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The Tecoan 1928

Date: 1928 | Identifier: 50-01-1928
1928 Tecoan, yearbook of East Carolina Teachers College. The Tecoan, the first yearbook published by the students of East Carolina Teachers College, debuted in 1923. The name of the yearbook changed to the Buccaneer in 1953. The Buccaneer was published until 1990, with a two year suspension in publication from 1976-1978. more...

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In appreciation of true friendship, we dedicate this book to Miss Mamie E. Jenkins and Miss Maria D. Graham, who, since their childhood days, have been close friends, have been close friends and who, since the opening year of college, have given to ittheir unstinted service and loyal friendship.

Miss Maria D. Graham

Miss Mamie E. Jenkins


The drama of college life is not unlike others its setting is sometimes unattractive; its players often play minor parts; its management is not always able to manage; its features are sometimes disappointing, Those are the phases Which the critic or the disinterested spectator is likely to see, but neithei is able to comprehend the " happinesses" which come to those behind the curtain. Theirs is the joy of being directed in a friendly, scholarly manner, of occasionally attaining artistic interpretation, of loving one's felloW players, and finally of meriting the applause of clever, interested patrons. It follows that the stage grows greater; the players troop on and off; each season brings zest and enthusiasm. "In other thingsthe knowing artist may judge better than the people; but a play (Made for delight and no other use) If you approve it not has no other use."

"In other things the knowing artist may Judge better than the people; but a play

(Made for delight and no other use) If you approve it not has no excuse."


Act One

The College

Act Two

The Classes

Act Three


Act Four


Act Five


The 1928 Tecoan

North Carolina Collegiate Press Association

Editorial Staff

Mary Hocutt...Editor in Chief, Rosina Pittman...Assistant Editor, Mary Frances Jenkins...Associate Editor, Virginia Mcintire...Associate Editor, Carrie Lee Peele, Evelyn Caldwell, Louise Gurley, Dorothy Gardner, Katie Patrick, Doralita Larkins, Hilda Sutton, Cynthia Daugherty, Blanche Wood

Miss Emma L. Hooper...Editorial Advisor, Mr. R. J. Slay...Business Advisor,

Business Staff

Inez Van Dyke, Delma Smith...Business Manager, Eloise McArthur

Tecoan Staff

Mrs. Q. B. Hocutt, Clayton, NC, Mrs. S. M. Smith, Farmville, NC

Sponsors for 1928 Tecoan

Act One-The College

THE. 1928


Robert H. Wright President


Annie L. Morton Dean of Women

THE 1928

Officers of Administration

Robert H. Wright...President

H. J. McGinnis...Registrar

Herbert E. Austin...Chairman of Appointment Committee

Leon R. Meadows...Director of Summer Term

Annie L. Morton...Dean of Women

Annie Morris...Superintendent of Infirmary

Imo Edwards...Assistant Superintendent of Infirmary

Helen Herbert...Secretary to President

A. C. FORNES...Superintendent of Grounds and Buildings

J. J. WHITLE...Superintendent of Laundry

O. C. HolmeS...Chief Engineer

Wade H. Holmes...Assistant Engineer

Mrs. Nannie F. Jeter...Dietitian

Nell Keel...Dietitian

J. E. Nobles...Physician

Arley Moore...Dormitory Matron

Mrs. Eppes...Dormitory Matron

Hazel Willis...Secretary

Ola S. Ross...Custodian of Records

Mattie Scoville...Secretary

J. B. Spilman...Treasurer

Mrs. J. B. Spilman...Assistant Treasurer

B. W. Ginn...Accountant

Beulah Westmoreland...Secretary

J. L. Williams...Campus Policeman

Board of Trustees

A. T. Allen (Chairman Ex-Offio)...Raleigh, N. C.

Mrs. W. B. Murphy...Snow Hill, N. C.

Wayne A. Mitchell...Kinston, N. C.

F. C. Harding...Greenville, N. C.

L. W. Tucker...Greenville, N. C.

Henry C. Bridgers...Tarboro, N C.

D. S. Boyki...Wilson', N. C.

J. S. Hargett...Trenton, N. C.

James L. Griffin...Pittsboro, N. C.

E. G. Flanagan...Greenville N. C

H. D. Williams Kenansville, N. C.

O. P. Makepeace...Sanford, N. C.

W. S. Moye...Rocky Mount, N. C.

The 1928 TECOAN


Emma L. Hooper...English

Mamie E. Jenkins...English

Lucile Turner...English

Sallie Joyner Davis...History

Beecher Flanagan...History

A. D. Frank...History

Laura T. Rose...History

Herbert E. Austin...Geography

THE, 1928



Parnell Picklesimer...Geography

Alice V. Wilson...Biology

Betty White...Biology

R. J. Slay...Science

Grace V. McGuire...Biology

Maria D. Graham...Mathematics

Ella Wilkes...Mathematics


Carl L. Adams...Psychology

The 1928 TecOAN


Hubert C. Haynes...Education

Lucile Charlton...Primary Education

R. C. Deal Foreign Languages

Kate W. Lewis...Industrial Art

Ruth Bonnewitz Industrial Art

Dora E. Mead...Piano

Lois V. Gorrell...Piano

Mary Bertolet...Piano

Agnes Whiteside...Primary Education

The 1928 TECOAN

Gussie Kuykendall...Public School Music

E. C. Hollar...Director of Practice Schools

M. L. Wright...Gvernment, Sociology, Education

Dorothy Dean...Clothing

Willie Womar...Physical Education

Mary Jane Alexander...Physical Education

Dora E. Coates...Critic Teacher, First Grade

The 1928 TECOAN


Annie Redwine...Critic Teacher

Ruth Townsend...Critic Teacher, Third Grade

Bonnie Howard...Critic Teacher, Fourth Grade

Cleo Rainwater...Critic Teacher, Fifth Grade

Frances Wahl Critic Teacher, Seventh Grade

Mary McRae...Critic Teacher, Sixth Grade

CRITIC TEACHERS OF Winterville and Greenville Schools

Winterville and Greenville Schools

Mary Berry Clark...Critic Teacher. Home Economics

Critic Teacher. Home Econo,

Madge Daniels Critic Teacher, English

The 1928 TECOAN


Pearl Williams...Critic Teacher, Science

Elizabeth Toland...Critic Teacher, Mathematics

Mrs. Lindsey Savage...Critic Teacher, Third Grade

Christine Johnson...Critic Teacher, Second Grade

Bessie Worley...Critic Teacher, Third Grade

Katherine Bradford...Critic Teacher, Sixth Grade

Ruth Faison...Critic Teacher, First Grade

Bertha Hart...Critic Teacher

Geneva Exum...Critic Teacher, Fifth Grade

Gladys Moore...Critic Teacher, Latin

Rachel Scarborough...Critic Teacher, History

Isabel Stover...Critic Teacher, French

Jennie Evans...Critic Teacher, First Grade

Grace Hunter...Critic Teacher, Second Grade

Janet Grier...Critic Teacher, Fourth Grade


Officers of Administration

Howard J. McGinnis...Registrar

Helen G. Gray...Librarian

Margaret Sammon...Assistant Librarian

Mrs. J. B. Spilman...Assistant Treasurer

Ola S. Ross...Custodian

Beulah Westmoreland...Secretary

Helen Herbert...Secretary to the President

Hazel Willis...Secretary

J. B. Spilman...Treasurer

The 1928 TECOAN

Officers of Admimstration

B. W. Ginn...Accountant

Mrs. Nannie F. Jeter...Dietitian

Nell Kell...Dietitian

Annie Morris...Superintendent of Infirmary

Imo Edwards...Assistant Superintendent of Infirmary

Arley Moore...Dormitory Matron

Mrs. Eppes...Dormitory Matron

The 1928 TECOAN

Act Two-The Classes

The Senior Class

What is the end of study ? Let me know? Why that to know, which else we should not know." Love's Labour Lost.

' Thus far our fortune keeps an upward course, And we arc graced with wreaths of victory." Henry V.

The 1928 TECOAN

Jean Harrington Senior Class Mascot

Breathless and still the waiting audience sits The curtains every June are drawn aside; The players go by groups to speak their parts. And win the loud applause from every side.

A drama of short interludes, each year

A new group plays before the waiting crowd.

The watchers change; the players leave; and

Finds us behind the curtain, young and proud.

Those gone before did moralize and strut

With lilted heads and graceful poise and walk,-

To gain a rose, a smile, blessing sweet;

Now we behind the curtains mimic talk.

Their farewell speech is said. They've bowed,

they've gone To leave the stage to us. In silent prayer Behind the scenes we wait, and those who watch can almost hear the heart beats missing there.

The stage is clear. 'The audience loudly Cheers; .1 minute passes; the loud applause grows less; We touch our hair, we practice curtsies low; We say our lines and rearrange our dress.

Tour years we've waited for our scene to come, To go before the world our parts to play. Four years we've practiced lines and graceful bows - And now the month has come, the week, the day.

Will they throw roses when veeve said our parts? Will loud applause ring out when we are gone. We step, the curtains sway, the audience breathless sits. The music starts: our drama - yours - mine - moves on. Bessie Willis

The 1928 TECOAN

Senior Class

Colors: Purple and White, Flower: White Rose

Motto: "Not failure, but low aim, is crime."


Ethel Spratt...President

Nancy Hinson...Vice-President

Mary Campbell Secretary

Anne Kanoy...Treasurer

Caroline Macon...S. G. A. Representative

Margaret ShaW...Teco Echo Reporter

Carrie Lee Peele...Tecoan Representative

Mary Cummings...Cheer Leader

Elizabeth M. Stewart...Testatrix

Nancy Hinson...Prophet

Doralita Larkins...Historian

The 1928 TECOAN

Ethel Spratt...Senior Class President


The 1928 TECOAN


Nancy Hinson, Mary Campbell, Anne Kanoy

The 1928 TECOAN


Emerson Society; Y. W. C. A.; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (2) ; Choir (3, 4) gate to State Y. \V. C. A. Conference (2) ; Delegate to Blue Ridge (3) fax County Club (2); Red-Head Club (1, 2); Phi Epsilon (1, 2); Phi (2, 3, 4), Secretary (3); English Club (3, 4); Budget Committee (2, Chairman (4); Chairman Inter-Societv Committee (3); Vice-President (2); Statistics (3, 4); Class Play (3, 4); Student Council (2, 3, 4); Pr Student Government Association (4).

Lelia Sallie Askew...Murfeesboro, NC, Mathematics

Poe Society; Math Club (2, 3, 4), Vice President (2), President (3); Northampton Club.

Mary Elizabeth Banks...Grantsboro, NC, Home Economics

Lanier Society, YWCA (1, 2, 3, 4); Home Economics Club (2, 3, 4); Athletic Association (1).

Annie Laverna Batts...Enfield, NC, English

Emerson Society; YWCA;YWCA Cabinet (2); Choir (3, 4); Delegate to State YWCA Conference (2);Delegate to Blue Ridge (3); Halifax County Club(2); Red Head Club (1, 2); Phi Epsilon (1, 2); Phi Sigma (2, 3, 4), Secretary(3); English Club(3, 4); Budget Committee (2, 3, 4), Chairman (4); Chairman Inter-Society Committee (3); Vice-President Class(2); Statistics (3, 4); Class Play (3, 4); Student Council(2, 3, 4); President Student Government Association (4).

The 1928 TECOAN

Senior Class

Grace Jones Bishop Durham, N. C., Primary Education Poe Society; Y. W. C. A.; Glee Club (4); Class Play (4).

Ina Edith Bishop Jacksonville, N. C., Home Economics

Lanier Society; Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Phi Epsilon (1, 2, 3, 4); Y. W. C. A.; Athletic Association (1, 2, 3) ; Basketball Squad (1).

Genith Lucile Britt...Clinton, N. C., Mathematics

J. M. Club (1); Proctor (1, 2); Phi Epsilon (2, 3, 4); Mathematics Club (2, 3.4), President (3) ; Class Treasurer (2) ; Vice-House President (4) ; Treas- urer Budget Committee (3, 4).

The 1928 TECOAN

Senior Class

Margie May Caldwell...Dillon, S. C.

Intermediate Education

Poe Society; Phi EpsilonV. C. A. (i, 2, 3, 4); South Carolina Club (1, 2, 3, 4);

Assistant Business Manager "Teco Echo" (3) ; Secretary Student Government

Association (3); Delegate to N. C. C. P. A. (4); Lucky Thirteen Club (4);

Business Manager "Teco Echo" (4).

Mary Fleta Campbell

Sanford, NC

Emerson Society; Y. W. C. A.; Home Economics Club Reporter (2), Vice- President (3); Proctor (3); Phi Epsilon (2, 3), President (4); House of Rep- resentatives (4); Class Secretary (3, 4); Class Play (4).

Catharine Clark...Elizabethtown, NC

Lanier Society; Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Proctor (2); Athletic Association; Home Economics Club; Phi Epsilon; Booster Club; Lanier Marshal (2); Inter- Society Committee (3); Assistant Business Manager "Teco Echo" (2); Business Manager "Teco Echo" (3); Lanier Cheer Leader (3); Delegate to N. C. C. P. A. (3); President Lanier Society (4); Entertainment and Advertising Committee (4) ; Senior Basketball Team (4).

The 1928 TECOAN

Bronnie Estell Cogdell...Goldsboro, N. C.


Poe Society; Phi Epsilon (2, 3, 4); Class Poet (1); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3); Athletic Association (1, 2, 3); Baseball Team (1); Basketball Squad (1, 2); English Club (2); Wayne County Club (1, 2); Chairman Point System (3); Representative to TecoAN from Athletic Association (3); House President (3); Athenian (2, 3) ; Poe Societv Critic (4) ; "Teco Echo" Reporter from Poe Society (4) ; Class Play (4).

Mary Mark Cummings Kinston, N. C.


Poe Society; Y. W. C. A.; Athletic Association (1, 2, 3); Lenoir County Club (1, 2, 4) ; Class Cheer Leader (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Society Cheer Leader (3, 4) ; Vice- President Poe Society (4); Marshal (3); Student Council (2, 4); Red-Head Club (2, 4).

Louise Evans Greenville, N. C.


