Buccaneer 1954

Published by the Students of East Carolina College . . . Greenville, N. C.

Tommie Lupton . . . Mildred Reynolds . . . Co-Editors Evelyn Davis . . . Business Manager


...In years

1954 BUCCANEER, hope that you will

through the pages of

of...our Pirate athletic teams

idle hours in the


to come we, the staff of the

be able to thumb

this yearbook and gather memories

...club meetings

soda shop. . . . classes in

Flanagan, and Graham.

Dr. Orval L. Phillips

We dedicate this 1954 Buccaneer

to Dr. Orval L. Phillips, "the students' friend."

In his short time here the East Carolina Registrar has gained many friends by his never-tiring willingness to help students who need academic advice.

Dr. Phillips served last year as sponsor for the Sigma Rho Phi, and at present he is taking an active part in civic organizations off campus.

In dedicating this book we are doing so little for a friend who has done so much for us.

Students make daily journeys from the dorms to classes in the Austin Building.

Looking toward Fleming Hall from Jarvis Hall, we observe students as they are going to and from classes.

"to work and

As we are going down the steps of the Wright Building to-ward Flanagan we realize what a beautiful campus we have.

Looking through the trees on front campus we view Jarvis Hall, girls' dormitory. In the background one can see the top of the Austin Building.

to learn...

The College Infirmary draws an early visit from all the freshmen at East Carolina.

An efficient college staff handles all the college's problems in the Administration Building.

Students are able to enjoy the loveliness of our arboretum while going to and from classes in the college gymnasium. The tall laundry smokestack can be seen in the background.

... and to

From a window in the Administration Building, we have a good view of the Graham and Wright Buildings.

Our football stadium had two additional sections of stands erected this year.

The fireplace near the gym is the scene of frequent club wiener roasts and picnics.

Bridge clubs hold daily sessions in the soda shop.

have fun...

Wright Auditorium is a real "bee-hive" of activity on registration day of each quarter. Lines like the ones in the picture are not unusual.

Ragsdale Hall, with its new wing, is the home of many of the male students at East Carolina. Married couples live in the basement.

On our way to Wright Building, we pass through the picturesque Wright Circle where we can view the lovely shrubs and fish pond.

...while we gather

East Carolina has a new spacious library for the students to use for their studying. The building was not complete when this shot was made.

Daily journeys to and from our Memorial Gymnasium are made by students. The scenic landscapes make the long hike less tiresome for all of us.

these memories"

Campus spirit at dear ole East Carolina is as high as our tall and beautiful trees.

Freshmen girls made their first friends at dear ole East Carolina within the walls of Gotten Hall.

President's Message

You seniors are being graduated into a world of unlimited possibilities as well as a world of unstable political ideologies. Discoveries, inven- tions, and progressive thinking have projected so very many possibilities that you may feel over- come in attempting to make a wise choice for your life's work. What the future portends is rather difficult to anticipate. However, you have the basic foundation upon which to build and upon which to call for direction for the years that lie ahead. May your lives be fully enriched with God's blessings and guidance to enable you to be outstanding citizens in helping mold a Christian, democratic world where the value of the human personality will transcend all materialistic phil- osophy and harmful skepticism.

J. D. Messick

Dr. Messick serves the nation, as well

as the college, by helping with the

Easter Seal Society.

Across from our campus we see the

beautiful home of our beloved

President Messick


Dr. Jenkins, Dean of East Carolina, is

always striving to make improvements

that will benefit the student body.


A person who is ready to help in student affairs and guidance is Dr. Prewett, Dean of Men. In addition, he teaches psychology and is director of self-help work for men.


Miss White, Dean of Women, has a big job in guiding and directing the women stu- dents of the college. She is also head of self-help for women.



As Treasurer and Business Manager of

the college, Mr. Duncan does an efficient

job of handling the college funds.


Helping students keep their class sched- ules straight and getting out grades keeps Registrar Phillips busy even after office hours.


During our senior year and after gradu- ation, we come in contact with Dr. Oppelt, Director of Student Teaching and Placement.


North Carolina highways are familiar scenes to our Director of Field Service, who is constantly visiting high schools spreading the goodwill of the college.


FACULTY members, as well as students, help East Carolina live up to its name as being the "friendliest college in the state."

Our Faculty .

Left to Right:

FIRST ROW: Dr. C. L. Adams, Psychology; Dr. Dora Jean Ashe, English; Capt. James G. Barnett, AFROTC; Mrs. A. L. Barrett, Secretary to President; Dr. Edgar Beaty, Social Studies; Dr. Kenneth L. Bing, Industrial Arts; Dr. Austin D. Bond, Science; Lloyd J. Bray, Student Stores Director; Dr. Elmer R. Browning, Business Education.

SECOND ROW: James W. Butler, Alumni Secretary; Norman H. Cameron, Business Education; Mrs. Lily Rouse Carr, Training School Librarian; Herbert Carter, Music; Robert Carter, Music; Miss Beatrice Chauncey, Music; Miss Hazel Clark, Freshman Adviser and Co-ordinator of Social Activities; Miss Camille Clarke, Dietitian; Mrs. Myrtle Clark, Critic Teacher.

THIRD ROW: Dr. Howard Clay, Social Studies; Dr. Hubert Coleman, Social Studies; James Cummings, Geography; Dr. Kenneth Cuthbert, Music; Dr. Audrey Dempsey, Business Education; J. 0. Derrick, Science; Dr. Charles DeShaw, Physical Education; Miss Mabel Dougherty, Home Economics; Miss Elizabeth Drake, Music.

FOURTH ROW: William Durham, Music; Mrs. Elsie Eagan, Critic Teacher; Mrs. T. H. Eaton, Physical Education; Dr. Theodore Eaton, Jr., Science; Miss Ruby Edens, Business Education; Miss Lena Ellis, Business Education; Dr. Rodney Everhart, Special Education - Psychology; Miss Ruth Faison, Critic Teacher; Dr. Woodrow Flanary, Education.

FIFTH ROW: Mrs. Ellen C. Fleming, Mathematics; James Fleming, Foreign Language; Dr. A. D. Frank, Social Studies; T/Sgt. Floyd Freeman, Jr., AFROTC; Colonel Roger A. Fuller, AFROTC; Frank Fuller, Education; Miss Louise Galphin, Critic Teacher; Mrs. Ruth Garner, Dormitory Counselor; Robert Gray, Music.


..East Carolina

Left to Right:

FIRST ROW: Miss Mary Green, English; Dr. Louise Greer, English; Miss Lois Grigsby, English; Miss Peggy Hampton, Assistant Librarian; Capt. Thomas Harper, AFROTC; Jchnny Harrell, Policeman; Dr. Carl Vernon Harris, Religion; Mrs. Ruby E. Hassell, Assistant Librarian; Dr. Hubert Haynes, Psychology.

SECOND ROW: Miss Betty Heavener, Assistant Librarian; Dr. Mary C. Helms, Science; Rufus Helms, Science; Dr. Edgar W. Hirshberg, English; Dr. Keith D. Holmes, Education; Miss Emma Hooper, English; W. W. Howell, Business Education; Miss Elisabeth Hyman, Critic Teacher; Dr. Elmer Johnson, Associate Librarian.

THIRD ROW: Miss Christine Johnston, Training School; Dr. Harold Jones, Science; Dr. Nephi Jorgensen, Health and Physical Education; Dr. Elwood Keister, Music; Miss Sally Klingenschmitt, Critic Teacher; Dr. George Knipp, English; Dr. W. S. Krausnick, Mathematics; Miss Gussie Kuykendall, Music; Mrs. Mabel Lacy Hall, Home Economics.

FOURTH ROW: Miss Ruth Lambie, Home Economics; Miss Tora Larsen, Business Education; Dr. J. K. Long, Education; Miss Vera MacKay, Elementary Education; Miss Eunice Hill McGee, Critic Teacher; Dr. Bessie McNiel, Home Economics; Dr. William Marshall, Social Studies; Dr. George Martin, Geography; Miss Annie Mae Murray, Kindergarten.

FIFTH ROW: Dr. Donald Murray; English; Dr. Paul Murray, Social Studies; Frances Lee Neel, Art; Miss Grace M. Outland, Supt. of Infirmary; Dr. George Pasti, Social Studies; Mrs. Dorothy Perkins, Education; George Perry, Music; Mrs. George Perry, Foreign Language; Dr. Parnell Picklesimer, Geography; Dr. Martha M. Pingel, English.


Left to Right:

FIRST ROW: Elwood Pittman, Policeman; Dr. James Poindexter, English; Howard Porter, Health and Physical Education; Dr. Meredith Posey, English; Dr. Charles Reynolds, Science; Dr. John Reynolds, Mathematics; Miss Lucile Rice, Science; Mrs. Charity Risher, Business Education; Dr. Charles Risher, Industrial Arts.

SECOND ROW: Mrs. Lelia Rives, Dining Hall Steward; M/Sgt. Herbert Sails, AFROTC; Mrs. Elizabeth Savage, Critic Teacher; Dr. Percy Scott, Mathematics; Chester Scruggs, Science; Miss Cathmar Shaw, Physical Education; W. W. Smiley, Librarian; Miss Mary Smith, Critic Teacher; Mrs. Helen Snyder, Dormitory Counselor.

THRID ROW: Miss Nell Stallings, Health and Physical Education; Mrs. Ruby Stephens, Infirmary; Dr. James Stewart, Social Studies; Dr. Kathleen Stokes, Social Studies; Miss Lucy Stokes, Infirmary; Miss Alice Strawn, Home Economics; Dr. Richard Todd, Social Studies; M/Sgt. Robert Spicer, AFROTC; Dr. Hazel Taylor, Psychology.

FOURTH ROW: Dr. Paul Toll, Social Studies; Bruce Trible, Assistant Librarian; Dr. Alice Turner, English; Dr. Elizabeth Utterback, English; Miss Kathleen Venters, Dormitory Housekeeper; Dan E. Vornholt, Music; Miss Elizabeth Walker, Library Science; Miss Frances Wahl, Critic Teacher; Mrs. Joan Warren, Secretary to Student Stores.

FIFTH ROW: Mrs. Susie Williams Webb, Alumni Office; Mrs. Gladys White, Music; Dr. James White, Business Education; Dr. Milburn J. White, Psychology; Miss Louise Williams, Mathematics; Dr. Eva Williamson, Education; Miss Nancy Wilmore, Dormitory Counselor; Dr. Christine Wilton, Science; Mrs. Helen D. Wolff; Critic Teacher; Capt. William Young, AFROTC.

Faculty . . . East Carolina


Alumni Association

Alumni of East Carolina College continue their contacts with their Alma Mater through the Alumni Office, which this year moved into its own permanent home in the Alumni-Faculty Building. Addresses and records of more than 20,000 alumni are maintained by this office, and the Gen- eral Alumni Association publishes "The Alumni Bulletin" quarterly, sponsors alumni meetings, reunions, and other alumni gatherings.

Henry Oglesby (left), former president of the East Carolina Alumni Association, and present President James Whitfield chat with Secretary James Butler.

The Alumni Office staff is at work with Mrs. Susie Webb (right)

Alumni of the college heard Whitfield speak at the luncheon on Homecoming Day.





Graduate Students


Thomas B. Allsbrook Scotland Neck

Lionel Lyston Bishop, Jr. Greenville

Jack Britt Fairmont

Mavis Lee Brown Williamston

Clarence H. Butler Salemburg


Louisianna Queen Hurdle Sharpsburg

Alec James Hurst, Jr. Greensboro

Roland Fisher Jones, Jr. Baltimore, Md.

Katie Earle Owen Roseboro

Walter Raleigh Parker, Jr. Woodland


Weldon Douglas Robinson Atlantic

Donald W. Roebuck Stokes

Annie Laura Felts Whitehead Murfreesboro

Robert Lee Vickory, Jr. Grand Rapids, Mich.

Annie Lee Whitford Ayden

The graduate students appearing on this page represent only about one-tenth of the men and women doing part-time and full-time graduate work here. Many teachers within a radius of a hundred miles journey here for Saturday grad- uate work. Late evening graduate classes are held for teachers in the immediate area who desire to do work on their Master of Arts Degree.


Carolyn Burnette

Ruth Jones

Don Muse

Cecilia Cartwright

Royce Jordan

There are approximately 360 seniors in the Class of 1954, most of whom entered East Carolina in the Fall of 1950. Royce Jordan, who served last year as Junior Class president, was elected president of the Senior Class last Spring by his classmates.

Senior Class Officers

Royce Jordan President

Don Muse Vice President

Carolyn Burnette Secretary

Ruth Jones Treasurer

Cecilia Cartwright SGA Representative


Frank Columbus Adams, B.S. Rocky Mount

Industrial Arts

Flora Charity Adams, B.S. Rocky Mount

Grammar Grade Education

FTA 4; YWCA 4.

Ottis Leslie Adams, B.S. Newport

English and French

FTA 4; YMCA 4.

Ramona Outlaw Adams, B.S. Kinston

Home Economics

Nolan C. Alcock, B.S. Pollocksville

Business Education and Social Studies

George Lynwood Alexander, B.S. Ahoskie Industrial Arts and Social Studies

Industrial Arts Club 1: EPO 2, 3. 4; Veterans Club 2. 3, 4;

Nancy Faye Apple, B.S. Raleigh

Elementary Education

Meredith College 1. 2.

Ola Kelly Avent, B.S. Fuquay Springs

Grammar Grade Education

Campbell College 1. 2; FTA 4.

Charlotte W. Baker, B.S. Cape May, N. J. Primary Education

William Horace Baker, B.S. Zebulon

Business Education

Louisbrjrg College 1. 2: Pi Omega Pi 3. 4.


Worth Eugene Baker, B.S. Washington

Business Education and Social Studies

William Oliver Baldwin, B.S. Whiteville

Business Education and Social Studies

Hilda Jane Barber, A.B. Clinton

English and Social Studies

Lewis Bell Barnes, B.S. Enfield

Physical Education and Science


Nancy C. Barnes, B.S. Weldon

Primary Education

ACE 1, 2, 3: FTA 3.

Martha Ann Barrow, B.S. Pollocksville

Primary Education

ACE 1, 2, 3, 4; WAA 1, 2, 3, 4; YWCA 1, 4; FTA 4.

Mary Gerock Barrow, B.S. Maysville

Grammar Grade Education

Peggy Joyce Barrow, B.S. Greenville

Primary Education

Cheerleader 1, 2: Marshal 2: ACE 1, 2, 4.

Adah Mayfield Bass, B.S. Tarboro

Primary Education

St. Mary's Junior College 1; ACE 2, 3, 4; Cantebury Club 2,3,4; YWCA 4; Jarvis Hall Vice President 4.

Waylon T. Bass, B.S. Garysburg

Science and Mathematics

Science Club 2, 3, 4; Circle K 3, 4; Phi Sigma Pi 3, 4; Chi Beta Pi 4.

Wilben Crawford Bass, B.S. Goldsboro

Industrial Arts and Social Studies

Charles C. Batchelor, B.S. Rocky Mount

Physical Education and Social Sttidies

Wilson Hall House Committee 1; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4; AFROTC Officer's Club 3, 4; YDC 3, 4; Social Committee 3; Slay Hall House Committee 4.

Nancy Lelia Beatty, B.S. Mount Holly

Primary Education

Betsy Parks Best, B.S. Goldsboro

Business Education

Dorothy Grey Best, B.S. Goldsboro

Business Education

Commerce Club 1, 2, 3; Member at Large Jarvis Hall 3; Marshal 4; Canterbury Club 4.

William Nelson Best, B.S. Goldsboro

Physical Education and Science

Louisburg College 1.

E. Metz Bizzell, A.B. Goldsboro

Business Education

Commerce Club 2. 3, 4: Pi Omega Pi 3, 4; Circle K 4.

Deane Blackmon, B.S. Four Oaks

Primary Education

Yvonne Blackmon, B.S. Oxford

Business Education

Loyce Bonner, B.S. Aurora

Grammar Grade Education

Teachers Playhouse 1, 2; FTA 1, 2, 3; WAA 1, 2, 3, 4.

Shelton Ward Bowen, A.B. Aurora

Business Education

Betty Sue Branch, B.S. Greenville

Business Education

Jarvis Forensic Club 1; Commerce Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Secretary 3; BSU 1, 2, 3, 4: Pi Omega Pi 2, 3, 4; Dance Chairman 4; Marshal 3, 4: FBLA 4; Vice President 4; Who's Who among Students in American Universities and Colleges.

Patricia Ann Branch, B.S. Lucama

Grammar Grade Education

Woman's Chorus 1, 2; College Choir 3; ACE 3.

Betty Low Brickhouse, B.S. Aulander

Art and Social Studies

George R. Brinson, B.S. Arapahoe

Social Studies and English

Atlantic Christian College 1, 2.

Kitty G. Brinson, B.S. Draper

Home Economics

WAA 1; Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Reporter 4: Class Secretary 2; SGA 3; May Court Attendant 3; Miss Summer School 3; Cheerleader 3, 4; Annual Staff 4; Homecoming Queen 4.

Mary Sawyer Brown, B.S. Grantsboro

Primary Education

YWCA 1, 2, 3; ACE 1, 2, 3, 4.

Johnnie Robert Brown, B.S. Washington

Physical Education and Science

Atlantic Christian College 1, Football 2, 3, 4; Varsity Club 2, 3, 4.

Marvin Eli Brown, B.S. Rockingham

Physical Education and Science

Men's Glee Club 1; College Singers 1, 2, 4; AFROTC Officer's Club 2, 3, 4; Teachers Playhouse 3, 4.

Oscar H. Brown, A.B.


Science Club; Veterans Club.

Charlie Thomas Buck, B.S. Grimesland

Social Studies and English

Frances A. Buck, B.S. Grimesland

Business Education and Social Studies

Pi Omega Pi 4.

Melvin Vernus Buck, B.S. Greenville

Business Education

N. C. State 1; AFROTC Officer's Club 3, 4; FBLA 4.

Bobby Jean Burch, B.S. Raleigh

Spanish and English

S'gma Pi Alpha; English Club.

Mary Sue Burch, B.S. Kenansville

Home Economics

Hazel Gleen Burke, B.S. La Grange

Primary Education

Cheerleader 1; WAA 1; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4; FTA 3, 4; ACE 4.

G. Carolyn Burnette, B.S. Hopewell, Va.

Business Education

Commerce Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Pi Omega Pi 2, 3, 4; Class Secretary 4; Marshal 4.

Anne Watson Butler, B.S. Greenville

Primary Education

Westminster Fellowship 1, 2; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4; SGA Representa-

tive 2; Sophomore Counselor; FTA 2, 4; Teachers Playhouse 3; YWCA Treasurer 2; Secretary 3; Class Vice President 3; ACE 2, 3, 4; Who's Who among Students in American Universities and Colleges.

Ann Bynum, B.S. Farmville

Business Education and English

Band 2; Class Officer 2; Commerce Club 2, 3; SGA 2, 3, 4; SGA

Assistant Treasurer 2, 3; FTA 3; Pi Omega Pi 3, 4; FBLA 4; Social Chairman 4; English Club 4; YWCA 4; Choir 4; Kappa Delta Pi 4.

James L. Byrd, B.S. Kinston

Physical Education and Social Studies

Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Co-captain 3; All Conference 3, 4; Varsity

Club 2, 3, 4; AFROTC Cadet Officers Club 3, 4.


Martha "Tennie" Byrd, B.S. Maysville

Primary Education

Thurston Callahan, B.S. Whiteville

Physical Education and Social Studies

Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Club 1, 2, 3, 4.

Paul Archibald Cameron, Jr., B.S.

Kinston Mathematics and Science

Math Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Vice President 3 and President 4; Varsity

Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Cadet Officers Club 3, 4; Circle K 3, 4;

Phi Sigma Pi 3, 4; SGA 4; Who's Who among Students in American Universities and Colleges.

Barbara Jean Cargile, B.S. Parmele

Primary Education

Ellard Grady Croom, Jr., B.S. Rocky Mount

Industrial Arts

William James Carr, A.B. Rocky Mount

Business Education

Cecilia D. Cartwright, B.S. Norfolk, Va.

English and Social Studies

YWCA 1; Woman's Chorus 1, 2; Buccaneer Staff 1, 2, 3, 4;

Assistant Business Manager 3, 4; "Good News" 2; Class Secre-

tary 3; English Club 3, 4; International Relations Club 4;

Marshal 4; SGA 4; Elections Committee 4.

Earl Grey Castellow, B.S. Windsor

Physical Education and Social Studies

YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4; International Relations Club 3, 4: YDC 3, 4

Helen Rose Cherry, B.S. Belmont

Grammar Grade Education

Mars Hill Jr. College 1, 2: YWCA 3, 4; FTA 3, 4.

Marion J. Chesson, B.S. Roper

Primary Education


E. Olene Civils, B.S. Kinston


Science Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Historian 2 and Public Relations

Director 4; Wesley Foundation 1, 2, 3, 4; Countil 4; YWCA

1, 2, 3, 4; Wesley Players 2, 3, 4; Reporter 3 and President

4; FTA 3, 4; Vice President Summer 3; Secretary Wilson hall 3.

Carolyn Lewis Clapp, B.S. Greenville

Primary Education

East Carolinian Staff 1; Woman's Chorus 1; Teachers Play-

house 1, 2, 3; Secretary 2; Woman's Day Student Club 1, 2, 3;

President 3; College Choir 2; SGA 3.

Louis Erwin Clark, A.B. Greenville

Pre-Legal, Social Studies, and English

UNC 1; Circle K 2, 3, 4; Cheerleader 2; SGA 3, 4; President

Men's Day Students 4.

Mary Agnes Clarke, B.S. Sanford

Primary Education

BSU Council 1; YWCA 1; ACE 1, 2, 3, 4.

Carol Reid Coffey, B.S. Mullins, S.C.

Primary Education

Lees McRae College 1, 2; College Choir 3; WAA 3, 4; FTA 4;


Thelma Oleta Collier, B.S. Clarkton

Home Economics

Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4; House President Woman's

Hall 1; SGA 1; Woman's Judiciary 1; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4;

Dramatics Club 2.

