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The Tecoan 1924

Date: 1924 | Identifier: 50-01-1924
1924 Tecoan, yearbook of East Carolina Teachers College. The Tecoan, the first yearbook published by the students of East Carolina Teachers College, debuted in 1923. The name of the yearbook changed to the Buccaneer in 1953. The Buccaneer was published until 1990, with a two year suspension in publication from 1976-1978. more...

The Tecoan

Nineteen Hundred and Twenty-four

Volume Two

Published by the Students of East Carolina Teachers College Greenville N. C.

In presenting the second volume of The Tecoan, the students of East Carolina Teachers College offer no apologies for the contents of the book; it is but a brief chronicle of the everyday events and scenes of our college life. Had life at Teachers College been different, the book would have been different. Every effort has been put forth to give a picture of conditions as they actually existed during the school year 1923-'24; it is the only pictorial record of the year's events, therefore, we believe it will be valuable for future reference.

The book's imperfect. Yet midst mirth and jest There may be some of good. It is our best."

The editors wish to thank the students, the members of the faculty, and the officers for their help and friendly suggestions in the publication of The Tecoan; such a spirit of cooperation in our college is worth many times the cost of this volume.


The College








The board of editors in behalf of the student body proudly dedicate this the nineteen twenty-four Tecoan TO Leon R. Meadows our highly esteemed friend and teacher

The Tecoan Staff

Elsie Vaughan - Assistant Director

Clara Lewis - Ass't Business Manager

Ruth Barbee - Associate Editor

Annie H. Felton - Editor-In-Chief

Marian Newby Associate Editor

Jeanette Wedmore Associate Editor

Grace Strassburger - Business Manager

Vera Felton - Associate Editor

Lilian Leary - Art Editor

Priscilla Austin - Art Editor

College Song

(Tune: Follow The Gleam)

Down East in our great old State

There's a college that we love best.

Emblazoned with Truth it lives

And will always withstand each test.

Chorus : Teachers College, we're boosting you.

To Service you're true, all the years through.

Teachers College, whose standards unfurl And give guidance to all the world.

Our college with lofty aims Who unselfishly gives her all.

To her we'll be loyal, true. And will answer her every call.

As days gently pass away And our college its standards raise.

We fonder and prouder grow.

Alma Mater fore'er we praise.

Second Chorus: Alma Mater, Symbol of Right, Giving to all the best of your light

Alma Mater, to each you're a friend And we'll stick by you 'til the end.

Robert H. Wright

Officers of the Administration

Robert H. Wright - President

Mrs. Kate R. Beckwith - Lady Principal

Charles O. H. Laughinghouse - Physician

Mittie R. Beaman - Superintendant of the Infirmary

M. Bessie Harding - Secretary to President

Ola S. Ross - Custodian of Records

Mattie Scoville - Secretary

J. B. Spillman - Treasurer

Mrs. J. B. Spilman - Assistant Treasurer

Mrs. Nannie F. Jeter - Matron

Nell Keel - Assistant Matron

Arley Moore - Dormitory Matron

Leon R. Meadows - Director of Summer Term

Helen G. Gray - Librarian

O. C. Holmes - Chief Engineer

Wade Holmes - Assistant Engineer

A. C. Fornes - Superintendant of Grounds and Buildings

Mrs. F. A. Haskins - Superintendant of Laundry

J. L. Williams - Campus Policemen

Board of Trustees

F. C. Harding. Greenville First Cong. District Term expires 1925

J. B. Leigh, Elizabeth City First Cong. District Term expires 1929

A. McDowell Scotland Neck Second Cong. District Term expires 1925

J. Y. Joyner, LaGrange Second Cong. District Term expires 1929

J. R. Bannerman, Burgaw Cong. District Term expires 1929

Cyrus Thompson, Richlands Third Cong. District Term expires 1929

Gray R. King, Nashville Term expires 1929

A. B. Andrews, Raleigh Sixth Cong. District Term expires 1927

Officers of the Board

A. T. Allen Ex officio Chairman

Officers of the Board

Leon R. Meadows, Secretary J. B. Spilman, Treasurer


Robt. H. Wright President

B.S. University of North Carolina; Graduate Study Johns Hopkins University; Teachers College, Columbia University.

Leon R. Meadows English

L.I. Peabody College; Ph.B. Baylor University; B.A., M.A. Yale University; Graduate Study Columbia University.

Mamie E. Jenkins


B.A. Trinity College; M.A. Columbia University; Graduate Study University of Wisconsin.

Sallie Joyner Davis History

Graduate N. C. College for Women; Graduate Study Trinity College; University of Pennsylvania; University of California.

E. L. Henderson History B.A. University of Texas; M.A. Columbia University.

Herbert E. Austin Geography

B.S. Worcester Polytechnic Institute; Graduate Study Clark University; Johns Hopkins University.

R. J. Slay


B.S. University of Mississippi; M.A. Columbia University; Graduate Study Johns Hopkins University; University of Chicago.

Alice V. Wilson Science

N. C. College for Women; B.S. Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Graduate Study Cornell University.

Maria Daniel Graham Mathematics L. I. Peabody College; B.S. Teachers College. Columbia University; Graduate Study University of Chicago and Columbia University.

Birdie McKinney Mathematics Graduate N. C. College for Women; Graduate Study Teachers College, Columbia University; University of Chicago.

S. B. Underwood

A.B. Trinity College.

J. H. Rose Supervisor of Practice B.A. Trinity College;Graduate Study Teachers College, Columbia University.

R. G. Fitzgerald

School Management

B. A. University of North Carolina.

J. L. Leggett


B.S. M. A. Peabody University

Nell Maupin

History and Pedagogy

B.S. State College, Farmville, Va.; Peabody College; M.A. University of Iowa.

Mrs. Anna Lawrence Grimes


B.S. Columbia University.

Elizabeth Tarpley


B.S. Peabody College

Dorothy Tolleson Physical Edvcation A.B. Galloway College, Arkansas; B.S. Peabody College.

Kate W. Lewis Indcstrial Art Peace Institute; University of Virginia; State Normal School, Hyannis, Mass.; Chautauqua Art School; Industrial Art School, Chicago.

Dorothy Chamberlain Industrial Art N. Y. School of Fine and Applied Arts; Graduate Teachers Training Course, Snow- Fioehlich School of Industrial Design.

May E. B. Muffly PiBnc School Music

Dora E. Mead

Dorothy Chamberlain

Industrial Art

N. Y. School of fine and applied Arts; Graduate Teachers Training School, Snow-Froehlich School of Industrial Design.

May R. B. Muffly

Public School Music

Peabody Conservatory of Music; JohnHopkin's University; Graduate Study University of Iowa.

Dora E. Mead

Peabody Conservatory of Music; Edgar J. University.

School of Piano Playing; Cornell

Lois V. Garrell Piano

Peabody Conservatory.

The Tecoan

Mary G. Bertolet


Sternberg School of Music; Pupil of Helen Cleaver; Hood College; Pupil of Walter Charmburg; Piano Teachers Certificate, Peabody Conservatory of Music; Pupil of George P. Boyle; Richard Hageman.

Agnes L. Whiteside

Primary Education

B.S. Peabody College; B.A. Ward Seminary; Student Summer School of the South at Knoxville. Tenn.; State Normal, Murfreesboro, Tenn.

Mariam McFadyen

Extension Work

Graduate N. C. College for Women; Graduate Study Teachers College, Columbia University; Emerson School of Expression.

E. C. Deal

Foreign Languages

M.A. Davidson College.

Mary Sharp

Critic teacher, First Grade

Eastern Kentucky Normal

B.A. Winthrop College; Graduate Study Peabody College.

Dora E. Coates

Graduate N. C. College for Women.

Hallie Mae Scoville

Critic Teacher, third grade

Eastern Kentucky Normal; Peabody College; University of Georgia.

Miriam J.Lytle

Critic Teacher Fourth Grade

Life Certificate Michigan State Normal College; Graduate Study University of California; Detroit Teachers College; Columbia University.

Magnolia Scoville

Critic Teacher Fifth Grade

State Normal School of Kentucky; B.S, Peabody College; Graduate Study University of Georgia.

Fannie McClelland

Principal of model school

Critic Teacher Sixth Grade

B.S. Peabody College; Student Bethel College; Summer School of the South, Knoxville, Tenn.; West Tennessee State Normal.

Pattie Dowell

Critic teacher seventh grade

Graduate East Carolina Teachers College; Peabody College.

Page Twelve

The Tecoan


Miss Jenkins, Mr. Henderson, Mr. Austin

The Tecoan


Mr Slay, Miss McKinney, Mr. Underwood

The Tecoan


Miss Maupin, Mr. Legette, Mrs. Grimes

The Tecoan


Miss Tarpley, Miss Tolleson, Miss Lewis

The Tecoan

Miss Gorrell, Miss Mead, Miss Bertolet

The Tecoan


Miss Chamberlain, Miss Harding, Miss Whiteside

The Tecoan


Miss McFayden, Mr. Deal, Miss Sharpe, Miss Coates

Miss Chamberlain, Miss Harding, Miss Whiteside

The Tecoan


Miss H. Scoville, Miss Lytle, Miss M. Scoville, Miss McClelland

The Tecoan


Mr.Spilman, Mrs. Spillman, Mrs. Jeter, Miss Moore

The Tecoan


Miss Gray, Miss Graham, Miss Wilson, Miss Davis

The Tecoan


Miss Dowell, Miss Beaman, Miss Ross, Miss Mattie Scoville

The Tecoan



The Password

TODAY in most Carolina schools may be found East Carolina Teachers College Alumnae. Especially is this true of the central and eastern sections. Let a new Alumna enter a school and she is at once given the right hand of fellowship by the old girls. There is a peculiar bond existing among all graduates. It seems that this key to fellowship is in being "An E. 0. T. C. Alumna."

Little groups of Alumnae have come together in many places in the State and organized county chapters of the Alumnae Association. The year 1920 found only two of these branch organizations. Edgecombe and Pitt. This year will find many among them; Wake, Lenoir, Halifax, Franklin, Granville, New Hanover, Forsythe, Wilson, Pasquotank, Beaufort, Mecklenburg, and Gaston.

Now, for a really good time, attend one of these group meetings. If you can get a word in cross-wise you are lucky. We all want to talk at once. There is so much to say. Listen with me for a minute to the chatter: "Say, have you heard about the change at E. C. T. C? Isn't it grand? Don't we feel swell?" Of a different nature,

but still part of it all, you may hear: "Did you know that was married?

When? To whom? There's hope for us all then, isn't there? Heavens, did you hear

that has bobbed her hair? What would Mrs. B. say? Well, I think

she looks wonderful. I believe I shall bob mine.' And thus it goes until the matter of transacting business is almost an impossibility. There are no "Old Maid School Marms" here, I can assure you of that. We have all drunk at the fountain of youth and are enjoying school days once more.

The big culminating event of the year for every Alumna is Commencement at E. C. T. C. When we gather there, we hear from the many girls who have been scattered.

We see the changes and improvements. We make these changes a part of the school we attended.

Thus we grow and keep in touch with our college

Our relationship is renewed.

This year with a new Alumnae Hall in store for us, Commencement is a time looked forward to with eager anticipations

After all, the Alumnae Associationwith its chapters are:Hands, joined in tho't and aim are we. Soon, stretching from Hatterass to Cherokee. Service, Loyalty. Fellowship. These three are all pulling for ECTC.

L. Smaw.

Mrs. K. R. Beckwith. Lady Principal

College Garden -January 1923

Faculty Row, College Garden-January, 1924

A wood scene on the campus

Looking west from West dormitory

East Dormitory

West Dormitory

The Tecoan


Annie Howard Felton President

Mascot : Mary Agnes Deal

Senior Class

Colors: Purple and White Flower: Iris

Motto: Climb though the heights be rugged

Annie Howard Felton President Ruth Barbee Vice-President


Alice Lee Pope Secretary-Treasurer

[Page Thirly-five]

The Tecoan


High Point, N. C.


President of Y.W.C.A., '23; Chief Marshal. '24; Associate Editor of Tecoan. '23;

Inter-Society Committee '23; Assistant Editor of Tecoan.'24; Chairman of Presidents

Club, '23; Vice President of class'24;.

'Beauty, truth aand rarity, Grace in all simplicity"

Lucille Credle...

The Tecoan


Castalia, N. C.


Class President, '21: Inter-Society Committee. '21-'22; Class Historian. '22; Chairman f Debates, .22-'23.

'Woi too serious, not tou gay But altogether a jolly good fellow."


Dunn, N. C. Foe

Secretary of Poe Society, '20-'21; Assistant Editor of The Quarterly, '21-22; Class Poet; Captain of Tennis Team; Undergraduate Representative of Y. W. C. A.; Business Manager of Athletic Association; Class Editor of Tecoax, '22-'23; Secretary of Class; Treasurer of Class; President of Class, '23-'24; Editor-in-Chief of Tecoan.

"Most prudent, of an excellent and unmatched mind and judgment."

Secretary of Class, '21-'22; Treasurer of Class, '21-'22; Captain of Tennis Team, '21-'22; Proctor, Representative to Student Council, '22-'23; Business Manager of Athletic As- sociation, '22-'23; Captain of Tenni,s Club, '22-'23; Vice-President of Y. W. C. A., .23-'24; Assistant Business Manager of Tecoan, '23-'24; Captain Basketball Team, '23-'24.

"A smile for all, a greeting glad A lovable, jolly way she had."

Alice Lee Pope Cary, N. C. Lanier

President of Society, '22-'23; Inter-Society Committee. '22-23; Vice-President of Wake County Club. '22-'23; Proctor, '23; Class S. G. Representative. '23-'24; Critic of Society, '23-'24; Inter-Society Committee, '23-'24; Secretary of Class, '23-'24; Treasurer of Class, 23-'24; Captain of Baseball Team, '23-'24.

"And thou art irorthi/. full of pow

die. lih'ral minded and

Mary Whitehurst Greenville, N. C.


'She smiles on all alike."


Cary, J^. C.


Proctor, .20-'21; Inter-Society Committee, '20-'21 ; Inter-Society Committee. .21-'22: President of S. G. A., .23-'24.

"There is a kind of character in tin/ life That fo the observer doth thy history Fully unfold."

