackley, Ellen

Ranes, Josephine

Rich, Mabel

Ricks, Imogene

Robertson, Kathleen

Ross, Minnie Miriam

Royall, Alvin

Sawyer, Helen

Scoville, Martha

Sewell, Nettie Brett

Smith, Alice Hicks

Smith, Claris

Smith, Elmer L.

Smith, J. Preston

Starr, Mary Alice

Stephenson, Nora B.

Styron, Ruth

Sugg, Sara Lee

Swindell, Camille

Taylor, Helen L.

Taylor, Louise

Thompson, Evelyn

Thompson, Polly

Tucker, Henrietta

Turnage, Carrie Speight

Turner, Camille

Tyndall, Alice

Tyson, Elbert M., Jr.

Waldrop, Howard

Wallace, Katherine

Walters, Nola D.

White, Artelissa

Whitehead, Margaret

Whitehead, Minnie Gray

Willard, George S., Jr.

Williams, Lillian

Wise, Leland Graham

Worthington, Agnes

Worthington, Irene


Ruth Stroupe

Mount Holly, N. C.

Senior Normal Class President


Alma Earle Ivey Vice President

Emma Farley Secretary

Helen Hinton Treasurer

Colors: White and Lavender

Flower: Sweet Pea

Motto: "Perseverance"

Wade Colburn "D" Class Mascot


Our Class in approximation

Is two hundred forty strong;

And as to zeal and animation -

We'll rule the place before long!

But thinking in a serious way

We gladly will cooperate;

And at some not so far off day

We will make, this our college great.

Now let us go forward and perserve

Until our work is done;

For we want our memory here

To be a grand and brilliant one

Dorothy Brooks.

Etta Frances Aiken

Creedmoor, N. C.

Grammar Grade

Y. W. C. A., '32, '34; Athletic Association, '32, '34;Emerson Society : Y. W. Choir, '34.

Margaret Anderson

Spring Hope, N. C.

Primary Education

Ruby Andrews

Graham, N. C.

Two-Year Grammar Grade

Emerson Society, '33, '34.

Ruth Arnold

Farmville, N. C.

Primary Education

Anne Askew

Greenville, N. C.

Primary Education

Grace Ayscue

Henderson, N. C.

Primary Education

Poe Society : Y. W. C. A.

Gladys Baker

Snow Hill, N.C.

Two-Year Primary Society.

Emerson Society

Louise Katherine Banck

Wilmington, N. C.

Grammar Grade

Emerson Society, '33, '34; Y. W. C. A., '33, '34.

Rachel Barbee

Nashville, N. C.

Primary Grade

Lanier Society; Y. W. C. A.; Athletic Association; Basketball Team, '33; "C" Class Cheer Leader, '33; Tecoan Representative of Athletic Association, '34.

Mollie Nell Barringer

Salisbury, N. C.

Grammar Grade

Lanier Society, '33, '34; Glee Club, '33.

Lucy Barrow

Farmville, N. C.

Primary Education

N. C. C. W. '32; Emerson Society, marshal, '34; Superlative '34

Mattie Elizabeth Barrow

La Grange, N. C.

Two-Year Primary

Y.W.C.A. Choir

Rose Bateman

Columbia, N. C.

Grammer Grade

Emerson Society; Y.W.C.A.; Junior "Y" Cabinet, '32

Lou Bazemore

Julia Mat Bordeaux

Wilmington, N. C.

Primary Education

Y. W. C. A. ; Junior Cabinet, '33 ; Tecoan Reporter, '33; Associate Editor Teco Echo, '34; Emerson Society Debater, '33, Secretary, '34; Class Historian '34

Norma Rivers Boyles

Walnut Cove, N. C.

Grammar Grade

Emerson Society; Y. W. C. A., '33; Athletic Association, '33; Class Basketball, '33; Tennis Club.

Katherine Louise Bradley

Whitakers, N. C.

Primary Education

Poe Society, '33, '34; Y. W. C. A., '33, '34.

Ruby Branch

Lucama, N. C.

Primary Education

Poe Society ; Athletic Association ; Student Volunteer

Madra Catherine Braswell

McFarlan, N. C.

Primary Education

Lanier Society; Athletic Association, '32; Y. W. C. A.

Daisy Sue Britt

Mount Olive, N. C.

Primary Education

Elizabeth M. Britt

Colerain, N. C.

Primary Education

Poe Society, '33, '34; Y. W. C. A., '33.

Alice Bray Brooks

Wilson, N. C.

Primary Education

Poe Society '33, '34; Athletic Association, '33

Dorothy Vernon Brooks

Franklin, Va.

Primary Education

Lanier Society; Y.W.C.A.; "C" Class Secretary, '32, '33, Poet, '32, '33

Alma Broughton

Merritt, N.C.

Grammar Grade

Emerson Society

Adelle Brumley

Knotts Island, N.C.

Nita Brumley

Knotts Island, N.C.

Primary Education

Mary Theresa Bundy

Fountain, N.C.

Primary Education

Poe Society '33, '34

Maryre Bridges Butler

Tabor, N.C.

Sarah Hooker Carr

Farmville, N.C.

Primary Education

Emerson Society, '33, '34; Y.W.C.A. '33, '34, Choir, '33, '34

Blanche Chappelle

Candor, N.C.

Two-year Primary

N.C.C.W., '32; Emerson Society, '32, '34; Athletic Assocation, '33

Margaret Cole

Hillsboro, N.C.

