Buccaneer 1953





/^^lu^ Ck^ /^^^

Hail to thee

our alma mater


...the 1953 Buccaneer of east carolina college, greenville north carolina


Roy R. Creech and Donna Jean Yancey, Co-Editors Robert H. Hughes, Business Manager






to our friend Dr. Messick


To Dr. Decatur Messick, President of East Carolina College, the 1953 Buccaneer is proudly dedicated.

Dr. Messick is to East Carolina what Judge Camille Kelly is to the United States! He has for his purpose in life, our success. His personal duty is to guide our normal traits and to strengthen our aims. For his physical, re- ligious, mental and social aspects are beyond reproach. Yes, he is truly a leader who gives his all to help shape our lives

for service and devotion

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White columns, stately and staunch. Lazy clouds.

Culture, grace of an old south ever fresh in our hearts.

Friendliness, our lasting goal.

Spirit, our reputation.

Hills enfolded by majestic trees freshened by rain and moon.

Sacred for worship, a challenge for minds.

Fond memories.

Gay with parties, exciting with rallies.

The taste of self-government.

Physical development, decisions, lasting friendship.

Ultimately collegiate.

Insignificance developed to a deserved pride.

A chance to experiment and learn.

Colonel Rebel, blind Jim, Confederate flags.

Symbols of our southern heritage.

All of these are our East Carolina.

Hail to thee

...dear college


keep your colors flying


...your joys

we'll all share

We, the staff of the '53 Buccaneer, hope that our efforts have brought forth an annual which you will cherish long after your days at East Carolina have become days of the past. We have tried to relate the many activities which are a part of our daily lives and at the same time present to you the many highlights of this school year. Our college is growing and daily new progress is being made in the field of education.

It is with humble hearts that we present the '53 Buccaneer to you. May you cherish it and keep it as a constant reminder of our Alma Mater.

The two latest additions to our campus - Teacher's Dormitory and the new Home Manageme House for the Home Economics students which will soon be completed.

Dr. Todd, Louis Simpson, and Jerry Sanford



Dr. JOHN D. MESSICK, President

Probably greater opportunities and more intense difficulties confront you students than have been realized by any previous generation. Some will be challenged to meet the issues face to face, while others will shirk their responsibility.

We have tried to guide you into a way of life that will help you to seek the best and to attain that objective at any reasonable price. You have been given the tools with which to work. Diverse possibilities have been set before you.

Now, your future lies ahead of you. For you who are being graduated a foundation has been laid for the building of a superstructure. What is produced henceforth depends upon you. Your objec- tives will be great or small according to your own vision and effort.

East Carolina College is proud of you and shall always wish for you the greatest possible success in life as a worthy citizen.

In return, you owe much to your Alma Mater, and it is your duty to support her in every way possible with the thought ever present that you bear her name and that as she grows in prestige and service your diploma will bear a similar relationship.

When you have once left, don't forget to return often and remember that when we can be of help the door is always open.

Fraternally yours,

John Decatur Messick



To every student, Dean Jenkins is very well known! He listens to our pleas for excused absences and then lets his conscience be his guide! All jokes aside, each student at East Carolina has a true friend in Dr. Leo D. Jenkins.





The quiet reserved man who occupies the office on the right as you enter the Adminis- tration Building is Mr. Duncan. His business like handling of the "money bag" is one of the determining factors in the growth of East Carolina College.

Dr. Clinton Prewett

Miss Ruth White

Dr. Orval L. Phillips

Dr. E. J. Carter

Dr. J. L. Oppelt

...our Admin


Dean of Men

Without the guidance of Dean Prewett, many student problems would go unsolved.


Dean of Women

The women of East Carolina are fortunate to have Miss White as their friend!



We all feel free to present our problems of academic studies to Dr. Phillips.


Director of Student Teaching and Placement

During our last year at East Carolina, we all turn to Dr. Oppelt for guidance.


Director of Field Service

We owe a great deal to Dr. Carter for he, along with many others, has been a determining factor in the growth of East Carolina.

istrative personnel. . . 1953


mrn^ .LiS^


0>* f



Faculty and Administration . . . East Carolina

First Row. Left to Right: Dr. Carl L. Adams, Psychology; Mrs. Agnes W. Barrett, Secretary to the President; M/Sgt. Ira H. Barry, AFROTC; Maj. Alfred E. Baucom, AFROTC; Dr. Kenneth L. Bing, Industrial Arts; Dr. Austin D. Bond, Science; Mr. Lloyd Bray, Director of Student Stores; Dr. Lawerence Brewster, Social Studies; Mrs. Sally Klingenschmitt, Critic Teacher; Dr. G. W. Knipp, English; Dr. W. S. Krausnick, Mathematics.

Second Row: Dr. E. R. Browning, Business Education; Mr. Norman Cameron, Business Education; Mrs. Lily Rouse Carr, Training School Librarian; Mr. Herbert Carter, Music; Mr. Robert Carter, Music; Miss Beatrice Chauncey, Music; Mrs. Myrtle Clark, Critic Teacher; Miss Camille Clarke, Dietitian; Miss Gussie Kuykendall, Music; Miss Mabel Lacy, Home Economics; Miss Ruth Lambie, Nursery School.

Third Row: Dr. Howard B. Clay, Social Studies; Capt. Hal C. Coe, AFROTC; Dr. H. A. Coleman, Social Studies; Mr. J. B. Cummings, Geography; Dr. Kenneth Cuthbert, Music; Dr. Audrey V. Dempsey, Business Education; Mr. J. O. Derrick, Science; Dr. Charles DeShaw, Physical Education; Miss Tora Larsen, Business Education; Miss Margaret Lietman, Assistant Librarian; Dr. J. K. Long, Education.

Fourth Row: Miss Mabel Dougherty, Home Economics; Miss Elizabeth Drake, Music; Mr. W. E. Durham, Music; Mrs. Elsie Eagan, Critic Teacher; Dr. Theodore H. Eaton, Science; Miss Lena C. Ellis, Business Education; Miss Ruby Etheridge, Assistant Librarian; Mrs. James L. Fleming, Mathematics; Miss Eunice McGee, Critic Teacher; Dr. Bessie McNeil, Home Economics; Dr. W. E. Marshall, Social Studies.

Fifth Row: Mr. James L. Fleming, Foreign Language; Dr. A. D. Frank, Social Studies; S/Sgt. Floyd F. Freeman, Jr., AFROTC; Lt.-Col. Rodger G. Fuller, AFROTC; Mr. Frank G. Fuller, Education; Mrs. Ruth Garner, Dormi- tory Counselor; Dr. Karl V. Gilbert, Music; Miss Mary H. Greene, English; Dr. George Martin, Geography; Miss Annie Mae Murray, Kindergarten; Dr. Donald Murray, English.

Sixth Row: Miss Louise Greer, English; Miss Lois Grigsby, English; Miss Peggy Hampton, Assistant Librarian; Capt. Thomas W. Harper, AFROTC; Dr. H. C. Haynes, Psychology; Mrs. Corinne Heath, Secretary to the Dean; Dr. Mary Helms, Science; Dr. R. M. Helms, Science; Dr. Paul Murray, Social Studies; Mr. Francis Lee Neel, Art; Dr. George Pasti, Social Studies.

Seventh Row: Dr. Keith D. Holmes, Education; Dr. Robert L. Holt, Director of Religion; Miss Emma Hooper, English; Mr. W. W. Howell, Business Education; Miss Elizabeth Hyman, Critic Teacher; Dr. Fred C. Irons, Resident Physician; Dr. Harold C. Jones, Science; Dr. N. M. Jorgensen, Physical Education; Mrs. Dorothy W. Perkins, Education; Mr. George Perry, Music; Mrs. Marguerite Austin Perry, Foreign Language.

Faculty and Administration . . East Carolina

First Row: Dr. Parnell W. Picklesimer, Geography; Dr. Martha Pingel, Eng- lish; Dr. James Poindexter, English; Dr. M. N. Posey, English; Miss Ann Redwine, Critic Teacher; Dr. Charles W. Reynolds, Science; Dr. John O. Reynolds, Mathematics; Miss Lucile Rice, Science.

Second Row: 1st Lt. William R. Roney, AFROTC; Mr. Edward J. Rutan. English; M/Sgt. Herbert H. Salls, AFROTC; Dr. P. C. Scott, Matheematics; Mr. C. A. Scruggs, Science; Mr. Wendell W. Smiley, Librarian; Mrs. Helen A. Snyder, Dormitory Counselor; T/Sgt. Robert W. Spicer, AFROTC.

Third Row: Miss Nell Stallings, Physical Education; Dr. James Stewart, Social Studies; Dr. Kathleen Stokes, Social Studies; Miss Alice Strawn, Home Economics; Dr. Hazel E. Taylor, Psychology; Miss Margaret Ann Tifft, Physical Education; Dr. Richard C. Todd, Social Studies; Dr. Paul A. Toll, Social Studies.

Fourth Row: Dr. Lucile Turner, English; Dr. Elizabeth Utterback, English; Miss Kathleen Venters, Dormitory Housekeeper; Mr. Dan E. Vornholt, Music; Miss Frances Wahl, Critic Teacher; Miss Elizabeth Walker, Library Science; Mrs. Susie W. Webb, Secretary, Alumni Office; Mrs. James White, Music.

Fifth Row: Mr. James White, Business Education; Miss Ruth White, Dean of Women; Mrs. Dorothy L. Wilkerson, Business Education; Miss Louise Williams, Mathematics; Dr. Christine Wilton, Science; M/Sgt. William H. Wise, AFROTC; Capt. William R. Young, AFROTC; Miss Edith Zinn, Assistant Dean of Women.

Sigma Rho Phi Dinner

Joining Up

Scene from Faculty Play

The receiving of the check for the Pitt County Memorial School Foundation

Mr. James W. Butler, Alumni Secretary and Mrs. Susie W. Webb

book one classes


Graduate Students

First Row

Robert H. Bacchus Norfolk, Virginia

Robert D. Bass Garysburg, North Carolina

F. Milam Johnson Eure, North Carolina

Second Row

Alef C. Kennedy Greenville, North Carolina

Jacqueline M. Phalempin Arras, France

Noah C. Phipps Huntington, West Virginia

Third Row

Ralph H. Rives Enfield, North Carolina

David C. Stokes Winterville, North Carolina

J. Homer Thomas Whiteville, North Carolina



Left to Right: Janet Kennedy, Christine Blalock, Everett Whitely, and Peggy Grice

class officers

John Robert Kluttz President

Janet Kennedy Vice-President

Peggy Grice Secretary

Everett Whitley Treasurer

Christine Blalock S.G.A. Representative

John Robert Kluttz




Belvin Franklin Akins, A.B. Varina, N. C.

Social Studies and Geography

Janice Albirtton, B.S. Snow Hill, N. C.

English and Social Studies

English Club 3. 4; YWCA 3; Westminster Fellowship 3. 4; House President Faculty Dormitory 4; Student Legislature 4; Women's Judiciary 4.

S. Rudolph Alexander, B.S., Goldsboro, N. C.

Social Studies and English

YRC 3, 4, President 3, Assistant Secretary 4; IRC 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4; Student Legislature 4; Band 2, 3; Teacher's Playhouse; Who's Who.

Freddy Lenuel Alford, A.B. Bunn, N. C.

Mathematics and Science

Mary Frances Allen, B.S. Farmville, N. C.

Primary Education


Ray B. Anderson, B.S. Goldsboro, N. C.

Grammar Education

Rachel Andrews, B.S. Clinton, N. C.

Grammar Education

FTA 4.

Elizabeth Jean Baggett, B.S. Kenly, N. C.

Primary Education

WAA 1; ACE 1, 2, 3; YWCA 1.

Joyce Marie Bagley, B.S. Goldsboro, N. C.

Science and Mathematics

Wake Forest 1; Science Club 3, 4.

Mary Sue Bagley, B.S. Elizabeth City, N. C. Primary Education

ACE 1, 2, 3, 4; Marshal 3; YWCA 1, 2.




Beth Dixon Baker, B.S. Spring Hope, N. C

Primary Education

Helen Grace Baker, B.S Kenansville, N. C.

Business Education and English

Commerce Club 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Tecoan Reporter 3, 4; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4, Treasurer 2; Pi Omega Pi 2, 3, 4; FTA 4; Inter-Religious Council 4, Treasurer 2; Teco Echo Staff 1, 2, 3; Teacher's Playhouse 3; Who's Who 4.

Beatrice K. Balkcum, B.S. Goldsboro, N. C.

English and Social Studies

English Club 1, 2, 3, 4; YDC 2; Internation Relations Club 2; YWCA 2; FTA 1.


Virgie Inez Barefoot, B.S. Erwin, N. C.

Business Education and English

Commerce Club 1, 2, 3; Pi Omega Pi 2, 3, 4; YWCA 1, 2.

Janyce Grey Bass, B.S. Kenly, N. C.

Home Economics

Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3; YWCA 1, 2.

O. Lytle Batchelor, B.S. Greenville, N. C.

Primary Education


S. Jeanette Bateman, B.S. Draper, N. C.

Home Economics

Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Phi Omicron 3, 4.

Gloria Ann Baysden, B.S. Ernul, N. C.

Business Education and Social Studies

Teco Echo Business Associate: SGA 4; Pi Omega Pi 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, President 4; Tecoan Staff 2; YWCA 4; Com- merce Club 1, 2, 3, 4; YDC 2, 3; Who's Who.

Lynn W. Bazemore, B.S. Lewiston, N. C.

Social Studies and English


Audrey E. Beaman, B.S. Dudley, N. C.

Home Economics

Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Marshal 4; WAA 1.

George Beaman, B. S. Walstonburg, N. C.

Social Studies and Mathematics

Harvey Layton Bedsole, B.S., Tar Heel, N. C





Barbara Ann Bell, B.S. Lucama, N. C.

Mathematics and Physical Education

WAA 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4; SGA 4; Mathematics Club 1, 2, 3, 4.

Jack Philip Benzie, B.S. Portsmouth, N. C.

Physical Education and Social Studies

Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Club 1, 2, 3, 4; ROTC Cadet club 3, 4; YMCA; Circle K.

Edward Dawson Biggs, B.S. Everetts, N. C.

Business Education

ROTC Cadet Club 2, 3; Pi Omega Pi 3, 4; Commerce Club 2, 3, 4; Veterans' Club 4; UNC 1.


Robert H. Biggs, B.S. Williamston, N. C.


Science Club 3. Vice-President; Who's Who.

Walter C. Biggs, B.S. Wilmington, N. C.

Science and Social Studies

Wilmington College 1, 2: Science Club 3, 4: Varsity Glee Club 4; YDC 4.

H. Gary Birchett, Jr., B.S. Hopewell, Va.

Distributive Education and Social Studies

Third Row

Lionel Lyston Bishop, B.S., Greenville N.C.

Mathematics and Science

Ernest Guy Black, B.S. Portsmouth, Va.

Music Education

Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Choir 1, 2, 3; Brass Sextet 1, 2, 3; Men's Chorus 3; ROTC Cadet Club 3, 4; Bob Lee Dance Band 2, 3, 4; Mus. Ed. Club 1, 2, 3, 4.

Charles R. Blake, B.S. Jacksonville, N. C.

Physical Education and Social Studies

Basket ball 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Club 2, 3, 4; YMCA 3, 4; IRC 1, 2; Onslow COunty Club 3.


Christine Blalock, B.S. Timberlake, N. C.

Grammar Education

FTA 1, 2, 3, 4; President, Summer of 1952; WAA 1; May Court Attendant 3; SGA 4; Budget Committee 4; College Marshal 4.

Pauline Blalock, B.S. Timberlake, N. C.

Grammar Education

FTA 1, 2, 3, 4; Secretary 4; WAA 1; SGA 3; Secretary, Summer 1952; Marshal 4.




Preston Blue, B.S. Henderson, N. C.

Math and Science

Science Club 3, 4; Math Club 3, 4; College Choir 3; Varsity Glee Club 3, 4.

Naomi M. Bobbitt, B.S. Creedmoor, N. C.

Grammar Education

FTA 2, 3, 4.

Ruth W. Bobbitt, B.S. Creedmoor, N. C.

Grammar Education

FTA 2, 3, 4.

Jane C. Boddie, B.S. Raleigh, N. C.

Primary Education

YMCA 1; May Court 2; ACE 4; Kiwanis Minstrel 3.

Mary Frances Bohler, B.S. Goldston, N. C.

Grammar Education


Sarah Ruth Bowland, B.S. Mebane, N. C.

Home Economics

Dorothy Pauline Bradshaw, B.S.

Elizabeth City, N. C.

English and French

Sigma Pi Alpha 2, 3, 4, Vice President of Local Chapter 3; Band 1, 2, 3; Canterbury Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, Treasurer 3.

Jean Bradshaw, B.S. Clinton. N. C.

Grammar Education

Gerald Ellis Braswell. B.S. Monroe, N. C.

Physical Education and Mathematics

Robert H. Braun, B.S. Portsmouth, Va.

Social Studies and Library Science

Veterans Club




George Brinson, B.S. Arapahoe, N. C.

Social Studies and English

Atlantic Chirstian College 1, 2.

Jack Britt, B.S. Fairmont, N. C.

Physical Education and Social Studies

Varsity Club 2, 3, 4; YMCA 2, 3, 4; Football 2, 3, 4.

Joan Britt, B.S. Fairmont, N. C.

Business Education

Pi Omega Pi; Cheerleader 1, 2; Chief Cheerleader 2.

Louis Brock, B.S. Mt. Olive, N. C.

Grammar Education

Mars Hill College 1; YWCA 2; FTA 2.

Jane Brown, B.S. Clarkton, N. C.

Primary Education

FTA 1, 2; ACE 2, 3; Marshal.


Alice L. Bullard, B.S. Wilmington N. C.

Grammar Education

Charlotte C. Bullock, B.S. Jacksonville, N. C.

Primary Education

Thomas Grant Bullock, B.S. Ayden, N. C.

Physical Education and Social Studies

Circle K; Slay Hall House Committee; Pi Sigma Pi; ROTC Cadet Club.

Pat Bundy, B.S. Bellhaven, N. C.

Social Studies and English

Paul B. Bunn, B.S. Rocky Mount, N. C.

Physical Education and Social Studies

Baseball 1, 2.




Harriett L. Burnette, B.S. Tarboro, N. C.

Social Studies and English

Annie Lou Butts, B.S. Angier, N. C.

Business Education

Teco Echo 1, 2, 3, Business Manager2, 3; Commerce Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Reporter 3, President 4; YWCA 2; Sigama Pi Alpha 3, 4; Who's Who; Publication Board 2, 3.

Alice Jean Bynum, B.S. Farmville, N. C.

Grammar Education

YWCA 1, 2, 3: FTA 1, 2, 3, Historian 3; WAA 2, 3, Treasurer 2; College Band 2; Student Counselor 2; SGA Officer Summer of 1952; YDC 3.


Bobbie J. Caldwell, M.A., Wadesville, N. C.

Grammar Education

Billye Rose Canady, B.S. Clarendon, N. C.

Grammar Education

Appalachian State Teacher's College 1, 2; FTA 3, 4; YWCA 3, 4; Alpha Zeta Chapter of Wesley Players 3, 4; Teacher's Playhouse 3, 4.

Evelyn Joyce Calhoun, B.S., Greenville, N. C.

Business Education and English

Commerce Club


Jennie E. Cannon, B.S. Wilmington, N. C.


Science Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 2, President 4; SGA 3; Budget Committee 3; Secretary-Treasurer of Teach- ers Dormitory 4.

Clara Rolunson Carr, B.S., Greenville, N. C.

Business Education

Garland R. Carr, B.S. Rose Hill, N. C.

Grammar Education


Bettie A. Carroll, B.S., Winston-Salem, N. C.

Primary Education

ACE 1, 2, 3, 4; Teacher's Playhouse 2, 3, 4; Scholarship 1, 2, 3, 4.

Frances Flora Casey, B.S. Moyock, N. C.

English and Social Studies

Charles R. Cherry, B.S. Stokes, N. C.

Business Education

Commerce Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Circle K Club 2, 3, 4; Wesley Players 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, Treasurer 4; Phi Sigma Pi 3, 4; Wesley Foundation 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 3, Sec- retary 4; YMCA 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 3, Cabinet 2, 4.




Janice H. Clark, D S. Elizabethtown, N. C.

Primary Education

ACE 2, 3, 4.

Martha Sale Conway, B.S., Greenville, N. C.

Grammar Education

Transfer from Hollins College and Wake Forest College.

Becton W. Corbin, B.S. La Grange, N. C.

Physical Education and Social Studies

Varsity Club; ROTC Officers Club; Manager Basketball Team; Veterans Club.


Christine S. Corbin, B.S. La Grange, N. C.

Grammar Education

James Bacon Corbin, B.S., La Grange, N. C.

Physical Education and English

Hugh Donald Cox, B.S. Kinston, N. C.

Distributive Education and Social Studies

Commerce Club 1, 2, 3, Vice-President 3; YMCA 2; YDC 2; Band 1, 2, 3; Varsity Glee Club 2, 3, Secretary-Treasurer of Men's Judiciary 3; SGA 4; ROTC Officers Club 3, 4; Treas- urer SGA 4; Circle K 4; Phi Sigma Pi 3, 4, Secretary 4.

John Cox, A.B. Mount Olive, N. C.

English and Social Studies

Duke University 1, 2; Commerce Club 3; English Club 3; Campus Radio 3, 4; YDC 3, 4; YDC Executive Council 4; Phi Sigma Pi 2, 3; ROTC Drill Team 3, 4; Distinguished Military Graduate: YMCA 3, 4; SGA 4, President of Men's Judiciary 4; Chairman Awards Committee 4; N. C. Student Legislature 4; Circle K 4; Who's Who 4.

Raymond Hoover Cox, B.S. Maury, N. C.

Social Studies and Physical Education

Bryan C. Craft, B.S. Clayton, Ga.

Physical Education and Science

Science Club.


Robert W. Craft, Jr., B.S. Beulaville, N. C.


College Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; College Band 1, 2, 3, 4; College Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Glee Club 2, 3, 4 ; YMCA 1, 2; SGA 3, 4; Music Education Club 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4; Vice-President American Orchestra Society; DAR Scholarship 4; Who's Who.

Roy R. Creech, B.S. Snow Hill, N. C.

Social Studies and English

Robert N. Crowley, B.S., Wilmington, N. C.

Science and Mathematics




Irma Marie Cuthrell, B.S. Pantego, N. C.

Grammar Education

Transfer; BSU 4; BTU 4; YWCA 4; FTA 4.

Jack Ellison Cutler, B.S. Washington, N. C.

Business Education

Commerce Club 2, 3, 4; Men's Judiciary 4; English Club 1; Canterbury Club 1, 2, 3, 4.

Donnell Ivey Daly, B.S. Goldsboro, N. C.

Social Studies and English

YDC 2; Boxing Team 2; IRC 2; YMCA 1; Veterans Club 1, 2, 3, Vice-President 3.

Maggie C. Davenport, B.S. Wanchese, N. C.

Business Education

Delia M. Davenport, B.S. Deep Run, N. C.

Primary Education

FTA 2; ACE 3; Marshal 3.


L. E. Davenport, D.S., Elizabeth City, N. C.

Physical Education and Science

Frances Jean Davis, B.S. Micro, N. C.

Primary Education

Sibyle Davis, B.S. Albertson, N. C.

Grammar Education

FTA 3, 4.

Wade Miller Davis, B.S., Henderson, N. C.

Industrial Arts and Mathematics

Amelia Dillwyn Denton, B.S. Bunn, N. C.





Betty J. Dewar, B.S., Fuquay Springs, N. C.

Primary Education

ACE 1, 2, 3, 4.

Geraldine Dickinson, B.S. Beaufort, N. C.

Social Studies and English

Frances Pearl Dickson, B.S. Rose Hill, N. C.

Primary Education

ACE 1, 2, 3, 4; FTA 4.

Peggy O'Neal Donerson, B.S. Dover, N. C.

Business Education

Dorothy Boyette Driver, B.S. Kenly, N. C.

Primary Education


Anne Varga Dunn, B.S. Greenville, N. C.

Primary Education

Saint Mary's 1; ACE 2, 3, 4; Publications Manager 4; Chair- man Blazers Committee 3, 4; FTA 3, 4; Chairman Home- coming 4; Canterbury Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Tecoan Staff 4; Young Democrats Club 4; Seminar Committee of Inter- Religious 4.

Joan C. Edwards, B.S. Wilmington, N. C.

Social Studies and Art

New Hanover County Group President 3; Teacher's Playhouse 3, 4.

Pansy D. Edwards, B.S. Beaulaville, N. C.

Grammar Education

FTA 4.

Carolyn Jeanne Eisele, B.S., Statesville, N. C.


Music Education Club Vice-President 3; Teacher's Playhouse 2; College Singers 1, 2, 3, 4; College Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Woman's Chorus 1; College Band 3.

Loui D. Elfrink, A.B. Greenville, N. C.

Geography and Social Studies




Peggy C. Ellers, B.S. Greenville, N. C.

Science and English

YWCA 1, 2, 3; Sceince Club 1, 2; BSU Council 1.

Jeanine Ennis, B.S. Dunn, N. C.


College Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4; Music Education Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Band 2, 3; Women's Chorus 1; Teacher's Playhouse 2, 3; Tecoan Staff 2.

H. Keith Estep, B.S. Plymouth, N. C.


ROTC Officer's Club; Science Club


Jean Exum, B.S. Fremont, N. C.

Primary Education

Emily Dell Faircloth, B.S., Fayetteville, N. C.

Home Economics

Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 3, President 4; YWCA 1, 2, 4; Teacher's Playhouse 2; sophomore Class Secretary; House Committee 1, 3; BSU Vice-President 3; Who's Who.

Imogene Faircloth, B.S. Roseboro, N. C.

Grammar Grades

ACE 4; FTA 4.


F. Faye Farmer, B.S. Carolina Beach, N. C.

Grammar Grades

Cheerleader 2, 3; Marshal 3; ACE 2, 3; FTA 2.

Nora Ellen Faulkner, B.S. Kinston, N. C.

Primary Education

Ruth Parker Ferguson, B.S. Carthage, N. C.

English and Social Studies

YWCA 1; BSU 1, 2, Treasurer 2; English Club 3, 4.


Willard C. Finch, A.B. Bailey, N. C.

Business Education and Geography

Wilbert C. Fitzgerald, Jr., B.S., Selma, N. C.

Social Studies and English

Campbell College 1; IRC 2, 3, 4; YRC 3, 4.

W. Carl Flowers, Jr., A.B., Trenton, N. C.

Business Education and Geography




Henry Clay Fordham, B.S. Kinston, N. C.

Industrial Arts and Social Studies

Industrial Arts Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 4; ROTC Cadet Club 3, 4; Veterans Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Boxing team 1, 2.

Tracy Formy-Duval, B.S., Wilmington, N. C.

Social Studies and Science

Una Brittle Francis, B.S. Conway, N. C.

Business Education and Social Studies

Chowan College 1, 2; Commerce Club 3, 4; Pi Omega Pi 3, 4, Secretary 4; YWCA 3; FTA 3.


Larry M. French, Jr., A.B. Kinston, N. C.

Social Studies and Eniglish

UNC 1, 2; ROTC Cadet Club 4.

John Lovall Fristoe, B.S. Greenville, N. C.

Primary Education

ACE 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4; ROTC 3, 4; Who's Who 4.

Esther E. Gaddy, B.S. Wadesboro, N. C.

Grammar Education

YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4; WAA 1; College Marshal 3; Fleming House Committee 3; FTA 3; Woman's Chorus 1, 2; College Choir 3; Who's Who.


Nicholas Curtis Garner, B.S., Newport, N. C

Science and Pre-Dental

Science Club 2, 3, 4; Business Club 2; ROTC Cadet Officer's Club 2, 3; YMCA 2, 3.

Maggie A. Gatlin, B.S. Ernul, N. C.

Business Education and Social Studies

Teco Echo Business Assistant 1, 2; Pi Omega Pi 2, 3, 4, Co-Historian 4; YWCA 4; Commerce Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3; Teco Echo Reporter 4; YDC 2, 3, 4.

Emma Lou Gay, B.S. Whitakers, N. C.

Primary Education

ACE 1, 2, 3, 4; YWCA 1, 2.


Donald F. Gaylor, A.B. Magnolia, N. C.

Social Studies and English

Wesley Foundation Council 1, 2; Jarvis Forensic Club 3, 4, Vice-President 3, President 4; ROTC 4, Treasurer 4; Student Government Association 3, 4.

Linda Grace Giles, B.S. Linden, N. C.

Home Economics

Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2; Westminster Fellowship 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 3, President 4; Junior Class Vice-President; YWCA 1, 2, 4; Student Government Association 4; Woman's Judiciary 4; President Jarvis Hall 4; Phi Omicron 4; Who's Who.

Oscar W. Giles, B.S. Midway Park, N. C.

Social Studies and Physical Education




Nell Grantham, B.S. Fairmont, N. C.

English and Social Studies

Gardner-Webb College 1, 2; English Club 3, 4; BSU 3, 4; FTA 4; YWCA 4.

Clement M. Gray, Jr., A.B. Trenton, N. C.

Business Education and Geography

Commerce Club 1, 2, 3, 4.

Lucy Elizabeth Gray, B.S. Deep Run, N. C.

Primary Education

Atlantic Christian 1; ACE 2, 3; YWCA 4.

Peggy Joyce Grice, B.S. Calypso, N. C

Grammar Grade Education

W.C.U.N.C. 1; WAA 2; YWCA 2; ACE 3; Tecoan Staff 3, 4; Secretary Women's Judiciary Summer 1952; College Marshal 4; Secretary Senior Class 4; FTA 4; Young Democrats Club 4.

Mary Elaine Griggs, B.S. Vandemere, N. C.

Primary Education

ACE 1, 2, 3, 4.


L. L. Grissom, A.B. Wilmington, N. C.

Physical Education and Geography

High Point College 1, 2; Football 3, 4; Varsity Club 3, 4; Officer's Club 3, 4.

Betty C Gurganus, B.S., Grimesland, N. C.

Primary Education

Maggie E. Haddock, B.S., Hookerton, N. C.

Home Economics

Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4; YWCA 2, 3, 4.

Hal F. Haire, B.S. Elizabethtown, N. C.

Social Science and English

International Relations Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Young Democrat's Club 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4; Alpha Pi Omega 4; Who's Who.