Lemuel Clay Cook, B.S. Cooleemee

Business Education

Mars Hill College 1, 2; Commerce Club 3.

Mary Sue Cook, B.S. Hertford

Home Economics

Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4; WAA 1, 2, 3; YWCA 1, 3;

Phi Omicron 3; President 3.

Archie "Monk" Congleton, B.S. Ahoskie

Physical Education and Social Studies

Industrial Arts Club 1, 2; YMCA 1, 2; Football 1, 2, 3; Varsity

Club 1, 2, 3, 4.

Margaret Joyce Conner, B.S. Rich Square

Primary Education

Patricia Ann Corbett, B.S. Farmville

Primary Education

ACE 2, 3, 4; Vice President 4; College Singers 2, 3, 4; West-

minster Fellowship 3, 4.

Lillian S. Copley, A.B. Albemarle

Business Education

Catawba College 1; WAA 3, 4: FBLA 4.

John George Costulis, B.S. Belhaven

Social Studies and English

H. Donald Cox, B.S. Kinston

Distributive Education

Band 1, 2, 3; Commerce Club 1, 2, 3; Vice President 3; YDC 2;

YMCA 2; Varsity Glee Club 2, 3; Men's Judiciary 3; Secretary

and Treasurer 3; Phi Sigma Pi 3, 4; Secretary 4; AFROTC

Officer's Club 3, 4; Circle K 4; SGA Treasurer 3.

Peggy Anne Cox, B.S. Richlands

Home Economics

YWCA 1, 2; Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Phi Omicron 3, 4.

Rachel Ann Cox, B.S. Walstonburg

Primary Education

ACE 1, 2, 3, 4; Jarvis Hall House Committee 4.

Raymond H. Cox, B.S. Maury

Social Studies and Physical Education

AFROTC Officer's Club 3, 4.

Ruby H. Crane, B.S. Kinston

English and Social Studies

Bryan C. Craft, B.S. Clayton, Ga.

Physical Education and Science

Boxing 1 ; P. E. Club 1,2,3; Science Club 3, 4 ; Aquatic Club 4.

Helen Kathryn Credle, B.S. Scranton

Grammar Grade Education

Commerce Club 1; YWCA 1.

Roy R. Creech, B.S. Snow Hill

Social Studies and English

Buccaneer Staff 2, 3, 4; Assistant Business Manager 2; Busi-

ness Manager 3; Co-Editor 4; YDC 2, 3, 4; AFROTC Officer's

Club 3, 4: Circle K 3, 4: Board of Directors 3; SGA 4; Budget

Committee 4; Who's Who among Students in American Universities and Colleges.

Eliard Grady Croom, Jr., B.S. Rocky Mount

Industrial Arts

Leonard R. Culbreth, B.S. Greenville

Social Studies and English

Veteran's Club 1, 2, 3, 4

Walter Earl Culbreth, Jr., B.S. Goldsboro

Industrial Arts and Mathematics

Gladys Rosamond Daugherty, B.S. Kinston

Business Education and English

Commerce Club 1, 2; YWCA 3, 4; FBLA 4; House Committee 4.

John F. Daughtry, B.S. Wilmington

Physical Education and Social Studies

International Relations Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Club 1, 2, 3, 4;

Varsity Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Wilson Hall House Committee 2;

ROTC Officer's Club 3, 4.

Evelyn Jean Davis, B.S. Warsaw

Home Economics

WAA 1; Dorm Treasurer 1, 2; Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4;

Secretary 4; Class Reporter 2; Teachers Playhouse 2; Buc-

caneer Staff 3, 4; Assistant Business Manager 3; Business

Manager 4; Class Treasurer 3; Marshal 3; Point System Committee 3.

Miriam Ruth Dempsey, B.S. Fayetteville

Primary Education

Martha Catherine Dickson, B.S. Rose Hill

Mathematics and Social Studies

Math Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Vice President 4; FTA 2;Jarvis House Committee.

Mary Jean Dodd, B.S. Four Oaks

Social Studies and English

Freshman East Carolinian Reporter 1; International Relations

Club 1, 3, 4; YWCA 3, 4.


Myra Gale Dorsey, B.S. Wrightsville Beach

Grammar Grade Education

Cotten Hall Freshman Counselor 1; ECC Representative at

Azalea Festival 2; Elections Committee 3; FTA 3; May Fes-

tival Attendant 3; New Hanover County Club President 3;

Women's Judiciary 4.

Bettie Jane Dougherty, B. S. Fayetteville

Social Studies and Library Science

Canterbury Club 1; Freshman Counselor 2; International Re-

lations Club 2, 3, 4; State Secretary 2; Vice President 3; Presi-

dent 4; Young Democrats Club 3, 4; Secretary 3; SGA 4.

Elizabeth Ann Duke, B.S. Greenville

Primary Education

Jimmy Ellsworth Dunn, A.B. Ayden

Geography and Social Studies

Alpha Phi Omega 3, 4.

Anne Blackwell DuRant, B.S. Wilmington

Primary Education

ACE 1, 2, 3, 4; President 4; Buccaneer Staff 2; Women's

Chorus 2; Class Reporter 3; Marshal 3; SGA 4; Who's Who among Students in American Universities and Colleges.

Charles Augustus Edwards, B. S. Greenville

Physical Education and Social Studies

Dorothy Anne Edwards, B.S. Pendleton

Business Education

Chowan 1, 2; Commerce Club 3; YWCA 3; BSU 3, 4;WAA

3, 4; FBLA 4.

Harold Jay Edwards, B.S. Chicod

Grammar Grade Education

YMCA 1; Cadet Officers Club 2, 3.

Pansy Sue Edwards, B.S. Chicod

Primary Education

John Norwood Elliot, B.S. Chapanoke

Science and Mathematics

Math Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Science Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Math Club Re-

porter 4; Chi Beta Phi 4


James Blair Ellis, B.S. Goldsboro

Social Studies and English

Duke University 1; Basketball Manager 3, 4; East Carolinian

Staff 3, 4: International Relations Club 3, 4; Phi Sigma Pi 3,

4; President 4; Intercollegiate Athletic Committee 4; SGA 4;

Varsity Club 4; Reporter 4; Who's Who among Students in American Universities and Colleges.

William Preston Emerson, B.S. La Grange

Industrial Arts

Sigma Rho Phi 1, 2, 3, 4; Cade Officer's Club 3, 4;Industrial Arts Club 3, 4

Eugene E. Emery, A.B. Greenville

Geography and Social Studies

Presbyterian Jr. College 1, 2; Cadet Officer's Club 3, 4.

Barbara Sue Ethridge, B.S. Red Oak

Grammar Grade Education

YWCA 1, 3; FTA 2, 3: President 3; Sophomore Counselor 2.

Mildred G. Faison, B.S. Faison

Primary Education

ACE 1, 2, 3, 4.

John Roland Farley, A.B. Greenville

Science and Business Education

James Conrad Faulkner, A.B. Kinston

Science and Mathematics

Cadet Officer's Club 3, 4.

Anne Fedoronko, B.S. Burgaw

English and Social SUidies

English Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Buccaneer Reporter 3; FTA 2.

Eugene Carl Fields, B.S. La Grange

Industrial Arts and Mathematics

Mary Alice Fields, B.S. Goldston

Primary Education

Westminster Fellowship Council 1; ACE 1; 2, 3, 4; WAA 1, 2, 3, 4.

Charles Edgar Fishel, B.S. Winston-Salem

Social Studies and Mathematics

Basketball 1, 2; Sigma Rho Phi 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Men's

Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Cadet Officer's Club 3, 4; Math Club 3, 4.

Margaret Elizabeth Fleming, B.S. Greenville

Grammar Grade Education

East Carolinian Assitant Editor 1; Teachers Playhouse 2, 3; FTA 3.

Edna Jean Flora, B.S. Farmville

Primary Education

ACE 1, 2, 3, 4; Co-historian 4: Jarvis Hall House Committee 4.

Donald Louis Fratino, A.B. Salisbury, Md.

Geography and Social Studies

John C. Furlong, A.B. Wilmington

Business Education

James Robert Gardner, B. S. Rocky Mount

Social Studies and English

Commerce Club 1; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4; Wesley Players 2, 3, 4;

International Relations Club 2, 4; APO 3, 4: Wesley Founda-

tion 3, 4; Teachers Playhouse 4.

Corydon Dwight Garrett, B.S. Greenville

Social Studies and English

Circle K 3, 4; Phi Sigma Pi 3, 4; Treasurer 4.

Clyde Hilton Gentry, Jr., B.S. Maxton

Social Studies and Physical Education

Thelma Ruth Gerock, B.S. Maysville

Social Studies and English

WAA 1; International Relations Club 1, 2, 3; YWCA 1, 2, 3;

English Club 3; FTA 3.

Henry Eugene Gilbert, Jr., B.S. Bolivia

Industrial Arts

Mary Lee Gillette, B.S. Jacksonville

Home Economics

Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4; East Carolinian Reporter 4; Business Staff3, 4.

Jane Elizabeth Godwin, B.S. Wade

English and French

YWCA 1; English Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Secretary 4; Sigma Phi Alpha

2, 3, 4; Treasurer 4.

Jean Godwin, B.S. Hertford

Social Studies and English

International Relations Club 1, 2, 3; WAA 1, 2, 3; Teachers

Playhouse 1, 3; Aquanymphs 3.

Edward Mannon Gore, B.S. Ash

Business Education

Campbell College 1, 2; College Choir 3; Commerce Club 3; FBLA

4; Pi Omega Pi 4; YMCA 4.

Margaret Louise Grant, B.S. Goldsboro

Home Economics

Arlene Grantham, B.S. Goldsboro

Primary Education

FTA 2; ACE 3, 4; YWCA 3, 4.

Jean Gray, B.S. Trenton

Business Education and Social Studies

Mary Elwood Green, B.S. Morrisville

Grammar Grade Education

Mars Hill College 1, 2; Baptist Student Union 3, 4; Secretary

3; Clio Literary Society 3, 4; FTA 3, 4; YWCA 3, 4.

Barbara Greenstein, B.S. Tenafly, N. J.

Primary Education

ACE 1, 2, 3, 4; FTA 1, 2; Cotten Hall Counselor 2; SGA 4;

Budget Committee 4; Executive Council 4; Vice President Women's Judiciary.

Edna Joyce Griffin, B.S. Rocky Mount

Physical Education and Social Studies

Chowan College 1; BSU 2, 3, 4; WAA 2, 3, 4; YWCA 3.


Barbara Ann Grimes, B.S. Robersonville

English and Library Science

Class Officer 1; East Carolinian Assistant Editor 1;

Managing Editor 2; WAA 1; English Club 1, 2, 3, 4; FTA 1, 2, 3, 4;

Teachers Playhouse 1, 2, 3, 4; Freshman Counselor 2: Library Club 4.

Jean Parker Grimes, B.S. Belcross

Physical Education and English

Louisburg College 1, 2; Mitchell College 3; English Club 4; WAA 4.

Frances La Verne Grogan, B.S. Draper

Grammar Grade Education

Annice Faye Gulley, B.S.

Primary Education

WAA 1, 2; YWCA 1, 2; ACE 1, 2, 3, 4; FTA 3.

Joyce Blue Gurley, B.S. Mount Olive

Primary Education

WAA 1, 2, 3; Vice President 3; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4; Music Chair-

man 2; Vice President 3; Personnel Chairman 4; Sophomore

Counselor 2; FTA 2, 3, 5; Treasurer 4; Religious Emphasis

Week Committee 3; ACE 4.

Martha McKinzie Hall, B.S. Salemburg

English and Social Studies

Joe F. Hollow, Jr., B.S. Goldsboro

Physical Education and Social Studies

YDC 1; Varsity Club 2, 3, 4; Varsity Men's Glee Club 3, 4;

Varsity Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4; Freshman Football 1.

Lettie Marie Harper, B.S. Pikesville

English and Social Studies

Ervin Harrell, B.S. Aulander

Business Education and Social Studies

Walter M. Harrell, A.B. Corapeake

Geography and Social Studies

Cadet Officer's Club 3, 4.


Elsie Cathryne Harrelson, B.S. Whiteville

Primary Education

International Relations Club 1; WAA 1; ACE 3, 4; YWCA

3, 4; Buccaneer 4.

Jarvis Ray Harrington, B.S. Ayden

Business Education and English

Varsity Men's Glee Club 1; Pi Omefra Pi 3, 4.

Bill Harris, B.S. Goldston

Physical Education and Social Studies

International Relations Club 1, 2; College Choir 3; Men's Glee

Club 3, 4; Sigma Rho Pi 3, 4; YMCA 4.

Jimmie Crockett Harris, B.S. Warrenton

Physical Education and Social Studies

Thelma M. Harris, B.S. Marshallberg

Social Studies and English

International Relations Club 1, 2, 3, 4; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4; FTA

2, 3; WAA 2, 3, 4; Aquanymphs 3; House Committee 3, 4.

Virginia Dare Harris, B.S. Littleton

Primary Education

ACE 1, 2, 3; Officer 2; BSU 1, 2, 3; FTA 1, 2, 3; President 2;

YWCA 1, 2, 3; County Club Secretary 2; Sophomore Counselor

2; SGA 2; WAA 2; Women's Judiciary 2, 3.

Ida Ruth Hedspeth, B.S. Pendleton

Social Studies and English

International Relations Club 1, 2, 3, 4; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4;

English Club 4; FTA 4.

Florence Mae Helms, B.S. Portsmouth, Va.

Business Education

WAA 1; Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4; Head Cheerleader 4; Commerce

Club 1, 2, 3; Pi Omega Pi 3, 4; FBLA 4; SGA 4

Johnny C. Helms, B.S. Monroe

Physical Education and Social Studies

WCTC 1; Band 1, 2, 3; Vice President 1; Men's Glee Club

1, 3, 4: Vice President 1 and President 4; International Re-

lations Club 3, 4; EPO 3: Business Manager 3; APO 3, 4;

Secretary 3 and President 4; Cadet Officer's Club 3, 4; Circle

K 4; Sports Editor East Carolinian Summer 1952.

Frank M. Hemingway, B.S. Bethel


Social Committee 1, 2, 3, 4; Science Club 1, 3, 4; Circle K

3, 4; Treasurer 4; YMCA 4.

Peggy Ann Hill, B.S. Atlantic Beach

Primary Education

Abram Norman Hines, B.S. Holly Ridge

Business Education

Wilmington College 1; BSU 3, 4; Treasurer 4.

E. J. Hines, B.S. Holly Ridge

Business Education

WilminKton College 1, 2; BSU 3, 4.

Gladys Mae Hinson, B.S. Whiteville

Grammar Grade Education

Betsy Jane Hobgood, B.S. Oxford

Grammar Grade Education

WAA 1, 2, 3, 4; Social Committee 1, 2; Teachers Playhouse

2, 3; FTA 3, 4; Women's Judiciary Vice Chairman 3; Chair-

man 4; President Cotten Hall Summer 1953; Inter-religious

Council 4; SGA 4; Who's Who among Students in American Universities and Colleges.

Drusella Bain Hodges, B.S. Kinston

Grammar Grade Education

Cheerleader 1, 2; WAA 1, 2; YWCA 1, 2.

Robert Fields Hodges, B.S. Kinston

Physical Education and Social Studies

Varsity Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Football 1, 2, 3. 4; Co-

captain Football 4; Varsity Club 1, 2, 3, 4; President 4; Presi

dent Wilson Hall 2; Men's Judiciary 2; SGA 2, 4; Phi Sigma Pi

3, 4; Sgt-at-Arms 4; Who's Who among Students in American Universities and Colleges

Laurie Jane Holmes, B.S. Whiteville

Primary Education

Greensboro College 1, 2; ACE 3, 4; Wesley Foundation 3, 4;

Personal Commission 3; Wesley Players 4; YWCA 3.

Martha Raye Honeycutt, B.S. Salisbury

Grammar Grade Education

Catawba 1, 2; FTA 4.

Ray S. Hood, B.S. Woodbury, N. J.


Major Irving Hooper, B.S. Stumpy Point

Grammar Grade Education

Varsity Club 2, 3, 4; Baseball 2, 3, 4; YMCA 3; Circle K 3, 4.

Marietta Hooper, B.S. Elizabeth City


Music Education Club 1, 2, 3, 4; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4; College

Choir 1, 4; East Carolina Orchestra 2, 3, 4; Women's Chorus Accompanist 3.

Jerry L. Horner, B.S. Bailey

Physical Education and Social Studies

Freshman Basketball 1; Cadet Officer's Club 2, 3.

Lula Ann House, B.S.

Primary Education

ACE 1, 3, 4; FTA 3, 4.

Alta Marie Houser, B.S. Gastonia

Art and Social Studies

Dorothy Jean Howard, B.S. Garland

Physical Education and English

Who's Who among Students in American Universities and Colleges

Mattie Evelyn Huber, B.S. Kinston

Grammar Grade Education

International Relations Club 1; Weslev Players 1, 2, 3, 4;

Treasurer 2; Secretary 2; Wesley Foundation 2, 3, 4; President

4; Women's Chorus 3, 4; ACE 4; YWCA 4; Inter-Religious Council.

Betty Jane Huffman, A.B. Salisbury

Spanish and English

Catawba College 1; Mars Hill College 2; BSU 3, 4; FTA 3, 4;

Recording Secretary 4; Sigma Pi Alpha 3, 4.

Charles Eugene Huffman, B.S. Thomasville

Physical Education and English

Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Circle K 2, 3, 4; Varsity Club 2, 3, 4;

Phi Siema Pi 3, 4; SGA Vice President 4: Who's Who among Students in American Universities and Colleges.

Cleo D. Huffman, B.S. Salisbury

Primary Education

Catawba College 1, 2; YWCA 3, 4.


Ray A. Hylton, A.B. Greensboro

Business Education

Oak Ridge Military Institute 1, 2; Commerce 3; Cadet Officer's Club 3, 4

Alice Dixon Jackson, B.S. Godwin

Home Economics and Science

Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Buccanner Reporter 3; BSU

1, 2, 3, 4; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4; Secretary 2; Cabinet 3, 4; Phi Omicron 3, 4

Susan Imogene Jennette, B.S. Mount Olive

English and Library Science

YWCA 1; English Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Secretary 3; President 4;

Teachers Playhouse 2, 3, 4; FTA 3, 4; SGA 4.

Blonnie Ella Johnson, B.S. Greenville

Social Studies and Library Science

John Benton Johnson, B.S. Rocky Mount

Business Education and Social Studies

YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4; Commerce Club 1, 2, 3, 4; President Summer

School 1953; Cadet Officer's Club 2, 3; College Choir 2, 3;

Veteran's Club 2, 3, 4; Alpha Phi Omega 3, 4; Secretary 4;

Circle K 3, 4; Teachers Playhouse 3, 4; Edgecombe County

Club President 4; SGA 4.

Melva Elizabeth Johnson, B.S. Harrells

Primary Education

YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4; ACE 1, 2, 3, 4; FTA 1, 2, 3, 4.

Miriam Johnson, B.S. Wilmington

Primary Education

Wilmington College 1; ACE 3, 4; BSU Council 3, 4.

Sally Grey Johnson, B.S. Garland

Grammar Education

Edna Fay Jones, B.S. Williamston

Business Edcuation and English

Commerce Club 1, 2, 3; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4; East Carolinian 2, 3,

4; Assitant Business Manager 3, 4; Teachers Playhouse 2, 3, 4;

FBLA 4; Class Treasurer 4.

Edna Ruth Jones, B.S. Stantonsburg

Business Education and English

Commerce Club 1, 2, 3; YWCA 1, 4; Fleming Hall Secretary and

Treasurer 3; FBLA 4; Class Treasurer 4.


Larlie Mae Jones, B.S. Milton

Primary Education

FTA 1, 2, 4; ACE 3, 4; YWCA 4.

Paul Ed Jones, B.S. Thomasville

Physical Education and Mathematics

Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Men's Judiciary 4.

Russell Pascal Jones, B.S. Salemburg

Physical Education and Science

Louisburg College 1, 2.

Susie A. Jones, B.S. Halifax

Physical Education and English

English Club 1, 2; Teachers Playhouse 1, 2; BSU 1, 2, 3, 4; WAA

1, 2, 3, 4; Vice President Cotten Hall Summer School 1953.

Wade H. Jordan, A.B. Edenton


Buccaneer 1; Math Club 1, 2, 4; Teachers Playhouse 2, 3; Science

Club 2, 3, 4; Vice President 3; Chi Beta Phi 3, 4; President 4;

Who's Who among Students in American Universities and Colleges

Royce Claybourne Jordan, A.B. Washington

Social Studies and English

International Relations Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Vice President 4: Young

Democrats Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Executive Council 3, 4; College Debate

Team 2, 3, 4; Jarvis Forensic Club 2, 3, 4; President 2; SGA

2, 3, 4; Class Piesident 3, 4; Who's Who among Students in American Universities and Colleges.

Edith Marie Jowdy, B.S. Washington

Primary Education

High Point College 1.

Betty Jane Jurgensen, B.S. Wilmington

English and Social Studies

Wilmington College 1, 2; College Choir 3; Canterbury Club 3, 4;

Hall Proctor Summer 1953; Women's Judiciary Summer 1953

Joan Vivian Kelly, B.S. Sunford

Grammar Grade Education

YWCA 1, 2; International Relations Club 1, 2; FTA 2, 3, 4;

East Carolinian Reporter 3.

Peggy H. Kennedy, B.S. Kinston

Grammar Grade Education

WCUNC 1; YWCA 1, 2; Women's Chorus 2, 3; FTA 2, 3, 4;

State Treasurer 4; Marshal 4

Nancy Lou Kesler, B.S. Fuquay Springs

English, and French

English Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Treasurer 2; Sigma Pi Alpha 2, 3, 4;

President 4; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4; Teachers Playhouse 3, 4; Who's

Who among Students in American Universities and Colleges

Carl Willis King, B.S. Farmville

Physical Education and Social Studies

Basketball 1, 2, 3; Drum and Bugle Corps 2, 3.