Poe Society (1, 2); Emerson Society (3, 4); Treasurer Poe Society (2); Marshal (3); Math Club (1, 2); YWCA (1, 2) Proctor (2) ; Class Basketball Team (1, 2, 3, 4)

Pitt County Club (1, 2); Vice-House President (3).

THE, 1928

The 1928 Tecoan


Julia Kathleen Faison

Faison, N. C.

Emerson Society; Y. W. C. A.; Proctor (1, 3); Duplin County Club (1); Red Head Club (2, 3); Phi Epsilon (2, 3, 4); Senior Play (4); Home Economics Cluh (2, 3, 4), President (3); Delegate to National Home Economics Association (3).

Sabra Elizabeth Garriss...Wilson, N. C.

Primary Education

Poe Society; Y. W. C. A.; Athletic Association ( 1 ) ; Basketball Team (1, 4); President Wilson County Club (4); Poe Society Play (3); Class Play (4).

Sarah Missouria Gurley...Goldsboro, N. C.


Poe Society; Phi Epsilon (2, 3, 4); Wayne County Cluh (1, 2. 3), President (2); Math Club (2, 3, 4), President (2); Athletic Association (1, 2, 3. 4) Business Manager and Treasurer (2) ; President Athletic Association (3, 4) Captain Athenians (2); Track Squad (2, 3); Baseball (2, 3); Captain (2, 3) Tennis (2, 3); Basketball (1, 2, 3, 4), Captain (1, 2, 3, 4); Wearer of Letters (2, 3, 4); "Teco Echo" Reporter (3); House of Representatives (3); Council (4); Class Play (3, 4); Statistics (3); College Advertising Committee (4); Chairman Society Debating Club (3, 4); Wayne Scholarship (4).


Goldie Viola Harrell Moyock, N. C.


Lanier Society; Y. \V. C. A.; Proctor (3, 4); Basketball Squad (4); Class Play (4); Treasurer Lanier Society (4) ; President Currituck County Club (4).

Mae Henderson High Point, N. C.


Poe Society; Y. W. C. A.; Athletic Association; English Club (2, 3) ; Basketball

Squad (2, 3); Social Director Athletic Association (3); Wearer of Letters


Mildred Catherine Herring Greensboro, N. C.


Lanier Society; Y. W. C. A.; Athletic Association (2); Phi Epsilon (2, 3, 4); Phi Sigma (2, 3, 4), President (4); English Club (3. 4); Proctor (3).

The 1928 TECOAN


Nancy Elizabeth Hinson...Kinston, N. C.


Lanier Society; V. W. C. A.; Tecoan Staff (2) ; Editor-in-Chief Tecoan (3); Delegate to N. C. C. P. A. (3); Vice-President English Club (3); Vice-President Lanier Society (4); Vice-President Class (4); Statistics (3, 4); Athletic Association (3, 4); Lenoir County Club; Red-Head Club; N. B. K. Club (4).

Mary Elizabeth Hocutt

Clayton, N. C.


Emerson Society; Y. W. C. A.; Secretary of Class (1); Class Play (3); Associate Editor Tecoan (3) ; English Club (3, 4) ; Delegate to N. C. C. P. A. (4) ; Class Play (4); Editor-in-Chief Tecoan (4).

Lucy Evelyn Hutcheson...Raleigh, N. C.


Poe Society; Y. W. C. A.; Athletic Association (1, 2, 3, 4); "Teco Echo" Reporter (2, 3); Tecoan Staff (2); Secretary and Treasurer English Club (3), Vice-President (4); Tennis Club (1, 2); Wake County Club; Entertain- ment and Advertising Committee (4) ; Student Council (4) ; Marshal (4) ; Class Play (4).

The 1928 TECOAN


Sarah Burton Jenkins...Shelby, NC

Janie Belle Johnson...Rose Hill, NC

Home Economics

Poe Society; Phi Epsilon (2, 3, 4); Athletic Association (2, 4); Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Basketball (3); Red Head Club (1, 2, 3, 4); YWCA (3, 4).

Ruth W. Jones...Stem NC

Lanier Society; Y. W. C. A.; Athletic Association; Basketball (1, 2, 3) ; Granville County Club;

Vice-President (2); President (3); Vice-President Lanier .

Society (3) ; Marshal (4) ; Student Council (4) ; Y. W. C. A. Choir (4).

The 1928 TECOAN


Anne Kanoy Kernersville, N. C.

Primary Education

Lanier Society; Y. W. C. A.; Athletic Association; Wearer of Letters (3, 4); Treasurer of Class (3, 4) ; Student Council (4) ; Glee Club (4).

Doralita Larkins...Clinton, N. C.


Emerson Society; Y. W. C. A.; Phi Epsilon; Phi Sigma; Delegate to Camp Hollow Rock (2); Athletic Association (2, 3); Member of News Bureau (3); President of English Club (3) ; Treasurer of Y. W. C. A. (3) ; Vice-President of Y. W. C. A. (4) ; Assistant Editor "Teco Echo" (3, 4) ; Class Play (4) ; Representative on TECOAN (4); Class Historian (4).

Caroline Virginia Macon...Henderson, N. C.


Poe Society; Y. W. C. A.; Basketball Team (1, 2, 3, 4); Granco Club (3); Student Council (4).

The 1928 TECOAN

Myrtle Mason...Atlantic, N. C.

Poe Society; Y. W. C. A.; Choir (i, 2); Prnctor (3); Carteret County Cluh; "Teco Echo" Reporter (4).

Lillian Ruth Mewborn...Grifton, N. C.


Lanier Society; Y. W. C. A.; Athletic Association (2, 4) ; Proctor (3).

Roma Dare Morris...Atlantic, N. C.

Intermediate Education

Poe Society; Y. W. C. A.; Carteret County Club, President (4) ; Athletic Association (3); Proctor (4).

The 1928 TECOAN


Elizabeth Newsome...Goldsboro, N. C.

Intermediate Education

Lanier Society; Y. W. C. A.; Wayne County Club (3); Treasurer Lanier Society (3).

Anna Elizabeth Outland...Woodland, N. C.

Primary Education

Poe Society ; Proctor (1, 2, 3, 4); Northampton County Club; President Woodland-0lney Club; Y. W. C. A.; Athletic' Association.

Carrie Lee Peele...Williamston, N. C.


Emerson Society; Martin County Club (1); Lanier Debater (1); Inter-Society Committee (3); Marshal (2, 3); Class Sergeant-at-Arms (2); Society Cheer Leader (4) ; Proctor (2) ; Representative on Tecoan (4) ; College Statistics (4).

The 1928 TECOAN


Rosina Whitehead Pittman...Scotland Neck, N. C.

Primary Education

Poe Society; "Teco Echo" Reporter (3) ; Associate Editor Tecoan (3) ; Assistant Editor Tecoan (4) ; Senior Play (4).

Ruth Belle Rhyne...Bessemer City, N. C.

Home Economics

Emerson Society; Y. W. C. A. (1); Home Economics Club; President Gaston County Club (1) ; Proctor (1) ; "Teco Echo" Reporter (3) ; Left-Hand Club (3).

Eunice Richardson...Elizabeth City, N. C.


Lanier Society; Baskethal! Squad (1) ; Y. W. C. A.; English Club (3, 4) ; Ath- letic Association ; Pasquotank County Club.

The 1928 TECOAN


Nina Ruth Rouse...Kinston, N. C.


Poe Society; Y. W. C. A.; Athletic Association (1, 2); English Cluh (3, 4); Lenoir County Club (i, 2, 3, +) ; Phi Sigma (2, 3, 4); Y. \V. C. A. Cabinet (3, 4) ; V. W. C. A. Choir (4) ; Delegate to State Y. W. C, A. Conference (3) ; Delegate to Blue Ridge Conference (3); Inter-Society Committee (4); Red- Head Club (2, 4).

Julia Penelope Satterthwaite...Pactolus, N. C.

Home Economics

Emerson Society; Y. W. C. A.; Home Economics Cluh (1, 2, 3, 4), Secretary (2); Phi Epsilon (2); Pitt County Club; Proctor (1, 3).

Elsie Seago...Greenville, N. C.

Home Economics

Lanier Society ; Home Economics Club.

The 1928 TECOAN


Margaret Eliza Shaw...Rocky Point, N. C.


Poe Society; Y. W. C. A.; Athletic Association; Phi Epsilon (2, 3, 4), Secretary

(3) ; "Teco Echo" Reporter (4) ; Basketball Squad (4) ; Proctor (4) ; Class Play (4)

Nannie Delma Smith...Farmville, N. C.


Poe Society; Y. W. C. A. (1, 2); Athletic Association; Pitt County Club (1, 2) ; Math Club (2, 3, 4), Secretary-Treasurer (2) ; Secretary Athletic Association (3; Lieutenant Olympians (2); Captain Olympians (3); Track Squad (2, 3) ; Baseball (2, 3) ; Tennis (3) ; Class Basketball Team (1, 2, 3, 4) \ Wearer of Letters (2, 3, 4); Student Council (3); Assistant Business Manager "Teco Echo" (3) ; Delegate to N. C. C. P. A. (4) ; Senior Play (4) ; Business Manager Tecoan (4).

Elizabeth C. Smith

Hendersonville, N. C.


Emerson Society; Y. W. C. A.; Athletic Association; Phi Sigma (2, 3, 4); Phi Epsilon (2, 3, 4); Class Basketball Team (1, 2, 3, 4); Wearer of Letters (2, 3, 4) ; College Entertainment Committee (2, 3, 4) ; Inter-Society Committee (3) ; Treasurer Phi Sigma (3); "Teco Echo" Reporter (2); Tecoan Representative (3); Treasurer Emerson Society (3); House of Representatives (3); Delegate to Blue Ridge (2, 3) ; Delegate to Student Volunteer Conference (2) ; Delegate to Y. W. C. A. State Conference (3); Delegate National Student Conference at Milwaukee (3) ; Y. W. C. A. Secretary (2) ; Vice-President Y. W. C. A. (3) ; President Y. W. C. A. (4) ; President Y. W. C. A. State Conference (4) ; N. C. Representative on Southern Regional Council Y. W. C. A. (4) ; Student Council (4); College Statistics (4).

The 1928 TECOAN


Ethel Marguerite Spratt

Marion, N. C.

Emerson Society; English Club (2, 3, 4) ; Basketball Squad (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Student

Council (3); Vice-President Emerson Societv (3); Secretary Budget Committee

(3) ; Class President (2, 3, 4) ; A. B. Andrews Scholarship (3, 4).

Elizabeth Mabel Stewart...Rocky Mount, N. C.

Primary Education

Poe Societv; Y. W. C. A.; Corresponding Secretary- Alumnae A Alumnae Editor "Teco Echo" (4); Testator of Class (4).

Jessie Lillian Trippe

Ayden, N. C.

Poe Society; Y. W. C. A.; Athletic Association (3, 4); Phi Sigma (2, 3, 4), Secretary (4) ; Class Play (4); Pitt County Club.

The 1928 TECOAN


Elizabeth Inez Van Dyke...Greenville, N. C.


Emerson Society; Treasurer of Class (i); Treasurer of Student Government Association (2) ; Tennis (1, 2) ; Math Club (2, 3, 4) ; Assistant Business Manager Tecoan (2) ; Business Manager Tecoan (3) ; Assistant Business Manager Tecoan (4) ; Phi Epsilon (2, 3) ; Delegate to N. C. C. P. A. (3) ; Class Play (4).

Vera Marshall Wester...Franklinton, N. C.


Poe Society; Athletic Association; Y. W. C. A.; Phi Epsilon; Math Club; President of Class (1) ; Vice-President Class (3) ; Poe Society President (4).

Bessie Corinne Willis...Goldsboro, N. C.


Emerson Society; Y. W. C. A.; Athletic Association; English Club (2, 3, 4); Wayne County Club (1) ; College Cheer Leader (2) ; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (2, 3) ; Class Poet (2, 3, 4) ; Inter-Society Committee (2) ; State World Court Conference (2); Y. W. C. A. State Convention (2); Delegate to N. C. C. P. A. (4); Y. W. C. A. President Summer (3); Class Play (3); Class Play (4); College Statistics (4); Editor-in-Chief "Teco Echo" (4); Pitt Scholarship (4).

The 1928 TECOAN


Ruby Walsh Yelverton...Black Creek, N. C.

Intermediate Education

Y. W. C. A.; Wilson County Club (1, 2, 4) ; Student Council (2) ; Proctor (4).

Senior Class History

First Chronicler:

O college mates, you shall behold Our story in numbers rude that mould The record of our class.

Second Chronicler:

First as Freshmen we present

A year of very little event;

Our thoughts were new, our deeds were few

Our minds untouched - untrained.

First Chronicler

But all this changed ; and with Spratt as guide

We plunged into things e'en Sophomores dread -

Fancies of poets, historical lore,

Intricate languages, learning's whole store -

Pedagogical laws that shall rule our path.

Philosophical views that stirred our wrath.

Thrice in that year did bold Cupid appear

To steal away the hearts of those

Who feel the sharp darts of Love's joys and woes.

In the same twelvemonth Carolina Playmakers came

At our behest, to add credit to our name.

The Sophomore-Senior camping trip

Brought revels in the spring -

A link of friendship.

Anon as jesters we filled the Court

Of the queen, with capers and rustic sport.


And ever as we went,

We bore in our hearts the high intent,

"Not failure but Low Aim is Crime."

Second Chronicler:

Fast rolled the cycle of Time

To the first glad days

Of the Junior year;'

And as "Intimate Strangers" we went our ways

Gathering a host of memories

For treasure troves

In life's caravan of year on year.

Next, through anxieties and honest toil

And hospitality's gay turmoil,

We decked our Junior-Senior banquet hall ;

There brought our sister class in touch with us,

And strengthened friendly loves

That gladden all of us.


Unchanged our hearts,

Untouched our dreams,

We came to Seniorhood ;

And ever in going we were heard to

"Not Failure but Low Aim is Crime.

First Chronicler

You who have held high times with college frieni

Know the enchantment the Senior year lends

The joys and the fancies,

The parties and the dances,

The work, the play, and the fun.

With a smile and a jest

We did our best,

And found the Blue Bird of Happiness.

We reveled in pleasure

With time-breaking leisure,

And worked with new thoughts and new schemes.

