The Tecoan 1933














Year Book of


Greenville N.C.


Book I


Book II


Book III


Book IV



Within the memory of many now living the ships that braved the seas were the only bearers of messages between the nations of the world.

Today, friendly international relations are fostered also by cable, telephone and radio and the world is better because of such communications



America has blended the traits of her parent and contributed a sense of justice and order; France gave gaiety and a love beauty: from Germany came scientific and inventive genius, while Holland's share is expressed in the honest home-loving of her people. The other countries have each added marks, and from the spirit of all our nation has grown.

Even in so small a group as we find on this campus these different nations are clearly seen. Not only because the modern world is closer together than ever before, making all nations neighbors, but als because we feel the forces of other nations a part of us, we offer the Tecoan this year as a World Book


To the people of Greenville, the little city in which our vision of international affairs has been broadened and associations so pleasant this


is dedicated in friendship

and understanding


Mrs. E.W. Harvey Greenville, N.C.

Mrs. J.C. Cagle Rutherfordton, N.C.

Frances Harvey

Business Manager

Loree Cagle


Pansy Lanier

Ellen Baker

Doris Mae Jones


Kathryn Hines

Hula B. Leach

Margarette Rogers


Miss Katherine Holtzclaw

M.L. Wright

Marion K. Fort


Book I



Robert H. Wright President

Leon R. Meadows Director of Summer School

J. B. Spillman Treasurer

Mrs. J. B. Spillman Assistant Treasurer

B. W. Ginn Bookkeeper

Hazel Willis Secretary

Howard J. McGinnis Registrar

Ola Ross issistant Registrar

Mattie Scoville Secretary

Agnes Wadlington Secretary

Ellen Bowen Secretary

Mrs. Nannie Jeter Dietitian

Annie L. Morton Dean of Women

Elizabeth Smith Assistant Dean of Women

Arley V. Moore Dormitory Matron

Mrs. Mamie G. Bradsher House Director

Mrs. W. G. McKean House Director

Irene Hill Secretary of Training School

Dr. J. E. Nobles Physician

Annie Morris Superintendent of Infirmary

Mary Lea Smith Assistant Superintendent of Infirmary

A. A. Henderson Steward

Wade H. Holmes Electrician

J. C. Cockrell Electrician

A. C. Fornes Superintendent of Grounds and Buildings

W. L. Balder Carpenter

J. L. Williams Policeman


Hon. A. T. Allen, Chairman Ex Officio Raleigh. N. C.

O. P. Makepeace Sanford, N. C.

J. K. Warren Trenton, N. C,

W. S. Move Rocky Mount. N. C.

H. D. Williams Kenansville, N. C.

Mrs. J. D. Dawson Kinston, N. C.

Mrs. Chas. S. Forbes Greenville, N. C.

Carl Goerch Washington, N. C.

Mrs. W. B. Murphy Snow Hill. X. C.

H. C. Bridgers Tarboro, N. C.

E. G. Flanagan Greenville, N. C.

James L. Griffin Pittsboro, N. C.

F. C. Harding Greenville, N. C.

Dr. Robert H. Wright President

Miss Annie L. Morton Dean of Women

Dr. Herbert Rebarker Dean of Men

Dr. Leon R. Meadows Director of Summer School

Faculty and Administration

E.L. Henderson Administration and Supervision

C.L. Adams Director of Instruction in Education and Psychology

Howard J. McGinnie Psychology

Hubert C. Hayes Education

Marion K. Fort Director of Training School

Lucille Charlton Education

Dora E. Coates Education

Annie C. Newell Education

Herbert Rebarker Director of Instruction in Mathematics

Louise Williams Mathematics

Faculty and Administration

L. R. Meadows Director of Instruction in English

Alice Lucille Turner English

Mary Greene English

Lois Grisby English

Emma Hooper English

Mamie Jenkins English

R.C. Deal Director of Instruction in Foreign Language

A.D. Frank Director of Instruction of History

E.C. Hollar History

Laura T. Rose History

Faculty and Administration

M.L. Wright Director of Instruction in Sociology and Economics

Beecher Flanagan Economics

Dora E. Meade Piano

Lois V. Gorrell Piano

Gussie Kuykendall Director of Instruction in Public School Music

Eugenia Thomas Public School Music

P.W. Pickleseimer Director of Instruction in Geography

J.B. Cummings Geography

Marie Peterson Geography

Sara G. Somerville Physical Education

Faculty and Administration

Katharine Holtzclaw Director of Instruction, Home Economics, and Textiles

Mrs. A. E. Bloxton Director of Instruction, Home Economics, and Foods

R. J. Slay Director of Instruction, Science

Loraine Hunter Science

Catherine Cassidy Science

Kate W. Lewis Director of Instruction, Public School Art

Helen G. Gray Librarian

Margaret Sammon Assistant Librarian

Gladys Hughes Critic Teacher

Christine Johnston Critic Teacher

Faculty and Administration

Eunice McGee Critic Teacher

Elizabeth Hyman Critic Teacher

Anne Redwine Critic Teacher

Louise Galphin Critic Teacher

Frances Wahl Critic Teacher

Herma Taylor Critic Teacher

J.H. Rose City Superintendent

Connie Horn Critic Teacher

Vester Mulholland Critic Teacher

Mary York Critic Teacher

Faculty and Administration

Mrs. C. A. Bowen Critic Teacher

Clem Bridges Critic Teacher

Mrs. P. W. Pickleseimer Critic Teacher

Hazel Willis Secretary

Ola S. Ross Assistant Registrar

Mrs. J.B. Spillman Assistant Treasurer

B.W. Ginn Bookkeeper

Agnes Wadlington Secretary

Ellen B. Bowen Secretary, Placement Bureau

Elizabeth C. Smith Assistant Dean of Women

Faculty and Administration

Arley V. Moore Dormitory Matron

Mrs. Mamie G. Bradsher Dormitory Matron

Mrs. M.G. McKean Dormitory Matron

Annie Morris Superintendent of Infirmary

Mary Lee Smith Assistant Superintendent of Infirmary

Mrs. Nannie Jeter Dietitian

Mr. A.A. Henderson Steward

Book II



Ione Hooker Bradsher Senior Class Mascot

Colors: Green and White

Flower: Lily-of-Valley

Motto: "To strive; to seek; to find; but not to yield"


"To Strive; to seek; to find,

But not to yield--"

The Senior class has bound

Itself to this ordeal.

No conquerous great are we

In fields unknown,

Yet ever do we say

Alma Mater, lead on.

To you, O Alma Mater,

We owe our all;

To you we pledge ourselves;

We heed your call.

You gave to us the best

You had to give;

You thoughts of us came first;

That we might live.

When college days are done you bid

Us live abundantly.

Yet we would walk with you awhile,

This class of '33


Evelyn Gillam

Harrelsville, N. C.

President of the Senior Class


Katherine Blalock Vice President

Mamie Ruth Long Secretary

Helen Hicks Treasurer

Inez Becton

Bachelor, N. C.

Home Economics and Science

Poe Society; Inter-Society Committee '33; Delta Omicron Sigma; Science Club; Y. W. C. A.

Elizabeth Biddle

Dover, N.C.

Primary Education

Y. W. C. A.; Lanier Society; Proctor, '30; Junior "Y" Cabinet; Class President, '31; Class Representative Student Government, '32; Senior "Y" Cabinet, '32; Vice President Y. W. C. A.. '33; Elementary Educational Council.

Katherine Blalock

Jonesboro, N.C.

Home Economics and Science

Louisburg College, '30, '31; Lanier Society, '32, '33'; Marshal, '33; Y.W.C.A.; Delta Omicron Sigma; Class Vice President, '33; Class Superlative, '33

Mary Briley

Chicod, N.C.

Primary Education

Emerson Society

Vera M. Broughton

Merritt, N. C.

English and French

Emerson Society; Athletic Association, '31-33; Techo Echo Reporter for Athletic Association, '33; Scribbler's Club, '32, '33; English Club, '31-'33; Phi Sigma, '31-'33; Student Volunteer, '33; Wearer of College Monogram; Class Basketball Team, '31-'33; Young Women's Christian Association, '32, '33

Mary Walker Browne

Wilson, N.C.

Home Economics

Emerson Society; Class Basketball Team, '31-'33; Athletic Association, '31-'33; Delta Omicron Sigma.

Loree Cagle

Rutherfordton, N.C.

Home Economics and Science

Delta Omicron Sigma; Emerson Society; Y.W.C.A. Choir, '30, '31; Junior Y.W.C.A. Cabinet, '30; Athletic Assocation, '30, '31; Proctor, '30; Glee Club; Vice President Glee Club, '31; Delegate to John R. Mott "Y" Conference, '30' Vice President of Class, '31; President Class, '32; Delgate to N.C.C.P.A., '32, '33; Associate Editor TECOAN, '32; Editor TECOAN, '33

Mary Carson

Stokes, N.C.

Science and History

N.C.C.W., '30; Emerson Society; Y.W.C.A.; Science Club; Proctor, '31

Naomi Carr

Teachey, N.C.

Home Economics and Science

Poe Society; Delta Omicron Sigma; Athletic Assocation.

Clafton Cherry

Cornelius, N.C.

Home Economics and Science

Poe Society; Delta Omicron Sigma; Inter-Society Committee, '33; Poe Society Critic; Vice President Delta Omicron Sigma, '33; President Poe Society, '33

Mary Ab3rnathy Clark

Warrenton, N. C.

Primary Education

Emerson Society.

Mary Ellen Clifton

Faison, N. C.

Intermediate Education

Y. W. C. A.; Elementary Education Council; Poe Society; James Johnston Pettigrew Scholarship, '30, '31, '32, '33.

Jessie Glyn Cole

French and Mathematics

Appalachian State Teacher's College; Y.W.C.A.; Lanier Society; Phi Sigma; Scribbler's Club; Mathematics CLub; Secretary and Treasurer Mathematics Club; Teco Echo Representative; Mathematics Club Proctor

Vivian Cooke

Louisburg, N. C.

English and History

Poe Society; English Club; Athletic Association; Class Basketball Team; Y. W. C. A., '33.

Edith Corbett

Currie, N.C.

Home Economics and Science

Poe society.

Kara Lynn Corey

Greenville, N.C.

English, History, Geography

Class Critic, '30; Athletic Assocation, '30; Emerson Society; English Club; Geography Club, '31, '32; Secretary and Treasurer Geography Club, '32; Budget Committee, '33; Class Superlative, '33; Class Testatrix, '33

Frances Davis

Waxhaw, N. C.

Primary Educatio

N. C. C. W., '30, '31; Poe Society, '32, '33; Athletic Assocation, '32, '33; Basketball, '32; Poe Cheerio Club, '32; Y.W.C.A., '33; Assistant Cheer Leader of Senior Class, '33; Advertising Manager of Teco Echo, '33; Marshal, '33

Hilda Beryl Davis

Mount Olive, N. C.

English and History

Emerson Society, '29, '30, '32, '33; Y.W.C.A., '29, '30, '32, '33; Athletic Assocation, '29, '30; Proctor, '30; English Club; Duplin-Pender County Club, '30, '31; Proctor, '32, '33

Mildred Davis

Fairmont, N. C.

Primary Education

Poe Society; Y. W. C. A.; Cheerio Club, '31; Proctor, '30; Elementary Educational Council, '31, '32; Delta Omicron Sigma, '30.

Birdie Lee Debnam

Snow Hill, N. C.

History and French

Meredith College, '30; Emerson Society; Phi Sigma; Class Secretary, '32; Y. W. C. A., '31; Class Council Representative, '33; Class Superlatives, '33; Class Testatrix, '33.

Louise Denning

Benson, N.C.

Elementary Education

Post Graduate Work; Graduate of Greensboro College

Josephine E. Dixon

New Bern, N.C.

Home Economics and Science

Lanier Society; Proctor, '31; Athletic Assocation; Y.W.C.A., '31, '33; Inter-Society Committee; Delta Omicron Sigma.

Mary Edna Dobson

Kenansville, N. C.

English and History

Poe Society, '30, '33; Y. W. C. A., '30, '33; English Club, '31, '33; Athletic Association, '30; Duplin-Pender County Club, '31.

Alice Mae Elks

Grimesland, N. C.

Primary Education

Emerson Society; Athletic Association, '30, '31; Y. W. C. A., '30-'32; Y. W. C. A. Choir, '32; Pitt County Club, '30; Poe Cheerio Club, '33.

Julia Arches Farrior

Warsaw, N. C.

English and History

Y. W. C. A.; Emerson Society; English Club; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, '32; Secretary of English Club, '33.

Sally Jo Bird Fields

Metter, Ga.

History and English

Brenau College, '29, '30; South Georgia Teachers College, '31; Lanier Society; English Club; Proctor, '33.

Margaret Fisher

Swan Quarter, N. C.

Science and English

Emerson Society; Y.W.C.A.; Science Club; English Club.

Iris Pleasant Flythe

Pendleton, N. C.

History and English

Y. W. C. A.; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet; Athletic Association, Secretary, '30, President '33; Class Basketball Team, '30-'33, Captain, '30-'33; Wearer of College Monogram; Medal; Baseball Team, Captain; Secretary of Emersone Society; Vice President of Science Club; Senior Play; Senior Superlatives.