James L. King, B.S. Wilmington

Science and Mathematics

Science Club 1, 2, 3; Chi Beta Phi 3, 4.

Leland Jewel King, B.S. Turkey

Social Studies and English

International Relations Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Reporter 2; Secretary-

Treasurer 3; YRC 3.

Charlie A. Klutz, B.S. Henderson

Business Education and Social Studies

Collegians 1, 2, 3, 4; Leader 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2; Vice President

2; College Choir 1, 2; Varsity men's Glee Club 1, 2; Awards

Committee 3; Cadet Officer's Club 3; FBLA 3, 4; Alpha Phi

Omega 3, 4; President 4; President of Slay Hall 4; Home-

coming General Chairman 4; SGA 4; Who's Who among Students in American Universities and Colleges

Coletta Mae Lahr, B.S. Goldsboro

Grammar Grade Education

Westminster Fellowship 1, 2, 3; Council 2, 3.

Barbara Ann Lamm, B.S. Lucama

Women's Chorus 2: YWCA 3: ACE 3.

William Worth Lamm, B.S. Lucama

Physical Education and Social Studies

EPO 3, 4.

James Richard Langston, B.S. Winterville

Business Education

Billy Britten Laughinghouse, B.S. Greenville

Social Studies and English

Band 1: Men's Day Student Member at Large 1, 2; Cadet

Officer's Club 2, 3, 4; Phi Sigma Pi 2, 3, 4; Corresponding

Secretary 3; Circle K Club 3, 4; SGA 3, 4; Secretary Budget

Committee 3; Treasurer 3, 4; Chairman 4; Executive Council

4; Who's Who among Students in American Universities and Colleges.

Floyd Taff Lefler, B.S. Mt. Gilead

Distributive Education and Social Studies

Julianne Leimone, B.S. Burgaw

English and Spanish

English Club 1, 2, 3, 4; FTA 2; Teachers Playhouse 2; Sigma

Pi Alpha 2, 3, 4; President 3.

James Harry Limer, B.S. Warrenton

Social Studies and English

YDC 1, 2, 3, 4; Kappa Delta Pi 4; Student Advisory Board 4.

Aubrey Lee Little, B.S. Ayden


Science Club 1, 2, 3, 4.

Ruth Branch Little, B.S. Winterville


Women's Chorus 1; College Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Music Education

Club 1, 3, 4; East Carolinian Reporter 3; College Sinners 3;

College Band 4.

Elsie Howard Livingston, B.S. St. Pauls

English and Library Science

YWCA 1; English Club 1, 2; BSU 1, 2, 3, 4.

Norma Gail Long, B.S. Myrtle Beach, S. C.

Art and Music

English Club 1, 2, 3, 4; WAA 1, 2; FTA 1, 2.

Aileen Lovelace, B.S. Zebulon

Primary Education

Thomas Ray Lupton, B.S. Greenville

Mathematics and English

East Carolinian 1, 2, 3; Assistant Editor 1 and Editor-In-

Chief 2, 3; Buccaneer 3, 4; Co-Editor 4; Circle K Club 2, 3, 4;

Board of Directors 4; Phi Sigma Pi 3, 4; SGA 2. 3. 4: Execu-

tive Council 2, 3, 4; Inter-Religious Council 2, 3; Publications

Board 2, 3, 4; Cadet Officer's Club 2, 3; Men's Judiciary 3;

Men's Day Students Vice President 2, 3; County Club President 3;

Who's Who among Students in American Universities and Colleges

George Frank Lyons, B.S. Greenville

Social Studies and English

SGA 4; Chairman Advisory Committee 4.


John Wesley McAden, Jr., B.S. Washington

Physical Education and Social Studies

Campbell College.

James S. McCormick, B.S. Ayden

Social Studies and Physical Education

Basketball 1; Varsity Glee Club 2, 3; International Relations

Club 3; YMCA 1; English Club 1; Cadet Officer's CLub 3, 4.

Ann Heath McCrary, B.S. Durham

French and Spanish

Canterbury Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Secretary 3; Buccaneer Staff 3;

Sigma Pi Alpha 2, 3, 4; Teachers Playhouse 2, 3, 4; ACE 1;

East Carolinian Staff 1.

Donald C. McGlohon, B.S. Winterville

Business Education and Social Studies

Men's Day Students Association 1, 2, 3; President 3; Pi Omega

Pi 2, 3, 4; President 4; Circle K 2, 3, 4; President 4; Men's

Judiciary 3, 4; SGA 3, 4; Who's Who among Students in American Universities and Colleges.

Mark Standi McGlohon, B.S. Winterville

Industrial Arts and Social Studies

Winifred Jeanette McGlohon, B.S. Willard

Primary Education

YWCA 1, 4; ACE 1, 2, 3, 4.

LaRue W. McKinney, B.S. Scranton

English and Library Science

English Club 1; Sigma Pi Alpha 1, 2, 3, 4; YDC 1, 2; Secre-

tary 2; Buccaneer Staff 2.

E. Wayne McLamb, B.S. Newton Grove

Mathematics and Science

Kathryn McLawhorn, B.S. Grifton

Grammar Grade Education

FTA 1, 2, 3, 4.

William Gilbert McLeod, B.S. Fayetteville

Social Studies and English

English Club 2; Veterans Club 3; Teachers Playhouse 3, 4.


Agnes Vann McLemore, B.S. Henderson

Primary Education

Band 1, 2; Freshman Counselor 2; ACE 1, 2, 3, 4; YWCA 1;

Women's Judiciary Summer 1953.

Vera Belle McNeill, B.S. Burlington

Grammar Grade Education

Campbell College 1, 2; College Choir 3; FTA 3; YWCA 3;

BSU 3, 4; Executive Council 4.

Peggy White Madry, B.S. Scotland Neck

Primary Education

Meredith College 1; College Choir 1; ACE 3, 4.

Agnes Faye Mallard, B.S. Trenton

Primary Education

Music Club 1; Freshman Counselor 2; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4; FWB

Fellowship 2, 3, 4; ACE 2, 3, 4; Officer 4; FTA 4.

Margaret Ann Mansfield, A.B. Edenton

Physical Education and English

Clyde V. March, B.S. Rocky Mount

Industrial Arts and Science

SGA Summer 1953; Social Committee.

Magdalene G. Marshall, B.S. Englehard

Business Education and English

Commerce Club 1, 2; Pi Omega Pi 3, 4.

Susie Ann Marshall, B.S. Englehard

Home Economics

Transfer 1, 2; Wesley Foundation Council 3; Buccaneer Class

Editor 3, 4; FTA 4; Home Economics Club 3, 4; House Presi-

dent Faculty Dormitory 4; SGA 4; Women's Judiciary 4;

County Club Secretary 3.

David L. Martin, B.S. Cramerton

Physical Education and English

Golf 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity 2, 3, 4; Cadet Officer's Club 3, 4.

Clara L. Mason, B.S. Swan Quarter

Home Economics

Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Officer 3; YWCA 1, 2, 3;

WAA 1, 2; Annual Staff 1, 2; Women's Chorus 2, 4.

rife a ^

Edna Marie Massad, B.S. Benson

Spanish and English

English Club 1, 2, 3; Sigma Pi Alpha 1, 2, 3, 4; Teachers

Playhouse 2, 3, 4; East Carolinian 2, 3, 4; Business Manager

2, 3; Catholic Discussion Club 3, 4.

Moulton B. Massey, Jr., A.B. Greenville

Business Administration

Varsity Club 2, 3; Commerce Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Golf 1, 2, 3.

Ethel Lee Massengill, B.S. Four Oaks

Home Economics

Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4; YWCA 1, 2; FWB Fellowship 3.

Dolores Ann Matthews, B.S. Henderson

Music Education

College Band 1, 2, 3; College Choir Accompanist 1, 2; Orchestra

1, 2, 3, 4; Freshman Counselor 2; E.C.C. Azalea Festival

Representative 3; Music Education Club 1, 2, 3; Secretary 3;

Who's Who among Students in American Universities and Colleges.

Albert V. Medlin, B.S. Virginia Beach, Va.

Social Studies and English

Campbel College 1; YDC 3, 4; Industrial Arts Club 2, 3;

Veterans Club 2, 3, 4; EPO 3, 4.

Rufus Farrell Memory, B.S. Clarkton


Jarvis Forensic 3; Science Club 4.

Doris Mae Messer, B.S. Dunn

Grammar Grade Education

English Club 1, 2, 3, 4; FTA 2, 3, 4.

Patricia Lina Miller, B.S. Kill Devil Hill

Business Education

Pi Omega Pi 3, 4; FBLA 1, 2, 3, 4.

Jean Lewis Mohorn, B.S. Enfield

Home Economics

Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Cheerleader 1, 2, 3.

Alma Lou Moore, B.S. Durham

Primary Education

House Committee 3; Vice-President Fleming Dorm 4; Inter-

national Relations Club 2, 3, 4; ACE 2, 3, 4; Marshal 4; Col-

lege Choir 1; Aquanymphs Club 3, 4.

Barbara Jean Moore, B.S. Raleigh

Grammar Grade Education

Meredith College 1; President Cotten Hall 2; Chairman

Women's Judiciary 3; SGA 2, 3, 4; FTA 2; ACE 4; WAA 2,

3, 4; Who's Who among Students in American Universities and Colleges.

Peggy Hamilton Moore, B.S. Greenville

Grammar Grade Education

Orvis Ray Mumford, B.S. Grifton

Mathematics and English

Joyce Dare Murdock, B.S. Durham

Physical Education and English

Eva Lynnette Murphy, B.S. Rose Hil

English and French

English Club 1, 2, 3; Teachers Playhouse 2, 3, 4; Secretary 3,

4; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4; Cabinet 4; Marshal 2; Wesley Foundation

1, 2, 3, 4; Sigma Pi Alpha 2, 3, 4; Fleming Hall House Com-

mittee 4; FTA 4.

Donnell Mayo Muse, B.S. Tarboro

English and Social Studies

Davidson College 1; FTA 2; East Carolinian Staff 3: Inter-

national Relations Club 3; YDC 3, 4; Vice President 4; Senior

Class Vice President 4; SGA 4; Who's Who among Students in American Universities and Colleges.

Peggy Lou Nash, B.S. Durham

Business Education and English

Commerce Club 2; Pi Omega Pi 3, 4; Historian 3; Vice Presi-

dent 4; Who's Who among Students in American Universities and Colleges.

Walter Leo Noona, Jr., B.S. Norfolk, Va.

Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Phi

Sigma Pi 2, 3; Music Education Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Who's Who among Students in American Universities and Colleges.

Sabra Jane Nunalee, B.S. Currie

English and French

English Club 1, 3; Sigma Phi Alpha 3.

Sue C. Oswald, B.S. Wallace

Business Education


Richard Napoleon Ottaway, A.B. Wilmington

English and Social Studies

Canterbury Club 2, 3, 4; Phi Sigma Pi 3, 4.

Betty Ray Outlaw, B.S. Elizabeth City

Primary Education

Commerce Club 1; FTA 2, 3; ACE 1, 2, 3, 4; Concert Band

2, 3, 4; Majoreet 1, 2, 3, 4; Marshal 3. YDC 3; YWCA 1, 2.

Kathleen Baun Ownley, B.S. Elizabeth City

Mathematics and Science

Math Club 3, 4.

Edward Earl Parker, B.S. Maysville

Physical Education and Social Studies

Veterans Club 3; Varsity Club 1.

Frances Louise Parker, B.S. Pendleton

Social Studies and English

International Relations Club 1, 2, 3, 4; YWCA 3; English Club, 3.

Janie Margaret Parker, B.S. Dunn

Grammar Grade Education

BSU Council 1, 2; YWCA 1, 2, 3. 4: Treasurer 3; FTA 2;

President Fleming Hall 4; Women's Judiciary 4; SGA 4;

YDC 3, 4.

David James Pennington, B.S. Lucama


Science Club 3, 4; APO 3, 4.

Robert E. Pennington, B.S. Rocky Mount

Industrial Arts and Science

Industrial Arts Club 1, 2, 3, 4; President 3; Science Club 2, 3,

4; Varsity Club 1, 2, 3, 4; SGA 3: APO 3, 4; Corresponding

Secretary 4; Football 1; Cadet Officer's Club 2, 3, 4; Who's Who

among Students in American Universities and Colleges.

Tommy Garth Perry, B.S. Bailey

Physical Education and Social Studies

Mary Frances Peterson, B.S. Harrells

Primary Education

Peace College 1, 2; FTA 3; WAA 3; May Court Attendant 3;

Homecoming Representative 4; YWCA 4.


Mary Lou Phillips, B.S. Warsaw

Grammar Grade Education

Andrew J. Pickett, B.S. Durham

Physical Education and Social Studies

Appalachian 1; Basketball 2; YMCA 3, 4; Commerce Club 2.

Thomas Everett Pierce, B.S. Rocky Mount

Social Studies

YDC 2, 3, 4; YMCA 1, 2; Music 1; Band 1, 2, 3; Orchestra

1, 2, 3; Teachers Playhouse 3, 4; International Relations Club

2, 3, 4; Cadet Officer's Club 3, 4; Wesley Foundation 3, 4; Wes-

ley Players 2, 3, 4.

James Allen Piner, B.S. Beaufort

Physical Education and Social Studies

Basketball 1; Baseball 1, 2, 3; Varsity Club 2, 3, 4; Cadet

Officer's Club 3, 4.

Laura Frances Pope, B.S. Coats

Music Education

Campbell College 1; College Choir 2, 3; College Band 3, 4;

President of Music Education Club 4; College Orchestra 3;

SGA 4.

Marcellus Blackman Pope, B.S. Greenville

Physical Education and Social Studies

Varsity Club 2; Veterans Club 3, 4; Campbell College 1.

Joanna Powell, B.S. Raleigh

Primary Education

Meredith College 1; YWCA 2, 3, 4; ACE 3, 4.

Elbert Matthew Prescott, B.S. New Bern

Business Education

Commerce Club 1, 2, 3; FBLA 4; FWB Fellowship 1, 2, 3. 4;

President 1, 2, 3; Inter-Religious Council 1, 2, 3; Cadet Officer's

Club 2, 3, 4; Secretary 3; Alpha Phi Omega 3, 4; YMCA 2, 3,

4; Cabinet 4; College Choir 2; Varsity Glee Club 2, 3, 4; YRC

2, 3.

Anne Toler Proctor, B.S. Rocky Mount

Primary Education

ACE 1, 2, 3, 4; FTA 1, 2, 3, 4; YWCA 1, 2, 3.

Sylvia Gay Proctor, B.S. Rocky Mount

Home Economics

HOme Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4; International Relations Club

2, 3; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4; WAA 1.

Frances Ann Radcliffe, B.S. Pantego


Science Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Chi Beta Phi 3, 4; Vice President

4; WAA 1, 2, 3, 4; YWCA 1, 2, 3; FTA 3; DSF 2, 3; Kappa

Delta Pi 4;Who's Who among Students in American Universities and Colleges

Dorothy Ragland, B.S. Oxford

Home Economics

Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4.

Elisabeth Ramsay Ralston, B.S. Washington

Spanish and English

English Club 1, 2, 3, 4; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4; Sigma Pi Alpha 3, 4;

FTA 3, 4.

Delphia Tyson Rawls, B.S. Robersonville

Home Economics

DSF President 3; Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3; Secretary 2;

YWCA 1, 2, 3; Science Club 1, 2; Inter-Religious Council 3;

Teachers Playhouse 2, 3; YDC 2, 3; Women's Judiciary Sum-

mer 1952

David Taylor Reed, Jr., A.B. Plymouth

Business Education and Social Studies

Jessie Ann Rice, B.S. Sanford

Primary Education

College Choir 1; Women's Chorus 1; Music CLub 1; Women's

Judiciary 1; ACE 3, 4; YWCA 3, 4; Buccaneer Staff 4.

Mary Gwendolyn Richardson, A.B.


Social Studies and Spanish

Kathryn Thompson Rickards, B.S.


Home Economics

Home Economics 1, 2, 3, 4; YWCA 1, 2, 3.

Emily Jane Rivenbark, B.S. Rose Hill

Home Economics

M. Jenette Rivenbark, B.S. Watha

Mathematics and Social Studies

Math Club 1, 4; International Relations Club 2, 4; YWCA 2, 4.

William Barry Rogers, B.S. Tabor City

Physical Education and Social Studies

Cadel Officer's Club 3; APO 3, 4.

Sidney Payne Rogerson, B.S. Aulander

Physical Education and Social Studies

Josephine Dixon Ross, B.S. Ayden

Home Economics

Jo Ann Cothran Roueche, B.S. Salisbury

Art and English

Leon H. Rouse, Jr., A.B. Wilmington

Geography and Science

Shelby Eugene Russ, A.B. Wilmington

Business Education

Commerce Club 2, 3; Circle K Club 3, 4; Cadet Officer's Club

3, 4; SGA 3, 4; Executive Council 3, 4; Vice Chairman Men's

Judiciary 4.

Gene Russell, B.S. Dover

Business Education

Mitchell Lee Saieed, A.B. Greenville

Business and Social Studies

Commerce Club 1, 2, 3; Jarvis Forensic 1; SGA 1, 3, 4; Vice

President 3 and President 4; Varsity Debate Team 1, 2, 3;

Parliamentarian Commerce Club 3; College Choir 3; Circle

K Club 2, 3, 4; Phi Sigma Pi 2, 3, 4; Varsity Men's Glee Club

2, 3, 4; Cadet Officer's Club 3, 4; President of Senate of NC

State Student Legislature; Who's Who among Students in American Universities and Colleges.

William C. Sanderson, B.S. Seven Springs

Physical Education and Social Studies

Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Club 2, 3, 4.

Robert Towe Sears, A.B. Norfolk, Va.

Geography and Social Studies


William Ray Sears, B.S. Greenville

Science and Mathematics

Jarvis Forensic Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Parliamentarian 1; Sgt.-at-

Arms 2; President 3; Inter-Religious Council 1; Math Club 1, 2;

Varsity Debate Team 1, 2, 3; Cadet Officer's Club 3, 4;

Science Club 3, 4.

Josie Ray Sessoms, B.S. Lumberton

Home Economics

Leon Hampton Sewell, A.B. Wilmington

Science and Social Studies

Clayton W. Shakelford, B.S. High Point

English and Social Studies

High Point College 1; YDC 2, 3; Vice President 3; Buccaneer

Staff 3; Cadet Officer's Club 3, 4.

Mattie Boseman Shearin, B.S. Whitakers

Primary Education

ACE 1, 4.

Fred Louis Shelby, A.B. Goldsboro


Science Club 1, 2, 3, 4.

Mary Jane Simmons, B.S. Bessemer City

English and French

English Club 1, 2, 3, 4; East Carolinian Reporter 2; Vice

President 4; Women's Chorus 1, E.C.C. Social Committee 1,

2, 3, 4; Westminster Fellowship Council 1, 2, 3, 4; Secretary

4; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4; Sigma Pi Alpha 2, 3, 4.

John Piggott Sloan, A.B. Wilmington


University of the South 1; Wilmington College 2; YMCA 3, 4;

Science 3, 4; Football Trainer 4; Chi Beta Phi 4.

Anne Veron Smith, B.S. Tarboro

Primary Education

ACE 1, 2, 3, 4; Westminster Fellowship 1, 2, 3, 4; President, 4.

Creola Smith, B.S. Brunswick

Business Education

English Club 1, 2, 3, 4; FBLA 1, 2, 3, 4.


Eston C. Smith, B.S. Wilson

Physical Education and English

Intramural Softball 1, 2; Cadet Officer's Club 2, 3; Intramural

Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4.

Ellen Lucille Sprinkle, B.S. Asheville

Music Education

Mars Hills Jr. College 1, 2; Band 3; College Choir 3, 4; Music

Education Club 3, 4; Orchestra 3, 4; Secretary 4.

Julie Maxine Stanley, B.S. Elizabeth City

Primary Education

Commerce Club 1, 2; YWCA 1, 2, 3; ACE 3, 4; FTA 3, 4.

George W. Starling, B.S. Greenville

Music Education

Cleo Richardson Scott, B.S. Greenville

Primary Education

G. Merle Sugg, B.S. Kinston

Social Studies and English

YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4; English Club 1, 2, 3, 4; International Re-

lations Club 1, 2, 3, 4.

Edwin Charles Sutton, B.S. Kinston


Science Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Chi Beta Phi 3, 4.

Geraldine Swindell, B.S. Belhaven

Business Education

Commerce Club 1, 2, 4; Pi Omega Pi 4.

Janet E. Swinson, B.S. Mt. Olive

Primary Education

BSU 1, 2, 3, 4; Corresponding Secretary 3, 4; Women's

Chorus 1, 2, 3; ACE 2, 3, 4; FTA 3, 4; YWCA 2, 3, 4.

Charles Edgar Tadlock, B.S. Windsor

Physical Education and Social Studies

Class President 1; Intramural Basketball 1; Varsity Baseball

1; County Club President 1, 2, 3; SGA 1, 2, 3, 4; Social Com-

mittee 3, 4; Cadet Officer's Club 3, 4.

Lena Maxine Taylor, B.S. Sea Level

Grammar Grade Education

FTA 1, 2, 3, 4; Secretary-Treasurer Summer School 1953; Vice

President 4; Teachers Playhouse 1, 2, 3, 4; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4;

Cabinet 1, 2; President Summer School 1953; Vice President 4.

Glenna Clark Thomas, B.S. Leaksville

Primary Education

ACE 3, 4; Wilson Hall Treasurer 4.

Sarah Elizabeth Thompson, B.S. Goldsboro

Business Education and Social Studies

Secretary Women's Judiciary 2; Point System Committee; SGA

Treasurer Summer School 1953; Jarvis House Committee 4;

Assitant Editor East Carolinian Summer 1952.

Wilbur Paul Thompson, B.S. Whitakers

Physical Education and Social Studies

Varsity Club 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4.

Barbara Ann Tilley, B.S. Fuquay Springs

Physical Education and Science

Mona Jay Toler, B.S. Washington

Primary Education

WAA 1, 2, 3, 4; ACE 1, 3, 4; Buccaneer Staff 2, 3, 4; FTA 4.