Annie Mae Collier

Whiteville, N. C.

Primary Education

Poe Society, '33, '34; Athletic Association, '33; Cheerio Club, '33

Rosa Collins

Eleanor Daly

Goldsboro, N. C.

Primary Edcation

Poe Society, '32, '34; Y.W.C.A., '34, Choir, '34

Marie Daniels

Elm City, N. C.

Grammar Grade

President Junior Normal Class, '33; Y. W. C. A; Junior "Y" Cabinet, '33; Athletic Association; Class Basketball, '33; Wearer of College Monogram; Treasurer Student Government Association, '34; Lanier Society.

Maxine Daniels

Wanchese, N. C.

Primary Education

Lanier Society; Dare County Club.

Edna Darden

Stantonsburg, N. C.

Primary Education

Y. W. C. A.; Poe Society; Athletic Association, '33; Basketball Team, '33; Basketball Squad, '34; Cheerio Club, '33, '34.

Margaret Elizabeth Daughtridge

Rocky Mount, N. C.

Primary Education

Lanier Society

Sidney Davenport

Greenville, N. C.

Primary Education

Inez Davis

Windsor, N. C.

Primary Education

Lanier Society; Class Treasurer, '32

Marie Davis

Moss Hill, Kinston, N. C.

Primary Education

Peace Junior College, '30, '31; Emerson Society; Y.W.C.A.

Mary Ruth Davis

Burgaw, N. C.

Primary Education

Poe Society, '33, '34; Poe Society Critic, '34

Nellie Ray Dawson

Clinton, N.C.

Primary Education

Joy DeLoatch

Boykins, Va.

Primary Education

Elva Robinson Driggers

Fayetteville, N.C.

Primary Education

Emerson Society, '32, '33; Y.W.C.A., '33

Florence Estelle Eagles

Pinetops, N.C.

Grammar Grade

Saint Mary's, '31, '32; Lanier Society

Dorothy Lee Earle

Burlington, N.C.

Primary Education

Emerson Society; Tennis Club; Cheerio Club.

Emma Ellen Earley

Ahoskie, N.C.

Primary Education

Y.W.C.A.; Class Secretary, '34; Poe Society, '33, '34; Y.W.C.A. Choir

Alma Eason

Selma, N.C.

Ila Grey Eason

Stantonsburg, N.C.

Frances Edmondson

Rebecca Edwards

Winterville, N.C.

Grammar Grade

Lanier Society

Mary Olive Ellenburg

Greenwood, S.C.

Primary Education


Lucy Ellen Etheridge

Wilson, N.C.

Primary Education

Lanier Society, '32, '33; Athletic Association, '32, '33; Y.W.C.A., '33

Nancy Ewing

Candor, N.C.

Primary Education

Emerson Society, '32-'34; N.C.C.W., '30, '31

Pauline Finch

Henderson, N.C.

Primary Education

Poe Society; Y.W.C.A., '33, '34, Choir, '33

Frances Gertrude Fleetwood

Edenton, N.C.

Grammar Grade

Lanier Society, '33, '34

Laura Fleming

Greenville, N.C.

Primary Education

Marjorie Foderie

Morehead City, N.C.

Annie Rose Fuller

Smithfield, N.C.


Lanier Society; Johnston County Club.

Mary Ruth Fulton

Walnut Cove, N. C.

Grammar Grade

Emerson Society, '33, '34; Athletic Association, '33; "C" Basketball Team, '33; Tennis Club, '34; Y. W. C. A., '33, '34.

Annie Lois Futrell

Conway, N. C.

Primary Education

Lanier Society; Northampton County Club, '34

Hazel Turnage Gaynor

Fountain, N. C.

Primary Education

Poe Society.

Alma Godfrey

Elizabeth City, N. C.

Two-Year Grammar

Emerson Society; Glee Club, '32, '33; Y.W.C.A., '32, '33; Athletic Assocation, '32, '33

Irma Grant

Catherine Gregg

Burlington, N.C.

Primary Education

Emerson Society; Y.W.C.A.

Grace Griffin

Cerro Gordo, N.C.

Primary Education

Y.W.C.A., '33, 34; Emerson Society, '33, '34; Y.W.C.A. Choir, '34; Woman's Athletic Assocation, '33

Mary Croom Gulley

Selma, N.C.

Alma Hamond

Bethel, N.C.

Helen Louise Hardy

Maury, N.C.

Primary Education

N.C.C.W., '32; Lanier Society; Y.W.C.A.

Laura L. Harrell

Colerain, N.C.

Grammar Grade

Poe Society; Athletic Assocation, '32; Y.W.C.A. Choir, '34; Cheerio Club

Lucille Harris

Candor, N.C.

Grammar Grade

Emerson Society; Y.W.C.A., '33; Athletic Assocation, '32, '33

Elizabeth Helms

Monroe, N.C.

Primary Education

Poe society; Cheerio Club, '33, '34; Poe society, Marshal, '34; Baseball Club, '33

Sara Bell Herring

Beaufort, N.C.

Primary Education

Poe Society, '33, '34; Y.W.C.A., '33, '34

Janie Sue Hester

Hurdles Mill, N.C.

Primary Education

Poe society; Chairman Inter-Society Committee, '34; Baseball Club; Cheerio Club, '33, '34

Glenn Hill

Snow Hill, N.C.