Four years ago, my classmates-and it seems as yesterday-we first entered dear old ECTTS. Vivid is the memory of that first trip to Greenville Ah! I can hear the porter, now exclaiming, "Freight wreck ahead, two hour wait. Suddenly the train stopped in what seemed to us the Great Dismal Swamp, for we could see nothing but Torn years ago, je memory of that first trip to Green- ville. Ah! I can hear the porter, now, exclaiming, "Freight wreek ahead, two hours wait !" Suddenly the train stopped in what seemed to us the Dismal Swamp, for we could see nothing through the slow drizzle of rain hut a net work of briers and bushes standing knee deep in mud. How should we spend that two hours was our first thought, but shortly we were eomforted by a group of old girls who assured us that they had learned from the eonduetor that the track was completely torn to pieces for several miles, and that we couldn't possibly leave before the next morning. Eagerly did we drink the message of these kind friends, and realizing that it was a God given privilege of a "Newish" to yield to any emotional feelings, whether it brought tears from the eyes or lament from the tongue, we played the part of a "Newish" and we played it well. After waiting about three hours we learned that there was a train waiting for us on the other side of the wreck, and that by walking around the wreck and getting on the train we would really get to Greenville that night. This brought a thrill of joy which turned our tears to smiles. So, up we got, took our suitcases, umbrellas and vari- ous boxes in hand and started through rain, mud, briers and bushes to find the train that was waiting for us. Walking was a terrible task, our suitcases grew heavier and heavier, the mud made a desparate effort to pull off our shoes, the briers insisted on having us wear drop stitched hose, the bushes and the wind endeavored to rob us of our umbrellas. After passing through this ordeal we got on the train and found ourselves in Greenville about eleven o'clock.

Homesick and lonely were we that first week. But with the passing of time we lost that feeling of dismay that first possessed us, and, in its place, found some- thing of indefinable sweetness and strength, a something that transcends every- thing in the heart of a school girl; a something that comprises in two words all the grandest qualities, all the noblest emotions ; valor and honor, love and loyalty. Our first year was filled with the many requirements of the "C" course or First Year Normal. We took an active part in all phases of school activities, but our

every thought and ambition was to learn all the pedagogy and psychology needed to fit us for practice teaching the next year.

Vacation passes quickly and in September we returned to be "D's", or Seniors, we thought. For as you have noticed we had spent our first year in the East Caro- lina Teachers Training School which only offered a two-year ISTormal Course. Shortly after our arrival we learned that our President had succeeded in getting our State Legislature to change our school from a training school to an A College. Thus we learned that we were no longer Seniors of E. C. T. T. S., but Sophomores in East Carolina Teachers College. What a shock to be changed from a senior to a sophomore ! But we were glad enough to make the change. Many were we in number and hard was the fight which made our second year a success. June found our practice teaching passed and we were presented our diplomas from the Xormal Course.

There was little satisfaction in stopping the job half finished, so we resolved to finish it. Our Junior year was crowded with hardships. I've felt at times that we had made the greatest mistake of our lives by attempting to take college work, for there seemed to be no place for us. We had a small number and only two wanted to specialize in the same subject, so the courses we wanted could not be offered. After working earnestly for three weeks we were able to fill our schedule with courses enough to give the required number of points, thus it seemed that fate forced us to do one term of work for credits, chiefly. Realizing that any transi- tion period works a hardship on all parties concerned, we resolved to use its difii- culties as a means of gaining strength. With this determination we went to work and made the year a success in spite of the difficulties.

All too soon came the end of our Junior Year. Victory perched upon our schol- astic banners and we were Seniors.

Many of the difficulties which confronted us our Junior Year presented them- selves when we became Seniors. But thanks to Mr. Austin who gave us a place on the college schedule, our wants were supplied as nearly as possible. After finding that we could get the required work for graduation, we organized the first Senior Class in the history of the College. We have entered heartily into the spirit of our College, though our small number has prevented us from taking the active part desired. We joined the Juniors and gave the College its first play by a college class.

Out of our seven members we have the Chief Marshal, Vice-President of the Y. W. C. A., Editor-in-Chief of the Teco.^n and the Student Government President.

[Page Forty-four]

We have felt the hardships of the transition period of our College more keenly, perhaps, than our underclassmen. Our future will probably suffer from the lack of some course we might have had, had circumstances permitted, but even then we feel that we have been fortunate in having been students in ECTC at this particular time. It has given us an appreciation of its growth and development that will be impossible for other students to have.

The year has come to an end, and with it our career at ECTC. It is with sadness we part from one another and from our dear old Alma Mater, but never will we depart from its ideals. With its motto, "To Serve" ever before us we hope to live up to every ideal involved therein. We will ever be able to say:

And with joy that is almost pain My heart goes back to wander there, And among the dream of days that were I find my lost youth again."

A. Woodward, '24

To our Mascot

Mascot, we've worked and toiledto reach The goal we have attained, but much we hope that our work has not been in vain.

Not nearly is our work complete, In fact, its just begun, on further up are the peaks Which must be reached and won

As we climb the trails of Life, We wish you'd go along To cheer us with your laughter gay And with a merry song

Though days be long and tasks be rough O'er paths we've never trod, With thoughts of your dear smiling face The way won't be so hard A. H. F. , '24

Ten years! Could it be possible that so many years had passed since last I beheld my dear old Alma Mater, and the seven girls , who that day in 1924, received their long toiled for "Sheepskin"?

Yes ten years had gone by since that memorable day, and as I had spent most of that time in India as a student volunteer worker, I was in total ignorance of the h College and of the whereabouts of my classmates.

At last I was returning to the scene of my college life! It was the Commence- ment of the Class of 1934 that I was going to. The wonderful improvements which we had heard talked of so much had been made. We now ranked as second best Teachers College in the United States. I was assured that I would hear from, if not see, my classmates.

T found on my arrival that I was not at the dingy Norfolk Southern Station with whiCH I was so familiar. Where COULD I be but in the beautiful E. C. T. C. Station which had been constructed just behind the stately Campus building!

I was shown to this latter named! building by a portly gentleman of color, who said that the President would be in presently.

As I entered the spacious parlor, my attention was drawn to a copy of the college paper, which was issued daily. Eagerly scanning the paper I found this bit of good news :

Expected on the next train ! Pres. Annie Howard Felton of The New York Times.

Annie Howard had at last put her limitless knowledge of English wheRE it would be seen by millions, and had won for herself the honor of being orator at a Commencement at her Alma Mater!

Alice Pope, teacher of European History at Yale University arrived last night and will give a lecture on "The Advancement of Europe in the past Ten Years."

Just then I was disturbed by a violent shake on the shoulders. Looking around, I beheld Leah Cooke, who was still talking as usual. "Say, Clara, when do you think Mary Whitehurst will be here? You know she is teaching Public School Music in the Boston City Schools. She received her musical education under Mr. Potter."

After several attempts to speak, I finally asked, "Leah, what are you doing now?" She answered rather plaintively, "I can't stop talking so I am now the Campaign Manager for the Democratic Nominee for President."

Anxious to know where Ruth Barbee and Augusta Woodward were, I asked Leah if in her travels she had seen them. Leah stopped talking for a few minutes to think. Then she said, "While I was in Hollywood last summer, I saw Ruth Barbee. She made such a fine lawyer in our Senior Play that she was made official lawyer for all movie divorce cases. But she is coming to Commencement."

"Where is Augusta ?""

Before she could answer, the door opened and a very striking blonde came into the room, followed by three distinguished looking ladies. The leader of the group I recognized to be our former Student Government President, Augusta Woodward. I asked her what she was doing and she replied, "Mr. Wright is on leave of absence for two years in Europe. The Board asked me to fill his place while he is away."

With the entrance of Augusta the circle of 24 was complete; we had all arrived for Commencement at our dear old Alma Mater.

C. Lewis, '24

The Race

Officers of Junior Class

Rebecca Colwell President

Elsie Vaughan Vice-President

Grace Strassburger Secretary and Treasurer

Alice Pope S. G. Representative

Nannie Lindsey Stokes TECOan Representative

Pearl Wright Critic

Cleora Quinn SERGEANT AT Arms


Motto: "Service AboVe Self." Colors: Royal Purple and Grey . Flower: Violet

Class Song

Our Class today,

It is up and away

At the peep of early morning

With the staff in hand,

An eager band,

Our hearts as light as air.

The Purple and Grey is leading away

As the earth our feet are scorning

And off we start with a bouyant heart

And with never a thought of care.

Chorus: For it is step, step, swinging along. We keep the time with a marching song. Left, right, steady and strong. Our Class is leading the way.

Junior Class

Rebecca Colwell Wallace N. C. Melene Congleton Greenville N. C. Ruth H. Dean Oxford N. C.

Junior Class

Annie Blanch Herring Clinton N. C.

Rose Hooks Fremont N. C.

Cleora Quinn KENANSVILLe,N.C.

Junior Class

Mannie Lindsey Stokes Greenville, NC

Grace H. Strassburger Douglasville PA

Alya Taylor Greenville NC

Junior Class

Amanda Tillman Cary N. C. Elsie Vaughan Scotland Neck, NC Pearl Wright Greenville NC




Lida Elizabeth Meadows cLASS Mascot

Class Poem

Dear Fellow Travelers, our journey is ended which was begun two years ago. The road ahead looks long and rugged. And our progress oh so slow.

But our brains were high and noble And we buckled to the task

As we knew though hard the labor Bright would be the goal at last. We were faced with many trials. But we smiled and did our best; And our feet were always guided

By the far off goal Success. And while here we've caught a vision That in us shall never die But its rays uill shine more brightly Through the years that hasten by.

So we've worked and toiled together In these dear old college halls. And there's just a touch of sadness As we leave, Though duty calls. And we know as years move onward Though we've roamed the wide world o'er We'll look back with sweetest memories On the Class of '24,.

Grace Atwater, Class Poet.

Class Officers

Vera Bozeman Secretery

Mary Ruth Broughton Treasurer

Lillian Leary 1st Vice President

Jessie Hines Sergeant at Arms

Blanche Wilkins President

Catherine Reid 2nd Vice President

Helen Viniarski Class Editor

Marian Newby Student Government

Felsie Tucker 3rd Vice President

Margaret Anthony She will dispute and prove it too that blue is black and black is blue

See that far away look in her eyes? Well she is either thinking of New Bern or Florence, it is hard to tell which. She is one of us, however.

And when there is anything doing, you can always count on MargaretShe is always ready for any kind of mischief and a few other things shine out from her eyes. Good luck to you , Old Dear, and happy be your future

Annie Cross Barnes Sunbury NC Talking is more or less a consumption of energy

Annie likes college life in generalbut home much better. She is one one girl who glories in the right all women have - the right to speak her mind. We wish her success in her chosen career.

Grace Atwater Chapel Hill NC

Who relished in a joke and rejoiced in a bun; Rare compound of oddity, frolic and fun.

Grace is one our most original girls. Amerry companion, and a loyal friend. She is blessed with a happy nature and her dimples are constantly peeping out in her joyous smile When we have the blues we run to Grace or "or

"Dumps" for we've found that noone can scare them away as well as she can. We'll remember and love her always because she's just Grace

Grace Barn Lewiston NC

Laugh and the world laughs with you

Happy go lucky girl. Always laughing.When sad and blue go to her room

and you'll laugh too. One might think her very dignified by only seeing her in the classroom but that is just the face she wears while obtaining knowledge. When she sees a piano she is always ready to play.What is it she cannot do?

The class of 24 wishes her much success in the future.

Lina Bailey Roxboro N. C.

What are little girls made of?

Sugar and Spice and everything nice

This is certainly true in Lina's case. She is sweet and gentle, , calm and deliberate about everything she undertakes. She worries and worries about her practice teaching, but we always find her coming out on top in the end, and we know that she will succeed when she goes away.Loyal, dependable, studious thats Lina

Sarah Barnhardt Salisbury NC

Tis the songs you sing and the smiles you wear that make the sunshine everywhere.

This is truly fitting for Sarah as she carries sunshine with her She is happy and ready for mischief which can be told by one glance of her eyes

Joanna Barwick Fort Barnwell NC

Behind those brown eyes there lies much mischief

Industrious and straightforward in every way

She is true blue and we count it a priveledge to have her as a pal

She is little but, you bet, she doesn't mind speaking what she thinks. Good luck to you, old girl

Bonnie Boswell Black Creek NC

As the spring's soft call brings forth the birdlings song, so doth her strains of sweet music make the heart rejoice.

Bonn is the musician of the class, and we are very proud of her talent. She plans to teach school, but sometimes we wonder!

And we wonder if she really does not wonder about it herself at times! Why teach, when at any time she may possess a certain-?

Gladys Bateman Columbia NC

A smile for all, a greeting glad, an amiable jolly way she had.

Gladys has been an invaluable asset to the college as well as to her class-being sent as a delegate to Blue Ridge from our YWCA, OF WHICH SHE IS PRESIDENT, AND HAVING REPRESENTED OUR student body

at the student volunteer convention held in Indianapolis. Broadmindedness and personality supplemented by her extensive correspondence

with Carolina, Wadesboro, and Baltimore, makes her one of the most popular at ECTC.

Bessie Bottoms Margarettsville

Grace Bishop Durham, NC

As a perfect type of womanhood, She stands among the best

Grace or GB as we know her, is a girl whom everyone can depend on for anything that needs to be done. We know she can teach, for what is there about Eskimos that she doesn't know?

Eula Boyette Princeton, NC

Vera Bozeman...Ahoskie NC, Nancy Brantley...Zeblon NC, Miriam Bridger...Windsor NC, Mary Roth Broughton...Hertforf,,,NC, Gladys Broughton...Zebulon NC, Swannanoe Broughton...Zebulon NC

Sudie Britt...Newton Grove NC, Annie Laura Brown...Swan Quarter NC, Margaret Brown...Greenville NC, Annie Lee Carter...Winton NC, Lillian Cockrell...Rocky Mount NC, Barbara Conner...Rich Square NC

Lucille Credle...Lake Landing NC, Agnes Credle...Swan Quarter NC, Osceola Thomas Crew...Pleasant Hill NC, Aileen Critcher...Greenville NC, Millie Davenport...Tarboro NC, Irene Downer...Raeford NC

Pearle Daniels...Franklinon NC, Annie Bell Dean...Oxford NC, Bessie Dean...Oxford NC, Janie Dougherty...Kinston NC, Katie Lee Farmer...Raleigh NC, Virginia Faulkner...Henderson

Sally Henry Freeman...Gatis NC, Maude Fonville...Moriah NC, Inez Gerald...Pine Level NC, Ellie Grier...Pineville NC,Mary Lou Grier NC, Wilma Griffin...Laurinburg NC

Marie Harris Oriental...Oriental NC, Agnes Hathaway...Hertford NC, Bertha Hart...Ayden NC, Margaret Arthur Hayes... Gates NC, Elsie Horton...Zebulon NC, Jessie Hines...Goldsboro NC

Bernice House...Bethel NC, Doris Jackson...Winterville NC, Emma Lou Jackson...Middleburg NC, Lorena Jeannette...New Bern NC, Dorothy Johnson...Woodland NC, Pearl Johnson...Benson NC,

Grace Jordan...Cary..