George Marion Tucker, B.S. Monroe

Physical Education and Mathematics

Lois Ann Tucker, B.S. Greenville


Science Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Vice President 4; Chi Beta Phi 4.

Victor Johnson Tucker, B.S. Magnolia

Business Education and Social Studies

Commerce Club 2, 3; Teachers Playhouse 2, 3, 4; FBLA 4


William Lester Tucker, B.S. Winterville

Physical Education and Social Studies

Lydia C. Turner, B.S. Conway

Social Studies and English

WCUNC 1; YWCA 1, 3, 4; International Relations Club 2, 3,

4; YDC 3, 4; English Club 4.

Janice Newsome Turpin, B.S. Farmville

Primary Education

Linwood N. Tyndall, B.S. Greenville

Business Education and Social Studies

YDC 3, 4; FBLA 4; Pi Omega Pi 4.

Julian R. Vainright, A.B. Greenville

Business Education

Band 1; Baseball 1, 2; Cadet Officer's Club 2, 3; Canterbury

President 3; FBLA 1, 2, 3, 4; President 4; Alpha Phi Omega

3; Circle K Club 2, 3, 4; Secretary 4; SGA 3, 4; Chairman

Point System Committee 3; Phi Sigma Pi 3, 4; Vice President 4.

Lois B. Vicars, B.S. Greenville

English and Social Studies

Herman Conley Vinson, B.S. Clayton

Business and Social Studies

Campbell College 1.

Irma Wainwright, B.S. Grifton

Business Education and English

English Club 1; YWCA 1, 2; Commerce Club 2, 3, 4; Pi Omega

Pi 3, 4.

Betty Rose Walker, B.S. Whiteville

Social Studies and English

YWCA 1, 2, 3; Canterbury Club 1, 2, 3, 4; International Re-

lations Club 1, 2, 3, 4; YDC 2.

Jane Bond Wallace, B.S. Windsor

Grammar Grade Education

Peace College 1; Inter-Religious Council 2; ACE 2; Canterbury

Club 2, 3; State Treasurer 2.

Helen Louise Walters, B.S. Rocky Mount

Grammar Grade Education

FTA 1, 2, 3, 4.


Rodney Neale Walters, A.B. Wilmington

Business Education

Presbyterian Jr. College 1; Orchestra 2; Band 2, 3; Collegians

2, 3, 4; Commerce Club 3; Pi Omega Pi 3, 4.

Janet Adell Ward, B.S. Seven Springs

Business Education

Betty Jean Warren, B.S. Robersonville

Grammar Grade Education

FTA 2, 3; ACE 2, 3, 4; YWCA 2, 3, 4.

Charlie H. Wentz, B.S. Asheboro

Industrial Arts

Alpha Phi Omega 2; Sgt.-at-Arms 2; Vice President 3; Indus-

trial Arts Club 2, 3; Vice President 3; Chairman Campus

Improvement Committee 3; SGA 3.

Laura Chadwick West, B.S. Warsaw

Primary Education

Women's Chorus 1; ACE 4.

Delia Frances Westbrook, B.S. Princeton

Primary Education

Maryland State Teachers College 1; FTA 3; ACE 4; YWCA 4.

Dorothy Smith Whitehead, B.S. Oak City

Business Education

ACE 1; YWCA 1; Treasurer Freshman Y 1; Commerce Club

2, 3; Pi Omega Pi 2, 3, 4; FBLA 4.

Bynum James Whitehurst, B.S. Greenville

Distributive Education and Social Studies

FBLA 3, 4.

Betty Sue Whitfield, B.S. Hurdle Mills

Music Education

Thelbert Allen Whitt, B.S. Timberlake

Business Education

Louisburg Jr. College 1, 2.


Vernie Bert Wilder, B.S. Nashville

English and French

YWCA 1, 2; English Club 1, 2, 3, 4; FTA 1, 2, 3, 4; Sopho-

more Counselor 2; Sigma Pi Alpha 2, 3, 4; Vice President 3;

English Club Vice President 3; YDC 3, 4; Kappa Delta Pi 4;

Who's Who among Students in American Universities and Colleges.

Virginia Ruth Wilkes, B.S. Lumberton

Business Education and Social Studies

Jarvis Forensic Club 1, 2, 3, 4; BSU Council 2, 3; FBLA 4.

Eugene Benjamin Williams, B.S. Kinston

Business Education and Social Studies

Gwen Williams, B.S. Oakboro

Home Economics

BSU Council 1, 2, 3, 4; Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Vice

Presient 3; President 4; Jarvis Forensic Club 2, 3, 4; Secre-

tary-Treasurer 3; College Debate Team 3; SGA Secretary

Summer School 1953; Phi Omicron; Who's Who among Students in American Universities and Colleges.

Pete Carl Williams, B.S. Dover


International Relations Club 1; Teachers Playhouse 2, 3; Science

Club 2, 3, 4; Chi Beta Phi 3, 4.

Robert King Williams, Jr., B.S. Greenville

Music Education

Band 1, 2, 3, 4; College Choir 1, 2, 3; Music Education Club

1, 2, 3, 4; Vice President 3; Collegians 2, 3, 4; College Orchestra

2, 3, 4; Manager Dance Band 3, 4; Alpha Phi Omega 3, 4;

Music Chairman 4; Productions Committee 4; SGA 4.

Trudy Carr Williams, B.S. Wallace

Primary Education

David Crowell Williamson, B.S. Whiteville

Physical Education and Social Studies

Boxing 1, 2; Physical Education Club 1, 2, 3; Varsity Club

1, 2, 3, 4; Acquatic Club 4.


Left to right: Ann Siler, Robert Baird, Jane Kanoy, Kris Ander, and Bob Nielson

One of the biggest events on the college calendar each year is the Junior-Senior dance and banquet, and this year was no exception. Headed by Bob "Chicken" Nielson, the Junior Class this year has upheld the tradi-tion of past classes in fine style.

Junior Class Officers

Bob Nielson President

Robert Baird Vice President

Jane Kanoy Secretary

Kris Anderson Treasurer

Ann Siler SGA Representative


Helen Anne Adams Angier

Waverly F. Akins Varina

Jimmy Alexander Columbia

Jean Carolyn Allen Kinston

Robert C. Allen Southport

William Durward Aman, Jr Jacksonville

Kris Anderson Beach Haven, New Jersey

Robert Lee Anderson, Jr Goldsboro

Charles Hamilton Armstrong

Elizabeth City

Donald Miles Atkinson Elizabethtown

Ernest C. Averette Winterville

Marceline Aycock Black Creek

Robert Grover Baird Roanoke Rapids

Vernon Baker, Jr. Colerain

James Edgar Barbour Clayton

Russell L. Barnes Winterville

Marvin Eugene Baugh Warrenton

James Perry Bazemore Greenville

Charlie Benjamin Bedford Pikeville

Dorothy M. Belch Colerain

Peggy Joyce Bell Newport

Elizabeth Brooks Biberstein Burgaw

Lois Jean Bland Marlboro, New Jersey

Bois Mae Bobbitt Como

Betty Jane Boyce Jackson

Emily Stewart Boyce Rich Square

Ruth J. Boyce Tyner

Betty Lois Boyette Selma

Emma Jean Brake Rocky Mount

Don Gerald Brannan Siler City

Ben W. Britt Mount Olive

James Ralph Britt Mount Olive

Miriam Carolyn Brothers South Mills

J. W. Browning Enfield

Frazier Hughes Bruton Kinston



Maxine G. Bryan Fayetteville

Maybell Bryant Pendleton

William J. Bryant Boykins, Va.

Hattie Josephine Bryson Apex

Lael S. Bunting Oak City

Margaret Ann Bunting Oak City

Peggy Anne Bunton Reidsville

Emory Wilton Bush Jacksonville

Lucious Calvin Butt Hertford

Alfred Eugene Cahoon Grantsboro

Jack White Cahoon Manteo

John David Cannon Greenville

Junius Long Capehart Washington

Ann Lloyd Carawan Swan Quarter

Grover L. Carawan Belhaven

Molly Carawan Washington

Anne Cecelia Carlson Rego Park, N. Y.

Phyllis Lucille Carpenter Kinston

Jack Carr Rose Hill

John Robert Carrington, Jr.Greenville

Harriet Jean Carter Fayetteville

Maxine Elizabeth Case Roanoke Rapids

Sarah Anne Casey Goldsboro

Emma Jane Cauley Kinston

George Bennett Causby Albemarle

Shirley Rose Clark Greenville

Joseph Oliver Clark Greenville

William E. Clark Sharpsburg

Lela Frances Clayton Roxboro

Gaither D. Cline Gastonia

Harold Gordon Colson Hertford

Wade Hampton Cooper Raleigh

rames William Corum Reidsville

Bobbie Jean Credle Swan Quarter

E. Louise Credle Scranton



Sally Blane Credle Scranton

Carolyn Joyce Croom Rocky Mount

Lester Bryant Croom Rocky Mount

Patsy Cummings Macclesfield

Giles Dail, Jr. Kinston

Harvey L. Davis, Jr. Warrenton

John Robert Davis Rocky Mount

Lou Anne Davis Pink Hill

Patricia Ann Dawson Belhaven

Delia Love Dean Durham

Geraldine Dixon Wallace

Jane Badger Eason Stantonsburg

Amelia Jean Eaton Franklinton

Don Raby Edwards Greenville

Shirley Jane Edwards Chicod

Eddie Lee Elks Weldon

Betty Ellington Washington

Mrs. Eugene Emery Greenville

Irving Newton Ennis Goldsboro

Lorine A. Estes Charlotte

Evelyn Ruth Eury Concord

Peggy Joyce Faircloth Roseboro

Mary Farless Merry Hill

Alma Lee Faulkner La Grange

Elma Harriet Fendley Fayetteville

James Lee Ferguson Greenville

Carolyn Elizabeth Finck Elizabeth City

Gayle Flanagan Farmville

Hugh Morris Flowers Frement

Edward Milton Foley Greenville

Jack Stanley Forlines Winterville

Dallas Hayes Foscue Kinston

Frances Downs French Norfolk, Va.

Joan Marie Fulford Supply

Nellie Rhea Gardner Nashville



Paul Beasley Gay Saratoga

Mary Eloise Gorliern Pine Level

Keith Goodson Greenville

Peggy Goodwin Apex

Frances E. Greene Greenville

Arthur Gregory, Jr. Rockingham

James Dalton Griffin Washington

Mary Etta Guerrant Henderson

Barbara Mae Guyton Wilmington

Rachel Juanita Hagler Belmont

Samuel Milton Hale Aulander

Charlotte Grey Hales Stantonsburg

Charles Sterling Hamilton Columbia

Franklin M. Hamilton Fayetteville

Frank Milton Hammond Wilmington

James Hankins, Jr. Leaksville

Charles W. Harper La Grange

Charles H. Harrell Greenville

John Perry Harris Macon

Sara Hannah Harris Greenville

Alice Raye Hathaway Farmville

John Thomas Hayes Durham

Lillian Cecelia Haynes Goldsboro

Cecil A. Heath Wilmington

James Leroy Henderson Hubert

Robert E. Hicks, Jr. Deep Run

Robert Pendleton Hilldrup

Fredericksburg, Va.

Jarahnee Trevor Hinson Clarendon

Janet Hayes Hodges Washington

David A. Holder Greenville

Willie E. Holland Wilson

Jane Hendon Holmes Bolton

Theo Hollingsworth Kenansville

Kenneth Maxwell Holt

Colonial Heights, Va.

Laura Lynn Horton Zebulon



Janie Marjorie House Scotland Neck

Vernice Lee Howard Greenville

Gilda Grey Hubbard Stedmon

John W. Hudson Kinston

Van Carlton Huggins Kinston

Robert David Hunt Oxford

Manly Wilbur Hussey, Jr.Seven Springs

Nora Elizabeth Isles Thelma

Genevieve Ivey Orrum

Hannah Jackson Ayden

Edward Earl Jernigan Windsor

Ann McClenny Johnson Goldsboro

Carolyn Sherlock Johnson Elizabeth City

Kay Frances Johnston Nashville

Linda Lee Jones Snow Hill

Lucy Grey Jones Louisburg

John Russell Joyner Farmville

Robert Earle Julian Norfolk, Va.

Martha Jane Kanoy Thomasville

Anise Kelly Mount Olive

Jean Carolyn Kemp Louisburg

Claude Keith King Wilmington

Donald Alford King Goldsboro

James Ray Kirby Warsaw

Laura Ann Kirven Sumter, S. C.

Edwin McKay Lanier Chinquapin

Delcie Jean Lassiter Four Oaks

James David Lassiter Raleigh

Janet Lloyd Latta Roxboro

Anna Lou Laughton Beaufort

Ned F. Lee Benson

Nell Lee Williamston

Janet Lewis Knightdale

Willa Dean Lindsay Clinton

Marjorie Faye McDougald Raeford



Marilyn McGimsey Lenoir

Nina Lou McGowan Greenville

Margaret Ann Mcintosh Jacksonville

Paul W. Maness Mount Olive

Dalton Lee Mann Manns Harbor

Shirley Brown Manning- Greenville

Janice V. Markham Elizabeth City

Tallulah Frances Marshbourne

Spring Hope

Travis Martin, Jr. Williamston

Emil Massad Benson

Anna Dickens Matthews Camp Lejeune

Edgar H. Mathews Raleigh

Iris lone Matthews Aberdeen

Philip W. Mellon Winterville

Frank Hewette Melvin New Bern

John Leckman Milligan Tabor City

Anne Troy Mitchell Fairmont

Jean Ann Mobley Robersonville

Nancy Lu Moore Farmville

Peggy F. Moore Greenville

Maidred Joyce Morris Kenly

Martha Benton Moye Greenville

Agnes Nell Mumford Grifton

Charlie Narron Rocky Mount

Kenneth Harlon Neal Goldsboro

Mary Belinda Newsome Fremont

C. Robert Nielsen Kinston

Harold LaMartin Noell Durham

Hugh Lee Odom Ahoskie

Faye Batten O'Neal Selma

Mary Jo Outland Woodland

Patsy Pool Pappendick Elizabeth City

Janice Mae Penny Raleigh

William Andrew Penuel Goldsboro

Hannah Jane Phelps Raleigh



Rebecca Gail Plemmons Raleigh

John H. Price, Jr Tarboro

Ruth Proctor Pinetops

Iris Olivia Rabon Southport

Mildred Marie Reynolds Columbia

Donald Gilbert Rhodes Windsor

Floyd Rhodes Columbia

James Walter Ridge Asheboro

Nancy Evelyn Riley Wilson

Percy E. Rogerson Hertford

William Howard Rooks Turkey

George Bearnard Rose Newton Grove

Mildred Joyce Rouse Kinston

John Quincy Sanders Fayetteville

Eleanor Bryan Sanderson Kinston

Charles Edward Satterwhite Farmville

Dixie Rose Sawyer Elkin

Jackie Merle Sears Greenville

Sally Jennette Sedgwick Elizabeth City

Margaret Ann Sellger Leechville

Frances Harlan Sigmon Greenville

Ann de Lee Siler Siler City

Daniel Singletary Elizabethtown

A. Louis Singleton Plymouth

Paul Lester Singleton Plymouth

Patrick O'Connell Skidmore Mount Gilead

Ralph Parkinson Smiley Greenville

Atwood Russell Smith Kinston

Grace Irene Smith Willard

Guilford Coffield Smith, Jr.

South Charleston, W. Va.

Ted Page Smith Roxboro

Vivian Patricia Smith Greenville

James Kenan Spell Turkey

Clara Harris Spencer Elizabeth City

Emma Jean Spencer Swan Quarter



William Riley Spencer Draper

Jean Kathryn Stephenson Seaboard

Mary Augustine Stephenson Como

Elbert R. Stokes Greenville

Robert Delano Stokes Greenville

Walter Clyde Straughan, Jr.

Rocky Mount

William Glenn Strickland Bell Arthur

Amos T. Stroud, Jr. Kinston

Virginia Jane Stroud Deep Run

Betty Frances Sutton Greenville

Norwood Mac Talton Pikeville

Ernestine Taylor Deep Run

Mitzi Sue Taylor Greenville

William F. Taylor Robersonville

Sallie Little Thigpen Scotland Neck

Bobby Tubby Thomas Henderson

E. A. Thomas, Jr. Wilmington

C. Jean Thorne Wilson

Cecelia Lou Tripp Shallotte

H. Dean Tripp Grifton

Hazel Garris Tripp Greenville

Veryl Trueblood Goldsboro

Mary Jane Tucker Winterville

Nancy Geraldine Tugwell Farmville

Betty Joan Turner Kinston

Clifton L. Turpin Farmville

Ruby M. Underhill Selma

Betty Helene Vaughan Elm City

Harriet Ward Williamston

Betty Gwyn Watson New Bern

John Robert Watson Greenville

Luby Shelton Weaver Mount Olive

James Boyd Webb Gastonia

Charles B. West Dunn

Margie Ruth West Stantonsburg



Eunice Marvina White Winfall

Mary Lee Whitfield Hurdle Mills

Rachel Jones Whitfield Kinston

Josephine E. Whitley Washington

Lloyd Oliver Whitley Pinetops

Melva Jane Wiggins Tyner

Shirley Wiggins Goldsboro

Percy Wilkins, Jr. Goldsboro

Mary Ann Williams Newton Grove

Betty Sue Williamson Southport

Robert Franklin Williamson Kenansvills

Carolyn Willis Marshallberg

William Sherrill Willis Coats

Mildred Henderson Wood Roxboro

Dorothy Ann Wooten Clinton

Boys in the AFROTC get briefed before they take an exam.

This is what the basement of the Wright Building looked like as the student union was being built.


Left to right: Bruce Phillips, Phyllis Eisele, Ann Bowles, and Gary Scarboro.

Bruce Phillips heads this year's Sophomore Class of approximately 460 persons. Some of these members will be lost this year, as there are nearly 75 two-year business students in the group.

Sophomore Class Officers

Bruce Phillips President

Gary Scarboro Vice President

Phyllis Eisele Secretary

Janet Watson Treasurer

Ann Bowles SGA Representative


FIRST ROW: Thomas M. Adams, Parmele; Halvor Gerald Adcock, Durham; Helen

Mae Alexander, Creswell; Milton B. Allen, Durham; Elbert Leton Alligood, Davis;

Betty Elaine Alphin, Greenville; Pauline Frances Armstrong, New Bern; Judith Ann

Arrington, Sanford; Roy Kendrick Askew, Elizabeth City.

SECOND ROW: Anna Kinard Avant, Whiteville; Bobbie Lou Avant, Whiteville; Phillip

Alva Averette, Greenville; Glenn Alden Bagley, Kenly; Virginia C. Baise, Raleigh;

Anne Airlee Barbour, Four Oaks; Sue Evelyn Barbour, Fayetteville ; Thomas Jeffress

Barnett, Jr., Raleigh; William Cornelius Barnhill, Robersonville.

THIRD ROW: Dorothy Deen Barnwell, Prospect Hill; Edgar Paschall Barrett, Farm-

ville; Mary Campbell Barwick, Kinston; Barbara Lou Batchelor, Greenville; Blanche

Elizabeth Bateman, Rocky Mount; Arthur Truwick Baugh, New Bern; Betty Beam,

Plymouth; Mary Dunn Beatty, Greenville; Kenneth T. Bellamy, Supply.


FOURTH ROW: Charles A. Benson, Swansboro; Sudie Faye Benton, Cerro Gordo;

Anthony Owen Bessellien, Wilmington; Thomas Burton Blizzard, Deep Run; Erolyn

Jenkins Blount, Nashville; Emil Edward Boado, Wilmington; Andrew Howell Bone,

Greenville; Jean Carol Bordeaux, Burgaw; Kenneth R. Bordeaux, Mount Olive.

FIFTH ROW: Edna Earle Bostic, Pink Hill; Edgar Gerald Bowen, Plymouth; Lawrence

Daniel Bowen, Greenville; D. Ann Bowles, Wilmington; Clifton E. Boyd, Aurora;

Joseph Sherril Boyette, Fayetteville; James Donald Bradford, Fayetteville; Barbara

Ann Braswell, Nashville; Robert Clayton Bright, Macclesfield.

SIXTH ROW: James Walter Briley, Greenville; James Alexander Brinson, Grantsboro;

Nellie Catherine Brock, Wade; Grace Dawn Broome, Washington; Clarence Emmet

Brown, Jr., Hickory; John Wesley Brown, Hickory; Mary Susan Brown, Magnolia;

Sue Carolyn Brown, Hamlet; Erma L. Browning, Enfield.


FIRST ROW: Marv Ann Brvan, Kittv Hawk; Bettv Jean Buchanan, Raleigh; George

H. Bulla, Fayetteville; Annie Ruth Bullard, Sanford; M. Carolyn Bullard, Fayette-

ville; Doris Eron Bulluck, Palmyra; Barbara M. Burnham, Elizabeth City; Ronald

C. Butler, Tarboro; George Martin Caffrey, Elizabeth City.

SECOND ROW: Janice Omega Cannon, Grifton ; Betty Jo Carroll, Greenville; Doris

Fay Carroll, Benson; Robert Edison Carter, Williamston; Commodore Ernest Caswell,

Whiteville; Henry Vernon Cashwell, Garland; Andrew W. Caudill, Tarboro; Robert

Maxwell Chambers, Salisbury; Peggy Ruth Cherry, Williamston.

THIRD ROW: Richard Foley Cherry, Washington; Billy Harvey Civils, New Bern;

Elsie Carol Clapp, Whitsett;cJames Preston Clark, Tarboro; Thomas Edward Clemmons,

Wilmington; Billy Donald Cline, Gastonia; Jimmy Dale Clowers, Winston-Salem;

Bryan Dee Coats, Benson; Alice Louise Coburn, Bethel.