Together we tried all our faults to mend,

Together we mourned the death of a friend ;

And ever we chanted the words sublime,

"Not Failure but Low Aim is Crime."

Second Chronicler:

And now four years of work are done,

And Fate has each in his grasp :

Each of" us has her part to play.

Each of us has her lines to say

In the great Drama of Life.

So we'll leave the work and the college to you

And carry with us our memories true.

We'll pull back the curtain, and enter the play

To take up new roles - some sad, some gay.


And ever in going, in peace or strife, On rugged mountain, in torrid clime, We'll chant, as early in our life, "Not Failure but Low Aim is Crime."


Last Will and Testament

Were I a poet, I would write an epic, telling of our deeds and sounding the praise of our college, that would last through the ages. Were I a dramatist, I would write a drama to be enacted by my class- mates, that would stir the souls of men, arouse their finest emotions, and inspire their loftiest aspirations and ideals. Fain would I bequeath to our Alma -Mater a gift in noble words, more enduring than marble - but my pen fails - marble only can I leave.

One small piece of bronze statuary - a material gift - this the Senior Classes of 1928 bring as a parting gift. Yet symbol is it of our love and devotion to our college. It represents the best we have. From its pedestal in the library may it deepen in those who pass a love of the beautiful and therefore of the holy, that they themselves may be living dramas of beauty and holiness.

Signed and sealed on this, the fourth day of June, in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and twenty-eight, at East Carolina Teachers College, Greenville, N. C.


Nancy Hinson, Doralita larkins

[Seal] Elizabeth Mabel Stewart. Testatrix.

The Casting

NEW season was at hand. New plays with old and new plots were to be $$ produced; new players to he ca.t; new parts to be lived. These things were being given consideration by the Director. The selection of plays had been made; some with swift and happy movements; some slow and uninspiring- mere pantomimes; some terse and gripping; some thoughtful and exalting.

"But the players?" puzzled the Director. He unwound his scrolls as he sat at his desk. "Can this one or that one play this part? I shall see." As he scanned his scroll, he raised his face meditatively.

He called in the Coaches- Comedy, Pantomime, Tragedy and Chronicle. The four masked figures stood ready to receive commands from their Director. "Bid those enter who wait outside," he ordered the porter. The group nearest the door hurried in, and the casting began. "Greetings to you - a merry looking crowd!" welcomed the Director. "To you the same! Today is today; tomorrow we don't know, therefore we are merry today," responded the group.

"Hev, Comedy, your group is here. No further try-out is needed. Be off with them." The figure with the grinning, never-a-care mask gaily led his patrons away.

The Director resumed his reading. In a few moments another group quietly made their way in. It was some minutes before the Director knew that they had come.

"Your parts have been decided," announced the Director. At his beck, the expres- sionless masked figure led them out; Pantomime was to begin his coaching with these submissive ones.

"Others are waiting, sir," reminded the porter.

"Show them in," commanded the Director, and the porter solemnly opened the door. "Let us rest a while before you begin, sir. We've had a weary journey. Things were against us," pleaded the group.

As the Director nodded to them, he glanced over his scrolls and then their faces. The atmosphere was tense. The Director's face filled with pity, and he sat silent, re-

The figure with the dejected, sorrowful mask haltingly stepped before him. "My lord,' he began, "are you ready to yield my players to me now?" There was a plaintive note in his voice. He was Tragedy.

"They are before you. Their parts must be played. Assign them!" responded the Director.

"And still there are more to he placed," mused the Director as he observed the latest group enter the room.

"Your parts? I can't find any in plays for you. They are all taken. Off the stage is vour sphere of work. Some of you will be managers, some critics, some playwrights. These are yours, Chronicle. They are to watch, to think, and to record, that others may- play their parts."

Forward stepped he of the sagacious, introspet Chronicle headed his stately band towards the rear.

The Director rose from his desk and rolled up the scroll. The casting was finished.

Nancy Hinson. Prophet.

Tke Junior Class

'And seeing ignorance is the curse of God, Knowledge the wing wherewith we fly to Heaven. Henry VI.

Mary Elizabeth Austin

Colors: Green and White

Flower: Lily-of-the- Valley

Motto: Not Less Than the Best

Three whole years have come and passed, Freshman, Sophomores, Juniors last.

We have worked with joys untold, Striving onwards toward our goal

Eager for our senior robe, Patient as the Prophet Job.

Nothing then can hold us down, After We've our cap and gown.

Trig we've mastered, history too!, Naught has passed we could not do.

Yes! as Seniors, all will know, Twenty-nine's a class to go.

Note, three years have come and passed Freshmen. Sophomores. Juniors last.

It's hard to tell yet what we'll he. Seniors when next year we see.

No, we'll all stay right in line, Ere tee finish in '29.

Pratt Covington

Junior Class Officers

Lilyan Coleson...President, Clyde Stokes...Vice-President, Sarah Fussell...Secretary, Appless White...Trasurer, Nannie Evans...Teco Echo Reporter, Dorothy Gardner...Tecoan Representative

Junior Class

Rebecca Alexander...Southport, NC, Ada Allen...Newport, NC, Elizabeth Allen, Aurora, NC, Elizabeth Austin...Greenville, NC, Christine Bell...Troy, NC, Julia Dixon Blount...Faison, NC, Floy Brewer...Monroe, NC, Margaret Carter...Maysville, NC, Lilyan Colson...Mooresville, NC, Pratt Covington, Rockingham, NC

Junior Class

Wilma Cox...Greenville, NC, Hester Davenport...Creswell, NC, Frances Dixon...Roper, NC, Nannie Evans...Greenville, NC, Evelyn Ewell...Elizabethtown, NC, Margaret Faison...Faison, NC, Alice Foley...Greenville, NC, Olivia ForbeS...Greenville, NC, Sara Fussell...Bowden, NC

Junior Class

Dorothy Gardner...Grifton, NC, Velma Hardee...Hollister, NC, Sudie Harriet...Pollocksville, NC, Catherine Hill...Kinston, NC, Odessa Hilliard...Carthage, NC, Mary Frances Jenkins...Aulander, NC, Claire Jones...Oxford, NC, Louise Joyner...Jackson, NC, Irene Kahn...Sanford, NC, Lizzie Grey Knox...Huntersville, NC

Junior Class

Julia Lancaster...Vanceboro, NC, Clara Mallard...Greenville, NC, Mildred Mangum...Greenville, NC, Martha Moseley...Kinston, NC, Elizabeth Murphy...Greenville, NC, Lilliah Glenn Nelson...Greenville, NC, Hallie Peele...Aulander, NC, Virginia Perkins...Greenville, NC, Sadie Perry...Williamston, NC

Junior Class

Rosalie Rives...Sanford, NC, Viola Scott...Rocky Point, NC, Lucille Sermons...Greenville, NC, Carrie Smith...Fountain, NC, Ella Tucker Smith...Greenville, NC, Emily Smithwick...Merry Hill, NC, Clara Lee Spruill...Columbia, NC, Clyde Stokes...Ayden, NC, Gertrude Styron...Davis, NC, Vallie Sumrell, Ayden, NC

Junior Class

Hilda Sutton...Kinston, NC, Evelyn Tillman...Cary, NC, Bonner Swindell...Washington, NC, Hazel Umstead...Stem, NC, Effie Tripp...Winterville, NC, Myrtle Umstead...Stem, NC, Annie Shields Van Dyke...Greenville, NC, Bennie Ward, Bethel, NC, Carrie Mae Ward...Seven Springs, NC, Mary Ward...Seven Springs, NC

Junior Class

Appless White...La Grange, NC, Mary White...Middleton, NC, Margaret Womack...Bethel, NC, Julia Minor Wood...Goldsboro, NC, Eunice Williams...Greenville, NC

The Sophomore Class

'Why now I see there's mettle in thee, and even from this instant do build thee on there a better opinion than ever before."

Mary Barden Taylor

Sophomore Class Mascot

Colors: Blue and Silver

Flower: Ragged Robin

We look upon thy walls with tender thoughts, While sinks behind the cloud the glowing sun. And ponder o'er tin prizes in them won. The weary toilsome battles therein fought. Purple shadows like a cloak fall 'round us; Twilight deepens; from afar a lark Breaks the silence, sends a song into the dark, Coming as a voice from out the dusk. What, O Alma Mater, would this voice say.' What the challenge that thou fling'st afar? Art thou to nobler heights our guiding star.' Aye, thou wilt guide for ever and a day! This the challenge that thou sendest hither: 'Faithful, loyal, true, be thou ever'."

Ruth Lemmond

Sophomore Class Officers

K. Lee Cloaninger...President

Elizabeth Deal...Vice-President

Ruth Lemmond...Secretary

Marcella Deal...Treasurer

Lucile Stroud...Tcco Echo Reporter

Elaine Tunnell...Student Government Representative

Julia Cogdell...Critic

Evelyn Caldwell...Tecoan Representative

Mamie Bartholemew...Rocky Mount, NC, Ella Lee Boomer...Lake Landing, NC, Hortense Boomer...Swan Quarter, NC, Cleo Brendle...Booneville, NC, Ruby Brite...Elizabeth City, NC, Helen Butler...Vanceboro, NC, Evelyn Caldwell...Dillon, SC, Louise Carr...Rose Hill, NC, Blanche Clark...Greenville, NC, Kay Lee Cloaninger...Kinston, NC, Julia Cogdell...Goldsboro, NC,

Myrtie Cooper...Washington, NC, Verna Dare Corey...Greenville, NC, Clara Bell Daugherty, New Bern, NC, Elizabeth Deal...Greenville, NC, Marcella Deal...Clinton, NC, Mary Louise DeBruhl...New Bern, NC, Lucile Dixon...Kinston, NC, Bessie Furgeson...Murfreesboro, NC, Marjorie Floyd...Fairmont, NC, Elva Frisbie...Marion, NC, Helen Guthrie...New Bern, NC

Janie Gold Hardee...Greenville, NC, Cleo Harper...Cleveland, NC, Lucille Hearne...Greenville, NC, Sara E. Hinson...Charlotte, NC, Evelyn Jennings...Elizabeth City, NC, Sarah Long Johnson...Oak City, NC, Sonia Belle Lamn...Black Creek, NC, Lucy Lane...Dover, NC, May Belle Lee...Kinston, NC, Mozelle Lee...Selma, NC, Agatha Leeuwenberg...Wilmington, NC

Ruth Lemmond...Waxhaw, NC, Elizabeth Mayo, Greenville, NC, Mattie Vines Mayo...Greenville, NC, Eloise McArthur...Clinton, NC, Madeline McCain...Waxhaw, NC, Jessie Lee Morris...Atlantic, NC, Elba McGowan...Greenville, NC, Sara Ogletree...Greenville, NC, Margaret Outland...Woodland, NC, Ernestine Parham...Oxford, NC, Delphia Pollard...Washington, NC

Edith Quinerly..Greenville, NC, Mildred Sasser...Goldsboro, NC, Eloise Scott...Rocky Point, NC, Eva Scott...Rocky Point, NC, Irene Scott...Rocky Point, NC, Elizabeth Spears...Goldsboro, NC, Lucile Stroud...Kinston, NC, Lillian Summerlin...Mount Olive, NC, Alida Swindell...Scranton, NC, Martha Traynham...Fairmont, NC, Elaine Tunnell...Swan Quarter, NC

Anna Bell Tyson...Ayden, NC, Eliza Walters...La Grange, NC, Dorothy Ward...Greenville, NC, Rochelle Willis...Atlantic, NC, Helen White...Winfall, NC, Katherine Whitehurst, South Mills, NC, Grace Whitley...Middlesex, NC, Dorothy Williams...Farmville, NC, Betty Uzzelle...Seven Springs, NC

The Freshman Class

"But the full sum of me- Is an unlesson'd girl, unschool'd, unpractis'd; Happy in this, she is not yet so old But she may learn."

Merchant of Venice.

Colors: White and Gold

Motto: Non Sibi sed Omnibus

Flower: Daisy

Now the sun is rising to our sight, Now the day is waking out of night; Blue against red, red against blue, Emblems of loyalty, brave and true.

Now a Speck of radiant gold ascends. With a touch of grey that also blends; Grey against gold, gold against grey In revelation of the coming day.

While the sun its course is wending high. It expands its rays across the sky; A Flame! - and colors in array; Against the blue, red , gold and grey.

Symphony in blue, red, gold, and grey; Royal colors in a grand array; Flame against gold, gold against red - "North Carolina Sunrise," the poet said.

Ruby Spratt.

Freshman Class


Alma McGinnis...President

Hannah Turnage...Vice-President

Katherine Lemmond...Secretary

Dorothy Richardson...Treasurer

Josephine Grant..."Teco Echo" Reporter

Johnnie Grey Currin...Critic

Katie Patrick..."Tccoan" Representative

Sela Grey Hooks...Student Govt. Representative

The Freshman Class


Freshman Class Roll

Lamina Baker, India Bateman, Grace Bazemore, Cornelia Boney, Annie Laurie Brinkley, Lucille Cole, Maude Congleton, Cora Creech, Johnnie Grey Currin,

Mary Etta Cutler, Mildred Everett, Katherine Forbes, Grace Gardner, Mildred Gilbert, Sallie Blount Godley, Josephine Grant, Rena Grant, Evelyn Griffin, Helen Griffin, Esther Mae Griffin, Bessie Griffin, Esther Mae Griffin, Bessie Grissom, Bernice Harrell, Josie Harrison, Elizabeth Hodges, Helen Hoggard, Selma Grey Hooks, Margaret Humphreys, Annie Laurie Hunt, Roxie James, Julia Johnson, Kathlene Johnson, Lucy King, Della Doris Lawrence, Beulah Lassiter, Katherine Lemmond, Eula Lee Livingston, Maurice McCullen, Alma McGinnis, Mabel Meneffee, Irene Mizelle, Ertha Mitchell, Ruby Morgan, Helen Moseley, Laura Overton, Elma Parrish, Katie Patrick, Addie Pinnell, Ruth Pittman, Dorothy Richardson, Abigail Roberts, Eunice Seitzer, Margaret Silver, Nina Silver, Edna Smith, Katherine Smith, Ruby Spratt, Lillian Squires, Nell Stafford, Elizabeth Stephenson, Miranda Strickland, Florence Taft, Hannah Turnage, Emma Watson, Edna West, Cora Weston, Martha Whitehurst, Nannie E. Williford, Lina Worthington

The Normal Classes

I Senior Normal

II Junior Normal

The Senior Normal Class

"Learning is but an adjunct to ourself, And where we are our learning likewise is." Love's Labour Lost.