Zelle Foley

Greenville, N.C.

English and Science

Vice President Class, '30; Emerson Society; English Club; Science Club, '32, '33; Secretary Senior Club, '32; Assistant Class Cheer Leader, '32; Senior Play, '33; Class Superlatives, '33; Athletic Assocation, '30, '31; TECOAN Representative, '31

Edith Tull Fornes

Greenville, N.C.

Primary Education

Lanier Society

Katie Mann Gibbs

Swan Quarter, N. C.

Science and Mathematics

Emerson Society; Proctor, '31; Y. C. A.; Mathematics Club; Science Club '31-'33.

Evelyn Frederick Gillam

Harrellsville, N. C.

Primary eEducation

Y. W. C. A.; Junior Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, '30; Poe Society; Poe Cheerio Club; Proctor, '30, '32; Elementary Education Council, Vice President, '33; Class Tecoan Representative, '32; Class President, '33.

Clement Gordon

Waxhaw, N. C.

Primary Education

Lanier Society; Y.W.C.A.; Union County Club, '30

Margaret Griffin

Marshville, N. C.

Primary Education

N.C.C.W, '30, '31; Poe Society; Athletic Assocation, '32; Y.W.C.A.; Y.W. CHoir, '33; Chief Marshal, '33

Marjorie Griffin

Toronto, Canada

English and French

Emerson Society; Society Marshal, '32, '33; TECOAN Representative for Emerson Society, '32; Phi Sigma, President, '32; English Club; Y.W.C.A.; Athletic Association, '30; House President, '31; Vice President Student Government Association, '33; Representative to N.C.S.F., '32; Representative to B.S.U., '31; Entertainment Committee, '33; Editor-in-Chief Handbook, '32; Chairman Point Committee, '33; Senior Play; Senior Superlative.

Rena Elizabeth Haywood

Trenton, N.C.

English and French

Louisburg College, '30; Emerson Society; Y.W.C.A.; English Club; Phi Sigma; Delegate to N.C.C.P.A. Conventions, '32-'33; Associate Editor Teco Echo, '32, Editor-in-Chief, '33; Jones County CLub; Council of S.G.A., '33; Superlative, '33

Vivian Hellen

Vanceboro, N. C.

French and Science

Y. W. C. A.; Emerson Society; Science Club; Phi Sigma.

Mary Elizabeth Helms

Goldsboro, N. C.

Home Economics and Science

Flora Macdonald College, '30, '31; Delta Omicron Sigma; Emerson Society; Science Club; Y. W. C. A.

Maurice Hester

Creedmoor, N. C.

Grammar Grade

Emerson Society: Y. W. C. A.

Heles Hicks

Wise, N. C.

Primary Education

Poe Society; Y. W. C. A., '32, '33; Class Treasurer, '33; Elementary Education Council, '33

Wyatt Highsmith

Greenville, N.C.

English and French

Graduate Work; Graduate of Elon College

Elizabeth Relfe Hobbs

Belhaven, N.C.

Grammar Grade

Duke University, '28, '29; Teco Echo Business Staff, '31; Senior Normal Play, '31; Emerson Society; Teco Echo Alumnae Editor, '33

Ruth Evelyn Hollowell

Hertford, N.C.

Mathematics and Latin

Y. W. C. A.; Lanier Society; Athletic Association, '30, '31; Wearer of College Monogram; Albemarle District Club, '30, '31; Mathematics Club; Classical Club.

Kemp House

Greenville, N. C.

Mathematics and Latin

Emerson Society; Classical Club, '31-'33; Mathematics Club, '31-'33; Secretary- Treasurer Classical Club, '32, Vice President, '33; Pitt County Club, '30.

Nelson Hunsucker

Winterville, N. C.

Mathematics and Science

Wake Forest College, '30; Lanier Society; Co-ed Club, '31-'33, President, '32; Vice President of Mathematics Club, '32; Science Club, '32, 33, President, '33; Class Treasurer, '32; Basketball, '32; Baseball, '32, '33; Co-ed Representative to Council, '33.

Mary Emma Hurst

Williamston, N. C.

Home Economics and Science

Lanier Society; Delta Omicron Sigma: Y. W. C. A.

Frances Robena Jenkins

Robersonville, N.C.

Grammar Grade

Emerson Society; Y.W.C.A.

Virginia Faison Jenkins

Shelby, N.C.

History and French

St. Mary's, '30; Entertainment Committee, '33; Phi Sigma, '32, '33

Vera M. Jennings

Elizabeth City, N.C.

Mathematics, Science, French

Y. W. C. A.: Junior Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, '30; Chairman Publicity Committee, Y. W. C. A., '31, Treasurer, '32; Poe Society; Athletic Association, '30, '31; Phi Sigma, '32, '33, Vice President, '33; Math Club, '31-'33; TECOAN Representative Math Club, '31; Social Chairman Math Club, '32, President, '33; Science Club, '32. '33, Advertising-Manager, '33; Albemarle District Club, '31; Scribblers' Club, '33; Proctor, '33; Violin Ensemble, '30, '31; College Orchestra, '32, '33; Budget Committee, '32, '33; Entertainment Committee, '32, '33

Margaret Mahood Johnston

Emporia, Va.

Primary Education

Emerson Society; Freshman Cheer Leader; Y.W.C.A, '30; Proctor, '32; Athletic Assocation, '30; Cheerio Club, '33

Doris Mae Jones

Goldsboro, N. C.

Primary Education

Emerson Society; Athletic Association '30; Marshal, '30; Student Council, '30; Assistant Business Manager TECOAN, '31; Y. W. C. A., '29, '30; Senior Play, '32; Delta Omicron Sigma, '32; Associate Editor TECOAN, '33.

Alice Louise Jordan

Powellsville, N. C.

Intermediate Education

Poe Society; Elementary Education Coucil, '32; Y.W.C.A.; Proctor, '30, '32; Poe Society Critic, '31; Class Basketball Team, '30; Athletic Assocation, '30, '31; Secretary Poe Society, '33; Y.W.C.A. Choir, '31

Virginia Jones

Greenville, N. C.

Primary Education

Emerson Society.

Annie Laurie Kennedy

Kinston, N. C.

Elementary Education

Lanier Society; Y. W. C. A.

Charles Kixg

Greenville, N. C.

English and Science

Duke University, '30; Emerson Society Science Club; Co-ed Club; Football, '32 Basketball, '32, '33; Baseball, '32, '33; Boys' Athletic Association; Senior Play, '33

Dorothy Parks Knox

Huntersville, N. C.

Primary Education

Emerson Society; Y. W. C. A.; Appalachian State Teachers College.

Emily Lane

Hertford, N. C.

History and Science

Lanier Society, Secretary, '32; Y. W. C. A.; Lanier Marshal, '33; President Lanier Society, '33; Proctor, '32; Inter-Society Committee, Chairman, '32; Science Club, '32; Lanier Debater, '31, '32.

Rosa Lee Lang

Farmville, N. C.

Elementary Education

Meredith College, '29, '30; Lanier society, '32, '33; Elementary Education Council, '32, President, '33; House President, Summer, '32; Athletic Assocation, '33; Senior Class TECOAN Representative, '33; Chairman Chapel Program Committee, '33; Superlative, '33

Mauy Sue Langston

Gates, N. C.

Science, History and Geography

Poe Society; Basketball Team; Y. W. C. A.; TECOAN Representative, '32

Pansy Ellen Lanier

Oxford, N. C.

Primary Education

St. Mary's; Emerson Society, Vice President, '32, '33; College Cheer Leader, 32, '33; Assistant Editor TECOAN, '32; Inter-Society Committee, '33.

Ruth Lloyd

Spencer, N.C.

Intermediate Education

Catawba College, '29; Y.W.C.A.; Poe Society, '31, 32; Y.W.C.A. Choir, '32, '33; Student Volunteer Band.

Chas. M. Lominac

Wilson, N.C.

Mathematics and English

Biltmore Junior College, '28, '29; Asheville Teachers College, '30, '31; Appalachian Teachers College, '32; Football, '33; Basketball, '33

Mamie Ruth Loxg

Oxford, N. C.

French and English

Emerson Society; Y.W.C.A., '30, '32; English Club, '31-'33; Phi Sigma, '32, '33; Class Secretary, '33; TECOAN Representative of English Club, '33

LaRue Mangum

Creedmoore, N.C.

Elementary Education

Mars Hill College, '29, '30; Glee Club, '31-'33; Y.W.C.A.; Lanier Society; Y.W.C.A. Choir, '31, '32

Mary Mann

Middletown, N. C.

Primary Education

Emerson Society.

Mary D. McCormick

McColl, S. C.

Science and Geography

Society; Science Club; Athletic Association, '30, '31; Y. W. C. A. Basketball Team, '30, '31.

Pearl McHan

Almond, N. C.

Home Economics and Science

Western Carolina Teachers College, '31; Delta Omicron Sigma; Emerson Society; Proctor, '32; Y. W. C. A.

Bessie McLamb

Parkton. N. C.

History and English

Y. W. C. A.; Emerson Society; English Club

Gladys E. Measley

Goldsboro, N. C.

French, English, History

Emerson Society; English Club; Proctor, '30; Phi Sigma, '32, '33; President Phi Sigma, '33.

Beulah B. Mewborn

Snow Hill, N. C.

Home Economics and Science

Ima Mewborn

Snow Hill, N. C.

English and Science

Delia Mitchell

Bunn, N. C.

Primary Education

Lanier Society; Athletic Association, '30, '31 ; Y. W. C. A., '31-'33.

Christine Moor

Grifton, N. C.

Primary Education

Emerson Society.

Elizabeth Moore

Greenville, N. C.

Science and Geography

Emerson Society; Class Superlative, '30; Class Cheer Leader, '31; Geography Club; Athletic Association, '30, '31; Senior Play, '33.

Lula Moore

Dillon, S. C.

English and French

Poe Society; English Club; Phi Sigma; Y. W. C. A., '29, '30.

Frances Morton

Greenville, N. C.

Elementary Education

Salem College, '30; Emerson Society, '31-'33; Glee Club, '32; Orchestra, '32, '33.

Margaret Moye

Goldsboro, N. C.

Primary Education

N. C. C. W., '29, '30; Emerson Society

Margaret Murchison

Greensboro, N. C.

French and English

Class President, '30; Junior "Y" Cabinet, '30; House President, '31; Secretary Student Government Association, '32,' President, '33; N. S. F. A. Delegate, '32, '33; Y. W. C. A.; Emerson Society; Superlative, '32, '33; Senior Play, '33; Class Superlative, '33.

Carrie Moore Nash

Goldsboro, N.C.

History and English

Saint Mary's, '30; N.C.C.W., '31; Lanier Society; Proctor; House President, Summer, '32

Huldah Elizabeth Nobles

Greenville, N.C.

History, English

St. Mary's, '30; Emerson Society; English Club; Senior Play, '33; Class superlative, '33

Ethel Parker

Weldon, N. C.

English and Science

Lanier Society; Teco Echo Reporter Lanier Society, '30; Junior Cabinet, '30 Athletic Association, '30, '31; Basketball Team, '31; Class Secretary, '31; Geography Club, '31; English Club, Secretary and Treasurer, '32; Y. W. C. A., Vice President, '32; Delegate to N. S. U. Conference; Blue Ridge, '32; Assistant Advertising Manager of Techo Echo '32; Debating Team Lanier Society, Council, '33; President of Y. W. C. A., '33

Martha A. Pickett

Kenansville, N. C.

Home Economics

Flora Macdonald, '30; Poe Society; Y. W. C. A.; Delta Omicron Sigma.

Annie Lee Powell

Warrenton, N.C.

Elementary Education

Louisburg College; Elementary Education Council, '33; Y.W.C.A., '31, '32; Poe Society; Y.W.C.A. Choir, '31, '32

Mary Rabb

Marion, N.C.

English and French

Lanier Society; Class Treasurer, '31; Y.W.C.A.; Y.W.C.A. Choir, '30-'32; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet, '33; House President, '33; English Club.

Lorena Evelyn Rogers

Wilmington, N. C.

Home Economics and Science

Emerson Society, Secretary, '32, President, '33; Athletic Association, '30; Y. W. C. A., '30, '33; Delta Omicron Sigma, Secretary, '32; Proctor, '31; Delegate to State Home Economics Convention, '31 ; Business Manager Handbook, '32; Chairman of Campus Committee, '32, '33.

Elizabeth Rowland

Castalia, N. C.

English and History

Poe Society; Athletic Association; English Club; Y. W. C. A.

Rosa Lee Saied

Greenville, N. C.

History and Science

Thelma Shackelford

Portsmouth, Va.

Primary Education

State Teachers College, Farmville, Va.; Emerson Society.

Dorothy Sloan

Wallace, N. C.

Mathematics and English

Emerson Society: Y. W. C. A., Choir '30-'32; Junior "Y" Cabinet, '30; Senior Cabinet, '32; Class Treasurer, '30 Proctor, '30, '31; English Club, '30, '31 Treasurer S. G. A., '31; Math Club, '32, '33; Teco Echo Reporter, '32;Lida Hill Meadows Scholarship, '31.