Ruth Haislip, B.S. Oak City, N. C.

Home Economics and Science

Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Reporter 4; Science Club 3; Phi Omicron 4, Secretary-Treasurer 4.




Ethel Roberta Hall, B.S. Stedman, N. C.

Social Studies and English

FTA Program Chairman 3, 4; Home Economics Club 1.

Claudia V. Halliburton, B.S., Oxford N. C.

Grammar Grade Education

Pfeiffer Junior College 1, 2; YWCA 3, 4; FTA 3, 4; ACE 3.

W. Bernard Ham, B.S. Portsmouth, Va.

Music Education

Circle K 2, 3, 4; Phi Sigma Pi 2, 3, 4; Alpha Phi Omega 4; Veterans Club 4; Music Education Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Glee Club 1, 2, President 3, 4; College Band 1, 2, 3, 4; College Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Manager 3, 4; College Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Club 4.

Janice Grey Hardison, B.S. Jamesville, N. C.

English and Social studies

Student Cousnselor 2; Publicity Chairman, YWCA 2; WAA 1, 2, 3; Women's Chorus 1, 2, 3; College Singers 3; Features Editor, Teco Echo 3, 4.

Vera A. Hardison, B.S. Washington, N C.

Primary Education


Peggy L. Harper, B.S. Kinston, N. C.

Grammar Grade Education

FTA 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3; College Marshal 3; May Court 3.

Gladys M. Harrell, B.S. Knightdale, N. C.

Primary Education

ACE 1, 2, 3, 4.

Albert L. Harrington, B.S., Burlington, N. C.

Social Studies and English

Phi Sigma Pi 2, 3, 4, President 3; Circle K 3, 4, President 4; Who's Who 3; Student Government 3; IRC 4; Summer School Legislature 2; Officers Club 3; Entertainment Committee 2, 3, 4.

Barry E. Harris, B.S. Winterville, N. C.

Mathematics and English

Fred W. Harrison, B.S. Snow Hill, N. C.

Social Studies and English




Johnny C. Helms, B.S. Monroe, N. C.

Physical Education and Social Studies

W.C.T.C.; Student Senate 1; College Band 1, 2, 3, Vice-President 1; Men's Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 1, President 4; ROTC Officers Club 3, 4; International Relations Club 3; Sigma Rho Phi Fraternity 3, Business Manager 3; Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity 3, 4, Corresponding Secretary 3, President 4; Teco Echo Sports Editor Summer School 1952.

Marilyn J. Henaghan, B.S., Greenville, N. C.

Home Economics

Betty A. Hendrix, B.S. Greensboro, N. C.

Primary Education

Guilford College 1; YWCA 4; ACE 4; FTA 4; Sweetheart of Alpha Phi Omega 4; Kiwanis Minstrel 3; Marshal 4.


Sue Hicks, B.S. Charlotte N.C.

YWCA; Vice-President of Cotten Hall 3; Member at Large on S.G.A. Summer School 1952; Assistant to Editor of Teco Echo Summer School 1952; ACE 3, 4; FTA 3, 4.

Alease High, B.S. Roanoke Rapids, N. C.

Home Economics and Science

Science Club 1, 2, 4; Home Economics Club 2, 4; Phi Omicron; YWCA 1.

Aubrey Jack Hill, B.S., Rocky Mount, N. C.

History and English


Catherine Hill, B.S. Deep Run, N. C.

Home Economics

Marshal; Sophomore Class Treasurer; Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4; BSU 2; Inter-Religious Council Secretary-Treasurer; President of Cotten Hall Summer School; Woman's Judiciary.

Carolyn Eloise Hines, B.S., Greenville, N. C.

English and Spanish

English Club; Sigma Pi Alpha Fraternity.

Eloise Mc. Hines, B.S. Roseboro, N. C.

Primary Education


Freddie Hinnant, B.S. Pine Level, N. C.

Primary Education

William L. Hobbs, Jr., B.S. Raleigh, N. C.

Music Education

Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4; Bob Lee Orchestra 2, 3, 4.

Evelyn G. Hodges, B.S. Winterville, N. C.

Science and Chemistry

N. C. State 1, 2; Science Club 3, 4.




J. F. Hodges, Jr., B.S, Washington, N. C.

Social Studies and English

International Relations Club 3, 4; Teacher's Playhouse 3, 4; YRC 3, 4.

Maude E. Hodges, B.S. Washington, N. C.

Library Science and English

Fay Hogan, B.S. Chapel Hill, N. C.

Home Economics

Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4.


Mildred Elaine Holt, B.S. Princeton, N. C.

Primary Education

Ray S. Hood, B.S. Woodbury, N. J.

Music Education

Alta Marie Houser, B.S. Gastonia, N. C.

Art and Social Studies

Women's Chorus 3, 4; Inter-Religious Council 3, 4; Emmanuel College 1, 2.


Robert H. Hughes, B.S. Jonesville, N. C.

Physical Education and Math

High Point College 1, 2; Circle K Club 3, 4; Math Club 3, 4; Jarvis Forensic Club 3; Young Republican Club 3, 4, Treasurer 3, President 4; Sigma Rho Phi 3, 4, President 3, 4; Tecoan Manager 4.

Edward Grey Hunt, B.S. Semora, N. C.

Distributive Education and Social Studies

Louisburg Junior College 1, 2; Young Democrats Club 4.

Alec J. Hurst, Jr., B.S., Greensboro, N. C.

Physical Education and Social Studies

Springfield College 1; Circle K Club 2, 3, 4; Phi Sigma Pi 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3; Veterans Club 2, 3, 4; Good News 3; ROTC Officer's Club 2, 3; Who's Who 3, Chairman of Social Committee; Student Government Association 3; President of Aquatic Club 4.


D. Tempie Jackson, B.S. Goldsboro, N. C.

Grammar Grade Education

Sara Lewis Jackson, B.S., Fayetteville, N. C

Primary Education

ACE 1, 2, 3, 4; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4; Marshal 3; Jarvis House Committtee 4.

Russell Virgil Jarrett, B.S. Draper, N. C.

Mathematics and Social Studies

Mathematics Club 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4; Phi Sigma Pi 3, 4; SGA; Circle K Club 4.




Blonnie Ella Johnson, B.S. Gastonia, N. C.

Social Studies and Libicuy Science

Woman's Chorus; Inter-Religious Council.

Elizabeth Dean Johnson, B.S., Willard, N. C.

Grammar Grade Education

YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4; FTA 1, 2, 4; ACE 3.

John B. Johnson, B.S. Rocky Mount, N. C.

Business Education and Social Studies

Circle K. Club; Commerce Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 4; Alpha Phi Omega 3, 4, Secretary 4; Veterans Club 2, 3, 4; Teacher's Playhouse; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4; ROTC Cadet Club 2, 3; College Choir 2, 3.

Mary Jo Johnson, B.S. Coasts, N. C.

Grammar Grade Education

YWCA 1, 4; ACE 3, 4; Women's Chorus 1, 2; FTA 2, 3, 4; Social Service Chairman 3, President 4; State Representative for National Conference 4; SGA 4; Elections committee 4; Who's Who.

Joseph W. Johnston, B.S. Jacksonville, N. C.

Spanish English

Wilmington College 1, 2; Sigma Pi Alpha 3, 4; Westminster Fellowship 4; YMCA 4; Teacher's Playhouse.


Betsy Carrow Jones, B.S. Beaufort, N. C

Grammar Grade Education

Frances Bickel Jones, B.S. Plymouth, N. C.

Business Education and Social Studies

Commerce Club 1, 4; IRC 4.

Mary Frances Jones, B.S. Snow Hill, N. C.

Home Economics

College Choir 1, 2, 3; Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4.

Mary Lee Jones, B.S. Warsaw, N. C.

Elementary Education

W.C.L.U.N.C. 1; YWCA 2; WAA 2; Tecoan Staff 3; College Marshal 4.

Roland F. Jones, Jr., A.B., Goldsboro, N. C.


Science Club 2, 3, 4, President 4; Phi Sigma Pi 3, 4; Young Republican's Club 3, 4, Vice-President 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Band Secretary-Treasurer 4; Varsity Glee Club 3, 4; Student Legislature 4; Circle K Club 4.




Russell Pascal Jones, B.W., Salembursg, N. C.

Physical Education and Science

Loisburg College 1, 2.

William A. Jones, A.B. Louisville, Ky.

Business Education

Presbyterian Junior College 1, 2; Commerce Club 3, 4; Veterans Club 3, 4; ROTC Officers Club 3, 4; Treasurer 4.

Janet Ann Keever, B.S. Raleigh, N. C.

Grammar Grade Education

YWCA; FTA; Women's Chorus; Jarvis Hall House Committee.

Janet T. Kennedy, B.S. Wilmington, N. C.

Grammar Grade Education

Annual Staff 1; Social Committtee 2; Entertainment Committee 2, 3, 4; FTA 1, 2; Teco Echo Reporter Sophomore Class; May Court 3; Chief Marshal 3; Who's Who; Vice-President of Senior Class.

John R. Kennedy, B.S. Wilmington, N. C.

Phsical Education and Social Studies

Cicle K Club 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 4; Delegate N. C. Student Congress 3, 4; North State Student Council 2, 3, 4; Handbook Committee 2; Executive Council 4; ROTC 2, 3, 4.


Kenneth H. Kennedy, A.B. Greenville, N.C.

Business Education and English

Commerce Club 1, 2, 3; Veterans 1, 2, 3; ROTC Officer's Club 1, 2; Pi Omega Pi 2, 3, Vice-President 3.

Arthur Henry King, B.S. Kinston, N. C.

Physical Education and Social Studies

IRC 1, 2; YMCA 2, 3; ROTC Officer's Club 3, 4.

James A. Kinion, B.S. Bath, N. C.

Physical Education and Social Studies

ROTC Officer's Club 3, 4; IRC 1, 2, 3, 4.

Merle Phillips Kirby, B.S. Smithlield, N. C.

Primary Education

ACE 1, 2, 3, 4; YWCA 1, 2, 3; IRC 1; Inter-Religious Club 3.

Janet Brooks Kirkland, B.S. Durham, N. C.

Primary Education

ACE 2, 4; Teacher's Playhouse 2, 3; Jarvis Hall House Committee 3; Inter-Religious Council 3, Secretary 3; West- minster Fellowship 1, 4, Vice-President 2, President 3; Young Democrats Club 2, 4; WAA 1.




John Robert Kluttz, B.S. Goldsboro, N. C.

Physical Education and Social Studies

Cicrle K Club 2, 3, 4; Phi Sigma Pi; RoTC Officer's Club; President of Senior Class; SGA 1, 2, 3, 4; Who's Who 3, 4.

Treva Knight, B.S. Broadway, N. C.

Grammar Education

Robert M. Langley, B.S. Bath, N. C.

Industrial Arts and Social Studies

Industrial Arts Club; Beaufort County Club Vice-President 2, President 3.


Hazel Maxine Lassiter, B.S. Conway, N. C.

Grammar Education

FTA 1, 2, 3, 4; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Counselor 2.

Dale Lawson, B.S. Orrum, N. C.

Business Education and English

Commerce Club 1, 2, 3, 3; YWCA 4; IRC 4.

Hilda Louise Lee, B.S. Pink Hill, N. C.

Home Economics

YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4; Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Co- Chairman Home Economics Bazaar 3; Phi Omicron 3, 4, Reporter 3; Constitution Committee 3.


Irene Boyer Lee, B.S. Four Oaks, N. C.

Business Education

College Choir 1; YWCA 1, 2; Pi Omega Pi 3, 4.

Lucille Leggett, B.S. Washington, N. C.

Grammar Education

Shirley J. Littlefield, B.S., Jacksonville, N. C.

Primary Education

Women's Chorus; ACE.


Claude Huntley McAllister, Jr., B.S. Wilmington, N. C.


Science Club 2, 3, 4; Wilmington College 1.

Marty McArthur, B.S. Grifton, N. C.

Home Economics

Home Economics Club 2, 3, 4; Teco Echo 3, 4.

James Stuart McCormick, B.S., Ayden, N. C.

Social Studies and Physical Education

Varsity Glee Club 1, 3, 4; Freshmen Basketball; English Club 1; Alpha Phi Omega 3, 4; ROTC Cadet Officer's Club 3, 4.




Jewel McCoy, B.S. Cove City, N. C.

Business Education

Pi Omega Pi 2, 3, 4; Commerce Club 2, 3, 4; YWCA 4.

William B. McDonald, B.S., Portsmouth, Va.

Physical Education and Social Studies

Wade McDougald, B.S. Raeford. N. C.

Social Studies and English

IRC 2, 3, 4; YMCA 2, 3, 4, Cabinet 3; Westminster Fellow- ship 1, 2, 3, 4, Cabinet 2, 3; Phi Sigma Pi 2, 3, 4.


W. S. McDowell, B.S., Midway Park, N. C.

Physical Education and Social Studies

Irene McGowan, B.S. Greenville, N. C.

Grammar Education

Day Student Secretary 2, 4.

Mark D. McLawhorn, B.S., Goldsboro, N. C.

Distributive Education and Social Studies

Commerce Club 1, 2, 3.


Ola Ray McLawhorn, B.S. Ayden, N. C.

Business Education and Social Studies

Commerce Club 1.

W. A. McLawhorn, B.S., Greenville, N. C.

Physical Education and Science

Juanita McLeod, B.S. Broadway, N. C.

Business Education and English


Jimmie S. McMillan, B.S., Chadbourn, N. C.

Grammar Education

Campbell College.

Theresa F. McNabb, B.S. Portsmouth, Va.

Primary Education

Harvey Edward McPhaill, B.S., Dunn, N. C.

Business Education and Social Studies

Campbell College 1, 2; Commerce Club 3, 4; YMCA 3, 4.




Francis H. Madigan, B.S. Portsmouth, Va.

Physical Education and Science

Varsity Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice- President 3, President 4; Phi Sigma Pi 2, 3, 4; ROTC Cadet Club 3, 4, Vice-President 4; Circle K Club 3, 4; Catholic Discussion Club 3, 4; Distinguished Military Student; Ameri- can Legion ROTC Award 2; Sports Editor Tecoan 4; Who's Who 4.

George L. Mahoney, B.S. Norfolk, Va.

Social Studies and Library Science

Peggy Jean Malpass, B.S. Goldsboro, N. C.

Primary Education

ACE 1, 3, 4; FTA 3, 4; YWCA 1, 3, 4.

Robert A. Maness, B.S. Greensboro, N. C.

Business Education and Social Studies

Sophomore Class President 2; Commerce Club 1, 2, 3, 4; IRC 1, 2, 3, 4; ROTC Officer's Club 1, 2; Varsity Club 2, 3, 4; Veterans Club 1, 2, 3, 4.

Barbara Trask Mange, A.B. Hanover, Pa.

Spanish and French

Sigma Pi Alpha; Women's Division of V.P.I.


Edith A. Mangum, B.S., Rocky Mount, N. C.

Social Studies and French

Greensboro College 1; YWCA abinet 1, 2, 3; Sigma Pi Alpha 2, 3; IRC; Young Democrat's Club.

Myrtle Manning, B.S. Robersonville, N. C.


College Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; College Orchestra 2; College Band 1, 3; YWCA 1, 2; Music Education Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Treas- urer 3; Teacher's Playhouse 2, 3; Official Organist 3.

William L. May, B.S. Maury, N. C.

English and Social Studies

Barbara Ann Mayhew, B.S., Davidson, N. C.

English and Social Studies

Patricia Ann Medlin, B.S., Greenville, N. C

Elementary Education

Campbell Junior College 1, 2.




Andrew K. Meeder, B.S. Norfolk, Va.

English and Music

College Choir 1, 2; Varsity Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 3; Music Education Club 1, 2, 3, 4; English Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Council Member 3, President 4; Student Government 3, 4; Wesley Foundation 1, 2, 3, 4.

R. D. Meiggs, B.S. Elizabeth City, N. C.

Social Studies and Science

Chowan College

Shirley A. Melton, B.S. Havelock, N. C.

Grammar Education

Asheville-Biltmore Junior College 1; ACE 3; YWCA 2, 3, 4; IRC 3, 4; FTA; Vice-President Fleming Hall 4.

Vivian O. Mercer, b.S. Rocky Mount, N. C.

Primary Education

W.C.U.N.C. 1; Student Legislature 3; Woman's Judiciary 3; House President Woman's Hall 3; ACE 2, 3, 4; Vice-President of ACE 4; Wilson Hall Vice-President 4; FTA 4; YWCA 4.

Eula Grace Mewborn, B.S. Hookerton, N. C.

Grammar Education

Commerce Club 1; YWCA 3, 4; FTA 4.


Jean L. Mitchell, B.S. Hillsboro, N. C.

Primary Education


Jack L. Moore, B.S. Rockingham, N. C.

Social Studies and English

Maurice Moore, Jr., B.S. Wilmington, N. C.

Social Studies and English

Wilmington College 1, 2; ROTC Officer's Club 3, 4.

Norma Ruth Moore, B.S. Farmville, N. C.


College Choir 3, 4.

Patricia Ann Moore, B.S. Turkey, N. C.

Home Economics

Home Economics Club 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4; President of College Clubs Division of N. C. Home Economics Association; Meredith College 1; Chief Marshal 4; Young Democrat's Club 4; Who's Who.




Pauline Moore, B.S. Bath, N. C.

Home Economics

Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Beaufort County Club 2, 3, 4; YRC 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4.

Clarence P. Mooring, B.S., Snow Hill, N. C.

English and Social Studies

Teacher's Playhouse 1, 2, 3, 4; Commerce Club 1, 2; English Club 4; YMCA 1, 2, 3; YMCA Council 3; BSU 1, 2, 3; BSU Council 3.

Betty M. Morris, B.S. Franklinton, N. C.

Grammar Education


Josephine Morris, B.S. Vandemere, N. C.

Primary Education

Mary M. Murphy, B.S. Louisburg, N. C.

English and Social Studies

Mary Jean Muse, B.S. Tarboro, N. C.

Spanish and Science

W.C.U.N.C. 1; Meredith College 2; Sigma Pi Alpha 2, 3, 4; Home Economics Club 2.


Lois Ann Myers, B.S. Hoffman, N. C.

Grammar Education

Flora Macdonald College 1; Wesley Foundation 3, 4; Alpha Zeta 3, 4; Woman's Chorus 2, 3, 4; ACE 4.

Richard H. Nelson, B.S. Kernersville, N. C.

Physical Education and Social Studies

Mary Ann Oates, B.S. Faison, N. C.

Social Studies and English

Teacher's Playhouse 2, 3, 4; IRC 1, 2, 3, 4; YDC 2, 3, 4; YWCA 1, 4; IRC Secretary-Treasurer 3; Teacher's Playhouse Vice-President 4; Commerce Club 1; House Committee 3.


Robert R. Oliver, B.S. Southport, N. C.

Mathematics and Social Studies

Emma A. Onley, B.S., Elizabeth City, N. C.

Primary Education

Chowan College 1, 2; ACE.

T. J. Owen, Jr., B.S. Elizabethtown, N. C.

Physical Education and Social Studies




Jack Alvern Painter, B.S. Tarboro, N. C.

Science atid Social Studies

Mars Hill College 1, 2; Baptist Student Union 3, 4, President 4; YMCA 3, 4; Inter-Religious Council 3, 4, President 4; Science Club 4; Elections Committee 3; ROTC Cadet Officer's Club 3, 4; Circle K Club 3, 4.

John Thomas Painter, B.S. Greenville, N. C.

Physical Education and Social Studies

Davidson College; Football 4.

Francis Louise Parker, B.S. Pendleton, N. C.

Social Studies and English

IRC 1, 2, 3, 4; YWCA 4; English Club 4.


Josephine Parkerson, B.S. Greenville, N. C.

Social Studies and English

IRC 1, 2, 3, 4.

Elizabeth J. Pate, B.S. Black Creek, N. C.

Home Economics and Science

Science Club 2, 3, 4; Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4; BSU Council 2, 3, 4; Teco Echo 3, 4; Tecoan 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Reporter 1, 2.

Rebecca Ann Pate, B.S. Simpson, N. C.

Primary Education

ACE 1, 2, 3, 4, Second Vice-President 4; YWCA 1, 2, Counselor 2; Woman's Judiciary 4.


Sadie Patterson, B.S. Lillington, N. C.

Physical Education and Social Studies

IRC2, 3, 4; YWCA 1; WAA 4; Woman's Chorus 2, 3.

Betty S. Perkins, B.S. Washington, N. C.

Grammar Education

Ann Perry, B.S. Draper, N. C.

Home Economics


Herman D. Phelps, B.S. Washington, N. C.

Distributive Education and Social Studies

Pi Omega Pi 3, 4; Commerce Club 4; ROTC Officer's Club 2, 3.

Emil Piestrak, B.S. Greenville, N. C.

Physical Education and Social Studies

Ivey D. Piner, B.S. New Bern, N. C.

Veterans Club 2, 3; Point System Committee 2; Commerce Club 2, 3, 4; Pi Omega Pi 2, 3, 4.




William Hardy Pittman, B.S. Kenly, N. C.

Mathematics and Social Studies

Tecoan Staff 1, 2; Math Club 2, 3, 4; ROTC Cadet Club 3, 4.

Betty Jean Poole, B.S. Durham, N. C.

English and Library Science

English Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, President 4; Teacher's Playhouse 2, 3; Young Democrat's Club 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4; SGA 4; Math Club 1.

John R. Postas, B.S. Franklin, N. J.

Physical Education and Mathematics

Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 4; SGA 4.

Eleanor Ann Powell, B.S. Clinton, N. C.

Home Economics

Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4.

Edith Winn Powell, B.S. Kinston, N. C.

Primary Education

W.C.U.N.C. 1, 2; ACE 4.


Ruthe Pearl Powell, B.S. New Bern, N. C.

Business Education

Anna M. Prater, B.S. Seven Springs, N. C.

English and Social Studies

Gwendolyn R. Puckett, B.S. Clayton, N. C.

Primary Education

ACE 1, 2, 3, 4; WAA 2, 3; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4.

Dorothy Jean Pugh, B.S. New Bern, N. C.

Social Studies and French

St. Mary's; Sigmn Pi Alpha; YWCA 3.

Robert E. Pugh, B.S. Wilmington, N. C.

Mathematics and Science




Daphne Donerson Quinn, B.S. Dover, N. C.

Grammar Education

Phyllis Ann Randolph, B.S. Hickory, Va.

Home Economics

Home Economics Club 2, 3, 4; Phi Omicron 3, 4, Vice-President 4; SGA 4.

Shirley Joyce Rhue, A.B. Washington, N. C.

Primary Education

ACE 1, 2, 3; FTA 1, 2, 3; YWCA 1, 2,3.

Jim P. Rickards, A.B. Washington, N. C.

Science and Social Studies

West Virginia University; ROTC Officer's Club 3, 4; Foreign Language Fraternity 2, 3, 4; Science Club 2, 3, 4; YRC 3, 4.

Stacy Leonard Riggs, B.S. Maysville, N. C.

Social Studies and Physical Education

ROTC Officer's Club 2, 3; IRC 2, 3, 4.


Alice Jeanette Roberson, B.S., Wilson, N. C.

Primary Education

Rebecca Roberson, B.S. Smithfield, N. C.


Science Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 4.

R. A. Robinson, B.S. Franklin Springs, Ga.

Industrial Arts and Social Studies

Circle K Club, President 3; Treasurer Senior Class; Drum Major 1, 2, 3, 4; Who's Who 3, 4; Industrial Arts Club 1, 2, 3, President 3; President SGA 4; SHA Historian 3; Phi Sigma Pi 3, 4.

Welson D. Robinson, B.S. Atlantic, N. C.

Social Studies and Science

Donald W. Roebuck, B.S. Stokes, N. C.


IRC 1; College Choir 2, 3, 4; College Orchestra 3, 4; Music Education Club 2, 3, 4; YMCA 1; Wesley Foundation 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 4; Teacher's Playhouse 3, 4.




Edith M. Rogerson, B.S. Williamston, N. C.

Home Economics

Phi Omicron President 4; Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4.

Betty Jean Routh, B.S. Cameron, N. C.

Primary Education

William H. Rowland, B.S. Raleigh, N. C.

Science and Pre-Dental

Science Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Veterans Club 2, 3, 4; Manager of Ragsdale 4; Slay Dormitory President 3; Sigma Rho Phi; Phi Sigma Pi 2, 3, 4; YMCA 4; SGA 3; Men's Judiciary 3.


Edmund J. Rublein, B.S. Folkstone, N. C.

Grammar Grade Education

Veterans Club 1, 2, 3, 4.

Teresa Anne Saieed, B.S. Greenville, N. C.

Social Studies and English

FTA 1, 2, 4; Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3; Women's Chorus 1, 2, 3; Day Student President 4; Member at Large 1, 2; Forensic Club 4; Women's Judiciary 4; SGA 4; IRC 1, 2, 3; Annual Staff 3, 4.

Edward Roscoe Salter, B.S. Atlantic, N. C.

Science and Social Studies


Betty Jane Sanderson, B.S. Calypso, N. C.

Primary Education

Grace Mc. Sanderson, B.S. Magnolia, N. C.

Grammar Grade Education

Teco Echo 2, 3; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4.

Jerome Mc. Sandford, B.S. Goldsboro, N. C.

English and Social Studies

Phi Sigma Pi President; Junior Class President; Who's Who; Campus Radio Announcer; Circle K Club 2, 3, 4.


Annie Ruth Savage, B.S. Hobgood, N. C.

Grammar Grade Education

FTA 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4.

George Melvin Sauls, B.S. Griffon, N. C.

Physical Education and Social Studies

ROTC Officer's Club 3, 4, President 4; Varsity Club 2, 3, 4; Varsity Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; IRC 1, 2, 3, 4; SGA 4; Tecoan Staff 4.

Jack Cooke Scott, B.S. Elizabeth City, N. C.

Mathematics and Social Studies

Mathematics Club 2, 3, 4; IRC 2, 3; Teco Echo 3, 4; Assistant Baseball Manager 2.




Frances E. Sessoms, B.S. Lumberton, N. C.

Business Education and Social Studies

Anne Osborne Shoe, B.S. Salisbury, N. C.

Primary Education

SGA 1; YWCA 1, 2, 4; Music Chairman 1; Vice-President 2; Vesper Chairman 4; Wesley Foundation 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3; Who's Who

Charles Dwight Shoe, B.S. Salisbury, N. C.

Physical Education and Social Studies

Circle K 3, 4; YMCA President 3; ROTC Cadet Club 3, 4; Who's Who 3, 4; Varsity Club 1, 2, 3, 4; All Conference 3.


Edsel W. Sholar, A.B. Rocky Mount, N. C.

Business Education

Commerce Club 3, 4; College Band 2; ROTC Cadet Officer's Club 3, 4; YRC 2, 3, 4.

Bertha Mae Silverthorne, B.S.

Whortonsville, N. C.

Social Studies and English

Richard H. Siler, A.B. Siler City, N. C.

Physical Education and Mathematics

Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Club Secretary 3.


Carolyn E. Slack, B.S. Pinetown, N. C.

Primary Education

FTA 1; ACE 2, 3, 4; YWCA 4.

John Pigott Sloan, A.B. Wilmington, N. C.

Science and Pre-Dental

University of the South 1; Wilmington College 2; Science Club 3; Football Manager 4.

Dennis R. Smith, B.S. Chocowinity, N. C.

Physical Education and Social Studies

Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 3, 4; Phi Sigma Pi 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 4.


Elaine Kay Smith, B.S. Wilmington, N. C.

Primary Education

ACE 1, 2, 3, Secretary-Treasurer 3; Wesley Players 2, 3, Vice-President 2, President 3; FTA 1; Points Committee of SGA 1; Sophomore Counselor 2.

Hazel R. Smith, B.S. Kinston, N. C.

Grammar Education

Lois Jo Ann Smith, B.S., Thomasville, N. C.

Primary Education

Home Economics Club 1; ACE 3, 4; FTA 4; Summer School Judiciary 3, 4, Vice-President 4.




Miriam Sollee, B.S. Tarboro, N. C.

Primary Education

ACE 1, 2, 3; FTA 2, 3; Greensboro College.

Anne Marie Spain, B.S. Manson, N. C.

Grammar Education

Verona Gray Sparrow, B.S. Deep Run, N. C.

Primary Education

Meredith College 1; ACE 2, 3, 4; May Court 3; SGA Secretary 4; Executive Council 4.

Betty Marie Stallings, B.S., Louisburg, N. C.

Primary Education

D. B. Stallings, B.S. Spring Hope, N. C.

Physical Education and Social Studies


Judith V. Stallings, B.S. Zebulon, N. C.

Primary Education

Campbell College; ACE 3, 4; FTA 4.

Janet Ruth Stansill, B.S. Farmville, N. C.

Primary Education

ACE 2, 3, 4; YWCA 3; Westminster Fellowship 3, 4.

Dorothy J. Staples, B.S., Mount Olive, N. C.

Home Economics

L, B. Starling, B.S. Rocky Mount, N. C.


Music Education Club President 2; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Orches- tra 2, 3, 4; Collegians 1, 2, 3, 4, Manager 3; Circle K Club 2, 3; SGA 2; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Chairman of Awards Committee 2.

Catherine Lee Stephenson, B.S.

Willow Springs, N. C.


Music Education Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3; College Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3; College Band 3; College Singers 1, 2, 3, 4; Orchestra 3; Teacher's Playhouse 1, 2, 3, Secretary 3; Westminster Fellowhip Council 2, 3.




J. E. Stephenson, B.S. Robersonville, N. C.

Distributive Education and Social Studies

Pi Omega Pi 3, 4; Veterans Club 1, 2, 3, 4.

Judy McKinne Stout, B.S. Siler City, N. C.

Home Economics

Peace College 1; Home Economics Club 2, 3, 4,; YWCA 2, 4; WAA 2.

Agnes Ann Strole, B.S. Chadbourn, N. C.

Mathematics and English

Elon College 1, 2; Mathematics Club 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 4.

Joe Walter Stroud, B.S. Jonesville, N. C.

Mathematics and Social Studies

Math Club 2, 3, 4; IRC 3, 4; YRC 3, 4.

Curtis G. Summers, B.S. Norfolk, Va.

Business Education and Social Studies


Alexander Sutherland, B.S. Newport, N. C.

Industrial Arts and English

Industrial Arts Club; ROTC Cadet Officer's Club; ROTC Drum and Bugle Corps.