'Then westward ho! Grim and good fortune attend your ladyship.

Twelfth Night.

THE. 192 8 ^^S|i& TEGOAN

Gladys Jones...President Senior Normal Class

Senior Normal Class Officers

Gladys Jones...President

Edna Goodwin...Vice-President

Jeannette Sessoms...Secretary

Margaret Brogden...Treasurer

Pattie Edmundson...Teco Echo Reporter

Cynthia Daughtery...Tecoan Representative

Martha Mason...Critic

Dail Laughinghouse, Jr. Senior Normal Class Mascot

Colors: Old Rose and Silver

Flower: Rose

I would not count the days of yesteryear - To me they're as the pages of a book -

Written upon, passed over, closed forever.

'Tis to the Future and what it brings we'll look.

Class, we've been long together.

'Tis hard to part for Friendship's dear.

We've braved the pleasant and the roughest weather,

And now we face again - another year -

Scattered? Yes - but we would have it so,

For through our Service may we ever

Closer, happier, always helpful grow.

To the Future, then - we hail you! Welcome Friend!

With Service as our watchword we'll go through, And to old Alma Mater shall return!"

An echo - "Class of '28, we're proud of you!

Virginia McIntire.

Willard Allen...Greenville, N. C.

Jessie Carson Baker...Pactolus, N. C.

Emerson Society,Athletic Association (1, 2), Y. W. C. A.

Hazel Barnes...Pikeville, N. C.

Poe Society, Athletic Association. Y. W. C. A.

Ethel Rozamia Baskin Andrews, S. C.

Poe Society. Program Committee Poe Society, Y. W. C. A.. Y. W. C. A. Choir.

Clara Madeline Bateman...Poplar Branch, N. C.

Emerson Society, Y. W. C. A., Currituck Ccunty Club,

Annie Mae Baugham Rich Square N. C.

Lanier Society, Northampton Club

Mary Belk

Ida Bennett

Mary Benson...Benson, N. C.

Poe Society.


Grace Clark Blowe...Boykins, Va.

Lanier Society. Y. W. C. A.

Annie James Boone...Rich Square, N. C.

Emerson Society, Y. W. C. A.. Northampton County Club.

Emma Louise Boone...Rich Square, N. C.

Ada Margaret Bowden...Burgaw, N. C.

Poe Society, Y. W. C. A., H. D. C. Club (2).

Hazel Bowers...Bethel, N. C.

Lanier Society, Y. W. C. A.. "Teco Echo" Reporter from Lanier Society.

Selma Bradley...Seaboard, N. C.

Poe Society, Y. W. C. A., Athletic Association. Northampton County Club.

Evelyn Pearl Broughton...Zebulon, N. C.

Emerson Society

Margaret Alicia Brogden...Kinston, N. C.

Lanier Society, Athletic Association (1), Y. W. C. A. (1), Lenoir County Club (1, 2) Treasurer of Class (2)

Mary Arue Brown...Bethel, N. C.

Poe Society, Y. W. C. A., Pitt County Club (1, 2).


Ruth Bryant...Lucama, N. C.

Lanier Society, Y. W. C. A., Athletic Association, Wilson County Club

Mary Helen Burden...Aulander, N. C.

Mary Butler...Lewiston, N. C.

Margaret Verdelle Butt...Bonnerton, N. C.

Poe Society, Y. W. C. A., Athletic Association, Fun Seekers Club (1), Beaufort County Club

Maria Anthony Burnette...Kelford, N. C.

Poe Society, Northampton County Club (1), Bertie County Club (2)

Dorothy Sherwood Bridgers...Lasker, N. C.

Poe Society, Y. W. C. A.. Northampton County Club.

Annie Laurie Cannon...Marion, N. C.

Emerson Society, Y. W. C. A.. Athletic Association, Proctor (2).

Berta Mae Chenault...Willard, N. C.

Lanier Society, Y. W. C. A.

Agnes Clayton Brevard, N. C.


Dorothy Ferebe Conner...Winton, NC, Lanier Society, Y. W. C. A., Northampton County Club (1, 2), "Tecoan" Representative (2), Basketball (1, 2).

Minnie Mae Clark...Greenville, NC, Poe Society.

Elizabeth Gold Corbett...Macclesfield, NC, Poe Society, Y. W. C. A., Edgecombe County Club.

Olive Sibyl Clarke...Greenville, NC, Emerson Society, Pitt County Club.

Susan Covington..Ellerbe, NC, Poe Society, Y. W. C. A., M. M. Club.

Edith May Croom...Kinston, NC, Emerson Society, Y. W. C. A., Lenoir County Club (1, 2), Student Volunteer Band (2).

Annie Mae Crumpler.

Dorothy Crutchlaw.

Rosa Lee Cuthrell...Pine Level, NC, Poe Society, Athletic Association, Basketball (1, 2).

Ida Cahoon Zebulon, N. C.

Pue Society, Wake County Club.

Pauline Davenport Oak City, N. C.

Y. W. C. A., Martin County Club.

Lela Davenport Greenville, N. C.

Emerson Society, Pitt County Club.

Mildred Chesson Davenport Oak City, N. C.

Emerson Society, Y. W. C. A.. Martin County Club, Poster Committee (2).

Cynthia Grace Daughtery Goldsboro, N. C.

Ava Elizabeth Dawson Kinston, N. C.

Poe Society, Lenoir County Club. Athletic Association. Y. W. C. A.

Bernice Davis Davis, N. C.

Charlie Dawes Elm City, N. C.

Madge Deaton Mooresville, N. C.

Poe Society, Y. W. C. A.


Bernice Dixon...Weldon, N. C.

Helen Floyd Duke...Norwood, N. C.

Poe Society, Athletic Association, Y. W. C. A., Granco Club (1).

Helen Williams Duke...Warrenton, N. C.

Poe Society, Y. W. C. A.. R. D. Club (2). President Warren County Club (2).

Kizzie Dunn...Greenville, N. C.

Antoinette Darden...Como, N. C.

Lanier Society. Y. W. C. A.

Alma Easom...Selma, N. C.

Emerson Society, Y. W. C. A.

Pattie Edmundson...Williamston, N. C.

Poe Society. Y. W. C. A., Class "Toco Echo" Reporter.

Lettie Ellington...Reidsville, N. C.

Lanier Society. Y. W. C. A.. Athletic Association. T. T. T. Club (2).

Mary Whitmell Evans...Woodard, N. C.

Lanler Society, Y. W. C. A., Bertie County Club (1, 2).


Janie Campbell Ewing...Biscoe, NC

Emerson Society, Y. W. C. A.

Alene Elizabeth Earley...Ahoskie, NC

Poe Society, Y. W. C. A., Vice-House President (2).

Elizabeth Ferrell...Clayton, NC

Poe Society, Y. W. C. A.

Clara Fitzgerald...Pine Level, NC

Emerson Society, Y. W. C. A., Triple F Club, Basketball (2), Athletic Association (1, 2).

Reba Mabel Flowers...Angier, NC

Lanier Society, Y. W. C. A., Athletic Association.

Kate Fletcher...Boonville, NC

Emerson Society, Y. W. C. A.

Sibyl Forehand...Colerain, NC

Lanier Society

Mary Forehand...Colerain, NC

Mamie Futrell

Mamie Futrell...Mt. Olive, NC

Lanier Society, Y. W. C. A., Athletic Association


Pearla Mae Futrell...Murfreesboro, N. C.

Lanier Society, Y. W. C. A.. Northampton County Club, Woodland-Olney Club.

Elizabeth Faircloth...Rowland, N. C.

Poe Society, Y. W. C. A., Robeson County Club (1, 2), Secretary and Treasurer(2), Proctor (2).

Edna Goodwin...Edenton, N. C.

Poe Society, Y. W. C. A., Marshal (2), Vice-President or Class (2).

Florence Elizabeth Gooding...Oriental, N. C.

Poe Society, V. W. C. A.

Alice Mae Gibson...Laurinburg, N. C.

Poe Society, Y. W. C. A. Scotland County Club (1, 2), Treasurer (2).

Lela Sylvesta Gibson...Laurinburg, N. C.

Poe Society, Y. W. C. A. Scotland County Club (1, 2) President (2).

Zella Gibson Laurinburg, N. C.

Poe Society, Y. W. C. A. Scotland County Club, Secretary (2).

Hester Markla Gist...Badin, N. C.

Emerson Society, Program Committee (2), Marshal (2). Athletic Association, Basketball (2). "Lucky 13" (2).

Edna Earle Glover Dover, N. C.

Lanier Society, Y. W. C. A, Craven County Club.


Gladys Marie Grantham Goldsboro, N. C.

Poe Society. Y. W. C. A., Athletic Association, R. D. Club (2), Baseball (1).

Audrey Grizzard...Rich Square, N. C.

Poe Society, Y. W. C. A., Athletic Association, Northampton County Club, Basketball (1).

Eva Dell Geddie...Fayetteville, N. C.

Poe Society.

Margaret Louise Hamer...Maxton, N. C.

Lanier Society. Y. W. C. A., Robeson County Club (1, 2).

Lillian Haselden...Andrews, S. C.

Poe Society, Y. W. C. A., Secretary Y. W. c. A. (2). Chairman Inter-Society Committee (2), Y. W. C. A. Choir (1, 2), Delegate to State Y. W. C A. Conference (1).

Julia Hemby...Jacksonville, N. C.

Mary Lou Herring...Mt. Olive, N. C.

Ellie Ford Hinson Jonesboro, N. C.

Lanier Society, Y. W. C. A.. Athletic Association Tennis (1), Class "Teco Echo" Reporter (1), Red Head Club, Statistics (2).

Emily Mozelle Hoffler...Sunbury, N. C.

Poe Society, Y. W. C. A, Red Head Club. Proctor (2).


Rachel Hancock...New Bern, N. C.

June Honaker

Lula Hood...Goldsboro, N. C.

Lanier Society, Y. W. C. A., Athletic Association, N. G. F. Club (1).

Frances Hooker...Scotland Neck, N. C.

Poe Society, Y. W. C. A.. Cabinet (2). Class President (1).

Mae Horne...Wilmington, N. C.

Poe Society, Y. W. C. A , H. D. C. (2).

Dorothy Christine House...Bethel, N. C.

Lanier Society, Y. W. C. A.. Pitt County Club, Red-Head Club.

Eugenia Whitfield Hudson...Weldon, N. C.

Poe Society. Y. W. C. A., H. D. C, Glee Club.

Dorothy Price Humphreys...Reidsville, N. C.

Emerson Society.

Claudia Irwin...Goldsboro, N. C.

Emerson Society, Athletic Association, Y. W. C. A., N. F. G. (1)


Hattie Jewell Jackson...Cooper, N. C.

Poe Society, Y. W. C. A.. Glee' Club (1, 2).

Ruby Hazel Jackson...Greenville, N. C.

Emerson Society, Athletic Association, Pitt County Club, Secretary of Emerson Society (2), "Lucky 13" (2)

Beulah Catherine James...Bethel, NC

Lanier Society, Y. W. C. A., Pitt County Club

Mary Etta Jarvis...Swan Quarter, N. C.

Poe Society, Y. W. C. A., Hyde County Club

Odessa Mae Jarvis...Straits, N. C.

Poe Society, V. W. C. A., Carteret County Club.

Marie Jenkins...Franklinton, N. C.

Lanier Society, Y. W. C. A.

Louise Jilcott . . .Roxobel, N. C.

Clara Jane Johnson...Bonlee, N. C.

Reba Johnson


THE. 1928


Gladys Jones...Boonville, N. C.

Emerson Society, Athletic Association, Y. W. C. A., Proctor (2), "Teco Echo Reporter, President of Senior Normal Class.

Roxy Jones...Edward, N. C.

Y. W. C. A

Mrs. E. A. Joyner...Farmville, N. C.

Mae Hampton Keith . Varina, N. C.

Poe Society, Y. W. C. A., Tennis Team (1), Student Volunteer Band (2), Wake County Club (1, 2), "Teco Echo" Reporter (2),

Delegate to B. S. U. Conference at Raleigh (2), Athletic Association, Wearer of Letters (2)

Mildred Kennedy...Moltonville, N. C.

Emerson Society. Y. W. C. A.

Mary Knox...Huntersville, N. C.

Emerson Society, Y. W. C. A

Frances Haywood Koonce...Comfort, N. C.

Poe Society, Y. W. C. A., Athletic Association, "Triple F" Club (2).

Lilly Christine Lane Fountain, N. C.

Cullowhee state Normal, Poe Society (2), Pitt County Club (2)

Josephine Lane...Fountain, N. C.

Emerson Society, Cullowhee State Normal (1), Pitt County Club (2), College Basketball Team (2), Athletic Association (2).


Eddie Thomas Langston...Sebring, Fla.

Lanier Society.

Zenobia Lancaster...Warrenton, N. C.

Pop Society, Y. W. C. A.

Eliza O'Hagan Laughinghouse...Greenville, N. C.

Dorothy Vernon Lee...Smithfield, N. C.

Poe Society. Y. W. C. A.

Nellie Grey Lewis...Marshallberg, N. C.

Poe Society, Y. W. C. A., Carteret County Club (2). Student Volunteer Band (2).

Mary Liverman...Woodland, N. C.

Emerson Society, Athletic Association, Tennis Team (1), Winner Doubles (1), Northampton County Club, Woodland-Olney Club.

May Athalia Livingston...Wilmington, N. C.

Poe Society. Y. W. C. A.. .'Triple L."

Elvira Susan Lowery...Willow Springs, N. C.

Lanier Society. Y. W. C. A., Athletic Association, Wake County Club.

Katie Lee Mann...Middletown, N. C.

Emerson Society. Hyde County Club. Statistics (2).


Lizzie Lome Mann Middletown, N. C.

Emerson Society, Hyde County Club.

Mabel Lynn. Mann Middletown, N. C.

Emerson Society, Hyde County Club.

Eloise Marslender Moyock, N. C.