Dorothy Madge Smith

Farmville, N. C.

English and Latin

Emerson Society; Y.W.C.A; English Club; Classical Club, President, '32, '33

Hunter Spears

Rocky Mount, N. C.


Lanier Society; Athletic Association, '29-'32; Student Council, '29; State Teachers College, Fredericksburg, Va.; Vice President Class, '32; Y. W. C. A., '29, '31; Senior Play; Delta Omicron Sigma, '33.

Carolyn Spencer

Swan Quarter, N. C.

Mathematics and French

Y. W. C. A.; Emerson Society; Math Club, Secretary and Treasurer, '31; Phi Sigma; English Club.

Alice Beatrice Stalls

Robersonville, N. C.

French and English

Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, '30; Poe Society; Student Volunteer Group, Vice President, '30, Secretary-Treasurer, '32; Scribblers Club; Phi Sigma; English Club; Delegate to Students' Conference on Missions, '30; Delegate to Y. W. C. A. Officers Training Conference, '31 ; Proctor, '32.

Martha Starling

Pine Level, N. C.

English and History

Y. W. C. A.; Poe Society; English Club; Athletic Association, '33; Scribblers Club, '33; Teco Echo Reporter for Johnston County Club, '33, for Athletic Association, '33; English Club Critic, '33.

Jacqueline Swindell

Swan Quarter, N.C.

History and Science

Mary Louise Taylor

Elm City, N.C.

Latin English

Junior "Y" Cabinet, '30; Secretary-Treasurer of Classical Club, '30, Vice-President, '31; Y.W.C.A.; Scribblers Club; English Club; Poe Society; Teco Echo Reporter for Senior Class.

Ruby Evelyn Taylor

Snow Hill, N. C.

French, Mathematics, English

Poe Society; Phi Sigma, Secretary, '32; English Club; TECOAN Representative, '32; Math Club; Scribblers, Vice President, '33; Glee Club, '32, '33; Y.W.C.A., '30-'33; Choir; Delegate to B.S.U. Conference, '32, '33; Athletic Assocation, '31

Sara Jane Thevathan

Pinetops, N. C.

English and French

Emreson Society; Athletic Assocation, '31, '32; English Club, '31, '32; Phi Sigma, '32; Class Basketball Team, '31

Mae Tucker

Marshville, N. C.

Grammar Grade Education

N. C. C. W., '29, '30; Wingate Junior College, '31; Lanier Society; Y. W. C. A.; Athletic Association.

W. Eric Tucker

Greenville, N. C.

Mathematics and Science

Duke, '30; Poe Society; Co-ed Club, Co-ed Teco Echo Assistant Editor; Scribblers Club; Math Club; Science Club; Football Team, '33; Basketball, '32, '33; Baseball, '32, '33; Men's Athletic Association.

Pattie May Turnage

Ayden, N. C,

Primary Education

N. C. C. W., '29; Lanier Society, '32, '33; Assistant Cheer Leader Class, '33.

Bertha E. Walston

Stantonsburg, N. C.

English and History

Emerson Society, '30, '31; Class Reporter, '31, '32; President Scribblers Club, '32; President English Club, '33; Athletic Association, Business Manager, '32; Associate Editor Teco Echo, '33; Delegate Baptist Student Convention, '32; English Club; Y. W. C. A.; Superlative, '33.

Katherine Weathers

Raleigh, N. C.

History and Geography

Coker College; Lanier Society, '30, Vice President '31; Class Cheer Leader, '31; Geography Club, '31.

Pauline Wheless

Ansonville, N. C.

English, French, History

House President, '33; Poe Society, '31; English Club, '32; Phi Sigma, '32; Y. W. C. A. '33

Emma Lee Wilkinson

Stonewall, N. C.

Elementary Education

Hamilton College and Transylvania University, '30,' 31; Glee Club, '32; Scribblers Club, '32; Emerson Society, '32, '33; Y. W. C. A., '32, '33; Proctor, '32, '33; Athletic Association, '33.

Dorothy Voight Willard

Greenville, N. C.

Intermediate Education

Emerson Society; Athletic Associa Basketball, '32; Student Volunteer; Pitt County Club, '31.

Rosa Williams

Currituck, N. C.

Home Economics and Science

Campbell College, '30, '31 ; Poe Society, '32, '33; Delta Omicron Sigma, '32, '33; Y. W. C. A.

Melvin C. Willard

Greenville, N. C.

Math and Science

N. C. State, '29-'31; Emerson Society Science Club; Co-ed Club.

Sara Maie Winslow

Belvidere, N. C.

Elementary Education

Graduate Work.

Mary Gladys Womble

Lillington, N. C.

Grammar Grade Education

Graduate Campbell College; Lanier Society; Y. W. C. A.

Juanita Young

Lake Landing, N. C.

Primary Education

Emerson Society; Y. W. C. A.


THE rain came down in torrents. One look at the downpour made a person want to curl up on the sofa and sleep.

To those of us who were entering East Carolina Teachers College for the first time, the day was particularly dreary. Those red brick buildings cast a spirit of gloom over us; we felt as if we were being carried to prison. The only relief to our downcast spirits came from the Y. W. C. A. cabinet girls who kindly helped us fill out our cards and showed us to our rooms.

The first few days were terrible. How we disliked the endless routine of having our lives regulated by bells! Every day had to adhere to a certain schedule. But gradually we adjusted ourselves to the bells and other features of college and accepted the campus as our home.

We had only one thing to dread - initiation. The horrible week tame, and to our astonishment it was fun.

With Margaret Murchison as president we started to work. Did I say work? I believe I did. And I suppose we did have to put forth some effort in preparing our lessons but not enough to keep us from exercising our few privileges. In spite of the great many regulations that we had to adhere to, we enjoyed the parties and entertainments that we attended. The Juniors gave us a kid-party, and in return we gave them a St. Patrick's Day Party. Among the entertainments we enjoyed were the United States Band, the North Carolina Playmakers, and the Isadore Duncan Dancers.

The fall of 1930 found most of us back at E. C. T. C. This year we chose Elizabeth Biddle as president. Spalding Kryl's Band, and other entertainments relieved the monotony of school work. We had delightful Senior-Sophomore and Sophomore-Senior parties. But the life of a Sophomore isn't so thrilling.

Then came our most important year. As Juniors we were given more privileges: we could sit nearer President Wright in chapel ; we could go down the street any afternoon; and we were respected by the Sophomores and Freshmen. With our president Loree Cagle and our advisers, Dr. Slay and Miss Bonnewitz to help us, we began making plans for the banquet.

Margaret Murchison attended a National Student's Association and brought back many helpful suggestions for our campus. We heard Galli Curci and the Don Cossacks.

The summer vacation passed quickly, and we came back as Seniors. Was this E. C. T. C, or was it fairyland? Here we were with the new Senior privileges, the Senior dignity, and the Senior responsibility. Soon we realized that the Seniors were the busiest yet the happiest people in college. Practice-teaching, school work, and outside activities kept us as busy as bees, and by keeping us busy kept us happy.

Our Senior play, "The Charm School" showed the audience what splendid actors and actresses the class has.

Event followed event; everything seemed important. The Juniors gave a banquet which we can never forget. Spring came, and we went on a camping trip to Bayview. Don't ask us what we did.

And now we have almost completed the college chapter of our history. We are glad to graduate, and yet we look back over the happy days we have spent here with regrets.

My goodness ! It is ten o'clock. Commencement begins at eleven. We must don our caps and gowns, the symbols of Senior dignity, and go forth to receive our degrees.



WE, the class of nineteen hundred and thirty-three, on the eve of graduatic do hereby make this our last will and testament.

To our Alma Mater we bequeath our undying love and gratitude for all she has done to train us in lessons of patience, of service, of happy cooperation, and of aspiration, from the care-free thoughtlessness of our freshman year to the more serious and appreciative attitude of today.

To the faculty and officers of administration we bequeath our gratitude for many pleasant memories we have of our years at college and for their sympathy and understanding both in and out of class.

To the Juniors we bequeath all the privileges, trials, happiness and hopes of a Senior.

To the Sophomores, our sister class, we bequeath our studious qualities and the assurance of our interest in their future successes.

To the Freshmen, we bequeath all the optimism and self-assurance of our Sophomore year.

We bequeath to those coming after us all those intangible things which go to make life great, good, happy, beautiful:

Honor, so that the children of our Alma Mater may face the world unashamed. The Spirit of Service, the highest ideal of our Alma Mater;

Faith in ourselves and in others, and in the ultimate worth-whileness of life ; Courage, not mere physical bravery but the mental and moral courage to go against the crowd, if need be, and to face the world unafraid ;

Ambition to live not merely a good life but a full and complete life, one of definite, worthy of purposes and accomplishments ;

A Love of Beauty, not only of form and color but in the souls and deeds of men ; and finally ;

An Outlook on Life that is both broad and deep, brightened with happiness, and softened by pity and understanding.

Signed on this sixth day of June, one thousand nine hundred thirty-three, A.D., at East Carolina Teachers College, Greenville, North Carolina.

Kara Lynn Corey

Birdie Lee Debnam


1933- Senior Class Prophecy- 1943

Evelyn Gillam Chariman of City Board in Detroit

Bertha Walston Engaged

Margaret Murchison Advisors of the National Federaion of Student Government

Marjorie Griffin

Dorothy Sloan

Iris Flythe Instructor of Physical Education at Flora Macdonald

Mary Carson Chemists in Berlin

"Pete" Honsucker

Elizabeth Rowland History teaching at New Hanover High School

Zelle Folley Co-stars for Metro-Goldwyn Mayer

Eric Tucker

Vivien Helen Waitresses in an American Cafe in France

Mary Taylor

Martha Pickett

Beulah Mewborn

Clafton Cherry Proprietry of above cafe

Ethel Parker Dancer

Ruby Taylor Owner of a three-ring circus

Rosa Lee Lang Acrobat

Lib Moore Animal Trainer

Irma Mewborn Clowns

Kathryn Blalock

Kara Lynn Cory

Sara Trevathan

Hulda Nobles Charlie King's wife

Charlie King Farmer

Bessie McLamb Chorus girls

Beatrice Stalls

Gladys Measley Paramount's baby star

Dorothy Willard Pattern designers

Dorothy Knox

Christine Moore

Hilda Davis Working on Doctor's Degree at Columbia University

Mary Edna Dobson

Hunter Spears

Marice Hester Members of an old maid's Sewing Circle

Mary Elizabeth Helms

Helen Hicks

Kemp House

La Rue Mangum Metropolitan Singer

Mary Rabb La Rue's Pianist

Emma Lee Wilkerson Married

Lula Moore At a French University

Annie Lee Powell Married to Hal Connell

Carrie Moore Nash Operating "The Hotcha Cookery" in Panama

Mary McCormick

Thelma Shackleford

Dorothy Smith

Mary Sue Langston President of the World Y.W.C.A.

Mary Walker Brown Director of Y.W.C.A. in South America

Edith Corbit Directing Y.W.C.A. in Spain

Josephine Dixon Directing Y.W.C.A. in England

Doris Mae Jones Directing Y.W.C.A. in Mexico

Margaret Johnston Head of Student Volunteers in America

Mary A. Clark Owner of a Road Show

Carolyn Spencer Mary's comedienes

Alice Mae Elks

Inez Becton Toe Dancer

Margaret Fisher Actress in road show

Virginia Faison Jenkins Palmist

"Lizzie" Relfe Hobbs Owner of a diary near Sharpsburg

Louise Harris Dairy maids

Louise Jordan

Margaret Griffen

Birdie Lee Debnam

Julie Farrior

Elizabeth Biddle Richest women in Canada

Frankie Davis Lib's maid

Vera Broughton Assistant Postmastre General of the United States

Amelia Black Chief Accountants for the White Star Shipping lines

Ellen Clifton

Mary Briley

Mildred Davis Paris divorcee

Vivian Cooke Teaching gymnasitcs in China

Margaret Edward

Edith Fornes

Virginia Jones

Frances Morton Anthropologists

Lorie Cagle Manager of an old maid's home in Rutherfordton

Margaret Moye Fastidious inmates of Loree's old maid's home

Panay Lanier

Katherine Weathers

Vera Jennings

Juanita Young Head nurses in Johns Hopkins Hospital

Mary Gladys Womble

Emily Lane

Mae Tucker Nurses at Johns Hopkins Hospital

Martha Starling

Sally Jo Fields

Clement Gordon

Elizabeth Heywood Editor of Ballyhoo

Mamie Ruth Long Manager of a toy menagerie in Jamaica

Ruth Lloyd

Annie Laurie Kennedy Owner of a menagerie

Jacqueline Swindell Doing historical research work

Katie Mann Gibbs Dance instructor

Ruth Hollowell Teachers

Mary Mann

Pearl McHan Home Demonstrator

Ruby Goley Dean at E.C.T.C.