Elizabeth G. Sutton, B.S. Tomahawk, N. C.

Social Studies and English

IRC 1, 2, 3, 4; YWCA 3, 4; YDC 4.

John Swart, B.S. Wilmington, N. C.

Mathematics and Social Studies

Math Club; Varsity Club; Football 2, 3.

Geraldine Swindell, B.S. Belhaven, N. C.

Business Education

Mary Beth Thomas, B.S. Broadway, N. C.

Grammar Education

ACE 1; YWCA 1; FTA 3.




J. K. Thompson, B.S. Goldsboro, N. C.

Business Education

Carl D. Tolson, Jr., B.S. Swansboro, N. C.

Business Education and Social Studies

Hazel Tripp, B.S. Greenville, N. C.

Howe Econmics


Seleta Ann Tucker, B.S. Farmville, N. C.

Primary Education

ACE 2, 3, 4; FTA 1, 2; College Choir 3; Marshal 2, 3; Woman's Chorus 1, 2; BSU Council 1, 2, 3.

William H. Tucker, A.B. Raleigh, N. C.

Business Education

Waylon C. Upchurch, B.S. Sanford, N. C.

Biology and Physics

Science Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Publicity Chairman 3; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4 Council 2, 3; Wesley Foundation 1, 2, 3, 4, President 3, 4; Wesley Players 2, 3, 4; Inter-Religious Council 3, 4, President 4.

David V. Van Hook, B.S. Nashville, N. C.


Music Education Club 1, 2, 3, 4; College Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; College Band 2, 3, 4; Teacher's Playhouse 3, 4.

Louise Vann, B.S. Clinton, N. C.

Primary Education

ACE 2, 3; YWCA 2.

Patricia Ann Vaughan, B.S. Tarboro, N. C.


Woman's Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; College Choir 3: Orchestra 3, 4, Treasurer 3, Secretary-Treasurer 4; Music Education Club 1, 2, 3, 4.


R. L. Vickery, Jr., A.B. Mooresville, N. C.

Social Studies and English

Presbyterian Junior College; Teacher's playhouse; YMCA; IRC; College Choir 1; Wesley Players.

Rachel E. Wallace, B.S. White Lake, N. C.

Primary Education

ACE 2, 3, 4; Marshal 3.

Anne E. Warren, B.S. Battleboro, N. C.

English and Spanish

Sigma Pi Alpha 2, 3, 4; YWCA 3, 4; YDC 2, 3; English Club 3, 4.




Janie Yvonne Watson, B.S. Nashville, N. C.

Primary Education

SGA 2; Women's Judiciary 3; Ragsdale President 3; ACE 2, 3, 4.

Marilyn A. Watkins, B.S. Middleburg, N. C.

Grammar Grade Education

Wesley Foundation Council 1, 2; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4, Cabinet 3, 4; FTA 3, 4; SGA 3; Teacher's Playhouse 3.

Mitzi Ann Watson, B.S. Englehard, N. C.

Primary Education


Mona Lee Watts, B.S. Whiteville, N. C.

Business Education

Commerce Club 1, 2, 3, 4; FTA 1; Typist 1; WAA 4.

M. Ann Weaver, B.S. Wilmington, N. C.

Primary Education

ACE 1, 2, 3, 4, Historian 4; FTA 3, 4; IRC 1; Commerce Club 1; Junior Class Secretary.

Paul D. Weeks, Jr., B.S. Whitakers, N. C.

Business Education

Commerce Club 2, 3, Treasurer 3; Pi Omega Pi 3, 4, Historian 4; Sigma Pi Alpha 2, 3, 4.


Mable Ann West, B.S. Roseboro, N. C.

Primary Education

ACE 4; FTA 4; Homecoming Queen Sigma Rho Phi 4.

Margaret White, B.S. Hertford, N. C.

Primary Education

ACE 1, 2, 3, 4; FTA 2, 3: YWCA 1, 2, 3.

Gloria Ann Whitehurst, B.S. Bethel, N. C.

Primary Education

ACE 1, 2, 3, 4; YWCA 1, 2, 3; Marshal 3; SGA 3; Woman's Chorus 1; Teacher's Playhouse 2; Who's Who.


Raymond L. Whitfield, B.S. Kinston, N. C.

English and Social Studies

Teacher's Playhouse 2, 3, 4, President 3, 4; SGA 3, 4; Phi Sigma Pi 2, 3, 4, Historian 3, 4; Teco Echo 1, 2, 3, 4; Tecoan 4; Sports Publicist Athletic Department 1; Pep Rally Chairman 4; Circle K Club 3, 4; Who's Who.

Everett Hooks Whitley, B.S. Kenly, N. C.

Mathematics and Social Studies

Mathematics Club 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 3; Senior Class Treasurer; ROTC Cadet Club; Tecoan 1, 2, 4.

Edward M. Wilkins, B.S., Lumberton, N. C.

Social Studies and Science




Catherine Williams, B.S. Wade, N. C.

Physical Education and Mathematics

Eugene Williams, B.S. Kinston, N.C.

Business Education and Social Studies

Floyd C. Williams, B.S. Wilmington, N. C.

Mathematics and Science

Circle K Club 3, 4; Canterbury Club 3, 4; Math Club President 3; ROTC Officer's Club 3, 4; Wing Commander 4; Distinguished Military Graduate 4; SGA 4; Junior American Society of Civil Engineers 2; Student Legislature 4.

James Allison Williams, b.S. Bailey, N. C.

Spanish and English

Sigma Pi Alpha Secretary.

James L. Williams, B.S. Clayton, N. C.

Social Studies and English

Young Democrat's Club.


James M. Williams, B.S. Fayetteville, N. C.

Social Studies and English

Larry P. Williams, B.S. Ocracoke, N. C.

English and Social Studies

M. A. Williams, B.S. Spring Hope, N. C.

Primary Education

Campbell College; ACE 3, 4; FTA 4.

W. F. Williams, B.S. Swan Quarter, N. C.


College Choir 1, 2, 3; College band 1, 2, 3, 4; Men's Chours 3, 4, Secretary 4; College Orchestra 2, 3, 4; Music Education Club 2.

Barbara Williamson, B.S. Clinton, N. C.


Campbell College; Epsilon Pi Eta Honor Society 1; FTA 2; Science Club 2, 3, 4; YWCA 2, 3, 4; Maid of Honor in May Day Celebration 3.


senior class


David C. Williamson, B.S. Whiteville, N. C.

Physical Education and Social Studies

Susan C. Willoughby, B.S. Creswell, N. C.


College Choir 1, 3, 4; Woman's Chorus 3; College Band 3; Teacher's Playhouse 1.

Carroll W. Wilson, B.S. Wilson, N. C.

Physical Education and Social Studies

Laura Thomas Wilson, B.S. Oxford N. C.

Primary Education

Nancy Carol Wood, B.S. Virgilina, Va.

Grammar Education

WCTC 1, 2; ACE 3, 4; BTU 3, 4; FTA 4.


Frances E. Wollard, B.S., Washington, N. C.

Grammar Education

YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4; FTA 1, 2, 3, 4, District Secretary 4; ACE 4; Tecoan Staff 3, 4.

Ada Worthington, B.S. Kinston, N. C.

Business Education and English

Commerce Club; YWCA; Pi Omega Pi.

Edwin B. Yarbrough, B.S. Portsmouth, Va.

Physical Education and Social Science

Football 1; Varsity Club 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4; Phi Sigma Pi 2, 3, 4; Veterans Club 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Circle K Club 2, 3, 4; SGA 3, 4; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4; Awards Committee 4; Who's Who

Jean E. Yelverton, B.S. Stantonsburg, N. C.

Primary Education

ACE 1, 2, 3, 4; WAA 1, 2, 3, 4; FTA 1, 4; YWCA 3, 4.



Left to right

Kitty Gerringer Student Government Representative

Cecilia Cartwright Secretary

Royce Jordan President

Evelyn Davis Treasurer

Ann Butler Vice-President


First Row: Nolan Clifton Alcock, Joan Parker Allen, Thomas B. Allsbrook, Nancy Faye Apple, Ola Kelly Avent, Charlotte W. Baker, William Horace Baker Jr., William Oliver Baldwin.

Second Row : Martha Ann Barrow, Adah Mayfield Bass, Raymond Andrew Bass Jr., Waylon T, Bass, Wilben Crawford Bass, Charles C. Batchelor, Nancy Leila Beatty, Betsy Parks Best.

class..nineteen fifty-three

Third Row: Dorothy Grey Best, William Nelson Best, Metz Bissell, Deane Black- mon, Loyce Bonner, Paul M. Boseman, Peggy Joyce Bowen, Shelton Ward Bowen.

Fourth Row: Ruth JeanneLte Boyce, Joyce Branch, Betty Sue Branch, Betty Brewer, Johnnie Robert Brown, Marvin Eli Brown, Charlie Thomas Buck, Frances A. Buck.


First Row: Betty Lou Brickhouse, Bobbie Jean Burch, Mary Sue Burch, Hazel Glenn Burke, Carolyn Burnette, Anne Watson Butler, James L. Byrd, Martha Deane Byrd.

Second Row: Paul Archibald Cameron, Jr., Barbara Jean Cargile, William James Carr, Cecilia Cartwright, Earl Grey Castellow, Helen Rose Cherry, Marion J. Ches- son, Carolyn Lewis Clapp.

Third Row: Carolyn Clark, Mary Agnes Clark, Olene Civils, Carol Reid Coffey, Natalie Virginia Coker, Thelma Oleta Collier, Margaret Joyce Conner, Lemuel Clay Cook.

Fourth Row: Sue Cook, Archie "Monk" Congleton, Lillian Copley, Patricia Ann Corbett, John George Costulis, Jo Ann Cothran, Rachel Ann Cox, Charles A. Creekmore.


Junior class...'53

First Row: Eliard Gray Croom, Leonard R. Culbreth, Walter Earl Culbreth Jr., Giles Dail Jr., Mary Anne Dallas, Evelyn Jean Davis, Gladys Rosamond Daugherty, Miriam R. Dempsey.

Second Row: Mary Jean Dodd, Myra Gale Dorsey, Bettie Jane Dougherty, Jimmy Ellsworth Dunn, Anne B. DuRant, Harold Jay Edwards, Pansy Sue Edwards, Norwood Elliott Jr.

Third Row: James Blair Ellis, William Preston Emerson, Eugene Edward Emery, Mildred Getchell Faison, John R. Farley, Anne Fedoronko, Eugene C. Fields, Mary Alice Fields.

Fourth Row: Charles Edgar Fishel, Margaret E. Fleming, Jean Flora, Frances Downs French, Robert Gardner, Corydon Dwight Garrett, Kitty Bea Gerringer, George Garland Gilbert.


Junior Class...'53

First Row: Mary Lee Gillette, Norma Jean Godwin, Edward Mannon Gore, Jean Gray, Mary Ellwood Green, Arthur Gregory Jr., Edna Jayce Griffin, Barbara Ann Grimes.

Second Row: Frances LaVerne Grogan, Faye Gulley, Joyce Blue Gurley, Alice June Haddock, Joe Francis Hallow, Peggy M. Hamilton, Ervin Harrell, Mary Elizabeth Harrell.

Third Row: Walter M. Harrell, Elsie Cathryne Harrelson, Lettie Harper, Nancy Jane Harper, Jarvis Ray Harrington, Bill Harris, Jimmy Crockett Harris, Thelma Margaret Harris.

Fourth Row: Virginia Dare Harris, Florence Mae Helms, Frank M. Hemingway, Peggy Ann Hill, Robert Pendleton Hilldrup, Abram Norman Hines, Eisah Jackson Hines, Drusilla Lee Hodges.


First Row: Euzella Lee Holland, Laurie Jane Holmes, Martha Raye Honeycutt, Major Irving Hooper, Marietta Hooper, Jerry Leo Horner, Richard Skinner Hoskins, Lula Ann House.

Second Row: Dorothy Jean Howard, Elsie Earle Howard, Mattie Evelyn Huber, Cleo Huffman, Charles Eugene Huffman, Betty Jane Huffman, Ray A. Hylton, Alice Dixon Jackson.

Third Row: Imogene Jeannette, Melva E. Johnson, Miriam Johnson, Sallie Grey Johnson, Annie Laurie Jones, Ruth Jones, Edna Faye Jones, Larlie Mae Jones.

Fourth Row: Royce C. Jordan, Wade H. Jordan Jr., Edith Marie Jowdy, Betty Jane Jurgensen, Peggy H. Kennedy, Joan Vivian Kelly, Carl Willis King, Donald Alford King.


First Row: James L. King, Leland Jewel King, Charlie A. Kluttz, Coletta Lahr, Billy Laughinghouse, Floyd Taft Lefler, Julianne Leimone, May R. Lewis.

Second Row: Mildred Lucille Lipe, Aubrey Lee Little, Ruth Branch Little, Norma Long, Thomas Ray Lupton, John Wesley McAden, Sylvia McCoy, Ann Heath McCrary.

Third Row: George Donald McFadyen, Donald C. McGlohon, Mark Stancil McGlohon, Winifred Jeanette McGlohon, LaRue W. McKinney, Wayne McLamb, Kathryn McLawhorn, Agnes Vann McLemore.

Fourth Row: William Gilbert McLeod, Vera Belle McNeill, Peggy White Madry, Agnes Faye Mallard, Elva Rae Mann, Margaret Ann Mansfield, Clyde Vernon March, Maydalene G. Marshall.



Front Row: Susie Ann Marshall, David Lee Martin, Clara L. Mason, Edna Marie Massad, Atlee Glenn Matthews, Dolores Ann Matthews, Rufus Farrell Memory, Albert Vance Medlin.

Second Row: Doris Mae Messer, Patricia L. Miller, Alma Lou Moore, Barbara Jean Moore, Jean Lewis Mohorn, Orvis Ray Mumford, Lynnette Murphy, Donnell Mayo Muse

Third Row: Robert Nielsen, Walter Leo Noona, Sabra Jane Nunalee, Sue Carl Oswald, Richard Napoleon Ottaway, Betty Ray Outlaw, Ramona Lee Outlaw, Janie Margaret Parker.

Fourth Row: Dahlia Pendergraft, David James Pennington, Robert Pennington, Tommy Garth Perry, Mary Frances Peterson, Mary Lou Phillips, Andrew Jackson Pickett, Thomas Everett Pierce.


Junior class...'53

First Row: Laura Frances Pope, Joanna Powell, Matthew Prescott, Sylvia Gay Proctor, Frances Ann Radcliffe, Dorothy Raye Ragland, Betty Ramsay Ralston, Delphia Tyson Rawls.

Second Row: Jessie Ann Rice, Mary Gwen Richardson, Kathryn Rickards, James Walter Ridge, Emily Jame Rivenbark, Jenette Rivenbark, Janice Roberson, James L. Rogers.

Third Row: William B. Rogers, Sidney Payne Rogerson, George Bernard Rose, Leon Henry Rouse, Melba Smith Rouse, Shelby Eugene Russ, Gene Russell, Mitchell Lee Saieed.

Fourth Row: William Sanderson, Mary Elizabeth Sawyer, Robert Towe Sears, Ray Sears, Josie Ray Sessoms, Leon Hampton Sewell, Clayton W. Shackelford, Mattie Boseman Shearin.


First Row: Fred Louis Shelby, Lois Gray Simpson, Patrick O'Connell Skidmore, Anne Vernon Smith, Dorothy Margaret Smith, Dorothy Virginia Smith, Creola Smith, Eston C. Smith.

Second Row: Maxine Stanley, George Starling, Jane Phinney Suggs, Edwin Charles Sutton, Janet E. Swinson, Edgar Tadlock, Lena Maxine Taylor, Bobby Frank Thomas.

Third Row: Glenna Clark Thomas, Margretta Thompson, Sara Elizabeth Thomp- son, Wilbur Paul Thompson, Barbara Ann Tilley, Anne Wiggins Toler, Monna Jay Toler, Letha Faye Trott.

Fourth Row: Lydia C. Turner, Victor Johnson Tucker, William Lester Tucker, Julian Robert Vainright, Herman Conley Vinson, Irma Wainright, Betty Rose Walker, Helen Louis Walters.


First Row: Rodnew Neale Walters, Betty Jean Warren, Barbara Edith Weir, Charlie H. Wentz, Della Frances Westbrook, Laura C. West, Sara Louise Whaley, Bynum James Whitehurst.

Second Row: Betty Sue Whitfield, Charlotte Moore Whitfield, Vernie Bert Wilder, Virginia Ruth Wilkes, Gwendola Williams, Pete Carl Williams, Robert King Williams Jr., Ted L. Williams.

Third Row: Susann Williamson, Trudy Carr Williams, Rosemary L. Wood, Mamie Williams Wooten, India E. Wright, Donna Jean Yancey, Doris Mae Yarbrough, Jewel Illard Yarbrough.

Junior class . . .'53


Left to Right:

Sitting: Ann Bvynum, Janet Hodges, and Mildred Rouse

Standing: Percy Wilkins and Bob Neilson



Percy Wilkins President

Bob Neilson Vice-President

Janet Hodges Secretary

Ann Bynum Treasurer

Mildred Rouse SGA Representative


east carolina college

Helen Anne Adams

Ottis L. Adams

Jean Carolyn Allen

Robert Cameron Allen

George Lynwood Alexander

James W. Alexander

Bobby Lewis Anderson

Kris Anderson

Donald M. Atkinson

Marceline Aycock

Don Gerald Baannan

Robert Grover Baird

Hazel Aileen Baker

Worth Eugene Baker

Clayton Dailey Barker

Carolyn Horne Barnes

Nancy C. Barnes

Russell L. Barnes

Peggy Ruth Barfield

James Edgar Barbour

James P. Bazemore

Charlie Benjamin Bedford

Dorothy M. Belch

David Thurston Benton

Christine Bland

Lois Jean Bland

Virgil Earl Bland

Emily Stewart Boyce

Betty Lois Boyette

Emma Jean Brake

Jacquelyn Ann Branch

Patricia Ann Branch

Ronald Scott Braswell

Gladys Irene Brinn

Ben W. Britt

CLASS . . .'53

James Ralph Britt

Carolyn Brothers

Emma Catherine Brown

Joe W. Browning

Frazier Hughes Bruton

Maxine Goodwin Bryan

Maybell Bryant

Hattie Josephine Bryson

Anna Frances Bunn

Lael Swanson Bunting



Margaret Ann Bunting

Peggy Anne Bunton

Donald K. Burton

Lucious Calvin Butt

Ann Bynum

William B. Bynum

Alfred Eugene Cahoon

Thomas Millidge Cannady

Junius Long Capehart

Ann Lloyd Carawan

Anne Cecelia Carlson

Jack Carr

Peggy Jo Carr

Phyllis Lucille Carpenter

Harriet Jean Carter

Maxine Elizabeth Case

Sarah Anne Casey

Jacqueline Rebecca Cash

Emma Jane Cauley

George Bennett Causby

Gaither Delano Cline

Luther S. Colbert

Aubrey T. Collins

Harold Gordon Colson

Barbara Jean Connor

Carolyn Cooper

Wade Hampton Cooper

Grover L. Corowan

Jimmie Corum

Harvey Alton Cox

Peggy Anne Cox

Helen Kathryn Credle

E. Louise Credle

Sally Blane Credle

Lester Bryant Croom

Patsy Cummings

Wilma Faye Daniel

John Robert Davis

Patricia Ann Dawson

Della Love Dean

Anna Mae Dickens

Martha Catherine Dickson

Geraldine Dixon

Marshall Peterson Du Val

Jane Badger Eason



Amelia Jean Eaton

Emily Eaves

Don R. Edwards

Dorothy Anne Edwards

John Henry Edwards

Shirley Jane Edwards

Gerald Mack Elks

Betty Ellington

Dennis Everett English

Irving Newton Ennis

Ruby Patrick Epting

Lorine A. Estes

Annie Laurie Etheridge

Barbara Sue Ethridge

Evelyn Ruth Eury

Peggy Joyce Faircloth

Mary G. Farless

Virginia Anne Farley

LaRue Vingie Farrow

Alma Lee Faulkner

Elma Harriet Fendley

Carolyn Elizabeth Finck

Gayle C. Flanagan

Hugh Morris Flowers

William Frederick Floyd

Edward Milton Foley

Roy Haywood Forbes

Jack Stanley Forlines

Peggy Lou Forrest

Donald Louis Fratino

Joan Marie Fulford

John Carter Furlong

Freddie Delano Futreal

Nellie Rhea Gardner

Betty Gay

Paul B. Gay

Thelma Gerock

Henry Eugene Gilbert, Jr.

Margaret Ginn

Joyce I. Glenn

M. Eloise Godwin

Jane Elizabeth Godwin

Keith Goodson

Peggy Ann Goodwin

Ann Eleanor Gosse



Dixie Carrol Grady

Lyda Arlene Grantham

Doris Elaine Grantham

Frances Estelle Greene

Barbara Mae Guyton

Norma Dale Guyton

Rachel Juanita Hagler

Charlotte Grey Hales

Charles Sterling Hamilton

Franklin Hamilton

Frank Milton Hammond

Anne Elise Hardy

Charles Harper

Charles Hopkins Harrell

Clara Mae Harris

Winnie Rose Harris

Alice Raye Hathaway

John T. Hayes

Mary Jane Hayes

Lillian Cecelia Haynes

Ida Ruth Hedspeth

James Leroy Henderson

Mildred Louise Henderson

Jeannette Burwell Hester

Robert Ezell Hicks

Jere Dean Hilburn

Bessie Loree Hinnant

Gladys Mae Hinson

Jarahnee Trevor Hinson

Janet Hayes Hodges

James Furman Holcomb

David Alexander Holder, Jr.

Willie E. Holland

E. Theo Hollingsworth

Jane Hendon Holmes

Kenneth Maxwell Holt

Jamie M. House

John Welbert Hudson

Van Carlton Huggins

Manly Wilbur Hussey, Jr.

Genevieve Ivey

Edward Earl Jernigan

Ann McClenny Johnson

Carolyn S. Johnson

Kay Frances Johnston



Linda Lee Jones

Alice Nanette Jones

Robert Earle Julian

Nick James Kanos

Martha Jane Kanoy

Martin Herman Kass

Theron C. Keen

William W. Keenan

Anise Kelly

Jean Carolyn Kemp

Nancy Lou Kesler

Claude Keith King

Horace G. King

James Ray Kirby

Laure Ann Kirven

Barbara Ann Lamm

Edwon McKay Lanier

James David Lassiter

Anna Lou Laughton

Tess Ledbetter

Ned Franklin Lee

Nell Lee

Robert Edward Lee

Elsie Janet Lewis

Willa Dean Lindsay

Offie R. Lockemy

Wilson Lovett

Nevelle Cline Lovelace

Marjorie Faye McDougald

Marilyn McGimsey

Nina Lou McGowan

Edwina McMullan

William Harvey McWilliams

Emil G. Massad

Edgar H. Mathews

Iris Ione Matthews

Paul Wesley Maness

Dalton Lee Mann

Jane "Boots" Marion

Janice V. Markham

Tullulah Frances Marshbourne

Walter Fravis Martin, Jr.

Joe V. Mason

Johnnie E. May

Barbara Jane Mayes



Charles E. Meekins

Philip Worthington Mellon

Frank Hewette Melvin

John Leckman Milligan

Charles L. Minchew

Anne Troy Mitchell

Jackie Lee Mize

Jean Ann Mobley

Nancy Lu Moore

Maidred Joyce Morris

Willis Conrad Mozingo

Agnes Nell Mumford

Joyce Murdock

Charlie Narron

Kenneth Harlon Neal

Edward Nelson

Mary Belinda Newsome

Mary Jo Outland

Robert C. Owen

Clyde P. Owens

Kathleen Baun Ownley

Patsy Pool Pappendick

Edna Earle Paramore

Martha Harriet Peele

Janice Mae Penny

William A. Penuel

Judith Claire Perry

Rebecca Gail Plemmons

Miriam Almeta Preast

John Henry Price, Jr.

Mattie Ruth Proctor

Curtis Lee Register

Amanda Estell Reynolds

Donald G. Rhodes

Larry Ishmael Rhodes

Gregg C. Rife

Nancy Evelyn Riley

Robert Everette Roebuck

Percy E. Rogerson

Marilyn Ann Roney

William Howard Rooks

Mildred Joyce Rouse

William Baxter Sanderson

Charles Edward Satterwhite

Allan Ray Sawyer



Jackie Merle Sears

Sally Jennette Sedgwick

Frances Harlan Sigmon

Ann De Lee Siler

Mary Jane Simmons

Paul Lester Singleton

Grace Irene Smith

Guilford C Smith

Ted Page Smith

Vivian Patricia Smith

Emma Jean Spencer

William Riley Spencer

Bermey Stevens

Jean Kathryn Stephenson

Mary A. Stephenson

Richard Elbert Stephenson

Elbert Roosevelt Stokes

Jewelle Stokes

Robert Delano Stokes

Walter Clyde Staughan, Jr.

William Glenn Strickland

Amos T. Stroud, Jr.

G. Merele Sugg

Leonard Homes Sullivan

Anne Newell Sutton

Betty Frances Sutton

Norwood Mac Talton

David Terry, Jr.

E. A. Thomas

Charles Jean Thorne

Julia Frances Thornton

Cecilia Lou Tripp

Harold Dean Tripp

Thomas Jarvis Tripp, Jr.

Veryl Trueblood

Lois Anne Tucker

Mary Anse Tucker

Betty Joan Turner

Nancy Geraldine Tugwell

Ruby Magdalene Underbill

Gene Lane Underwood

Luther Herbert Vail

Betty Helene Vaughan

James Marvin Vaughan

Harriet Ward



Janet Adell Ward

John Edward Ward

Betty Gwyn Watson

John Robert Watson

Shelton Weaver

James Boyd Webb

Charles B. West

Margie Ruth West

Mary Lee Whitfield

Rachel Jones Whitfield

Ruth Homes Whitford

Frances M. Whitley

Josephine E. Whitley

Loyd Oliver Whitley

Melva Jane Wiggins

Percy Wilkins, Jr.

Charles Stuart Williams

Grover Ray Williams

Mary Ann Williams

Betty Sue Williamson

Carolyn Willis

Joyce Anne Willis

William Sherrill Willis

Jane Marie Wilson

Burwell R. Winslow

Ann Page Woolard


...freshman class...east carolina

Left to Right: Shirley Council, Anna Avant, Emo Boado, Ann Bowles, and Barbara Burnham


Emo Boado President

Anna Avant Vice-President

Ann Bowles Secretary

Barbara Burnham Treasurer

Shirley Council SGA Representative


Maynard Allen Abrams

Mary Odessa Adams

Halvor Gerald Adcock

Frances Baker Alexander

Milton B. Allen

Thomas Jefferson Allen

Nancy Virginia Allsbrook

Betty Elaine Alphin

Roger William Andrews, Jr.

Martha Jean Apple

Pauline Frances Armstrong

Mary Stuart Arrington

Roy Kendrick Askew

Anna Kinard Avant

Bobbie Lou Avant

Phillip Alva Averette

Ogden S. Babson

Glenn Alden Bagley

Virginia Baise

Carson Baker

William Douglas Baker

Robert Lee Ballard

Anne Airlee Barbour

Frances Jean Barbour

Joseph Lockhart Barbour

Sue Evelyn Barbour

William Cornelius Barnhill

Dorothy Deen Barnwell

Edgar Paschall Barrett

Mary Campbell Barwick

Robert Leonard Barwick

Barbara Lou Batchelor

Blanche Elizabeth Bateman

Trawick Baugh

Dorothy Leigh Bazemore

Elizabeth Maude Beam

Joyce Mae Bell

Peggy Joyce bell

Kenneth T. Bellamy

Charles Adolphus Benson

Leamon Douglas Benson

Michael John Besso. Jr.

Elizabeth Brooks Biberstein

Samuel Shirley Biggs

Donald William Blackwell

Thomas Burton Blizzard

Howard R. Bloom

Erolyn Jenkins Blount

Marjorie Ann Blow

Emil Edward Boado

Andrew Howell Bone

Jean Carol Bordeaux

Kenneth Royal Bordeaux

Patricia Ann Bordeaux


Freshman class

Edna Earle Bostic

Omie Bostick

Ann Bowles

Gerald Edgar Bowen

Joseph Sherrill Boyette

Clifton Earl Boyd

Della Irene Brady

Barbara Ann Braswell

Robert Clayton Bright

Mary Ann Brightwell

Robert Earl Briley

James Alexander Brinson

Lou Ellen Brooks

Clarence Emmet Brown, Jr.

John Wesley Brown

Mary Susan Brown

Thelma Jean Brown

Erma Louise Browning

Nancy Reid Bruce

Mittie Carolyn Bullard

Annie Ruth Bullard

Betty Jean Buchanan

George Hector Bulla

Doris Eron Bulluck

Marion La Verne Bunting

Barbara May Burnham

Marguerite Aline Butler

Ronald Clark Butler

Ann Elizabeth Byrd

Frederick Byrd

George Martin Caffrey

Jack White Cahoon

Janice Omega Cannon

Molly Wayne Carawan

Hoyette Moore Carlisle

Jacquelyn Louise Carr

John P. Carr

John Robert Carrington, Jr.

Betty Jo Carroll

Doris Faye Carroll

Mary Afton Casey

Henry Vernon Cashwell

Commodore Ernest Caswell

Andrew Walton Caudill

John Jordon Chappell

Donald Cherry

Peggy Ruth Cherry

Richard Foley Cherry

Elsie Carol Clapp

Elizabeth Jacqueline Clark

Lela Frances Clayton

Thomas Edward Clemmons

Billy Donald Cline

Julia Mae Clough


Bryan Dee Coats

Alice Louise Coburn

Charles S. Coggins

Barbara Ann Coghill

Charles Earl Coker

Kenneth Leroy Cole

Goldie Caroline Coley

Victor Emanuel Cornacchione

William Marshall Costner

Shirley Stanley Council

Charles Douglas Cox

Delano Roosevelt Cox

Katherine Louise Cox

Sonoma Muriel Cox

Billy Harvey Civils

Emma Jean Craft

Frances Joan Crawford

Bobbie Jean Credle

Jane Mann Credle

Laura Blount Credle

Flora Jean Creech

Paige Turner Creech

Peggy Joyce Creech

Lannie Gertrue Crocker

Rhetta Ann Crocker

Jeane Elizabeth Cullifer

Carole Grey Currin

Charlie Wilson Daniels

Clara Sue Daniels

Hulbert Lester Daniels, Jr.