Lanier Society, Y. W. C. A., Athletic Association, Currituck County Club.

Brownie Martin...Conway, N. C.

Emerson Society, Athletic Association Northampton County Club, Woodland-Olney

Martha Naomi Mason...Reidsville, N. C.

Emerson Society, Y. W. C. A., Class Sergeant at Arms (1), Class Critic (2), Glee Club (2).

Lillian Louise Mayes...Shelby, N. C.

Poe Society, Y. W. C. A.

Aileen Elizabeth Mewborn...Grifton, N. C.

Emerson Society, Y. W. C, A.. Pitt County Club (1, 2). Proctor.

Lula Lang Mewborn...Kinston, N. C.

Lanier Society, Athletic Association, Lenoir County Club

Sarah Lucile Minchew...Fremont, N. C.

Poe Society, Y. W. C. A., Proctor (1), Wilson County Club.


Helen M. Minton...Bethel, NC

Poe Society, C. G. C. Club (1), Student Volunteer Band (2).

Bettie Mitchell...Harrelsville, NC

Virginia Mitchner...Garner, NC

Merle Reade Moore...Grifton, NC

Lanier Society, Y. W. C. A., Pitt County Club

Gertrude Morgan...Erwin, NC

Poe Society, Y. W. C. A., Glee Club

Mary McNiece Morton...Wilmington, NC

Poe Society, Y. W. C. A., Cabinet (2), Glee Club (1, 2), Y. W. Choir (1, 2), Delegate to Officers Training Conference at Raleigh (1), Delegate to Blue Ridge (1), Student Council (2), College Entertainment Committee (2).

Margaret McDonald...Waxhaw, NC

Poe Society, Y. W. C. A., Cabinet (2), Vice-President Junior Normal Class (1), Inter-Society Committee (2), Union County Club

Virginia McIntyre...Wilmington, NC

Poe Society, Y. W. C. A., New Hanover County Club (2), Athletic Association, "Tecoan" Staff (2), Triple F Club

Sara McKellar...Maxton, NC

Lanier Society, Y. W. C. A., Robeson County Club

Gladys McLean...Rowland, N. C.

Emerson Society, Basketball (1, 2), Athletic Association, Robeson County Club (1, 2), Student Volunteer Band (2).

Sammie McManus...Charlotte, N. C.

Poe Society. Y. W. C. A., Student Council (2), Marshal (2).

Mildred Muse

Josie Muse...Carthage, N. C.

Janie McPhail...Rowland, N. C.

Emerson Society.

Charlotte Jones Nixon...Hertford, N. C.

Lanier Society, Y. W. c. A.

Annie Nichols...Camp Glenn, N. C.

Mittie Norwood...Townsville, N. C.

Lanier Society, Basketball (1. 2), Captain (2), Y. W. C. A., Athletic Association. Proctor (1).

Clara Inez Oliver...Princeton, N. C.

Lanier Society.


Mabel Thomas Overby...Macon, NC

Lanier Society, Athletic Association, Warren County Club

Louise Parker...Garysburg, NC

Poe Society, Northampton County Club, Y. W. C. A.

Ruth Maylon Parker, Pollocksville, NC

Lanier Society, Y. W. C. A.

Vivian Parsons...Beaufort, NC

Helen Pate...Kinston, NC

Myrtle Vernon Pate...New Bern, NC

Lanier Society, Y. W. C. A., Craven County Club

Hannah Barham Picot...Como, NC

Lanier Society, Y. W. C. A., Lanier Debater (2), Proctor (1), Marshal (2).

Mary Lean Powell...Bethel, N. C.

Lanier Society Y. W. C. A.. Pitt County Club.

Elizabeth Pritchard...Kelford, N. C.


Mrs. Marjorie Phillips...Greenville, N. C.

Helen Charles Proctor Davidson, N. C.

Poe Society, Y. W. C. A.

Myrtle Virginia Pryce...Lilesville, N. C.

Emerson Society, Athletic Association. Student Volunteer Band (2), Y. W. C. A.

Margaret Amanda Railey...Como, N. C.

Lanier Society. Y. W. C. A.

Martha Gertrude Redfern...Lillington, N. C.

Poe Society, Athletic Association, Y. W. C. A.

Virginia Dare Reel...Arapahoe, N. C.

Emerson Society. Y. W. C. A., Y. W. Choir (1. 2), Glee Club (1, 2). D. D. Club (1), Pamlico County Club, Athletic Association, Hiking Club

Margaret Robbins Pinetown, N. C.

Kathleen Elizabeth Ross...Robersonville, N. C.

Emerson Society, Y. W. C. A., Assistant Class Cheer Leader (1) Robersonvillians (2),

Selma Louise Roebuck...Robersonville, N. C.

Emerson Society, Y. W. C. A., Class Cheer Leader (1). Assistant College Cheer Leader,


Mary Winifred Rouse...Rose Hill, N. C.

Emerson Society, Marshal (2), Basketball (1, 2), Athletic Association. Y. W. C. A.

Jessie Rose...Mt. Olive, N. C.

Poe Society, Athletic Association, Y. W. C. A.

Anne Saunders...Reidsville, N. C.

Emerson Society, Y. W. C. A., Athletic Association, Rockingham County Club.

Rosa Belle Smith...Pink Hill, N. C.

Emerson Society, Y. W. C. A.. Athletic Association, Lenoir County Club.

Jeanette Sessoms...Windsor, N. C.

Emerson Society. Y. W. C. A., Y. W. Choir (2). Class Secretary (1, 2). Bertie County Club, Chief Marshal (2).

Virginia Macklin Shell...New Bern, N. C.

Poe Society, Athletic Association, Craven County Club. Lucky 13 Club.

Katie Simmons...New Bern, N. C.

Poe Society, Y. W. C. A.. Craven County Club (1. 2).

Janie Rea Smith...Troutman, N. C.

Lanier Society.

Melvena Smith...Bessemer City, N. C.

Emerson Society. Athletic Association. Gaston County Club.


Sallie Ellen Sutton...Goldsboro, NC

Poe Society, Y. W. C. A., Athletic Association, R. D. Club (2), Baseball (1)

Wilma Snoddy...Marion, NC

Emerson Society, Y. W. C. A., Athletic Association

Finette Stanfield...Farmville, NC

Poe Society, Y. W. C. A., Y. W. Choir (1, 2), Glee Club (1, 2), Class Poet (1), Pitt County Club (1, 2), Athletic Association, "Teco Echo" Staff (2).

Lillie D. Stanley...Kinston, NC

Lanier Society, T. T. T. Club, Captain Class Basketball (1), Y. W. C. A., Treasurer (2), Tennis (1), Athletic Association.

Julia Randolph Stewart...Manson, NC

Emerson Society, Y. W. C. A.

Clara Jane Stroud...Kinston, NC

Poe Society, Athletic Association, Lenoir County Club, Y. W. C. A., Marshal (2).

Mary Mildred Taylor...Robersonville, NC

Emerson Society, Y. W. C. A., Robersonvillians

Grace Talton...Smithfield, NC

Flora Adelaide Tarkington...Woodard, NC

Lanier Society, Y. W. C. A., Bertie County Club, Vice-House President (1), Student Council (1, 2).

Allien Verdelle Tripp...Raleigh, N. C.

Poe Society. Y. W. C. A., Athletic Association. Fun-Seekers Cluh (1). Wake County Club (1. 2).

Elizabeth Tillman...Kinston, N. C.

Lexie Elizabeth Teal...Gibson, N. C.

Poe Society. Y. W. C. A.. Scotland County Club (1, 2).

Cornelia Thompson Roxboro, N. C.

Mary Traynham...Fairmont, N. C.

Poe Society, Y. W. C. A.. Roberson County Club.

Beulah Vick...Nashville, N. C.

Mildred Vail Plymouth, N. C.

Emerson Society, Y. W. C. A.. Triple F Club (2). Glee Club (2).

Myrtle Vann...Woodland, N. C.

Poe Society, Y. W. C. A.. Athletic Association. Northampton County Club (1 2) Woodland-Olney Club.

Martha Inez Vaughan...Rougemont, N. C.

Poe Society, Y. W. C. A.. Athletic Association.


Willie Lee Wagstaff...Dunn, N. C.

Emerson Society.

Ruth Waters

Margaret Marie Ward...Kinston, N. C.

Emerson Society. Y. W. C. A.. Lenoir County Club, Class Cheer Leader (2).

Bessie Fleda Wheeler...Stem, N. C.

Poe Society, Y. W. C. A.. Granville County Club.

Bertie Williams...South Mills, N. C.

Poe Society, Y. W. C. A.

Helen Martin White...Plymouth, N. C.

Lanier Society, Y. W. C. A., Marshal (2).

Ruth Whitfield...Robersonville, N. C.

Emerson Society. V. W. C. A., Athletic Association, Robersonvillians (2).

Anna Whitlock...Maxton, N. C.

Lanier Society. Y. W. C. A., Kohcrson County Club, 'Teco Echo" Reporter (2).

Nannie Edward Whitty...Pollocksville, N. C.

Poe Society. Y. W. C. A.. Y. W. Choir (1. 2), Glee Club (1, 2).


Genevieve Williams...Roper, N. C.

Lanier Society, Y. W. C. A., Athletic Association, T. T, T. Club (2).

Lillian Iris Williams...Kinston, N. C.

Poe Society. Y. W. C. A,. Athletic Association, Student Volunteer Band (2). Lenoir County Club (1, 2).

Elizabeth Connell Wilson...Louisburg, N. C.

Poe Society, Y. W. C. A.

Laura Butt Windley...Ransomville, N. C.

Emerson Society, Y. W. C. A., Athletic Association, Beaufort County Club.

Lela Blanche Wood...Troy, N. C.

Emerson Society, Y. W. C. A., Vice-President Emerson Society 12). Emerson Debater (1), Student Budget Committee (2), "Teeoan" Staff (2), Proctor (2).

Grace Wooten...Kinston, N. C.

Lanier Society, Y. W. C. A., Lenoir County Club. Class Program Committee (2).

Mary Louise Wooten...Kinston, N. C.

Emerson Society, Y. W. C. A., Lenoir County Club, Athletic Association.

Danez Worthington...Winterville, N. C.

Mary Wright...Greenville, N. C.


Grace Wooten

Eliza Laughinghouse

Jeannette Sessoms

Margaret Ward

Kathleen Ross

Louise Roebuck

Helen M. White


Wooten...Best All Round, Laughinghouse...Most Stylish

Sessoms...Most Social, Ross...Most Talkative

Roebuck...Cutest, White...Most Popular

Ward...Best Sport

Gladys Jones

Edna Goodwin

Hester Gist

Margaret McDonald

Mittie Norwood

Mary Morton

Ruth Whitfield


Jones...Most Intellectual, Goodwin...Most Original

Gist...Most Affectionate, Norwood...Most Athletic

Morton...Most Dignified Whitfield...Most Attractive

McDonald...Biggest Baby

Senior Normal "Silent Drama"

Madge Deaton...Scenario Writer

Lula Lang Mewborn...Director

Blanche Wood...Production Manager

Time: 1926-'28

Place: East Carolina Teachers College

Leading Characters: Groups of Dignity

Groups of Flapperism

Groups of Studiousness

Groups of Courage

Groups of Timidity

Groups of Lovelornness

Representatives of All Other Characteristics of the Modern American Girl in the background of each scene.

Act "C"

Scene I First Day - Administration Building

The halls lined with directions and information posters, walls hung with a few well-chosen pictures, tables weighted down with blank schedule cards; characters nervously wandering over the corridors with eyes and mouth open.

(Scene fades out for a moment while the title flashes on the screen.) "O! the gales of wisdom are beginning to open slowly."

Scene 2 First Party - Campus Building

The spacious and brightly illuminated hall shining forth in all its pride and splendor, purple

and gold decorations hanging in profusion; Dignity, Timidity and Flapperism seen on stage;

Dignity seated at one side quietly conversing with new acquaintances; Timidity glancing around

in uncomfortable silence; Flapperism running about from group to group chattering noisily.

(Title flashes on the screen)

"All college life is one grand party."

Scene 3 Initiation Day- The College Campus

Dignity, Flapperism, Courage, Studiousness, Timidity, and Lovelornness, in succession of pictures, running errands for upper classmen, outwardly courteous, inwardly raging; defiantly observing temporary rules; cleaning rooms and making beds, staring in amazement at each other's unmade-up complexions and plaited hair; moving from place to place shivering with dread - pathetic, forlorn creatures, letting out sobs for relief. (Title flashes on the screen) "Now we can be ourselves; initiation is over."

Scene 4 Election of Officers- Auditorium of Administration Building, Saturday Evening

Characters anxiously moving about discussing candidates, waiting for the meeting to come to order and suppressing their impatience with difficulty; nominations being made; candidates withdrawing, votes being counted; the newly elected officers passing slowly across the stage. (Title flashes on the screen) Officers elected. Our fate is in their hands."

Scene 5 In Full Swing - College Campus Activities

Scenes showing groups shopping, hiking, and dancing - furnishing pastime for all - Dignity and Studiousness seated on the campus or in the Library; Flapperism and Lovelornness in Council chairs, on the verge of tears, awaiting judgment.

(Title flashes on the screen) "Lovelornness turns only half fate from Fifth Street." "It won't be long now."

Scene 6 Flunk Slips- Post Office

All characters on stage; excitement, hubbub, push, jam; anxious faces, apparently weak hearts, cold hands, moments of impatience dragging by; slips of pink paper that are not rain- bows of promise; many and vain regrets, much rejoicing; Flapperism and Lovelornness morti- fied and struggling with tears; Studiousness and Courage, with heads high, supporting Timidity. (Title flashes on the screen) "The flunk slips are out! ! Oh, joy - Oh, sorrow!"

Time: Three Months Later

Act "D"

Scene I Back Again - The College Campus

Old friends, new friends; Dignity, Studiousness, and Courage moving about in tvpical manner; Flapperism with somewhat changed and subdued manner trying to imitate Dignity in preparation for Practice Teaching. Timidity more confident than in Act "C" ; Lovelornness just about the same, making brave effort to keep thoughts on work. (Title flashes on the screen) "Our schedule is wonderful - we do practice teaching." "Oh, mine doesn't come till Spring."