FOURTH ROW: Barbara Ann Coghill, Henderson; Charles Earl Coker, Pinetops; Ken-

neth Leroy Cole, Kinston; Goldie Caroline Coley, Saratoga; William Marshall Cost-

ner, Gastonia; Shirley Stanley Council, Wilmington; Charles Douglas Cox, Tabor

City; Emma Jean Craft, Pinetops; Frances Joam Crawford, East Rockingham.

FIFTH ROW: Mary Elizabeth Crawford, Greenville; Jane Mann Credle, New Holland;

Laura Blount Credle, New Holland; Flora Jean Creech, Snow Hill; Paige Turner

Creech, Warwick, Va.; Peggy Jovce Creech, Smithfleld; Lannie Gertrue Crocker,

Selma; Rhetta Ann Crocker, Smithfleld; Jeane Elizabeth Cullifer, Bethel.

SIXTH ROW: Charlie W. Daniels, Tarboro; Clara Sue Daniels, Jacksonville; Elizabeth

A. Dann, Wilmington; Helon Doris Darden, Faison; Lillian Faye Daughtry, Faison;

Betty June Davenport, Tarboro; Jean Marian Davenport, Creswell; Doris Harriet

Davis, Carthage; Irvin W. Davis, Jr., Davis.


FIRST ROW: Margaret Ann Davis, Graham; Patricia Lucille Davis, Raleigh; Ruby

Catherine Davis, Scotland Neck; Ruth Hocutt Dawson, Portsmouth, Va.; Frank

Carroll Dees, New Bern; John Burt Derreckson, Jr., New Bern; Chester B. DeSavigny,

Greenville; Grady Gresham Dickerson, Henderson; Sarah Ruth Dixon, Willard.

SECOND ROW: Donnie L. Dudley, Beaufort; Lawrence Dunning, Aulander; Jeanne

Kayren DuPree, Angier; Margaret Moore Eason, Sharpsburg; Sallie Hortense

Easterling, Swan Quarter; Martha Swann Eaton, Franklinton; Norman Lee Edgerton,

Kenly; Edmond O'Brien Edwards, Chocowinity; Glenda Millie Edwards, Beulaville.

THRID ROW: Martha Perrv Edwards, Franklin, Va. ; Nell Blount Edwards, Greenville;

Phyllis Eileen Eisele, Statesville; James Hargette Ellerbe, Rockingham; Paul Dean

Emmett, Gastonia; Laura Grace Ennis, Dunn; Robbie Hayes Eure, Gates; David

Arthur Evans, Norfolk, Va.; Margaret Gold Evans, Greenville.


FOURTH ROW: Joel Underwood Farrar, Gastonia; Willi Faye Ferrell, Lucama; Molly

Ann Finch, Henderson; James Lloyd Fish, Willow Springs; William Darron Flowers,

Fremont; Mary Jacquclyn Forehand, Wanchese; Drexel Mae Forsyth, Ahoskie; Jackie

Foss, La Grange; Jerry Fouts, Winston-Salem.

FIFTH ROW: Sadie Muriel Francis, Conway; Donald Basnight Freeman, Plymouth;

Lessie Eugenia Gaddy, Clinton; Lela Ann Gardner, New Bern; Hazel Elizabeth

Garner, Roanoke Rap'ids; James E. Garrett, Rockingham; Franklin Allen Garris,

Greenville; Juanita Garris, Ayden; Dorothy Bvone Gay, Walstonburg.

SIXTH ROW: Julia Isabelle George, Winston-Salem; Sara K. Giles, Linden; Dorothea

Joyce Gillikin, Beaufort; William K. Glover, Jr., Dover; Patricia Agnes Goodwin,

Millington, Tenn.; Joseph C. Grady, Kinston; Frances Nail Graham, Greenville; Mary

Elizabeth Grant, Goldsboro; Virginia Herring Grant, Seven Springs.


FIRST ROW: Benjamin C. Gray, Trenton; Pattie Sue Grimes, Wendell; David Clarence

Gurkin, Williamston; Alfred John Habit, Edenton; Franklin Ide Hall, Wilmington;

Kenneth Dwight Hall, Rockwell; Charles Thomas Hamilton, Beaufort; William

Kenneth Hardee, Wilmington ; George T. Hardison, Williamston.

SECOND ROW: Hilda Rae Harrell, Edenton; Thomas Lane Harrell, Macclesfield; Sara

Margaret Harrington, Fairmont; Betty Kaye Harris, Halifax; Jo Anne Harriss,

Southern Pines; Launa Alice Harris, Roper; William M. Han'is, Plymouth; Harry

D. Hayes, Wilmington; Jennie Lee Hayman, Pantego.

THIRD ROW: Rachel Ann Heath, Kinston; Nancy Carolyn Henderson, Hubert; James

Curtis Hendrix, Greenville; Emma Jean Henrv, Selma; Lois Faye Hewett, Supply;

Charlotte Anne Hicks, Clinton; Leetta Bell Highfill, Greensboro; Milford P. Hill,

Chocowinity; Janie Fields Hinson, Walstonburg.


FOURTH ROW: Hazel Anna Holleman, Winston-Salem; Frances Carolyn Horton, Apex;

Mabel Frankie House, Hobgood; Margaret Ann Hudson, Newton Grove; Walter Lee

Humphlett, Winfall; Janie Farrar Hunt, Henderson; Billy Rogers Hutchison, Green-

ville; Nathan Council Hyman, Oak City; Richard Earl Ivey, Roanoke Rapids.

FIFTH ROW: Margaret D. Jackson, Belhaven; Bryan D. Jennings, Fairmont; William

Frank Jennings, Elizabeth City; Alyce Neal Johnson, Fairmont; James E. Johnson,

Jr., Tryon; Laura Frances Johnson, Kinston; Peggy Allen Johnson, Durham; Shirley

Faye Johnson, Fairmont; Robert Jerrold Johnston, Draper.

SIXTH ROW: Carolyn Elizabeth Jones, Albemarle; Gracie Marie Jones, Kinston;

Lesley Blanche Jones, Greenville; Mary Ann Jones, Kinston; Mary Joyce Jones,

Whiteville; Fred I. Joseph, Greenville; Max R. Joyner, Greenville; Freddie Claire

Kendrick, Henderson; Jean Ann King, Greenville.


FIRST ROW: Joyce Ann King, Harrells; Barbara Helen Kinney, Raleigh; Thomas

Lewis Kirkman, Jamesville; Virginia A. Knott, Creedmoor; Emily Knox, Leland;

Lee Victor Landing, Plymouth; Edgar Earl Lane, Roxobel; Felix Franklin Lane,

La Grange; Faye Lanier, Burgaw.

SECOND ROW: Gene D. Lanier, Conway; Sharon Inez Lanier, Chinquapin; Julia M.

Lasater, Grimesland; Ruth Anne Lassiter, Four Oaks; Shirley Jean Lassiter, Four

Oaks; John William Latta, Jr., Mebane; Elsie Leigh Lawson, Orrum; Barbara Ann

Lecroy, Nashville; Jo Anne Lee, Four Oaks.

THIRD ROW: John William Lee, New Bern; Charles B. Lewis, Richlands; Erleen

LaMarne Lilley, Gatesville; Bryan Bonner Litchfield, Aurora; Marvin Little, Winter-

ville; Barbara Jean Lloyd, Oxford; Mary Ann Loughlin, Southport; Billy Eugene

Loving, Burlington; Carol Lee Lucas, West End.


FOURTH ROW: Murray Bud Lynch, Washington; T. Parker Maddrey, Seaboard; Mary

Alice Madry, Scotland Neck; Mavie Agnes Mangum, Lillington; Betty Gene Mann,

New Holland; Hilda Eloise Maready, Chinquapin; William Parker Marks, Speed;

Mary Anne Marshbourne, Spring Hope; Elma Rose Marshburn.

FIFTH ROW: John Wayne Martin, Washington; Carolyn Currie Matthews, Sanford;

William Fleming Matthews, Enfield; Dottie Ann Matthews, Castalia; Corinne D.

Matthis, New Bern; Alice Roberta Mattox, Smithfield; Pearl Hogan May, Durham;

Arthur Irving Maynard, Wilmington; Lou Mayo, Greenville.

SIXTH ROW: Maurice Allen Mayo, Aurora; Don S. McAllister, Wilmington; Jane

Ayers McCormick, Fairmont; Raymond Clinton McGhee, Raleigh; Roy William Mc-

Ginnis, Jr., Morven; Betty Lois McGowan, Greenville; Justus L. McKeel, Bethel;

William T. McLean, Mount Olive; Ethel Poe Mercer, Washington.


FIRST ROW: John A. Messick, Greenville; Jan Mitchell, Hillsboro; Sam Doug Mitchell,

Greenville; Carolyn White Moore, Fountain; Geraldine Moore, Walstonburg; Peggy

Lou Moore, Franklinton; Shirley Patricia Moose, Salisbury; Sarah Louise Morris,

Kinston; Gerald Edmund Murphy, China Grove.

SECOND ROW: Patsy Jean Myrick, Littleton; Jodie Kathleen Neal, Louisburg; Norma

S. Newby, Greenville; Arthur Sinclair Newman, Henderson; Russell Simpson New-

man, Leaksville; Marie Nicholson, Vaughan; Shirley Marquerite Noble, Deep Run;

Vincent Boyce Oglesby, Morehead City; Harold Gene O'Kelley, High Point.

THIRD ROW: Edward Peter Oliver, Milford, Conn.; Sue O'Neil, Windsor; Anne Byerly

Outland, Woodland; Kathleen Mae Overby, Warren Plains; Donald Overman, Gib-

sonville; Minnie Davis Overman, Goldsboro; Dorothy Lee Overton, Washington;

Robert G. Owens, Rocky Mount; Relmond Otis Pace.


FOURTH ROW: Mary Elizabeth Packer, Warsaw; James D. Page, Williamston; Alice

Faye Parker, Farmville; Jimmie E. Parkin, Beaufort; Virginia Rose Parnell, Red

Springs; George Thomas Pate, Bridgeton ; Sylvia Jean Pate, New Bern; Roberta

Patton, Marion; Robert Grady Penley, Elon College.

FIFTH ROW: Earl Hanson Peterson, New Bern; R. Jean Phelps, Greenville; Audrey

Dovis Phillips, Trenton; Bruce Marshall Phillips, Raeford; George Thomas Phillips,

Scotland Neck; Lois Adair Phillips, Warsaw; William E. Phillips, Trenton; Carol

Ann Pitt, Pinetops; Clara Frances Poe, Varina.

SIXTH ROW: Donnie Del wood Pollard, Benson; Barbara Louise Poole, Raleigh; Marilyn

Glenn Poole, Raleigh; Wilburn Rupert Pope, Winston-Salem; James Arthur Porter,

Jr., Lynchburg, Va.; Rita H. Potter, Chocowinity; Edward Turner Powell, Beaufort;

Furney Powell, Vanceboro; Grady Moses Prevette, Ringgold, Va.


FIRST ROW: Marvin Roland Pridgen, Wilson; Sara Loretta Priest, Council; Jeanne

Frances Pritchard, Elizabeth City; Anne Elizabeth Pully, Kinston; Thomas Edward

Rabon, Winnabow; Harvey Graham Rainey, Salisbury; Stanley Grey Rawls, Aulander;

Peter M. Raymer, Asheville; Jane Ellen Riley, Fuquay Springs.

SECOND ROW: Ruth White Robbing, Greenville; Raymond Amlek Robertson, Williams-

ton; Gwendolvn Robinson, Belmont; Mariann Roebuck, Robersonville; John Russell

Rogers, Jr., Williamston ; George Ronnie Rose, Goldsboro; Charles Ray Ross, Green-

ville; Frances Anne Rountree, Hobbsville; Shirley Ann Saieed, Greenville.

THIRD ROW: Mary Wilkerson Sasser, Wilson; Gary Lee Scarboro, Kinston; Dorothy

Jeneie Searcy, Valdese; Jean Faye Sermons, Greenville; Caroline Joy Sesler, Ports-

mouth, Va.; Ross Alfred Shaheen, Jr., Jackson; Billy Williams Sharber, Elizabeth

City; Mary Valeria Shearon, Varina; Johnnie Shelton, Rocky Mount.


FOURTH ROW: Suzanne Morgan, Wilmington; Evelyn Mae Sherman, Fuquay Springs;

Patricia Lynn Shipp, Wilmington; Doreta Evans Simpson, Bath; James Blount

Slack, Pinetown; Earl Conrad Sloan, Chinquapin; Betty Lou Small, Greenville; Billy

Thomas Smith, Zebulon; Frances Joyce Smith, Robersonville.

FIFTH ROW: H. W. Smith, Jr., Ayden; Jimmie David Smith, Jr., Rocky Mount; Joyce

Deal Smith, Wilson; Kathrvn Ward Smith, Wilmington; Trilby Lee Smith, Green-

ville; Frank Blades Spitzer, Greenville; Doris Leone Spivey, Tabor City; Susie Barrett

Spivey, Windsor; Patricia Ann Stanley, Greenville.

SIXTH ROW: James Rosmond Stanley, Washington; Charles Cole Staines, Wilmington;

Helen Joseph Stevens, Wilmington; Mary Lou Stewart, Broadway; Shelton Eugene

Stewart, Sanford; Anne McVey Starghan, Siler City; Barbara Ann Strickland, Clin-

ton; Margaret Ann Strickland, Halifax; Betty Sue Sugg, New Bern.


FIRST ROW: Mary Joyce Sugg, Snow Hill; Beverly Ann Sumner, Wilmington; Jean

Eloise Sutton, La Grange; Miriam Lenell Sutton, Newton Grove; Karen Marie Swan,

Southport; Vivian Rea Talley, Wilmington; Anna Macon Taylor, Chocowinity; Atwood

Bruton Talyor, Kinston; Evelyn Harrison Taylor, Kinston.

SECOND ROW: Patricia Taylor, Williamston; Shirley Marie Taylor, North Harlowe;

Charles Royal Tedder, Bladenboro; Jean Stuart Tetterton, Greenville; Ann Jean

Thompson, Windsor; James L. Thompson, Durham; James Carl Thomas, Raleigh;

Jo Ann Thomas, Winston-Salem; Janice Joan Thompson, Smithfield.

THIRD ROW: Barbara Ann Tilley, Greenville; James William Todd, Warsaw; Samuel

Neal Trueblood, Washington; Joan Joyce Tucker, Moyock; Margaret Lee Tucker,

Vaughan; Minnie Louise Turner, Wadesboro; Garland Wayne Tuton, Whiteville;

Evelyn Sills Tyler, Greenville; Dorothy E. Tyndall, Durham.


FOURTH ROW: Louie L. Tyndall, New Bern; Donald Umstead, Leaksville; Mary Jane

Upchurch, Four Oaks; Edith Florine Vaughan, Elm City; Jerry McLain Wallace,

East Rockingham; Jo Sue Wallace, Aberdeen; Virginia Carolyne Wallace, Jamesville;

Victor Bernord Waller, Kinston; Ben A. Ward, Williamston.

FIFTH ROW: Frances Grey Ward, Nakina; Gene Marion Ward, Edenton; Janice

Elaine Warren, Spring Hope; Hilda A. Waters, Greenville; William Bryan Waters,

Bath; Janet McNeill Watson, Greenville; Olga Tona Watt, Sumter; Philip Anthony

Weaver, Whiteville; Ann Webb, Pinetops.

SIXTH ROW: Handy O. West, Dunn; Joe Jesse White, Roper; Nancy Hart White,

Greensboro; Robert Charles White, Whiteville; Shirley Anne Whitehead, Scotland

Neck; Henry Narman Whitener, Portsmouth, Va.; Nancy Lyon Whitfield, Creedmoor;

Zeb Olaman Whitford, Ayden; Melvin Vaden Wilkerson, Sims.


FIRST ROW: Betty Sue Williams, Jackson; Carol Jeanne Williams, Kinston; Charles

Stuart Williams, Greenville; Garland F. Williams, Jr., Clarendon; George Neil

Williams, Rocky Mount; Iris Gray Williams, Erwin; June Robles Williamson,


SECOND ROW: Shirley Jocelyn Williamson, Clarkton; Louis Jasper Williford, Jr.,

Farmville; Joyce Carol Willis, Sea Level; Julian F. Willis, Atlantic; Weston Earl

Willis, Davis; Annie Lillian Wilson, Graham; Hatrie Ruth Wilson, Dunn.

THIRD ROW: Helen Maxine Wilson, Morganton; Talmadge Joseph Wooten, Hamlet;

Sue Carol Worthington, La Grange; Sylvia Ann Wyrick. Gibsonville; Dorothy Jean

Yarborough, Wilmington; Marjorie Florence Yarborough, Sanford; Bobby R. Young,


Sun-bathing and playing!

BSU special!

Poor, poor bed!


Front Row, left to right: Jean Fisher and Jim Winstead; second row: Helen Bland and Bea Burnette; back row: Joyner Brooks

This year the Frosh class was the largest on record with 857 students, 60 more than last year. As they began their four years of college life they chose Jim Winstead as their leader. Many of them have already shown their interest and ability in extra-curricular activities.

Freshman Class Officers

Jim Winstead President

Joyner Brooks Vice President

Helen Bland Secretary

Jean Fisher Treasurer

Bea Burnette SGA Representative



Max G. Abernathy Fuquay Springs

Peggy Elizabeth Abbott Grifton

Iva Dean Alberty Dobson

Edith Francoise Alexander Roper

David Lawrence Alford Wilmington

Shirley Ann Alford Burlington

James Claude Allen Farmville

William Justise Alston Littleton

Fred Coombs Anders Durham

Robert Wilkins Anderson Cavel

Hilda Gray Apple Gibsonville

Avis Alston Armstrong New Bern

Gretchen Irene Askew Goldsboro

Nonie Atkinson Cove City

Helen Elizabeth Austin Clayton

Judith B. Ayers Oak City

Wilbur Marion Bailey Selma

Shirley Gay Baker Merry Hill

Robert A. Baldree Morehead City

Ed Vance Baldwin, Jr Hallsboro

Greenville Banks, Jr Maple

Phyllis Jo Barbee Asheboro

Emily Mae Barden Clayton

Peggy Ruth Barfield Dunn

Betty Carol Barnes Spring Hope

Jimmy Myers Barnes Kenly

Shirley Morgan Barnes Wilson

Jay Franklin Barrington Grimesland

Stephen Gaylord Basnight, Jr. Manteo

Mozelle Bass Spring Hope

Robert Ervin Baucom Rockingham

Betty J. Baysden Ernul

Eugene Murray Beacham Aurora

Virginia Ann Beaman Snow Hill

Harold Thompson Beck Asheboro

Daniel Beddard Richlands

Bonnie Rae Bennett Freeland

Jimmy Cornelius Bishop Cramerton

Mildred Blackburn Monroe

James Lowell Blake Jacksonville

Betty Mae Blanchard Warsaw

Helen Hayes Bland Burgaw

Bruce Calloway Blevins Kinston

Marilyn Nell Blinson Clayton

Peggy Joyce Blue Carthage

Wilma Grey Blue Carthage

Jacqueline Ann Boado Wilmington

Arthur Franklin Bodkin Greenville

Willa Rae Bowen Rocky Mount

Sammie Jane Bowman Germantown

Marjorie Ellis Boyd Winterville

Onnie Burrell Boyd Washington

Sylvia Lolita Boykin Sims

Abner S. Braddy Bath



Carroll Brown Bradley Jackson

Thomas G. Brady Raleigh

Margaret Frances Brake . . . Rocky Mount

Dorothy Elaine Branch Greenville

Faye Larkin Branch Winterville

William Clyde Bridgers Ahoskie

Billie Joyce Briley Chicod

Lindsey Ray Briley Greenville

Vivian Marie Brinson Wallace

Martha Lou Brisson Dublin

Margaret Ann Brite Elizabeth City

Zilphia Elizabeth Britt Newton Grove

Barbara Lee Britt Richmond, Va.

Dorothy Ann Britt Ahoskie

Sara Parkin Brook Beaufort

Carol Marguerite Brooks Camp Lejeune

Henry Allen Brooks Harkers Island

Richard Joyner Brooks Raleigh

Joyce Broome Aurora

Barbara Jane Brothers South Mills

Bonnie Mae Brown Greenville

David Gordan Brown Plymouth

Douglas L. Brown East Rockingham

Geraldine C. Brown East Rockingham

Betty Jean Bryan Garner

Doris Mae Bryan Lumberton

Jennings Bryan Raleigh

Retha Bryan Kitty Hawk

Alice Vernita Bryant Cerro Gordo

Sarah Alice Bryson Apex

Nancy Warren Buck Grimesland

Alfred Bradshaw Bulla Asheboro

Robert Lee Bunch, Jr Edenton

Clyde Mathew Burgess Belhaven

Beatrice Louisa Barnette Tarboro

Shirley Ann Burrus Thomasville

Betty Jo Butts Angier

Richard Morgan Byrd Bunnlevel

Democa Jane Byrd Durham

Jerry B. Cahoon Manteo

William Earl Cain Rockingham

Edith Carol Cameron Sanford

Patty Marie Carr Clinton

Velma Jordan Carroll Bolton

Samuel David Carson Williamston

Jean Britt Casey Goldsboro

Edward Quince Cashwell Garland

Eunice Frances Castellow Conway

Janice Rose Cayton Grimesland

William Arthur Chadwick Jacksonville

Lloyd Ralph Chason Rocky Mount

Cecil Clifton Cheek Roxboro

Thomas Mack Cherry Everetts

Waverly Chesson Washington



Helen Joanne Clarke Siler City

Bessie Lou Coleman Ash

Sara Ann Coley Wilmington

Marilyn Evans Collins Henderson

Sarah Louise Collins Greensboro

Mary Elizabeth Colwell Turkey

Catherine Ann Cook Durham

Margaret Nadine Cook Clark

Nancy Ann Cooke Dunn

Patricia Ann Cope Hope Mills

Miriam Eleanor Copeland Greenville

Barbara Ann Corbett Pinetops

Barbara Jean Corbett Greenville

Bobby Ray Cousins Kinston

Benjamin Lyle Cox Pollocksville

Carol Ann Cox Kinston

Elizabeth Ann Cox Oak City

Jesse Thomas Cox Washington

Lemuel Howard Cox Four Oaks

Walter L. Cox, Jr Greenville

Allen R. Craig Spring Hope

Charles Cranford, III Asheboro

June Frances Crews Creedmoor

Crisanto Solis Matagalpa, Nicaragua

Annie Doris Critcher Oxford

Nancy Kearns Crouse Lexington

Robert Thomas Crumpler Goldsboro

Ruth Elizabeth Crumpton Roxboro

Anna Miller Crutchfield Durham

Lorraine Cullom Roanoke Rapids

Finley Donald Curtis Gibsonville

Bettie Jean Dameron Pelham

Emma Frances Daniel Snow Hill

Joan Daniels Kinston

Laura Joan Daniels Wanchese

Shirley Mae Daniels Wanchese

Shirley Susan Darden Clinton

Hettie Mildred Daughtry Faison

Robert S. Daughtry Clinton

Fred Allen Davenport Plymouth

Shirley Anne Davenport Tarboro

Herman Davis Conway

Paul Davis Brooklyn, N. Y.