Primary Education

Helen Hinton

Gatesville, N.C.

Grammar Grade

Emerson Society; Class Treasurer, '34

Roslyn Hollingsworth

Bunn, N.C.

Primary Education

Emerson Society, '32, '34; Y.W.C.A., '33

Margaret Holt

Pine Level, N.C.

Annie Laura Hudson

Dunn, N.C.

Grammar Grade

Poe Society; Cheerio Club, '33, '34; Johnston County Club, '33, '34

Alma Earle Ivey

Rocky Mount, N. C.

Primary Education

Lanier Society, Treasurer, '34; Vice President Senior Normal Class, '34; Y.W.C.A., '34

Lessie Mae Jennings

Elizabeth City, N. C.

Grammar Grade

Emerson Society; Y. W. C. A.

Elizabeth L. Johnson

Conway, N. C.

Primary Education

Lanier Society; Northampton County Club, '34.

Thelma Jones

Farmville, N. C.

Virginia Kerr

Clinton, N. C.

Hazel, GoNelle Kimrey

Wilmington, N. C.

Two-Year Primary

Advertising Manager Teco Echo; "D" Class Reporter Teco Echo; Emerson Society

Annie Kornegay

Mount Olive, N. C.

Primary Education

Pearl Lauteres

Greenville, N. C.

Primary Education

Willie Levenson

Benson, N. C.

Primary Education

Poe Society; Johnston County Club.

Lucille Long

Hertford, N. C.

Grammar Grade

Lanier Society, '33, '34; Y.W.C.A., '33, '34

Alice Manning

Elm City, N. C.

Grammar Grade

Y.W.C.A.; Lanier Society; Athletic Assocation, '33, '34; Proctor, '33

Hazel. Vivian Martin

Jamesville, N. C.

Primary Education

Emerson Society, '33, '34; Cheerio Club, '33; Y.W.C.A., '34

Lessie May

Spring Hope, N. C.

Primary Education

Lanier Society, '33, '34; Science Club, '34

Olive Mayo

Falkland, N.C.

Primary Education

Bobbie Meddlin

Louisburg, N. C.

Primary Education

Emerson Society; Y. W. C. A., Choir; Student Volunteer Band, '33.

Belle Mitchiner

Franklinton, N. C.

Primary Education

Emerson Society, '33.

Lois Byrd Moore

Ruffin, N. C.

Grammar Grade

Poe Society; Y. W. C. A.; Proctor; Athletic Association

Louise Blount Morris

Windsor, N. C.

Grammar Grade

Lanier Society, '33, '34; Junior Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, '33; Y. W. C. A., '33, '34; Associate Business Manager TECOAN, '34.

Jessie Munn

Effingham, S. C.

Grammar Grade

Poe Society; Y. W. C. A.

Athaleah Muse

Pamlico, N. C.

Primary Education

Poe Society; Athletic Association; Y. W. C. A.; Cheerio Club

Sue Taylor Myers

La Grange, N. C.

Primary Education

Elizabeth Wheeler McGhee

Franklinton, N.C.

Primary Education

Lanier Society

Janice McGowan

Greenville, N. C.

Primary Education

Catherine McNair

Hamlet, N.C.

Primary Education

Emerson Society. '33, '34; Inter-Society '34; Y. W. C. A . '33, '34; Secretary Y. W. Proctor, '33; House President, '34; W. A. A., '33

Sue Noell

Timberlake, N. C.

Primary Education

Poe Society, '33, '34; Cheerio Club, '33, '34

Mary Josephine Norton

Laurinburg, N. C.

Primary Education

Emerson Society; Y.W.C.A.; Tennis Club; Athletic Assocation

Ruth Hood Norton

Selma, N.C.

Primary Education

Lanier Society; Marshal, '34; Y.W.C.A.; Athletic Association, '31, '32; Superlative, '32

Wilma Persaline O'Brian

Oxford, N. C.

Primary Education

Margaret Lee Oldham

Holly Springs, N. C.

Poe Society; Y. W. C. A.; "Y" Choir Club, '33; Proctor, '34.

Emma Avent Outterbridge

Whitakers, N. C.


Poe Society, '33, '34; Y. W. C. A., '33, '34

Annabelle Parker

New Bern, N.C.

Arlene Parker

Greenville, N.C.

Betsy Parker

Marshville, N.C.

Eugenia Parrish

Clio, S. C.

Primary Education

Poe Society

Lillian Frances Peace

Henderson, N. C.

Two-Tear Primary

Emerson Society, '33, '34; Science Club,

Florence Electa Peacock

Parkton, N. C.

Grammar Grade

Emerson Society; Proctor, '33, '34; Y. W. C. A.

Mildred Pelt

Goldsboro, N. C.

Primary Education

Poe Society, '33, '34.

Mary Foy Peterson

Clinton, N. C.

Primary Education

Lanier Society ; Y. W. C. A. ; Sampson County Club,

Carol Pollock

Trenton, N. C.

Grammar Grade

Emerson Society; Vice President of Class, '33; Athletic Association, '33, '34; Y. W. C. A.; Basketball Team, '33

Julia Evelyn Pollock

Trenton, N. C.

Primary Education

Emerson Society, '33, '34; Y.W.C.A., '34

Anne Neal Prevatte

Whiteville, N.C.

Primary Education

Marjorie Elethia Pritchard

Elizabeth City, N.C.