Pauline Wheless World famed dietitian

Rosa Williams Married to a loafer

Senior Class Statistics

1. MOST CHARMING Katherine Blalock

2. BEST DRESSED Marjorie Griffin

3. BEST ALL-AROUND Margaret Murchison

4. MOST STUDIOUS Mary Taylor

5. MOST ATHLETIC Iris Flythe

6. MOST TALENTED Kara Lynn Corey

7. WITTIEST Bertha Walston

8. MOST POPULAR Berdie Lee Debnam


10. CUTEST Huldah Nobles


Ellen Moore Fort Junior Class Mascot

Colors: Blue and Silver

Flower: Ragged Robin

Motto: "Rowing, not drifting"


To strive for all the highest, best, and truest;

To seek for every good that may be gained;

To find a wealth of hidden truth and widsom;

And not to yield a point we have attained;

To work for joy of working, but as duty;

To hold securely to a fair ideal;

To have a lofty goal, and then to reach it,

To keep ourlives aglow with faith and zeal--

This is our aim, and always we shall follow

The moving star that travels toward success,

The star that calls to honor and achievement,

To worthy life, and will accept no less.



Clara Vass Feeeman President

Margaret Smith Vice President

Hilda Thompson Secretary

Ethelys Sanders Treasurer

Pauline Barber Biscoe, N. C.

Loula May Barker Greenville, N. C.

Hilda Barnhill Bethel, N. C.

Georgie Weeks Bell Bogue, N. C.

Amelia Black

Stella Blevins Grassy Creek, N. C.

Hilda Boyce Tyner, N. C.

Hazel Braswell McFarlan, N. C.

Carolyn Brooks Woodsdale, N. C.

Lola Brooks Tarboro, N.C.

Sallie Brooks Greenville, N. C.

Clyde Brown Greenville, N. C.

Edwina Burch Walstonburg, N. C.

Helen Burnette Greenville, N. C.

Troy Burnette Greenville, N. C.

Medrith Byrd Durham, N. C.

Virginia Cale Tyner, N. C.

Frances Capel Wadesboro, N. C.

Mary Williams Carp Williamston, N. C.

Hallyburton Cook Dillon, S.C.

Mattie Lou Cotton Scotland Neck, N. C.

Rebecca Curtis Wilson, N.C.

Margaret Cuthrell Selma, N.C.

Elizabeth Dail Hookerton, N. C.

Emma Lee Davis Dunn, N.C.

Florence Denning Benson, N. C.

Elizabeth Denny Wilson, N. C.

Mabel Dickens Varina, N. C.

Willa Mae Dills Sylva, N.C.

Mildred Dixon Plymouth, N.C.

Glennie Draper Conway, N. C.

Bernice Elliott Rich Square, N. C.

Laura Eure Beaufort, N. C.

Robert Eason Greenville, N. C.

Arlene Everett Folkston, N. C.

Edna E. Farrow Middletown, N. C.

Jessie Finch Bailey, N. C.

Ilamae Fitzgerald

Pauline Floyd Fairmont, N. C.

Clara Vann Freeman Coleraine, N. C.

Elizabeth Fulcher Leasburg, N. C.

Margaret Garrenton Bethel, N.C.

Eloise Garrett Greenville, N. C.

Temperance Garris Wilson, N. C.

Ruby Goley Wilmington, N. C.

Mary Baugham Gray LaGrange, N. C.

Nell Griffin Marshville, N. C.

Nellie Grissom Rocky Mount, N. C.

Helen L. Harkey Lexington, N. C.

Anna Harris Greenville, N. C.

Frances Harvey Greenville, N. C.

Lois Hayes Woodsdale, N. C.

Will Higdon Sylva, N. C.

Myrtie Gray Hodges Ayden, N.C.

John Hodges Greenville, N. C.

Mildred Horton Greenville, N. C.

Beulah House Bethel, N. C.

Mildred Howard Roseboro, N. C.

Marietta Hoyle Shelby, N. C.

Hattie Lee Humphrey Beaufort, N. C.

Aleen Hunt Wilmington, N. C.

Rheta Hyatt Hayesville, N. C.

Hattie Mae Johnson Benson, N. C.

Iva Johnson Lillington, N. C.

Dorothy Johnson Tarboro, N. C.

Doris Jones Manteo, N. C.

Eleanor Jones New Bern, N.C.

Mary Elizabeth King Littleton, N. C.

Lorna Langley Oriental, N. C.

Elizabeth Leake Rich Square, N. C.

Nellie K. Lee Wilmington, N. C.

Rachel Lewis Farmville, N. C.

Mildred Mansfield Camden, N. C.

Audrey Martin Mount Olive, N. C.

Margaret Matthews Willard, N. C.

Elcy Miller Marshville, N. C.

Ruth Moore Ayden, N. C.

Pearl Mooring LaGrange, N. C.

Ola Morris Washington, N. C.

Blanche Mosely Kinston, N. C.

Edna McCall Ellerbe, N. C.

Estelle McCullen Mount Olive, N. C.

Lucile Noel Hillsboro, N. C.

Elizabeth Odom Clinton, N. C.

Besty Odom Nashville, N. C.

Dorothy Odham Greenville, N. C.

Lucile Pait Hamlet, N. C.

Mary G. Parker George, N. C.

Ruth Parker Goldsboro, N. C.

Freda Parks LaGrange, N. C.

Lois Parrish Clio, S.C.

Margaret Patrick Washington, N. C.

Maby Lynn Pipkin Goldsboro, N. C.

Leola Pleasant Angier, N. C.

Carrie Powell Calypso, N. C.

Hattie Powell Greenville, N. C.

Esther Pridgen Elm City, N. C.

Evelyn Rice Stonewall, N. C.

Brownie Roberson Greenville, N. C.

Henry L. Rivers Greenville, N. C.

Josephine Robertson Greenville, N. C.

Lucille Rose Norlina, N. C.

Elizabeth Royall Clinton, N. C.

Ethelyn Sanders Hubert, N. C.

Irene Sandling Wake Forest, N. C.

Alice James Savage Corapeake, N. C.

Louise Simmson Dover, N.C.

Margaret Smith Kinston, N. C.

Margaret Staton Bethel, N. C.

Julia Stilley Edward, N. C.

Agnes Strickland Rocky Mount, N. C.

Frances Swindell Washington, N. C.

Faye Tadlock Windsor, N. C.

Virginia Taylor Bachelor, N. C.

Aileen Tedder Fairmont, N. C.

Avis Tew Dunn, N. C.

Hilda Thompson Windsor, N. C.

Laura Thornton Greenville, N. C.

Margaret Walter Farmville, N. C.

Helen Forbes White Greenville, N. C.

Mattie Wilder Louisburg, N. C.

Mildred B. Williams Knightdale, N. C.

Ola Williams Hush, N. C.

Ruth Williams Nashville, N. C.

George Wilkerson Greenville, N. C.

Christine Wilson Benson, N. C.

Mary Belle Wilson Benson, N. C.

Hazel Woodard Stonewall, N. C.

Lucile Woolard Greenville, N.C.

Lila Wynne Bethel, N.C.

Alva Van Nortwick Greenville, N.C.


Miriam Courtney Williamston, N.C.

Pauline Robertson Wendell, N.C.

Marie Royster Bullock, N.C.

Elizabeth Tedderton Plymouth, N.C.

Ruth Tew Clinton, N.C.

Alice Wharton Ruffin, N.C.


Joan Bloom Sophomore Class Mascot

Colors: Gold and White

Flower: Daisy

Motto: "Not to the top but climbing"


I think that there was n'er alive

A class as good as '35

A class whose aims and ideals high,

Meant "do your very best or die."

A class, who in a losing game,

Could boast the winning class to fame.

Our class is made of fools like me.

But its fame shall live eternally.

(With apologies to Joyce Kilmer.)

Helen Boomer. Class Poet


Frances Watson President

Katherine Hinson Vice President

Elizabeth Davis Secretary

Minnie Margaret Gorham Treasurer


C.O. Armstrong

Helen Babcock

Phoebe Barnes

Kathryn Barnet

Jack Barret

Susan Beveridge

Helen Boomer

Frances Bowen

Mary Alice Brown

Eloise Birch

Mary Brawley

Eloise Camp

Elizabeth Carswell

Constance Cheeves

Elizabeth Clark

Helen Clark

Clifton Crawford

Vivian Cobb

Katherine Crow

Henrietta Crow


Margaret Davenport

Elizabeth Davis

Marie Davis

Ralph Deal

Joe Dresback

Nellie Dunn

Josephine Essey

Paul Fitzgerald

Robert Sugg Fleming

Clarence Galloway

Mildred Gibson

Minnie Margaret Gorham

Selma Gurganus

Jewel Herring

Emma Frances Hardee

Helen M. Harkey

Louise Harrington

Mildred Harrison

Mae Hearne

Alice Herring


Kathryn Hines

Bessie Hinson

Katherine Hinson

Mary Virginia Horne

Rachel Hurst

Janice Jenkins

Katie Lee Johnson

Verona Lee Joyner

Mary King

Pennie Keel Lang

Margaret Lee

Lucy Leroy

Dectress Lanier

Robert Little

Evelyn Mathews

Edith Marslender

Norma Melvin

Alma Mewborn

Wardell Mills

Ruth Moore


Clyde Morton

Aubrey McClean

Ida Mae Nance

Billie Nesbit

Frances Newsome

Adelia Norris

Christine Nelson

Melba O'Brien

Elizabeth Overton

Edward Parker

Elsie Parker

Mildred Pearson

Martha Hart Peele

Thelma Peele

Adelaide Peiffer

Rebecca Pittman

Lou Pitts

Mary Shaw Robeson

Dorothy Rogerson

Mayhew Sawyer


Drury Settle

Sue Sewell

Louise Sharpe

Lucy Shearin

Florence Sinclair

Elizabeth Smith

Evelyn Turnage

Alma Tyndall

Stelma VanHorne

Joe Walker

Ruby Wall

Frances Watson

Verda Wilson

Woodrow Woodward

Evelyn Wright

Alice Yancey

Mary Ella Bunn


Janice Campbel Freshman Class Mascot

Colors: Purple and Gold

Flower: White Rose

Motto: Not failure, but low aim, is crime


Ethel Vick President

Ellen Jenkins Vice President

Malene Grant Secretary

Isa Costen Grant Treasurer



Lucy Bett Abbott

Kelly Abbeyonnis

Inez Allen

Tressie Auman

T.G. Basnight

John C. Blanchard

Carolyn Brinkley

Jack Broadhurst

Bill Brown

Karie Lee Buck

William C. Bullock

Nancy Burton

Vivian Carolus

James Carr

Taylor Carr

Mary Anne Chase

Linelle Clarke

Mary Emma Clark

Sibyl Clarke

Jewel Cole

Juanita Cooke

Alex Dail

Marjorie Davenport

Thomas M. Dennis

Dorothy Lee Earle

Ila Gray Eason

Elizabeth B. Faison

Louise Farrier

Emma Luoise Felton

Virginia Fryar

J. Clarence Gallow

Hazel Gilliam

Mary Gorham

Isa Costen Grant

Malene Grant

Carrie Congleton Gray

Eugene Gray

Ruth Thorson Griffin

Evelyn L. Grimsbey

Thelma Haislip

Helen Hardy

Anna R. Hartman

Anne LaDue Hartman

Maude Peele Despath

Thomas Henderson

Eliabeth Hines

Myrtie Holliday

Lola Holt

Dorothy Hooks

Ruth Horne

Foy Hurdle

Irene James

Ellen Jenkins

Julia Johnson

William Johnson

W. O. Jolly, Jr.

Clifton Jones

Dorothy Jones

Julia Jones

Daniel Jordan

James Joyner

James Keel

Mary Elizabeth Keith

W. Perry King

Belmont Kittrell

Edna Knight

Myrtle W. Lane

Helen Lassiter

Lillian Liles

Robert T. Little

Hattie Pearl Mollard

Clara MacMartin

Margaret Martin

Glennie Mayo

Mae McFarland

Frances MacGowen

Carleton MacMillan

Katie Miller

Belle Mitchiner

Mary Mitchener

Roy Moore

Robert Munns

Elizabeth Musselwhite

Christine O'Berry

Tressie Ormond

Janie Outland

Alvah Page

J. Edward Parker

Eugenia Parrish

Blanche Pearson

Grayce Peele

Nobelle Phillips

Mary Elizabeth Powers

Lula Proctor

Louise Robbins

Sue C. Sandling

Marjorie T. Savage

Sibyl Silverthorne

Evelyn Smith

Maude starling

Rachel Stone

Margaret Stroude

Howard M. Summerell

Jean Tate

Carrie Jean Thomas

Ethel Vick

Irma Walker

Viola Ward

John Warren

Myra Westbrook

Alton Whitehurst

Frances Willard

Gretchen Willard

Elizabeth Wilson

W. Hazel Woodard

Leon Woodruff

William Woolard

Annie Worthington

Tom Worthington

Woodrow Worthington

Dan Wright

J.C. Wynne, Jr.


Senior Normal Class Mascots Dorothy Nell Henderson and Ed. Hillman

Colors: Lavender and Pea

Motto: "Upward and Onward"


Apollo had driven his fiery chariot

Into its purple sapphire gate

When before me in strange array

Passed a procession of white-gowned ladies

Decked with daisies white and gay.