Samuel Avery Davis Richmond, Va.

Thomas Oliver Davis Erwin

Nancy Marie Day Angier

Richard Henry Denton Tarboro

Barbara Jean Dixon Greenville

Virginia Woodhouse Dixon Wilmington

Vivian Dale Doughtie Whitakers

Elizabeth Ann Dowdy Greenville

Samuel Henry Dunlap Laurinburg

J. Royster Dupree Angier

Neel Dupree Greenville



Jeanne Duvall Wilmington

Dwight Arland Eatmon Raleigh

Janie Ruth Edmonson Bethel

Robert Bruton Edmonson Bethel

William Mack Edmondson, Jr. Kinston

Jean Harvey Edwards Snow Hill

Joan Doris Edwards Sharpsburg

Peggy Ann Edwards Clarkton

James Woody Elkins Clarkton

Howard Ellis Winterville

Alice Faye Etheridge Engelhard

Marie Etheridge Manteo

Shirley Carolyn Eubank Maysville

Shirley Janet Eure Hertford

Amos Ray Evans Greenville

Delaine Evans Beulaville

Marion Murray Evans New Bern

Virginia Elizabeth Everson Washington

Ralph E. Ferguson Charlotte

Jimmy Ferrell Lucama

Preston Lamuel Fields Greenville

Jean Fisher Wilmington

Frances Parker Fitts Siler City

Louise Fitsgerald Selma

Edwin Darrell Fleming Enfield

Judith Jo Ann Flowers Elm City

Bennie Carol Fogleman Gibsonville

Ann Berry Fordham Snow Hill

Ida Rouse Fordham Albertson

Mary Jane Forrest Greenville

Lois Anne Fowler Raleigh

Jack Martin Frank Plymouth

Barbara Joan Freeman Laurel Hill

Frances Louise Freeman Plymouth

Margaret Lou Frye Carthage

Doris Eloise Fulghum Roanoke Rapids

Richard Ellis Fuller Greenville

Jean Anne Futrell Woodland

George Manley Gaddy Wilmington

John Thomas Gaines Goldston

Donald Gene Gargis Raleigh

Frances Wynnette Garner Greenville

Shirley A. Garner Franklinton

Peggy Mae Garrett Julian

Mary Catherine Garris Deep Run

Robert Lee Garris Washington

Betty Sue Gay Bunn

Peggy Ann Gay Whitakers

Robert Jerome Gay Walstonburg

Bernice Joyce Gaylord Pantego

Ann Boston George Richmond, Va.

Harry B. Gerock Atlantic

James Howard Gill Raleigh

George Washington Gillette Jacksonville



Oscar Benton Gilley Leaksville

Bessie Janet Glenn Elizabeth City

Harvey Vanbuern Godfrey, Jr. Sanford

Joyce Feme Godwin Ahoskie

Dorothy Jean Gooch Franklinton

Sherrill T. Goodman Dunn

Marian Jeanette Goodwin Edenton

Dorothy Ada Gossett Enfield

Annie Lois Grady Mt. Olive

Paul Graham Greenville

Edgar Poe Gray Hopewell, Va.

Charles LaVerne Greene Farmville

Fan P. Green Zebulon

James Boyd Greeson Gibsonville

Loretta K. Griffon Dover

Shirley Ann Gunn Providence

Jo Ann Gupton Louisburg

Shirley Ann Gupton Arcola

Thelma Joyce Gurganus Jamesville

Peggy Jean Gurkins Asheboro

Peggy Ann Guthrie Varina

John Truett Hall Harrels

Julia Ann Hall Watha

Ruffin Clarence Hall Selma

Sally Patricia Hall Fayetteville

Sylvia Lee Hall Watha

William L. Hamilton, Jr. Raleigh

Suzanne Hardison Jamesville

Kay Pilley Hargrove Weldon

Shirley Ray Hargrove Snow Camp

James Delbert Harrell Aulander

Mary Norma Harrell Oak City

David Lee Harris Graham

Eddie Nathan Harris Williamston

Grant Rudolph Harris Thomasville

Joy Ann Harris Washington

Mary Ann Harris Hertford

Edwin Francis Harrison Goldsboro

Nanette Harrison Williamston

Jesse Frank Harry Grover

Francis Eugene Hart Oxford

Frances Anne Harvey Littleton

Robert Nelson Haskins New Bern

Bobby Gene Hathaway Farmville

Eugene Hayman Coinjock

Virginia Blanche Hearne Mt. Gilead

Edna Janet Heath Cove City

John Kinsey Heath Kinston

Barbara Ann Heckstall Windsor

Jean Arden Heflin Spring Hope

Bill Charles Helms Monroe

Emma Ruth Herman Enfield

Bobbie Jean Herring Greenville

Robert Lovette Herring Fremont



Betty Anne Hewett Shallotte

Esther Lee Hickman Chocowinity

Elizabeth Lackey Hicks Franklinton

Selma Marlene High Wilson

Ferne Lorraine Highsmith Greenville

Charles Mormon Hill Jacksonville

Tennielean Hill Rougemont

Jo Ann Hill Elizabeth City

Robert Edwin Hill Goldsboro

Berit Kristine Hillesland

Skudensharn, Norway

Charles Danuel Hinson Farmville

Betty Adeline Hinton Nashville

Mathew Leonard Hitch Jacksonville

Grace Nelson Hobbs Clinton

Ronald Gray Hodge Jacksonville

Edward Vernon Hodges Swan Quarter

Sammie R. Hodges Grimesland

Treasure Hodges Washington

Martha Sue Holden Sanford

Barbara Ellen Holler Greensboro

Barbara Ann Holliday Jamesville

Betty Jean Holloman Williamston

Jerry Cecil Holt Graham

Shirley Jean Holton Grantsboro

Willie Carol Honeycutt Dunn

Betty Lou Howard Kinston

Catherine Ann Howard Kinston

Kenneth L. Howard Pink Hill

Nancy Faye Howell Greenville

Rodger Howell New Bern

William Daniel Hudson Dunn

Charles Alan Huey Goldsboro

Faye Daugherty Huggins Cove City

Laurice Miller Hughes Stedman

Mary Jim Hughes Ash

Patricia Ann Humphrey Kinston

Alice Gray Hunnings New Bern

Christia Elizabeth Hunt Durham

Edwin Lacy Hurst Greensboro

Wilson Delmonte Hux Weldon

Jacqueline Ipock Cove City

Millie Summerlin Ivey Mt. Olive

Elizabeth Ann Jackson Tarboro

Harold Leon Jackson Dunn

Patricia Anne Jackson Parkton

Suebelle Jackson Dunn

Harold L. James Rose Hill

Janice Elizabeth James Stokes

Lois Olivia James Ayden

Lois Jennette Mt. Olive

Benjamin Franklin Jessup, Jr. Wallace

Betty Jean Johnson Magnolia

Bruce Cannon Johnson Conway

Elaine Johnson Southern Pines



Gertie Jean Johnson Kinston

Hazel Elizabeth Johnson Clayton

Jimmy Lee Johnson Pink Hill

John Clifton Johnson Bolivia

Martha Ann Johnson Benson

Susan Margaret Johnson Clinton

Walter E. Johnson Elizabethtown

Carolyn Joyce Jones Elizabeth City

Charlotte Gray Jones Nashville

Diana Gail Jones Thomasville

Jacqueline G. Jones Snow Hill

Jean Allen Jones Raleigh

Margaret Louise Jones Laurel Hill

Margie Ruth Jones Snow Hill

Mary Elizabeth Jones Wilmington

Ray Warren Jones, Jr. Manteo

Ruth S. Jones Greensboro

Sybil G. Jones Vanceboro

Anwer Richard Joseph Greenville

Julia Smith Joyner Snow Hill

Paul H. Joyner, Jr. Weldon

Peggy Ann Judge Rocky Mount

Polly Ann Kearney Snow Hill

B. Franklin Keaton Belhaven

Martha Velva Kellihan Cerro Gordo

Mary Gwyn Kelly Mount Olive

Tylon Moore Kermon, Jr. Rocky Mount

Craig Lewis Kester High Point

Thomas Devone King Clinton

Sylvia Jeannette Kinlaw St. Pauls

Ralph Williams Kirk Bath

James Russell Knight, Jr. Raleigh

Roy Neil Knight Sanford

Kathryn Ann Krider Manteo

Milford Judson Lamb Elizabeth City

Ralph Lee Lamm Wilson

Shirley Ann Lamm Wilson

Effie Elizabeth Lancaster Goldsboro

Peggy Joyce Lancaster Fremont

Betty Jean Lanier Beulaville

David C. Lanier Chinquapin

Donald Richard Larimore Winston-Salem

Max Russell Leach Asheboro

Julia Perry Leary Edenton

Helen Allene Lee Oriental

Irma Gray Leggett Raleigh

Patricia Jean Leichter Greenville

Richard Carlton Leonard Erwin

William Clifton Leonard Roxboro

Catherine G. Lewis Beaufort

Eloise McRee Lewis Elizabethtown

Shirley Jean Lewis Mt. Olive

Catherine von der Lieth Wilmington

Francis E. Lilley Williamston



Shelton Earl Lilley Williamston

Peggie Marie Limer Norlina

Joseph Carroll Lina Davis

Tanya Kathleen Lindsay Morehead City

Jane Elizabeth Lingle China Grove

Alton Dean Little Roanoke Rapids

Betty Jean Little Winterville

Jean Anne Liverman Winterville

Esther Jane Long Roxboro

Ralph 0. Lowrimore Davis

George Tebo McArthur Grifton

William Patterson McArthur Fayetteville

Dorothy Carole McCoy Kinston

Ernest Lindley McFarland Henderson

Carol May Mclntyre Maxton

Richard Thomas Mclntyre Rocky Mount

Sally Jean McKay Elizabethtown

Charles Frederick McKee Hamlet

Linwood Wayne McKinney Scranton

Joan Carolyn McKenzie Wilmington

William Archiable McLauchlin


Billy Powell McLawhorn Ayden

Shirley Ann McLawhorn Grimesland

Shirley Anne McLawhorn Grifton

Nellie McPherson Clarendon

Alta Ann Mallard Trenton

Peggy Gold Mangum Walstonburg

Bobby Mann Newport

Helen Louise Mann Manteo

Myrl E. Maness Mt. Olive

Evelyn Arlene Manning Robersonville

Fannie Lou Manning Bailey

Ernest Haywood Marshburn Richlands

Paul Maskalenko Greenville

Janice Marie Mason Swansboro

Betty Jane Matthews Durham

Sandra Yvonne Medford Burlington

Margaret Anne Mellon Winterville

Douglas Glen Mercer Washington

Frances Jane Midyette Fairfield

Shirley M. Miller Raleigh

Jane Bryan Millikan Weldon

William Donald Mills Maysville

Marcia Annis Milne Rocky Mount

Patricia Ann Mitchell Roanoke Rapids

Peggy Louise Mizelle Jamesville

Jean Ward Mobley Williamston

Barbara Earle Modlin Portsmouth, Va.

Cecilia Ann Montjoy Raleigh

Frank Leslie Moore Farmville

Lillian Rebecca Moore Bridgeton

Shirley David Moore Norlina

Jean Armstead Moorefield Richmond, Va.

Leon V. Mooring Eureka



Nancy Carolyn Morgan Rockingham

Billie Gray Morris Tarboro

Gerald Dean Morrie Vandemere

Annie Fay Morton Silverdale

Amory McKinley Mullen Winton

Rachel Quinn Mundine Newport

Martha Lou Murphy Louisbui'K

Clinton Rawls Murray Arapahoe

Zebulon Baird Musgrave Pikeville

Syble Louise Neese Mebane

Robert Allen Nethercutt Clinton

Fay Newton New Bern

Shirley Anne Newton Farmville

J. B. Nichols Greenville

Annie Jeanette Noble Deep Run

Estalene Nobles Tabor City

Patricia Ann Oakey Wilson

Delores Jean O'Brien Youngstown, Ohio

Pauline Kerry O'Neal Lake Landing

Robert Union O'Neal Bath

William Meredith O'Neal Tarboro

Avanelle Osborne Albemarle

Evelyn Elizabeth Outlaw Kinston

Peggy Anne Outlaw Kinston

Peggy Ann Overman Goldsboro

Leonor Eufermia Padilla

Honduras, Central America

William Floyd Paramore Greenville

Carlton Robert Parker, Jr. Pollocksville

Frances Marie Parks La Grange

Rachel Marie Parsons Maysville

Patricia Anne Patterson Scotland Neck

Gwendolyn Paul Bath

Gloria Pearce Willow Springs

Joseph Romus Pearce Raleigh

Raymond Edward Peedin Pikeville

Rhoda Fay Peel Williamston

Ferlon Adrienne Perkins Timberlake

Jo Ann Phelps Aulander

John Walter Phillips Sanford

Judith Faye Phillips Scotland Neck

Sara Jane Phillips Snow Hill

Phyllis Jean Piner Beaufort

Julius Fleming Pollard Bethel

Martha Sue Pond Hamlet

Unita Elizabeth Pope Greensboro

Paul Popovs Kinston

Eugene Marion Porter Whiteville

Durward Wells Potter Jacksonville

Audrey Powell Dover

Jerry W. Powell Whiteville

Luther Cabel Powell III Greenville

Rachel Dell Powell Warrenton

Robert Leroy Powell Kinston

Vertie Mae Powell Enfield



Millie Allen Price Rocky Mount

Charles Layton Priest Clarkton

Sara Beth Purvis Florence, S. C.

Patricia Anne Purvis Ash

Betty Gould Quinn Beulaville

June Allen Quinn Wallace

Patsy Quinn Beulaville

Retha Mason Radcliffe Pantego

Elizabeth Ann Randolph Durham

Catherine Raper Snow Hill

Robert Miller Ratcliffe Pinetown

Bobby Eugene Rawls Williamston

Carl Milton Reardon Ervin

Virginia Ann Reed Kinston

Harmon E. Register, Jr. Warsaw

Jerry Porter Register Elizabethtown

Marguerite Ann Register Rose Hill

W. Harold Reynolds Supply

Janice Faye Rhem Kinston

Lowell Minton Rhodes Windsor

Johnny Ray Rice Kinston

Sue Richards Zebulon

Julia Lynn Riddick Scotland Neck

Frances Rebecca Riddle Rocky Mount

Lawrence Cecil Roberson Henderson

Lela Jane Roberson Greenville

Russell Leo Roberson Williamston

Edith Peatross Rogers Raleigh

Sally May Rogers Wilson

Kenith Rogerson Tarboro

Rosemary Veronica Romanus New Bern

Joyce Bernice Roscoe Albemarle

Betty L. Rose Newton Grove

Dottie Rebecca Rose Elkin

Harold Leslie Rose, Jr. Richmond, Va.

Lois C. Rose Sea Level

Pearl V. Rose Margarettsville

Damaris Ross Garner

Robert Spencer Ross New Holland

Eva Lynda Rouse Seven Springs

Patsy Ann Rowe Aurora

Herbert Kenwood Royal Supply

Marilyn Annette Russ Kelly

Patricia Gayle Safrit Mt. Gilead

Willie Carlon Salmon Littleton

Betty Julia Salmons Back Bay, Va.

Ammie Ray Sanderson Magnolia

Bobby Joe Sasser Dover

Sarah V. Sauls Raleigh

Gloria Ann Sawyer Grantsboro

Margaret Suzanne Seeley Elizabeth City

Carol Anne Sellers Shallotte

Mildred J. Sellars Grifton

Billy Ray Sells Midway Park



Louis William Sewell Jacksonville

Fred Earl Sexton Rocky Mount

Joan Walker Sharpe Elm City

David Whitman Shearin Littleton

Charles Thomas Shirley Wilson

Anna Maude Sholar Wallace

Ellen Jeannette Sibbette St. Pauls

Mary N. Siderie Greenville

Betty Jean Sills Dunn

Charles Vardell Simmons Kenly

W. Elizabeth Simmons Bessemer Cit

Hubert Grady Simonds New Bern

Clayton Earl Sledge Roanoke Rapids

Alma Louise Sloan Kittrell

William John Slot Pantego

Agnes Elizabeth Smith Connelly Springs

Barbara Jean Smith Windsor

Blanche Jeannette Smith Wilmington

Bobbie Gail Smith Kinston

Dock Garner Smith Princeton

Evelyn Gray Smith Greenville

Frances Darlene Smith Lillington

John Leveren Smith Greenville

John Wesley Smith Ash

Johnnie G. Smith Kinston

Joyce Lucille Smith Selma

Loyce Smith Chocowinity

Margaret Marie Smith Trinity

Monroe Smith Bolivia

Nancy Louise Smith Whiteville

Robert Lee Smith, Jr. Farmville

Sally Joyce Smith Chocowinity

Vernon Noel Smith Henderson

James Winton Southeiland Magnolia

Barbara Ann Speight Roanoke Rapids

Francis R. Spencer Hamlet

Lindo Terry Spencer Hamlet

William Grant Spivey Jackson

Rebecca Jane Stallings Louisburg

Betty Wrenn Stancil Erwin

Marilyn Dewayne Stanley Nakina

Roger Wilson Stanley Dunn

Robert Franklin Stansbury Littleton

E. Jacquelyn Stephens Raleigh

Joyce Ann Stephenson Goldsboro

Ann Elizabeth Stokes Greenville

Alice Martha Stone Lumberton

Mary Lou Stone Kittrell

Dewey R. Straughn Clinton

Silas Ezra Strickland, Jr. Rocky Mount

William Ray Styons Plymouth

Nancy Joan Suitt Durham

Shirley Yvonne Summers Gibsonville

Thomas Gene Sumrull Grimesland



Barbara Ann Sutton Durham

Frances Lorraine Sutton Faison

M. Jean Sutton Greenville

Ollie D. Sutton La Grange

Thelma Shore Swinson Warsaw

Treva Burgess Tadlock Clinton

Bessie Lou Tart Dunn

Ann Carolyn Taylor Ahoskie

Callie Gloria Taylor Siler City

Gary Wells Taylor Magnolia

Jeter Pritchard Taylor, Jr. Trenton

Kay Carolyn Taylor Fremont

Robert Stickney Taylor, Jr. Semora

Robert D. Taylor Kinston

Ruth A. Taylor Sea Level

Sarah Elizabeth Taylor Greenville

Shirley Geraldeen Taylor Lucama

Janet Faye Teachey Rose Hill

Wiley B. Teal Wadesboro

Margery Leon Thigpen Windsor

Bettye Louise Thompson Selma, Ala.

Betty Ruth Thompson La Grange

Harriette Ann Thornton Clinton

James Arthur Tingle Alliance

Dan Crawford Tippett Oxford

Helen Ruth Torrans Warsaw

Loyd Eugene Treadway Cramerton

James Randolph Tripp Greenville

Doris Carolyn Troutman Aberdeen

Barbara Caroline Tucker Magnolia

June Dale Tucker Moyock

Mary Jane Tucker Grimesland

Eula Virginia Tugwell Farmville

June Carolyn Turner Greenville

Stephen Walter Turner, Jr. Pink Hill

Richard Uzzell, Jr. Goldsboro

Charles R. Vandiford Farmville

Sylvia Serle Vaughan Scotland Neck

Peggy Anne Vause Tarboro

Marie Georgia Vines Arlington, Va.

Glenna Addison Walker Moyock

Wilmer Dunn Walker Plymouth

Edmond Otis Wall Ayden

Joe Rex Wallace Clayton

Helen Brown Walter Salisbury

James Hulin Walton Lexington

Jo Ann Warren Robersonville

Nancy Lou Watson Washington

Larry Graham Wayne New Bern

Marilyn Kay Weeks Fayetteville

Robert Earl Weeks Enfield

Sidney Allen Weeks Whitakers

Thomas L. Wells Wallace

Eleanor Joyce West Wilmington


Freshman Class

Linwood Lee West Warsaw

Alton W. Whaley, Jr. Rose Hill

Alice Dixon White Greensboro

Judson Warren Whitehurst Stokes

Linda Susan Whitehurst Greenville

Barbara Jean Whitfield Kinston

Edna Frances Whitfield Snow Hill

Patsy Ann Whitfield Hurdle Mills

John Dalton Whitford Grantsboro

Shirley Anne Whitley Asheboro

Janet Ruth Williams Elm City

Kenneth Eugene Williams Washington

Mary Ellen Williams Hookerton

Maxville Burt Williams Enfield

Peggy Ann Williams Beulaville

Peggy Rose Williams Winterville

Robert Frederick Williams Kinston

Shirley Mae Williams Hookerton

Ann Jacquelyn Wilkerson Lumberton

Robert S. Wilkins Woodsdale

Margaret Sue Willett Raleigh

Frances Carolyn Williamson Chadbourn

Ruth W. Williford Windsor

Rebecca Ann Willis Raleigh

Ann Rose Wilson Tarboro

Donald Wesley Wilson Hamlet

Larry Van Buren Wilson Weldon

Martha Carolyn Wilson Mt. Olive

Patricia Anne Wilson New Bern

Shirley Jean Winborne Sims

Jack Linwood Windley, Jr.