Grammar Grade

Lanier Society, '33, '34; Y. W. C. A., '33, '34.

Daisy Purnell

Franklinton, N. C.

Primary Education

Maud Elizabeth Rankin

Ellerbe, N. C.

Primary Education

Lanier Society, '33, '34; Y. W. C. A., '34

Daisy Evelyn Raper

Fremont, N. C.

Poe Society; Y. W. C. A.

Margaret I. Rawls

Bayboro, N. C.

Grammar Grade

Emerson Society, '33, '34; Y.W.c.A., '33, '34; Y.W.C.A. Junior Cabinet Member, '33

Norma Redfearn

Monroe, N. C.

Primary Education

Poe Society; Cheerio Club, '33; Club, '33; Superlative, '34.

Naomi Riddick

Gatesville, N.C.

Mary Loiuse Rives

Enfield, N. C.

Poe Society; Y. W. C. A.; Proctor; Chapel Reporter; Scribblers' Club; Student Volunteer Band

Dora Rountree

Farmville, N. C.

Primary Education

Betty Bruce Rouse

La Grange, N. C.

Primary Education

Emerson Society.

Julia Everette Rouse

La Grange, N. C.

Primary Education

Nannie Rowlette

Greenville, N. C.

Primary Education

Marjorie Savage

Greenville, N. C.

Evelyn Sawyer

Oriental, N.C.

Primary Education

Y.W.C.A.; Poe Society; Athletic Assocation; Cheerio Club

Miriam Sloan

Wallace, N.C.

Grammar Grade

Emerson Society; Y.W.C.A.; Athletic Assocation; Basketball, '33

Hannah Snead

Laurel Hill, N.C.

Grammar Grade

Poe Society; Y.W.C.A., '32, '33; Proctor, '33

Hazel Louise Spivey

Rich Square, N.C.

Primary Education

Poe Society; Cheerio club; Baseball Club, '33; Poe Society; Y.W.C.A.; Y.W.C.A. Choir; Northampton County Club, '34

Inez V. Stevens

Shiloh, N. C.

Grammar Grade

Poe Society

Ruby Stocks

Greenville, N.C.

Nina Ruth Stone

Julia Faye Stringfield

Fayetteville, N. C.

Two-Year Grammar Society, '33, '34; Tennis Club, '33, '34; Cheerio Club; Athletic Association, '33

Ruth Stroupe

Mount Holly, N. C.

Primary Education

Poe Society; Y. W. C. A.; Scribblers' Club; Class President, '34; Poe Society Play, '34.

Bettie Stuckey

Pikeville, N. C.

Grammar Grade

Poe Society, '33, '34; Y. W. C. A., '33.

Isabelle Mason Suiter

Rocky Mount, N. C.

Primary Education

Lanier Society; "C" Class Representative Student Government, '33; House President, '34; Y.W.C.A. Choir, '33

Eleanor Albertia Thompson

Pine Level, N. C.

Grammar Grade

Poe Society; Athletic Assocation, '33; Johnston County Club, '33, '34

Minnie Leigh Thompson

Weeksville, N. C.

Grammar Grade

Lanier Society; Athletic Association, '33, '34

Lucy Marie Tillett

Wanchese, N. C.

Primary Education

Lanier Society; Dare County Club.

Virginia Dare Tilley

Durham, N.C.


Y.W.C.A., '33, '34; Emerson Society, '33, '34

Dora Tingle

Alliance, N.C.

Primary Education

Lanier Society; Appalachian State Teachers College.

Minnie Lou Tomlinson

Wadesboro, N. C.

Grammar Grade

Lanier Society; Athletic Association, '32 '33, ; Y.W.C.A., '33, '34; Proctor, '34.

Mamie Trexler

Wadesboro, N.C.

Grammar Grade

Lanier Society; Athletic Assocation, '32, '33; Y.W.C.A., '33, '34

Eva Mae Turnage

Farmville, N.C.

Mabel Tyndall

Trenton, N. C.

Grammar Grade

Emerson Society

Catherine Tyson

Greenville, N. C.

Primary Education

Lanier Society

Julia Underwood

Columbia, N.C.

Primary Education

Emerson Society; Y. W. C. A.

Eva Vaughn

Elm City, N.C.

Emily vonMilgrom

Rocky Mount, N.C.

Primary Education

Lanier Society; Y.W.C.A., Y.W.C.A. Choir; Cheerio Club, '33, '34; Baseball Club, '33; Student Volunteer Group, '34

Stella Walston

Scotland Neck, N. C.

Grammar Grade

Emerson Society; Y. W. C. A.

Viola Ward

Goldsboro, N. C.

Primary Education

Emerson Society; Advertising Committee.

Ebna Lee Watson

Kenly, N. C.

Grammar Grade

Poe Society; Y. W. C. A. Choir; Glee Club, '33, '34; Student Volunteer Band, '33 ; Johnston County Club, '33, '34; Secretary Johnston County Club.

Gladys I. West

Columbia, N.C.

Grammar Grade

Lanier Society; Proctor, '34

Lizzie Johnson White

Scotland Neck, N.C.

Grammr Grade

Lanier Society, '33, '34

Margaret Whitehurst

Bethel, N.C.

Elsie Nadine Whitley

Bethel, N. C.

Primary Education


Winston Camille Wicker

Graham, N.C.