Kenneth Wayne Daniels

Elizabeth Ann Dann

Helon Doris Darden

Lillian Faye Daughtry

Ruth Hocutt Dauron

Ann Bruce Davis

Doris Harriet Davis

Lou Anne Davis

Margaret Ann Davis

Patricia Lucille Davis

Ruby Catherine Davis

J. B. Derrickson

Chester Blair DeSavigny

Richard Alexander DeSavigny

Sarah Ruth Dixon

Ellis Poe Draper

Lila Mde Dormdn

Donnie Lee Dudley

C. Lawrence Dunning

Jeanne Kayren Dupree

Emily Ann Eakins

Margaret Moore Eason

Sallie Hortense Easterling

Martha Swann Eaton


Freshman class

Edmond O'Brien Edwards

Glenda Millie Edwards

Jason Edwards

Nell Blount Edwards

Tommy Houston Edwards

Norman Lee Edgerton

Phyllis Eileen Eisele

H. Joyce Ellen

Paul Dean Emmett

Laura Grace Ennis

Robbie Hayes Eure

Diana Mary Evans

Margaret Evans

Leroy Faulkner

Charles Stanley Ferrell

Willie Faye Ferrell

Molly Ann Finch

James Lloyd Fish

Hubert Gaston Fitzgerald

Polly Frances Fleming

Ruth Geneva Flowers

William Darron Flowers

Mary Jacquelyn Forehand

Jackie Foss

Jerry Fouts

Drexel Mae Forsyth

Sadie Muriel Francis

Walter Richard Frazier

Robert Bruce Fulcher

Lessie Eugenia Gaddy

Ben Phillip Gaines

Nancy Carroll Gambill

Hazel Elizabeth Garner

Clarence D. Garrell, Jr.

James Everett Garrett

Franklin Allen Garris

Hubert W. Garris

Peggy Jean Garris

Shirley Louise Gaskins

Dorothy Gay

Willie Rudolph Gay

Julia Isabelle George

Dorothea Joyce Gillikin

Lois Ward Gilmore

Barbara June Glover

William K. Glover

Robert F. Goff

Patricia Agnes Goodwin

Barbara Jean Gore

Bobby Gene Gosnell

Joseph Clarence Grady, Jr.

Mary Elizabeth Grant

Virginia Herring Grant

Ann Elizabeth Gresham


James Dalton Griffin

William Frederick Griffin

Pattie Sue Grimes

David Clarence Gorkin, Jr.

Alfred John Habit

Samuel Milton Hale

Franklin Ide Hall

Charles Thomas Hamilton

William Kenneth Hardee

Patricia Ann Hardesty

Marian Tayloe Harding

George Tilmon Hardison

Josephine Ardelia Harper

Willa Rae Harper

Hilda Rae Harrell

Thomas Lane Harrell

Sara Margaret Harrington

Betty Kaye Harris

Millie Caroline Harris

David Bently Harris

James William Hams

Launa Alice Harris

Robert Hal Harris

Billie B. Harrison

Harry Dowe Hayes

Jennie Lee Hayman

Aubrey Lee Heath

Rachel Ann Heath

Nancy Carolyn Henderson

James Curtis Hendrix

Jean Henry

Mary Ann Herring

Gloria Lee Hewett

Lois Faye Hewett

Charlotte Anne Hicks

Leetta Bell Highfill

Maurice Clifton Hilburn

Milford P Hill

Janie Fields Hinson

Ann Carolyn Hodges

George Russell Hodgin

Anna Catherine Hogan

Hazel Anna Holleman

Frances Carolyn Horton

Mabel Frankie House

Franklin D. Roosevelt Howes

Gilda Grey Hubbard^

Margaret Ann Hudson

Walter Lee Humphlett

Ollie Hunt

Janie Farrar Hunt

Billy Rogers Hutchison

Samuel Holland Hux

Robert Dale Inman


Freshman Class

Richard Earl Ivey

Betty Jane Jackson

Ellis Wade Jackson

Hannah Louvenia Jackson

Margaret D. Jackson

William J. Jackson

Barbara James

Elwood Boney Jarman

James Edward Jenkins

Bryan D. Jennings

Marian Jennings

William Frank Jennings

Alyce Neal Johnson

David Liles Johnson

Laura Frances Johnson

Merion Earl Johnson

Peggy Allen Johnson

Shirley Faye Johnson

Shirley Grey Johnson

Robert Jerrold Johnston

Betty Lou Jolly

Carolyn Elizabeth Jones

Clifton Patrick Jones

Grace Marie Jones

Mary Joyce Jones

Lesley Blanche Jones

Lucy Grey Jones

Mary Ann Jones

Fred Irvin Joseph

Max R. Joyner

Willie Leary Keaton

Freddie Claire Kendrick

Edmund Alonzo Kerr

Jean Ann King

John Benjamin King

Joyce Ann King

Mary Elizabeth King

Rosemary King

Thomas Lewis Kirkman

Roselyn Gray Knickerbocker

Virginia Anna Knott

Emily Knox

Robert Franklin Kornegay

Add Lander Lane

Clyde Carlton Lane

E. Earl Lane

Felix Franklin Lane

Billy Landing

Lee Victor Landing

Faye Lanier

Gene D. Lanier

Samuel Reed Lanier

Sharon Inez Lanier

Julia Moore Lasater


Ruth Ann Lassiter

Janet Lloyd Latta

Libby Nerene Lawrence

Elsie Leigh Lawson

Barbara Ann LeCroy

Jo Ann Lee

John William Lee

Clara Willard Leggett

Charles Barfield Lewis

Charlotte Jean Lewis

Robert Glenn Lewis

Erieen LaMarne Lilley

Bryan Bonner Litchfield

Carroll Curtis Little

Josephine Little

Marvin Little

Barbara Jean Lloyd

Betsy Christian Loftin

Mary Ann Loughlen

Curtis Gordon Lovelace

Tommy Ray Lovitt

Carol Lee Lucas

Richmond Earl Lynch

Con S. McAllister

Jane Ayers McCormick

Barbara W. McCotter

Raymond Clinton McGhee

Roy William McGinnis, Jr.

Robert Alfred McGlohon

Guy Ventron McKee

Justus McKeel

Julia Ann McKenzie

Berry Jeane McLawhorn

Carolyn Joyce McNeely

Thomas Parker Maddrey

Mary Alice Madry

Betty Gene Mann

Shirley Brown Manning

Hilda Eloise Maready

Sara Margaret Markham

William Parker Marks

Elma Rose Marshburn

Joel A. Martin

John Wayne Martin

Shirley Ann Mason

Eva Sue Massey

Carolyn Currie Matthews

Dottie Ann Matthews

Jane Matthews

John Richard Matthews, Jr.

Dora Corinne Matthis

Alice Roberta Mattox

Pearl Hogan May

Lou Mayo


Freshman class

Maurice Allen Mayo

Ivan Day Meekins

Jo Melvin

Joseph William Memory

Ethel Poe Mercer

Johnny Walter Merwin

John Albert Messick

Robert Lowell Miller

Milton Alva Mills

Alma Ruth Mitchell

Jan Mason Mitchell

Ralph Summeral Mobley

James Franklin Mohn, Jr.

Carolyn White Moore

Geraldine Moore

Peggy Lou Moore

Shirley Patricia Moose

Bessie Lee Morgan

Lee Roy Morris

Gerald Edmund Murphy

Patsy Jean Myrick

Norma Sutton Newby

Russell Emerson Newell, Jr.

Arthur Sinclair Newman, Jr.

Agnes Marie Nicholson

Shirley Marguerite Noble

Thomas Carroll Nobles

Mildred Locke Oates

Vincent Boyce Oglesby

Sue O'Neil

Anne Byerly Outland

Kathleen Mae Overby

Donald Overman

Minnie Davis Overman

Dorothy Lee Overton

Marian Elizabeth Owen

Robert Glenn Owens

Relmond O. Pace, Jr.

Mary Elizabeth Packer

James D. Page

Jean Page

Alice Faye Parker

Dewey Clalton Parker

Eddie M. Parker

Nancy Parker

Jimmie E. Parkin

Pantice Carol Parks

David Graham Parrish

John Edmond Patterson

Peggy Thomas Paynter

Vivian Clarice Pelletier

Robert Grady Penley

Church Lemuel Perkins, Jr.

Jerry Hanson Peterson


Hannah Jane Phelps

Rosalyn Jean Phelps

Audrey Doris Phillips

Bruce Marshall Phillips

Patsy Ruth Pierce

Carol Anne Pitt

Clara Frances Poe

Donnie D. Pollard

Marion Ruth Pollard

Anne Elizabeth Polly

Barbara Louise Poole

Marilyn Glenn Pook

Wilburn Rupert Pope

James Arthur Porter, Jr.

Caroll Lee Potter

Rita Potter

Edward Turner Powell

Riley Ashley Powell

Grady Moses Prevette

Roland Pridgen

Sara Loretta Priest

Jeanne Frances Pritchard

Ronald Loften Quinn

Harry Graham Rainey

Stanley G. Rawls

Janice Evelyn Relyea

Mildred M. Reynolds

Floyd Rhodes

Thomas Thad Rich

Mary Elizabeth Richardson

Barbara Bunn Rigsbee

Jane Ellen Riley

Hildegarde Roberts

JoAnne Roberson

Gwendolyn Robinson

Raymond Amlek Robertson

Ruth Bryan Robertson

Thomas Edward Robon, Jr.

Mariann Roebuck

George M. Rogers

John Rossell Rogers

Eugene Wilson Rose

George Ronnie Rose

Robert Frederick Rose

Dora Ann Roughton

Frances Anne Rountree

Shirley Ann Sail

Ann Carolyn Sawyer

Gary Lee Scarboro

Betty Jean Scott

Dorothy Jenelle Searcy

Charles William Sears

Jean Faye Sermons


Freshman class

Leah Kathryn Sexton

Ross Alfred Shaheen, Jr.

Billy Williams Sharber

Suzanne Morgan Shepherd

Evelyn Mae Sherman

Patricia Lynn Shipp

Ralph Charles Simpson

James Blount Slack

Earl Sloan

Betty Lou Small

Wendell Wayne Smiley, Jr.

Arlene Rae Smith

Atwood Russell Smith

Frances Joyce Smith

Jimmie David Smith, Jr.

Joyce Deal Smith

Snerma Lee Smith

Susan Runell Smith

Trilby Lee Smith Patricia Anne Speir James Kenan Spell Hugh Boyd Spencer Susie Barrett Spivey Betty Lee Sugg

Mary Joyce Sugg

Beverly Ann Sumner

Jean Eloise Sutton

Miriam Lenell Sutton

James Rosmond Stanley

Patricia Ann Stanley

Walter Landis Stanfield

Charles Cole Starnes

Norma Ruth Steed

Jerry Keith Stephens

Mary Lou Stewart

Shelton Eugene Stewart

Helen Joseph Stevens

Betty Lou Stokes

Betsy Jane Stokes

Anne McVey Straughan

Barbara Ann Strickland

John Boyce Styron

Karen Marie Swan

Norma Swindell

Mary Naomi Talley

Vivian Rea Talley

Alice Jean Taylor

Anna Macon Taylor

Atwood Bruton Taylor

Betty G. Taylor

Ernestine Taylor

Evelyn Harrison Taylor

Mitzi Sue Taylor

Patricia Taylor


Shirley Marie Taylor

William Briley Taylor

William Taylor

William Preston Teachey

Charles Royal Tedder

Jean Stewart Tettertan

Richard Ben Thach

Murphy Calhoun Thigpen

James Carl Thomas

Jo Ann Thomas

William Robert Thomas

Ann Jean Thompson

James L. Thompson

Janice Joan Thompson

Barbara Ann Tilley

Mary Carter Tisdale

Marion Grey Todd

James William Todd

Samuel Neal Trueblood

Joan Joyce Tucker

Margaret Lee Tucker

John Franklin Turner

Minnie Louise Turner

Garland Wayne Tuton

Dorothy Elaine Tyndall

Louie Lynwood Tyndall

Ralph Laverne Tyson

Mary Jane Upchurch

Albert Lee Vaughan

Edith Florine Vaughan

Winnie B. Wall

Jerry McLain Wallace

Jo Sue Wallace

Ronald Ellsworth Wallace

Victor Bernard Waller

Ben A. Ward

Frances Grey Ward

Gene Marion Ward

Alice Dean Warren

Earl Stuart Warren

Janie Elizabeth Waters

William Bryan Waters

Janet McNeill Watson

Olga Tona Watt

Philip Anthony Weaver

Doris Lee Weavil

Nina E. Welch


Freshman class

Carolyn May Wells

Joyce Lee Welsted

Eunice Marvina White

Joe Jesse White

Nancy Hart White

Robert Charles White

Sallye Bryant Whitehead

Shirley Anne Whitehead

David Carroll Whitener

Henry Norman Whitener

Nancy Whitfield

Zeb Olaman Whitford, Jr.

Juanita Thomas Whitt

Rose Marie Wienberry

Mildred Shirley Wiggins

Melvin Vadan Wilkerson, Jr.

Betty Sue Williams

Carol Jeanne Williams

Nelle Williamson

Shirley Jocelyn Williamson

Clinton Arthur Williford

Joyce Carol Willis

Julian Francis Willis

Weston Earl Willis

Charles Marshall Williams

Garland Fentrice Williams, Jr.

George Neil Williams

Iris Gray Williams

Joan Blate Williams

June Robles Williamson

Annie Lillian Wilson

Hattie Ruth Wilson

Joseph Taylor Wilson

Marjorie Lucile Winslow

James Lee Winstead

Beverly Lou Witherington

Bettye Lou Wood

William Law Woolfolk

Dorothy Ann Wooten

Talmage Joseph Wooten

Sue Carol Worthington

George David Wright

Sylvia Ann Wyrick

Dorothy Jean Yarborough

Marjorie Florence Yarborough

Bobby R. Young






Front Row, Left to Right: Col. Roger G. Fuller. Second Row: Capt. Hal C. Coe, Capt. William R. Young, Capt. Thomas W. Harper, Capt. William R. Roney. Third Row: Master Sgt. William H. Wise, Staff Sgt. Floyd F. Freeman, Master Sgt. Robert W. Spicer, Master Sgt. Ira H. Barrv, Master Sgt. Herbert H. Sails.


The United States Air Force ROTC unit at East Carolina, activated in 1948, has fast become an in- tegral factor in the educational process of many young men in the college. Of a coeducational enroll- ment of approximately 2,000 students, more than 600 of the men have included Air Science and Tactics in their curricula and are working for a commission in the United States Air Force Reserve. This number represents roughly 60 per cent of the male enrollment figure of the college.

Last year, in addition to the basic and advanced courses. Flight Operations has been offered. This course is taught on the advanced level to those quali- fied men who definitely plan to enter flight training upon their entrance into active duty.

Students who complete both the basic and advanced divisions are, upon recommendation of the Professor of Air Science and Tactics and concurrence by the President of the college, given commissions in the grade of second lieutenant in the Air Force Reserve.



Last summer 40 AFROTC students from East Caro- lina College were ordered to attend summer camp at various Air Force Bases in Southeastern United States. Summer camp attendance has been made a prerequisite to students of AFROTC attaining a com- mission in the United States Air Force. It is the high- light of the AFROTC curriculum.

Members of the unit enrolled in the advanced division receive commutation in lieu of subsistence at the rate of 90 cents per day from the date of enroll- ment to the date of graduation.

Many graduates of the unit here are now serving on active duty stations and in overseas theaters as pilots, navigators, and administrative officers. They are making good records for themselves, and all of them praise the value of ROTC training.

Every year, a military ball is held on the campus. This ball, sponsored by the Cadet Officers Club, is a strictly formal affair, and it is one of the biggest events of the year at the college.


First Row: Left to Right: Cadet Col. Maurice H. Moore. Second Row: Cadet Lt.-Col. Francis Madigan, Cadet Major Eugene Williams, and Cadet 1st Lt. Eugene Russell. Third Row: Cadet Sgt. Milton Foley and Cadet Sgt. Nickolas Garner.



The East Carolina AFROTC Honor Squadron is a crack drill unit. It has performed between halves of football games using the amazing "silent drill series." The Honor Squadron is com- manded by James B. Corbin.


The East Carolina AFROTC Color Guard lends color and martial atmos- phere to every drill period.




The East Carolina Drum and Bugle Corps is a very proficient unit in drill and music. This year they have par- ticipated in parades and at football games along with the Honor Squad- ron. Johnny C. Helms is the com- manding officer.



The staff of Group I are pictured to the left and they are as follows:

First Row: Cadet Lt.-Col. George Melvin Sauls.

Second Row: Cadet Major Donald F. Gaylor, Cadet Capt. Ronald Ledas, and Cadet Capt. Robert Pennington.







The staff of Group II are pictured to the left and they are as follows:

First Row: Cadet Lt.-Col. George Tucker

Second Row: Cadet Martin Byrd and Cadet Capt. Nickolas Garner.






book three


...From September

nineteen hundred fifty-two

The Home Ec. gals make them and then sell'em at the Home Ec. Bazaar...

The Freshman gals are crazy as ever in Cotten Hall.

In October all roads lead back to our Alma Mater and, of course, to Cotten Hall.

A harvest moon over the Arboretum...keeps Chief busy keeping the moon- gazers straight...$40 for a trip to Florida plus an extra $10 for pleasure...

We went to Florida and had a merry, merry time....Hic

...and November

We flunked our exams-so what...a new year will soon be here...before that, our Thanksgiving holidays and mom's turkey..."fallen leaves" in the Arboretum and its all over but the memories!!

Johnny and Theo...Love is Grand


a scene from Charley's Aunt


I'm dreaming of a White Christmas . . . "Should I tell the kids about - Santa Claus or wait 'til next year " ... the debate team had a good time in Florida ... the dorms had the holiday spirit, especially the night before the holidays . . .

Bobby scores again

...and then January

"This is where we spend 98 per cent of our time... just talking things over...

Beauties on Parade


The night oil spent by the annual staff . . . just trying to make the deadline . . . exams that we flunked again . . . another year will soon be here and still no sign of a di- ploma ... the dances, all a part of East Carolina . . . March winds blew in the results of all our work in those classes taken winter quarter . . .


The student production in which so much unforeseen talent was dis- played and enjoyed by all . . .

All the freshman women ( I mean gals ) dearly love to get golden brown and cut all the afternoon classes . . .

Happy Day for the annual staff...

April . . . and then May

The lucky ones finally made it . . . congratulations to all and better luck next time to the ones left behind . . .

So long until September and we can start all over again...

First Row: Verona Sparrow and Mitchell Saieed

Second Row: John R. Kennedy and Dr. Clinton Prewett

. . . student government

Every student at East Carolina College is a member of the Student Government Association. The officers of the SGA are as follows:

Bob Robinson President

John Kennedy First Vice-President

Mitchell Saieed Second Vice-President

Verona Sparrow Secretary

Don Cox Treasurer

Billy Laughinghouse First Asst. Treasurer

Some of the officers of the SGA are pictured above along with Dr. Clinton Prewett, Dean of Men and Director of Student Affairs. The members of the Student Legislature are pictured on the opposite page. The officers of the Student Government Association are chosen by popular vote in the annual campus elections held each March. Members of the Student

Bob Robinson President


Legislature automatically have seats in that body by virtue of their having been elected to offices in vari- ous clubs and activities on the campus.

The Student Legislature is divided into several standing committees, some of which are pictured on Pages 110 an 111.

As prescribed by the constitution, the Legislature goes into session every Wednesday night during the regular school year, with the exception of the first Wednesday of each month, at which time the Execu- tive Council meets to consider pertinent problems before they are presented to the Legislature.

First Row, Left to Right: Janice Albritton, Rudolph Alexander, Grace baker, Ann Baysden, Ann Bell, Christine Blalock, Emo Boado, Nancy Bruce.

Second Row: Annie Lou Butts, Ann Bynum, Ann Carlson, Shirley Council, Don Cox, John Cox, Emily Faircloth, Don Gaylor.

Third Row: Kitty Gerringer, Grace Giles, Albert Harrington, Russelll Jarrett, Mary Jo Johnson, Roland F. Jones, Royce Jordan, John Robert Kluttz.

Fourth Row: Janet Latta, Billy B. Laughinghouse, Julianne Leimone, Thomas Lupton, Sylvia McCoy, Donald McGlohon, Franics Madigan, Andy Meeder.

Fifth Row: Vivian Mercer, Barbara Moore, Walter Noona, Robert Pennington, Betty Poole, John Postas, Phyllis Randolph, Mildred Rouse.

Sixth Row: Teresa Saieed, Jerome Sanford, George Sauls, Edgar Tadlock, Julian Wainwright, Lloyd Whitfield, Percy Wilkins, Donna Jean Yancey.


Executive Council

Pictured below is the Executive Council of the Student Legisla- ture. Many important questions, requests, and grievances con- cerning the student body are referred to this board before being passed on to the Student Legislature. The President of the Student Government Association serves as Chairman ex officio. Other members include the First and Second Vice-Presidents, and Treasurer of the SGA, the Chairman of the Men's Judiciary, the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Women's Judiciary, and the editors of the two student publications.

Pictured left to right; John Cox, Don Cox, Varona Sparrow, Bob Robinson, John Kennedy, Mitchell Saieed, and Barbara Moore. Standing:

Roy Creech and Tommie Lupton.

Men's Judiciary

John Cox, Chairman

Elections Committee

Percy Wilkins, Chairman

Women's Judiciary

Barbara Moore, Chairman

The other officers of the Women's Judiciary are Betsy Hobgood, Vice-Chairman; Sara Thompson, Secretary; Donna Yancey, Treas- urer; and Rebecca Pate, Member-at-Large. While the other officers of the Men's Judiciary are Jack Cutler, Vice-Chairman; Donald Gaylor, Secretary-Treasurer; and Irvin L. McConeghy and Mac- Donald Eure, Members-at-Large.

Social Committee

Edgar Tadlock, Chairman

Budget Committtee

Don Cox, Chairman



Andy Meeder President

The Young Men's Christian Association on campus works with the parent organization in seeking to reach stu- dents who are not Christians and help them to discover that the way of Christ is the only way to live an effective and satisfying life. The main attraction of the program of the Y.M.C.A. is the Thursday evening vesper services. The Y members lend aid in the registration of freshmen, they take part in Religious Emphasis Week, give presents to a family at Christmas, and undertake various other such projects in the service of God.


John Hayes Vice-President

Charlie Bedford Secretary

Gene Russell Treasurer

Dr. John Reynolds

Mr. W. W. Howell Faculty Advisors


Grace Baker President

The Y has become a symbol of worship, recreation, and good clean fun for all who wish to participate. Our spe- cial holiday services, as well as the regular Thursday night vesper services, have become traditions on campus. Anyone who will support the organization and its principles may become a member. As our purpose declares: "We unite in the desire to realize full and creative life through a grow- ing knowledge of God."


Joyce Gurley Vice-President

Anne Butler Secretary

Janie Parker Treasurer

Dr. Elizabeth Utterback

Mrs. Walter Krausnick Faculty Advisors





The Circle "K" Club is made up of men who are considered to have the qualities of leadership, scholarship, and citizenship at East Carolina. Four representatives of the club were sent to Seattle, Washington this past summer to attend the Kiwanis International Convention. Other activities on campus this year included Ladies' Night at the Country Club, March of Dimes solicitations, joint sponsorship of the annual "Duck Derby," participation in a minstrel show sponsored by the Greenville Kiwanis Club, sponsorship of a "Variety Show," and an Easter Egg Hunt for the children at the Training School. This year for the first time the Circle "K" presented an award to the most outstanding basketball player at East Carolina. Henceforth, this award will be an annual presentation. Sponsored by the Greenville Kiwanians, the club here at East Carolina College is the only Circle "K" Club in North Carolina.


Al Harrington President

John R. Kennedy Vice-President

Charles Cherry Secretary

Charles Huffman Treasurer

Dr. J. Reynolds Faculty Advisor


Members of the Circle "K" Club enjoy the fraternal atmosphere created by dinner meetings such as this one at Repress-James.



The Home Economics Club of East Carolina College is an affiliate of the North Carolina Home Economics Association and American Home Economics Associa- tion. The purpose of this College Club is the same as that of these two organizations, with special emphasis upon the promotion of a greater interest in the field of Home Economics; international fellowship; and the provision of means by which students may de- velop in leadership and initiative. Activities of this year included various parties, sponsoring a Bazaar, and active participation of all members on programs and committees.


Emily Faircloth President

Gwendola Williams Vice-President

Patricia Moore Secretary

Clara Mason Treasurer


At our meetings we have an opportunity to share mutual interests and compare ideas on mathematics. Our monthly puzzles, planned entertain- ment, and guest speakers help us stress the vital im- portance of mathematics to everyone's education and way of living. On Awards Day, the most outstanding mathe- matics student of the year is presented an award.


Russell Jarrett Pres.

Paul Cameron Vice-Pres.

Anne Strole Sec. and Treas.



Roland Jones Pres.

Wade Jordan Vice-Pres.

Rebecca Roberson

Sec. and Treas.

Lillian Haynes

Public Relations

The Student Science Club of East Carolina College has as its purpose the bringing together of those students interested in science; the pro- moting of a broader interest in scientific fields and the development of greater knowledge of a scientific world. Each year the club sponsors a mobile program which travels to surrounding cities presenting lectures and demonstrations. It has also planned and furnished a club room which the students are invited to use.



Donnell Daly President

Homer Thomas Secretary

James Corbin Treasurer

Dr. Carl Adams Advisor

The Veteran's Club is a social organization for all ex-servicemen interested in furthering friendships and performing worthwhile duties for the college.



The purpose of the Commerce Club is to acquaint the students of the busi- ness education department with one another, to foster interest in the business occupation and in business teaching, and to work together for the mutual interest and benefits of its members and of the business education department as a whole.


Annie Lou Butts President

Johnny Johnson Vice-President

Betty Sue Branch Secretary

Jackie Sears Treasurer

Industrial Arts Club

Recognizing the need for the advancement of Industrial Arts in Eastern North Carolina, and desiring to promote greater in- terest and fellowship among students of the Industrial Arts Department of East Carolina College, the Industrial Arts students with thirteen charter members and their instructors formed the Industrial Arts Club in the fall quarter of 1949- For two years the club has spon- sored the trophy for the best- decorated dormitory at Home- coming, and has acted in various other activities which were of aid to the student body and the school.


Robert Pennington Pres.

Henry Fordham Vice-Pres.

Wilbur Bass Treas.

Lester Croon Secretary




Political minded students of the Young Republicans Club on our campus are doing all they can to stimulate more interest in better government here on our campus. The club holds month- ly meetings and brings to the students interesting speakers from the political world. It takes an active part in the support of the Republican Party.


Bob Hughes Pres.

Roland Jones Vice-Pres.

Pauline Moore Sec.

Joe Stroud Treas.


The purpose of the Young Democrats Club is to stimulate in the student an interest in better government and to encourage more active participation in politics. The club does not endorse any particular candidates for nomination in the bi-annual Democratic Primaries; its support goes to the Democratic nominee in the fall elections. The YDC supports the platform of the Democratic Party at all times. Inset, Hal F. Haire, President.


Hal F. Haire President

Clayton Shackelford Vice-President

Betty Dougherty Secretary

Betty Poole Treasurer


Jarvis Forensic

The purpose of the Jarvis For- ensic Club is to foster interest in public speaking of all sorts. The club takes great pride in upholding the right of freedom of speech of the individual and those democratic principles which are a part of our great American heritage.


Gerald Adcock Pres.

Lula Mayo Vice-Pres.

Gwen Williams Sec.-Treas.

Ferrell Memory Sgt.-at-Arms


This is the twenty-eighth anniversary of the English Club, the oldest departmental club on campus. Meeting monthly, it strives to stimu- late interest in English, by presenting guest speakers who are well- known in this field. It gives English majors and minors an oppor- tunity to become better acquainted with one another as well as with faculty members.


Betty Poole President

Vernie Wilder Vice-President

Imogene Jeannette Secretary

Nancy Kesler Treasurer

Miss Lois Grigsby Faculty Advisor







John Fristoe Pres.

Vivian Mercer Vice-Pres.

Pat Corbett Sec.

Elaine Smith Treas.

The Association for Childhood Education is a student branch of the International organization open to all students interested in the welfare of children. The members agree to work to- gether to increase professional knowledge, to promote a more general understanding of the value of early childhood educa- tion, and to co-operate with all who work for the betterment of early childhood education.

Future Teachers of America


Mary Jo Johnson President

Ruth Bobbitt Vice-President

Pauline Blalock Secretary

Annie Ruth Savage Treasurer

The Robert H. Wright Chapter of Future Teachers of America, organized in 1939, engages in many educational and community projects. This organization endeavors to promote interest in the teach- ing profession, and to acquaint young people with the ethics, history, and programs of the North Carolina Education Association and the National Education Association.



The Teachers Playhouse has as its purpose to encourage dramatic arts at East Carolina College and to give students of the college an opportunity to participate in dramatic pro- ductions of educational and cultural worth. Its primary belief is that dramatics should and does have a part in the educational system for the college student.


Lloyd Whitfield President

Mary Ann Oates Vice-President

Lynnette Murphy Secretary

Bobbie Caldwell Treasurer

International Relations Club


Rudolph Alexander President

Betty Daughtery Vice-President

Leland King Secretary-Treasurer

The purpose of the IRC is to promote a greater interest in, and a better understanding of, international and national affairs and relations. Students as well as out-of-town guests are participants in the club's monthly sessions. Forums, dis- cussions, talks and commentaries on world affairs all go into the planning of the program. The only requirement for mem- bership is a genuine interest in national and international relations and a desire for a more intelligent concept of world problems.


Inter-Religious Council

The Inter-Religious Council serves to co-ordinate all student religious activities, to supervise chapel, and to sponsor new approaches to religious emphasis among the students of East Carolina. Under the direction of Dr. Robert L. Holt, Co-ordinator of Religious Activities, the Council includes in its membership representatives of the various groups pictured below; and it works co-operatively at encouraging students of every denomination to participate more fully in all phases of religious activities.