Newport News, Va.

Dorava Winstead Spring Hope

James Lee Winstead, Jr. Tabor City

Kathryn Atkinson Winston Elm City

Hannah Jane Wollett Essex

Betty Lou Wood Gaffney

Shirley Jean Wood Four Oaks

Sheridan Ray Woodard Scotland Neck

Bertha Mae Woodcock Atkinson

Evelyn Maurice Woodlief Youngsville

Lois June Woolard Greenville

Frances Christine Worrell Rocky Mount

Donald Ashe Worsley Wallace

Darrell Vernon Worthington Winterville

Elaine Worthington Winterville

Sam Otis Worthington Greenville

Gypsie Yvonne Wrenn Salisbury

Marjorie Neal Wright Halifax

Jack Cornelius Wynne Bethel

Marilyn Gayle Yarley Coats

Frederick Ronnie Yergan Durham

George Bennett York Pinetops

Peggy Ann York Asheboro

Annie Zawask Burgaw


1. Riding- bikes.

2. Grab your partner!

3. It's fattening!

4. Cashing checks.

5. Soph counselors for frosh.

6. Information, please!

7. Kappa Delta Pi Fraternity.

Visiting high school seniors follow the cadets to the drill field.

Some of the cadets are able to do a little flying.

The Fourth Annual Military Ball was the highlight of the year for the cadets.

"Pass in review." That was the order of the day.

The boys stop to think things over before signing up.


United States

Air Force


Now in its sixth year at East Carolina College the Air Force ROTC is one of the college's best developed depart-ments. It affords those young men who look to a promising future as a pilot, navigator, or observer an excellent oppor- tunity to receive preliminary training and at the same time complete a college degree of their choice.

A varied program, well executed by a competent staff, pro-vides the cadets with an interesting four-year course in ROTC. Included among the highlights are such events as the annual Military Ball sponsored by the Cadet Officer's Club, trips with the Rifle team to other colleges, individual flights with members of the staff, and finally a trip to summer camp for a real peek at Air Force life.

With the need for increased security and defense the prod-ucts of the ROTC program are highly valuable. Graduates of the East Carolina department have established records that are far superior to most colleges, and there are indications that the best is yet to come. As greater advances are made in the world of flight, the training of ROTC cadets will improve.

These and many more features combine to develop the high scholastic and leadership qualities of the future officers in the world's greatest air force.

INSTRUCTORS- FRONT ROW, left to right: Col. Roger G. Fuller;

SECOND ROW: First Lt. Harrold R. Self ridge, Capt. James G. Barnett,

Capt. Thomas W. Harper, and Capt. William R. Young; THIRD ROW:

Tech. Sgt. Floyd F. Freeman, Tech. Sgt. Dallas V. Mahoney, Master

Sgt. Herbert H. Sails, and Master Sgt. Robert W. Spicer.


FIRST ROW, left to right: Cadet Col. A. V. Medlin; SECOND ROW: Cadet Lt. Col. Robert W. Moye, Cadet Lt. Col. Jim

Byrd, Cadet Lt. Col. R. A. Alston, and Cadet Lt. Col. Eugene Emory, Cadet Lt. Col. Mitchell Saieed; THIRD ROW:

Cadet Maj. Robert T. Sears, Cadet Capt. C. E. Fishel, Cadet Capt. Charlie Batchelor, and Cadet Capt. William R. Sears;

FOURTH ROW: Cadet Sgt. Furney Powell, Cadet Sgt. Bob Alexander, and Cadet Sgt. Arthur Gregory.


FIRST ROW, left to right: Cadet Lt. Col. Gene Russ;

SECOND ROW: Cadet Maj. J. W. Ridge, Cadet Capt. E. M.

Bizzell, Cadet First Sgt. John Costolus, and Staff Sgt.

B. E. Loving.


FIRST ROW, left to right: Cadet Lt. Col. Robert Hodges;

SECOND ROW: Cadet Maj. Walter Harrell, Cadet Capt.

W. L. Tucker, Cadet First Sgt. Cecil Heath, and Cadet

Staff Sgt. Donnie D. Pollard.


Group I



Col. Roger G. Fuller shown as he is pinning awards on cadets at the ann-ual awards day program the unit. Robert Williams being pinned in the picture.

Group II



Last year's unit, the largest in the history of the AFROTC program here, is shown as they are having a review.


The Honorary Squadron of the East Carolina AFROTC is a well co-ordinated unit of cadets. The Drill Team, as it is commonly called, is a favorite at half-time ceremonies of football games. The squadron is com-manded by Cadet George B. Rose.


The unit displays its martial heri-tage in the symbolic Color Guard.


"L'esprit de corps" is maintained with the help of the stirring Drum and Bugle Corps. A fine group of musi-cians, it oftentimes is called on to march in parades.


Fall quarter began at East Carolina with over 2,200 students registering for work. Wright Auditorium was a busy place for three days.

Fleming Hall parlor was decorated to the tee for the biggest Homecoming ever this year. The Pirates beat Elon 45-25.



No college is complete without its initiations, and had quite a few Fall quarter.


The Veterans Club erected a victory bell in recogni-tion of the ECC men and women who served in the armed services of our country.

As a part of the Homecoming celebration the Student Government Association sponsored a street dance.


Girls in Fleming Hall are enjoying their annual Christmas party around their tree.

Some of the dorms had their windows painted with various Christmas scenes. (Window will be shown next year.)

A large audience enjoyed the annual Winter Concert of the Varsity Glee Club and Orchestra.

In an early season confer-ence game the Pirates really poured on the steam in beat-ing Catawba.

Captain Bobby Hodges lays in two of his 27 points in the Bucs' 101-83 win over Belmont Abbey.

Morris Harvey beat the Pirates 12-0 in the first an-nual Elks Bowl game played here January 2.

Members of Alpha Pi Omega and their dates are forming the figure at the Christmas dance.

"The Skin of our Teeth" was one of several plays staged this year by the Teachers Playhouse.

A large cast of students put on the production on "Student Prince" last spring.

Bubba Matthews and Toppy Hayes do an act in one of the many campus talent shows.


May Day was truly a big event at the college. These dancers were only a small part of it.

When Spring weather comes, the students begin having parties on the beach week ends.


The Y-hut is officially open for use.

Military Ball is big event in spring.


High School seniors visit our campus.

What are they?

A nightly calculus session takes place in Slay.

Johnny seems to be doing all right with the girls.

Student Government

Headed by Mitchell Saieed, the Student Legislature of East Carolina has maintained a working pace this year that will require much effort for future groups to duplicate.

Some of the activities include the revising of the constitution and standing rules, the sponsoring of one of the biggest Homecom- ings ever, and the planning and putting over the May Day program. A dance was given for the freshmen in the Fall. Each year the Legislature is co-sponsor of the student pro- duction. The SGA sponsors Cleanup Week, Teacher Criticisms, and the Student Budget Office.

For the past few years the Legislature has sent delegates to the North Carolina Student Legislature and has had members elected as officers of the group each time.

FIRST ROW: Mitchell Saieed, president; and Shirley

Council, secretary. SECOND ROW: Charlie Huffman,

first vice president; and Wade Cooper, second vice

president. THIRD ROW: Billy Laughinghouse, treas-

urer; and Howard Rooks, first assistant treasurer.


pictured from left to right, SEATED:

Betsy Hobgood, Mitchell Saieed,

and Shirley Council; STANDING:

Wade Cooper, Tommie Lupton,

Billy Laughinghouse, Barbara

Greenstein, Parker Maddrey,

John Postas, Mildred Reynolds,

and Gene Russ.

The Legislature

FIRST ROW: Charlie Bedford, Emo Boado, Ann Bowles, Jean Brake, Dottie Britt, Car-

olyn Brothers, Bea Burnette, Ann Bynum, Paul Cameron, Cecilia Cartwright; SECOND ROW:

Carolyn Clapp, Louis Clark, Sue Cook, Bettie Dougherty, Ann DeRant, Jimmy

Ellis, Alma Faulkner, Milton Foley, Barbara Greenstein, Florence Helms; THIRD

ROW: Betsy Hobgood, Bobby Hodges, Jane Holmes, Imogene Jennette, Royce Jordan,

Wade Jordan, Fred Joseph, Nancy Kesler, Don King, Ray Kirby; FOURTH ROW:

Charlie Kluttz, Tommie Lupton, George Lyons, Don McGlohon, Parker Maddrey, Susie

Marshall, Marcia Milne, Barbara Moore, Maidred Morris, Bob Nielson; FIFTH ROW:

Janie Parker, Bill Penuel, Bruce Phillips, Laura Pope, Mildred Reynolds, Gene Russ,

Betty Salmons, Pat Shipp, Ann Siler, Betty Small; sixth row: Edgar Tadlock,

George Tucker, Julian Vainright, Charlie Wentz, Percy Wilkins, Gwen Williams, Rob-

ert Williams, Jimmy Winstead.



Billy Laughinghouse, Chairman




Bill Penuel, Chairman


Charlie Wentz, Chairman



Pat Shipp, Chairman


Barbara Moore, Chairman




Edgar Tadlock, Chairman


Bobby Williams, Chairman




The Young Men's Christian Asso-ciation on campus works with the parent organization in seeking to reach students who are not Christians and help them to discover that the way of Christ is the only way to live an effective and satisfying life. The main attraction of the YMCA pro-gram is the Thursday evening Vesper Service. The Y members take part in Spiritual Emphasis Week and under-take various other projects in the service of God.



The Y has become a symbol of wor-ship, recreation, and good clean fun for all who wish to participate. Our special holiday services, as well as the regular Thursday nigrht Vesper Serv-ice have become traditions on campus. Anyone who will support the organ-ization and its principles may become a member. As our purpose declares: "We unite in the desire to realize full and creative life through a growing knowledge of God."


Circle K

Members of the Circle K Club have just finished a meal at one of their regular meetings

An outstanding organization for men at East Carolina is the Circle K Club. Sponsored by the Greenville Kiwanis Club, the group on campus is one of the leading Circle K Clubs in the country. Members are chosen for their above average leadership, citizenship, and scholarship. Always ready to do service when called upon, the club helps the Junior Woman's Club sell bread for the Watson Me-morial Fund, and they also assist the Kiwanis Club in their annual production. Officers of the club are Don McGlohon, president; Charlie Huffman, vice president; Julian Vainright, secretary; and Frank Hemmingway, treasurer.

"Ladies' Night" is a big affair. There's always a good program.

President Don McGlohon presents a check to Junior Woman's Club for Watson Memorial Fund.


The Home Economics Club of East Carolina College is an affiliate of the North Carolina Home Economics As-sociation and American Home Eco-nomics Association. The purpose of this College Club is the same as that of these two organizations, with spe-cial emphasis upon the promotion of a greater interest in the field of Home Economics international fellowship; and the provision of means by which students may develop in leadership and initiative.


At our meetings we have an oppor-tunity to share mutual interests and compare ideas on mathematics. We have monthly puzzles, planned enter-tainment, and guest speaker which help us to stress the vital importance of mathematics in everyday life. On Awards day the most outstanding mathematics student of the year is presented an award.


The Student Science Club of East Carolina College has as its purpose the promoting of a broader interest in scientific fields and the develop-ment of greater knowledge of a scien-tific world and the bringing together of those students interested in science.


The Veteran's Club is a social or-ganization for all ex-servicemen in-terested in furthering friendships and performing worthwhile duties for the college.


The purpose of the Future Busi-ness Leaders of America is to foster interest in the business occupation and in business teaching, to acquaint the students of the business educa-tion department with one another, and to work together for the mutual interest and benefits of its members and of the business education depart-ment as a whole.


Recognizing the need for the ad-vancement of Industrial Arts in East-ern North Carolina, and desiring to promote greater interest and fellow-ship among students of the Indus-trial Arts Department of East Caro-lina College, the Industrial Arts students with their thirteen charter members and their instructors, Bing and Powell, formed the Industrial Arts Club in the Fall Quarter of 1949.


Political minded students of the Young Republicans Club on our cam-pus are doing all they can to stimu-late more interest in better govern-ment here on our campus. The club holds monthly meetings and brings to the students interesting speakers from the political world. It takes an active part in the support of the Re-publican Party.


The purpose of the Young Demo-crats Club is to stimulate in the students an interest in better govern-ment and to encourage more active participation in politics. The club does not endorse any particular can-didate for nomination in the bi-an-nual Democratic Primaries; its sup-port goes to the Democratic nominee in the Fall elections.


The purpose of the Jarvis Forensic Club is to foster interest in public speaking of all sorts. The club takes great pride in upholding the right of freedom of speech of the individual and those democratic principles which are a part of our great Ameri-can heritage.


This is the twenty-ninth anniver-sary of the English Club, the oldest departmental club on campus. It was organized "to further interest in good literature," and to give English majors and minors the opportunity to know one another.


All students interested in the wel-fare of children are invited to be-come a member of the Association for Childhood Education. The members agree to work together to increase professional knowledge, to promote a more general understanding of the value of early childhood education, and to co-operate with all who work for the betterment of early childhood education.


The Robert H. Wright Chapter of Future Teachers of America endea-vors to promote interest in the teach-ing profession and to acquaint young people with the history, ethics, and programs of the North Carolina Edu-cation Association and the National Education Association.


The Teachers Playhouse has as its primary belief that dramatics should and does have a part in the educa-tional system for the college stud-ents. Its purpose is to encourage dramatic arts at East Carolina Col-lege and to give students of the col-lege an opportunity to participate in dramatic productions of educational and cultural work.


The International Relations Club is the only organization on campus that devotes its time exclusively to the study of national and interna-tional problems. Students as well as out-of-town guests are participants in the club's monthly sessions. Forums, discussions, talks, and com-mentaries on world affairs all go into the planning of the program.


The Library Club of East Carolina College, organized in the Fall of '53, is designed to help the student of li-brary science or people interested in the library in general to have a broader understanding of this field. Although library assistants make up most of the membership, all inter-ested persons may use this organiza-tion as a means of fellowship and also benefit from the interesting speeches on library work.


Each youth group on campus has a member on the Inter-Religious Coun-cil. The council heads the planning of all religious activities on campus.

Inter-Religious Council

Spiritual Emphasis Week was the biggest religious event of the year sponsored by the Inter-Religious Council. Each Tuesday Chapel programs are held in Austin at noon, and a program was sponsored by the council at Thanksgiving and Easter.

Baptist Student Union Council

Weslev Foundation Council

Free Will Baptist

Westminster Fellowship

Disciple Student Fellowship

Canterbury Club

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Catholic Club

Publications Board

Made up of the editors-in-chief of the East Carolinian and the Buc-caneer, the advisors of the two publications, the Dean of Men and Director of Student Affairs, the President, and the Dean of the college, the Publi-cations Board holds as its main objective to advise all student publications.

Policies of the paper and annual are governed by the group. Each spring it is the task of the Publications Board to select the editors-in- chief of the two campus publications.

The board meets only at times when matters come up that need to be aired by the group, or when the chairman may call a meeting.

THE PUBLICATIONS BOARD, pictured from left to right: Dr. John O. Reynolds,

yearbook advisor; Tommie Lupton and Mildred Reynolds, co-editors of the yearbook;

Dr. Leo W. Jenkins; and Dr. Clinton R. Prewett. Not pictured are President J. D.

Messick, T. Parker Maddrey, and Miss Mary Greene.




The typewriter keys are silent, and the flashing of bulbs has ceased. Having violated the 10:30 curfew many times, the staff of the 1954 Buccaneer closes shop now that we have the yearbook off the press. Our work is over, but printer's ink is still on our fingers;

for during the many hours that we have spent in preparing this book, we have be- ome attached to it. We have enjoyed work-ing on the book this year; we hope that you are able to enjoy it today and in the years ahead.

Co-Editors Mildred Reynolds and Tommie Lupton

Business Manager Evelyn Davis

Members of the staff are busy at work alphabatizing the picture "entification cards.

"You must sign up to have your picture taken."

"Just a little bit this way. Now smile."

Money is brought in to the advertising staff.


Co-Editors Mildred Reynolds and Tommie Lupton

Associate Editor Jane Kanoy \

Senior Editor Susie Marshall

Assistants Harriet Davis and Barbara Moore

Junior Editors Betty Lois McGowan and Shirley Manning

Sophomore Editor Mary Packer Financial

Assistants Jean Buchanan and Veryl Trueblood

Freshman Editor Jean Davenport

Assistant Helen Alexander

Organization Editor Ann Siler

Assistant Kitty Brinson

Sports Editor Tommie Lupton

Fraternity Editor Mona Jay Toler

Assistant Charlotte Hales

ROTC Editor Justus McKeel

Assistants Kenneth Cole and Bill Glover

Feature Editors Elsie Harrelson and Jessie Ann Rice

Music Editors Lannie Crocher and Hattie Ruth Wilson

Photography Editor Tommie Lupton

Art Editor Barbara Moore


Business Manager Evelyn Davis

Assistants Betty Sugg, Cecilia Cartwright,

Anne Mitchell, Diana Jones, and Shirley Burrows

Dr. John O. Reynolds

Financial Advisor

Dr. G. W. Knipp

Editorial Advisor

Editors of the various sections of the year-book go over the dummy with the editor.



Editor-in-Chief T. Parker Maddrey

Managing Editor Faye O'Neal

Assistant Editor Emily S. Boyce

Feature Editor Kay Johnston

Staff Assistants Anne George, Pat Humphrey,

Joyce Smith, Erolyn Blount, Faye Lanier, Jerry

Register, Valeria Shearon, Wiley Teal and Ed


SGA Reporter Betty Salmons

Faculty Advisor Miss Mary Greene


Sports Editor Bob Hilldrup

Sports Assistants Bruce Phillips, Anwer Joseph,

and David Evans


Business Manager Edna Massad

Assistant Faye Jones

Ad Solicitors Edna Whitfield, Mary Ellen

Williams, and Jean Godwin

Circulation Mrs. Susie Webb

T. Parker Maddrey

Edna Massad

Miss Marv Greene

Members of the East Carolinian staff discuss one of the papers at a staff meeting. The editor points out an item of interest.

A very competent business staff sees to it that the East Carolina weekly has enough ads each issue. The staff is shown as they check the books.

Bob Hilldrup and Bruce Phillips hands the news about the Pirate athletic teams

In its twenty-eighth year of publication, the East Carolinian has given the students a view of the news and happenings of East Carolina each week throughout another banner year in the his-tory of the college. Our college weekly newspaper has presented the news as they saw it, and the staff has kept as its aim to build a bigger and better East Carolina College.

Through the years the East Carolinian has ranked high with other college weeklies in the state and over the nation. This year was no ex-ception, for the members of the staff have ex-hibited a high standard of journalism.



Dr. Kenneth Cuthbert Head of Music Department

The department of music, which has become a member of the National Association of Schools for Music this year, has established itself as one of the leading departments.

Musical equipment at East Carolina is of the finest, with band and orchestral instruments available for student use in practice and perform-ance. The department is designed to meet the needs of all students; our curriculum is rich and varied. The degrees include the Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts.

Dr. Kenneth Cuthbert

Head of Music Department


The Collegians, widely known throughout this state for their fine instrumental performances, play for most of the college dances. The director is Charlie Klutz, and the vocalist is Bernard Ham.


The Varsity Glee Club, di-rected by Dr. Kenneth Cuthbert, is one of the prides of the de-partment of music.


Under the direction of Dan E. Vornholt, the Women's Chorus provides musical entertainment for the college throughout the year.


The East Carolina Marching Band lends its musical talents in the stadium and in parades. The band is directed by Herbert Car-ter.



This is the group that leads our band as it performs. Left to right, first row: Charlie Arm-strong; second row: Pat Taylor and Rhoda Fay Peel ; third row : Peggy Vause, Carolyn Johnson, and Betty Ray Outlaw.


Directed by Dan E. Vornholt, the Singers provide many pro-grams of pleasure and beauty.


East Carolina College fur-nishes most of the personnel and equipment for the orchestra, which is composed of students, faculty members, and townspeo-ple of the college community. The East Carolina Orchestra, a member of the American Sym-phony League, is directed by Dr. Kenneth Cuthbert, who is head of the college music department.


The purpose of the Music Education Club is to develop in its members a deeper knowledge and appreciation of music; and to stimulate an interest in music activities on campus. The presi-dent of the club is Laura Pope.


On stage and radio the East Carolina Concert Band always renders outstanding perform- nces of band music. It is di-rected by Herbert Carter.

The Brass Ensemble of the music department plays chamber music on the concert stage and in the home.

Churches in the community have called upon the Clarinet Quartet for various occasions.

Chi Beta Phi members after a dinner meeting.

Sigma Rho Pi installation service of fraternity's new officers.

A glance at the Phi Sigma Pi initiation



After two days of hazing, initiates of Phi Sigma Pi reach the serious part of their program at their ritual service and supper.

It was no picnic, the initi-ation that is, for the poor neophytes who were really put through the grind.

James Ellis


Julian Vainwright


Waylon T. Bass


Percy Wilkins

Assistant Secretary

Dwight Garrett


Calvin Butt

Harold Colson

Keith Goodson

Bobby Hodges

Charles Huffman

Billy Laughinghouse

Tommie Lupton

Dalton Mann

Walter Noona, Jr.

Richard Ottaway

Howard Rooks

Mitchell Saieed

Knowledge . . . Training . . . Fellowship

Tau Chapter of Phi Sigma Pi was founded at East Carolina College in 1928, seven years after the fraternity became a nationally organized group. Since Tau Chapter was founded it has offered membership to more than 350 students and faculty members of the college.

In keeping with the aims of scholarship, the fraternity limits its mem-bership to men who have at least a "2" average. They must be recog-nized and proven campus leaders who hold the respect of their teachers and fellow students. Membership in the club is determined by secret bal-lot of active members.

The social side of the club revolves around an annual Sweetheart Dance and an annual Founder's Day banquet. The dance is a school-wide affair at which the chapter's sweetheart is crowned. The Founder's Day Banquet is a closed meeting to review annual accomplishments of the chapter and inaugurate new members.