On went the march of the procession strange

While I followed in its wake;

On went the daisy-bedecked ladies

To Education's massive gate.

Each lady bowed and left a flower

For a token as she passed through;

Each daisy took root in Learning's bower

Under a garden of daisies grew.

Through Time, goes the scattering of daisies

In rows from left to right;

Till Eternity's end, will the ladies

Make their Harvest daisy-white


Margaret Russell

Dunn, North Carolina

Senior Normal Class President


Margaret Russell President

Eleanor Brinkley Vice President

Margarette Rogers Secretary

Elsie Tilghman Treasurer


Bevie Irene

Benson, N.C.

Grammar Grade

Poe Society; Y.W.C.A, '32, '33; Johnston County Club, '32, '33

Louise Adams

Wilmington, N.C.

Two-year Grammar Grade

Emerson Literary Society, '32, '33; Glee Club, '32, '33

Hazel Dee Ainsley

Hertford, N.C.

Grammar Grade

Lanier Society; Y.W.C.A., '32, '33; Athletic Assocation, '32, '33

Selma Wilson Anderson

Tarboro, N.C.

Primary Grade

Lanier Society; Y.W.C.A.

Winona Asbell

Tyner, N.C.

Grammar Grade

Lanier Society, '31-'33; Y.W.C.A., '32, '33

Anne Askew

Greenville, N.C.

Grammar Grade

Louise Askew

Henderson, N.C.

Primary Grade

Emerson Society, '32, '33; Y.W.C.A., '32, '33

Mary Ellen Baker

Reidsville, N.C.

Grammar Grade

Y.W.C.A., '32, '33; Junior "Y" Cabinet, '32; Scribblers Club, '32; Lanier Society, '32, '33; Assocaite Editor of TECOAN, '33


Grace Baker

Snow Hill, N.C.

Grammar Grade

Emerson Society; Y. W. C. A.; Athletic Assocation

Ruth Bivins

Hillsboro, N.C.

Primary Grade

Poe Society

Laura Elizabeth Bordeaux

Wilmington, N.C.

Edith Griggs Bowman

Wadesboro, N.C.

Two-year Primary Grade

Emerson Society

Beth E. Brantley

Durham, N.C.

Two-year Grammar Grade

Y.W.C.A., '32, '33; Emerson Society, '32, '33; Glee Club, '32, '33, President, '32, '33

Louise Briley

Greenville, N.C.

Primary Grade

Catherine Brinkley

Valdese, N.C.

Primary Grade

Emerson Society; Y.W.C.A.; Vice President Class, '33

Eleanor Brinkley

Valdese, N.C.

Primary Grade

Lanier Society; Y.W.C.A Choir, '33; Proctor, '33


Kathleen Bryce

Rose Hill, N.C.

Primary Grade

Duplin County Club, '31; Glee Club, '31, '33; Y.W.C.A. Choir, '33

Lillie Dare Brown

Bethel, N.C.

Primary Grade

Poe Society; Athletic Assocation, '32, '33

Mildred Bullock

Primary Grade

Lanier Society; Y. W. C. A.

Theo Cain

Buie's Creek, N. C.

Primary Grade

Wake Forest College, '24; Teacher Trainings, '28, '29; N. C. C. W., '29: Campbell College, '30; Poe Society; Scribblers Club, '33; Y. W. C. A.

Bessie Louise Capps

Arcola, N.C.

Grammar Grade

Dilley Catherine Campbell

Maxton, N. C.

Primary Grade

Lanier Society '32, '33; Y. W. C. A., '33; Athletic Association

Lula Braswell Cobb

Elm City, N. C.

Primary Grade

Lanier Society; Y. W. C. A.

Mary Lee Cockrell

Norfolk, Va.

Primary Grade

Lanier Society; Y. W. C. A.


Marcaret E. Cole

Hillsboro, N. C.

Grammar Grade

N.C.C.W., '32

Margaret Minerva Coppage

Vanceboro, N. C.

Primary Grade

Emerson Society; math Club, '32; English Club, '32; Y.W.C.A., '32, '33; Proctor, '33

Rachel Coppedge

Spring Hope, N.C.

Primary Grade

Y.W.C.A., '32, '33, Choir, '33; Lanier Society; Athletic Association, '33; Class Historian

Carma Credle

Lake Landing, N.C.

Primary Grade

Emerson Society; Y.W.C.A.

Lucille Creech

LaGrange, N.C.

Elementary Grade

Lanier Society

Annie Rose Cross

Elizabethtown, N.C.

Primary Grade

Lanier Society; Y.W.C.A.

Sibyl Daniels

Wanchese, N.C.

Primary Grade

Lanier Society; Y.W.C.A., Choir, "32; Athletic Assocation; Dare County Club, '33


Katherine M. Davis

Southport, N.C.

Primary Grade

Lanier Society; Y. W. C. A.

Margaret Davis

Farmville, N. C.

Elementary Grade

Salem College, '31; Lanier Society, Marshal '33; Y. W. C. A.; Class Critic, '32; Superlative, '33

Willa Mitchell Dickey

Laurinburg, N.C.

Grammar Grade

N.C.C.W., '31; Lanier Society; Teco Echo Reporter for Scribblers Club, '32; Reporter for Class, '32, '33; Teco Echo Staff, '32; Managing Editor, '33; Scribblers Club, '32; Corresponding Secretary, '33

Edith Dillard

Rocky Mount, N.C.

Primary Grade

President Junior Normal Class, '32; Junior Y.W.C.A. Cabinet, '32; Lanier Society; Y.W.C.A.; Athletic Assocation; Rotary Cradle Club, '32

Jennie C. Draughon

Clinton, N.C.

Grammar Grade

Poe Society; Sampson County Club

Thelma Edmundson

Bethel, N.C.

Primary Grade

Poe Society

Charles S. Edwards

Macclesfield, N.C.

Grammar Grade

Lanier Society; Secretary-Treasurer co-ed Club; Assistant Manager Basketball, '32, '33


Elizabeth Edwards

Lemon Springs, N. C.

Elementary Grade

Poe Society; Y.W.C.A.

Ernestine Everett

Conetoe, N.C.

Grammar Grade

Emerson Society; Y. W. C. A.

Elsie Edwards

Pendleton, N.C.

Primary Grade

Poe Society; Glee Club, '32, '33.

Bessie Taylor Efland

Efland, N. C.

Grammar Grade

N.C.C.W., '32; Poe Society; Athletic Association

Ruth Falls

Gastonia, N.C.

Primary Grade

Emerson Society; Y.W.C.A

Helen Freeman

Hamlet, N. C.

Primary Grade

Lanier Society; Y. W. C. A.

Margaret Louise Fulcher

Leasburg, N. C.

Grammar Grade

Poe Society

Eleanor Matilda Gaskill

Straits, N.C.

Primary Grade

Poe Society; Athletic Assocation, '32, '33; Y.W.C.A., '33; Rotary Cradle Roll, '32


Inez Glover

Bailey, N. C.

Primary Grade

Emerson Society; Y.W.C.A.; Athletic Assocation

Dorothy Gordon

Hillsboro, N. C.

Grammar Grade

Poe Society; Y. W. C. A.

Katie Lee Gordon

Waxhaw, N.C.

Primary Grade

Poe Society; Y. W. C. A.

Lula G. Hardy

LaGrange, N. C.

Primary Grade

Emerson Society, Marshal, '32; Y. W. C. A.; Athletic Association.

Dorothy Harmon


Grammar Grade

Emerson Society ; Student Volunteer.

Elizabeth Harris

Elizabeth City. N. C.

Grammar Grade

Poe Society; Y. W. C. A.; Proctor, '31.

Ada Clay Hedgepeth

Rocky Mount, N. C.

Elementary Grade

Poe Society; Y, W. C. A.

Naomi Hedgepeth

Primary Grade

Lanier Society; Y.W.C.A.


Lucille Henderson

Mooresville, N.C.

Two-Year Grammar Grade

Emerson Society; Y.W.C.A.; Junior "Y" Cabinet, '31

Margaret Lee Herring

Clinton, N.C.

Two-year Grammar Grade

Lanier Society; Sampson County Club

Josephine Elizabeth Highsmith

Dunn, N. C.

Grammar Education

Lanier Society; Glee club; Proctor, '33.

Eloise Storey Hill

Boykins, Va.

Grammar Grade

Emerson Society; Y. W. C. A.; Junior Cabinet, '32

Ruth Hood Norton

Selma, N.C.

Lanier Society; Y.W.C.A.; Superlative, '32

Beatrice S. Hooks

Kenly, N.C.

Two-year Primary Grade

Emerson Society; Y.W.C.A.; Johnston County Club

Lessie Hooper

Stumpy Point, N.C.

Primary Club

Poe Society; Y.W.C.A.; Athletic Assocation; Dare County Club.

Sybil Hooper

Stumpy Point, N.C.

Grammar Grade

Lanier Society; Y.W.C.A.; Athletic Assocation; Dare County Club.


Doris Humphrey

Richlands, N.C.

Elementary Grade

Poe Society; Y.W.C.A.

Mary Humphrey

St. Pauls, N.C.

Two-year Grammar Grade

Emerson Society; Y.W.C.A.; Scribblers Club

Thelma Ireland

Alliance, N.C.

Primary Grade

Poe Society; Y.W.C.A.; Athletic Assocation, '33

Oleta Jackson

Cooper, N.C.

Primary Grade

Athletic Association, '31; Class Basketball Team; Emerson society

Madeline Jenkins

Greenville, N.C.

Primary Grade

Mildred Louise Jernigan

Fayetteville, N.C.

Primary Grade

Lanier Society; Y.W.C.A.; Athletic Assocation, '32, '33

Annie Lorene Jones

Neuse, N.C.

Grammar Grade

Lanier Society; Y.W.C.A.

Rose Mae Jones

Baltimore, Md.

Two-year Grammar Grade


Edith Kemp

Louisburg, N. C.

Grammar Grade

Poe society

Lucy Kelley

Jonesboro, N.C.

Primary Grade

Treasurer Junior Normal Class, '32; Lanier Society; Y.W.C.A.; Athletic Association.

Ella Johnson Kinlaw

Elizabethtown, N. C.

Intermediate Grade

Emerson Society; Y. W. C. A.; Athletic Assocation

Elsie Knight

Bynum, N.C.

Emerson Society

Laverna Mary Langston

Bentonville, N. C.

Two-Year Grammar Grade

Lanier Society; Johnston County Club, '32, '33

Mary Louise Lawrence

Tarboro, N. C.

Primary Grade

Peace Junior College; Lanier Society; Y.W.C.A.

Hula B. Leach

Wilson, N. C.

Primary Grade

Student Government Representative, '32; Lanier Society; Teco Echo Staff, '32, '33; Y. W. C. A.; Associate Business Manager TECOAN, '33.

Grace Lee

Dunn, N. C.

Grammar Grade

Lanier Society; Glee Club, '32, '33; Y. W. C. A. Choir, '32


Ruby Belvia Lee

Willow Springs, N. C.

Elementary Education

Lanier Society; Y. W. C. A.; Athletic Assocation; Johnston County Club, '32, '33; Class Basketball Team, '33.

May Lewis

Rocky Mount, N. C.

Two-year Grammar Grade

Ruth Mangum

Creedmoor, N. C.

Elementary Grade

Mildred Manning

Primary Grade

Margaret Mebane

Burlington, N. C.

Primary Grade

Emerson Society; Proctor, '32

Annie Laurie Melvin

Elizabethtown, N. C.

Grammar Grade

Wingate Junior College, '31; Emerson Society; Y.W.C.A

Euna Miller

Mocksville, N. C.

Two-Year Primary Grade

Catawba College, '28; Poe Society

Alice Menefee

Greenville, N. C.

Primary Grade

Emerson Society


Mary Alma Monroe

Raeford, N.C.

Grammar Grade

Athletic Assocation, '33

Rachel Elaine Morgan

Spring Hope, N.C.

Primary Grade

Class Secretary, '32; Glee Club; Lanier Society; Y.W.C.A., Choir, '32; Basketball, '32; T.N.T., '32

Doris Evelyn Morris

Harrellsville, N.C.

Grammar Grade

Poe Society

Edith Louise Morton

Wilmington, N.C.

Two-year grammar grade

Emerson Society; Emerson Debater, '32; Marshal, '33; Student Government Treasurer, '33; Y.W.C.A.

Maude Marinett Murray

Wadesboro, N.C.

Primary Grade

Emerson Society; Y.W.C.A.; Athletic Assocation

Beatrice McCotter

Alliance, N.C.

Primary Grade

Poe Society; Y.W.C.A.; "D" Class Council Representative

Mary McFadyen

Raeford, N.C.

Primary Grade

Y.W.C.A., '33

Maggie Lee McGlohon

Greenville, N.C.

Grammar Grade


Annie McIntyre

Merrimon, N.C.

Primary Grade

Emerson Society; Junior Y.W.C.A. Cabinet, '32; Vice President Class, '32

Renno McLawhorn

Ayden, N.C.

Primary Grade

Lanier Society; Y.W.C.A.

Lizzie Lee Nelms

Nashville, N.C.

Two-year primary grade

Lanier Society; Y.W.C.A.