Lucy Gray King...New Bern, N. C., Sadie Kellum...Kellum NC, Helen Knott...Oxford, NC, Inez Kennedy...Mount Olive, NC, Lottie Lanier...Rose Hill, NC,

Nell Lazenby...Statesville, NC, Dayton Leonard...Salisbury, NC, Lillian Leary...Old Trap, NC, Annie Little...Marion, NC, Susan Lee...Dunn, NC,Betty Long...Seaboard, NC

Lois Lynch, Goldsboro, NC, Nettie McCanless...Asheville, NC, Clara Lynn...Durham, NC, Lucia Mae McCallum...Rowland, NC, Lillian McArthur...Clinton, NC, Flora McCormack...Rowland, NC

Ora McCormack...Rowland, NC, Dora McLawhorn...Hunterville, NC, Willie McCormack...Rowland NC, Annie McFayden...Raeford NC, Glennie Mangum...Monroe NC, Lila Mitchell...Fuquay Springs, NC

Marie Mitchell...Charlotte, NC, Ruth Mitchell...Brevard, NC, Helen Modlin...Ahoskie, NC, Annie Lee Morgan...Spring Hope, NC, Elizabeth Morris...Newport News, NC, Margaret Murden...Elizabeth, NC

Garnette Myers...Spring Hope, NC, Irma Nesbit...Raeford, NC, Marian Newby...Hertford, NC, Nellie Pearce...South Mills, NC, May Pendergraph...Kinston, NC, Bertha Peterson...Kerr, NC

Clara Perry...Creedmoor, NC, Leone Perry...Creedmoor, NC, Mary Francis Pittard...Hester, NC, Madge Porter...Severn, NC, Catherine Reed...Hertford, NC, Cleo Richardson...Wendell NC

Rosalind Robinson...Morven, NC, Irma Louise Robinson...Goldsboro, NC, Katie Mae Roberson...Robersonville, NC, Mary Gold Shelton...White Rock, NC, Mamie Dorothy Shelton...Erwin, Tenn., Siddie Rogers...Creedmoor, NC

Gladys Sledge...Louisburg, NC, Lois Smith...Kinston, NC, Sarah Smith...Winterville, NC, Marjorie Bell Snowden...Snowden, NC, Elizabeth Stanley...Goldsboro, NC, Myrtle Sylivant...Snow Hill, NC

Nettie Taylor...South Norfolk, Va., Lucretia Tuttle...Oxford, NC, Felsie Tucker, Durham, NC, Mary Tyson...Wadesboro, NC, Helen Theresa Viniarski...Asheville, NC, Christine Ward...Jacksonvillle, NC

Sallie Waters...Conetoe, NC, Mabel Watson...Rowland, NC, Bertha Westbrook...Dunn, NC, Grace Wester...Franklinton, NC, Margaret Wester...Dover, NC, Eva Whichard, Greenville, NC

Charlotte White...Pollocksville, NC, Blanche Wilkins...Greensboro, NC, Fannie Winfrey...Wadesboro, NC, Nancy Withers, Wentworth, NC, Margaret Woods, Hillsboro, NC, Betsy Wright, Ingold, NC

Elva Yelverton...Black Creek, NC, Annie Bryan...Greenville, NC, Minnie Gardner...Fountain, NC, Irene Braswell, Monroe, NC, Mary Braswell...Monroe, NC, Bettie Mannis...Biscoe, NC

Mary Helms...Unionville NC, Faye Purser...Unionville, NC, Eva L. Hockaday...Creedmoor, NC

Class Song

Tune of "Vive L' Amour

Come classmates, and join now in joy with a song, To Dear Old '24., The best of good cheer as we're passing along, Dear Class of '24,


Here's to you, honor and love evermore, Sweet memories will come when the day is o'er, Of faces we love and will never forget, In our calss of '24, The sweetest memories in years we'll recall, Dear Class of '24, In fancy we'll roam once again in this hall, Our Class of '24, We hope that the future will bring each success, In our Class of'24, We hold high her standards, the noblest and the best, Dear Class of '24

Class History '24

The class of '24 wishes to relate in a very crude way just a few of its most important dates, from babyhood A's-Angels to womanhood as d's years.On September 25, 1920, there were scattered among the student body of East Carolina Teachers College Teachers Training School, 24 of the most timid little creaturesyou ever saw. At first these 24 timidities were not congenial with the old girls at all, but they soon discovered that the old girls were human rather than superhuman. After a period of six weeks we organized ourselves carefully and thoughtfully under the leadership of that brave and noble character, Leona Johnson, who was made the first president of the class of '24. Our noble leader made a great successof whatever she attempted no matter how hard the task, and with her wonderful voice could quiet the chattering of the whole student body. We appeared for the first two times before the school by rendering a most interesting chapel and YWCA program., On May 7th, we did our part in making May Day a success. On May 11th, we entertained our sister class, the C's. , On June 7th, we witnessed for the first time the presentation of diplomas to the graduating class and longed for the day to come when we would recieve so precious a treasure., June 8th, vacation-a trip to dreamland. On September 26, 1921, we returned to the garden spot of the world, which was now ECTC. This year Lina Stevens acted as guardian angel over 34 B'S.wE WERE NOT TIMID THIS YEAR FOR THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A TIMID b-E-E, and we never fell short of being the class for we were the bravest B'S ECTC ever had ever possessed. On December 6, 1921, there came a very sad event into our lives; one of our most loyal members, Virgie Mitchell, answered the great voice from above, Come forth., On May 6th, we led YWCA services., On May11th, we entertained our sister class the D's., On June 5th, we we presented a beautiful lantern drill in honor of the graduating class, June 8th Vacation, which was all too short. Swiftly the days passed bringing again September, the beginning of another school year. On September 27, 1922, we were more than glad to know that aproximetely 280 pupils had registered as members of our class.

This year we felt more keenly our responsibility, for, naturally we were looked up to as leaders, as we were the great big C's.,Marion Newby, nutural born leader, sucsessfully pilot ed us through the deep waters of many difficulties and over the rough waves of the following dates: Thanksgiving day ball game-23-vs.24-We won. February 14th, led YWCA services., February 14th Junior-Senior Reception, May 26th, last regular meeting of '24 while known as the C'S., jUNE 5TH, VISIT TO HOME SWEET HOME. On September 27, 1923, we had at last reached womanhood and and gained possession of our long wished for name, Dignified D's.

With Blanche Wilkins as president, and under her leadership we proved what the class of '24 really could do., On October 27th, we made a decision on class rings. On December 16th we led the YWCA services.

On February 25th, we gave a reception in honor of our friends,An April 15th, Senior play presented,On June 2nd Class Day exercises., June 3, at last brings us to the end of a perfect dream, presentation of diplomas, and long wished for treasures., Then comes the greatest event of all. Our great and noble task of laying the foundation for the future generation, that is, the task of training up boys and girls into true womanhood and manhood for the Great Old North State.

Last Will anb Testament

State of North Carolina County of Pitt Town of Gkeenville

) .

East Carolina Teachers College

We, the Class of '24, with full grown wings and a wonderful confidence in our flying ability fh'Vclo|)cd \A/ confidence in our ttyiiiij ahility, are now preparing to soar away to an

which will be for better or worse for life or death, or for eternal bliss, or for eternal grief.

To those who will remain on this mundane sphere, we, in full possession of sound mind, memory and understanding, do make and publish this, our last will and testament, hereby revoking and making void all former wills heretofore made

at any time.

First - We give, devise and bequeath to the school as a whole our boundless knowledge, and request that it be used for the edification and enlightenment of any and all greenhorns who may follow in our tread.

Second - To our Faculty :

Item 1 - To Miss Maupin, this chain to help in linking her psychology with life.

Item 2 - To Mr. Leggett we leave this little table to be used as a basis for your psychology. This will enable our successors to know just what basis to allow you to put it on.

Item .3 - To Mrs. Jeter and Mrs. Keel we leave this cage of chickens. We sincerely hope our successors will get more chickens and less hash.

Item 4 -Mr. Austin - We leave you this airplane. This will enable you to carry our successors on the various trips to different nations and cities, in reality instead of imagination.

Item 5 - Miss Lewis - This yard stick and large pencil, so that everything may be drawn to the line.

Item 6 - Miss Wilson - We leave you this great invention which will enable you to catch the students who persist in opening their lockers during class. Item 7-Mr. Slay-We leave you this watch which will not necessitate so much winding.Item 8 - Miss Davis - Here is a set of ten volumes of Connor's works. We hope that future history students may he blessed with enough references.Item 9 - Mr. Henderson - A class in which all students may be able to follow directions as you desire.Item 10 - Miss Whiteside and Miss MacFaydcn - We leave you a place in the "Hall of Fame" as a reward for your heroic efforts in helping this group of mental deficients in their practice teaching.Item 11 - Miss Tolleson - This student who is able to distinguish a column loft march from a flank march.Item 12 - Miss Tarpley - This pair of glasses to be used in finding every fault in the girls sewing and discover every long stitch taken.Item 13-Mrs. Grimes- We leave you this man to try out some of you r numerous dishes on. We feel sure he will delight in being the target. Item 14 - To Mr. Meadows - This book of illustrations for use in his next year. Item 15 - Miss Jenkins - All profits of the annual for her super-excellent work in getting out said master pieces of "Children's Literature". Item 16 - Misses Graham and McKinney - We leave you both this new invention to keep you from calling on the students so much for oral addition, division, nndtiplicafion, and subtraction. This wonderful machine will do all four for you and the pupils hereafter will not be seared into petrification.

Item 17-Miss Harding- This little balloon. -Item 18-Mr Underwood-Aset of A Number One teachers next year who will not worry- and with whom you can find no fault. Item 19-Miss Muffly-We leave you to this book of culture, written by the class of '24.We feel sure that this will prove to you that your numerous lessons in culture teaching were not in vain.-20 - Miss Ross - We leave you this box to keep your many strings of beads in. Item 21 - Miss Moore - This microscope to enable you to find every little defect in the girls' rooms after they have spent hours in cleaning up. Item 22 - Miss Beaman - We leave you this bottle of Coca-Cola. Give more of this and less salts. The girls will appreciate it hecause the majority of your patients are either "History or Math patients". Item 23 - Mrs. Beckwith - This little basket of apples to be given to next year's hungry girls just before going to bed. Item 24 - To the Music Teachers - This bunch of ragtime music in order that East Carolina Teachers College will not be lacking in "jazz" in the future. Item 25- To Miss Gray- We leave this bell to keep silence in the library in order that she may not have to put forth so much energy in sh-H. Item 26 To Miss Scoville- This "Baby Lincoln" to surpass other teachers' cars

Item 27- To Mr. Deal-This radio and batch of newspapers in order that he may be "posted" on all current events.Item 28- To Miss Chamberlain -This box of colors that as bright in the future as it is at present.

Item 29- To Mr. and Mrs. Spilman - Thinking there will be a great increase of curreney here next year, we place this bank in the hands of Mr. and Mrs. Spillman, thus helping them to make students' money secure.Item 30 - To the Model School Teachers - This waste basket to keep all mistakes made by practice teachers while teaching at Model School.Item 31 - We give and bequeath to the faculty as a whole a sweet and unbroken succession of restful nights and peaceful dreams. No longer need you lie awake during the long watches of the night to worry over the uncertainty of whether this one is doing her night's work or that one will have her mathematics in morning class. It has been a hard strain on you, as Seniors are said to be at all times and under all conditions difficult to manage. You have done your duty and verily now shall have your well earned reward.

Third - To the Followi

Item 1 - To the "C" Class - We will our seats in Chapel. May they fill them as promptly and faithfully as we have done. Our "Senior Dignity" - may they uphold it forever with all the seriousness and gravity endeavoring to realize its vast importance in spite of their natural lightmindedness and irresponsibility.

Item 2 - To the Fi'eshman Class - We leave you this box of paint to change your color of normal green to a tint. We also leave our privilege of going down town any day in the week.

Item 3 - To the Sophomore Class - All our "ones" to be u.sed in helping them out in arithmetic and history. From the rumor we hear and per- sonal experience we feel sure they will need and appreciate this gift.

Item 4 - To the Junior Class - Our smiles, patience and good looks, and willingness to work. Fourth -

Item 1 - To our Annual Staff - We leave our hearty and most grateful thanks for their splendid eiforts and endless hours of work in getting out the second volume of the Tecoan.

Item 2-To the YWCA- We leave this new supply of rations for their store to be used in feeding future girls on big supper night. Fifth- To Mr Wright we give and bequeath our deepest reverence and our heartiest gratitude. In an attempt at partial payment for all he has done here at ECTC, we make

over to him now a morgtage on our future. It shall be his to watch every step of our onward flitting-to note each trial-each attempt, every victory, every sucsess and honor we may achieve in the area of the world and accept for himself as interest on our deathless debt each ounce of praise, every iota of honor, knowing it is due to his faithful instruction and guidance.

Sixth- Now we leave not of necessity, but of our own free will our blessings, tender memories of our associations together and forgiveness of anything we may not have appreciated in the past and a pledge of friendship from henceforth and forever.

In testimony whereof, we the testators aforesaid herewith subscribe our names this the sixth day of June, Nineteen Hundred and Twenty-four, at East Carolina Teachers College, Greenville, North Carolina.