Sigma Pi



Brothers of the Sigma Rho Pi service fraternity enjoy a delightful meal at one of their regular meetings.

EPO was "Bowl 'em Down" in this year's Homecoming parade. Much hard work was put into the making of the float.

George Tucker


Bill Harris


Bill Lamm

Corresponding Secretary

Kris Anderson

Recording Secretary

Hugh Flowers


George Alexander

Harold Colson

Walter Culbreth

Preston Emerson

Charles Fishel

Darren Flowers

Johnny Gaines

Kenneth Holt

Dick Ivey

Jerry Johnston

Anwer Joseph

Bob Julian

Bill Loving

A. V. Medlin

Harold O'Kelly

Bob Owens

Jimmy Parkin

Wilbur Pope

Bobby Thomas

Service . . . Loyalty . . . Brotherhood

"To Serve" lies behind all the activities of the Sigma Rho Pi. The boys in this service fraternity are always available when help is needed. Examples of their serving the college include: ushering at all football games, assisting in raising funds for the athletic department, giving a helping hand in the High School Day activities.

One of the projects this fraternity has undertaken was the donation of a trophy case to the new gym. One hundred per cent of the members of this organization volunteered blood to the Red Cross Bloodmobile when it was on our campus.

It is not all work and no play for in the spring they have an annual beach party. Throughout the year there are banquets held to promote brotherhood among the members of the fraternity.





Brothers of the fraternity enjoy chats with each other after a supper meeting.

Leaders of the fraternity confer about future serv-ices to be carried on.

Charlie Klutz


Charlie Wentz

First Vice President

Johnny Helms

Second Vice President

Robert Pennington

Corresponding Secretary

Matthew Prescott

Recording Secretary

James Alexander


Kenneth Bordeaux

Don Brannan

Julius Capeheart

Commodore Caswell

Jimmy Dunn

Norman Edgerton

Paul Emmett

Milton Foley

Robert Gardner

Joe Grady

John Hudson

John Johnson

Floyd Lefler

Emil Massad

Dave Pennington

William Rogers

Gary Scarboro

Robert Sears

Paul Singleton

Julian Vainwright

Robert K. Williams


Alpha Phi Omega is a national service fraternity which strives to develop friendship and promote service to humanity.

The first Chapter of Alpha Phi Omega was established at Lafayette College, Easton, Pennsylvania, on December 16, 1925.

Our Chapter at East Carolina was founded in February of 1952 by a group of young men who saw the need for service to our college and the community.


Phi Omega


The Pi Omega Pi Sweet-heart Ball is one of the big dances that is held at East Carolina each year.

It's tea time for members of the Pi Omega Pi fra-ternity as they hold their annual Founders' Day Tea.

Donald McGlohon


Peggy Nash


Patsy Smith


Keith Goodson


Helen Adams

Horace Baker

Russell Barnes

Metz Bizzell

Betty Sue Branch

Frances Buck

Margaret Ann Bunting

Carolyn Burnette

Ann Bynum

Nellie Rhea Gardner

Edward Gore

Ray Harrington

Florence Helms

Robert Hicks

John Hudson

Magdalene Marshall

Iris Matthews

Patricia Miller

Belinda Newsome

Howard Rooks

Geraldine Swindell

E. A. Thomas

Linwood Tyndall

Irma Wainwright

Rodney Walters

Dorothy Whitehead


Pi Omega Pi's primary objective - promoting and honoring superior scholarship - was furthered by the initiation of business education stu-dents with high scholastic averages, by honoring prospective members at the Founders' Day Tea, and by the presentation of the Thomas Clay Wil-liams Memorial Scholarship Award to the outstanding graduate in busi-ness education.

We have fun, too. Our Halloween carnival and Valentine dance, co-sponsored with FBLA, are given for all the student body. The Valentine dance is always one of the best dances on the campus and enjoyed by all who attend. Our sponsors entertain us at an annual Christmas party at which time we prepare a Christmas box for a needy family.

In our program of service to the department and the college, we spon-sor the annual Pitt County Typewriting Contest, bring leaders in busi-ness education to the campus for conferences and demonstrations, and offer our services in helping with all departmental activities.


Omega Pi



Phi Omicron celebrates its first birthday anniver-sary at a cake cutting and dinner.

Outstanding junior and senior leaders in home economics receive their initiate symbol.

Mary Sue Cook


Sally Credle


Lou Laughton


Marceline Aycock

Betty Boyette

Ann Carawan

Peggy Cox

Peggy Faircloth

Alice Jackson

Rebecca Plemmons

Delphia Rawls

Hazel Tripp

Gwen Williams


In April, 1953, the Phi Omicron celebrated its first anniversary and having endured the "growing pains" established itself on East Carolina's campus. Plans were made for a busy year filled with numerous activities.

In September, eleven outstanding junior and senior leaders in Home Economics were initiated into the honorary. After the initiation, the next highlight was our Fund Workship in which cookies were made to sell to fellow students and faculty members. Other activities included a Red Cross campaign, giving Thanksgiving baskets, making improvements in our department, and a dinner meeting in the spring.





Each spring members of Sigma Pi Alpha are in-vited down to Atlantic Beach to be guests of Dr. Ralph Deal, retired col-lege professor.

The pyramid looks pretty good, but we believe that part of it is missing.

Nancy Kesler


Jean Thorne


Ann Siler


Jane Godwin


Bobby Jean Burch

Maxine Case

Peggy Cherry

Laura Credle

Peggy Creech

Joyce Croom

Jimmy Dunn

Raby Edwards

Alma Faulkner

Betty Huffman

Elsie Lawson

Julianne Leimone

Anne McCrary

La Rue McKinney

Edna Massad

Shirley Moose

Lynnette Murphy

Sabra Nunalee

Leanor Padilla

Betty Ralston

Jane Simmons

William Waters

Margie West

Vernie Wilder


Comment allez - votis ? Como esta listed?

Singing French and Spanish songs, entertaining French cadets from Kinston with an informal tea, having an annual get-together at Atlantic Beach, and attending national Sigma Pi Alpha meetings represent a small part of the Phi Sigma Chapter's many activities at East Carolina College.

A French- or Spanish- speaking exchange student contributes greatly each year to the fraternity by stimulating an interest in and relating a more intimate knowledge of the people, customs, and culture of foreign countries, which is the main objective of the Sigma Pi Alpha.


Pi Alpha


Chi Beta Phi


Wade Jordan, President

Frances Radcliffe, Vice-President

John Elliott, Secretary

James L. King, Treasurer

Waylon Bass


Calvin Butt

Roland Jones

James Ray Kirby

Roy McGinnis

Leon Sewell


John Sloan

Charles Sutton

Lois Tucker

Pete Williams

This year opened the first full year of the chapter's activities as we are one of the youngest fraternities on the campus. The fraternity got off to a good start, too, with plans being made for the sponsoring of the North Carolina Academy of Science, to be held here for the first time in the his- tory of the college. It is hoped that more student research can be initiated in the college through our fraternity.

We expanded this year to include the Math Department because it was decided that natural science and mathematics are inseparable.

Everyone has a purpose and ours is more knowledge and better un-derstanding of the world about us. We shall succeed in our purpose, for "Science Conquers All."



Mitchell Saieed

Billy Laughinghouse

Charlie Klutz

Who's Who

Who's Who among Students in American Universities and Colleges is a yearly publication which contains biographical briefs of students who are outstanding in various phases of school life. The selection of these students, which is uniform for all universi-ties and colleges, is based on a percentage of enrollment.

Anne Butler

Ann Durant

Bettv Sue Branch

Paul Cameron

Dorothy Howard

Bobby Hodges

Gwendola Williams

...among Students in American Universities and Colleges

The criteria for the selection of a student are: excellence in scholarship and leadership, participation in extra-curricular activ-ities as well as phases of the regular school course, and qualities of citizenship which will contribute toward the making of a bigger and better future.

Don Muse

Walter Noona

Frances Radcliffe

Delores Matthews

Tommie Lupton

Robert Pennington

Peggy Nash

Who's Who

The students are selected for this honor at East Carolina by committee composed of both students and members of the faculty.

Jack Britt

Betsy Hobgood

Royce Jordan

Ray Kirby

Jimmy Ellis

Nancy Kesler

Barbara Moore

...among Students in American Universities and Colleges

Twenty-eight men and women students, members of the Sen-ior Class at East Carolina, will be represented in the 1953-54 edi-tion of Who's Who among Students in American Universities and Colleges.

Vernie Wilder

Wade Jordan

Donald McGlohon

Charlie Huffman


Head Marshal Pat Dawson is shown as she ushers for a concert in the College Theatre.

The college marshals are chosen for their dignity and cor-dial personality, and these girls are ever present at all school functions, maintaining quiet and showing guests to their seats. To be chosen a marshal is indeed an honor, for the entire stu-dent body casts the votes that elect the marshals.

Pat Dawson, Chief Marshal

Dorothy Best

Maxine Bryan

Betty Sue Branch

Carolyn Burnette

Cecilia Cartwright

Peggy Cox

Peggy Faircloth

Phyllis Eisele

Carolyn Johnson

Peggy Kennedy

Lou Moore

Shirley Moose

Mildred Rouse

Suzanne Shepherd

Charlotte Whitfield


Honorary Cadet Colonel Shirley Council cuts the cake at the Fourth Annual Military Ball. Her escort Cadet Captain Dennis R. Smith, Barbara Moore, and Cadet Lt. Col. Frank Madigan look on.


East Carolina named its Daisy Maes and Lil Abners at the annual Sadie Hawkins Day dance.

A big bonfire and pep rally was a feature of the big Homecoming event this year. The Cheerleaders are pepping it up.

One may not recognize them, but these students are our cheerleaders.

Kitty Garringer Brinson rides on the queen's throne in the Homecoming parade. Kitty was chosen queen by the student body.


Making a habit of being a queen, Kitty Garringer Brinson is shown holding the flowers after she was named "Miss Summer School." Former "Miss Summer School" Nora Ellen Faulkner and Tony Pastor, bandleader, look on.

Anne Osborne Shoe and Paulolph Alexander were chosen Miss and Mr. Representative Student Teachers last spring.



Dr. N. M. Jorgenson

Department Head

Howard Porter

Basketball Coach

Dr. Charles DeShaw




East Carolina College has been growing in leaps and bounds in the sports world. The Pirate athletic squads have played well in each and every field, and for the first time this year the college has had a swimming team. We at East Carolina are proud of our Pirate teams and the records that they have compiled and the goodwill they have spread in the field of sports.

Jack Boone

Football Coach

Jim Mallory

Baseball Coach and Football Assitant

Earl Smith

Basketball and Football Assistant

Miss Cathmar Jeanne Shaw


Miss Nell Stallings




This organization is made up of young men on campus who have earned a letter in some phase of college athletics. Initi-ation into this club is held at various periods throughout the year. One of the highlights of this year's activities was the production of a talent show en-titled "The Varsity Review."


The WAA is composed of girls interested in sports activities. Opportunities are given each week for them to participate in either basketball, volleyball, swimming or various other sports. The girls along with the members of the Varsity Club sponsored the annual Faculty-Student Basketball Game.


Skill, grace, and precision are all by-words of the Aqua-nymphs. The presentation of a water ballet, the first to be held in our new swimming pool, was one of the most outstanding ac-tivities of these "Water Maids."


Bobby Hodges makes a tackle in the Tampa game Larry Rhodes, David Lee, and Willie Holland move The Bucs lost the contest 18-13.


Coach Jack Boone's East Carolina Pirate foot-ballers won their first North State Conference football crown this year, compiling an impressive record of six wins and no losses in loop play. The Bucs came out on the short end of the score in the first annual Elks Bowl game played here January 2, as Morris Harvey College took away a 12-0 victory.

Co-captains Bobby Hodges and Jack Britt The Bucs scrimmage.

The Bucs scrimmage

Coaches Carl Smith, Jack Boone, and Jim Mallory

Hodges grabs a pass.

Jim Stanley runs.

Dick Cherry


Willie Holland

The only other loss of the season came in the Tampa game, when the Bucs were upset 18-13 by the Florida team. East Carolina was playing the contest without the fulltime services of All-Con-ference Quarterback Dick Cherry. The loss broke a seven-game Buc win skein.

Fullback Claude King picks up yardage in the Wilson Teachers Col-lege game. ECC won 41-0.


Larry Rhondes

Johnny Brown

Paul Gay

Louise Hallow

Toppy Hayes

In other non-conference clashes Boone's charges chalked up impressive wins, walloping Stetson 40-6 and Wilson Teachers 41-0 in the sea-son opener. The Pirates began the 1953 campaign with the Teachers in College Stadium and just proved to be completely out of the class of the vis-itors.

Having lost their first contest in Florida to Tampa, East Carolina bounced back the following week to hand a strong Stetson team a sound thrashing. The Hatters were never in the game after the first half. A steady rain failed to halt the Bucs. Cherry and Boyd Webb shared the quarterbacking.

Bobby Hodges

Jack Britt

Algie Faircloth

Sonny Callahan

Boyd Webb

Tubby Thomas

Gaither Cline

Johnny Daughtry

Ray Overton

Claude King

Don Burton

Neither mud nor rain nor Lenoir Rhyne's Bears could stop the good right arm of All-Stater Cherry in the locals conference opener. Tossing 10 completions in 13 tries, Cherry led the Bucs to the win over the defending champs by a score of 34-0. Bobby Hodges, co-captain, pulled in two of four touchdown passes. Half-back Emo Boado tallied twice.

Playing Clyde Biggers' Catawba Indians the following week in Salisbury, the East Carolina squad had their hands full in tak-ing a 13-6 decision. A Cherry-to-Hodges pass gave the Bucs their first tally in the early part of the game. Catawba came back in the final period to tie the contest at six-all. Cherry sneaked over from the one to give the Boonemen their margin of victory.

George Tucker

David Lee

Teddy Barnes

Al Habit

Tom Allsbrook

Grady Dickerson

Harold O'Kelley

Harry Rainey

Jim Stanley

Before a Homecoming crowd of nearly 10,000, East Carolina and Elon put on an offensive show that will long be remembered by local rooters. Once again it was Little All-American Dick Cherry who made the difference as the Pirates outscored Elon 45-25. Wil-lie Holland, Larry Rhodes, Dave Lee, Algie Faircloth, and Louis Hallow were defensive standouts.

The following week East Carolina traveled west to Cullowhee to do battle with Western Carolina. Winning their fifth game without a loss, the Bucs wrecked the Catamounts' Homecoming to the tune of 26-7.

The locals clinched their first North State title by trouncing Guilford 40-0 here October 24. Claude King scored two touchdowns, as did Paul Gay. The win was the sixth straight for the locals.

Emo Boado

George Rice

Milton Collier

Manager Bill Cline Dallas Foscue

Howard McAdams

J.D. Bradford

Bobby Gay

Charlie Smith

Jerry Holt

Paul Gay Romps

Wearing their newly-won crown, the Pirates swamped Appalachian 40-7 in their last home contest. Dick Cherry passed for four touchdowns, giving him a total of 16 TD aerials. Paul Gay galloped 54 yards for paydirt on the second play of the game. ECC ended their conference play with a 6-0 record.

Post season honors won by East Carolina players were many. Cherry and Hodges re- ceived honorable mention for the AP Little All-American squad. Cherry, Hodges, and Gay were named to the Greensboro Daily News All-State team. These three, along with Holland, Hallow, Faircloth, and Lee were selected for the All-Conference squad. The Bucs' soph quarterback was a unani- mous choice. Rhodes and King got honorable mention for All-Conference.

Dick Cherry scores.

Captain Bobby Hodges

Coaches Howard Porter and Earl Smith


Charlie Huffman hooks.

The traveling squad

J.C. Thomas

Cecil Heath

Charlie Huffman


East Carolina 76 Belmont Abbey 67

East Carolina 92 Guilford 58

East Carolina 87 Lenoir Rhyne 79

East Carolina 84 Catawba 43

East Carolina 101 Belmont Abbey 83

East Carolina 85 Elon 51

East Carolina 74 Lenoir Rhyne 64

East Carolina 65 Western Carolina 68

East Carolina 91 Appalachian 66

East Carolina 76 Guilford 52

East Carolina 63 Catawba 54

East Carolina 100 High Point 61

East Carolina 81 Western Carolina 67

East Carolina 99 Appalachian 74

East Carolina 65 Atlantic Christian 53

East Carolina 92 McCrary 58

East Carolina 84 Elon 65

East Carolina 95 High Point 68

East Carolina 84 Atlantic Christian


East Carolina 74 Guilford 54

East Carolina 80 Elon 65

East Carolina 86 Atlantic Christian 75


East Carolina 1,834 Opposition 1,407


East Carolina 83.4 Opposition 63.9

Huffman lays the ball up for two points in the Lenoir Rhyne game.

Don Harris

Paul Jones

Ronnie Hodge

William McArthur

Bob Moye

E. W. Bush

East Carolina's Pirates overcame the jinx against top-seeded teams in the North State Tournament to capture its first conference title since entering the loop in 1948. Coach Howard Porter's hoopsters, paced by All- Conference Center Bobby Hodges' record scoring feats, compiled an impressive 21-1 record during the 1953-54 season.

The Bucs' outstanding record came through constant teamwork of every player. Play- maker Cecil Heath and rebounder Charlie Huffman were named to the All-Conference squad along with Captain Hodges, who set a new loop scoring average with an approxi-

mate 27 points per contest. Among the other players with over a ten point per game average were Huffman, sophomore Guard J. C. Thomas, and the driving freshman Forward Don Harris.

Hodges, already a unanimous All-Confer-ence choice, was named the tourney's most valuable player without a dissenting vote. Huffman was also named to the first five, and Thomas and Harris were placed with the second team.

Don Harris, frosh sensation for the Bucs, fires at the basket in the Belmont Abbey battle here.

Norwood Talton and Joe Gregory Managers

Fred Anders

Waverly Akins

Huffman's ability to use his dead hook with either arm caused North State players plenty of trouble.

Hodges gives a display of his power as he goes up to drop in a basket in the Catawba contest.


Major Hooper

Bill Cline

Gaither Cline

Paul Gay

Charlie Cherry

Richard Hoskins

Leonard Sullivan


Behind the effective hurling of Jim Byrd, Jim Piner, Ken Hall, Teddy Barnes, and Martin Byrd and the big bats of W. C. Sanderson, Gaither Cline, and Cecil Heath, Coach Jack Boone's 1953 diamond nine enjoyed a season of 16 wins against only five setbacks.

The local baseballers opened the campaign with a five-game winning streak and ended the season having won four straight. In the Eastern Division of the North State Conference the Bucs compiled a 12-4 record to come in behind Elon.

Paul Jones

Jim Corbin

George Sauls

Toppy Hayes

Cecil Heath

W.C. Sanderson

Jimmy Piner, Coach Jack Boone, and Jimmy Byrd talk over the pitching.

Outside competition saw the Pirates victorious in four of five contests, beating Montclair and New Bedford twice each. The defeat was at the hands of Montclair.

In North State play the Bucs battered High Point's Panthers four times, scoring 52 runs to the Panthers 13 in the four games. Keeping a firm grip on the Bohunk, the Pirates took its four contests with Atlantic Christian. Elon and Guil- ford split their four-game card with the East Carolina nine.

Jimmy Piner

Bermey Stevens

A.J. Rose

Wilbur Thompson

Jimmy Byrd

Teddy Barnes

Martin Byrd

Robert Penley

Milton Collier

J.C. Thomas

East Carolina 7---ACC 0

East Carolina 7---New Bedford 0

East Carolina 13---New Bedford 3

East Carolina 22---High Point 2

East Carolina 6---Guilford 5

East Carolina 2---Montclair 7

East Carolina 8---Montclair 7

East Carolina 6---Montclair 2

East Caorlina 2---Elon 3

East Carolina 6---High Point 3

East Carolina 1---Guilford 7

East Carolina 7---High Point 2

East Carolina 15---ACC 2

East Carolina 0---Elon 4

East Carolina 7---ACC 2

East Carolina 17---High Point 6

East Carolina 3---Guilford 7

East Carolina 14---Guilford 2

East Caorlina 6---Elon 5

East Carolina 12---Elon 9

East Caorlina 8---ACC 6

Boys who keep up with the equipment are Joe Boyette, Grover Cleveland, and Don Butts.

Ken Hall

Bill Hardee

Clyde Owens

Milton Allen


For the third consecutive year East Carolina's tennis squad came in second behind High Point and their Mexican netters in the North State Conference race. Lettermen Joe Hallow, Paul Cameron, Frazier Bruton, and Amos Stroud, along with newcomers J. W. Browning, Don Muse, and Dallas Foscue. compiled a 6-2 record in their league matches.

Outside opposition included N. C. State, Wake Forest, and George Washington. A forfeit match en- abled Wake Forest to edge the Pirate swatters 5-4.

Hallow and Cameron went to the finals in the doubles play at the High Point tournament only to be beat by High Point. Muse met the same fate in the singles event.

Left to light: Coach Howard Porter, Bruton, Cameron, Hallow, Muse, and Browning.

Joe Hallow

Dallas Foscue

Pual Cameron

J. W. Browning

Frazier Bruton

Claude King lines up a shot as the other members of the team look on.


East Carolina's golfers captured their fifth North State Confer-ence Golf Championship in the past six years as the 1953 Pirate linkmen had an unblemished record in their own circuit.

Claude King, Dave Martin, Harry Rainey, Joe Exum, and Ber-nie Ham enabled the local squad to rack up five wins without a loss in the conference. Wake Forest of the Southern Conference handed the Pirate golfers their only defeats.

Claude Kin

Joe Exum

Dave Martin

Bernie Ham

Harry Rainey


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Engravers and Designers of College Yearbooks




School Publications


Buccaneer 1954
1954 Buccaneer, yearbook of East Carolina College. The first yearbook published by the students of East Carolina Teachers College, The Tecoan, debuted in 1923. The name of the yearbook changed to the Buccaneer in 1953. The Buccaneer suspended publication from 1976-1978 and 1991-2005, finally ceasing in 2018. It was superseded by Anchors Away in 2019.
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