Waylon Upchurch President

Matthew Prescott Vice-President

Janie House Secretary

Grace Baker Treasurer

Westminister Fellowship

Deciple's Student Fellowship

Canterbury Club

Baptist Student Union Council

The various religious organizations on the campus furnish spiritual inspiration to the students of all faiths. Through membership in these clubs they can worship and enjoy fellowship with other members of their faith while away from home.

Jack Painter President

Virginia Wilkes Secretary

Elsie Howard Enlistment Vice-President

Leo Bishop Social Vice-President

Ann Carawan Devotional Vice-President

Elbert Blanton Treasurer

Elizabeth Pate and Mildred Wood Publicity Chairmen

Alice D. Jackson Extension Chairman

Ann Mitchell Poster Chairman

Evelyn Eury Music Chairman

Mary Agnes Clark Forum Chairman

Gwen Williams Forum Supper Chairman

Ramona Outlaw Center Hostess

E. J. Hines Host

Guilford Smith Visual Aids Chairman

Nora Mills, Pat Dawson, Jack Britt and Joel Farrar

Presidents of Sunday School Classes

George Gilbert President of B.T.U.

Nell Grantham President of B.Y.F.

Rev. Hardaway and Rev. Neilson Pastor Advisors

Mrs. Clem Garner and Dr. Bessie McNeil Faculty Advisors

Miss Gloria Blanton Counselor

Wesley Foundation

Free Will Baptist

Catholic Club


The Publication Board is composed of the President of the college, the Dean of the college, the Dean of Men and Director of Student Affairs, the faculty advisors of the two student publications and the editors of the publications.

The duties of the Publication Board are as follows;

1. To advise all student publications.

2. To help determine the policies of the publications.

3. To fill vacancies occurring on the staff of a publication during the year, subject to confirmation by the Student Legislature.

4. To furnish estimates to the Budget Committee of the amount of money each publication will need for the year.

5. To appoint an editor and a business manager for each publication.

The Pubiicalion Board for 1953 is pictured on the opposite page.

Seated, Left to Right: Miss Mary Greene, Dr. Leo W. Jenkins,

Thomas R. Lupton, Donna Jean Yancey, Dr. John D. Messick,

and Dr. John O. Reynolds. Standing: Dr. Clinton Prewelt.


Roy Creech Donna J. Yancey Co-Editors

Robert Hughes Business Manager

Dr. John O. Reynolds Financial Advisor

Dr. G. W. Knipp Editorial Advisor

Buccaneer of '53

Donna Jean Yancey and Roy Creech Editors

Mildred Reynolds Associate Editor

Jean McLawlhorn Organization Editor

Ollie Hunt Feature Editor

Francis Madigan Sports Editor

Everett Whitlet and George Sauls Military Editors

Frances Woolard and Mona J. Tolar Fraternities Editors

Joan Allen, Ann McCrary, Susie Marshall, Jean Tetterton, Pantice Parks, Nina Welch and

Frances Radcliffe Class Editors

Thomas Lupton Photographer

Alice Bullard Art Editor

Other members are: Euzella Holland, Mary Stephenson, Cecilia Tripp, Norma Steed, Peggy Bunton

and Clara Harris.


Robert Hughes Business Manager

Cecilia Cartwright, Evelyn Davis and Ann Dunn Assistants

Editorial Staff

Surely, to us, this volume will recall many things; the confusion of our first staff meetings . . . trips to Charlotte ... the constant thought of deadlines . . . Christmas holidays spent on campus . . . neglect of studies by the staff . . . the nights we saw the sun set and rise . . . and finally, the distribution and feeling of a job successfully completed. It has been a pleasure and if it pleases you, our fondest hope is fulfilled.


Editorial Staff

Tommie Lupton Editor

Edwina McMullan Managing Editor

Parker Maddrey Assistant Editor

Phylis Carpenter Feature Editor

Kay Johnston, Frances Smith, Mildred Henderson,

Stuart Arrington, Don Muse, Anna Hogan,

Emily Boyce Staff Assistants

Mary H. Greene Editorial Advisor

C. L. Perkins, Jr Staff Photographer

Bob Hilldrup Sports Editor

Sam Hux, Bruce Phillips, Jack Scott,

Jim Ellis Sports Assistants

Tommie Lupton Editor



Business Staff

Edna Massad Business Manager

Faye Jones Assistant Business Manager

Peggy Joyce Bowen, Mary Gillette, Marty McArthur,

Atwood Smith, Dwight Garrett . . Business Assistants

Mrs. Susie Webb Exchange Editor

Shirley Brown Manning Campus Circulation

Edna Massad Business Manager

Miss Mary H. Greene

twenty-seven years of news

Like the Buccaneer, the school year of '53 brought a new name to the former Teco Echo of East Carolina. This year as in the past, the East Carolinian has attempted to maintain high standards of journalistic technique and present to the campus a newspaper worthy of being published at East Carolina. The East Carolinian has striven to present in readable form a clear view of the stream of life at East Caro- lina; reporting news events, interpreting on the edi- torial page, evaluating our sports achievements, and always searching for opportunities to improve itself and the college.

The college newspaper has received many honors through the years from the Associated Collegiate Press and the Columbia Scholastic Press Association. It has become established on the campus as the voice of the students and as an outlet of expression to lovers of journalism.

The Collegians

The Collegians, under the direction of Charlie Kluttz, play for most of the college dances. They have won recognition throughout the state for their fine performances. The vocalist is Bernard Ham.

Music at east carolina

The College Choir

Directed by Dr. Karl V. Gilbert

The College Choir gives performances throughout the year and affords the students excellent musical experience. Their two major performances are The Messiah and The Spring Concert.


The College Band

Whether in the stadium or on the stage, the East Carolina Band, is a pride of the college. It is directed by Mr. Herbert Carter of the Music Department faculty.

East Carolina Orchestra

Dr. Kenneth Cuthbert Head of Music Department

East Carolina College furnishes most of the personnel and equipment for the orchestra, which is a member of the American Symphony League. It is com- posed of students, faculty members, and townspeople of the college community. The orchestra is under the direction of Dr. Kenneth Cuthbert, who is head of the college music department.



Knowledge... Training... Fellowship

The Phi Sigma Pi is an honorary educational fraternity exclusively for young men preparing to enter the teaching profession. This club is based on three major principles, those of knowledge, training, and fellowship, the three essentials of teaching.

We are members of a service organization earnestly interested in the welfare of our college, and in constructive projects which will aid in its progression in the field of education.

The Tau Chapter of this national organization, located on the campus of East Carolina College, stands as a goal of progress toward which each male, as an individual leader, may strive.

To these ends do we dedicate ourselves and the Tau Chapter of Phi Sigma Pi Fraternity.


Jerry Sandford . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . President

Dennis Smith . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Vice-President

Don Cox . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Secretary

Billy Laughinghouse . . . . . . . . . . . .Corresponding Secretary

Dwight Shoe . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Treasurer

Lloyd Whitfield . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Historian

Bill McDonald . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Sergeant-at-Arms

Dr.RichardC.Todd . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Chapter Advisor


COLLEGE SINGERS Under the direction of Mr. Dan E. Vornholt

THE VARSITY GLEE CLUB Under the direction of Dr. Kenneth Cuthbert

THE WOMEN'S CHORUS Under the direction of Mr. Dan E. Vornholt

THE MUSIC EDUCATION CLUB Walter Noona, President


Doris Faye Carroll

Betty Ray Outlaw

Hildegarde Roberts

Pat Taylor

Carolyn Johnson

First Row: Bob Bass, Jack Benzie, Jack Britt, Tommy Bullock, Paul Cameron, Charles Cherry, Don

Cox. Second Row: Tom Cox, Dwight Garrett, Bernard Ham, Al Harrington, Charlie Huffman, Alec

Hurst, Russell Jarrett. Third Row: Pete Jones, John Robert Kluttz, Billy Laughinghouse, Tommy

Lupton, Frank Madigan, Bill McDonald, Wade McDonald. Fourth Row: Waller Noona, Bob Robinson,

Bill Rowland, Mitchell Saieed, Jerry Sandford, Charles Self, Dwight Shoe. Fifth Row: Dennis Smith,

Homer Thomas, Julian Vainwright, Lloyd Whitfield, Percy Wilkins, Eddie Yarbrough. Not Pictured:

Jim Danks, Jim Ellis, Mac Eure, Charlie Garland, Bobby Hodges, Neil Ragan, Russell Rowell,

Gus Russo.



This is the sophomore year of Sigma Rho Phi on the East Carolina campus, the Beta Chapter being established here in the fall of 1951-52. Its paramount objec- tive is to develop a campus wide brotherhood and to render service to the college. Its organization serves as a framework within the limits of which young men can exert their abilities in the realm of democratic living. Sigma Rho Phi only hopes that it can inculcate in its members principles of democratic leader- ship and by so doing make the world, in general, and this campus, in particular, a better place in which to live. Membership in the Sigma Rho Phi Fraternity is open to all male students at East Carolina College who meet the requirements set forth in the by-laws of its constitution.


Charlie Fishel President

Marshall DuVal Vice-President

William Keenan Recording Secretary

Preston Emerson Corresponding Secretary

George Tucker Treasurer

Kris Anderson Business Manager

Bill Harris Sgt.-at-Arms

Dr. Orville Phillips and 1st Lt. William R. Roney Chapter Advisors

First Row: George Alexander, Kris Anderson, Paul Boseman, Waller Culbreth, Marshall DuVal.

Second Row: Preston Emerson, Charlie Fishel, Hugh Flowers, Phil Gaines, Bill Harris. Third Row:

Robert Homer Hughes, William Keenan, Offie Lockemy, A. V. Medlin, Gregg Rife. Fourth Row:

Bill Rowland, Charles Satterwhite, Bobby Thomas. Not Pictured: Jessie Jones, Bill Lamb, John

Moss, Harold O'Kelly, George Tucker.



Sigma Pi Alpha is a national honorary language fraternity founded in 1926 at North Carolina State College. Its main objective is to stimulate an interest in acquiring a more intimate knowledge of the people, customs, and culture of foreign countries.

Other objectives:

1. An increased interest and pleasure in the study of foreign language.

2. An improvement in both general and linguistic scholarship.

3. A broadening of the cultural viewpoint and a deepening of the sympathies of language students.

4. A greater opportunity for wholesome entertainment and a healthy social life for its members.


Julianne Leimone President

Vernie Wilder Vice-President

Jean Thorne Secretary

James A. Williams Treasurer

Anne Siler East Carolinian Reporter

Mrs. George Perry and Mr. James L. Fleming Advisors

First Row: Dorothy Bradshaw, Bobbi Jean Burch, Annie Lou Butts, Jimmy Dunn, Jane Godwin,

Nancy Harper. Second Row: Carolyn Hines, Joe Johnston, Nancy Kesler, Julianne Leimone, Ann

McCrary, La Rue McKinney. Third Row: Edwina McMullan, Barbara Mange, Edith Ann Mangrum,

Edna Massed, Lynette Murphy, Jacqueline Philempin. Fourth Row: Dorothy Pugh, Marilyn Roney,

Ann Siler, Jane Simmons, Anne Warren, Paul Weeks. Fifth Row: Margie West, Vernie Wilder, Al

Williams. Not Pictured: Jean Thorne.



Loyalty . . . Service . . . Progress

Pi Omega Pi is a national honorary business education fraternity founded in 1923 at Northeast Missouri State College at Kirksville, Missouri. Beta Kappa Chapter was established at East Carolina College February 12, 1944. Member- ship is granted to business education majors with superior standing in education and business education. The primary purpose of the fraternity is to teach the ideal of service.


Ann Baysden President

Kenneth Kennedy Vice-President

Una Francis Secretary

Edward Biggs Treasurer

Maggie Gatlin Co-Historian

Paul Weeks Co-Historian

Dr. Audrey Dempsey and Miss Lena Ellis Chapter Advisors

Ann Baysden

First Row: Grace Baker, Vergie Barefoot, Ann Baysden, Edward Biggs, Metz Bizzell. Second Row:

Peggy Bowen, Betty Sue Branch, Joan Britt, Carolyn Burnette, Winfield Flowers. Third Row: Una

Francis, Maggie Gallin, Kenneth Kennedy, Irene Lee, Jewell McCoy. Fourth Row: Donald McGlohon,

Harvey McPhail, Herman Phelps, Ivey Piner, Janice Roberson. Fifth Row: Dorothy V. Smith, James

E. Stevenson, Irma Wainwright, Paul Weeks, Ada Worthington. Not Pictured: James Everett.

Honorary Members: Dr. E. R. Browning, Mr. Norman H. Cameron, Mr. W. W. Howell, Dr. James

L. White, Mrs. Dorothy L. Wilkerson.



First Row: Jeanette Batema Grace Giles Ruth Haislap

Second Row; Alease High Alice Jackson Hilda Lee

Third Row: Phyllis Randolph Delphia Rawls Edith Rogerson

The purpose of Phi Omicron is fourfold: to encourage interest and scholarship in home eco- nomics; to aid in civic betterment at East Carolina College; to encourage and foster high ethical standards in business and professional life; and finally, to teach the ideal of service as the basis of all worthy enterprise through the development of personality, leadership, initia- tive and poise in such a way as to lend distinction to the profession of home economics.


Edith Rogerson President

Phyllis Randolph Vice-President

Ruth Haislap Secretary and Treasurer

Hilda Lee Reporter

Miss Ruth Lambie Advisor



First Row: James Alexander Ogden Babson Don Brannan Junius Capehart Jimmy Dunn

Second Row; Milton Foley Robert Gardner George Gilbert Joseph Grady Johnny Helms

Third Row: John Johnson Johnny King Charlie Kluttz Mark McGlohon Emil Massad

Fourth Row: David Pennington Robert Pennington William Rogers Robert Sears Paul Singleton

Fifth Row: Guilford Smith Jr. Julian Vainright Charles Wentz David Whitener Robert Williams, Jr. William Williams

Not Pictured: John T. Cox Dallas Foscue Patrick Jordan


Alpha Phi Omega, a national service fraternity was initiated on our campus in the Spring of 1952, when a group of young East Carolina men, realizing the need for such a service organization on campus, affiliated with the national brotherhood of Alpha Phi Omega.

The purpose of Alpha Phi Omega is "to assemble college men in the fellowship of the Scout Oath and Law, to develop friendship and to promote service to humanity." This program embodies four fields of activity. They are:


Johnny Helms President

John Cox Secretary

Milton Foley Recording Secretary

John Johnson Corresponding Secretary

Robert Sears Treasurer

Charles Wentz Sergeant-at-Arms

Mr. James W. Butler Chapter Advisor

Service to the student body and faculty.

Service to youth and community.

Service to members of the fraternity.

Service to the nation as participating citizens.


Sponsors of the Third Military Ball at East Carolina

A Glance into the social life of our school

Beauties at the Fleming Hall Tea

"Miss Summer School" of '52

Crowning of Queen Jeannette


book four


Jeannette Tillett '52 May Queen

Barbara Williamson Maid of Honor

Beth Baker

Robert Biggs

Emily Faircloth

Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges is an annual publication containing brief biographical sketches of outstanding students in universities and colleges throughout the United States. The number of students selected for the publication is based on enrollment figures; the per- centage of selectees is the same for all colleges and universities


Ann Baysden

Annie Lou Butts

John L. Fristoe

Patricia Ann Moore

Andy Meeder

John Robert Kluttz


Selection is made on the basis of the student's excellence and sincerity in scholarship, his leadership and participation in extra- curricular and academic activities, his citizenship and service to the school and his promise of future usefulness to business and society.

Nora Ellen Faulkner

Grace Giles

Robert A. Robinson

Lloyd Whitfield

Dennis Smith

Rudolph Alexander

Twenty-eight students at East Carolina College will represent the college in the 1952-1953 edition of Who's Who in American Universities and Colleges. Selection of students for this year's volume was made at East Carolina by a student-faculty committee.


John Cox

Hal F. Haire

Frank Madigan

Janice Hardison

Ann and Dwight Shoe


Other students who received the honor and are not pictured are Robert D. Bass, Roy Creech, Esther Elizabeth Gaddy, and Ann Whitehurst.

Jerome Sanford

Mary Jo Johnson

Russell V. Jarrett

Ann Moore Chief Marshal

Peggy Grice

Betty Ray outlaw

Faye Farmer

Jane Eason

Evelyn Davis

Christine Blalock

Betty Hendrix

Jane boddie

To be a college marshal has always been considered an honor. They are conspicuous representatives of the college at public functions, especially at commencement, and the success of such occasions can be definitely affected by the way in which marshals serve.

Seleta tucker

Lynnette Murphy

Audrey Beaman

Anise Kelly

Ann DuRant

Mary Lee Jones

Pauline Blalock















...staff favorites

Faye Farmer

Ann Siler and

Kitty Gerringer

book five Sports

East Carolina Athletic Clubs


Frank Madigan President

Jack Britt Vice-President

Paul Jones Secretary

Charlie Huffman Treasurer

Jim Corbin Sgt.-at-Arms

Paul Cameron Reporter


Ann Bell President

Joyce Gurley Vice-President

Jean Brake Secretary

Jane Eason Treasurer

Mona Jay Toler Bucaneer Reporter

Thelma Harris East Carolinian Reporter

Dot Howard and Betsy Hobgood Team Captains

Charlotte Hales Historian

Grace Smith Publicity Chairman

Emily Boyce Awards Chairman

Miss Nell Stallings and Miss Margaret Tifft Faculty Advisors


Dr. N. M. Jorgensen

Miss Nell Stallings

Miss Margaret Tifft

Dr. Charles G. DeShaw

Athletics of East Carolina

East Carolina had top teams in this year's competition. Although conference honors were not always theirs, the spirit and good sportsmanship of all the players made a name for East Carolina. To all representa- tives in the field of sports, we say thanks for helping to build up the name of East Carolina Athletics.

Mr. Howard G. Porter

East Carolina College dedicated its new Memorial Health and Physical Education Building on January 6, 1953.

Mr. Clyde W. biggers

Jack Boone, Coach of the Year in the North state Conference

1952 Edition of the Pirate grid-Machine

Football . . . 1952


7 Norfolk Naval Air 13

37 Apprentice School 6

* 6 Lenoir Rhyne 7

* 7 Catawba 7

*25 Elon 9

*2l West Carolina 7

*41 Guilford

*22 Appalachian 19

19 Stetson University 19

34 West Virginia Tech 7


6 Clarion College 13

Dwight Shoe, Dennis Smith Co-Captain

John Daughtry Honorary Captain

Managers are Dallas Foscue, Wayne Shoe, John Sloan and Wilbur Thompson

DEFENSIVE TEAM J. D. Bradford, Willie Holland, Bobby Thomas, David Lee, Frank Turner, Bobby Hodges. Line-Backers: Frank Madigan, James Faircloth. Half Back: John Haynes, Dick Cherry, Teddy Barnes.

OFFENSIVE TEAM Dwight Shoe, Bill McDonald, Dennis Smith, Gaither Cline, George Tucker, Nick Kanos, Bobby Hodges. Back-Field: Richard Siler, Paul Gay, Claude King, Illard Yarborough.

Illard Yarborough

Dennis Smith

William B. McDonald

Richard "Sandy" Siler

Sports history at East Carolina College was made during the 1952 football season as the Buccaneers, under the leadership of a new coaching staff, rushed the 1952 edition of the Pirates gridiron squad into new heights in the North State Conference play. The Bucs showed much improvement as the spirited squad ended in second place in conference play.

This year's team, with Dennis Smith and Dwight Shoe as co-captains, improved greatly on the records of the past years. The 1952 campaign ended with the Bucs sporting six triumphs, two tie games and only three defeats. Four of these victories being in con- ference play and one tie and one defeat were to conference foes.

By virtue of this 4-1-1 mark within the conference, Coach Jack Boone's charges ended the season in sec- ond place.

The Pirates failed to win the conference title in 1952, but placed third on the All Conference Team. Those receiving the honors were Dwight Shoe, Willie Holland, and Dick Cherry; while Bradford, Hodges, Smith, Tucker, Turner, Cline, Gay, King and Yar- borough received honorable mention.

Jack Benzie

Dwight Shoe

Francis Madigan

John T. Painter

The hard fighting and spirited Pirate gridiron squad ended their first contest on the short end of a 13-7 score. This defeat came at the hands of the Norfolk Air Station, a service ball club loaded with ex-college stars. The Pirates scored early as Jack Benzie intercepted a pass and raced 30 yards to score and Grissom kicked the extra point. The sailors scored in both the second and third periods to win this contest.

Rebounding from their opening defeat, the Pirates lost little time in showing their superiority as they trounced the Apprentice 37-6. With King, Painter, Gay and Stanley scoring for the Bucs and Grissom convert- ing after the touchdowns. King was the hero with two touchdowns, as the offensive began rolling.

Playing their first conference game, the Pirates lost a thriller to the conference champs, Lenoir Rhyne 7 to 6. The Bears scored early in the game but the outstanding defensive unit of the Bucs stopped all future drives. The Pirates started moving late in the game with Siler passing and Yarborough and Benzie receiving. King hit pay dirt for the only Buc score that night. Outstanding on the defensive team were Faircloth, Hol- land, and Lee.

Lynwood Grissom

Jack Britt

Ed Matthews

Johnnie Brown

David Lee

Bobby Hodges

Thomas Allsbrook

Catawba and the Bucs battled to a 7-7 deadlock in the first meeting between these schools before a large Homecoming crowd. The Indians scored in the first quarter and until late in the fourth quarter, when Gay scored on a pass from Cherry, they dominated the game. This contest was marked by several outstanding goal-line stands put up by the Pirate defensive unit.

Out to avenge the Homecoming upset the Pirates traveled to Elon. Here the Bucs wrecked the Elon Homecoming with a 25-9 win. Elon jumped to a 9-0 lead as the Pirates played a tainted first period. The Boone men bounced back late in the second half to start operation airlift with Siler and Cherry passing and Benzie, Gay, Yarborough, and Shoe catching them. Yarborough scored before the half and King, Gay and Cherry each scored one in the second half to put the game on ice. Turning points of the game were the goal-line stand by the Pirate defensive eleven and in the eighty-five-yard pass play from Cherry to Gay for a touchdown.

Raymond Bass

Luke Taylor

James Stanley

Boyd Webb

Ralph Britt

Willie Holland

Larry Rhodes

Gaither Cline

Bobby Thomas

George Tucker

Returning home, East Carolina battled to an impressive 21-7 triumph over the West Carolina team with Yarborough and O'Kelley sharing the scoring honors. Burton blocked a Catamount kick to set up Yarborough's score and Cherry completed to O'Kelley for two touchdowns. Defensive and offensive teams combined to give spectators one of the roughest football games of the year.

The Bucs moved to Boone to score a fourth period victory over the spirited Appalachian eleven before a Homecoming crowd. This was the first time East Carolina College has registered a win over Appalachian. Cherry scored first on a quarterback sneak and Grissom scored on a field goal to give the Bucs an early lead 9-0. The Appalachian team raced back to score twice before the half to lead 12-9 at half time. Shoe and Hodges scored in the fourth period to give Boone and party the game. Hays was the outstanding player of this game.

Donald Burton

Claude King

Paul Gay

John "Toppy" Hayes

Nick Kanos

Buddy Cannady

J. D. Bradford

James Faircloth

Frank Turner

Traveling to sunny Florida, the Pirates tied Stetson University 19-19 in another Homecoming contest at Deland, Florida. After a scoreless first half, the Hatters scored only to have King match the tallie.

The Hatters, determined to win, pushed two more across to lead 19-6. In the closing minutes remaining, the Pirates led by Siler moved toward pay dirt. Siler hit Yarborough for a score and Gay's sensational 88-yard punt return tied the ball game in the last few minutes.

East Carolina came roaring home the next week-end to overpower the power- ful West Virginia Tech team 34-7 and thereby closing the season. Yarborough scored early only to be followed by Hayes' punt return. Shoe outfought two defensives for a pass and raced 45 yards for the third score. Siler passed to Gay for a touchdown to end the first half. Tech scored late in the fourth quarter only to have Yarborough race to pay dirt for his second touchdown of the game.

Edward "Emo" Boado

Harold O'Kelley

Dick Cherry

Teddy Barnes

Bob Chambers

Bobby Strickland

Harry Rainey

George Rive

In the Lions Bowl at Salisbury, the undefeated Clarion Teachers College showed the Carolina how Yankees play football by defeating the Pu'ates 13-6 in a thriller. The Bucs' only score was made by Siler as he scored his first touch- down of his college career. The Bucs fought hard but were unable to down the spirited Pennsylvania team.

From this history one may easily gather that East Carolina is on the map now in the field of football. We offer thanks to Jack Boone and Clyde Biggers for the outstanding coaching job done this year for the Pirates. We have a football team and two coaches that are tops in our estimation. Keep up the good work, Pirates.

Grady Dickerson

Walter Stanfield

Dan Skinner

Carlton Matthews

Left to Right: Charlie Huffman, Bobby Hodges, Cecil Heath, Sonny Russell and J. C. Thomas


Coach Howard Porter

Bucs Cagers' Captain Warren Russell

Managers are Jimmy Ellis and Norwood Talton

Bobby Hodges

Cecil Heath

Jack Carr

Charlie Huffman

Warren Russell

1952-53 SCHEDULE

Guilford 68 East Carolina 78

Lenoir Rhyne 65 East Carolina 74

Catawaba 67 East Carolina 80

U.N.C. 79 East Carolina 66

Appalachian 63 East Carolina 70

Elon 75 East Carolina 76

Guilford 63 East Carolina 81

Lenoir Rhyne 69 East Carolina 64

W.C.T.C. 102 East Carolina 97

Catawaba 56 East Carolina 70

High Point 56 East Carolina 79

A.C.C. 59 East Carolina 96

W.C.T.C. 67 East Carolina 86

Appalachian 67 East Carolina 79

McCrary's 65 East Carolina 79

Elon 69 East Carolina 91

High Point 87 East Carolina 100

A.C.C. 75 East Carolina 89

Richard Blake

Harold O'Kellev

Bob Moye

Paul Jones

East Carolina Pirate cagemen, in their fifth year of North State Conference competition, worked their way into big time basket- ball by playing the University of North Carolina in an early season game. The twelve lads under the leadership of Howard Porter recorded the most victorious season in the history of East Carolina College basketball. With All State and All Conference Warren (Sonny) Russell as a guide and Bob Hodges as the work horse, they led the conference all the way.

The Bucs moved to top honors early in the season as Hodges and Russell proved to be All Conference material and little but spirited Cecil Heath sparked the five to many victories.

J.C. Thomas

Jere Hillburn

Harry Hayes

East Carolina fielded a tall, talented, and experienced start- ing squad with Huffman and Russell at forwards, Hodges at center and Heath and Thomas as guards.

This height and experience proved to be the turning point in many games. To Howard Porter and his fighting Pirates we say thanks for a job well done.


Final 1952-53

W L Pct.

East Carolina 13 2 .857

Elon 9 4 .692

Western Carolina 10 3 .667

High Point 9 5 .643

Coach Boone and Co-Captains George McSwain and Fred Soles


The Pirate baseballers of 1952 turned in a commendable record of 12 victories 8 defeats for the season. The Pirates began the season setting torrid pace within the Eastern division of the newly initiated two division North State Conference, but after the spring holidays they began falter.

The Bucs ended conference play with 10 wins and 3 defeats to finish in 2nd place two full games behind Elon, the defending champions.

Coach Jack Boone's lads led by seniors George Mc- Swain and Fred Soles, and with the power hitting of Gaither Cline, Paul Gay and Claude King, batted their way toward conference honors only to be stopped by Elon who successfully defended its baseball title.

Cecil Heath

John Hamilton

W. C. Sanderson

Starting with just a few veterans and a host of freshmen the Bucs dropped their opener to Cherry Point only to rebound back to even the score in their second meeting. Behind the pitching of Jim Byrd, Rodney Heath and Jim Finer, the Bucs started conference play by downing High Point 5-2. The next game they lost to Elon but won the next five contests before tasting defeat at the hands of a strong Montclair nine. The Pirates avenged this defeat the following afternoon and also out scored Guilford only to be edged out by ACC.

The locals returned to the win column again, after running over High Point, but for a short time as the Norfolk Naval Air Station held a field day at the Bucs' expense. The Guilford Club and local boys broke even on a twin bill only to have the Bulldogs of Atlantic Christian, arch rivals of the Pirates, trip the Boonemen and retain the Bohunk. The Pirates upset the Champion Chris- tian's in their final game, 12-3, to end an out- standing season.

George McSwain

Paul Gay

Jim Byrd

Jim Piner

Rodney Heath

Berney Stevens

Claude King

Gaither Cline

Charlie Fishel

Fred Soles

East Carolina 1 Cherry Point 2

East Carolina 2 Cherry Point 11

East Carolina 5 High Point 2

East Carolina 1 Elon 2

East Carolina 10 Atlantic Christian

East Carolina 8 Atlantic Christian

East Carolina 8 Elon 3

East Carolina 13 Guilford 3

East Carolina 14 High Point 2

East Carolina 4 Montclair 9

East Carolina 4 Montclair 3

East Carolina 5 Guilford 3

East Carolina 1 A.C.C. 3

East Carolina 3 High Point 5

East Carolina 8 High Point I

East Carolina 3 Norfolk Navy Air 11

East Carolina 5 Guilford 6

East Carolina 8 Guilford 4

East Carolina 5 Atlantic Christian 6

East Carolina 12 Elon 3

Clyde Owens

Paul Jones

Jime Corbin

Leonard Sullivan

Major Hooper

A.J. Rose


Tennis proved to be another highlight in the sporting fields of East Carolina as the Buc netters finished with 7-4 record the best mark compiled by a local net squad in years. The outstanding play of lettermen, like Cameron, Hallow, Jones, and Kinard alone with several freshmen namely Richardson, Stroud, Mobley and Bruton tarried the Bucs through a rugged nine match card. The schedule carried teams like North Carolina State, Albright, Elon, Guilford and William and Mary, but the hard working high spirited Buc net men proved to be superior in this field as others.

Joe Hallow

Paul Cameron

James Richardson

Frazier Bruton

Aquatic Club


Alec Hurst


Wade Cooper


Milton Foley



Dave Martin


The Pirate linksmen of 1952 failed to rise to the prestige that past Buccaneer clubs have enjoyed on the golf greens, but they did have that determination and desire that caused them to be a favorite and finish third in the North State Tournament.