Primary Grade

Emerson Society; Tennis Club; Cheerio Club

Louise Wilder

Franklinton, N. C.

Primary Education

Y. W. C. A. '32; Emerson Society, '32, '33.

Frances Willabd Williams

Vanceboro, N. C.

Primary Education

Lanier Society; Y. W. C. A.

Sally Williams

Clinton, N. C.

Primary Education

Ruth Willard

Greenville, N.C.

Ruth Willard

Greenville, N.C.

Geneva Williams

Morehead City, N.C.

Reba Carson Winstead

Whitakers, N. C.


Poe Society'33, '34; Y. W. C. A., '33, '34.

Mary Magdaline Wilson

Morrisville, N.C.

Primary Education

Emerson Society, '33, '34; Athletic Assocation, '33; Y.W.C.A. '33

Reba New Wilson

Mount Olive, N. C.

Grammar Grade

Lanier Society

Elsie Grace Wood

Dunn, N.C.

Grammar Grade

Lanier Society; Athletic Assocation, '33

W. Hazel Woodard

Kenly, N.C.

Grammar Grade

Poe Society ; Athletic Assocation; Basketball Team, '33; Student Volunteer Band, '33; Johnston County Club, '33, '34, president, '34

Mary Mavis Woodard

Kenly, N. C.

Primary Education

Poe Society; Baseball Club; Johnston '33; Poe Society; Cheerio Club; Student Government Representative; Y. W. C. A., '34.

Sara Mae Woodard

Kenly, N. C.

Primary Education

Poe Society; Y. W. C. A.; Johnston County Club; Teco Echo Reporter and Tecoan Representative for Johnston County Club; Athletic Assocation; Hiking Club; Cheerio Club; Student Volunteer Band

Sarah Frances Wooten

Clarkton, N. C.

Primary Education

Poe Society, '33, '34; Y. W. C. A., '34; Y. W. C. A. Choir, '34

Not Photographed

Sarah McFadyen

Raeford, N. C.

Primary Grade

Ruby May

Louisburg, N.c.


September 27. 1932 - We were welcomed into our strange new home. Our group

numbered 261. The Y. W. C. A. delightfully entertained in honor of all new

students at the "Y Hut." We liked it.

September 28. 1932 - Our first Registration day. October 10. 1932 - Our Girl's Basketball team won the cup along with the Sophomore


October 25-29. 1932 - The Societies held their annual Initiation week. How ugly

we all looked, on Saturday especially.

November 19, 1932 - Class officers elected: Marie Daniels, President; Carol Pollock,

Vice President; Dorothy Brooks, Secretary; Inez Davis, Treasurer. The "D"

class gave us an enjoyable party at the Campus Building.

March 4, 1933 - Our college celebrated Founder's Day. April 29. 1933 - We gave a reception honoring the Senior Normal Class of '33,

whose president was Margaret Russell of Dunn. N. C. Thurston's Orchestra

furnished the music. The Campus Building was lovely decked in alluring sprinu


June 5, 1933 - Commencement. Completion of our "C" year. We bid hasty fare-

wells for a few short months of vacation at our homes.

September 20, 1933 - Two hundred and four of us returned ready to begin our

second and last year. We greeted our friends and were glad to be together


October 24, 1933 - Class officers elected: Ruth Stroupc. President; Alma Earle hey.

Vice President; Emma Earley, Secretary; Helen Hinton. Treasurer.

November 25, 1933 - Reception for "C" class. An interesting program was given

in which Margaret Cole and Marjorie Fodrie sang and several girls danced.

March 2. 1934 - Three One- Act Plays presented: "Winners All"; "Pinks and

Patches" ; "The Wedding."

June 5, 1934 - Farewell happy college days! You are no longer new and strange

to us. but dear and familiar. These two years have been short, snappy and



WE, the Senior Normal Class of 1934. as we near the end of our pleasant days of friendship and training at East Carolina Teachers College, do hereby make our Last Will and Testament, leaving the various accumulations which through diligence we have been able to acquire :

To President Wright, to Miss Morton, and to our Faculty, we leave our deep and sincere thanks for their untiring efforts and undivided interest in providing the necessary equipment and in attempting to aid us so that we might reach our enviable positions.

To our Parents and Friends, who have sponsored our career at East Carolina Teachers College, we dedicate our records, and trust our love may ever hold a place in their hearts as we strive to repay them for what they have done for us.

To our Alma Mater, we leave our love and devotion and our services toward the development on her campus of high ideals and noble standards.

To the Junior Normal Class, we leave:

First, our cherished dignity. We hope that from this will arise that same serious-minded attitude which helped us to be responsible in our work.

Second, the pleasure of practice teaching, accompanied by the many criticisms which make life worth living.

Third, our ambition. May they use this in finding success and happiness through life.

Fourth, a magnifying glass with which to find our privileges.

Margaret Daughtridge, Testatrix.