Senior Normal Class Statistics 1924

Marion Newby Best All Around, Miriam Bridger Prettiest, Felsie Tucker Neatest, Osceola Crew Most Studious, Jessie Hines Jolliest, Mabel Watson Cutest, Katie Mae Roberson Most Talkative, Lillian Cockrell Most Attractive

Senior Normal Class Statistics 1924

Lillian Leary Most Accomodating, Nettie Taylor Wittiest, Blanche Wilkins Best Dressed, Nancy Brantley Most Athletic, Elizabeth Most Musical, Gladys Bateman Most Popular, Lorena Jeanette Best Sport,Sarah Barnhardt Biggest Bluffer

When we finished college, it was with a will to teach,Whether there should be members or just one to each. Even the best laid plans are sometimes knocked away, But thinking of my classmates now, I often wonder why - Marion Newby, who ten short years ago, a dentist aspired to be is now happily married and children has she three. Now, why is it that Betsy "Wright, whose middle name was sleep, Is now a leading banker with more sale than she can keep? To be a famous lecturer was Lillian Leary's one ambition, But in this work we dare not say she's found her life's true mission. Take Sarah Barnhardt for instance, who we know couldn't carry a tune ; But whose success in Metropolitan Opera is soaring toward the moou. Look at Creasy Tuttle, who was as lazy as could be, But now rides in her limousine and wears fine clothes you see. Grace Wester never knew her chance lay in the field of math, It's hard to believe but now she trods its well worn path. Dear Old Blanche whose sole object was winning of a spouse. Has built a home for Old Maids and called it "Laughinghouse". Dayton always wished to be a moving picture star, But in vain ! She's a lawyer since her admittance to the bar. To equal Senator Field's fame, was Agnes Hathaway's one desire, She has a lawyer's license but the world's not yet on fire. We thought "Eeds" Brantley's wit would put us in the background, But now she has a store and sells sugar by the ten-pound. In Jack Eeed, behold our May Queen Fair! She works in a beauty parlor and dresses ladies' hair. Then Annie Laurie Brown, who wished to win renown. Travels with a circus, acting as a clown.

To spread Mr. Leggett's philosophy was McArthur's one ambition, But now she pussy-foots it round enforcing prohibition Marjorie Bell, remember, a Butler wished to be, Is now a soap box orator, expounding liberty. Gladys, our Y. W. President, who never was a shirker, Has become a minister and is quite a pious worker. Lucia Mae, as a missionary to China wished to go. Is now at E. C. T. C, teaching boys to sew. "Dot" Johnston who wanted to get into some easy job, Is now a labor leader making speeches to the mob. Cleo, a singer great, we thought she was to be. Had to go when Nowell calls, its principal now is she.

Those Grier girls who aspired to be best teachers in Mr. Underwood's I see are out as candidates in the coming Presidential election.'t it seem strange that Irene Downcr, who was a shark in Math,

Is now end man in a minstrel and makes the people laugh?

"I'll wipe Irene Castle off the map" Miriam Kridger boasted proudly,

"Dacing's the tool of the devil," Deacon Bridger now rants loudly.

Viniarski wanted an easy joh teaching High School French, but at present is a famous judge sitting on the bench.

Mary Gold thought her talent would yield her a famous post

"Murder will out," in "Hamlet" she's playing the ghost.

And Helen Knott, whom we all esteemed so high.

Is now a crooked doctor, selling liquor on the sly.

To Louise Robinson, married life was the one thing that appealed.

She's had that and more - plowing in the field.Class of '24 Mabel Watson

Wilina thought she saw her chance with ministerial work,but she figured her chance wrong and at present is a clerk.

Lois Smith's only ambition was to become somebody's wife,

She discovered a cure for kinky hair and now is fixed for life.

To be a basketball coach, was the wish of Vera Bozeman,

Hut Alas! she has substituted one of those things called husbands.

Little did I think that the girl called Lina Bailey, Would ever become so famous that we read about her daily.

To what end did Felsie Tucker exercise her charm and grace?

She is now a Chorus Girl in some small town place.

"I'll be a daring areonaut" said Susan Lee one day.

She has taken over her Daddy's store and tries to make it pay.

Mannie is a gardener, both in name and occupation,

For as a landscape gardener she's famous throughout our nation.

Here's to Lillian Cockrell, she accomplished her ambition.

By teaching, though its only one, which was the college mission.

Helen Modlin kept this end in view, to be a millionaire.

A teacher's job looked good to her and so she landed there.

Bertha Hart would be a lawyer, but found the job too hard.

And now she works in Bowen's selling cheese cloth by the yard.

To he a movie actress was P. D.'s fondest hope.

But now she works in a drug store and concocts a wicked dope.

Irma Nesbit wished to be a politician astute.

But as a doctor of the heart she now has won repute.

To he a famous poet was Grace Atwater's aspiration,

But a family with its attachment leaves no time for meditation.

Osceola in her student days a shark always seemed,

Now she reports every night, "Sir, the floors are clean."

"I'll be a staid Old Maid" said Glennie to the girls.

She is now a trapeze walker turning flips and whirls.

In college Annie Little as a student made her mark,

Behold her now a peddler selling popcorn in the park.

Myrtle and Nell both aspired to be a patent merchant prince,

They've started ont as teachers and have done it ever since.

Sara and Joanna, both were doctors in their dreams.

But who we see as dressmakers, who sew the finest seams.

As we look back over all our days and recall Bertie Maness,

We think now of her famous sign "Teeth Extracted, Painless."

Betty Long and Bessie Bottoms who both were teachers rare.

At present have a side show in the Greenville fair.

Lorena tad no thought but to gather beaucamp jack,

But now she scrapes a living with a Lizzie as a hack.

"I'll never come back once I get away" said Margaret to us one day,

But wait ! She is back at college teaching English for darn good pay.

Quote "Lib" Stanley, "As a teacher I'll make the world stand still."

Can't say much for the teaching but she's right there with it still.

To be a great musician was the wish of Annie Lee Carter,

Now she is the Leading Lady in "My Lady's Garter."

And little Annie and Maggie who had no wish for fame,

Have now success and fortune playing the National Game.

Those Broughton sisters wished to be owners of large estates,

They are now employed as packers, packing fruit in crates.

Eula and Sudie said, "There's nothing in a name."

It seems they've changed their minds since then, 'cause they're playing the married game.

Grace and Margaret always wished to take a trip to Mars They've given up that ambition and at present are studying the stars.

Bonnie Boswell, a singer great, always wished to be, Now she's at a Model School teaching do re me.

Being treasurer of our Class must have helped Mary Ruth, For she is now a leading banker in the city of Duluth.

Mary and Irene, who were Braswells as you know. Have recently eloped with two actors from the show.

Bessie and Annie Bell Dean, who were never knee high to a duck, Are playing in their latest picture "Always Just Outa Luck."

Margaret Hayes and Sallie Freeman, those girls from the County of Gates, Have adopted for their specialty the painting of china plates.

Aileen Critcher and Josie Barnes who never skipped a lesson. Have taken up aesthetic dancing and are leaders in that profession.

Millie and Little Katie Lee who were both as fine as silk. At present are State Inspectors, looking for germs in milk.

"I'll be a great light in the world" one day said Annie Bryon, She's now a traveling salesman selling electric irons.

Barbara, Agnes and Janie, all three whom we thought would never pass. Have become United States Senators, ahead of the rest of the class.

Lucy Grey King and Sadie Kellum, who always told the line. At present are Old Maid School teachers, and of the very worst kind.

Lois Lynch and Claire Lynn, who were girls of the finest type, Are now with Libby Company, advertising Libby's Tripe.

Lila and Marie Mitchell, sisters in name if not in blood. Have become rich by molding statutes, not of clay but out of mud.

Ora, Willie and Flora the little McCormack cousins, At present have a honey farm, where the bees are always 'buzzin'

Dora Mac and Doris Jackson, who hail from Winterville, Are now quack country doctors, administering sugar pills.

Strange but true, the whole "H" family Hines, Horton, House and Harris, Now are famous modistes, away in far off Paris.

Grace Jordan, remember those big alluring brown eyes, But to hear of her now as an occulist, indeed is quite a surprise.

Lanier and Johnson saw themselves as doctors in their dreams. They got their chance, went down, not up, and now saw planks and beams.

Garnett, Gladys, and Christine, all members of one gang, All doing their bit in this world,

in the wiping out of slang.

Those Perry girls, wlio were quite the berries in the gold ole days of yore, Are now at the University taking a course

in folklore.

"We'll both be famous architects" said McCanless and Pendergraph,

But who are back in dear old Greenville on the Daily Reflector


'Twas ahvavs thought that Nettie Taylor and Sallie Waters would both prove hindenthals, In China now you'll find them - they've answered the

call. But Margaret West, remember was leader of the Poes, You'll find her now at Heber Forbes fitting misses clothes. "I'll be a bareback rider"

was the comment of Faye Purser, She is now at E. C. T. C, acting as bursar. Mamie Shelton as you know was Mary Gold's first cousin,

Now operates a fresh fruit farm, "Hens eggs by the dozen". "I'd like to be a tennis champ" said Nellie Pearee and Charlotte White,

Their wish was never realized for they've chosen married life. Winfree, Kogers, and Peterson, who were all three carefree lasses. Are now with Karo Company, selling black molasses.

Rosalind and Katie Mae Roberson, not sisters by any means. Have turned to art as their life work and are painting landscapes. Inez Gerald and Kennedy, who in basketball saved the day,

Started out as teachers but found it didn't pay. Lucille Credle, we always thought would surely reach the top, Her dreams are rudely shattered, she is now a traffic cop.

Virginia Faulkner and Mary Tyson, who consuls wished to be, At present are at Davenport, selling Lipton Tea. Westbrook, Withers and Yelverton, loyal members of '24, Have come together as partners

and built themselves a store. Mabel Watson, if I remember, came to us from Rowland, Has won great fame as a soloist by "My Heart is in the Lowl Jackson, Brown and Whichard, who artists wished to be,

Have built a home for the aged, as a bit for humanity. Madge Porter and Mary Helms who we always thought were quiet, I see by the papers are the principle leaders in a terrible riot.

On account of sickness, Pittard and Fonville left us for awhile, They are lecturing now in Washington on "The Dangers of Maiden's Wiles." And so it is the whole way through, as you did read and see.

They've none done what they should have done or been what they should be. But through it all no one can say, however bold, That we've been disloyal to the purple and the gold.

Elizabeth Morris, '24


Marjorie Spivey, Mascot of sophomore class

Class Song

Let every heart sing

Let every voice ring

And to her each one be true.

It's ever onward, her courage pursuing

May defeat ne'er our ardor cool.

But united we will stand for her

Our dear old class.

Honors she has taken.

Always follows up -To Serve" -

May she always rank the highest.

May her colors never fall.

There's no other that can match

When her girls are "In the State"

For they are fleetest

And also sweetest -

Then here's a cheer for her,

For her who ne'er will yield.

Colors: Scarlet and Gold Flower: Rose

Motto: "Launched but not anchored"

Christine Vick President

Janie Jackson Vice-President

Margaret Smith Secretary

Margaret Smith Class Editor

Annie Mae Edwards Treasurer

Maude Johnston Critic

Kathleen Dail Class Representative

Faithful and true hearted

To the class of twenty-six

We revere her and defend her,

And her colors to the last;

We will stand for her united,

Of her deeds we gladly tell.

Her colors streaming.

Glad faces beaming.

So here's a cheer for her

That we all love so well.


Joyous and ever loyal

To the Class of '26

Let every heart sing

Let every voice ring

And to her each one be true.

It's erer onward her courage pursuing,

May defeat ne'er our ardor cool.

But united we will stand for her -

Our Dear Old Class.

Honors she has taken

Always follows up "To Serve" -

May she always rank the highest.

May her colors never fall.

There's no other that can match

When her girls are "In the State" -

For they are fleetish

And also sweetish -

Then here's a cheer for her

For her who ne'er will yield.

Claudia Burgess Annie Mae Edwards Janie Jackson

Lessie Cogdell Bruce Ellis Maude Johnston Margaret Smith

Isabella Cromartie Deanie Boone Haskett Rachel Lee Kathleen Dail Hazel Henderson Musette Montague Juanita

Jennette Wedmore

Officers of the Freshman Class

Ella Fleming Secretary, Priscilla Austin President, James Butler Treasurer, Mary Gray Moore S.G. Rpresentative

Gladys Kilpatrick Vice-President, Bennie Ursey Tecoan Representative

Motto: Esse Qvain Videri

Flower: Pansy Colors: Blue and Gold

Mascot: Kenneth Lane Henderson

Freshman Class

Class Roll

Priscilla Austin, Walaska Blythe,James Butler, Sallie Cheek, Mamie Copeland, Leah Davis, Mary Alice Eatmon, Mattie Evans,Ella Fleming, Mary Ruth Fleming, Mary Gaskill Flanagan, Zilpah Frisbie

Gertrude Grimsley, Louise Grissom, Mary Holt, Kathleen Honeycutt, Emma Jacobs, Etta Johnson, Viola Jones, Gladys Kilpatrick, Mary Ellen Lancaster, Anna Lindsey, Pauline Martin, Mary Gray Moore, Hortense Mozingo, Ethel McEachin, Ruth McGowan, Bertha Riland,

Gladys Parsons, Elizabeth Saunders, Laura Sloan, Mildred Teal, Gladys Tingle, Ella Wheeler Tucker, Bennie Usrey, Lucy Wells, Margaret Williams, Helen Wilkinson

Class Poem

We are teachers college freshmen

We aren't credited with dreams

Yet from 1927

In that year we will be seniors.

We are striving toward that goal. There's desire to do his best. In the recess of each soul.

Nothing on the Heights but Climbing

Junior Normal ClasS

Iva Fuller Leggett - Class Mascot.

Class Poem



Far down the path come memories twining Memories fond and dear. Memories that are yet inclining. To hold loving hearts for their classmates, also sincere

Forgetting our Junior Normal Class is something impossible to do. And we will ever prove loyal to the colors white and blue We love each one with hearts that are sincere. As for our class making good, we have no fear. Our spirit and cooperation is just as tho' we were all one. And we always try to see that the good and noble thingsare done. We try not to seek honors: we try not to seek fame. But we do fight hard to win life's game. Although our road, sometimes seems miserably rugged'tis true. We must never give up, but keep faith and fight it through; Because to every side, there is something bright on the other one. Therefore we must keep on until we accomplish what is begun. , "Not on the heights. hut climbing is our motto; This we will ever try to prove true. Making it stronger wherever we go. It makes no difference what we may do. The songs we sang may wither: All heaven and earth may fall. But the Junior Normal Class will ever prove loyal to the college, classmated, faculty and al. The Junior Normal Class will ever climb upward and afar. And someday hitch their wagon to a star. Also very humble we shall ever be. And try to be worthy O college of Thee.