Scene 2

Seventeenth Annual Play- Administration Building

Auditorium filled with eager audience, commotion and excitement back of stage, girls moving nervously, running about on tip toes ; actors metamorphosed, girls today, tonight men and women.

(Title flashes on the screen) Lovelornness: "Dignity, did they like it? What are the gate receipts?"

Scene j Graduation - The Campus Building

A beautiful, bright June morning; white dresses, thin and airy, seen at every glance; friends and relatives rejoicing; all groups represented, Studiousness and Courage appearing tall as giants; Lovelornness, in her original spirit trips along; Timidity, small as a dwarf, falls in line. Diplomas and Bible given to the wearers of the white dresses; congratulations offered on every side.

(Title flashes on the screen) "Graduation has come and gone." Flapperism to Courage: "And this is All!"

Scene 4 - Last Will and Testament

Representatives of lower classes gathered, the leader of each group placing her mantle on the shoulder of an undergraduate:

Dignity places hers on the shoulders of a young flapper, who looks up startled; Flapperism laughingly drapes hers with a stylish twist on the most serious one in the class; Studiousness passes hers on to a weak, trembling group who are noted for being in a "cond'tional state."

Courage calls forth those who are expecting an invitation from the Student Council to visit them in the council room, and leaves her mantle to be used by each in turn.

Timidity surprises the over-confident with the proffer of her robe.

Lovelornness, with a sly look, drops hers over the arm of the book-worm, so that the book is hidden, and with a laugh directs her look to Fifth Street.

(Title flashes on the screen) "The President's Farewell Address."

"The above elusive properties we leave with the sincere hope that the actors who succeed us will find them usable and valuable, and that the tone of the future performances will be raised by the judicious use of such properties.

"In case, however, the actors of the future fail to note our bequest, we leave with President Wright a tangible evidence of our erstwhile presence and of the great love we bear our Alma Mater.

"May the gift bring to East Carolina Teachers College all the good that we are wishing for her."

Act "X"

Time: Anytime between 1928-'48 Place: Everywhere. Scene l - Schoolroom

School bell ringing; rushing of feet into the class room, quieting of tongues; lessons being recited; children "staying in" after school; parents vis'ting; bells ringing for close of school; commencement exercises. Lovelornness in the center of every group, with show of courage and dignity, at the close left alone.

(Title flashes on the screen) "Ah, Woe is me.' When will he come?"

Scene 2- Cupid's Bulletin Board

Engagement ring, announcement party, showers being attended; Dignity the center of attractions; trousseau being planned and bought; announcements being mailed; wedding hells pealing forth; the vows are spoken; Courage gets a glimpse of even Timidity fleeing from a shower of rice. (Title flashes on the screen) "School teachers of all kinds go the same way; few are left old maids."

Scene 3- The Home,

Hollyhocks and larkspur surrounding a small bungalow; playground equipment in one side of the yard; children's happy voices and excited laughter echoing around the house; father coming home to lunch; the family seated around the dining room table; the mother with a faint resemblance of Lovelornness of old at the head of the table, smiling at her happy family. (Title flashes on the screen) "How much sweeter to be teaching your own."

Scent 4 - The Few Lelt. Spotlight on each in a different secne.

Courage doing wonderful missionary work in China; Studiousness back at her Alma Mater teaching North Carolina History to her classmates' daughters; Flapperism, weathered with age. acting as private secretary to President Wright.

(Title flashes on the screen) "Our vocation is to serve others."

-Alls Well That End's Well!" FINIS

The Junior Normal Class

"O this learning, what a thing it is!" Taming of the Shrew.

Martha Anne Gaskins Junior Normal Class Mascot

Colors: Blue and Yellow

Motto: "Non Sibi seel Omnibus

Flower: Jonquil

C is for Chastity, Charity, and Charm, C is for Courtesy, Culture, and Calm. C is for Clean - free from all shame, C stands for always a spotless name.

C is for Clear - a shining light, That leads us forever in the paths of right. C is for Care - like the love of a brother, Is love of C Classmates one for another. Anna Olivia Drake

Junior Normal Class Officers

Hazel Batson...President

Hilda Ross...Vice-President

Gavnelle Seawell...Secretary

Ruby Lee Campbell...Treasurer

Kathleen Britt...Critic

Pattie Bunn...Teco Echo Reporter

Flora Griggs...Cheer Leader

Louise Gurley...Tecoan Representative

Hattie Ross .... Student Government Representative

Junior Normal Class- Section in Primary Teaching

Junior Class Roll

Oma Mae Andrews, Mildred Barnes, Doris Batson, Hazel Batson, Etta Baum, Inez Bizzell, Essie Bordeaux, Thelis Bowden, Annie Mae Brinson, Velma Brown, Kathleen Britt, Excie Burton, Pattie Bunn, Kathleen Burns, Eunice Campbell, Ruby Lee Campbell, Hilda Carter, Josephine Catlette, Rena Charlton, Mary Helen Clark, Margaret Conwell, Louise Cox, Charlotte Creder, Bettie Crisp, Louise Dail, Ena Belle Daniels, Frances Darden, Lottie Daniels, Mary R. Davenport, Mary Amanda Davis, Elizabeth Deans, Louise Dean, Joanna Dildy, Anna Olivia Drace, Sena Dunn, Hazel Edgerton, Sarah Faircloth, Evelyn Farabow, Martha Floyd, Lorie Freeman, Virginia Gaston,

Mary Gordan, Flora Griggs, Lucille Gregory, Beatrice Gresham, Roselyn Grizzard, Louise Gurley, Annie M. Haithcock, Lena R. Haithcock, Thelma Hall, Margaret Ham, Martha Hatchell, Mary Emma Gaskins, Elizabeth Gibbs, Margaret Gibson, Mamie Godwin, Katherine Gross, Elizabeth Harrington, Helen Hawks, Mary E. Herring, Annie Laurie Herring, Carrie Highsmith, Thelma Hobbs, Ruth Holt, Virginia Howard, Margaret Hunter, Virginia Hyatt, Louise Insco, Ludeen Jennings, Clara Jessup, Christine Jones, Mary Louise Jones, Ima Mae Jones, Louise C. Jones, Lillie Mae Jones, Bertha Joyner, Florence King, Lucy King, Clara Kanoy, Alma Lee,

Annie Margaret Lee, Esta Lee,

Hattie Lee, Janie Lee, Merna Lee, Martha Leggett, Pearl Leonard, May Leonard, Annie Liks, Elizabeth Martin, Dorothy Miller, Carrie Lee Mizelle, Julia Mizelle, Vera Mizell, Ethel F. Morney, Meredith McNeill, Marguerite McLean, Arlene Nobles, Dorothy Pickett, Elizabeth Pridgen, Ruth Procto,r Emma Rodenlieze,n Lois Rouse, Kathleen B. Rowe, Ruth Sanford, Elizabeth Savage, Hattie Sue Scoville, Mabel Shore, Margaret Ross, Leona Satterthwaite, Gaynelle Seawell, Rosa L. Sivills, Gladys Smith, Janie P. Smith, Margaret Spruill, Olivia Stadle,r Sarah L. Stallings, Panice Sutton, Lucile Swindell, Nannie Tadlock, Lucille Taylor, Mary Taylor, Lena Tharrington

Junior Normal Class Roll


Alice Thompson, Esther Mae Tilghman, Mildred Tingle, Nell Tunstall, Bessie Wall, Lucile White, Willie Mae White, Mildred Whitehurst, Lois Whitley, Mattie Whitley, Alice Wicker, Ethel Williams, Margaret Williams, Ruth Williams, Hayse Wood, Ruth Woodard, Ruth Wooten, Mrs. C. R. Adams, Dollie Arthur, Cora Lee Barefoo,t Eleanor Barr, Camille Bateman, Martha Bawelen, Jessie Britt, Dorothy Brooks, Bernice Burns, Margaret Calhoon, Virginia Conrad, Charlie Dawes, Mamie Evans, Osa Mae Elledge, Laura Wall Everett, Dell Finch, Maybelle Fitts, Grace Dean Forester, Ethel Chadwick, Inez Forbes, Billie Forester,

Norma Gabriel, Sadie Harrell, Meter Harrell, Mary Hartsfield, Evelyn Heilig, Virginia Hill, Elizabeth Hooker, Thelma Holland, Frances House, Marguerite Hughes, Lucille Hundley, Janie Hunter, Vesta James, Martha Jackson, Doris Jeannette, Plum Johnson, Mary Holman Johnson, Jocelyn Joyner, Annie Rae Joyner, Evelyn Kemp, Lucille Kilpatrick, Ferry Lane Knox, Isabel Lennon, Bertha Leicester, Roland Lewis, Josie Liverman, Evelyn Madre, Elizabeth Matthews, Josephine Matthews, Nell Meacham, Elsie Miller, Bessie Mitchell, Evelyn Mitchell, Lottie Mone, Danie Morris, Mildred Morris, Mary L. McCormack, Ann Newsome, Ellen Nobles,

Edna Earle Narney, Berye Odum, Jessie Parker, Sallie Pate, Florrie Perkinson, Edna Pierce, Anne Pollock, Willie Powell, Mildred Powell, Eloise Private, Elsie Rawls, Sarah Ray, Letha Reel, Miriam Riggs, Hattie Ross, Hilda Ross,

Mary Elizabeth Smith, Helen Spruill, Edna Reid Sumrell, Madge Sullivan, Louise Thompson, Edna M. Tickel, Gladys Townsend, Mary Troyden, Helen Tucker, Mildred Tucker, Annie Turner, Margaret Vick, Blanche Warren, Ruby West, Mary Davis Westcott, Edna Earle White, Sophia White, Frances R. Whittmore, Mary Morton Williams, Lucile Windsor, Elizabeth Wood, Elsie Zahnizer,

Junior Normal Class - Section in Intermediate Teaching

In Memoriam

Lorene Early, '22

Valeria Sexton, '27

Hildegarde Roberts, '26

Mottie Thoroughgood

Dorothy Currin Ellis

The Student Government Association


Annie Batts...President

Sammie McManus...Vice-President

Vallie Sumrell...Secretary

Cleo Brendle...Treasurer

Mary Cummings...Chairman of Campus Committee

Elizabeth Smith...President Y. W. C. A.

Caroline Macon...Senior Class Representative

Carrie Smith...Junior class Representative

Elaine Tunnell...Sophomore Class Representative

Selma Grey Hooks...Freshman Class Representative

Flora Tarkington...Senior Normal Class Representative

Hattie Ross...Junior Normal Class Representative

Mary Morton...House President, Jarvis

Sarah Gurley...House President, Fleming

Ruth Jones...House President, Fleming

Evelyn Hutcheson...House President, Gotten

Anne Kanoy...House President, Colten

Helen Guthrie...House President, Cotter,

Annie Batts, Enfield, N. C.

President Student Government Association

Mary Morton, Sammie McManus, Sarah Gurley, Ruth Jones, Vallie Sumrell, Evelyn Hutcheson, Anne Kanoy, Cleo Brendle, Helen Guthrie,


The Student Council

Caroline Macon, Carrie Smith, Elaine Tunnell, Mary Cummings, Elizabeth Smith, Selma Grey Hooks, Flora Tarkington, Hattie Ross

Elizabeth Smith, Hendersonville, N. C.

President Young Women's Christian Association


Doralita Larkins, Gladys Jones, Lillian Haselden, Catherine Hill, Lillie Stanley, Margaret McDonald, Nina Ruth Rouse, K. Lee Cloaninger, Lilyan Colson, Frances Hooker, Mary Morton




Follow The Gleam.

The Silver Bay Prize Song. 1920. Written by Bryn Mawr College.

Used by the kind permission of Sallie Hume Douglas, Composer.

Athletic Association


Sarah Gurley...President, Lilyan Colson...Secretary, Mary Frances Jenkins...Business Manager, Janie Gold Hardee...Tecoan Representative, Elva Frisbie...Teco Echo Reporter

It is an honor to be a wearer of the college monogram. The Athletic Association

awards it to its members who, through various forms of athletics

and health rules, make sufficient points.

Athletic Association

Winning Basketball Teams

First Team

K. Lee Cloaninger .... Forward

Sara Ogletree...Forward

Mary Ward...Forward

Grace Whitley...Guard

Margaret Outland...Guard

Janie Gold Hardee...Guard

Second Team

Madeline McCain...Forward

Cleo Brendle...Forward

Lucy Lane...Forward

Elva Frisbie...Guard

Alida Swindell...Guard

Agatha Leeuwenburg...Guard

First Team

Kathleen Burns...Forward

Louise Gurley...Forward

Willie White...Forward

Josie Lieberman...Guard

Esther Mae Tilghman...Guard

Mary Louise McCormac...Guard

Second Team

Lucile Kilpatrick .... Forward

Olivia Stadler...Forward

Doris Batson...Forward

Pattie Bunn...Guard

Mildred Tingle...Guard

Hazel Batson...Guard

Freshmen, Junior, Senior Normal, Senior

Class Basketball Team

SENIOR Class Basketball Teams

Cheer Leaders

Evelyn Ewell... College

Mary Cummings...Senior

Evelyn Ewell...Junior

Eloise McArthur, Elba McGowan...Sophomore

Cornelia Boney, Eartha Mitchell...Freshman

Margaret Ward...Senior Normal

Flora Griggs, Sara Ray...Junior Normal

Mary Cummings...Poe

Carrie Lee Peele...Emerson

Evelyn Ewell...Lanier

Oh, Edgar, Oh Edgar Allan!

We are the Edgar Allan Poets.

We are the society

Choice and picked variety.

Oh, Edgar, Oh, Edgar Allan!

We are the Edgar Allan Poes.

March On! March On!

Beneath the Red and White,

For we will conquer all our foes.

And we're sure to win in every fight.

Mary Cummings, Elizabeth Deal, Vera Wester, Bronnie Crogdell, Sonia Belle Lamm

Vera Wester...President

Mary Cummings...Vice-President

Elizabeth Deal...Secretary

Sonia Belle Lamm...Treasurer

Broknie Cogdell...Teco Echo Reporter

Poe Society

Poe Society Marshals

Edna Goodwin, Evelyn Hutcheson

Sammie McManus, Clara Stroud


THE. 1928



Lanier Society Song

Tune: "On the Mall"

Let us sing a song of praise to our society

Hail to thee. O, Sidney Lanier! Loyal members ever proving your sobriety,

Though our fun to us e'er will be dear. Then let us to our banner, each a tribute pay,

Let us ever our motto uphold, Always faithful, true and loyal to thee, night and day.