Experience was missing for the first time this year, but it was not so evident as Joe Exum, Bernie Ham, Lonnie Helms, Dave Martin and Claude King out fought strong opponents like Wake Forest, Elon, Ohio, Fort Eustis and Guilford.

The season ended leaving the Porter men without a con- ference championship for the first time since 1947.

Joe Exum

Bernie Ham

Knott Proctor

Claude King

Harry Oliver

Lonnie Helms

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Adams, Bertha J. Aurora, N.C.

Adams, Flora Charity Rocky Mount, N.C.

Adams, Frank C. Rocky Mount, N.C.

Adams, Helen A. Angier, N.C.

Adams, Mary O. Rocky Mount, N.C.

Adams, Ottis L. Newport, N.C.

Adams, William C. Aurora, N.C.

Adcock, Halvor G. Durham, N.C.

Akins, Belvin F. Varina, N.C.

Adkins, Edward Emery Rocky Mount, N.C.

Albritton, Janice M. Snow Hill, N.C.

Alcock, Nolan C. Pollocksville, N.C.

Alexander, Francis B. Pollocksville, N.C.

Alexander, George L. Ahoskie, N.C.

Alexander, James W. Columbia, N.C.

Alexander, Pauline A. Seven Springs, N.C.

Alexander, S. Rudolph Goldsboro, N.C.

Alexander, William Douglas Tarboro, N.C.

Alford, Freddy L. Bunn, N.C.

Allen, Elizabeth H. Kinston, N.C.

Allen, Jean C. Kinston, N.C.

Allen, Jimmy W. Bell Arthur, N.C.

Allen, Joan P. Greenville, N.C.

Allen, Mary F. Farmville, N.C.

Allen, Milton B. Durham, N.C.

Allen, Robert C. Southport, N.C.

Allen, Thomas J. Roanoke Rapids, N.C.

Allen, William T. Aurora, N.C.

Allsbrook, Nancy V. Scotland Neck, N.C.

Allsbrook, Thomas B. Scotland Neck, N.C.

Alphin, Betty E. Greenville, N.C.

Alphin, Herbert Hoover Kinston, N.C.

Anderson, Bobby L. Apex, N.C.

Anderson, Kristen Beach Haven, New Jersey

Anderson, Ray B. Goldsboro, N.C.

Anderson, Robert L., Jr. Goldsboro, N.C.

Andrews, Leon Wesley Farmville, N.C.

Andrews, Rachel Clinton, N.C.

Andrews, Roger W. Rocky Mount, N.C.

Apple, Martha J. Raleigh, N.C.

Apple, Nancy F. Raleigh, N.C.

Armstrong, Charles H. Elizabeth City, N.C.

Armstrong, Pauline F. New Bern, N.C.

Arrington, Mary S. Southport, N.C.

Arthur, Jarvis J., Jr. New Bern, N.C.

Askew, Roy K. Elizabeth City, N.C.

Askew, Virginia D. Snow Hill, N.C.

Atkinson, Donald M. Elizabethtwon, N.C.

Atkinson, Ernest W. Middlesex, N.C.

Avant, Anna K. Whiteville, N.C.

Avant, Bobbie L. Whiteville, N.C.

Avent, Ola K. Fuquay Springs, N.C.

Averett, Ernest C. Winterville, N.C.

Averette, Phillip A. Greenville, N.C.

Aycock, Donna Gray Havelock, N.C.

Avcock, Marcelene Black Creek, N.C.

Ayers, Eugene Wilson Greenville, N.C.


Babson, Ogden S. Roseboro, N.c.

Bacchus, Robert H. Norfolk, Virginia

Baggett, Jean E. Kenly, N.C.

Bagley, Glenn A. Kenly, N.C.

Bagley, Joyce M. Goldsboro, N.C.

Bagley, Mary S. Elizabeth, N.C.

Baird, Robert G. Roanoke Rapids, N.C.

Baise, Virginia C. Raleigh, N.C.

Baker, Beth D. Spring Hope, N.C.

Baker, Carson Roanoke Rapids, N.C.

Baker, Charlotte W. Cape May, New Jersey

Baker, Edna E. Greenville, N.C.

Baker, Hazel A. Zebuloun, N.C.

Baker, Helen G. Kenansville, N.C.

Baker, William D. Kinston, N.C.

Baker, William H. Zebulon, N.C.

Baker, Worth E. Washington, N.C.

Baldwin, William O. Whiteville, N.C.

Balkcum, Beatrice K. Goldsboro, N.C.

Ballard, Robert L. Bridgeton, N.C.

Barber, H. Jane Clinton, N.C.

Barbour, Anne A. Four Oaks, N.C.

Barbour, F. Jean Morehead City, N.C.

Barbour, James E. Clayton, N.C.

Barbour, James L. Smithfield, N.C.

Barbour, Joseph L. Clayton, N.C.

Barbour, Sue E. Fayetteville, N.C.

Barden, Mary E. Rose Hill, N.C.

Barefoot, Vergie I. Erwin, N.C.

Barfield, Peggy R. Ayden, N.C.

Barker, C. Dailey Milton, N.C.

Barnes, Carolyn H. Kinston, N.C.

Barnes, Lewis B. Enfield, N.C.

Barnes, Nancy C. Gumberry, N.C.

Barnes, Russell L. Winterville, N.C.

Barnes, Theodore Wilson, N.C.

Barnett, Sarah E. Huntersville, N.C.

Barnhill, William C. Robersonville, N.C.

Barnwell, Dorothy D. Prospect Hill, N.C.

Barrett, Edgar P. Farmville, N.C.

Barrow, John E. Pollocksville, N.C.

Barrow, Martha A. Pollocksville, N.C

Barwick, Ann L. Calypso, N.C.

Barwick, Mary C. Kinston, N.C.

Barwick, Robert L. Seven Springs, N.C.

Bass, Adah M. Tarhoro, N.C.

Bass, Janyce G. Kenly, N.C.

Bass, Raymond A. Halifax, N.C.

Bass, Robert D. Garysburg,N.C.

Bass, Waylon T Garysburg, N.C.

Bass, Wilben C. Goldsboro, N.C.

Batchelor, Barbara L. Greenville, N.C.

Batchelor, Charles C. Rocky Mount,N.C.

Batchelor, O. Lytle Greenville, N.C.

Bateman, Blanche E. Rocky Mount, N.C.

Bateman, S. Jeanette Draper, N.C.

Baugh, Arthur T. New Bern, N.C.

Baysden, G. Ann Ernul, N.C.

Bazemore, Dorothy L. Kelford, N.C.

Bazemore, James P. Rockingham, N.C.

Bazemonre, Lynn W. Lewsiton, N.C.

Beam, Elizabeth M. Plymouth, N.C.

Beaman, Audrey E. Dudlye, N.C.

Beaman, George W. Walstonburg, N.C.

Bean, David A. High Point, N.C.

Beatty, Mary D. Greenville, N.c.

Beatty, Nancy L. Mount Holly, N.C.

Bedford, Charlie B. Pikeville, N.C.

Bedsole, Harvey L. Tar Heel, N.C.

Beierle, George W. Hamburg, N.C.

Belch, Dorothy M. Colerain, N.C.

Bell, B. Ann Lucama, N.C.

Bell, Joyce M. Wilmington, N.C.

Bell, Leia G. Greenville, N.C.

Bell, Peggy J. Newport, N.C.

Bellamy, Kenneth T. Supply, N.C.

Belvin, Herbert G. Gibsonville, N.C.

Benson, Charles A. Peletier, N.C.

Benson, Leamon D. Clayton, N.C.

Benton, David T. Whiteville, N.C.

Benton, Martha H. Fayetteville, N.C.

Benzie, Jack P. Rocky Mount, N.C.

Bessellieu, Anthony Owen Wilmington, N.C.

Besso, Michael J. Norfolk, Virginia

Best, Betsy P. Goldsboro, N.C.

Best, Dorothy G. Goldsboro, N.C.

Best, William N. Goldsboro, N.C.

Biberstein, Elizabeth B. Burgaw, N.C.

Biggs, Edward D. Everetts, N.C.

Biggs, Robert H. Williamston, N.C.

Biggs, Samuel S. Williamston, N.C.

Biggs, Walter C. Wilmington, N.C.

Bing, Ruth T. Greenville, N.C.

Birchett, Horace G. Hopewill, Virginia

Bishop, Lionel L. Greenville, N.C.

Bizzell, Metz E. Goldsboro, N.C.

Black, Ernest G. Portsmouth, Virginia

Black, Lucy L. Fayetteville, N.C.

Blackmon, W. Deane Four Oaks, N.C.

Blackwell, Donald Davidson, N.C.

Blades, Louise H. Edenton, N.C.

Blake, Charles R. Jacksonville, N.C.

Blalock, Christine Timberlake, N.C.

Blalock, Pauline Timberlake, N.C.

Bland, Celeste C. New Bern, N.C.

Bland, Lois J. Marlboro, New Jersey

Bland, V. Earl hobgood, N.C.

Blanton, Elbert R. Teachey, N.C.

Blizzard, Thomas B. Deep Run, N.C.

Bloom, Howard R. Jackson, N.C.

Blount, Erolyn J. Nashville, N.C.

Blow, Marjorie A. Goldsboro, N.c.

Blue, A. Preston Henderson, N.C.

Blue, C. Alton Southern Pines, N.C.

Boado, Emil E. Wilmington, N.C.

Bobbitt, Naomi M. Creedmoor, N.C.

Bobbitt, Ruth W. Creedmoor, N.C.

Boddie, S. Jane C. Shelby, N.C.

Boettcher, Ruth Proctor Snow Hill, N.C.

Bohler, Mary Y. Goldston, N.C.

Boles, Jeanette T. Wilson, N.c.

Bone, Andrew H. Greenville, N.c.

Boney, Harry V. Teachey, N.C.

Bonner, Dorothy Bennett Edward, N.C.

Bonner, Loyce Aurora, N.C.

Bordeaux, Jean C. Burgaw, N.C.

Bordeaux, Kenneth R. Mt. Olive, N.C.

Bordeaux, Patricia A. Fayetteville, N.C.

Boseman, Paul M. Enfield, N.C.

Bostic, Edna E. Pink Hill, N.C.

Bostick, Omie Hope Mills, N.C.

Bowen, Gerald E. Plymouth, N.C.

Bowen, Lawrence Daniel Robersonville, N.C.

Bowen, Peggy J. Greenville, N.c.

Bowen, Shelton W. Aurora, N.C.

Bowland, Sarah R. Mebane, N.C.

Bowles, D. Ann Wilmington, N.C.

Boyce, Emilly S. Rich Square, N.C.

Boyce, Ruth J. Tyner, N.C.

Boyd, Clifton E. Aurora, N.C.

Boyd, David Aaron Hamilton, N.C.

Boyd, Fenner S. Pinetown, N.C.

Bovd, Henry A.Enfield, N.C.

Boyette, Betty L. Selma, N.C.

Boyette, Joseph S. Dunn, N.C.

Boykin, Edna L. Wilson, N.C.

Brardford, James D. Fayetteville, N.C.

Bradley, Robert O. Rocky Mount, N.C.

Bradshaw, Dorothy P. Elizabeth City, N.C.

Bradshaw, M. Jean Clinton, N.C.

Brady, Della I. Benson, N.c.

Brady, H. Thomas Bellhaven, N.c.

Brake, Emma J. Rocky Mount, N.C.

Branch, A. Joyce Greenville, N.C.

Branch, Betty S. Greenville, N.c.

Branch, Jacquelyn A. Winterville, N.C.

Branch, Patricia A. Lucama, N.c.

Brannan, Don G. Siler City, N.C.

Braswell, Barbara A. Nashville, N.C.

Braswell, Gerald E. Monroe, N.C.

Braswell, Ronald S. Nashville, N.C.

Braun, Helen L. Greenville, N.C.

Braun. Robert H. Greenville N.C.

Brewer, Betty Raleigh, N.C.

Brickhouse, Betty L. Aulander, N.C.

Briggs, Jeanne S. Tarboro, N.C.

Bright, Robert C. Macclesfield, N.C.

Brightwell, Mary A. Creeve, Virginia

Briley, Robert E. Stokes, N.C.

Brinn, Gladys I. Pinetown, N.c.

Brinson, George R. Arapahoe, N.C.

Brinson, James A. Grantsboro, N.C.

Britt, Ben W. Mt. Olive, N.C.

Britt, Benjamin F. Roanoke Rapids, N.c.

Britt, E. Joan, Fairmont, N.C.

Britt, Jack Fairmont, N.C.

Britt, James R. Mt. Olive, N.C.

Brock, A. Louise Mt. Olive, N.C.

Brock, Nellie C. Wade, N.C.

Borck, Shelton D. Mt. Olive, N.C.

Brooks, Lou E. Bath, N.C.



Broome, Vera L. Washington, N.C.

Brothers, Miriam C. South Mills, N.C.

Broughton, Rufus E. Goldsboro, N.C.

Brown, Benjamin W. Belmont, N.C.

Brown, Clarence E. Hickory, N.C.

Brown, Emma C. Magnolia, N.C.

Brown, Jane E. Clarkton, N.C.

Brown, John W. Hickory, N.C.

Brown, Johnnie R. Washington, N.C.

Brown, Marvin E. East Rockingham, N.C.

Brown, Mary S. Magnolia, N.C.

Brown, Mary V. A. Greenville, N.C.

Brown, Oscar H. Winterville, N.C.

Brown, Robert J. Knightdale, N.C.

Brown, Ruth B. Washington, N.C.

Brown, Thelma J. Falcon, N.C.

Browning, Erma L. Enfield, N.C.

Browning, Joe W. Enfield, N.C.

Bruce, Nancy R. Wilmington, N.C.

Brundage, Norma A. Camp Lejeune, N.C.

Bruton, Frazier H. Kintson, N.C.

Bryan, Mary E. Tarboro, N.C.

Bryan, Maxine G. Fayetteville, N.C.

Bryant, Maybell Pendleton, N.C.

Bryson, Hattie Jo Apex, N.C.

Buchanan, Betty J. Wilmington, N.C.

Buck, Charlie T. Grimesland, N.C.

Buck, Frances A. Grimesland, N.C.

Buck, Melvin V. Greenville, N.C.

Bulla, George H. Fayetteville, N.C.

Bullard, Alice L. Wilmington, N.C.

Bullard. Annie R. Sanford, N.C.

Bullard. Mitty C. Fayetteville, N.C.

Bullock, James Jacksonville, N.C.

Bullock, Thomas G. Ayden, N.C.

Bulluck, Doris E. Palmyra, N.C.

Bundy, Patricia L. New Bern, N.C.

Bundy, Samuel D. Farmville, N.C.

Bunn, A. Frances Whiteville, N. C.

Bunn, Paul B. Rocky Mount, N. C.

Bunting, Lael S. Oak City, N. C.

Bunting, Margaret A. Oak City N. C.

Bunting, Marion L. Asheboro, N. C.

Bunton, Peggy A. Reidsville, N. C.

Burch, Bobbie J. Raleigh, N. C.

Burch, Mary S. Kenansville, N. C.

Burke, Alston W. LaGrange, N. C.

Burke, Hazel G. LaGrange, N. C.

Burnette, G. Carolyn Hopewell, Virginia

Burnette, Harriett L. Tarboro, N. C.

Burnham, Barbara M. Elizabeth City, N. C.

Burton, Donald K. Roanoke Rapids, N. C.

Butler, Ann W. Greenville, N. C.

Butler, Clarence H. Salemburg, N. C.

Butler, Marguerite A. Hertford, N. C.

Butler, Ronald C. Tarboro N. C.

Butt, Lucious C. Hertford, N. C.

Butts, Annie L. Angier, N. C.

Bynum, Alice J. Farmville, N. C.

Bynum, Martha A. Farmville N. C.

Bynum, William B. Maysville N. C.

Byrd, Ann E. Windsor, N. C.

Bvrd, Frederick Coats N. C.

Byrd, James L. Kinston, N. C.

Byrd, Martha D. Maysville. N. C.

Byrd, Martin A. Tabor City, N. C.


Caffrey, George M. Elizabeth City, N. C.

Cahoon, Alfred E. Grantsboro, N. C.

Cahoon, Jack W. Manteo, N. C.

Caldwell, Bobbie J. Wadeville, N. C.

Calhoun, E. Joyce Greenville, N. C.

Callahan, Thurston Whiteville, N. C.

Cameron, Paul A. Kinston, N. C.

Canady, Billye R. Clarendon, N. C.

Cannady, Robert W. Dunn, N. C.

Cannady, Thomas M. Manteo, N. C.

Cannon, Janice O. Grifton, N. C.

Cannon, Jennie E. Wilmington, N. C.

Cannon, John D. Greenville, N. C.

Capehart, Junius L. Washington N. C.

Carawan, Ann L. Swan Quarter, N. C.

Carawan, Grover L. Bellhaven, N. C.

Carawan, Molly W. Washington, N. C.

Carawan, Frances Washington, N. C.

Cargile, Barbara J. Parmele, N. C.

Carlson, Hoyette M. Tarboro, N. C.

Carlson, Anne C. New York., N. C.

Carlton, Herbert R. Washington, N. C.

Carpenter, Phyllis L. Kinston, N. C.

Carr, Clara R. Greenville, N. C.

Carr, Garland R. Rose Hill, N. C.

Carr, Jack Rose Hill, N. C.

Carr, Jacquelyn L. Wallace, N. C.

Carr, John P. Goldsboro, N. C.

Carr, Peggy J. Clinton, N. C.

Carr, William J. Rocky Mount, N. C.

Carraway, Virginia Farmville, N. C.

Carrington, John R. Greenville, N. C.

Carroll, Bettie A. Winston-Salem, N. C.

Carroll, Betty J. Greenville, N. C.

Carroll, Doris F. Benson, N. C.

Carson, Anne F. Bethel, N. C.

Carter, Harriet J. Fayetteville, N. C.

Cartwright, Cecilia D. Norfolk, Virginia

Case, Maxine E. Roanoke Rapids, N. C.

Casey, Frances F. Moyock, N. C.

Casey, Mary A. Goldsboro, N. C.

Casey, Sarah A. Goldsboro, N. C.(

Cash, Jacqueline R. Durham, N. C.

Cashwell, Henry V. Garland, N. C.

Castellow, Earl G. Windsor, N. C.

Caswell, C. Ernest Whiteville, N. C.

Caudill, Andrew W. Tarboro, N. C.

Causey, Beulah Lee Greenville, N. C.

Cauley, E. Jane Kinston, N. C.

Caysby, George B. Albemarle, N. C.

Cayton, Louise C. Willard, N. C.

Chambers, Robert M. Salisbury, N. C.

Chappell, John J. Belvidere, N. C.

Cheek, John E. Winterville, N. C.

Cherry, Charles R. Stokes, N. C.

Cherry, Charlie Woolard Washington, N. C.

Cherry, Donald Stokes, N. C.

Cherry, Frances V. Tarboro, N. C.

Cherry, Helen R. Belmont, N. C.

Cherry, Marie S. Fayetteville, N. C.

Cherry, Peggy R. Williamston, N. C.

Cherry, Richard F. Washington, N. C.

Chesson, Marion J. Roper, N. C.

Chesson, Waverly Washington, N. C.

Civils, Billy H. New Bern, N. C.

Civils, Eunice O. Kinston, N. C.

Clapp, Carolyn L. Greenville, N. C.

Clapp, Elsie C. Whitsett, N. C.

Clark, Carolyn Greenville, N. C.

Clark, David Kemp Elizaethtown, N. C.

Clark, Jacqueline Fairmont, N. C.

Clark, Giles R. Elizabethtown, N. C.

Clark, James Preston Greenville, South Carolina

Clark, Janice H. Elizabethtown, N. C.

Clark, Joseph O. Greenville, N. C.

Clark, Louis E. Greenville, N. C.

Clark, Mary A. Sanford, N. C.

Clark, Norman L. San Dimas, California

Clayton, Leia F. Roxboro, N. C.

Clemmons, Thomas E. Wilmington, N. C.

Cline, Billy D. Gastonia, N. C.

Cline, Gaither D. Gastonia, N. C.

Clough, Julia M. Columbia, N. C.

Clowers, Jimmy Dale Winston-Salem, N. C.

Coats, B. Dee Benson, N. C.

Coburn, Alice L. Bethel, N. C.

Cockrell, Mary J. Durham, N. C.

Coffey, Carol R. Mullins, South Carolina

Coggins, C. Steve Ahoskie, N. C.

Coghill, Barbara A. Henderson, N. C.

Coker, Charles E. Pinetops, N. C.

Coker, Natalie V. Garysburg, N. C.(

Colbert, Luther S. Charlotte, N. C.

Cole, Annie S. Winterville, N. C.

Cole, Bill F. Goldsboro, N. C.

Cole, Kenneth L. Kinston, N. C.

Coley, Goldie C. Saratoga, N. C.

Collie, Helen E. Wilmington, N. C.

Collie, M. Louis Greenville, N. C.

Collier, Thelma O. Clarkton, N. C.

Collins, Aubrey T. Jacksonville, N. C.

Collins, Eva W. Castalia, N. C.

Collins, Hight M. Kinston, N. C.

Collins, Maurice C. Louisburg, N. C.

Colson, Harold G. Hertford, N. C.

Columbus, Chris Goldsboro, N. C.

Congleton, Archie Fayetteville, N. C.

Conn, Josephine M. Fayetteville, N. C.

Conner, Margaret J. Rich Square, N. C.

Connor, Barbara J. Goldsboro, N. C.

Conway, Martha S. Greenville, N. C.

Cook, Lemuel C. Cooleemee, N. C.

Cook, M. Sue Hertford, N. C.

Cooper, F. Carolyn Jamesville, N. C.

Cooper, Wade H. Raleigh, N. C.

Coor, Mary E. Smithfield, N. C.

Copley, Lillian S. Albemarle, N. C.

Corbett, Patricia A. Farmville, N. C.

Corbin, Becton W. LaGrange, N. C.

Corbin, Christian S. LaGrange, N. C.

Corbin, James B. LaGrange N. C.

Cornacchione, Victor E. Statesville, N. C.

Corum, James W. Reidsville, N. C.

Costner, William M. Gastonia, N. C.

Costulis, John G. Belhaven, N. C.

Cothran, Jo Ann Salisbury, N. C.

Council, Shirley S. Wilmington, N. C.

Cox, Charles D. Tabor City, N. C.

Cox, Delano R. Ayden, N. C.

Cox, H. Donald Kinston, N. C.

Cox, H. Alton Cove City, N. C.

Cox, John T. Mt. Olive, N. C.

Cox, Katherine L. Four Oaks, N. C.

Cox, Peggy A. Richlands, N. C.

Cox, Rachel A. Walstonburg, N. C.

Cox, Raymond H. Maury, N. C.

Cox, Sonoma M. Tabor City, N. C.

Craft, Bryan C. Greenville, N. C.

Craft, Emma J. Pinetops, N. C.

Craft, Robert W. Beulaville, N. C.

Crane, Ruby H. Kinston, N. C.

Crawford, Elizabeth G. Greenville, N. C.

Crawford, Frances J. Durham, N. C.

Crawford, Mary E. Greenville, N. C.

Credle, Bobbie J. Swan Quarter, N. C.

Credle, Elizabeth L. Scranton, N. C.

Credle, H. Katlhryn Scranton, N. C.

Credle, Jane M. New Holland, N. C.

Credle, Laura B. New Holland, N. C.

Credle, Sally B. Scranton, N. C.

Creech, Flonnie W. Washington, N. C.

Creech, Flora J. Snow Hill, N. C.

Creech, Paige T. Warwick, Virginia

Creech, Peggy J. Smitlitield. X. C.

Creech, Roy R. Snow Hill, N. C.

Creef, Herbert A. Manteo, N. C.

Creekmore, Charles A. Elizabeth City, N. C.

Crisp, Bobby Lane Falkland, N. C.

Crocker, Lannie G. Selma, N. C.

Crocker, Rhetta A. Smithfield, N. C.

Croom, Eliard G. Rocky Mount, N. C.

Croom, Lester B. Rocky Mount, N. C.

Crowley, Robert N. Wilmington, N. C.

Crowson, Charlotte Jacksonville, N. C.

Culbreth, Leonard R. Greenville, N. C.

Culbreth, Walter E. Goldsboro, N. C.

Cullifer, Jeane E. Bethel, N. C.

Cummings, Patsy Macclesfield, N. C.

Currin, Carole G. Fayetteville, N. C.

Currin, George D. Washington, N. C.

Cuthrell, I. Marie Pantego, N. C.

Cutler, Jack E. Washington, N. C.


Dail, Elizabeth W. Winterville, N. C.

Dail, Giles Kinston, N. C.

Dallas, Mary A. Leaksville, N. C.

Daly, Donald I. Goldsboro, N. C.

Daniel, W. Faye Nashville, N. C.



Daniels, Charlie W. Oriental, N. C.

Daniels, Clara S. Jacksonville, N. C.

Daniels, Hulbert L. Williamston, N. C.

Daniels, Kenneth W. Atlantic, N. C.

Daniels, Maggie C. Wanchese, N. C.

Danks, James Rocky Mount, N. C.

Dann, Elizabeth A. Wilmington, N. C.

Darden, Helen D. Faison, N. C.

Daugherty, Gladys Kinston, N. C.

Daughtry, Corbitt F. Clinton, N. C.

Daughtry, Lillian F. Faison, N. C.

Davenport, Delia M. Deep Run, N. C.

Davenport, Leon E. Elizabeth City, N. C.

Davis, C. Ann B. Wilmington, N. C.

Davis, Chrichton A. Greenville, N. C.

Davis, D. Harriet Carthage, N. C.

Davis, Evelyn J. Warsaw, N. C.

Davis, Francis J. Micro, N. C.

Davis, Harvey L. Warrenton, N. C.

Davis, John R. Rocky Mount, N. C.

Davis, Lou A. Pink Hill, N. C.

Davis, Margaret A. Graham, N. C.

Davis, Patricia L. Raleigh, N. C.

Davis, Ramie W. Smithfleld, N. C.

Davis, Ruby C. Scotland Neck, N. C.

Davis, Sibyle Albertson, N. C.

Davis, Wade M. Henderson, N. C.

Dawson, Patricia A. Belhaven, N. C.

Dawson, Ruth H. Portsmouth, Virginia

Dean, Delia L. Oxford, N. C.

Deans, Billy H. Rocky Mount, N. C.

Dees, Edward Hope Mills, N. C.

Dees, Wilbur E. Hope Mills, N. C.

Dempsey, Arthur Aulander, N. C.

Dempsey, Miriam R. Fayetteville, N. C.

Denning, Verna T. Southport, N. C.

Dennis, Curtis Ayden, N. C.

Denton, Amelia D. Bunn N, C.

Derrick, Mildred H. Greenville, N. C.

Derrickson, John B. New Bern, N. C.

DeSavigny, Chester B. Greenville, N. C.

DeSavigny, Richard A. Greenville, N. C.

Dewar, Betty J. Fuquay Springs, N. C.

Dickens, Anna M. Nashville, N. C.

Dickerson, Grady G. Henderson, N. C.

Dickinson, Geraldine Beaufort, N. C.

Dickson, Frances P. Rose Hill, N. C.

Dickson, Martha C. Rose Hill, N. C.

Dillingham, Norma Winterville, N. C.

Dixon, Geraldine Wallace, N. C.

Dixon, Sarah R. Willard, N. C.

Dodd, Mary J. Four Oaks, N. C.

Donerson, Peggy O. Dover, N. C.

Dorman, Lila M. Benson, N. C.

Dorsey, Myra G. Wilmington, N. C.

Dougherty, Bettie J. Fayetleville, N. C.

Draper, Ellis P. Conway, N. C.

Drew, James K., Jr. Portsmouth, Virginia

Driver, Dorothy B. Kenly, N. C.

Dudley, Donnie L. Beaufort, N. C.

Duke, Elizabeth A. Greenville, N. C.

Dunn, Anne V. Greenville, N. C.

Dunn, Jimmy E. Ayden, N. C.

Dunning, Cleveland L. Aulander, N. C.

Dunree, Jeanne K. Angler, N. C.

DuRant, Anne B. Wilmington, N. C.

DuVal, Marshall P. Greenville, N. C.


Eakins, Emily A. Burgaw, N. C.

Earles, Sherman L. Leaksville, N. C.

Easley, C. Virginia Farmville, N. C.

Eason, Jane B. Statonsburg, N. C.

Eason, Margaret M. Sharpsburg, N. C.

Easterling, Sallie H. Swan Quarter, N. C.

Eaton, Amelia J. Franklinton, N. C.

Eaton, Grace J. Greenville, N. C.

Eaton, Martha S. Franklinton, N. C.

Eaves, Emily J. Henderson, N. C.

Edgerton, Norman L. Kenly, N. C.

Edwards, Charles A. Pactolus, N. C.

Edwards, D. Raby Greenville, N. C.

Edwards, Dorothy A. Conway, N. C.

Edwards, E. O'Brien Chocowinity, N. C.

Edwards, Elda R. Burlington, N. C.

Edwards, Glenda M. Beulaville, N. C.

Edwards, Harold J. Chicod, N. C.

Edwards, Jason Bladenboro, N. C.

Edwards, Joan C. Wilmington, N. C.

Edwards, John H. Williamston, N. C.

Edwards, Martha P. Frankllin, N. C.

Edwards, Nell B. Greenville, N. C.

Edwards, Pansy D. Beulaville, N. C.

Edwards, Pansy Sue Chicod, N. C.

Edwards, Shirley J. Chicod, N. C.

Edwards, Tommy H. Bladenboro, N. C.

Edwards, William J. Stokes, N. C.

Eisele, Carolyn J. Statesville, N. C.

Eisele, Phyllis E. Statesville, N. C.

Elfrink, Loui D. Greenville, N. C.

Elks, Gerald M. Williamston, N. C.

Ellen, H. Joyce Raleigh, N. C.

Ellerbe, James H. Rockingham, N. C.

Ellers, Peggy C. Greenville, N. C.

Ellington, M. Elizabeth Washington, N. C.

Elliott, John N. Chapanoke, N. C.

Ellis, James B. Goldsboro, N. C.

Emerson, William P. LaGrange, N. C.

Emery, Eugene E. Portsmouth, Virginia

Emmett, Paul D. Gastonia, N. C.

English, Dennis E. Durham, N. C.

Ennis, B. Jeanine, Dunn, N. C.