Ruth Nixon

Stumpy Point, N.C.

Grammar Grade

Poe Society; Athletic Assocation; Y.W.C.A., Choir; Glee Club; Secretary and Treasurer Dare County Club.

Lillian Inez Oglesby

Winterville, N.C.

Two-year grammar grade

Frances Overton

Mount Gilead, N.C.

Primary Grade

Louisburg College; Y.W.C.A.; Emerson Society

Thelma Parker

Winterville, N.C.

Primary Grade

Alice Peacock

Benson, N.C.

Grammar grade

Poe Society; Johnston county Club


Hazel Pearce

Micro, N. C.

Primary Grade

Poe society; Y.W.C.A.; TECOAN Representative for Johnston county Club; Student Volunteer Band

Mildred Peele

Raeford, N.C.

Primary grade

Emerson Society

Pattie Mae Patterson

Elm City, N. C.

Two-Year Primary Grade

Lanier Society; Y. W. C. A.

Alice Leigh Pelletier

Greenville, N.C.

Primary Grade

Vashti Perry

Hobbsville, N.C.

Grammar Grade

Lanier Society

Kittye Snow Phillips

Pinetops, N.C.

Primary Grade

Emerson Society

Joy Pickard

Charlotte, N.C.

Primary Grade

Chairman Junior "Y" Cabinet, '32; "C" Class Representative Student Government, '32; House President, '33; Emerson Society; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet, '32; Delegate to "Y" Officers Training Conference, '32; To Blue Ridge, '32; to Southern Student Faculty Conference, '32

Marie Pinnell

Warrenton, N.C.

Primary Education

Poe society; Y.W.C.A.; Athletic Assocation; Basketball Team


Sarah Belle Pitt

Pinetops, N.C.

Primary Grade

Emerson Society

Frances Anne Pollock

Trenton, N.C.

Primary Grade

Emerson Society; Glee Club, '33

Mayde Reynolds

Clinton, N.C.

Grammar Grade

Poe Society; Proctor, '33

Cornelia Rhyne

Gastonia, N.C.

Primary Grade

Asheville Normal and Teachers College, '30; Emerson Society

Mary Lena Rice

Alliance, N.C.

Primary Grade

Poe Society

Kathleen Riddle

Laurel Hill, N.C.

Primary Grade

Poe Society; Y.W.C.A.; Glee Club

Margarette Holt Rogers

Denton, N.C.

Primary Grade

Secretary Junior "Y" Cabinet, '32; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet, '33; Emerson Society; Class Secretary, '33; Associate Editor TECOAN, '33; Scribblers Club, '33

Janie Mildred Ross

Snow Hill, N.C.

Grammar Grade

Emerson Society; Y.W.C.A.


Della Undine Ross

Robersonville, N.C.

Grammar Grade

Emerson Society; Y.W.C.A.

Bonnie Mae Rushen

Belmont, N.C.

Primary Grade

Lanier Society; Y.W.C.A.

Margaret Taylor Russell

Dunn, N.C.

Primary Grade

Lanier Society; Y.W.C.A., '33; Scribblers Club; "D" Class President, '33; Teco Echo Reporter; Lanier Society, '33

Inez Smith

Goldsboro, N.C.

Grammar Grade

Laura E. Smith

Greenville, N.C.

Two-year primary grade

Emerson society

Mattie Ruth Smith

Fountain, N.C.

Primary Grade

Poe Society, '32, '33

Pauline Onedia Smith

Gibsonville, N.C.

Primary Grade

Y.W.C.A.; Junior Cabinet, '32; Athletic Assocation, '33; Lanier Society

Mary Willie Southerland

Henderson, N.C.

Two-year primary grade

Y.W.C.A.; Emerson Society; Y.W.C.A.; Junior Cabinet


Mary Ross Squires

Washington, N.C.

Primary Grade

Emerson Society; Class Cheer Leader, '32, '33; Emerson Cheer Leader, '33

Jane Stewart

Henderson, N.C.

Primary Grade

Emerson Society; Y.W.C.A.

Iris Elizabeth Stokes

Colerain, N.C.

Primary Grade

Y.W.C.A.; Poe Society, marshal, '33

Lucille Stokes

Greenville, N.C.

Grammar Grade

Poe Society

Margaret Strickland

Dunn, N.C.

Elementary Grade

Y.W.C.A. Choir, '32, '33; Glee Club; "D" Class TECOAN Representative, '33

Virginia Strickland

Nashville, N.C.

Primary Grade

Lanier Society

Grace Stringfield

Fayetteville, N.C.

Grammar Grade

Lanier Society; Athletic Assocation

Sara Tankard

Bath, N.C.

Grammar Grade

N.C.C.W., '29, 30; Emerson Society


Helen Josephine Taylor

Goldsboro, N.C.

Grammar Grade

Poe Society; Assistant Cheer Leader, '33; Athletic Assocation; Y.W.C.A.; Scribblers Club; President, '33

Lela Mae Taylor

Snow Hill, N.C.

Grammar Grade

Poe Society; Glee Club; Y.W.C.A.; Delegate to B.S.U. Conference, '33

Martha Teal

Wadesboro, N.C.

Primary Grade

Emerson Society; Y.W.C.A. Choir

Elsie Reid Tilghman

Kinston, N.C.

Grammar Grade

Lanier Society; Y.W.C.A.; Treasurer of Senior Normal Class

Sarah Mildred Tolar

Lumber Bridge, N.C.

Grammar Grade

Lanier Society; Y.W.C.A.; Athletic Assocation

Helen Barrow Turnage

LaGrange, N.C.

Grammar Grade

Emerson Society; Y.W.C.A. Choir

Flora Christine Tyndall

Trenton, N.C.

Elementary Grade

Emerson Society

Mabel Bernice Tyndall

Trenton, N.C.

Elementary Grade

Emerson Society


Lois Waddell

Fair Bluff, N.C.

Grammar Grade

Emerson Society; Glee Club, '33; Athletic Assocation, '33; Y.W.C.A.; "D" Basketball Team, '33

Lois Frances Walker

Hillsboro, N.C.

Grammar Grade

Lanier society

Emily Martha Warren

Durham, N.C.

Grammar Grade

Poe Society; Athletic Assocation; Basketball Team

Melba Louise Watson

Kenly, N.C.

Primary Grade

Y.W.C.A.; Junior Y.W.C.A. Cabinet '32; Poe Society; Poe Cheerio Club, '32; Johnston County Club, Vice President, '33; TECOAN Representative of "C" Class, '32; College Orchestra; TECOAN Representative of Poe Society, '33; Class Critic, '33; Proctor, '33; Class Poet, '32

Virginia Dare White

LaGrange, N.C.

Primary Grade

Emerson Society; Athletic Assocation; Y.W.C.A.; Proctor, '33

Ethel Whitehurst

Beaufort, N.C.

Primary Grade

Emerson Society; Advertising Manager Teco Echo, '33; Y.W.C.A.

Margaret Whitehurst

Bethel, N.C.

Grammar Grade

Clio Louise Whitfield

Franklin, Va.

Primary Grade

Y.W.C.A.; Lanier Society, Secretary, '33; Class Prophet, '33


Ella Estelle Williams

McCullers, N.C.

Elementary Grade

Lanier society; Athletic Assocation; Y.W.C.A.; Johnston County Club, Treasurer, '33

Frances Williams

Atlantic, N.C.

Primary Grade

Lanier Society

Sallie Elizabeth Williams

Clinton, N.C.

Primary Grade

N.C.C.W., '31; Poe Society

Nell S. Williford

Elm City, N.C.

Elementary Grade

Emerson Society; Y.W.C.A.; Junior Y.W.C.A. Cabinet; Athletic Assocation

Nellie Wise

Stumpy Point, N.C.

Grammar Grade

Lanier Society; Y.W.C.A.; Athletic Assocation; Class Cheer leader, '33; Teco Echo Reporter, '33; Scribblers Club; Dare County Club.

Hilda Wise

Swan Quarter, N.C.

Grammar Grade

Florence Woodard

Columbia, N.C.

Grammar Grade

Lanier Society; Y.W.C.A.

Alice Woodruff

Whitakers, N.C.

Primary Grade

Randolph Macon college, '30; Lanier Society; Y.W.C.A.


Verdie Wilson

Greenville, N.C.

Primary Grade

Lenore Winstead

Elm City

Primary Grade

Lanier Society

Lucille Yates

Morrisville, N.C.

Grammar Grade

Emerson Society; Athletic Assocation; Y.W.C.A.; Glee Club

Mary Ellen Yelverton

Farmville, N.C.

Elementary Grade

Lanie Society; Tennis Club; Baseball Team, '32; Captain Baseball Team, '32

Elizabeth Young

Elizabethtown, N.C.

Primary Grade

N.C.C.W., '32; Emerson Society


AS we sit fondly fingering our well-worn memory books which are really scrapbooks containing autographs, cartoons, souveniers, and a bit of a diary - all dating from the never-to-be-forgotten day of September 28, 1931, what a floodgate of memories - memories that bless and burn - are awakened ! How beautiful are some of the pictures that hang in Memory's Hall. How comical are some of the recollections of those First Days at college.

We were one hundred fiifteen in number as we entered the doors of our favorite Shrine to Knowledge, dear old East Carolina Teachers College. From all arts of North Carolina we hailed jolly girls, sad girls, big girls, little girls, brave girls and timid girls.

Parties, teas, mass meetings and registering, together with getting acquainted with each other, occupied our first few days.

Soon we were meeting classes (not the hopes and ambitions our instructors had for us)! To those first questions the answers quite frequently were. "Teacher, I don't know."

Then came INITIATION ! Not one among our number but had enlarged imaginations, anticipations (and in some cases apprehensions) concerning this event. Each resolved inwardly to assume the nonchalant attitude and appear as sensible as green "C's" could. Alas! like "best laid plans of mice and men," ours too, went astray - arrayed in many petticoats, rouged noses, adorned by alarming clocks, wear- ing slickers, carrying umbrellas, we must have been an attractive group! But altogether it was lots of fun. and having experienced it. we saw to it that the incoming 1933 society members derived full benefit and had something to write home about.

Then came Thanksgiving. Home and friends never seemed dearer. As we packed our bags in eager haste we forgot the tears we had shed; our hearts forgot the aches it had had. Everyone was happy. Although the holidays passed very quickly we brought back with us many pleasant memories.

As we turn other pages, bits of programs, a line jotted here and there remind us anew of some of the wonderful things the college provided in the way of entertainment. We shall long remember the Don Cossack Russian Male Chorus. Galli Curci, The Abbey Theater Irish Players, Harold Kreutzherg and his Dancing Group -how we enjoyed them!

Almost before we knew it we were handing in our spring finals, and asking ourselves anew, "What is so rare as a day in June?" For were we not eager for our promising vacation?

We entered our senior year one hundred sixty-four in number. Visions of practice teaching became realities, and many, many times did we hear that "Teacher, I don't know" - it sounds different too, when one says it and it's said to one !

The outstanding entertainment during the first term was the delightful show performed by Doris Kenyon. She sang in many different languages and expressed her wonderful personality in all of it.

We have enjoyed many motion pictures shown in Austin Hall on Saturday evenings. Nor must we leave our Ex-Governor Gardner and the various speakers who from time to time have inspired us to better effort by their messages.

Graduation - the goal for which we have zealously labored - approaches ! We must soon say that pathos-filled word "Farewell" as we part from the sunshine of accomplishment and temporary clouds of disappointment in some of our work.

On the very last page is pasted an invitation to one Graduating Exercise. We are elated yet,

"A feeling of sadness comes o'er me That my soul cannot refrain. And resembles sorrow only As the mists resemble rain.''

As we think of parting from those who have been closely associated with us, both in our classes and on the campus, we think of this selection:

'Here awa and there awa,

Up the world and doon, You and I are going friend.

Under sun and moon; Whether roads divide or no.

Whether alone or met, Whether we hail or bid farewell-

Oh, dinna forget !"

And now to teachers, friends, and members of Senior Normal Class of 1933 in the words of Tiney Tim, "God Bless us all!"


State of North Carolina County of Pitt Town of Greenville

WE, the Senior Normal Class of nineteen hundred thirty-three, while on the eve of our graduation, look back with love and loyalty for our Alma Mater, do hereby make and declare our Last Will and Testament.

We bequeath:

To the Faculty, our most sincere wishes that the "Depression" come to an end in the near future, as we ourselves hope to become faculty members soon, and we feel that we shall be able to sympathize with them regarding such matters.

To our Parents, we devote our future lives with the desire that we do all we can to repay them for what they have done for us. To the Junior-Normal Class:

First, our charm and teaching personality that are such essential assets at the Training School ;

Second, a full supply of notebooks, note-cards, and files;

Third, the beloved privilege of sharing in the persecution of the new society members, as you have been persecuted this year;

Fourth, our chapel seats at the front of the auditorium.

To all concerned, a clear field, as far as we are concerned, in pursuit of our irresistible co-eds.

Melba Watson, Maruarette Rogers,


Witnesses :

Carma Credle, Anne McIntyre.


THE meeting will please come to order" called Margaret Russell at the class reunion in June 1942. "As Margaret Rogers calls the roll will each answer in a few words what she is doing?"