Hurrah! for the Green and Gold!

Lanier Society Officers

Catherine Clark...President

Nancy Hinson...Vice-President

Goldie Harrell Secretary

Julia Minor Wood . . Treasurer

Hazel Bowers...Teco Echo Reporter

Hilda Sutton...Tecoan Representative

Lanier Society

Lanier Society Marshals

Ruth Jones, Helen M. White

Hilda Sutton, Appless White

Emerson Song

O, Emerson!

In your praise, we always raise a song to your veracity.

O, Emerson!

You have won our hearts forever by your firm tenacity.

O, Emerson!

How your name in newest fame thrills us to carry on anew.

We love you,

And with hand and heart for right

We pledge to fight - to you we're true.

Emerson Society


Annie Shields Van Dyke...President

Blanche Wood...Vice-President

Ruby Hazel Jackson...Treasurer

Marcella Deal...Treasurer

Emerson Society

Emerson Society Marshals

Elizabeth Mayo, Winifred Rouse

Mattie Vines Mayo, Hester Gist

Jeannette Sessoms, Windsor, N. C.

Chief Marshal Emerson Society

Christine Bell

Sonia Bell Lamm

Rosalie Rives

Excie Burton

Bessie Grissom

Winifred Rouse

society Debaters


Inter-Society Committee

Lillian Haselden...Chairman

Catherine Clark, Rebecca Alexander, Hilda Sutton, Vera Wester, Nina Ruth Rouse, Margaret McDonald, Annie Shields Van Dyke, Ruth Whitfield, Carrie Lee Peele


Faculty Advisers

Mr. Slay, Miss Andrews, Mr. Deal, Dr. Adams, Miss Turner, Mr. Hollar

Phi Epsilon

Colors: Gold and Black

Motto: I Do

Flower: Black-eved Susan


Mary Campbell...President

Lilyan Colson...Vice-President

Emily Smithwick Secretary

Elva Frisbie...Treasurer

Rosalie Rives...Tecoan Representative

Elizabeth Austin...Teco Echo Reporter

Clyde Stokes...Doorkeeper

Members in the Faculty Miss White, Mr. Slay

Miss McGuire, Mr. Keech

Members in the Class of '28 Lelia Askew, Kathleen Faison

Lucile Brut, Sarah Gurley

Catherine Clark, Goldie Harrell

Bronnie Cocdell, Mildred Herring

Pratt Covington, Janie Belle Johnson

Doralita Larkins, Margaret Shaw, Delma Smith, Elizabeth Smith, Vera Wester

the Class of 29 Ada Allen, Irene Kahn, Viola Scott, Clara Lee Spruill

Mary Frances Jenkins, Claire Jones

Hilda Sutton

Evelyn Tillman

Members in the Class of '30 Cleo Brendle, Soma Belle Lamm

Evelyn Caldwell, Madeline McCain

Marcella Deal, Mildred Sasser

Sarah Long Johnson, Eliza Walters

Phi Epsilon

The Mathematics Club


Lelia Askew...President

Viola Scott...Vice-President

Sara Ogletree...Secretary and Treasurer


Lelia Askew, Lucille Britt, Myrtle Cooper, Alice Foley, Olivia Forbes, Sarah Gurley, Cleo Harper, Claire Jones, Sonia Belle Lamm, Julia Lancaster, Clara Mallard, Madeline McCain, Sara Ogletree, Eloise Scott, Viola Scott, Delma Smith, Clara Lee Spruill, Inez Van Dyke, Vera Webster, Dorothy Williams

Faculty Members

Miss Graham, Miss Wilkes

The English Club


Mildred Magnum...President

Evelyn Hutcheson...Vice-President

Catherine Hill...Secretary and Treasurer


Rebecca Alexander, Annie Batts, Christine Bell, Louise Carr, Blanche Clark, Margaret Carter, Hester Davenport, Frances Dixon, Lucile Dixon, Bessie Fercuson, Nell Floyd, Velma Hardy

Mae Henderson, Mildred Herring, Odessa Hilliard, Sarah E. Hinson, Nancy Hinson, Mary Hocutt, Evelyn Jennings, Irene Kahn, Doralita Larkins, Ruth Lemmond, Agatha Leeuweneurg, Eloise McArthur, Elba McGowan

Dell Pollard, Eunice Richardson, Nina Ruth Rouse, Carrie Smith, Ethel Spratt, Elaine Tunnell, Betty Uzzell, Bennie Ward, Carrie Mae Ward, Mary E. White, Catherine Whitehurst, Bessie Willis

Faculty Members

Miss Andrews, Miss Jenkins

Miss Hooper, Miss Turner


Phi Sigma

Mr. R C. Deal, Annie Shields Van Dyke, Lilyan Colson, Virginia Perkins, Odessa Hilliard, Carrie Smith, Elizabeth Smith, Doralita Larkins, Annie Batts, Nina Ruth Rouse, Lillian Trippe, Catherine Hill

The Teco Echo

Member of the North Carolina Collegiate Press Association

Published bi-monthly by the Student Government Association

of East Carolina Teachers College

Bessie Willis...Editor-in-Chief

Margie Caldwell...Business Manager

Editorial Staff...Rebecca Alexander, Doralita Larkins, Finette Stanfield, Emily Smithwick, Elizabeth M. Stewart

Business Staff...Catherine Lemmond, Irene Scott, Irene S. Kahn, Virginia Mitchiner, Hilda Sutton

Miss Mamie E. Jenkins...Editorial Adviser Business Manager

Mr. M. L. Wright...Business Manager

Reporters Elva Frisbie, Hazel Eowers, Lucile Stroud

Anne Kanov Bronnie Cogdell Josephine Grant

Gladys Jones Margaret Shaw Pattie Edmundson

Helen Guthrie Nannie Evans Pattie Bunn

Dorothy Williams

Ruth Riiyne Virginia Perkins Elizabeth Austin Mary Frances Jenkins


The Teco Echo Staff

Rebecca Alexander, Doralita Larkins, Finette Stanfield, Emily Smithwick, Elizabeth M. Stewart, Katherine Lemmond, Irene Scott, Irene Kahn, Virginia Mitchener, Hilda Sutton

The Entertainment Committee

Miss Deriolet...Chairman

Mr. Frank, Catherine Clark

Miss Mead, Elizabeth Smith

Glee Club

Miss Gussie Kuyendall...Director

Mildred Vail...President

Gertrude Morgan...Secretary

Anne Kanoy...Reporter


Grace Bishop, Mary Morton

Thelis Bowden, Virginia Reel

Selma Hooks, Nina Rouse

Eugenia Hudson, Margaret Silver

Margaret Hughes, Finette Stanfield

Jewell Jackson, Bennie Ward

Martha Mason, Nannie Whitty

Pitt County Club

Sarah Ogletree...President

Carrie Smith...Vice-President

Elizabeth Deal...Secretary

Value Sumrell...Treasurer

Robeson County Club

Colors: Blue and White Flower: Ragged Robin


Martha Traynham...President

Louise Hamer...Vice-President

Elizabeth Faircloth...Secretary and Treasurer


Mary Davis, Elizabeth Faircloth, Sarah Faircloth, Marjorie Floyd, Martha Floyd, Louise Hamer, Mary L. McCormack, Sarah McKellar

Gladys McLean, Marcuerite McLean, Sallie Pate, Willie Powell, Alice Thompson, Mary Traynham, Mary Kate Webster, Anna Whitlock

Ethel Williams

Currituck County Club

Motto: "Hit the Mark", Flower: Marsh Flag


Goldie Harrell...President

Eloise Marslender...Vice-President

Madeline Bateman...Secretary

Rosa Sivills...Treasurer


Madeline Bateman, Goldie Harrell

Rena Charlton, Eloise Marslender

Katherine Forbes, Rosa Sivills

Beaufort County Club

Flower: Water Lily, Color: Sky Blue

Motto; "The Moon affects the 'untied' as well as the tide."

Margaret Butt...Presiden

Bonner Swindell Secretary


Dell Pollard Tecoan Representative

Elizabeth Allen, Mary Tucker Davenport, Dell Pollard,

Margaret Butt, Roxy Jones, Laura Windley,

Mary E. Cutter, Plum Johnston, Margaret Robbins

Myrtle Cooper, Katie Patrick, Bonner Swindell

rtie County

Bertie County raises more peanuts than any county in the world.

Bertie County Club

Emily Smithwick...President

Grace Bazemore...Vice-President

Reba Johnson...Secretary

Eartha Mitchell...Treasurer

Louise Jillcott...Tceo Echo Reporter

Louise Jillcott Loris, Freeman Emily Smithwick

Elizabeth Pritcharp, Grace Bazemore, Jeannette Sessoms

Reba Johnson, Halue Feele, Margaret Spruill

Maria Burnette, Mary Butler, Evelyn Mitchell

Margaret Vick, Danie Morris, Rosalie Rhea

Eartha Mitchell, Elsie Miller, Whit Evans

Sibyl Forehand, Sadie Harrell, Flora Tarkington

Mary Forehand, Bertha Leicester, Nancy Tadlock

Cartaret County Club

Colors: Blue and Silver, Flower: Water Lily


Roma Morris...President

Nellie Lewis...Vice-President

Vivian Parsons...Secretary and Treasurer

Gertrude Styron...Tecoan Representative

Myrtle Mason...Teco Echo Reporter


Berxice Davis, Nellie Lewis

Dolly Arthur, Odessa Jarvis

Emma Watson, Pearl Davis

Gertrude Styron, Rochelle Willis

Jessie Lee Morris, Roma Morris

Myrtle Mason, Vivian Parsons

Granville County Club

Flower: Daisy, Colors: Yellow amd White


Evelyn Farabow...President

Louise Dean...Secretary and Treasurer

Ruth Sanford...Tecoan Representative


Ruth Jones, Myrtle Umstead, Claire Jones, Ernestine Parham, Nell Tunstall, Virginia Howard, Josephine Cattlette, Bessie Wheeler, Ruth Sanford, Louise Dean, Hazel Umstead, Evelyn Farabow

Wilson County Club

Motto: "Don't be Suckers"


Sabra Garriss...President

Ruby Yelverton...Vice-President

Lucile Minshew...Secretary and Treasurer

Sonia Belle Lamm...Reporter


Ruth Bryant, Mildred Barnes

Nannie E. Williford, Lucile Taylor

Josie Harrison

Union County Club

Motto: "Union Suits Us."

Ruth Lemmond...President

Floy Brewer...Vice-President

Margaret McDonald...Secretary and Treasurer


Mary Belk, Katherine Lemmond

Floy Brewer, Ruth Lemmond

Bernice Burks, Madeline McCain

Janie Lee Margaret McDonald

Merna Lee, Miss Annie Redwine

Craven County Club

Colors: Black and Gold Flower: Sunflower


Virginia Shell...President

Julia Lancaster...Vice-President

Katie Simmons...Secretary

Helen Guthrie...Reporter


Annie L. Brinkley, Lucy Lane

Helen Butler, Julia Lancaster

Clara Belle Daughtery, Katie Simmons

Helen Guthrie Virginia Shell

Edna Glover, Mary M. Williams

Rachel Hancock, Edna Thomas West

Mary L. DeCruhl, Myrtle Pate

Lenoir County Club

Grace Wooten...President

Lula Lang Mewborn...Vice-President

Appless White...Secretary and Treasurer

Lillian Williams...Teco Echo Reporter


Martha Moseley, Inez Bizzell, Edith Croom

Helen Moseley Thelma Hall, Helen Pate

Catherine Hill, K. Lee Cloaninger, Mary Cummincs

Louise Cox, Lillian Williams, Nell Meaciiam

Margaret Brogden, Lucile Stroud, Eliza Walters

Miliired Gilbert, Lois Rouse, Ethel Chadwick

Grace Wooten, Anne Pollock, Dorothy Miller

Mary Louise Wooten, Hannah Turnage, Margaret Ward

Rosa Belle Smith, Clara Stroud, Nancy Hinson

Willie White, Lucile Kilpatrick, Nina Ruth Rouse

Appless White, Lula Lang Mewborn, May Belle Lee

Ava Dawson, Lillie Stanley, Panice Sutton

Red Head Club

Slogan: "Sometimes Blondes and Brunettes Preferred, hut Always-'Red Heads Preferred'."

Mascot: Red-head Woodpecker

Margaret Faison...Presisdent

Thelma Holland...Secretary and Treasurer


Anne Batts, Mary Cummings, Kathleen Faison, Elizabeth Gibbs, Cleo Harper, Ellie Hinson

Nancye Hinson, Anne Kanoy, Mildred Kennedy, Margaret Robbins, Nina R. Rouse, Clara L. Spruill

The R. D. Club

Vivian Parsons...President

Julia Lancaster...Secretary

Mary White...Tecoan Representative


Julia Lancaster, Mary White, Helen W. Duke, Louise Gurley, Gladys Grantham, Mabel Overby, Ethel Williams

Mary Kate Webster, Hazel Edgerton, Sallie Sutton, Margaret Williams, Vivian Parsons, Ruth Williams, Mary Lou Herring

Never-Been-Kissed Club

Song: "O ! No, John, No!

Rating: 99 4-100 Pure

Slogan: "Full many a flower is born to spurn kissin' - And make the best of time 'they say' we're missin'."


4 Seniors 3 Juniors

2 Sophomores 2 Freshmen'

2 D's 2 C's

The "Capital County" Club

Colors: Yellow and White, Flower: Daisy


Ida Cahoon...President

Pattie Bunn...Secretary amd Treasurer

Mae H. Keith...Teco Echo Reporter

Allien Tripp...Tecoan Representative


Evelyn Broughton, Miss Mamie E. Jenkins

Pattie Bunn, Mae H. Keith

Ida Cahoon, Elvira Lowery

Mary Helen Clark, Reba Medlin

Mary Hartsfield, Virginia Mitchiner

Laura Hunt, Evelyn Tillman

Evelyn Hltcheson, Allien Tripp

Act Four - Features

"Good, my lord, will you seethe players well bestowed? Do you hear, let them be well used; for they are the abstract and the chronicles of the time."