Sunior Normal ClasS

Class Officers

Ella Ottland President, Rosalind Muir Vice-President, Mattie May Lyon Secretary, Edna Love Treasurer, LucY A. Koknegay Critic, Rachel Olive Sergeant-at-Arms

GooDLOE Haney 8. G. Representative

Virginia Johnson Class Editor

Junior Normal Class


Willie Aiken Brevard, N. C.

Thelma Ashworth, Burlington, NC, Huldah Albritton, Greenville, NC, Mary Elizabeth Archie...Salisbury, NC, Maybelle Bryan...Pikeville NC, Mary Baum...Wanchese, NC, Bertha Baxley...Rockingham, NC, Catherine Barnette...Pineville, NC, Mildred Bridges Barnes...Elm City, NC, Annie Louise Bradley...Rocky Mount, NC, Maggie Bullock...Fairmont, NC, Gladys Brown...Tarboro, NC, Edna Brown...Marion, NC, Dorothy Broughton...Raleigh, NC, Dare Beale...Potecasi, NC, Thelma Brown...Woodland, NC

Junior Normal Class


Sadie Boyette...Princeton, NC, Jane Amanda Bahnson...Farmington, NC, Harriet Batts...Farmington, NC, Harriet Batts...Rocky Mount, NC, Eva Blowe...Rich Square, NC, Selma Bowers...Parmele, NC, Rubie Daniel...Franklinton, NC, Rubie Delamar...Pamlico, NC, Mary K. Davenport...Creswell, NC,

Florence Dean...Oxford, NC, Eugenia Dozier...Hertford, NC, Sallie Dees...Pikeville, NC, Annie Etheridge...Manteo, NC, Willie Elliot...Jonesville, NC, Mary Eakins...Atkinson, NC, Burnice Everette...Roberson, NC, Lyda Edwards...Tarboro, NC,

Mary Edwards...Macclesfield, NC, Daisy Edwards...Macclesfield, NC, Thelma Everett...Conetoe, NC, Kate Evelyn Frisbee...Marion, NC, Catherine Fisher, Battleboro, NC, Vera Felton...Conetoe, NC, Lina B. Fleming...Pikeville, NC, Lulabel Floyd...Fairmont, NC,

Mamie Gresham...Beulaville, NC, Hilda Gorrell...Ore Hill, NC, Julia Grant...Selma, NC, Lula Gresham...Beulaville, NC, Sarah Gilliam...Louisburg, NC, Elinor Grimes...Dunn, NC, Ivie Garrett...Price, NC, Thelma Griffin...Potecasi, NC

Junior Normal Class


Hettie Gardner...Fountain, N. C.

Annie V. Gray...Bahama, NC, Alda Hamrick...Clayton, NC, Sophia Hassell...Manteo, NC, Elizabeth Harrison...Fayetville, NC, Elizabeth Holland...Bethel, NC, Marie Hodges...Cokesbury, SC, Sadie Helms...Mineral Springs, NC,

Kate Hudson...Bentonville, NC, Lena Hartness, Mooresville, NC, Betty Horne, Bentonville, NC, Dorothy Louise Hart, Bentonville, NC, Gwendolyn Hendrin...Wilkesboro, NC, Virginia Hubbard...North Wilkesboro, NC, Esther Johnson...Rocky Mount, NC, Helen Jones...Edenton, NC

Junior Normal Class


Lily Grey Jackson, Washington, NC, Lillian W. Joyner...Potecasi, NC, Gladys Jordan...Powelsville, NC, Lola Johnson, Four Oaks, NC, Wincy Johnson...Angier, NC, Ida Clabon King, Norlina, NC, Ruby Kennedy...Beulaville, NC, Margaret Kelly...Mooresville, NC,

Carrie May Knight...Columbia, NC, Dora Collier, Pikeville, NC, Eula Lane...Stantonsburg, NC, Vera Laidlaw, Marion, NC, Annie Uzzle...Louisburg, NC, Myrtle Livingston...Laurel Hill, NC, Lucille Lawrence...Apex, NC, Vera Lancaster Vanceboro, N. C.

Junior Normal Class


Edna Earl Mincey...Wilmington, N. C., Fannie Latham Martin...Jamesville, N. C., Valera Moore...Scotland Neck, N. C., Alean Myers...Burlington, N. C., Eva Mizelle...Woodard, NC, Helen Mattocks...Greenville, NC, Edith Matthews...Durham, N. C., Sarah Mercer...Fountain, NC,

Sarah McCallum...Rowland, NC, Opal McCallum...Rowland, NC, Gladys McCracken...Rockingham, N. C., Grace McLeod...Elizabethtown, N. C., MeriE McAdams...Spencer, N. C., Maggie Maie McRimmon...Rowland, N. C., Frances McKeithen...Carthage, N. C., Norma McKeithen...Carthage, N. C.

Junior Normal Class


Reba McCoy...Charlotte, N. C., Thelma McLamb...Clinton, NC, Pearl McNeil...Columbia. N. C.

Peaiu. McNeil Red Springs, N. C., Lora Mae Norman...Cameron, N. C., Ellie Nesbit...Waxhaw, NC, Ruth Overcash...Kannapolis, NC, Lucy Overton, Mount Gilead, NC, Mary Rachel Overman...Pikeville, NC,

Lillian Owens...Columbia, NC, Velma Owens...Fountain, NC, Mavis Lee Oakley Greenville. N. C., Mary Annie Pierce...Cameron, N. C., Louise Phelps...Raleigh, N. C., Lyda Phillips...McFarlan, N. C., Viola Polk...Mineral Springs. N. C.

Jeannette Propst...Salisbury, N. C.

Junior Normal Class (Continued)

Ellen Rouse...Kinston, NC, Minnie Vera Robertson...Williamston, NC, Blanche Redditt...Aurora, NC, Margaret Elizabeth Roberson...Robernsonville, NC, Lola Alberta Reel...Reelsboro, NC, Margaret Purvis Roberson...Robersonville, NC, Mary spruill...Plymouth, NC, Glennie May Scarboro...Lilesville, NC

Julia Smith...Genoa, N. C., Gladys Stone...Henderson, NC, Erie Smith...Willow Springs, NC, Esther Stearn...Belhaven, NC, Flonnie Spell...Roseboro, NC, De Villa Storey...Eure, NC, Aline Stephenson...Pendelon, NC, Gladys Stokes...Grifton, NC,

Etheleen Sugg...Snow Hill, NC, Ada Katherine Shaw...Rocky Point, NC, Sadie Smit...Edenton, NC, Virginia Turner...Battleboro...NC, Lucile Terry...Rockingham, NC, Evelyn Terry...Roberdel, NC, Phoebe Trexler...Salisbury...NC, Corrine Tucker...Greenville, NC, Thelma Toler...Princeton, NC, Mattie Teague...Kernersville, NC, Ernestine Taylor...Parmele, NC, Mary Eita Turnstall...Oxford, NC, Blanche Trogdon...North Wilkesboro, NC, Eliza Willette...Goldston, NC, Mamie Webb...Wadesboro, NC, Appless White...Kinston, NC,

Junior Normal Class (Continued)

Phoebe O. White...Elizabeth City, NC, English Wade...Barnesville, NC, Rosa Adelia Worsley...Rocky Mount, N. C., Frances Warren...Conetoe, N. C., Selma Williams South Mills, N. C., Ruth Williams...Kinston, N. C., Annie Lois Williams...Marshville N. C., Elizabeth Wilkins...North Side, N. C.

Rose Elizabeth Williamson...Warsaw, N. C., Lucille Creel...Dunn, NC, Mary Barden Crofton...Lumberton, NC, Mattie Baker Conwell...Norlina, NC,Elaine Wright Henderson, N. C., Delilah Whitfield...Kinston, NC, Connie Wynne...Coleraine, NC, MYrle CarriNgton...Stem, N. C., Janie Delle Cauawan...Swan Quarter, N. C., Louise Chalk...Hertford, N. C., Lois Cashwell...Lumberton, N. C.

Junior Normal Class (Continued)

Josie Lee Cartwright...Elizabeth City, N. C., Lucille Creel...Dunn, NC, Mary Barden Crofton...Lumberton, NC, Mattie Baker Conwell...Norlina, NC, Daisy Cleaton, Norlina, NC, Velda Conwell, Franklin, NC, Grace Chappel...Belvidere, N. C., Alice Brasington...Ansonville, N. C.,

Jessie Mitchell...Fairmont, NC, Edith Skarren, Pattie Mae Smith Pink Hill, N. C., Annie Ives Andrews...Stokes, N. C., Beatrice Vaughan Abernathy...Nashville, NC, Julia Grantham Stantonsburg, N. C.AnniE Lee Hines...Goldsboro, N. C, Evelyn Rogers...Marietta, N. C.

Junior Normal Class (Continued)

Dove Boles...Jonesville, N. C., Eunice Benton, Chadbourn, NC, Essye Neal Ward...Fairmont, NC, Ruth White, Powellsville, NC, True Hubbard...Wise, NC,

Junior Normal Class

Hazel Allen...Aurora, NC, Viola Aiken...Stem, NC, Edith Alexander...Huntsville, NC, Elise Aycock...Henderson, NC, Margaret Alexander...Southport, NC, Margaret Bullock, Bethel, NC, Eunice Benton...Chadbourn, NC, Jessie Bozemore, Lewiston, NC, Ora Bright...Nealsville, NC, Hattie M. Beatty...Ivanhoe, NC, Verta Blackman...Bentonville, NC, Grace Biggers...Matthews, NC, Irene Cox...Greenville, NC, Cornelia Clarke...Cedar Creek, NC, Lola Carter...Hoffman, NC, Martha Cherry...Greenville, NC, Jessie Carson, Bethel, NC, Hettie Draper...Potecasi, NC, Estelle Edmondson...Fremont, NC, Blanche Evans...Greenville, NC, Sue Ellis, Ramseur, NC, Ophelia Ford...Fairmont, NC, Eva Griffin, Cerro Gorda, NC, Faye Gerock...Ahoskie, NC, Rachel Godwin, Conetoe, NC, Elizabeth Gravely...Lake City, SC,

Margaret Gibbs...Beaufort, NC, Delle Gainor...Battlesboro, NC, Mary Hooks...Fremont, NC, Ethel Lois Harrison...Brinkleyville, NC, Verla Haigler...Unionville, NC, Margie Lee Horton...Zebulon, NC, True Hubbard...Moravian Falls, NC, Eliza Hocutt...Clayton, NC, Rebecca Hartness...Statesville, NC, Ruth Inman...Cerro Gordo, NC, Lucy Clair Ivey...Tarboro, NC, Nadine Johnson...Delway, NC, Mary Rebecca Knox...Hunterville, NC, Pearl Lawhorn...Benson, NC, Berta Lamm...Black Creek, NC, Inez Stuart Lee...Reelsboro, NC, Cora Belle Lee...Monroe, NC, Velma Matthews...Spring Hope, NC, Murrel Miller...Aurora, NC, Lula McGlohon...Winterville, NC, Ruth McDougal...Louisburg, NC, Eulah McCullen...Mount Olive, NC, Fannie Niven...Wadesboro, NC, WilliE Lee O'Briant, Verla Lou Price...Unionville, NC, Mattie Ratliffe...Peachland, NC,

Irma K. Redditt...Edward, NC, Jessie Ruth Sellars...Rocky Mount, NC, Hilda Sumrell...Ayden, NC, Dorothy Simmons...Goldsboro, NC, Lucy Smiter...Greenville, NC,

Kathleen Spain...Greenville, NC, Jeanette Smith...Greenville, NC, Pauline Smith...Fayetville, NC, Bessie May Savage...Tarboro, NC, Mary Sparrow...Hillsboro, NC, Blanche Thornburg...Burlington, NC, Isa Gordon Tucker...Hertford, NC, Fannie Jones Turner...Parmele, NC, Carrie Mae Umstead...Stem, NC, Annie Uzzle...Louisburg, NC, Lillian VanDyke...Henderson, NC, Eulah Vincent...Greenville, NC, Audrey White...Greenville, NC, Willard Wichard...Greenville, NC, Eula Elizabeth Whitley...Unionville, NC, Lucille Wallace...Weldon, NC, Ida Woodard...Pamlico, NC, Alberta Wallace...Weldon, NC, Ida Whitehurst...Parmele, NC, Lottie Wheeler...Stem, NC, Kathleen Yates...Apex, NC

College Statistics, Elizabeth White-Prettiest, Mildred Barnes-Most Athaletic, Rosalind Moore, Most Musical

College Statistics, Augusta Woodward-Best Known, Annie Howard Felton-Most Capable, Lillian Leary-Most Talented

College Statistics, Betsy Wright-Most Attractive, Vera Felton-Best Dancer-Leader, Esther Stearn-Best Dancer-Follower

College Statistics, James Butler-Most Popular, Marian Newby-Best All Round, Clara Lewis-Wittiest

College Statistics,Blanche Wilkins-Best Dressed, Elizabeth Harrison-Most Original, Osceola Crew-Most Studious

Snap Shots

Snap Shots

Snap Shots

Snap Shots


Lanier Literary Society

Anna Blanche Herring-President

Lanier Officers

Maude Johnston-Vice President, Rosalind Muir-Secretary, Gladys Sledge-Treasurer, Alice Lee Pope-Critic

Scene from Cranford

Lanier Society

Lanier Roll

Annie Andrews, Margaret Anthony, Thelma Ashworth, Priscilla Austin, Beatrice Abernathy, Bernice Abernethy, Elsie Aycock, Margaret Alexander, Viola Aiken, Edith Alexander, Ruth Barbee, Eunice Benton, Vera Bozeman, Nancy Brantley, Maggie Bullock, Mildred Barnes, Dare Beale, Hattie Beatty, Eva Blowe, Selma Bowers, Grace Biggers, Sadie Boyette, Annie L. Bradley, Claudia Burgess, Bertha Baxley, Edna Brown, Annie Lee Carter, Josie Lee Cartwright, Janie Delle Carawan, Agnes Credle, Rebecca Colwell, Lillian Cockereli, Grace Chappell, Lucille Creel, Mamie Copeland, Daisy Cleaton, Lois Cashwell, Lucille Credle, Louise Chalk, Mellie Davenport, Mary Reid Daniel, Pearl Daniel, Kathleen Dail, Annie Bell Dean, Irene Downer, Sallie Dees, Florence Dean, Mary Kay Davenport, Ruby Daniel, Estelle Edmunson, Lida Edwards, Mary Edwards, Annie Mae Edwards, Sue Ellis, Annie Etheridge, Willie Elliot