Bevie Adams: Follies girl.

Louise Adams: Old maid.

Hazel Ainsley: Piano tuner.

Mabel Allen: Publishing poem books.

Selma Anderson : Nun.

Winona Asbell: Waitress.

Anne Askew: Tap dancer.

Ellen Baker: Missionary.

Grace Baker: Debater.

Mabel Barbour: Lion hunter.

Ruth Bivens: America's platinum blond.

Edith Bowman: Photographer.

Beth Brantley: Big woman in a circus.

Jessie Brewer: Famous fortune teller.

Louise Briley: Artist model.

Catherine Brinkley: Librarian.

Eleanor Brinkley: Postmistress.

Kathleen Bryce: Demonstrator of cosmetics.

Lillie Brown: Coach in Cuba.

Theo Cain: Teaching at Campbell College.

Katherine Campbell: Social director for P. J. C.

Bessie Louise Capps: Voice instructor.

Lillian Carowan: Gown shop in Paris.

Virginia Carowan: Professor at Columbia.

Lula Cobb: Working for Ph.D.

Mary Lee Cockerell: Secretary.

Margaret Coppage: Speakeasy hostess.

Rachel Coppedge: Anne Harding's successor.

Carma Credle: Opera star.

Lucille Creech: Ballet dancer.

Irene Creech: Pianist.

Annie Cross: Clerk.

Pauline Dail: Beauty culture teacher

Sybil Daniels:Hostess in nightclub

Katheryne Davis: Living in S.A.

Margaret Davis: Music instructor here

Katherine Dickerson: Struggling for A.B. at E. C. T. C.

Wills Mitchell:Editor of Ballyhoo.

Edith Dillard: Proprietor of Denton's

Thelma Edmundson: Teaching phonics

Jennie Draughon: Teaching school.

Charles Edwards: Director of Physical Education at E. C. T. C.

Elizabeth Edwards: Radio announcer.

Ernestine Everett: Deep sea diver.

Ruth Falls: Kindergarten teacher.

Ilarnae Fitzgerald: Poet.

Hazel Forrest: Choir leader.

Helen Freeman: Broadway dancer.

Margaret Fulcher: Card shark.

Matilda Gaskin: Coaching dramatics.

Inez Glover: Artist.

Lula G. Hardy: Bootblack.

Ora Hammond: Telephone operator.

Elizabeth Harris: Olympics champion.

Ada Hedgepeth: Invented permanent curling fluid.

Lucille Henderson: Clerk in Woohvorth's.

Alice Herring: Auctioneer.

Elizabeth Highsmith: Beauty parlor operator.

Margaret Lee Herring: Dean at E. C. T. C.

Eloise Hill: Advertising Barrett's Rolls.

Vera Hobbs: Making phonograph records.

Virginia Hoffman: Bandmistress.

Beatrice Hooks: Bicyclist.

Lessie Hooper: Prima donna.

Sybil Hooper: Recently divorced.

Doris Humphrey: Cashier.

Mary Humphrey: Working for M.A.

Thelma Ireland: Drummer.

Oleta Jackson: Running tea room.

Mildred Jernigan: Parachute jumper.

Lillian Johnson: Hair dresser.

Louise Jones: Governor of State.

Lorine Jones: Florist.

Edith Kemp: Sculptress.

Lucy Kelly: Studying men abroad.

Ella Johnson Kinlaw: Librarian.

Elsie Knight: Dancing Director.

Laverna Langs ton: County superintendent.

Mary Louise Lawrence: Dream interpreter.

Hula B. Leach: Farmer's wife.

Grace Lee: Running hot dog stand.

Ruby Lee: Swimming instructor.

May Lewis: Matron in Fleming.

Ruth Mangum: Patent on "Sur-Blonde Liquid."

Evelyn Matthews: Playwright.

Margaret Mebane: School teacher.

Annie Laurie Melvin: Worlds prettiest brunette.

Annie Menefee: Answering fan mail.

Frances Mewborne: Bellhop in Waldorf.

Euna Miller: Demonstrating cooking.

Mary Alma Monroe: N. C. Senator.

Rachel Morgan: Miss Graham's successor.

Leona Morgan: Mail carrier.

Doris Morris: Dealer in toilet articles.

Edith Morton: Interior decorator.

Dell Moye: Loafing.

Jessie Munn: Telegraph operator.

Wilina Murphy: Owns silk factory.

Marnette Murray: Song writer.

Beatrice McCotter: Salvation Army worker.

Mary McFadgen: Minister's wife.

Maggie McGlohon: Lilly Pond's successor.

Annie Mclntyre: Maid in Biltmore Hotel.

Renno McLawhorn: Old maid.

Lizzie Lee Nelms: Hook agent.

Ruth Nixon: Welfare worker.

Inez Oglesby: Dress maker.

Frances Overton: Running hoarding house.

Thelma Parker: Toe dancer.

Alice Peacock: Studying art.

Hazel Pearce: Telephone operator.

Mildred Peele; Raising chickens.

Alice Pelletier: Still reducing.

Vashti Perry: Matron of Sand Rock Hotel.

Kittye Phillips: Palmist.

Joy Pickard: Editor of Trut Story.

Marie Pinnell: Running Private Kinder- garten.

Sarah Belle Pitt: Keeping house.

Frances Pollock: Sign painter.

Mayde Reynolds: Music teacher.

Cornelia Rbyne: Home Economics Teacher.

Mary Lena Rice: Doctor's wife.

Kathleen Riddle: Mayor of Laurel Hill.

Margarette Rogers: Ring agent.

Mildred Rose: Elocutionist.

Delha Ross: Mother of six.

Ronnie Rushen: Tennis Star.

Margaret Russell: Nurse in Rudy's Hospital.

Inez Smith: Bathing beauty.

Mattie Laura Smith: Magazine salesman.

Mattie Ruth Smith: Model for Kaiser's Underwear.

Mildred Smith: Tight Rope Walker.

Pauline Smith: Aviatrix.

Man" Southerland: Studying fashions abroad.

Mary Ross Squires: Nun.

Jane Stewart: Broker on Wall Street.

Iris Stokes: Selling Angora Cats.

Lucille Stokes: Geography Instructor at Duke.

Margaret Strickland: Bathing Beauty.

Grace Stringfield: Church Secretary.

Sara Tankard: In Reno getting a divorce.

Helen Taylor: Associate Editor of College II a mil r.

Tela Mae Taylor: Designer in Furniture Factory.

Martha Teel : Blues Crooner.

Elsie Tilghman: Bookkeeper.

Helen Turnage: Toe Dancer in New York.

Inez Turner: Proprietor of a Luncheon- ette.

Mildred Tolar: Basketball Coach.

Flora Tyndall: Architect.

Mabel Tyndall: Hostess at the St. Regis Hotel, N. V.

I.ois Waddell: Geography teacher.

Lois Walker: Critic in E. C. T. C. Training School.

Mrs. May H. Watson: Kindergarten Instructor.

Melba Watson: Pianist in Alva van Northwick Orchestra.

Emily Warren: Milliner in Richmond.

Virginia White: Working in a hosiery mill.

Ethel Whitehurst: Advertising Manager of Kress.

Louise Whitfield: United States Congressman's wife.

Estelle Williams: Accountant at E. C. T. C.

Nell Williford: In Arizona trying to gain.

Verdie Wilson: Movie Actress in California.

Hilda Wise: Building bridges to Manteo.

Nelle Wise: Teaching FJlocution in Hyde County.

Florence Woodard: Home Economist.

Alice Woodruff: Taking life easy.

Mary Ellen Yelverton: Politician.

Elizabeth Young: Saleslady.

Written by

Willa Mitchell Dickey.

Louse Whitfield.


Wade Colburn "C" Class Mascot

Colors: White and Lavender

Flower: Sweet Pea

Motto: "Perserverance"


Our Class in approximation

Is two hundred forty strong;

And as to zeal and animation -

We'll rule the place before long!

But thinking in a serious way,

We gladly will cooperate;

And at some not so far off clay

We will make this our college great.

Now let us go forward and persevere

Until our work is done;

For we want our memory here

To be a grand and brilliant one!

Dorothy Brooks


Marie Daniels President

Carol Pollock Vice President

Dorothy Brooks Secretary

Inez Davis Treasurer



Margaret Anderson

Ruby Andrews

Ruth Melba Arnold

Grace Ayscue

Gladys Baker

Mildred Bockum

Louise Banck

Rachel Barbee

Molly Neal Barringer

Mattie Elizabeth Barrow

Lucy Barrow

Rose Bateman

Willie Lewis Bazemore

Mary Booth

Julia May Bordeaux

Margaret Bostic

Norma Boyles

Esmond Bradley

Ruby Branch

Catherine Brazwell

Selma Braxton

Daisy Sue Britt

Elizabeth Britt

Alice Brooks

Dorothy Brooks

Alma Broughton

Lillie Dare Brown

Mary Elizabeth Browne

Adell Brumley

Nita Brumley

Mary Bundy

Grace Burrus

Mayre Bridger Butler

Hilda Byrd

Sara Hooker Carr

Rachel Cauble

Attie Chappell

Blanche Chappell

Sibyl Clarke

Annie Mae Collier

Rose Collins

Valerie Conner

Miriam Cudworth

Eleanor Daly

Fannie W. Daniel

Marie Daniels

Maxine Daniels

Edna Darden

Lida Frances Dark

Margaret Daughtridge

Sidney Davenport

Inez Davis

James Ethel Davis

Marie Davis

Mary Ruth Davis

Mildred Davis

Nancy Dawson

Nellie Rae Dawson

Thelma Dawson

Joy DeLoatche

Jessie Ruffin Denton

Mary Gardner Dinkins

Elva Driggers

Florence Estelle Eagles

Dorothy Earle

Emma Earley

Frances Edmundson

Louise Edmundson

Rebecca Edwards

Bessie Efland

Mary Ellenberg

Lucy Etheridge

Ruth Evans

Nancy Ewing

Pauline Finch

Ruth Yelverton Fenber

Ellen Fleetwood

Frances Fleetwood

Laura S. Fleming

Marjorie Fodrie

Annie Rose Fuller

Mary R. Fulton

Annie Lois Futrelle

Hazel Gaynor

Lucile Gammon

Margueritte Gardner

Alma Godfrey

Adell Godwin

Irma Grant

Catherine Gregg

Grace Griffin

Annie Hall

Alma Hammond

Laura Harrell

Helen L. Hardy

Elizabeth Moore Helms

Lucile Harris

Alphia Herring

Sara Herring

Janie Hester

Helen Hinton

Roslyn Hollingsworth

Margaret Holt

Mildred Hooker

Annie Laurie Hudson

Jeanne Isley

Alma Earle Ivy

Victoria Jackson

Mary Jenkins

Lessie Mae Jennings

Elizabeth Johnson

Ruth Johnson

Betsie Ann Jordan

Virginia Kerr

Hazel Gonelle Kimrey

Annie Kornegay

Pearl Lautares

Willie C. Levinson

Eloise Lewis

Olive Lewis

Mary Lindsay

Nancy Lee Little

Lucile Long

Alice Manning

Margaret Mattox

Lessie May

Edna M. Midgette

Belle Mitchiner

Lois B. Moore

Rachel Moore

Louise Morris

Hazel Morton

Vivian Murray

Athaleah Muse

Sue Taylor Myers

Sara McFadyen

Elizabeth McGee

Ellen McGladon

Janice McGowen

Catherine McNair

Irene Nobles

Sue Noell

Mary Norton

Persaline O'Brian

Margaret Lee Oldham

Mary Outlaw

Emma Avent Outterbridge

Anabel Parker

Arline Parker

Betsy Parker

Virginia Parrish

Eugenia Parrish

Lillie Frank Peace

Florence Peacock

Ophelia Pearce

Mildred Pitt

Grace Penny

Hilda Perkins

Mary Foy Peterson

Maude Ellen Phillips

Reba Pickett

Lou Ella Pinnul

Minnie Leah Pittman

Carol Pollock

Julia Pollock

Annie Neal Pravatte

Margaret Pravatte

Marjorie Pritchard

Odell Pritchard

Daisy Purnell

Maud Rankin

Daisy Raper

Margaret Rawls

Norma Redfearn

Naomi Riddick

Louise Roberson

Inez Rollins

Dora Routree

Bettie Rouse

Julia Rouse

Nannie Rowlett

Berkely Sauls

Evelyn Sawyer

Miriam Sloan

Edna Smith

Ellen Smith

Frances Elizabeth Smith

Hannah Snead

Hazel Spivey

Inez Stevens

Ruby Stocks

Nina Ruth Stone

Wilma Storey

Juila Stringfield

Ruth Strange

Elma Strickland

Hattie B. Strickland

Betty Stuckey

Mary Anna Sugg

Isabelle Suiter

Alma Taylor

Christine Taylor

Carrie Jean Thomas

Eleanor Thompson

Minnie Leigh Thompson

Lucy Tillet

Virginia Tilly

Dora Tingle

Minnie Lou Tomlinson

Mamie Trexler

Annie Boyd Trollinger

Eva May Turnage

Allene Turlington

Catherine Tyson

Julia Underwood

Eva Vaughan

Annie Vinson

Emily Von Milgrom

Stella Walston

Viola Ward

Erna Lee Watson

Gladys West

Lizzie J. White

Annie Whitley

Elsie Whitley

Winston Wicker

Louise Wilder

Ruth Willard

Clarice Williams

Geneva Williams

Sally Williams

Reba Winstead

Magdaline M. Wilson

Elsie Wood

Louise Wood

Mavis Woodard

Sara Mae Woodard

Sara Wooten











Iris Flythe President

Helen L. Harkey Vice President

Mabel Dickens Secretary

Pauline Barber Treasurer

Iris Flythe

Pauline Barber

Mabel Dickens

Mary Sue Langston

Vera Broughton

Sara S. Summerville

Martha Starling





Florence Sinclair

Alice Herring

May Hearne

Lucy LeRoy

Mildred Harrison

Elizabeth Overton

Clyde Morton



Grace Penny

Allene Turlington

Rachel Barbee

Irma Grant

Hilda Perkins

Bessie Efland

Margaret Cole



Mildred Dixon, Chief

Pansy Lanier

Myrtie Gray Hodges

George Wilkerson



Margaret Murchinson President

Marjorje Griffin Vice President

Rebecca Curtis Secretary

Edith Morton Treasurer

Evelyn Rogers Chairman of Campus Committee

Ethel Parker President of Y.W.C.A.