Lois Waldrop

Colors: Pink and White

Flower: Pink Rose

Motto: The Past Forever Gone, the Future Still Our Own


Jennie Green Taylor President

Beatrice Hammond Vice President

Helen Davis Secretary

Grey Powell Treasurer



Hazel Adcock

Virginia Akers

Lotta S. Allsbrook

Etta Aiken

Maribland Arbitton

Euphenia Allen

Norma Ray Alphin

Josephine Ambrose

Lillian Abmrose

Evelyn Ammons

Martha B. Arrington

Norma Askew

Eunice Atkinson

Hazel Baker

Beulah Bardin

Lou Eloise Barefoot

Mary Grace Barfield

Nancy Rose Barnes

Verdie Barrow

Olivia Batts

Myrna Lee Bell

Evelyn Bizzell

Katie L. Bland

Janet Bonnewitz

Eloise Bone

Hazel Boone

Mary Boone

Mary Boyd

Elizabeth Boyette

Nina Graey Boyette

Sallie Lee Brewer

Freda Britt

Eleanor Brown

Rosa Lee Bullard

Louise Bunch

Margaret Cameron

Ruth Carr

Marjorie Carson

Mollie Cartwright

Jane Chamblee

Oleta Chamblee

Mary Lee Chapell

Lucille Clark

Carolyn Clute

Hadilene Coley

Frances Corbett

Louise Corbett

Hattie Bell Cox

Jewel Cozart

Minnie Bell Craft

Annie Crawley

Mary E. Creedle

Lucille Creech

Margaret Dail

Helen Davis

Ethel Denning

Leola Denning

Katherine Dixon

Marguerette Dixon

Minnie Mae Dixon

Mary Nelle Eaves

Lula Eby

Chessie Edmondson

Jeanette Edwards

Inez Ellington

Helen L. Eure

Amatha Fowler

Christine Fowler

Dorothy Freeman

Velva Lou Freeman

Edith Fulghum

Margaret Fulton

Melrose Gardner

Mattie Moye Gaylord

Carrie Gaynor

Elizabeth Gibson

Virginia Goldston

Mary Lou Gregory

Elizabeth Gurley

Frances Haizlip

Beatrice Hammond

Geneva Harrell

Allie Harrington

Elma Harrington

Virginia Harrington

Margaret Harris

Mary Dell Harris

Juila Hildreth

Mildred Holmes

Thelma Holt

Pauline Hooker

Hazel Hooper

Wilma Hooper

Jew Horn

Hattie Hudgins

Dolores James

Doris Jenkins

Lena Jenkins

Louis Jernigan

May Ellen Johnson

Anne L. Jones

Carrie Jones

Previous Jones

Elma JOyner

Alma Mae King

Louise King

Dorothy Kinlaw

Mavis Kinlaw

Neva Kinlaw

Mary Frances Lasater

Hazel Laurence

Lois Leake

Elizabeth Clio

Mavis Lewis

Christine Lindsay

Louise Lowery

Clara Lolock

Olivia Martin

Dorothy Mattocks

Hazel Mayo

Polly Melvin

Evelyn Mitchell

Frances Monk

Lottie Moore

Mary Etta Moore

Vick Mozingo

Lola McCartha

Olivia McDaniel

Anne McGougan

Alice McKinley

Mabel McPhaul

Bessie Narron

Sylvia Knowles

Dorothy Newsome

Lila Newsom

Madie C. Newsome

Hazel Overman

Louise Owen

Katherine Parker

Ernestine Parker

Ruby Lee Peacock

Hilda Pierce

Mary Etta Peele

Mildred Pelt

Elizabeth Peterson

Agnes Pierce

Rebecca Pitt

Louise Potter

Grey Powell

Allie Prevatt

Mavis Proctor

Lucille Raines

Nellie Randson

Louise Register

Treva Reynolds

Mary L. Robertson

Elizabeth Routree

Esther Royster

Merle Sasser

Jannie Sessoms

Lee Ella Sessoms

Roselyn Shaw

Catherine Shute

Eloise Simpson

Blanche Smith

Merette Smith

Rachel Smith

Ruth Smith

Sara Smith

Verline Smith

Viola Smith

Margaret Stevenson

Hadie Strader

Anne Strickland

Helen Strickland

Mary Dell Strickland

Ruth Strickland

Lina Suggs

Hazel Tart

Ina Tatum

Jennie G. Taylor

Madilene Taylor

Rebecca Taylor

Edna Thompson

Anne Turnage

Olivia Turner

Louise Tatum

Hazel Tyndall

Mere H. Tyson

Billie Vogler

Elizabeth Wagner

Margaret Walker

Sue Warren

Margaret Watson

Florence Wells

Blanche White

Sara White

Isabella Whitehurst

Olivia Whitley

Eula Whittington

Mildred Williamson

Ernestine Willis

Della Grace Wilson

Dot Wilson

Helen Wilson

Elsie Windsor

Anne Windley

Alma Winslow

Lillian Womble

Irene Worthington

Gladys Yates



Although the boys won only one game during the season it would be considered a successful one. In the games against Appalachian and State College Frosh, the boys played unusually well. This year for the first time. "The Teachers" were pitted against the varsity of a four year college.

It is prophesied that the "Teachers" will next year use the well known ruler on some of the "Little Six" as only two of the present team will be lost.


Visitors " Teachers"

Wake Forest Freshmen 26 0

Presbyterian Junior College 8 0

Campbell College 0 6

N. C. State Freshmen 18 0

Appalachian State Teachers College 14 0

Guilford College 31 0


Troy Buhnette (Captain) Center

Runt Bostic Forward

Jack Barrett Forward

Lefty Dunn Forward

Howard Waldrop Fortcard

Shine Ridenhour Guard

John Kapelic Guard

Jimmie Johnson Guard

Charlie King Guard

Bob Eason Guard

Frank Jennings Guard

Kelly Abeyounis Guard



Will Higdon President

Florence Sinclair Vice President

Mabel Dickens Secretary

Leola Pleasant Treasurer





Mildred Dixon, Will Higdon, Myrtie Grey Hodges, Melba O'Brien





Hattie Lee Humphrey President

Agnes Strickland Vice President

Frances Newsom Secretary

Marie Daniels Treasurer

Pauline Barber Chairman of Campus Committee

Ethlyn Sanders President of Y. W. C. A.