Mary Eakins, Mary Alice Eatman, Bruce Ellis, Blanche Evans, Sallie Freeman, Ophelia Floyd, Catherine Fisher, Vera Felton, Julia Grant, Wilma Griffin, Bernice Guffy, Dell Gainor, Hettie Gardner, Minnie Gardner, Thelma Griffin, Eva Griffin, Sarah Gilliam, Lula Gresham, Mamie Gresham, Annie B. Herring, Eva Hockaday, Elizabeth Holland, Elsie Horton, Jessie Hines, Mary M. Holt, Margie Lee Horton, Hazel Henderson, Gwendolyn Hendon, Bertha Hart, Agnes Hathaway, Dorothy Hart, Betty Horne, Goodloe Haney, Alda Hamrick, Annie Lee Hines, Verla Haigler, Lucy Clair Ivy, Mildred Ingrave, Maud Johnston, Lorena Jeanette, Pearl Johnston, Dorothy Johnston, Grace Jordan, Dorris Jackson, Lillian Joyner, Gladys Jordan, Wincy Johnston, Emma Jacobs, Lucy Grey King, Helen Knott, Carrie Mae Knight, Mary B. Knox, Ruby Kennedy, Nell Lazenby, Susan Lee, Annie Little

Lottie Lanier, Pearl Lawhorn, Mattie Mae Lyon, Edna Love, Cora Lee, Myrtle Livingston, Rosalind Muir, Annie Lee Morgan, Elizabeth Morris, Pauline Martin, Eva Mizelle, Garnette Myers, Fannie Martin, Lila Mitchell, Maggie Murden, Edna Earl Mincy, Lucy Mae McCallum, Sarah McCallum, Gladys McCracken, Reba McCoy, Mary Edna Mcphaul, Pearl McNeil, Ethel McEachin, Flora McCormick, Marian Newby, Daphine Noble, Bess Noreville, Ellie Nesbit, Ella Outland, Mary Rachel Overman, Willie Lee O'Briant, Clara Perry, Leona Perry, Bertha Peterson, Madge Porter, Alice Pope, Nellie Pierce, Verla Price, Bertha Piland, Jeanette Propst, Cleora Quinn, Catherine Reed, Mattie Ratcliff, Ima Redditt, Blanch Redditt, Evelyn Rogers, Margaret Roberson, Lola Reel, Willie Mae Roberts, Cleo Richardson, Rosalind Roberson, Katie Mae Roberson, Sarah Smith, Margaret Smith, Elizabeth Stanley, Nannie Lindsey Jones, Marjorie Snowden

Bessie Mae Savage, Etheleen Sugg, Esther Stearn, Pauline Smith, Gladys Sledge, Julia Smith, Catherine Smith, Laura Sloan, Elizabeth Saunders, Alya Taylor, Ernestine Taylor, Nettie Taylor, Amanda Tillman, Mary Tyson, Mildred Teal, Ella Wheeler Tucker, Pauline Taylor, Corinne Tucker, Lucille Terry, Evelyn Terry, Virginia Turner, Mary Etta Tunstall, Blanch Trogdon, Mattie Teague, Carrie Mae Umstead, Bennie Usrey, Elsie Vaughan, Christine Vick, Lillian VanDyke, Christine Ward, Elaine Wright, Mable Watson, Bertha Westbrook, Fanny Winfree, Nancy Withers, Jennette Widmore, De Lila Whitfield, Grace Wester, Branch Wilkins, Augusta Woodward, Betsy Wright, Alberta Wallace, Essye Neal Ward, Annie Lois Williams, Ruth Williams, Lucille Wallace, Elizabeth Wilkins, Francis Warren, Eula Whitley, Selma Williams, Charlotte White, Rosa Worsley, Appless White, Audrey White, Mamie Webb, Willard Whichard, Kathleen Yates

Ruth Barbee-Chief Marshal


Marshals, Poe, Lanier

Bonnie Boswell, Mamie Shelton, Catherine Reed, Nancy Brantley, Mary Gold Shelton, Margaret Woods, Pearl Daniel, Vera Bozeman

LANIER DEBATORS Bertha Baxley Goodloe Haney

Poe Society

Pearl Wright-President

Poe Officers

Dorothy Broughton-Vice President, Rachel Lee-Treasurer, Virginia Johnson-Secretary, Clara Lewis-Critic

Poe Society Roll

Elizabeth Archie, Willie Aiken, Hazel Allen, Bonnie Boswell, Annie Laura Brown, Gladys Bateman, Lina Bailey, Joanna Barwick, Miriam Bridger, Grace Barnes, Sarah Barnhardt, Eula Boyette, Grace Bishop, Sudie Britt, Mary Routh Broughton, Swannanoa Broughton, Gladys Broughton, Bonita Bruce, Elizabeth Buffaloe, Verta Blackmore, Alice Brasington, Dove Boles, Thelma Brown, Ora Lee Bright, Jane A. Bahnson, Maybelle Bryan, Harriet Batts, Mary Baum, Cathryn Barnette, Annie Bryan, Jossie Barnes, Gladys Brown, Dorothy Broughton, Jessie Bazemore, Walaska Blythe, Osceola Crew, Lessie Cogdell, Barbara Conner, Allene Crichter, Isabella Cromartie, Dora Collier, Myrle Carrington, Velda Conwell, Mary Barden Crafton, Mattie Baker Conwell, Sallie Cheek, Janie Dougherty, Bessie Dean, Bessie Bottoms, Grace Bradley, Ruth Dean, Ruby Delamar, Mattie Davis, Leah Davis, Hettie Draper, Eugenia Dozier

Mattie Evans, Thelma Everette, Daisy Edeards, Annie H. Felton, Katie Lee Farmer, Virginia Faulkner, Lulabel Floyd, Lina B. Fleming, Ella Fleming, Kate Frisbie, Ivie Garrett, Ellie Grier, Mary Lou Grier, Louise Grissom, Julia Grantham, Hilda Gorrell, Gertrude Grimesley, Faye Gerock, Elinor Grimes, Annie V. Gray, Rachel Godwin, Derucha Gray, Deanie Boone Haskett, Margaret Hayes, Bernice House, Kate Hudson, Lena Hartness, Elgia Hocutt, True Hubbard, Sadie Helms, Elizabeth Harrison, Mary Hooks, Sophia Hassell, Kathleen Honeycutt, Marie Hodges, Rose Hooks, Emma Lou Jackson, Janie Jackson, Lily Gray Jackson, Etta Johnson, Helen Jones, Esther Johnson, Virginia Johnson, Lucy Kornegay, Gladys Kilpatrick, Sadie Kellum, Margaret Kelly, Lillian Leary, Rachel Lee, Clara Lewis, Mary Dayton Leonard, Bettie Long, Lois Lynch, Claire Lynn, Naomi Landen, Lucille Lawrence

Vera Lancaster, Anna B. Lindsey, Mary Ellen Lancaster, Eula Lane, Vera Laidlaw, Berta Lamm, Musette Montague, Glennie Mangum, Bertie Maness, Ruth Mitchell, Marie Mitchell, Helen Modlin, Ora McCormac, Nettie McCanless, Dora McLawhorn, Ruth McDougald, Jessie Mitchell, Allean Myers, Valera Moore, Murrell Miller, Mary Gray Moore, Hortense Mozingo, Velna Matthews, Edith Matthews, Sarah Mercer, Maud Mullis, Hellen Mattocks, Lillian McArthur, Annie McFayden, Frances McKiethen, Norman McKiethen, Merle McAdams, Grace McLeod, Maggie Mae McRimmon, Thelma McLamb, Lula McLawhorn, Ruth McGowan, Ruth McGowan, Opal McCallum, Irma Nesbit, Lora Norman, Fannie Niven, Lillian Owens, Velma Owens, Lucy Overton, Mavis Lee Oakley, Rachel Olive, Ruth Overcash, May Pendergraph, Faye Purser, Louise Phelps, Margaret E. Roberson, Siddie Rogers

Ellen Rouse, Minnie Roberson, Lois Smith, Myrtle Sylivant, Mary Gold Shelton, Mamie Shelton, Gladys Stone, Lessie Sellers, Macy Siler, Pattie Mae Smith, Lucy Smith, Dorothy Simmons, Sadie Smith, Mary Spruill, Erie Smith, De Villa B. Storey, Edith Skarren, Aline Stephenson, Flonnie Spell, Thelma Starling, Ada Shaw, Gladys Stokes, Elizabeth Thomas, Felsie Tucker, Lucretia Tuttle, Thelma Toler, Fannie Turner, Isa Gordon Tucker, Phoebe Trexler, Gladys Tingle, Blanche Thornburg, Annie Uzzle, Helen Viniarski, Connie Wynne, Pearl Wright, Margaret West, Sallie Waters, Margaret Woods, Phoebe White, English Wade, Lillian Wethington, Juanita Worthington, Eliza Willette, Ethel Williams, Margaret Williams, Ida Whitehurst, Rose Williamson, Ida Woodard, Rose Williamson, Ida Woodard, Lettie Wheeler, Ruth White, Marie Harris, Elvie Yelverton, Annie Barnes, Annie Barnes, Eulah McCullen, Virginia Hubbard, Bonnie Heighler, Lena Hartness, Grace Strassburger

Inner Society Committee

Elizabeth Stanley...Chairman,Sarah Barnhardt...Secretary, Annie Blanche Herring...Lanier President, Pearl Wright...Poe President, Alice Pope...Lanier Representative, Bertha Baxley...Lanier Representative, Lillian Leary...Poe Representative

Scene From the "Maker of the Dreams"

Thelma Brown, Lillian Leary, Poe Debaters



Gladys Bateman...President

YWCA cabinet

Clara Lewis...Vice President, Louise Robinson...Secretary, Elsie Horton...Treasurer, Christine Vick...Undergraduate,Lucie Mae McCallum...World Fellowship, Louise Robinson...Secretary, Wilmer Griffin...Religious, Bertha Westbrooke...Social, Elsie Horton...Treasurer, Marjorie Snowden...Publicity, Mary Lou Grier...Social Service


"Y. W. C. A. means so much to me!" exclaimed the Girl to our Y. W, C. A. President.

"In what ways does it mean so much to you?" asked our President.

"Well." laughed the Girl, "I am so enthusiastic about it that I hardly know which feature to mention first. To begin with, the Y. W. C. A. is the only religious organization in College. Its representatives were the first to greet the new girls and to welcome them to E. C. T. C. Then the Y. W. gave the get-acquainted party on the campus the first Saturday night the girls were here, and that helped to dispel the homesick feeling."

"So those were your first impressions of Y. W.", said our President. "Now how about the religious services we have regularly?"

"The Friday night services are enjoyable because the programs are varied. The program, following the business meeting one Saturday night in each month, is amusing and is a change from the regular routine since we do not have an opportunity to attend church services on Sunday nights, the religious programs take the place of sermons. The Morning Watch Services, held every morni ng except Sunday, from 7:15 to 7:30 are an inspiration, and start the day right."

"Do you enjoy the Bible and Mission classes?" asked our President.

"Yes, indeed," the Girl responded, "and I wish they came oftener than once a week. These classes are well worth while, because the various members of the Faculty, who conduct them, have the discussion organized in an interesting and helpful way. In these services, as in all other phases of the Y. W., we have an opportunity to mingle with the girls, and to add to the good fellowship that already exists."

"I have mentioned how the Y. W. attends to our spiritual and social needs. It also attends to our physical needs, because when we are hungry, we go to the Y. W. store. which is in a convenient place in the Administration Building."

"Yes," said our President, "and soon we hope to improve our store .and add a tea room. Also in the Campus Building, which is under construction, the Y. W. will have a home-like modern rest room, well equipped with such things as a piano and a victrola."

"That will be wonderful," agreed the Girl. "I wanted, too, to mention the reports that we get from big conferences. We hear much about the inspiration and help our present Y. W. cabinet obtained from Blue Ridge, and then your talk about the Indianapolis convention, to which the Student Body sent you, was a thrilling message in itself."

"Another big conference will be held in New York soon," added our President, "and we will send one or more delegates to that. Then, besides the religious work of the Y. W. C. A., we want to bring some worth while social activities into the college. Of course we have our regular spring festival, but we want more than that. One of our secret plans (don't tell anyone) is to give a reception."

The Girl clapped her hands. "Now," she asked, "do you wonder after realizing the wide scope of the Y. W. activities, that I say it causes the noble spirit, the wholesome atmosphere, and the feeling of good will that exist in Teachers College?"

Marjorie Snowden '24.

Echoes from Blueridge


Rebecca Hartness

Augusta Woodward

Student Council

Annie McFayden...Vice President, Lessie Cogdell...Treasurer, Dayton Leonard...House-President, Ruth Dean...Secretary, Cleo Richardson...House President, Helen Knott...House President

Student Council

Pearl Johnston...House President, Kathleen Dail...Rep. of Sophomore Class, Marian Newby...Rep. of Senior Normal Class, Alice Pope...Rep. of Junior and Senior Classes, Mary Gray Moore, Goodloe Haney...Rep. of Junior Normal Class, Lois Lynch...Chairman of Campus Committee


Nancy Brantley...President of Athletics

Officers of the Athletic Association

Lucia Mae McCallum...Secretary, Musette Montague...Business Manager, Junior and Senior Normal Cheer Leaders


ATHLETICS! This word brings to mind a picture of gymnasiums, ball diamonds, tennis courts, golf links, skating rinks, swimming pools, and innumerable boys and girls with cheeks flushed, eyes sparkling and merry voices shouting in the excitement of the game.

The first game of importance at E. C. T. C, is the Thanksgiving basketball game between the two Normal Classes. This exciting event is the only athletic feature during the fall term. Despite the damp, wet court on this day both teams put up a creditable fight, the Junior Normal Class winning by a score of 24 - 8.

During the winter term all the "gym" classes go out for track training for the big event "Field Day" which comes in the early spring. The basketball, baseball and tennis tournaments, however, begin before this day, the final game being played on "Field Day."

This day is full of quite a number of lively athletic features with the classes participating and with all the girls bubbling over with enthusiasm. The game on this day decided the winners of the two silver loving cups; the class winning in basketball receiving the basketball cup and the class winning the most points in tennis, baseball, and track the general athletic cup. This season furnished quite a bit of entertainment for the college students and the faculty with these animated contests and the friendly spirit of rivalry displayed by the contestants.