Elizabeth Haywood Editor-in-Chief Teco Echo

Birdie Lee Debnam Senior Class Representative

Mary Parker Junior Class Representative

Edith Marslender Sophomore Class Representative

Janie Outland Freshman Class Representative

Beatrice McCotter Senior Normal Class Representative

Isabel Suiter Junior Normal Class Representative

Laura Eure House President Cotton Hall

Hattie Lee Humphrey House President Cotton Hall

Stella Blevins House President Cotton Hall

Agnes Strickland House President Fleming Hall

Joy Pickard House President Fleming Hall

Aleen Hunt House President Jarvis Hall

Mary Rabb House President Jarvis Hall

Mary Lynn Pipkin House President Wilson Hall

Pauline Wheeless House President Wilson Hall

Elizabeth Moore Town Representative

Nelson Hunsucker Young Men's Representative

Margaret Murchison

Greensboro, N. C.

President of Student Government Association

Marjorie Griffin

Rebecca Curtis

Edith Morton

Evelyn Rogers

Ethel Parker

Elizabeth Haywood

Birdie Lee Debnam

Mary G. Parker

Edith Marslender

Janie Outland

Beatrice McCotter

Isabel Suiter


Laura Eure

Hattie Lee Humphery

Stella Blevins

Agnes Strickland

Joy Pickard

Aleen Hunt

Mary Rabb

Mary Lynn Pipkin

Pauline Wheeless

Elizabeth Moore

Nelson Hunsucker


Ethel Parker

Woodland, N.C.

President of Young Women's Chrisitan Association


Elizabeth Biddle Vice President

Katherine Hinson Secretary

Melba O'Brien Treasure

Margarette Rogers Teco-Echo Reporter

Elizabeth Denny Religious Education

Margaret Murchison Ex Officio

Pauline Barber Publicity

Joy Pickard Morning Watch

Ethelyn Sanders Social Service

Lucille Rose Student Volunteer

Mary Rabb Music

Louise Sharpe Social

Ruth Parker World Fellowship

Iris Flythe Store Keepers

Helen Harkey Store Keepers







Elizabeth Haywood Editor in Chief

Willa Mitchell Dickey Managing Editor

Clyde Morton Associate Editor

Bertha Walston Associate Editor

Mary G. Parker Associate Editor

Margaret Walker Associate Editor

Miss Mamie Jenkins Faculty Advisor


Myrtie Gray Hodges Business Manager

Virginia Taylor Assistant Business Manager

Elizabeth Denny Advertising Manager

Frances Davis Advertising Manager

Jessie Glynn Cole Circulation Manager

Lucy LeRoy Circulation Manager

Lucille Rose Circulation Manager

Mildred Gibson Circulaton Manager

M.L. Wright Faculty Manager




Mary Lynn Pipkin, Chairman Emerson Society

Mildred Dixon, Secretary Poe Society


Miss Charlton Lanier Society

Mr. Hollar Emerson Society

Dr. Slay Lanier Society

Dr. Rebarker Poe Society

Mr. Pickleseimer Emerson Society

Dr. Meadows Poe Society


Evelyn Rogers Emerson Society

Mary Lynn Pipkin Emerson Society

Pansy Lanier Emerson Society

Emily Lane Lanier Society

Elizaeeth Denny Lanier Society

Clafton Cherry Poe Society

Mildred Dixon Poe Society

Inez Becton Poe Society



Evelyn Rogers President

Pansy Lanier Vice President

Iris Flythe Secretary

Elizabeth Davis Treasurer


Tune: "Clayton's Grand March"

Oh, Emerson Society,

Dear old White and Blue!

For you our hearts beat merrily

As we sing this song to you.

For when tee see our colors there.

Blue and White, everywhere,

We know that they mean only you,

And all you hold so true.

So here we are the Emersons,

Boosting for our clan.

Oh, Emerson! Oh, Emerson!

For you we will always stand!


Clafton Cherry President

Elizabeth Carswell Vice President

Louise Jordan Secretary

Helen M. Harkey Treasurer


Oh, Edgar! Oh, Edgar Allan!

He are the Edgar Allan Poes.

We are the society,

Choice and picked variety.

Oh, Edgar! Oh, Edgar Allan!

We are the Edgar Allan Poes.

March on! - March on!

Beneath the red and white,

For we will conquer all our foes,

And we're sure to win in every fight.



Emily Lane President

Etheltn Sanders Vice President

Louise Whitfield Secretary

Frances Newsom Treasurer


Tune: "On the Mall"

Let us sing a song of praise to our Society,

Hail to thee, Sidney Lanier!

Loyal members ever proving your sobriety,

Though our fun to us will e'er be dear.

Then let us to our banner each a tribute pay -

Let us ever our motto uphold,

Always faithful, true, and loyal to thee, night and day,

Hurrah for the Green and Gold!

Margaret Griffin

Marshville, N. C.

Chief Marshal Poe Society

Frances Davis

Melba O'Brien

Clara Van Freeman

Iris Stokes

Lucy LeRoy


Mary Lynn Pipkin

Edith Morton

Mildred Gibson

Lulu G. Hardy

Marjorie Griffin


Margaret Davis

Mildred Horton

Rebecca Curtis

Emily Lane

Katherine Blalock





Rosa Lee Lang Chairman

Rebecca Pittman Student Body Representative

Lucy LeRoy Student Body Representative

Mary Shaw Robeson Town Representative

Bob Eason Young Men's Representative


Dorothy Smith President

Elizabeth Carswell

Ruth Hollowell

Aleen Hunt

Sue Sewell

Kemp House

Mary Taylor

Professor R. C. Deal Faculty Adviser




Book IV




Best-all-Around American


Most Beautiful Spanish


Most Intellectual Roman


Most Vivacious French


Most Industrious German


Wittiest Irish


Lizzie Lee: Now before we drive much farther, I want you to understand that lon't neck, so don't try to hold my hand or kiss me. Is that clear? Harry: Yes.

L. L.: Now, since that is settled, where shall we go? Harry: Home.

It is reported that Barnum and Bailey have sold their old big-top to Kate Smith to use as a morning wrap.

Headline - "Husband Leaves Wife's Bridge Party; Disappears." Just a fugitive from a chin gang.

A big car pulled up to the curb. The little girl's heart missed a beat. "Going north. Babe?"

"Why, yes."

"Well, give my regards to the Eskimos" - and the big car continued up Fifth Street.

Mrs. Fort: Mrs. Frank, does your husband talk in his sleep?

Mrs. Frank: No, and it's awfully exasperating. He only smiles.

Do you neck?

That's my business.

Well, how's business during this depression?

A stout woman drove up to a filling station.

"I want two quarts of oil," she said.

"What kind, heavy?" asked the attendant.

"Say, young man, don't get fresh with me," was the indignant response.

Moena Horton: Gee, but that date last night was fresh.

Julia: Why didnt you slap his face?

Moena: I did; and take my advice, never slap a guy when he's chewing tobacco.


"Your Shoe Store"

Real College Styles Combined with Quality and Comfort

Ask your Friends About Our Shoes

They Know


Offers at all times the styles in

Ladies' Ready-to-Wear and Yard Material

412 Evans Street

Greenville, N.C.




Engraved Wedding Annoucements

Fine Stationary

Office Supplies


Greenville, N.C.

One of the Freshmen at State can't understand why he has to take courses in husbandry in order to get his bachelor's degree.

"Do you like women who talk or the other kind?"

"What other kind?"

They say that love is blind and that the home is an institution - therefore marriage must he an institution for the blind!

"Will we ever have a woman president?"

"Of course not. A president has to be over thirty-five years of age."

Cassie: Isn't it dreadful? I refused to marry Dan last January and he's been drinking ever since.

Annie Boyd: I should say that's carrying it too far.

Alva: So Miss Greene is going to get married at last? Who's the lucky man?

Charlie: Her father- her father.

"Has anybody seen Tibbie?"

"She's wrestling with her conscience."

"Yeah, a featherweight match."

The old maid's lament:

I wish I were dead,

I frightened a man

Who was under my bed.

Joe: I'm getting a new siren for my car.

Frances: Oh Joe, does that mean that it's all over between us?

Hula B.: Troy is so original. He says things that no other boy would dream of saying.

Mary Baugham: What's he been up to now? Asking you to marry him?


Ruth Biven's hair-

Meona Horton's eyes-

Ruth Hood Norto's nose-

Myrtle Gray Hodges mouth-

Jessie Glynn Coles dimples-

Margaret Davis' complexion-

Kat. Hines' figure-

Lucy Kelly's legs-

Frankie Davis' personality-

Hula B. Leach's technique-

What a woman!


The Home Furniture Store


Near Five Points


Just suppose:

Miss Morton was 5 feet tall and weighed 200 lbs.

We had no co-eds.

We didn't have the depression to talk about.

Mr. Haynes would cut a class.

Dr. Slay wouldn't smile at all.

Nobody went to the Post office at 11:30 a.m.

There was no "Y" store.

There was no Student Council.

President Wright were to say everybody ought to smoke cigarettes.

First Kangaroo: Annabelle, Where's the baby?

Second Kangaroo: My goodness, I've had my pocket picked.

"So you've been to college, eh?"


"How high can you count?"

"One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, jack, queen, king."

A Scotch Telegram - 10 words.

Bruises hurt erode afford erector analysis hurt too infectious dead.

Frances: Does that boy you had a date with last nite talk very much?

Loree: I was wondering about that myself.

The college laundry seriously pinned the following note to a fat girl's nightgown ind returned it - "We are not equipped to launder stage curtains."

Crowd: "We've been out to play."

Margaret: "I'm going cut to Pla-to.

Carrie Moore: "Is he really a member of the K.K.K.?"

Vera: "Yea, Kourt'em, Kiss'em, Kick'em"

Alva Paige: E. C. T. C. is a school of Liberal Hearts."

The one gift that only you can give--

Your Photograph



Smart Women's Wear

Greenville, N.C.


Dependable Druggist

Here's to the girl who steals, lies, and swears: (1) Steals into your arms. (2) Lies there contentedly. (3) Swears she'll always love only you.

Alva: Why the lipstick on your nose?

Bob: I just tried to stick it in somebody else's business.


Authorized FORD Dealer

Phone 47



Renfrew Printing Co.

Printers and Stationers

WE have all kings of stationary and supplies for college girls

Evans Street

Opposite Proctor Hotel


Once upon a time, a fellow was walking down the street with his girl friend. As they approached a moving picture show, he felt in his pockets but he had no money; thus the expression, "Alas and Alack."

Exclusive Apparel for Women

We show the new things first

C. Herber Forbes

Greenville, N.C.


Official College Jeweler

Established 1901








Special Prices to College Girls




We Sell "Divided Pay Plan"

Lautares Candy Palace


Complete Line of






Our Soda Fountain is one of the Most Up-to-Date in the State

Including hot water service

Service and quality




VISIONS created by the imagination precede the achievement of any really great accomplishment. The ability to weave the threads of imagination into the finished fabric is equally important.

It has been the prvilege of the EDWARDS and BROUGHTON COMPANY to cooperate with the TECOAN staff in creating their vision into material form.

Such cooperation is one of the "visions" which precede the building of a successful business, and is a part of the working policy of the EDWARDS and BROUGHTON COMPANY.

To those Staffs desiring complete cooperation, we offer unexcelled service.

You, too, may be proud of your annual.

Correspondence is Invited




Do Not Take From This Room

The Tecoan 1933
1933 Tecoan, yearbook of East Carolina Teachers College. The first yearbook published by the students of East Carolina Teachers College, The Tecoan, debuted in 1923. The name of the yearbook changed to the Buccaneer in 1953. The Buccaneer suspended publication from 1976-1978 and 1991-2005, finally ceasing in 2018. It was superseded by Anchors Away in 2019.
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