Lucy LeRoy Editor of Teco Echo

Nellie Grissom Senior Class Representative

Frances Watson Junior Class Representative

Janie Outland Sophomore Class Representative

Camille Turner Freshman Class Representative

Mavis Woodard Senior Normal Class Representative

Martha Bunn Arrington Junior Normal Class Representative

Florence Denning House President Wilson Hall

Isabelle Suitor House President Wilson Hall

Mildred Harrison House President Jarvis Hall

Catherine McNair House President Jarvis JJall

Moena Horton House President Fleming Hall

Catherine Hinson House President Cotton Hall

Blanche Moseley House President Cotton Hall

Ethel Vick House President Cotton Hall

Helen L. Harkey House President Fleming Hall

Mary Shaw Robeson Town Representative

Robert Eason Young Men's Representative

Hattie Lee Humphrey

Beaufort, N. C.

President of Student Government Association


Agnes Strickland

Ethelyn Sanders

Janie Outland

Frances Newsom

Lucy LeRoy

Martha Bunn Arrington

Marie Daniels

Nellie Grissom

Mavis Woodahd

Pauline Barber

Frances Watson

Camille Turner


Isabelle Suitor

Moena Norton

Blanche Moseley

Florence Denning

Catherine Hinson

Helen L. Harkey

Catherine McNair

Ethel Vick

Mary Shaw Robeson

Mildred Harrison

Robert Eason

Ethyln Sanders

Hubert, N. C.

President of Young Women's Christian Associate


Elizabeth Denny Vice President

Catherine McNair Secretary

Melba O'Brien Treasurer

Mary Gorham World Fellowship

Eloise Camp Religious Education

Rachel Stone Social

Mae MacFarland Publicity

Rachael Hurst Social Service

Frances Watson Morning Watch

Lucille Rose Student Volunteer

Hattie Lee Humphrey Ex officio

Edith M arslender Music

Anne LaDue Hartjian Teco Echo Reporter

Helen L. Harkey Storekeeper

Joy Pickard Storekeeper






Clyd3 Morton Managing Editor

Theo Easom Co-ed Editor

Alva VanNortwick Asst. Managing Editor

Ruby Wall Associate Editor

Julia Mae Bordeaux Assocation Editor

Katie Lee Johnston Associate Editor

Lucille Rose Associate Editor

Miss Mamie Jenkins Faculty Adviser

Lucy LeRoy Editor Teco Echo


Dan Wright Co-ed Business Manager

Hazel Kimrey Advertising Manager

Estelle McCullen Advertising Manager

Dorothy Hooks Advertising Manager

Isa Costen Grant Circulation Manager

Malene Grant Circulation Manager

Helen Boomer Circulation Manager

Carolyn Brinkley Circulation Manager

Ellen Jenkins Business Manager Teco Echo





Moena Horton, Chairman Emerson Society

Janie Hester, Secretary Poe Society

Faculty Members

Miss Charlton Lanier Society

Mr. Hollar Emerson Society

Dr. Slay Lanier Society

Dr. Meadows Poe Society

Mr. Pickleseimer Emerson Society

Dr. ReParker Poe Society

Student Members

Melba O'Brien Poe Society

Pauline Barber Emerson Society

Lucy LeRoy Poe Society

Catherine McNair Emerson Society

Myrtie Grey Hodges Lanier Society

Frances Newsom Lanier Society

Ellen Jenkins Lanier Society


Pauline Barber President

Elizabeth Davis Vice President

Julia Mae Bordeaux Secretary

Eloise Burch Treasurer


Tuen: "Clayton's Grand March"

Oh, Emerson Society,

Dear old White and Blue!

For you our hearts beat merrily

As we sing this song to you.

For when we see our colors there,

Blue and White, everywhere,

We know that they mean only you.

And all you hold so true.

So here we are the Emersons,

Boosting for our clan.

Oh, Emerson! Oh, Emerson!

For you we will always stand!


Melba O'Brien President

Mildred Dixon Vice President

Clara Vann Freeman Secretary

Helen M. Harket Treasurer


Oh, Edgar! Oh, Edgar Allan!

We are the Edgar Allan Poes.

We are the society,

Choice and picked variety.

Oh, Edgar! Oh, Edgar Allan!

We are the Edgar Allan Poes.

March on! - March on!

Beneath the red and white,

For we will conquer all our foes,

And we're sure to win in every fight.


Myrtie Grey Hodges President

Esther Pridgen Vice President

Mary Gorham Secretary

Alma Earle Ivey Treasurer


Tune: "On the Mall"

Let us sing a song of praise to our Society,

Hail to thee, Sidney Lanier!

Loyal members ever proving your sobriety,

Though our fun to us will e'er be dear. Then let us to our banner each a tribute pay -

Let us ever our motto uphold,

Always faithful, true, and loyal to thee, night and day,

Hurrah for the Green and Gold!