For the coming year we are expecting still more athletic sports as our new gymnasium will be completed and quite a number of new phases in atliletics will be introduced. This will provide more recreation for the girls and will afford more opportunity for them to spend their free moments profitably.

Our gymnasium teacher has offered a loving cup to the individual making the most points in athletics this year. Each one is working to see if she will be the lucky one, and each is hoping that she will.

Track Team

Track Team

Senior-Junior-Sophomore Classes

Dean, Congleton, Tillman, Vick, Ellis, Wright, Strassburger, Siler, Thomas, Stokes, Cromartie

Freshman Class

Copeland, Holt, Austin, Mozingo, Tingle, Davis, Grimsley, Grissom, Williams, Sloan, Martin, Jones, Jacobs

Senior Normal Class

Johnson, Brantley, Tyson, Long, Morgan, Robinson, Rogers, Morris, Snowden, Jordan, Critcher, Bridger, Kennedy, Bishop, King, Viniarski, Roberson, Shelton, Watson, Boyette, Perry, Woods, Hayes, Lynn, Conner, Wester, Taylor, Modlin, Bozeman, Hart

Junior Normal Class

Moore, White, Barnette, Harris, Baum, Barnes, White, Audrey, Turner, Caravan, Robertson, M., Martin, Hooks, White, P., Ratcliff, Whichard, Aiken, Edmundson, Alexander, Joyner, Nevin, Gerock, Collier, Wilkins, E., Myers, Taylor, E., Taylor, P., Wallace, L., Overcash, Gaye, Reel, Sellers, Johnson, Brasington, Lee, C., Phelps, Everett, Robinson, M. P., Conwell, B., Overman, Crofton, McCloud, McCullen, Haney, Bright, Williams, R., Beatty, Uzzell, Robinson, M. E., McAdams, Bryant, Hart, D., Knight, Overton, Kelly, Lawrence, Nisbit, E., Felton, Bryan, Johnson, W., McLamb, Owens, L., Muir, Woodard, Boyette, Delamar, Hagler, Evans, B., Holland, Rouse, Bazemore, Tucker, Ellsmith, Baxley, Smith, P., Bullock, M., Sledge, Terry, E., Mincy, Dees, Whitfield, Batts, Gardner, McNeil, Lancaster, Carson, Hartness, Lee, Bowers, Mercer, Wright, E.

Tennis Club

Lola Reel, Annie McFayden, Reba McCoy, Ella Outland, Nancy Brantley, Elizabeth Morris, Mildred Barnes, Valera Moore, Dorothy Hart, Mattie May Lyon, Ellie Nisbit, Grace Strassburger, Jennette Wedmore, Appless White, Margaret West, Christine Vick

Hiking Club

Skarren, Robinson, L.,Reel, Wright, E, Abernathy, B., Elliot, W., Andrews, A., Barnes, M., White, Appless, Frisbie, K., Brown, E., Outland, Butler, Baxley, Knox, Woods, Lynn, Haney, Overman, Terry, Moore, O., King, Nisbit, I., Delarmer, Hart, D., Rogers, S., Grant, G., Kornegay, Uzzell, Alexander, Long B., Bottoms, Whitfield

Senior Normal Basketball Team

Blanche Wilkins...President

Marian Newby...Captain, Forward

Elizabeth Morris

Dot Johnson...Guard

Vera Bozeman...Guard

Nancy Brantley...Center

Junior Normal Basketball Team

Vera FeltoN... Captain, Center

Mildred Barnes...Forward

Dorothy Hart...Forward

Appless White...Guard

Sara Mercer...Guard

The Junior Normal Team of nineteen twenty-tour, With Barnes and Hart to roll up the score. With Mercer and White working so faithful and true, To guard their best for the white and blue. The skillful center, Felton, so tall, Made it impossible for the Seniors to get the ball.With these as a line up you may well understand.The excitement created when the Thanksgiving game began.First to one and then to the other.Rolling and tumbling they clashed together,Thus raged the battle until it was done. When the score keeper announced, "The Juniors have won!"But one thing the Juniors will all have to say. The Seniors were good sports throughout the day.

Basetball CluB

Lee,C., McCoy, Jones, Smith, J., Reel, McFadgen, Skarren, Sledge, King, I., Basley, Leary, Kennedy, Gerald, Felton, V., Pilard, Nesbit, E., Aiken, Rogers, S., Boles, Robinson, L., Phelps, Whitfield, Bright, White, A., Barnes

Terry, E., Newby, Alexander, E., McLeod, Johnson, D., Mozingo, King, Holland, Cromartie, Vick, Copeland, Butler, Overman, Knox, M. B. ,Haney, Lynn, Bahnson, Brantley, Montague, Elliot, Moore, V., Long, Woodard, Bishop

Bottom, Knight, Hart, D., Rogers, E., Delamar, Modlin, Pearce, Bozeman, Richardson, Perry, Hudson, Lawhorn, Botts, Jordan, Uzzell, Morris, Overton, Lawrence, Wilkins, E., White R., Crofton, Roberson, M. Lingle, Stoan, L., McAdams

Freshman Basketball Squad

Hortense Mozingo, Leah Davis, Louise Grissom, Viola Jones, Mamie Copeland, Laura Sloan, Gladys Tingle, Gladys Kilpatrick, Mattie Evans, Ethel McEachin

Sophomore Basketball Squad, Lessie Cogdell, Rachel Lee, Hazel Henderson, Christine Vick, Bruce Ellis, Kathleen Dail, Musette Montague, Elizabeth Thomas


Science Club

Science Club

Annie Blanche Herring... President

Ruth H. Dean Vice-President

Grace Strassburger Secretary and Treasurer

Program Committee: Ruth H. Dean...Chairman Margaret Smith and Kim Barbee


To foster a desire for research work in all phases of seience.


1. The Life of Madam Curie; The diseovery of Radium ; the practical uses and possibilities of Radium.

2. Biography of Louis Pasteur; His experiments; Why the World Honors Louis Pasteur.

3. Life and Works of Thomas A. Edison.

4. Life and Works of Luther Burbank.

The programs for the rest uf tlir year were patterned from the first programs. The members of the club are from the Physical Science Department.


Ruth Barbee, Claudia Burgess, Lessie Gogdell, Melene Congleton, Ruth Dean, Annia Mae Edwards, Deanie Boone Haskett, Annie B. Herring, Rose Hooks, Janie Jackson, Rachel Lee, Clara Lewis, Alice Lee Pope, Cleora Quinn, Macy Siler, Nannie L. Stokes, Grace H. Strassburger, Elizabeth Thomas, Alya Taylor, Amanda Tillman, Augusta Woodward


Mr. R. J. Slay, Mr. H. E. Austin, Mrs. Anna Grimes, Miss Alice V. Wilson

Miss Elizabeth Tarpley

Edgecombe County Club

Edgecombe County Club

Better known as the 22

Motto:Be Square, Aim: Move on, Colors:Red and White, Flower: Tulip


Sarah Mercer...President, Vera Felton...Vice President, Lida Edwards...Secretary, Lucy Claire Ivey...Treasurer, Bessie Mae Savage...Poet


Thelma Everette, Lucie Claire Ivey, Virginia Turner, Catherine Fisher, Lida Edwards, Daisy Edwards, Minnie Gardner, Sara Mercer, Sallie Waters, Hettie Gardner, Rosa Worsley,

Vera Felton, Frances Warren, Annie Louise Bradley, Rachel Godwin, Gladys Brown, Esta Johnson, Lessie Sellers, Harriet Batts, Bessie Mae Savage, Mellie Davenport, Mary Edwards

Wake County Club

Wake County Club

Colors: Purple and White, Flower:Morning Glory

Motto: "Wake 'em Up"

Elsie Horton...President, Rachel Olive Vice-President, Lucille Lawrence...Secretary, Elizabeth Wilkins Treasurer


Elsie Horton, Alice Pope, Amanda Tillman, Cleo Richardson, Augusta Woodward, Macy Siler, Grace Jordan, Kathleen Yates, Elizabeth Wilkins, Eric Smith, Margie Lee Horton, Rachel Olive, Swannanoa Broughton, Lila Mitchell, Gladys Broughton, Nancy Brantley, Katie Lee Farmer, Louise Phelps, Dorothy Broughton, Lucille Lawrence

Granville County Club

Granville County Club

Motto : Pleasure before duty, Colors: Green and White

Flower: Daisy


Ruth Dean...President, Helen Knott...Vice-President, Mamie Shelton...Secretary

Viola Jones...Treasurer


Viola Aiken, Myrle Carrinton, Annie Belle Dean, Bessie Dean, Florence Dean, Ruth Dean, Eva Hockaday, Viola Jones, Helen Knott, Mattie Mae Lyon

Willie Lee O'Bryant, Clara Perry, Leona Perry, Mary Frances Pittard, Siddie Rogers, Mamie Shelton, Mary Gold Shelton, Nettie Taylor, Mary Etta Tunstall, Carrie Mae Umstead, Elaine Wright

Harnett County Club

Motto: "Ever Onward'', Aim: Progress

Flower: Violet, Colors: Purple and Green

Bertha Westbrook...President

Elinor Grimes...Vice-Presideni

Lucille Creel...Secretary

Wincy Johnson...Treasurer, Rachel Lee, Annie Felton, Susan Lee


Motto: Ain't we got fun, Flower:Goldenrod, Flower: Goldrnrod Colors: Green and Gold


Amanda Tillman...(Lilly)...President, Clara Perry (Dolly)...Vice President, Velna Matthews(Bibbie)...Secretary-Treasurer,

Lila Mitchell (Cootsie), Annie Uzzell (Bill), Barbara Conner (Bob), Christine Ward (Muvver),Maggie Bullock (Peggy), Doris Jackson (Jackie) Dove Bowles (Pigeon) Garnette Myers (Peggie)

The Western Gang

Motto: Up and a-doing, Flower: Galax, Colors: Green and White

Favorite Meeting Place - "Rock- Springs"

Favorite Pastime - Telling stories about broiling fish over the campfire

"Gvp" Hendren...President

"Good" Haney... Vice-President, "Monkey" Hubbard...Secretary-Treasurer

"Brightie Bright, Pug Trogdon, Pigeon Bowles, Bill Elliot, Jinks Bahnson, Slym Hubbard, Attic Garrett

The CC Club

The OC Club

Motto: All for one, one for all Colors : Dark- Black and Pale White Flower: Bachelor Button, Mascot: Fond, Occpation: Riding, Byword: Hang on, Whistle: Whip-o-will

Helen Viniarski...President, Audrey White Vice-President, Nettie McCanless...Secretary, Sally Freeman...Treasurer, Julia Grantham...Critic, Eula Lane Sergeant at Arms, Marie Mitchell...Program Leader, Louise Clark...Social Committee, Margaret Hayes...Chair Leader, Maye Pendergraph...Music Director


Squeezer Clark, Tillie Freeman, Jill Grantham, Peggy Hayes, Pet Lane, Pat Mitchell, Peanut McCanless, Dotty Pendergraph, Moonshine Viniarski, Shrimp White

The Crammers

Motto : Fill up, Flower: Apple Blossom, Colors : Pink And White

Song: Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag and cram, cram, cram.

Union County Club

Union County Club

Colors: Black and Gold, Flower: Black-eyed Susan

Motto: "B2"


Faye Purser...President

Mary Braswell...Vice-President, Eula Elizabeth Whitley...Secretary and Treasurer


Faye Purser Mary Braswell

Eula "Whitley Irene Braswell


Faye Purser, Eula Whitley, Verla Haigler, Grace Biggers, Verla Tom Price, Viola Polk, Maud Mullis, Mary Braswell, Irene Braswell, Mary Helms, Sadie Helms, Ellie Nesbit, Cora Belle Lee, Glennie Mangum, Annie Lois Williams

The Mac Plus Club

The Mac Plus Club

Motto:Follow the Box, Favorte Expression: I want a letter, Meeting Place: Anytime, Anywhere

Lucia Mae McCallum-Juicy-Idon't know Rowland, NC, Opal McCallum-Jimmie-I want a letter Rowland, NC, Sarah Mccallum-Sal-Suits me-Rowland, NC, Flora McCormack-Sammy-Laugh Crazies-Rowland NC, Ora McCormac-Bill-Well I want you to know-Rowland, NC, Ethel MceACHIN-Ly-I'm so sleepy-Maxton, NC, Pearl McNeill-Wiggly-Well I'll Declare-Red Springs, NC, Maggie Mae McrIMMON-Pegg-Foolish-Rowland, NC, Mabel Watson-Cutie-I ain't telling you no story-Rowland, NC

Carolina Fun Makers

FloweR: SElf-Risiiig'

Hail, Hail. The funs all here"

Colors:Black and Gold


'Bert" Westbrooke...President 'Ed" Love...Secretary and President


Tony Tucker, Liz Archie, Et Johnson, Lee Perry, Glenn Mangum, Dolly Perry, Pet Trexler, Jean Propst, Giggles Lyon, Jimmy Butler

Home Economics Club


Ruth Barbee...President

Priscilla Austin...Vice-President

Alya Taylor...Secretary and Treasurer


The Kabin Klub

Robeson County Boosters

Robeson County Boosters

Motto: Robeson is climbing.

Colors:Black and Gold

Flower:Cotton Blossom



Ora McCormack President

Opal McCallum Vice-President

Flora McCormac Secretary and Treasurer


Maggie Bullock, Lois Cashwell, Mary Borden Crofton, Lula Belle Floyd, Ophelis Floyd, Jessie Mitchell, Willie McCormac, Ora McCormac, Flora McCormac, Lucia Mae McCallum, Opal McCallum, Sarah McCallum, Pearl McNeill, Ethel McEachin, Maggie Mae McRimmon, Evelyn Rogers, English Wade, Mabel Watson, Essye Neal Ward

Johnston County Club

Johnston County Club

Motto: Always do the job nearest you

Colors: Red and White Flower: Bachelor Button


Pearl Johnson...President

Elgie Hocutt...Secretary

Thelma Toler...Treasurer


Eula Boyette, Sadie Boyette, Julia Grant, Pearl Johnson, Thelma Toler, Pearl Lawhorn, Kate Hudson, Elgie Hocutt, Alda HamrickLola Johnson, Inez Gerald


J is for joy, the middle name of our bunch, O is for opinions we all express, H is for happiness we spread among the rest, N is for nonsense rendered by us all, Sis for sarcasm which from our T ongues we never let fall. O is for obedience that to our character is added, N is for nonchalance never seen by one in our roll. Put these all together they spell JOHNSTON, the word that means the world to us.