Ennis, Irving N. Goldsboro, N. C.

Ennis, Laura G. Dunn, N. C.

Enting, Ruby P. New Bern, N. C.

Estep, H. Keith Plymouth, N. C.

Estes, Lorine A. Charlotte, N. C.

Etheridge, Annie L. Manteo, N. c.

Ethridge, Barbara S. Nashville, N. c.

Eure, McDonald Portsmouth, Virginia

Eure, Robbie H. Gates, N. C.

Eury, Evelyn R. Concord, N. C.

Evans, Diana M. Clinton, N. C.

Evans, Margaret G. Greenville, N. C.

Evans, Thomas B. Greenville, N. C.

Everett, James R. Williamston, N. C.

Exum, Jean R. Fremont, N. C.


Faircloth, Emily D. Fayetteville, N. C.

Faircloth, Imogene Roseboro, N. C.

Faircloth, James C. Erwin, N. C.

Faircloth, Peggy J. Roseboro, N. C.

Faison, Mildred G. Faison, N. C.

Farless, Mary G. Merry Hill, N. C.

Farley, John R. Greenville, N. C.

Farley, Virginia A. Hallsboro, N. C.

Farmer, F. Faye Carolina beach, N. C.

Farrar, Joel U. Gastonia, N. C.

Farrow. LaRue V. Vanceboro, N. C.

Faulkner, Alma L. LaGrange, N. C.

Faulkner, James C. Kinston, N. C.

Faulkner, Leroy Winterville, N. C.

Faulkner, Nora E. Kinston, N. C.

Federonko, Anne Burgaw, N. C.

Fendley, Elma H. Fayetteville, N. C.

Ferguson, Ruth P. Carthage, N. C.

Ferrell, Charles S. Kinston, N. C.

Ferrell, William B. Richlands, N. C.

Ferrell, Willie F. Lucama, N. C.

Fields, Curtis G. Pikeville, N. C.

Fields, Eugene E. LaGrange, N. C.

Fields, Mary A. Carolina Beach, N. C.

Finch, Alton V. Carolina Beach, N. C.

Finch, Molly A. Henderson, N. C.

Finch, Willard C. Bailey, N. C.

Finck, Carolyn. E. Elizabeth, N. C.

Fish, James L. Willow Spring, N. C.

Fishel, Charles E. Winston-Salem, N. C.

Fitts, Alice L. Fayetteville, N. C.

Fitzgerald, Rubert G. Selma, N. C.

Fitzgerald, Wilbert C. Selma, N. C.

Flanagan, Gayle C. Farmville, N. C.

Fleetwood, Carlton T. Pendleton, N. C.

Fleming, Margaret E. Greenville, N. C.

Fleming, Polly F. Greenville, N. C.

Flora, Edna J. Farmville, N. C.

Flowers, Hugh M. Fremont, N. C.

Flowers, Ruth G. Four Oaks, N. C.

Flowers, William D. Fremont, N. c.

Flowers, W. Carl Trenton, N. C.

Floyd, Orville G. Cerro Gordo, N. C.

Floyd, William F. Norfolk, Virginia

Flye, Larry E. Greenville, N. C.

Fodrie, James E. Beaufort, N. C.

Foley, E. Milton Greenville, N. C.

Folk, Albert O. Sims, N. C.

Forbes, Roy H. Greenville, N. C.

Fordham, Henry C. Kinston, N. C.

Forehand, Mary J. Wanchese, N. C.

Forlines, Jack S. Winterville, N. C.

Formy-Duval, Tracy Winterville, N. C.

Forrest, Peggy L. Greenville, N. C.

Forsyth, Drexel M. Ahoskie, N. C.

Foscue, Dallas H. Kinston, N. C.

Foss, Jacqueline LaGrnage, N. C.

Fouts, Jerry M. Mamers, N. C.

Francis, Sadie M. Conway, N. C.

Francis, Una B. Conway, N. C.

Franklin, Georgia S. Greenville, N. C.

Fratino, Donald L. Salisbury, Maryland

Frazier, W. Richard High Point, N. C.

French, Frances D. Kinston, N. C.

French, Larry M. Kinston, N. C.

Fristoe, John L. Greenville, N. C.

Fulcher, Donald R. Atlantic, N. C.

Fulcher, Robert B. Atlantic, N. C.

Fulford, Joan M. Supply, N. C.

Furlong, John C. Wilmington, N. C.

Futreal, Freddie D. Chinquapin, N. C.


Gaddy, Esther, E. Wadesboro, N. C.

Gaddy, Lessie E. Clinton, N. C.

Gaines, Ben P. Goldston, N. C.

Gambill, Nancy C. Elkin, N. C.

Gardner, George W. Greenville, N. C.

Gardner, James R. Rocky Mount, N. C.

Gardner, Nellie R. Nashville, N. C.

Garland, J. Charlie Portsmouth, Virginia

Garner, Hazel E. Roanoke Rapids, N. C.

Garner, Nicholas C. Newport, N. C.

Garrell, Clarence D. Tabor City, N. C.

Garrett, C. Dwight Greenville, N. C.

Garrett, James E. East Rockingham, N. C.

Garris, Franklin A. Greenville, N. C.

Garris, Hubert W. Greenville, N. C.

Garris, Peggy J. LaGrange, N. C.

Gaskill, Grady H. Greenville, N. C.

Gaskins, Shirley L. Grimesland, N. C.

Gatlin, Maggie A. Ernul, N. C.

Gay, Betty W. Walstonburg, N. C.

Gay, Dorothy B. Walstonburg, N. C.

Gay, Emma L. Whitakers, N. C.

Gay, Paul B. Walstonburg, N. C.

Gay, Willie R. Whitakers, N. C.

Gaylor, Donald F. Magnolia, N. C.

Geiss, Henry H. Portsmouth, Virginia

Gentry, Clyde H. Maxton, N. C.

George, Julia I. Winston-Salem, N. C.

Gerock, Thelma R. Maysville, N. C.

Gerringer, Kitty B. Draper, N. C.

Gilbert, Goerge G. Spindale, N. C.

Gilbert, Henry E. Bolivia, N. C.

Giles, L. Grace Linden, N. C.

Giles, Oscar W. Greenville, N. C.

Giles, Sara Katherine Winterville, N. C.

Gillette, Mary L. Jacksonville, N. C.

Gillikin, Dorothea J. Beaufort, N. C.

Gilmore, Lois W. Whiteville, N. C.

Ginn, L. B. Snow Hill, N. C.

Ginn, Margaret Snow Hill, N. C.

Glenn, Joyce I. Wilmington, N. C.

Glover, Barbara J. Washington, N. C.

Glover, William K. Dover, N. C.

Godwin, Jane E. Wade, N. C.

Godwin, M. Eloise Pine Level, N. C.

Godwin, N. Jean Hertford, N. C.



Goff, Robert F. Williamston, N. C.

Gold, Frances S. Winterville, N. C.

Goodson, Keith Greenville, N. C.

Goodwin, Patricia A. Havelock, N. C.

Goodwin, Peggy A. Apex, N. C.

Gore, Addie C. Tabor City, N. C.

Gore, Barbara J. Claredon, N. C.

Gore, Edward M. Ash, N. C.

Gordon, Mrs. Betty M. Greenville, N. C.

Gosnell, Bobby G. Hickory, N. C.

Gosse, Ann E. Washington, N. C.

Grady, Dixie C. Seven Spring, N. C.

Grady, Joseph C. Kinston, N. C.

Grady, Mary A. Albertson, N. C.

Grady, Robert L. Kinston, N. C.

Graham, Frances N. Greenville, N. C.

Grant, Margaret Louise Goldsboro, N. C.

Grant, Mary E. Goldsboro, N. C.

Grant, Virginia H. Goldsboro, N. C.

Grantham, Doris E. Seven Springs, N. C.

Grantham, L. Arlene Morehead City, N. C.

Grantham, Nell Goldsboro, N. C.

Gray, Clement M. Fairmont, N. C.

Gray, Jean T. Trenton, N. C.

Gray, Lucy E. Trenton, N. C.

Gray, Mary H. Deep Run, N. C.

Graybill, George H. Roanoke, Virginia

Greathouse, Eula P. Snow Hill, N. C.

Green, Mary E. Morrisville, N. C.

Greene, Frances E. Greenville, N. C.

Greene, Mary F. Roanoke Rapids, N. C.

Greenstein, Barbara M. Tenafly, New Jersey

Gregory, Arthur, Jr. Rockingham, N. C.

Gresham, Ann E. Richmond, Virginia

Grice, Peggy J. Calypso, N. C.

Griffin, Mrs. Catherine B. Wilson, N. C.

Griffin, Diantha E. Williamston, N. C.

Griffin, Edna J. Rocky Mount, N. C.

Griffin, James D. Washington, N. C.

Griffin, Virginia L. Woodland, N. C.

Griffin, Wiliiam F. Williamston, N. C.

Griffin, Wilson V. Goldsboro, N. C.

Griggs, M. Elaine Vandemere, N. C.

Grimes, Barbara A. Robersonville, N. C.

Grimes, Pattie S. Wendell, N. C.

Grissom, Lynwood L. Wilmington, N. C.

Grist, Shepherd Russell Washington, N. C.

Grogan, F. LaVerne Draper, N. C.

Gryb, Charles H. New Bern, N. C.

Guerrant, M. Etta Henderson, N. C.

Guion, Elizabeth New Bern, N. C.

Gulley, A. Faye Clayton, N. C.

Gurganus, Betty C. Grimesland, N. C.

Gurkin, David C. Williamston, N. C.

Gurley, Joyce B. Goldsboro, N. C.

Guyton, Barbara M. Wilmington, N. C.

Guyton, Norma D. Bladenboro, N. C.


Habit, Alfred J. Edenton, N. C.

Haddock, Alice J. Winterville, N. C.

Haddock. Maggie E. Hookerton, N. C.

Hagler, R. Juanita Belmont, N. C.

Hailey, Jo A. Raleigh, N. C.

Haire, Hal F. Elizabethtown, N. C.

Haislip, Margaret R. Oak City, N. C.

Hale, Samuel M. Aulander, N. C.

Hales, Charlotte G. Statonsburg, N. C.

Hall, E. Roberta Stedman, N. C.

Hall, Franklin I. Wilmington, N. C.

Hall, Kenneth Dwight Rockwell, N. C.

Hall, Lee R. New Bern, N. C.

Hall, McKinley Hope Mills, N. C.

Halliburton, Claudia Oxford, N. C.

Hallow, Joe F. Goldsboro, N. C.

Hallow, Louis J. Goldsboro, N. C.

Ham, W. Bernard Portsmouth, Virginia

Hamilton, Charles S. Columbia, N. C.

Hamilton, C. Thomas Beaufort, N. C.

Hamilton, Franklin M. Fayetteville, N. C.

Hamilton, John C. Atlantic, N. C.

Hamilton, Margaret Beaufort, N. C.

Hammond. Frank M. Wilmington, N. C.

Hardee, Esther M. Greenville, N. C.

Hardee, Hugh T. Jr. Greenville, N. C.

Hardee, Warren S. Greenville, N. C.

Hardee, William K. Wilmington, N. C.

Hardesty, Patricia A. Beaufort, N. C.

Harding, Marian T. Chocowinity, N. C.

Hardison, George T. Williamston, N. C.

Hardison, Janice G. Jamesville, N. C.

Hardison, Vera A. Washington, N. C.

Hardy, Anne E. Maury, N. C.

Harmon, Billie M. Fayetteville, N. C.

Harper, Alyce B. Greenville, N. C.

Harper, Charles LeGrange, N. C.

Harper, Josephine A. Greenville, N. C.

Harper, Letiie M. Pikeville, N. C.

Harper, Nancv J. Whitakers, N. C.

Harper, Peggy L. Kinston, N. C.

Harper, Willa R. Farmville, N. C.

Harrell, Charles H. Greenville, N. C.

Harrell, Ervin Aulander, N. C.

Harrell, Gladys M. Knightdale, N. C.

Harrell, Hilda R. Edenton, N. C.

Harrell, Mary E. Hamilton, N. C.

Harrell, Norma P. Edenton, N. C.

Harrell, Thomas L. Macclesfield, N. C.

Harrell, Walter M. Corapeake, N. C.

Harrell, William T. Cristobal Panama, C. Z.

Harrelson, Elsie C. Whiteville, N. C.

Harrington, ALbert L. Hope Mills, N. C.

Harrington, Jarvis R. Ayden, N. C.

Harrington, Sara M. Fairmont, N. C.

Harris, B. Eugene Winterville, N. C.

Harris, Betty K. Halifax, N. C.

Harris, Billie C. Washington, N. C.

Harris, Clara M. Elizabeth City, N. C.

Harris, David B. Greenville, N. C.

Harris, Harriet B. Washington, N. C.

Harris, James C. Warrenton, N. C.

Harris, James W. Greenville, N. C.

Harris, James Wilson Rocky Mount, N. C.

Harris, Launa A. Roper, N. C.

Harris, Robert H. Matoaca, Virginia

Harris, Thelma M. Marshallberg, N. C.

Harris, Virginia D. Littleton, N. C.

Harris, William J. Goldston, N. C.

Harris, Winnie R. Washington, N. C.

Harrison, Ann W. Tarboro, N. C.

Harrison, Billie B. Wiliamston, N. C.

Harrison, Fred W. Snow Hill, N. C.

Harrison, Nancy G. Burgaw, N. C.

Harriss, Jo A. Southern Pines, N. C.

Hatch, S. Frances Ayden, N. C.

Hatch, Victoria Ayden, N. C.

Hathaway, Alice R. Farmville, N. C.

Hayes, Harry D. Wilmington, N. C.

Hayes, James P. Kinston, N. C.

Hayes, John T. Durham, N. C.

Hayes, Mary J. Rocky Point, N. C.

Hayman, Jennie L. Pantego, N. C.

Haymes, Virginius W. Greenville, N. C.

Haynes, Lillian C. Goldsboro, N. C.

Heath, Aubrey L. Castle Hayne, N. C.

Heath, Cecil A. Wilmingotn, N. C.

Heath, Rachel A. Kinston, N. C.

Heath, Rodney T. Cove City, N. C.

Hedspeth, Ida R. Pendleton, N. C.

Helms, Florence M. Portsmouth, Virginia

Helms, Johnny C. Monroe, N. C.

Hemingway, Frank McC Bethel, N. C.

Henaghan, Marilyn J. Greenville, N. C.

Henderson, Charles, R. Trenton, N. C.

Henderson, James L. Hubert, N. C.

Henderson, Mildred L. Roxboro, N. C.

Henderosn, Nancy C. Hubert, N. C.

Hendricks, Charles R. Maxton, N. C.

Hendrix, Betty A. Greensboro, N. C.

Hendrix, J. Curtis Greenville, N. C.

Henry, Emma J. Selma, N. C.

Herring, Josephine A. LaGrange, N. C.

Herring, Mary A. Dudley, N. C.

Hester, Anne M. Oxford, N. C.

Hester, Jeanette B. Oxford, N. C.

Hewett, Gloria L. Southport, N. C.

Hewett, Lois F. Supply, N. C.

Hicks, Charlotte A. Clinton, N. C.

Hicks, Margaret S. Charlotte, N. C.

Hicks, Robert E. Deep Run, N. C.

High, Alease Roanoke Rapids, N. C.

Highfill, Leetta B. Greensboro, N. C.

Hilburn, Jere D. Goldsboro, N. C.

Hilburn, Maurice C. Whiteville, N. C.

Hill, Aubrey J. Rocky Mount, N. C.

Hill, Catherine Deep Run, N. C.

Hill, Jean W. Marshville, N. C.

Hill, Mary G. LaGrange, N. C.

Hill, Milford P. Chocowinty, N. C.

Hill, Peggy A. New Bern, N. C.

Hillard, Joyce T. Farmville, N. C.

Hildrup, RObert P. Fredericksburg, Virginia

Hines, A. Norman Holly Ridge, N. C.

Hines, Carolyn E. Greenville, N. C.

Hines, Elijah J. Holly Ridge, N. C.

Hines, H. Eloise McL Roseboro, N. C.

Hinnant, Bessie L. Kenly, N. C.

Hinnant, Freddie V. Pine Level, N. C.

Hinson, Gladys M. Whiteville, N. C.

Hinson, Janie F. Walstonburg, N. C.

Hinson, Jarahnee T. Clarendon, N. C.

Hinton, Mildred D. Nashville, N. C.

Hobbs, William L. Raleigh, N. C.

Hobgood, Betsy Jane Oxford, N. C.

Hodges, Ann C. Dover, N. C.

Hodges, Drusilla B. Erwin, N. C.

Hodges, Evelyn G. Winterville, N. C.

Hodges, Janet H. Washington, N. C.

Hodges, Joseph F. Washington, N. C.

Hodges, Maude E. Washington, N. C.

Hodges, Robert F. Kinston, N. C.

Hodgin, George R. Coleridge, N. C.

Hogan, Anna C. Oxford, N. C.

Holcomb, James F. Chapel Hill, N. C.

Holden, Mary E. (Betsy) Greenville, N. C.

Holder David A. Goldsboro, N. C.

Holder, Mrs. Mae Blake Burgaw, N. C.

Holland, Euzella L. Maysville, N. C.

Holland, Monnie C. Dunn, N. C.

Holland, Willie E. Wilson, N. C.

Holleman, Hazel A. Winston-Salem, N. C.

Hollingsworth, E. Theo Kenansville, N. C.

Holmes, Jane H. Bolton, N. C.

Holmes, Laurie J. Whiteville, N. C.

Holt, Joan Draper, N. C.

Holt, Kenneth M. Colonial Heights, Virginia

Holt, Mildred E. Princeton, N. C.

Holton, Esther G. Creswell, N. C.

Honeycutt, Martha R. Salisbury, N. C.

Hood, Ray S. Greenville, N. C.

Hooker, Lucile S. kinston, N. C.

Hooper, Major I. Stumpy Point, N. C.

Hooper, Marietta Norfolk, Virginia

Horner, Jerry L. Bailey, N. C.

Horton, Betsy P. Williamston, N. C.

Hoskins, Richard S. Apex, N. C.

House, Janie M. Scotland Neck, N. C.

House, Lula A. Nashville, N. C.

House, M. Frankie Hobgood, N. C.

House, virginia Wilson, N. C.

Houser, A. Marie Lincolnton, N. C.

Howard, Dorothy J. Garland, N. C.

Howard, Elsie E. St. Pauls, N. C.

Howard, Mary F. Tarboro, N. C.

Howes, F. D. Roosevelt Selma, N. C.

Hubbard, Gilda G. Stedman, N. C.

Huber, Mattie E. Kinston, N. C.

Hudson, John W. Kinston, N. C.

Hudson, Margaret a. Newton Grove, N. C.

Huffman, Betty J. Salisbury, N. C.

Huffman, Charles Thomasville, N. C.

Huffman, Clee D. Salisburgy, N. C.

Huffman, George Albert Brdingeton, N. C.

Huggins, Van C. Kinston, N. C.

Hughes, Becky H. Greenville, N. C.

Hughes, Robert H. Elkin, N. C.



Humphlett, Walter L. winfall, N. C.

Hunning, Mrs. Sara New Bern, N. C.

Hunt, edward G. Semora, N. C.

Hunt, James W. Durham, N. C.

Hunt, Janie F. Henderson, N. C.

Hunt, Ollie Seagrove, N. C.

Hurdle, louisianna Q. Sharpsburg, N. C.

Hurst, Alec J. Greensboro, N. C.

Hussey, Manly W. Seven Springs, N. C.

Hutchison, Billy R. Candler, N. C.

Hux, Samuel H. Greenville, N. C.

Hylton, Ray A. Greensboro, N. C.

Hyman, Nathan Council Palmyra, N. C.


Inabinett, Charles E. Halifax, N. C.

Inman, Robert D. tabor City, N. C.

Isles, Nora E. Thelma, N. C.

Ivey, Genevieve Orrum, N. C.

Ivey, Richard E. Roanoke Rapdids, N. C.


Jackson, Alice D. Godwin, N. C.

Jackson, Betty J. Greenville, N. C.

Jackson, Charlie Cletas Winterville, N. C.

Jackson, D. Temple Goldsboro, N. C.

Jackson, Ellis W. Thomasville, N. C.

Jackson, Fay McM. Smithfield, N. C.

Jackson, Hannah L. Ayden, N. C.

Jackson, Margaret D. Belhaven, N. C.

Jackson, Sara L. Fayetteville, N. C.

Jackson, Trov R. Grifton, N. C.

Jackson, William J. Chocowinity, N. C.

James, Barbara J. Robersonville, N. C.

Jarman, Elwood B. Kinston, N. C.

Jarrett, Russell v. Draper, N. C.

Jenkins, James E. Ayden, N. C.

Jennette, S. Imogene Mount Olive, N. C.

Jennings, Bryan D. Fairmont, N. C.

Jennings, Marian Elizabeth City, N. C.

Jennings, William F. Elizabeth City, N. C.

Jernigan, Edward E. Windsor, N. C.

Jernigan, ernest C. Selma, N. C.

Johnsen, Jo Ann Greenville, N. C.

Johnson, Alyce, N. Fairmont, N. C.

Johnson, Ann McC. Goldsboro, N. C.

Johnson, Blonnie E. Gastonia, N. C.

Johnson, Carolyn S. Elizabeth City, N. C.

Johnson, David L. Wilmington, N. C.

Johnson, Elizabeth D. Willard, N. C.

Johnson, F. Milam Eure, N. C.

Johnson, John B. Rocky Mount, N. C.

Johnson, Laura F. Kinston, N. C.

Johnson, Mary Jo Coats, N. C.

Johnson, Melva E. Kerr, N. C.

Johnson, Merion E. Tarboro, N. C.

Johnson, Miriam Wilmington, N. C.

Johnson, Peggy A. Durham, N. C.

Johnson, Philip P. Creswell, N. C.

Johnson, Robert E. Ahoskie, N. C.

Johnson, Sallie G. Garland, N. C.

Johnson, Sara P. Greenville, N. C.

Johnson, Shirley E. Dunn, N. C.

Johnson, Shirley F. Fairmont, N. C.

Johnson, Joseph W. Jacksonville, N. C.

Johnson, Kay F. Nashville, N. C.

Johnston, Robert J. Draper, N. C.

Jolley, George B. Washington, N. C.

Jolly, Betty L. Millboro, Virginia

Jolly, Myree D. Ayden, N. C.

Jolly, Sybil K. Louisburg, N. C.

Jones, Alice N. Columbia, N. C.

Jones, Annie Laurie Walstonburg, N. C.

Jones, Annie Lee Farmville, N. C.

Jones, Mrs. Bertha Pate Tatboro, N. C.

Jones, Betsy C. Beaufort, N. C.

Jones, Caridad B. La Habana, Cuba

Jones, Carolyn E. Albemarle, N. C.

Jones, Clifton P. Kinston, N. C.

Jones, Edna Faye Williamston, N. C.

Jones, Edna Ruth Stantonsburg, N. C.

Jones, Frances B. Plymouth, N. C.

Jones, Geraldine Clayton, N. C.

Jones, Grace M. Kinston, N. C.

Jones, Jesse B. Ayden, N. C.

Jones, Larlie M. Milton, N. C.

Jones, Lesley B. Greenville, N. C.

Jones, Linda L. Snow Hill, N. C.

Jones, Lucy G. Louisburg, N. C.

Jones, Mary Ann Kinston, N. C.

Jones, Mary Frances, N. C.

Jones, Mary Joyce Whiteville, N. C.

Jones, Mary Lee Warsaw, N. C.

Jones, Paul E. Thomasville, N. C.

Jones, Roland F. Goldsboro, N. C.

Jones, Russell P. Roseboro, N. C.

Jones, Susie Ardalia Halifax, N. C.

Jones, William A. Louisville, Kentucky

Jordan, Patrick W. Ahoskie, N. C.

Jordan, Royce C. Washington, N. C.

Jordan, Wade h. Edenton, N. C.

Jordan, William Oscar Greenville, N. C.

Joseph, Fred I. Greenville, N. C.

Jowdy, Marie E. Washington, N. C.

Joyner, Max R. Greenville, N. C.

Joyner, Willis M. Greenville, N. C.

Joyner, Wilton G. Greenville, N. C.

Julian, Robert E. Greenville, N. C.

Jurgensen, Betty J. Wilmington, N. C.


Kanos, Nick J. Fayetteville, N. C.

Kanoy, Martha J. Thomasville, N. C.

Kass, Martin H. Portsmouth, Virginia

Keaton, Willie L. Belhaven N. C.

Keen, Theron C. Newton Grove, N. C.

Keenan, William W. Norfolk, Virginia

Keeter, Josie B. Merry Hill, N. C.

Keever, Janet A. Raleigh, N. C.

Kelly, Anise Mount Olive, N. C.

Kelly, Joan V. Sanford, N. C.

Kemp, Jean C. Louisburg, N. C.

Kendrick, Freddie C. Henderson, N. C.

Kennedy, Alef C. Greenville, N. C.

Kennedy, Janet T. Stantonsburg, N. C.

Kennedy, John R. Wilmington, N. C.

Kennedy, Kenneth H. Greenville, N. C.

Kennedy, Peggy H. Kinston, N. C.

Kerr, Edmund A. Wilmington, N. C.

Kesler, Nancy L. Fuquay Springs, N. C.

King, Arthur H. Kinston, N. C.

King, Carl W. Farmville, N. C.

King, Claude K. Wilmington, N. C.

King, Donald A. Goldsboro, N. C.

King, Horace G. Kinston, N. C.

King, James L. Wilmington, N. C.

King, Jean Ann Greenville, N. C.

King, John B. Clinton, N. C.

King, Joseph E. Goldsboro, N. C.

King, Joyce A. Kerr, N. C.

King, Kenneth R. Kinston, N. C.

King, Leland J. Turkey N. C.

King, Mary E. Durham, N. C.

King, Rosemary Kinston, N. C.

Kinion, James A. Bath, N. C.

Kinney, Barbara H. Raleigh, N. C.

Kirby, Helen W. Kinston, N. C.

Kirby, James R. Pikeville, N. C.

Kirby, Merle P. Kenly, N. C.

Kirkland, Janet B. Durham, N. C.

Kirkman, Thomas L. Jamesville, N. C.

Kirven, Laura A. Greenville, N. C.

Kittrell, Mrs. Betty Greenville, N. C.

Kluttz, Charles A. Henderson, N. C.

Kluttz, John R. Dudley, N. C.

Knickerbocker, Roselyn, Portsmouth, Virginia

Knight, Marcella B. Morehead City, N. C.

Knight, Treva Broadway, N. C.

Knott, Virginia A. Creedmoor, N. C.

Knox, Emily Leland, N. C.

Knox, William H. Bolivia, N. C.

Koonce, Thelma T. Richlands, N. C.

Kornegay, George R. Mount Olive, N. C.

Kornegay, Robert F. Warsaw, N. C.


Lahr, Coletta M. Goldsboro, N. C.

Lamm, Barbara A. Lucama, N. C.

Lamm, William W. Lucama, N. C.

Landing, Lee V. Plymouth, N. C.

Landing, William C. Greenville, N. C.

Landing, William F. Plymouth, N. C.

Lane, Add L. Hertford, N. C.

Lane, Clyde C. Hertford, N. C.

Lane, Edgar E. Roxobel, N. C.

Lane, Felix Franklin LaGrange, N. C.

Langley, Robert M. Bath, N. C.

Langston, James R. Winterville, N. C.

Langston, Warren B. Willard, N. C.

Lanier, Coyte C. Buie's Creek, N. C.

Lanier, Edwin McK. Chinquapin, N. C.

Lanier, Faye Burgaw, N. C.

Lanier, Gene D. Conway, N. C.

Lanier, Samuel R. Chinquapin, N. C.

Lanier, Sharon I. Chinquapin, N. C.

Lasater, Julia M. Grimesland, N. C.

Lassiter, Delcie Jean Four Oaks, N. C.

Lassiter, Hazel M. Conway, N. C.

Lassiter, James D. Raleigh, N. C.

Lassiter, Ruth A. Four oaks, N. C.

Latham, Joseph A. Plymouth, N. C.

Latham, Mrs. Margaret T. Plymouth, N. C.

Latta, Janet L. Roxboro, N. C.

Laughinghouse, Billy B. Greenville, N. C.

Laughton, Anna L. Beaufort, N. C.

Lawrence, Libby N. Aberdeen, N. C.

Lawson, C. Dale Orrum, N. C.

Lawson, Elsie L. Orrum, N. C.

LeCroy, Barbara A. Nashville, N. C.

Ledas, Ronald T. Petersburg, Virginia

Ledbetter, Evelyn T. Edneyville, N. C.

Lee, Anna R. Fayetteville, N. C.

Lee, David A. Tarboro, N. C.

Lee, Hilda L. Pink Hill, N. C.

Lee, Irene B. Four Oaks, N. C.

Lee, Jo Ann Four Oaks, N. C.

Lee, John W. New Bern, N. C.

Lee, Nalber R. Williamston, N. C.

Lee, Ned F. Benson, N. C.

Lee, Robert E. Greenville, N. C.

Lee, Robert Franklin Tarboro, N. C.

Lee, T. Lenwood Colerain, N. C.

Lefler, Floyd T. mt. Gilead, N. C.

Leggett, Clara W. Washington, N. C.

Leggett, E. Lucille Washington, N. C.

Leimone, Julianne R. Burgaw, N. C.

Lester, William T. Raeford, N. C.

Lewis, Charles B. Richlands, N. C.

Lewis, Charlotte J. Fuquay Springs, N. C.

Lewis, E. Janet Knightdale, N. C.

Lewis, L. Coye Greenville, N. C.

Lewis, Max R. Fremont, N. C.

Lewis, Robert G. Knightsdale, N. C.

Lewis, William P. Parkton, N. C.

Lilley, Erleen L. Gatesville, N. C.

Limer, James H. Warrenton, N. C.

Lindsay, Willa D. Clinton, N. C.

Lipe, Mildred L. Davidson, N. C.

Litchfield, Bryan B. Aurora, N. C.

Little, Aubrey L. Ayden, N. C.

Little, Carroll C. Hickory, N. C.

Little, Josephine I. Falkland, N. C.

Little, Marvin Winterville, N. C.

Little, Rex D. Freeland, N. C.

Little, Ruth b. Winterville, N. C.

Littlefield, Shirley J. Jacksonville, N. C.