Edwina Burch

Walstonburg, N.C.

Chief Marshal, Emerson Society

Emerson Society Marshals

Eloise Burch

Lucy Barrow

Joy Pickard

Frances Bowen

Mary Lynn Pipkin

Lanier Society Marshals

Myrlie Gray Hodges

Henrietta Crowe

Ruth Hood Norton

Nellie Grissom

Daisy Purnell

Poe Society Marshals

Jewel Cole

Hattie Mae Johnson

Christine Wilson

Elizabeth Carswell

Elizabeth Helms




Myrtie Gray Hodges



Lucy Barrow

Ethel Vick



Frances Harvey

Norma Redfearn



Will Higdon



Juice River's hair -

Lefty Dunn's eyes -

Bob Eason's nose -

Alva Van Nortwick's disposition -

"Runt" Bostic's personality -

Jack Nobles' physique -

Troy Burnette's technique-

What a man -

Have you heard of the girl whose time is very precious?- the boy friend gave her a diamond wrist watch.

He who dances must pay the fiddler, the waiter, the florist, the checkroom attendant, the doorman and the taxi driver.

What are the Harvard Classics?

The football games with Yale and the Army.

Jay: Do you keep a record of all your love affairs in your diary?

Sue: Cosh. no. My diary's only an average sized book.

Marriage after love at Hist sight usually results in divorce at first slight.

Hilda: I saw you dancing with a .Marine last night. Where did he get those big muscles of his.

Ruth: Around my waist.

Mr. Hollar: You missed my class this morning, didn't you?

C. O.: No, not at all, sir.

It is rumored that a certain girl (?) is so dumb she thinks phonetic spelling is the kind you find on the walls of telephone booths.


If all the hit-and-run drivers in the country were laid end to end it would be a darn good idea if they stayed that way.

All the chickens that are killed to supply the chicken in cafeteria chicken salad throughout the land would, if stored in a room eight feet square, die of loneliness.

If the largest ocean liner were stood on its end beside the Empire State Building, the furniture and everything else inside it would be in a devil of a mess.

A pint and a half of prussic acid, swallowed rapidly, will kill the average saxophone player.

Light travels 186,000 miles a second or once and two-thirds as fast as gossip on E. C. T. C. campus.

The amount of liquor consumed in a year by the average college sophomore (male, of course I would he enough to last the average college sophomore for ten years.


Refrew Printing Co.

Printers and Stationers

We have all kings of Stationary and Supplies for College Girls

Evans Street Opposite Proctor Hotel

Jack: I had to stop last night

Jane: Corn?

Jack: No, rye

There was once a buxom Miss who went to a handsome young reducing expert who took her breadth away.

Jimmie: (Hand over her eyes) "If you can't guess who it is in three guesses, I'm going to kiss you."

Jeannette: Jack Frost, Davey Jones, Santa Claus

Best Jewelry Company

Eastern Carolina's Jeweler



Exclusive Ready-to-Wear

Welcome College Girls

Of course you've heard of the old maid's embarrassment when, according to her custom, she looked under the bed before retiring--forgetting that she was in an upper berth.


Is she is his for the asking

She is wicked.

If she grants him no favors

She bores him.

And a long drawn out wooing

Fatigues him

So he swears to forsake her

But she fools him.


Office and Bank Supplies

311 Evans Street Greenville, N.C.


Dependable Druggist


Miss Morton on stilts

Miss Wilson doing the Carioco

Miss Moore powdering her nose

Mrs. Jeter riding a bicycle

Dr. Slay on roller skates

Miss Kuykendall with her hair mussed up

Mr. Deal without his "specks" a la English

Lucy: So you dread the thought of using a reducing machine?

Clyde: Yes, it makes me tremble all over.

Exclusive Apparel For Women

We show the New Things First


Greenville, N.C.



Complete Line of Toilet Articles


Conklin Life-Time Fountain Pens


Troy: I want to buy some rouge and face powder

Clerk: For your wife, sir, or to match your coat lapel?


Authorized FORD Dealers

Watch the Fords Go By


And did you hear of the stenog who didn't mail the circular letters because she couldn't find any round envelopes?


"Your Shoe Store"

Real College Styles Combined with Quality and Comfort

Ask Your Friends About Our Shoes

They Know


Offers at all times the styles in

Ladie's Ready-to-Wear and Yard material

412 Evans Street Greenville, N.C.



Engraved Wedding Announcements

Fine Stationary

Office Supplies


Greenville, N.C.







132 Fayetteville Street








VISIONS created by the imagination precede the achievement of any really great accomplishment. The ability to weave the threads of imagination into the finished fabris is equally important.

It has been the privilege of the EDWARDS and BROUGHTON COMPANY to cooperate with the staff in creating their vision into material form.

Such cooperation is one of the "visions" which precede the building of a successful business, and is a part of the working policy of the EDWARDS and BROUGHTON COMPANY.

To those Staffs desiring complete cooperation, we offer unexcelled service.

You, too may be proud of your annual

Correspondence is Invited



The Tecoan 1934
1934 Tecoan, yearbook of East Carolina Teachers College. The first yearbook published by the students of East Carolina Teachers College, The Tecoan, debuted in 1923. The name of the yearbook changed to the Buccaneer in 1953. The Buccaneer suspended publication from 1976-1978 and 1991-2005, finally ceasing in 2018. It was superseded by Anchors Away in 2019.
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