Durham and Chatham Country Club

Grace Atwater, Grace Bishop, Annie Gray, Claire Lynn, Felsie Tucker

Here's news from Durham and Chatham, too, The rabbits still hop and the tobaccos slim; I will see you soon commencement perhaps, Oh a letter from mother and a letter from-

Pitt County Club

Pitt County Club

Motto: Striving Upward to Win Colors: Lavender and White Flower:Sweetpea


Ernestine Taylor...President

Jennette Wedmore...Vice-President

Mattie Evans...Secretary

Bernice House...Treasurer


Priscilla Austin, Annie Andrews, Selma Bowers, Bruce Ellis, Annie Mae Edwards, Mattie Evans, Ella Fleming, Bernice House, Bertha Hart, Deanie Boone Haskett, Maude Johnston, Janie Jackson, Doris Jackson, Ruth McGowan, Velma Owen, Mavis Lee Oakley, Gladys Stokes, Jeannette Smith, Sarah Smith, Ernestine Taylor, Adelaide TAYLOR, cORINNE tUCKER, eLLA wHEELER tUCKER, fANNIE jONES tURNER, eULAH vINCENT, iDA wHITEHURST, wILLARD wHICHARD, jENNETTE wEDMORE, pEARL wRIGHT, jUANITA wORTHINGTON,

club Song

Tune of Sing a Ling a Ling

Pitt County Girls, we sing a ling a ling with all our hearts to you, We hope there'll be some thing a ling a ling that we can do for you, In Autumn winter spring a ling a ling and all the whole year through, Will ring a ling a ling and ting a ling a ling and ching a ling a ling the whole year through.

Duplin CountY Club

Colors: YelloW FloweR: Wild Daisy

Motto: .Climb tho the rocks be rugged"

Aim: To encourage better teachers and teaching in Duplin


Cleora Quinn President

Pattie Mae Smith Vice-President

Laura Sloan Secretary

Ruby Kennedy Treasurer

Mary Holt, Hazel Henderson, Pattie Mae Smith, Cleora Quinn

Rose Williamson, Bettie Horne, Laura Sloan, Ruby Kennedy, Lottie Lanier

Mamie Gresham, Lila Gresham

Lucy Kornegay

Lucy Wells

DDS Club

Colors: Purple and White Flower: Pansy

By-Word: Coca-Cola, Please Song: Love Me

Motto: Speak What You Think

Rendezvous: Rooms 136, 168, 171, 113, 161


-This is a Democracy

"Billlie" Conwell,"Bakie" Conwell, Daisy Cleaton,"Lib" Saunders, Katie Roberson, "Sis Connie" Wynn, "Peggy" White


Robert H. Wright President

Sudie Britt, Annie Blanch Herring, Kathleen Honeycutt, Nadine Johnson, Clara Lewis, Betsy Wright, Miss Mittie R. Beaman, Lilian McArthur, Thelma McLamb, Bertha Peterson, Flonnie Spell, Betsy Wright


Colors: Yellow and White

Flower: Daisy

Motto: Have a Good Time

Meeting Place: Room 36

Time: Any "ole" Time


Gladys Sledge, Christine Ward, Garnette Myers, Alice Brasington, Lillian McArthur

TCB Club

Motto: Excelsior

Colors: Blue and White



Thelma Brown President

Pattie Mae Smith Vice-President

Rachel Lee Secretary

Ernestink Taylor Treasurer


Thelma Brown: "Cheese", Bernice House: "Bill", Susan Lee: "Shorty", Flonnie Spell: "D. F. S."

Pearl Johnson: "Johnnie", Ernestine Taylor: "Bill", Rachel Lee: "Mike", Pattie Mae Smith: "Pat"

Big Time Club

Big Time Club


Meeting Place: Anywhere

Time of Meeting: When the Gang Arrives

Motto: Keep on eati

Yell: Hobble, Gobble, Razzle, Dazzle,

Geese, Goose, Gause. When you see the Big Time Club Pause! Pause! Pause!

Louise Robinson President

Mary Eakins Vice-President

Lois Lynch Secretary

Bebtha Peterson Treasurer


Hattie Beatty, Vera Bozeman, Mary Eakins, Katie Lee Farmer, Lois Lynch

Marie Mitchell, Helen Modlin, Bertha Peterson, Louise Robinson, Helen Knott, Edith Matthews

Wee Gee Club

Colors: Old Gold and Black

Flower:Kiss Me N I'll Tell You

Motto: Wee-Gee But Never Haw

Makgaret Woods President

LiLMAN Leary Vice-President

Grace Bishop Secretary and Treasurer

Claire Lynn, Mary Gray Moore Social Committee

Grace Atwater: "Dumps", Gladys Bateman : "Glad", Grace Bishop: "G. B.", Sallie Cheek: "Jimmy",

Wilma Griffin: "Bill", ElsiE HoRTON : "Sammy", Lillian Leary: "Bobs", Claire Lynn : "Smiles",

Annie B. McFayden: "Sunny Mack",

Mary Gray Moore: "Duck", Margaret Woods: "Magget", Augusta Woodward: "Gus"

Ace of Clubs

Motto: Hearts lead, diamonds follow

Agnes Hathaway, Lillian Cockerel, Marian Newby, Blanche Wilkins, Rosalind Muir, Betsy Wright,

Lucille Credle, Dayton Leonard


Wanderers Club


Motto: Here, There, and Everywhere Aim: Trying to Throw a "Line" to some Poor Fish

Elizabeth Gravely, Betie Horne, Margaret Kelly, Frances Warren, Elizabeth Holland, Vera Felton, Bakie Conwell, Velda Conwell, Lena Hartness, Rosalind Muir



Better Known as The "Kumpny"

Colors: Red and Yellow Flower: Japonica

By- word: "Cram" Motto: "Get it somehow"

Song: "Hail! Hail! The Kumpny's All Here!"

Whistle: Bob-white, Favorite Occupation: Eating

Meeting Place: East Dormitory, Rooms 113, 171, 161, 150


Anna Lee Carter President

Thelma Brown Vice-President

Connie Wynne Secretary

Elizabeth Saunders Treasurer

Katie Mae Eoberson Reporter

Phoebe White Leader of Entertainments


"Lib" Saunders "Peggy" White

"Lee" Carter "Sis Connie" Wynne

"Katie" Roberson "Thel" Brown

tlTfie B. 0. B.

It used to he, and is still The cutest club upon this hill, Of course, it is the D. 0. D. The only one for you and me. The by-word of the club is "Cram."

'Bout worry we don't give a d

We meet most every Saturday night, Unless some of them have a fight. Always happy and carefree. Are the members of the D. 0. D.

The Roaamers

Roaming in the Gloaming Flower: Wandering Jew

Favorite Pastime: Just Meandering Meeting Place: Anywhere

Motto: Don't Sit Down and Sit, But Git Up and Git By-Word: Hit Don't Make Any Difference

Reba McCoy-President, Theima McLamb-Vice President, Sallie Dees Secretary, Valera Moore Treasurer, Mildred Barnes Gym Director

Evelyn Rogers Music Director, Appless White Mischief Maker, Lola Reel Card Shark,Mary Holt, Mary Ellen Lancaster Twins

All we do each day is wander, Never stop to think or ponder, McCoy likes to stop and chat, McLamb is there too tit for tat, Dees just wants to walk and walk, While Moore just likes to talk and talk, Barnes is always on the run, white is there with all the fun, Rogers wants music given to her space. Of course, Reel always holds the ace,Holt is always there with a smile, But Lancaster believes in things worthwhile, So you see we roamers gay, Go stepping cheerily on your way.

Presidents Club

Annie Howard Felton Senior Class, Rebecca Colwell Junior Class, Christine Vick Sophomore Class,

Priscilla Austin Freshman Class, Blanche Wilkins Senior Normal Class, Augusta e. Woodward Student Government, Ella Outland Junior Normal Class,

Pearl Wright Poe Society, Annie Blanche Herring Lanier Society, Nancy Brantley Athaletic Association,Gladys Bateman YWCA

Sara BARNHARDT, Elizabeth Hardison, Lois Smith, Miriam Bridger

Social Recreation

/.The social activities of E. C. T. C. constitute a phase of life which fills every student's heart with a bright warm glow which will be remembered long after we have left our dear old Alma Mater.

An evening of peppy enthusiastic games on the campus, followed by refreshments was given by the Y. W. C. A., and the Student Government Association on the first Saturday evening of school. Each girl wore her name so that she might be learned. An air of intimacy and good fellowship always pervades these little functions which make it a most enjoyable occasion for all parties concerned.

The next thought of a social gathering was the reception given by the various churches on the third Monday evening of school. In addition to the pleasure of meeting the people of the town which these receptions afford, they may be instrumental in helping some poor girl "catch a new beau". Lucky is she who among the twenty-five who gathered around him was chosen "the one".

Time passed onward. The howl of October wind told us there were witches in the air, thus our thoughts were turned to a Halloween party. This was truly a night of fun when we learned that the faculty was equally as skilled in bobbing for apples as a ten-year-old boy.

What thrills a Freshie more than to learn that the sixth week of school brings the night of society initiation and she must wear her hair in tiny plaits the previous day? This much dreaded occasion seemed to afford an unusual social recreation, for we heard those who rode the goat, or the cat, or even those who used the laundry list as a solo, declaring they never had a better time.

Students formed themselves into various clubs. The picnics, weinie roasts and other socials given by these clubs did much to break the monotony of dormitory life. Similar socials were given by the various Sunday schools from time to time during the year.

This year the literary societies and the Freshman and First Year Normal classes gave a play free of charge to the student body.

The Junior-Senior and D classes each gave to the students and community a play which afforded the highest type of social recreatioN.

The D Class this year gave a reception to their gentlemen friends and the faculty. What could cause more excitement at E. C. T. C, than the presence of one hundred boys at a reception.

The Senior reception given by the College was another feature of particular interest.

The President's Reception to the Seniors and Senior Normals gave its normal contribution to the social functions of the year.

The College owns a moving picture machine. The students are shown free of charge one picture each week.

Our list would not be complete without mentioning our May Day Festival This came near the end of the year and left many pleasant memories for the students students to carry through the holidays.

So it is that the grinding monotony of dormitory life has been broken from time to time, and the students furnished with the wholesome recreation so necessary to the proper performance of the more serious duties of college life.

A. Woodward, '24.




Rays of sunshine from here and there

Patronize Our Advertisers

This Bank

is a home bank for home people; it has the community spirit of wishing to build up, make our business, city and vicinity expand.

All who have their checking account here realize that we are a friendly, helpful institution. Won't you join us?

Resources over 1,500,000.00

E. G. Flanagan, Pres, E. B. Higgs Vice Pres., W. E. Proctor, Vice-Pres., W. H. Woolard, Vice Pres. and Cashier, J. H. Waldrop, Asst. Cashier, A. J. Moore, Asst. Cashier

The Greenville Banking and Trust Company, Greenville, N. C., The oldest and largest bank in Pitt County

For class rings and society pins. See me. Have in stock Poe and Lanier pins. Also carry the best line of stationary in the city. We specialize in pound paper. Once tried, always used. W. L. Best, Pitt counties leading jeweler

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McKay-Washington Co.

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Ever showing the latest apparel for ladies

Suits, dresses and Coats

Agents, Warner Corsets,Red Fern Corsets

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The National Bank of Greenville

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Fancy Groceries


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Greenville, North Carolina

John Flanagan Buggy Company

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White's TKeatre


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Blount-Harvey Company, Inc.

Greenville Style Center for Wearing Apparel

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Greenville Wholesale Co.

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Oldsmobile Sales and Service

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The Old Dominion paper company, school paper, and paper products of every kind

Distributors of Onliwon Toilet Paper and towels, Lily drinking cups and dishes, paper napkins, sanispoons

Located on the street that leads to the ferries in Norfolk Virginia.

How do you stand?

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The photographs of this volume were all done by Omar and Virginia Fowler, Photocraftsmen

Specialists in portraits in the home, oils, ivory miniatures, and antique parchment prints.

For the best in up to date photography, call or write O. V. Fowler, Rocky Mount NC.


Pitt Shoe Company, Shoes exclusively, Evans Street, We keep your feet happy

D. M. Clark, Attorney at law., Dr. Alfred M. Schultz, Dentist, 400 National Bank Building, Greenville NC, Mrs. R. V. Fleming, Hemstitching, PO Box 418, Phone 136, Evans St., S.J. Everett, Attorney and counsellor at law., Court House Square, Greenville NC, Practices regularly in the courts of Martin and Pitt Counties.

Powell's Dry Cleaning and dye works, Phone 27

Lewis G. Cooper, Attorney and counsellor at law

Greenville Floral Co.

Phone us your orders, For the best service, Flowers for all Occaisons, Phone 443-W, Greenville, NC

Phone 173, For electrical service, Smith Electric Co., Greenville NC

Stationary, Office Supplies, Renfrew Printing Co., Printers and Stationers, We have all kinds of stationary and supplies for college girls., Evans St, next to Proctor Hotel

East Carolina Teachers College

Greenville, North Carolina

Courses Offered

/. A Two- Year Normal Course II. A Four- Year College Course

.The two-year normal course leads to a diploma which entitles the holder to a Primary or Grammar Grade Certificate Class B. The Four- Year College Course leads to'the A.B. degree, which entitles the holder to a Primary, Grammar Grade, or High School Teacher's Certificate Class A. All work given in these courses will count toward graduation from this institution.

.Special courses are ofi"ered with the purpose of preparing High School Teachers of English, History, Science, Biology, Mathematics, Geography, Latin, French, and Home Economics.

Fall Term Opens September 24, 1924

For further information, address ROBT. H. WRIGHT



Large Enough to Protect You

Small Enough to Know You



To Receive Our Most Careful Attention


Greenville, North Carolina Solicits Your Business




E. E. RAWL, Manager

'Buick Sales a fid Service

GREENVILLE, N. C. Phone 604



Watches, Clocks and Jewelry Repaired

ALL work guaranteed

North Carlina



This Annual is an example of co-operation with the student body

The predominating factor in the production of a high grade annual is the complete cooperation of the printing organization with the student board. The annual department of the Edwards & Broughton Printing Co. offers such co- operation from the supervision of art work and engravings to the completed book.

Edwards & Broughton Printing Co.

Printers - Engravers - Binders Raleigh, North Carolina

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