Hamlet, Act II, Sc. 2.


Shakespeare's Women


Around the Campus


Events of the Year


"Thee and thy virtues here I seize upon."

-King Lear

Elizabeth Smith...Best-All-Round


LILYAN COLSON...Most Intellectual

"I never knew so young a body with so old a head."

-Merchant of Venice


Katie Mann...Most Natural

"How many godlycreatures are here! How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world. That has such people in't!"

-The Tempest.


Rosalie Rhea...Most Romantic

"Her eyes in heaven would through the airy regions stream so bright that birds would sing and think it were not night."

-Romeo and Juliet


Ellie Ford Hinson...Sincerest Lover of Nature

"Come, take your flowers; Methinks I have seen them do in Whitsun pastorials;

-The Winters Tale


Nancy Hinson...Wittiest

"Thou hast frightened the world out of his right sense, so forcible is thy wit."

-Much Ado About Nothing.


Carrie Lee Peele...Most Dramatic

"Hie thee hither, That I may pour my spirits in thine ear."



Bessie Willis...Most Resourceful

"I could find it in my heart to disgrace my man's apparel and to cry like a woman; but I must comfort the weaker vessel. I as doublet and hose ought to show itself couregeous to petticoat; therefore courage good Aliena!"

-As You Like it.


Annie Batts...Most Tactful

"For I can sing and speak to him in many sorts of music that will allow me very worth his service. What else will hap to time I commit; only shape thy silence to my wit."

-Twelfth Night.


Louise Roebuck...Most Coquettish

"You have witchcraft in your lips Kate; there is more eloquence in a sugar touch of them than in the tongues of the French council; and they should sooner persuade Harry of England than a general petition of monarchs."

Henry V


Clyde Stokes and Vallie Sumrell...Best Friends

"So we grew together, like a double cherry, seeming parted, but yet an union in partition; Two lovely berries mounted on one stem."

-Midsummer Night's Dream

MAY QUEEN...Virginia Perkins

May Day, 1927

Junior-Senior Banquet, 1927


Outlook, Saturday Evening Post, Judge, Literary Digest, Review of Reviews, Good Housekeeping Carolina Motorist


Act Five - Jokes

As Told On You

THE, 1928

Eloise: "The man I marry must be brave as a lion, but not forward; handsome as Apollo but not conceited; wise as Solomon, but meek as a lamb; a man who is kind to every woman but loves only one."

Justus: "By Jove, how lucky we met!"

A minister went into a negro barber shop to get a shave. The barber being under the influence of liquor made several bad cuts on the minister's face, whereupon the minister, ever alert to call attention to the evils of drink, said : "Now you see what booze does."

"Yessah," replied the negro, "It sho do make de skin tendah!"


"How do you play hookey in a correspondence school?"

"Easy, send them an empty envelope."

She: "That was Mr. Kent. Don't you think he is good-looking? He is so romantic. Every time he speaks to me he starts off with "Fair Lady!"

He: "Oh, that is only force of habit. He used to be a street car conductor."

Lillian: "I'll be yours on one condition."

Jim: "Easy, I entered college on six."


President Wright on a bicycle. Miss Morton on stilts. Mr. Flanagan in overalls. Miss Wilson doing the Black Bottom. Mrs. Jeter in kilts. Miss Andrews with bobbed hair. Mr. Deal without his "specks" a la English.

Mr. Slay on roller skates. Miss Moore powdering her nose.

Unofficial College Statistics

Betty Bronson, Tom Mix

ANNA OUTLAND...Most Elf-like

ROSINA PITTMAN...Most Masculine

Happy Memories - Not Jokes

October 20 - Taylor and Keylor.

October 26 - Vernon String Quartet.

November 12 - Cherniavsky Trio.

November 18 and 19 - North Carolina Education Association, Eastern District.

December 1 and 2 - Senior Play: Maeterlinck's "The Blue Bird."

December 5 - Gamble Concert.

December 12 - Vihljalmur Stefansson Lecture.

January 9 - Tony Sarg's Marionettes.

January 10 - Music Department Recital.

January 26 - Imperial Male Quartet.

February 8 - The Kennedy's in "The Chastening."

February 23 - Mary Lewis Concert.

March 1 and 2 - Junior one-act Plays.

March 17 - Poe-Emerson Debate.

March 20 - Frederick Gunster Concert.

April 18 and 20 - Senior Normal Play: Rostand's "The Romancers."

April 21- The "C" and "D" Pirate Party.

April 22-25 - Dr. George L. Coll May 1- May Day Festival. May 5 - Poe-Lanier Debate. May 7 - University Glee Club. May 12 - Junior-Senior Banquet.

May 1 - May Day Festival.

May 5 - Poe Lanier Debate.

May 7 - University Glee Club.

May 12 - Junior-Senior Banquet.

Miss Sharp: "Perhaps you won't believe me, but a strange man tried to kiss me once."

Miss Snap: "Really! Well, he'd have been a strange man if he had tried to kiss you twice."

John: "My girl ran into a fence and knocked some paint off."

Jimmie: "Off what, your car or the fence ?"

John: "Neither, off my girl."

Lucile Stroud: "Oh, don't you just love Kipling?"

Kathleen Ross: "But I don't know how to kiple."

A neighbor : "That was an excellent paper your daughter read on 'The Influence of Science as Applied to Practical Government.' "

Mrs. Smith: "Yes, Delma is the pride of her class, and now that she's mastered 'The Influence of Science as Applied to Practical Government,' I hope she will be willing to find out something concerning "The Influence of the Vacuum Cleaner as Applied to the Parlor Rug.' "

Catherine Clark: "One of my ancestors came over on the Mayflower." Spratt: "Oh, really, how long is he going to stay?"

Between the chair and the stairway, Where the steps are beginning to lower

I sat at the close of the evening, And called him at the twilight hour.

A whisper and then a snicker;

You could tell by our laughing eyes We were plotting and planning together

To take him by surprise.

I heard on the steps above me,

The sound of heavy feet, The sound of a voice that is Susie's,

Warning me to be sweet.

A sudden punch from the stairway, "This is Susie," she bade me say;

"You say you're thrilled to hear me- Yes. I'm home for the holiday."

From the hook I take the receiver.

And Susie descends the stair; "Eight one," I say to central; then.

"Is David Weaver there?"

"Why didn't I write you?. Ah-uh- Perhaps I was busy; let's see,

Yes - er-er, your card reached me safely - What's that?" Tee-hee-hee-hee-hee-hee.

Susie almost bemauled me with punches.

Her arms thrust over the stair; "What was that he was saying," she whispered -

"He wants a date, do you care?'

"The children were noisy," I told him, I hope you will pardon the wail.

"Yes. I'll be ready at seven;

And you promise you will not be late?"

We will keep our secret forever;

Yet I laugh to myself for all that. For he'll never know it wasn't

Susie who called him - but Spratt.

Cupid: "Well, I'll tell you one thing - money doesn't make a happy marriage." The 0wl: "No, but it makes up for an unhappy one."


THE, 192 8 ^fe^^/^k ^ TUCOAN


"On the Minute Service"


Students of the East

Carolina Teachers College and

Faculty Are Always

Welcome Here



Shoes Exclusively

Five Points



Dependable Merchandise

Piece Goods Ready-to-Wear

Hosiery Beautiful Shoes

'The College Girl's Store"


400 Evans St. GREENVILLE, N. C.



Showing at All Times the

Newest Creations in

Ready-to-Wear, Millinery,

and Dress Fabrics

W. A. Bowen

Dependable Merchandise

Piece goods, ready to wear, Hoisery, beautiful shoes

The College Girl's Store


Quality Printing

FINE STATIONERY Prices Reasonable


A Good Accurate Watch is Absolutely Essential When You Start Teaching




Our Prices $10.00 to



Investigate Our Divided Payment Plan for College Girls

We Always Keep an Expert Watchmaker

Traub Genuine "Orange Blossom" Wedding Rings and Mountings

If Interested. Write for Brochure. .'Wedding Ring Sentiment." We are as near as your post office. Make your wants known.



Established 1901

The Daily Reflector


The Only Daily Newspaper in Pitt County

Covers Eastern Carolina's Richest Trade Center Like a Blanket

Your Best Advertising Medium Rates on Request

Phone 56


For the Newest Styles or Evening Dresses

Specially Priced

We Always Get the Newest

Novelties in



Our Silk Hosiery is the best obtainable. Extra good heavy silk hose, triple seam full fashioned

All Colors. $1.49

Corner Dickerson Avenue and Greene Street

The Price of a GOOD PHOTOGRAPH Is not the money you exchange for it, but the Personal Happiness and Mental Satisfaction - and yet you find our prices most reasonable


Sir to Us for Your Portraits


Renfrew Printing Company


We Have All Kinds of Station

ery and Supplies for

College Girls

Evans Street Opposite Proctor Hotel

J. C. Penney Co.

A Nation-Wide Institution

Dollar Value

Means 100 Cents' Worth Every Day In the Year

We choose to name the lowest possible prices for our goods in the beginning and keep them at that same low mark every day in the year.

We Welcome the Accounts of Teachers and Students

The Greenville Banking and Trust Co.

UNITED STATES DEPOSITORY The Oldest and Largest Bank in Pitt County



Women who depend upon this store for their wearing apparel know that styles are correct; that old stocks never accumulate here: that we show greatest variety of fabrics, many of which are exclusively our own; that everything is of guaranteed quality: that they get a full dollars' worth for every dollar. We want more women to know these truths

We Make Special Efforts to Please College Girls


The Shopping Center




I. A Two-Year Normal Course

II. A Four- Year College Course

III. Special Courses for the Preparation of Elementary Principals and Supervisors

The two-year normal course leads to a diploma which entitles the holder to a Primary or Grammar Grade Certificate Class B. The four-year college course leads to the A.B. degree, which entitles the holder to a Primary Grammar Grade, or High School Teachers' Certificate Class A. All work given in these courses will count toward graduation from this institution.

Special courses are offered with the purpose of preparing High School teachers of English. History. Science. Biology. Mathematics, Geography, Latin, French and Home Economics.

Advanced courses are offered for teachers of experience who wish to become supervisors and principals of elementary schools.

For further information address




The Every-Day Dessert

Our pure Ice Cream and Home-made Candy are more than a dessert.

Their food value exceeds that of most table foods. Lautares' Ice

Cream has passed the State Food Inspection at Raleigh and

has proved to be a pure cream and a rich cream

Try Our Ice Cream in Your Home Be Sure to Ask for


Wholesale and Retail

B. S. Warren

The Leading Druggist

Greenville NC

The Old Reliable Store

Call us for anything a drug store sells

Phone 68



Food of Superior Excellence

23- Phones- 93


Jane: "Why don't you answer me?" John: "I did shake my head." Jane:"Well, I couldn't hear it rattle all the way over here.

The following conversation took place during a physical examination of a freshman:

Dr. Nobles: "Calf?"

Freshman: "14 inches."

Dr. Nobles: "Thigh?"

Freshman: "26 inches."

Dr. Nobles: "Neck?"

Freshman: "Yes."

Eliza Laughinghouse: "Yes, when I came out the audience simply sat there open-mouthed."

Dell Pollard: "Oh nonsense. They never yawn all at once."

Electric Service and Supply Co.

Anything Electrical



We Appreciate Your Business

Phone 605

Dickerson Avenue

Cleo Brendle: "I have a dress for every day in the week."

Mildred Herring: "Yes."

"This is it."

Sell Tobacco in Greenville, N. C.

Acres of Factory

and Warehouse Floor


Records of the Greenville

Market for Past Four





National Bank of Greenville, Greenville NC

The big bank on five points.

This bank is a member of the greatest financial system in the world, the Federal Reserve, with unlimited resources.

Will be pleased to serve you

J. L. Little...President, F. G. James...Vice-President, Chas. James...Assistant Cashier, F. J. Forbes...Cashier




Official Photographer for the Tecoan

The Covers of this Book were Created and Smithcrafted by the


448 North Wells St.

Chicago, Illinois

Creators and Smithcrafters of Good

Covers for Good Annuals



Pianos. Victrolas, Records

Tuning and Repairing

Picture Framing



is a sign that any one may hang out in front of a shop; but when you bring shoes to an establishment like this, you are assured of the best of materials, the longest possible wear, and the finest of workmanship, and satisfaction throughout.

Goodyear Shoe Repair Shop

Next to White's Theater

The Proctor Hotel

Caters Especially to College Students and Their Families

Call Us, at 393 for Any Service We

May Be Able to Render

at Any Time


Greenville. N. C.

Ellie Ford: Mary Louise, where did you get that bump on your head?"

Mary Louise McCormick: "Oh, that's where a thought struck me."


Jeweler and Optician

"Everything in First-Class Jewelry"



She: "Why do rabbits have shiny noses?"

He: "Because their powder puffs are on the other end."


Ladies' Ready-to-Wear and Millinery

Greenville. N. C. Telephone 560

Dr. M. B. Massey

Phone 437

Dr. Paul Fitzgerald

Phone 4463-J

Dr. A. M. Schultz

Phone 578

Dr. B. McK. Johnson

Phone 391



Greenville, N. C.

Ladies' Ready-to-Wear and Millinery

We Show the New Things First

C. Heber Forbes

Greenville. N. C.


No. 2



Catering to Those Who Call

Always Showing New Things in

Ladies' Ready-to-Wear Millinery and Accessories

GREENVILLE. N. C. Phone 566


"Say It With Flowers"

Blooming Plants. Wedding Bouquets, Ccrsages. Funeral Designs. Nursery Stock and Landscape Service

Phone 443-w

Style and Quality

Montgomery-Lane Hat Shoppe

No. 5 MUmford Building GREENVILLE. N. C.





"Our revels are ended. These, our actors, As I foretold you, were all spirits and

are melted into air, into thin air: And, like the baseless fabric of this

vision, The cloud-capped towers, the gorgeous

palaces, The solemn temples, the great globe

itself, Yea, all which -it inherit, shall dissolve And, like this insubstantial pageant

faded, Leave not a rack behind."

The Tempest.


The End


Do Not Take From This Room

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