Lloyd, Barbara J. Oxford, N. C.

Lockemy, Offie R. Henderson, N. C.

Loftin, Alice Mt. Olive, N. C.

Liftin, Betsy C. Kinston, N. C.

Long, Norma Nakina, N. C.

Loughlin, Mary A. Southport, N. C.

Lovelace, Curtis G. Wendell, N. C.

Lovelace, Nevelle C. Wendell, N. C.

Lovett, Wilson Tabor City, N. C.

Loving, Billy Eugene Burlington, N. C.

Lovitt, Tommy R. Richlands, N. C.

Lucas, Carol L. West End, N. C.



Ludlum, Harvey L. Whiteville, N. C.

Lupton, Exave M. New Bern, N. C.

Lupton, Jewel H. Pinetops, N. C.

Lupton, Thomas R. Greenville, N. C.

Lynch, Murray Bud, Jr. Washington, N. C.

Lynch, Richmond E. Roanoke Rapids, N. C.

Lyons, George F. Arlington, Virginia


McAden, John W. Washington, N. C.

McAllister, Claude H. Wilmington, N. C.

McAllister, Donald S. Wilmington, N. C.

McArthur, Margaret M. Grifton, N. C.

McConeghy, Irvin L. Maxton, N. C.

McCormick, James S. Ayden, N. C.

McCormick, Jane A. Fairmont, N. C.

McCotter, Barbara W. New Bern, N. C.

McCoy, Launa J. Cove City, N. C.

McCoy, Sylvia J. Snow Hill, N. C.

McCrary, Ann H. Durham, N. C.

McCutchen, Mary S. Fayetteville, N. C.

McDonald, William B. Greenville, N. C.

McDougald, Marjorie F. Raeford, N. C.

McDougald, Wade G. Raeford, N. C.

McDowell, William S. Midway Park, N. C.

McFayden, George D. Wilmington, N. C.

McGhee, Raymond C. Raleigh, N. C.

McGimsey, Marilyn Lenoir, N. C.

McGinnis, Roy W. Morven, N. C.

McGlohon, Donald C. Winterville, N. C.

McGlohon, Mark S. Winterville, N. C.

McGlohon, Robert A. Winterville, N. C.

McGlohon, W. Jeanette Willard, N. C.

McGowan, Irene Greenville, N. C.

McGowan, Nina L. Greenville, N. C.

McKee, Guy V. Mount Olive, N. C.

McKeel, Justus L. Micro, N. C.

McKenzie, Julia A. Goldsboro, N. C.

McKenzie, Martha Salemburg, N. C.

McKinney, La Rue W. Scranton, N. C.

McLamb, Estel W. Newton Grove, N. C.

McLaughlin, William A. Fayetteville, N. C.

McLawhon, Mark D. Goldsboro, N. C.

McLawhon, William A. Greenville, N. C.

McLawhorn, Berry J. Williamston, N. C.

McLawhorn, Kathryn L. Grifton, N. C.

McLawhron, Oa R. Ayden, N. C.

McLemore, Agens V. Henderson, N. C.

McLeod, Juanita Broadway, N. C.

McLeod, William G. Fayetteville, N. C.

MacMillan, George A. Greenville, N. C.

McMillan, Harry S. Wade, N. C.

McMillan, Jimmie S. Chadbourn, N. C.

McMullan, Edwinna Greenville, N. C.

McNabb>McNabb, Theresa F. Portsmouth, Virginia

McNeely, Carolyn J. Rocky Mount, N. C.

McNeill, Vera B. Burlington, N. C.

McPhail, Harvey E. Dunn, N. C.

McWilliams, W. Harvey Aurora, N. C.


Maddrey, Thomas P. Seaboard, N. C.

Madigan, Francis H. Portsmouth, Virginia

Madry, Mary A. Scotland Neck, N. C.

Madry, Peggy W. Scotland Neck, N. C.

Maennle, Frank Rocky Mount, N. C.

Mahoney, Carolyn Greenville, N. C.

Mahoney, George L. Greenville, N. C.

Mallard, Agnes F. Trenton, N. C.

Malpass, Peggy J. Goldsboro, N. C.

Maness, Jack McL. Bennett, N. C.

Maness, Paul W. Oriental, N. C.

Maness, Robert A. Greensboro, N. C.

Mange, Barbara T. Hanover, Pennsylvania

Mangum, Edith A. Rocky Mount, N. C.

Mann, Betty G. New Holland, N. C.

Mann, Dalton L. Manns Harbor, N. C.

Mann, Elva Rae Nags Head, N. C.

Manning, Archibald E. Jamesville, N. C.

Manning, Myrtle Robersonville, N. C.

Manning, Nannie W. Winterville, N. C.

Manning, Oliver O. Dixon, N. C.

Manning, Shirley B. Greenville, N. C.

Mansfield, Margaret A. Edenton, N. C.

Manuel, Lynwood Norfolk, Virginia

March, Clyde V. Rocky Mount, N. C.

Maready, hilda E. Chinquapin, N. C.

Marion, Bessie B. Bladenboro, N. C.

Markham, Janice V. Elizabeth City, N. C.

Markham, Sara M. Goldsboro, N. C.

Marks, William P. Speed, N. C.

Marshall, Magdalene G. Engelhard, N. C.

Marshall, Susie A. Engelhard, N. C.

Marshbourne, T. Frances Spring Hope, N. C.

Marshburn, Elma R. Tomahawk, N. C.

Martin, David L. Cramerton, N. C.

Martin, Joel A. Wrightsville Beach, N. C.

Martin, John W. Washington, N. C.

Martin, Walter T. Williamston, N. C.

Mason, Clara L. Swan Quarter, N. C.

Mason, Joseph V. Atlantic, N. C.

Mason, Shirley A. New Bern, N. C.

Massad, Edna M. Benson, N. C.

Massad, Emmil G. Benson, N. C.

Massey, Eva S. Selma, N. C.

Massey, Moulton B., Jr. Greenville, N. C.

Maston, Thomas Elizabeth City, N. C.

Mathews, Edgar H. Raleigh, N. C.

Matthews, A. Glenn Nashville, N. C.

Matthews, Bessie J. Marinon, N. C.

Matthews, Carlton K. Roanoke Rapids, N. C.

Matthews, Carolyn C. Sanford, N. C.

Matthews, Dolores A. Henderson, N. C.

Matthews, Dottie A. Castalia, N. C.

Matthews, Iris I. Aberdeen, N. C.

Matthews, John R. Robersonville, N. C.

Matthis, Dora C. New Bern, N. C.

Mattox, Alice R. Smithfield, N. C.

May, Edward A. Farmville, N. C.

May, Johnnie E. Grimesland, N. C.

May, Pearl H. Durham, N. C.

May, William L. Maury, N. C.

Mayes, Barbara J. Four Oaks, N. C.

Mayhew, Barbara Davidson, N. C.

Mayo, Edward E. Greenville, N. C.

Mayo, Mrs. Irene W. Falkland, N. C.

Mayo, Lula W. Greenville. N. C.

Mayo, Maurice A Aurora, N. C.

Medlin. Albert V Greenville. N. C.

Medlin, Patricia B Virginia Beach. Virginia

Meeder, Andrew K. Norfolk, Virginia

Meekins, Charles E. Stumpy Point, N. C.

Meekins, Ivan D. Elizabeth City, N. C.

Meekins, Janice T. Stumpy Point, N. C.

Meiggs, Raymond D. Camden, N. C.

Mellon, Phillip W. Winterville, N. C.

Melton, Shirley A. Haveldck, N. C.

Melvin, Franklin H. New Bern, N. C.

Melvin, Josephine Clarkton, N. C.

Memory, Joseph W. Clarkton, N. C.

Memory, Rufus F. Clarkton, N. C.

Mercer, Ethel P. Washington, N. C.

Mercer, Vivian O. Raleigh, N. C.

Merwin, Johnny W. Greenville, N. C.

Messer, Doris M. Dunn, N. C.

Messick, John A. Greenville, N. C.

Mewborn, Eula G. Hookerton, N. C.

Midgette, Jane H. Cary, N. C.

Miller, Patricia L. Kill Devil Hill, N. C.

Miller, Robert L. Beulaville, N. C.

Milligan, John L. Tabor City, N. C.

Mills, Elbert H. Greenville, N. C.

Mills, Eleanor H. Greenville, N. C.

Mills, Jasper L. Greenville, N. C.

Mills, Milton A. Watha, N. C.

Mills, Nora M. Winnabow, N. C.

Minchew, Charles L. Fremont, N. C.

Mitchell, Alma R. Wilmington, N. C.

Mitchell, Ann T. Fairmont, N. C.

Mitchell, Charles F. Leaksville, N. C.

Mitchell, Jan M. Hillsboro, N. C.

Mitchell, Jean L. Hillsboro, N. C.

Mitchell, Jesse R. Goldsboro, N. C.

Mitchell, Rose M. Kenly, N. C.

Mitchell, Sam D. Greenville, N. C.

Mize, Jackie L. Clinton, N. C.

Mobley, Jean Ann Robersonville, N. C.

Mobley, Ralph S. Robersonville, N. C.

Mohn, James F. Richlands, N. C.

Mohorn, Jean L. Enfield, N. C.

Moore, A. Lou Durham, N. C.

Moore, Barbara J. Raleigh, N. C.

Moore, Carolyn W. Fountain, N. C.

Moore, Geraldine Walstonburg, N. C.

Moore, Jack L. Rockingham, N. C.

Moore, Maurice H. Wilmington, N. C.

Moore, Nancy L. Farmville, N. C.

Moore, Norma R. Farmville, N. C.

Moore, Patricia A. Turkey, N. C.

Moore, Pauline Bath, N. C.

Moore, Peggy L. Franklinton, N. C.

Mooring, Clarence P. Snow Hill, N. C.

Moose, Shirley P. Salisbury, N. C.

Morgan, Bessie L. Greenville, N. C.

Morris, Allen D. Stella, N. C.

Morris, Betty M. Franklinton, N. C.

Morris, Eugene Greenville, N. C.

Morris, Josephine W. Vandemere, N. C.

Morris, Lee Roy Greenville, N. C.

Morris, Maidred J. Kenly, N. C.

Morris, Sarah Louise Kinston, N. C.

Morris, William C., Jr. Stella, N. C.

Moss, John E. Norfolk, Virginia

Moye, Charles William Greenville, N. C.

Moye, Hilda G. Snow Hill, N. C.

Moye, Martha B. Ayden, N. C.

Moye, Robert W. Snow Hill, N. C.

Mozingo, W. Conrad Farmville, N. C.

Muldrow, Judith G. Beulaville, N. C.

Millinix, Brian W. Wilmington, N. C.

Mumford, Agnes N. Grifton, N. C.

Mumford, Orvis R. Grifton, N. C.

Murdock, Joyce D. Durham, N. C.

Murphy, E. Lynette Rose Hill, N. C.

Murphy, Gerald E. China Grove, N. C.

Murphy, Mary M. Louisburg, N. C.

Murphy, Nancy LaGrange, N. C.

Murrow, Eugene F. Swan Quarter, N. C.

Muse, Donnell M. Tarboro, N. C.

Muse, Mary J. Tarboro, N. C.

Musselwhite, Charles A. Greenville, N. C.

Myers, Lois A. Hoffman, N. C.

Myrick, Patsy J. Littleton, N. C.


Narron, Charlie C. Rocky Mount, N. C.

Neal, Kenneth H. Goldsboro, N. C.

Nelson, Beulah O. Kinston, N. C.

Nelson, Herbert E. Jacksonville, N. C.

Nelson, Herman D. Greenville, N. C.

Nelson, R. B. Grifton, N. C.

Nelson, Richard H. Kernersville, N. C.

Newby, Norma S. Greenville, N. C.

Newell, Russell E. Roxboro, N. C.

Newman, Arthur S. Henderson, N. C.

Newman, Russell Leaksville, N. C.

Newsome, Mary B. Fremont, N. C.

Nicholson, Agnes M. Vaughan, N. C.

Nielsen, Charles R. Kinston, N. C.

Niven, Malcolm S. Monroe, N. C.

Noble, Shirley M. Deep Run, N. C.

Nobles, Thomas C. Orrum, N. C.

Noona, Walter L. Norfolk, Virginia

Norman, M. Elizabeth Greenville, N. C.

Nowell, anne A. Winfall, N. C.

Nunalee, Sabra J. Curries, N. C.


Oakley, Godfrey P. Greenville, N. C.

Oates, Mary A. Faison, N. C.

Oates, Mildred L. Faison, N. C.

Oglesby, Vincent B. Morehead City, N. C.

O'Kelley, Harold G. High Point, N. C.

Oliver, Robert R. Southport, N. C.

O'Neil, Sudie G. Windsor, N. C.

Onley, Emma A. Elizabeth City, N. C.

Oswald, Sue C. Wallace, N. C.

Ottaway, Richard N. Wilmington, N. C.



Outland, Anne B. Woodland, N. C.

Outland, Mary J. Woodland, N. C.

Outlaw, Betty R. Elizabeth City, N. C.

Outlaw, Ramona L. Kinston, N. C.

Overby, Kathleen M. Warren Plains, N. C.

Overman, Donald Gibsonville, N. C.

Overman, Minnie D. Goldsboro, N. C.

Overton, Dorothy L. Washington, N. C.

Owen, Marian E. Henderson, N. C.

Owen, Robert C. Roseboro, N. C.

Owen, Thomas J. Elizabethtown, N. C.

Owens, Clyde P. Beaufort, N, C.

Owens, Mary Frances Greenville, N. C.

Owens, Robert G. Rocky Mount, N. C.

Ownley, Kathleen B. Elizabeth City, N. C.


Pace, Relmon O. Bailey, N, C.

Packer, Mary E. Warsaw, N. C.

Page, Clyde U. Halifax, N. C.

Page, James D Williamston, N. C.

Page, S. Jean Roanoke Rapids, N. C.

Painter, Jack A Tarboro, N. C.

Painter, John T. Gastonia, N. C.

Pappendick, Patsy P. Elizabeth City, N. C.

Paramore, Edna E. Chocowinity, N. C.

Parker, Alice F. Farmville, N. C.

Parker, Dewey C. Ahoskie, N. C.

Parker, Edmond M. Roduco, N. C.

Parker, Edward K. Maysville, N. C.

Parker, Frances L. Pendleton N. C.

Parker, Janie M. Dunn, N. C.

Parker, Madeline L. Smithfield, N. C.

Parker, Nancy A. Goldsboro, N. C.

Parkerson, Josephine Greenville, N. C.

Parkin, George P. Swansboro, N. C.

Parkin, James E. Beaufort, N. C.

Parks, Pantice C. Goldsboro, N. C.

Parrish, David G. Wendell, N. C.

Parsons, Marvin A. Maysville, N. C.

Pasour, Barbara E. Dallas, N. C.

Pape, Elizabeth J. Black Creek, N. C.

Pate, George T. Bridgeton, N. C.

Pate, Rebecca A. Chicod, N. C.

Patterson, John E. Roseboro, N. C.

Patterson, Sadie Lillington, N. C.

Patterson, Walter McK. Rocky Mount, N. C.

Payne, Horace V. Selma, N. C.

Paynter, Peggy T. Oxford, N. C.

Peele, Martha H. Williamston, N. C.

Pelletier, Vivian C. LaGrange, N. C.

Pendercraft, Dahlia M. Portsmouth, Virginia

Penley, Robert G. Elon College, N. C.

Pennington, David J. Lucama, N. C.

Pennington, Robert E. Rocky Mount, N. C,

Penny, Janice M. Raleigh, N. C.

Penuel, William A. Goldsboro, N. C.

Perkins, Betty S. Washington, N. C.

Perkins, Church L. Greenville, N. C.

Perry, Ann E. Draper, N. C.

Perry, Judith C. Morehead City, N. C.

Perry, Tommy G. Bailey, N. C.

Peterson, Earl H. New Bern, N. C.

Phalempin, Jacqueline M. Arras, France

Phelps, Gerald W. Roper, N. C.

Phelps, Hannah J. Raleigh, N. C.

Phelps, Rosalyn J. Greenville, N. C.

Philips, Herman D. Washington, N. C.

Phillips, Ann H. Greenville, N. C.

Phillips, Audrey D. Trenton, N. C.

Phillips, Bruce M. Raeford, N. C.

Phillips, Lois A. Warsaw, N. C.

Phillips, Mary L. Warsaw, N. C.

Phipps, Noah C. Huntington, West Virginia

Pickett, Andrew J. Durham, N. C.

Pierce, Patsy R. Hobbsville, N. C.

Pierce, Thomas E. Rocky Mount, N. C.

Piestrak, Emil S. Greenville, N. C.

Piner, Ivey D. New Bern, N. C.

Piner, James A. Beaufort, N. C.

Pinner, James E. Columbia, N. C.

Pitt, Carol A. Pinetops, N. C.

Pittman, Lawrence E. Rocky Mount, N. C.

Pittman, William H. Kenly, N. C.

Pitts, Edward F. Quantico, Virginia

Plemmons, Rebecca G. Charlotte, N. C.

Poe, Clara F. Fuquay Springs, N. C.

Pollard, Donnie D. Benson, N. C.

Pollard, Marion R. Tarboro, N. C.

Poole, Barbara L. Raleigh, N. C.

Poole, Betty J. Durham, N. C.

Poole, Marilyn G. Raleigh, N. C.

Pope, Laura F. Coats, N. C.

Pope, Wilburn R. Winston-Salem, N. C.

Porter, James A. Lynchburg, Virginia

Porter, Ola L. Greenville, N. C.

Posey, A. Denny Greenville, N. C.

Postas, John R. Franklin, New Jersey

Potter, Caroll L. New Bern, N. C.

Potter, L. Agnes West Oneonta, New York

Potter, Rita H. Norfolk, Virginia

Pounds, Dorothy P. Clayton, N. C.

Powell, Edith W. Kinston, N. C.

Powell, Edward T. Beaufort, N. C.

Powell, Eleanor A. Clinton, N. C.

Powell, Furney Weedville, Pennsylvania

Powell, Joanna Raleigh, N. C.

Powell, Riley A. Brunswick, N. C.

Powell, Ruthe P. New Bern, N. C.

Prater, Anna M. Seven Springs, N. C.

Preast, Miriam A. Scotland Neck, N. C.

Prescott, Elbert M. New Bern, N. C.

Prevette, Grady M. Ringgold, Virginia

Price, Ervin J. Tarboro, N. C.

Price, John H. Tarboro, N. C.

Price, Maggie M. Goldsboro, N. C.

Price, Robert S. Rocky Mount, N. C.

Pridgen, M. Roland Wilson, N. C.

Priest, Sara L. Council, N. C.

Pritchard, Eba G. Kelford, N. C.

Pritchard, Jeanne F. Elizabeth City, N. C.

Proctor, Mattie R. Pinetops, N. C.

Proctor, Sylvia G. Rocky Mount, N. C.

Puckett, Gwendolyn R. Clayton, N. C.

Pugh, Dorothy J. New Bern N. C.

Pugh, Elizabeth H. Windsor, N. C.

Pugh, Robert E. Wilmington, N. C.

Pulley, Elizabeth R. Willard, N. C.

Pully, Anne E. Kinston, N. C.

Purifoy, McElree Grifton, N. C.


Quinn, Daphne Dover, N. C.

Quinn, Ronald L. Pink Hill, N. C.


Rabon, Iris O. Southport, N. C.

Rabon, Thomas E. Winnabow, N. C.

Radcliffe, Frances A. Pantego, N. C.

Ragland, Dorothy R. Oxford, N. C.

Rainey, Harry G. Salisbury, N. C.

Ralston, Betty R. Washington, N. C.

Randolph, Phyllis A. Hickory, Virginia

Rasberry, Mildred G. Kinston, N. C.

Rawls, Delphia T. Robersonville, N. C.

Rawls, Stanley G. Aulander, N. C.

Read, David T. Plymouth, N. C.

Reeves, Albert B. Rocky Mount, N. C.

Register, Curtis L. Cove City, N. C.

Relyea, Janice E. Greenville, N. C.

Respress, Edith K. Bath, N. C.

Reynolds, Amanda E. Columbia, N. C.

Reynolds, Mildred M. Columbia, N. C.

Rhodes, Cecil H. Richlands, N. C.

Rhodes, Donald G. Windsor, N. C.

Rhodes, Floyd Columbia, N. C.

Rhodes, Larry I. High Point, N. C.

Rhue, Shirley J. Newport, N. C.

Rice, George F. Wilson, N. C.

Rice, Jessie A. Sanford, N. C.

Rich, Thomas T. Tomahawk, N. C.

Richardson, Mary E. Nakina, N. C.

Richardson, Mary G. Washington, N. c.

Richbourg, James A. Sumter, South Carolina

Richmond, Robert L. Burlington, N. C.

Rickards, James P. Washington, N. C.

Rickards, Kathryn T. Washington, N. C.

Ridge, James W. Asheboro, N. C.

Rife, Gregg C. Arlington, Virginia

Riggs, Stacy L. Maysville, N. C.

Rigsbee, Barbara B. Durham, N. C.

Riley, Jane E. Fuquay Springs, N. C.

Riley, Nancy E. Wilson, N. C.

Rivenbark, Emily J. Rose Hill, N. C.

Rivenbark, Jenette M. Watha, N. C.

Rives, Ralph H. Enfield, N. C.

Robbins, Ruth W. Randleman, N. C.

Roberson, Alice J. Wilson, N. C.

Roberson, F. Rebecca Smithfleld, N. C.

Roberson, Janice W. Bethel, N. C.

Roberson, Joanne Wilson, N. C.

Roberts, Hildegarde Greenville, N. C.

Robertson, Raymond A. Williamston, N. C.

Robertson, Ruth B. Oxford, N. C.

Robinson, Gwendolyn Belmont, N. C.

Robinson, Robert A. Franklin Springs, Georgia

Robinson, Weldon D. Atlantic, N. C.

Roebuck, Donald W. Stokes, N. c.

Roebuck, Mariann Robersonville, N. C.

Roebuck, Robert E. Farmville, N. C.

Rogers, Goerge M. Clinton, Mississippi

Rogers, James L. Albemarles, N. C.

Rogers, John R. Williamston, N. C.

Rogers, William B. Tabor City, N. C.

Rogerson, Edith M. Williamston, N. C.

Rogerson, Percy E. Hertford, N. C.

Rogerson, Sidney P. Aulander, N. C.

Rollins, Dallas Monroe, N. C.

Roney, Marilyn H. Greenville, N. C.

Rooks, William H. Turkey, N. C.

Rose, A. J. Battleboro, N. C.

Rose, Eugene W. Battleboro, N. C.

Rose, George B. Newton Grove, N. C.

Rose, George R. Goldsboro, N. C.

Rose, Robert F. New Bern, N. C.

Ross, Charles R. Greenville, N. C.

Ross, Frank M. Farmville, N. C.

Ross, Josephine D. Ayden, N. C.

Roughton, Dora A. Columbia, N. C.

Rountree, Frances A. Hobbsville, N. C.

Rouse, Bourbon B. Kinston, N. C.

Rouse, George F. Grimesland, N. C.

Rouse, Joseph L. Greenville, N. C.

Rouse, Leon H. Wilmington, N. C.

Rouse, Melba S. Kinston, N. C.

Rouse, Mildred J. Kinston, N. C.

Rouse, Sue T. Winterville, N. C.

Routh, Betty J. Cameron, N. C.

Rowell, Claude R. New Bern, N. C.

Rowland William H. Raleigh, N. C.

Rublein, Edmund J. Folkston, N. C.

Ruffin, William F. Goldsboro, N. C.

Russ, Shelby E. Wilmington, N. C.

Russell, Gene A. Dover, N. C.

Russell, Warren S. Greenville, N. C.

Russo, Augustine J. Norfolk, Virginia


Saieed, Mitchell L. Greenville, N. C.

Saieed, Shirley A. Greenville, N. C.

Saieed, Teresa A. Greenville, N. C.

Salter, Edward R. Atlantic, N. C.

Sanderson, Betty J. Calypso, N. C.

Sanderson, Gene T. Chinquapin, N. C.

Sanderson, Grace McN. Magnolia, N. C.

Sanderson, June H. Wallace, N. C.

Sanderson, William B. Magnolia, N. C.

Sanderson, William C. Seven Springs, N. C.

Sanford, Jerry McI. Goldsboro, N. C.

Satterwhite, Charles E. Raleigh, N. C.

Sauls, George M. Grifton, N. C.

Savage, Annie R. Hobgood, N. C.

Savoie, Alicia B. Carthage, N. C.

Sawyer, Allen R. Elizabeth City, N. C.

Sawyer, Anne C. Burgaw, N. C.

Sawyer, Mrs. Dixie Rose Elkin, N. C.

Sawyer, Mary E. Grantsboro, N. C.



Scarboro, Gary L. Kinston, N. C.

Scheller, Rudolf Hans Greenville, N. C.

Schmidt, Robert H. Endicott, New York

Scott, Betty J. Siler City, N. C.

Scott, Jack C. Elizabeth City, N. C.

Searcy, Dorothy J. Valdese, N. C.

Sears, Charles W. Goldsboro, N. C.

Sears, Jackie M. Greenville, N. C.

Sears, Robert T. Norfolk, Virginia

Sears, William R. Greenville, N. C.

Sedgwick, Sally J. Elizabeth City, N. C.

Self, Charles C. Greensboro, N. C.

Sellers, Ellen L. Washington, N. C.

Sellger, Margaret A. Belhaven, N. C.

Sermons, Jean F. Greenville, N. C.

Sessons, Frances E. Lumberton, N. C.

Sessons, Josie R. Lumberton, N. C.

Sewell, Leon H. Wilmington, N. C.

Sexton, Leah K. Raleigh, N. C.

Sexton, Leon G. Plymouth, N. C.

Shackleford, Clayton W. High Point, N. C.

Sharber, Billy W. Elizabeth City, N. C.

Shaheen, Ross A. Jackson, N. C.

Shearin, Mattie B. Whitakers, N. C.

Shelby, Fred L. Goldsboro, N. C.

Shepherd, Suzanne M. Wilmington, N. C.

Serman, Evelyn M. Fuquay Springs, N. C.

Shine, James F. Rocky Mount, N. C.

Shipp, Patricia L. Wilmington, N. C.

Shoe, Ann O. Salisbury, N. C.

Shoe, A. Wayne Salisbury, N. C.

Shoe, C. Dwight Salisbury, N. C.

Sholar, Edsel W. Rocky Mount, N. C.

Sigmon, Francs h. Greenville, N. C.

Siler, Ann D. Siler City, N. C.

Siler, Richard H. Siler City, N. C.

Silberthorne, Bertha M. Whortonsville, N. C.

Simmons, A. Arnold Columbia, N. C.

Simmons, Anne g. Newport, N. C.

Simmons, Mary Jane Bessemer City, N. C.

Simpson, Doreta Evans Bath, N. C.

Simpson, Lois G. Wilmington, N. C.

Simpson, Ralph C. Charlotte, N. C.

Singletary, Daniel Elizabethtown N. C.

Singleton, Paul L. Plymouth, N. C.

Skidmore, Patrick O. Mount Gilead, N. C.

Skinner, Dan Wilmington, N. C.

Skinner, Norman Travis Ayden, N. C.

Slack, Carolyn E. Pinetown, N. C.

Slack, James B. Pinetown, N. C.

Sloan, Earl C. Chinquapin, N. C.

Sloan, John P. Wilmington, N. C.

Small, Betty L. Greenville, N. C.

Smiley, W. Wayne Greenville, N. C.

Smith, Ann V. Tarboro, N. C.

Smith, Arlene R. Bladenboro, N. C.

Smith, Atwood R. Kinston, N. C.

Smith, Creola Brunskwick, N. C.

Smith, Dennis R. Chocowinity, N. C.

Smith, Dorothy M. Henderson, N. C.

Smith, Dorothy V. Oak City, N. C.

Smith, Elaine K. Wilmington, N. C.

Smith, Eston C. Wilson, N. C.

Smith, Frances J. Robersonville, N. C.

Smith, Grace I. Willard, N. C.

Smith, Guilford C. South Carleston, West Virginia

Smith, Hazel R. Kinston, N. C.

Smith, Howard F. Belmont, N. C.

Smith, James R. Macclesfield, N. C.

Smith, Jimmie D. Rocky Mount, N. C.

Smith, Joyce D. Wilson, N. C.

Smith, Lois J. Thomasville, N. C.

Smith, Miriam L. Ayden N. C.

Smith, Sherma L. Swan Quarter, N. C.

Smith, Susan R. Greenville, N. C.

Smith, Theodore P. Roxboro, N. C.

Smith, Trilby I. Greenville, N. C.

Smith, Vivian P. Greenville, N. c.

Soles, Fred Tabor City, N. C.

Sollee, Miriam L. Tarboro, N. C.

Spain, Anne M. Manson, N. C.

Sparrow, Verona G. Deep Run, N. C.

Spears, Julia E. Washington, N. C.

Speir, Patricia A. Winterville, N. C.

Spell, Kenan J. Turkey, N. C.

Spencer, Emma J. Swan Quarter, N. C.

Spencer, Hugh B. Engelhard, N. C.

Spencer, William R. Draper, N. C.

Spirtos,George J. Wilson, N. C.

Spitzer, Frank Blades Edenton, N. C.

Spivey Susie B. windsor, N. C.

Sprinkle, Ellen L. Asheville, N. C.

Stafford, Betsy Sue Buies Creek, N. C.

Stallings, B. Marie Louisburg, N. C.

Stallings, Durwood B. Spring Hope, N. C.

Slallings, Judith V. Zebulon, N. C.

Stanfield, Walter L. Selma, N. C.

Stafford, Allen Dixon, N. C.

Stanley, James R. Washington, N. C.

Stanley, J. Maxine Elizabeth City, N. C.

Stanley, Patricia A. Greenville, N. C.

Stanley, Robert G. Wananish, N. C.

Stansill, Janet R. Farmville, N. C.

Stapleford, Mildred L. New Bern N. C.

Staples, Dorothy J. Mount olive, N. C.

Starling, George W. Rocky Mount, N. C.

Starling, Leonard B. Rocky Mount, N. C.

Starnes, Charles C. Wilmington, N. C.

Staton, Jesse C. Morehead City, N. C.

Steed, Norma R. Asheboro, N. C.

Stephens, Jerry K. Clarendon, N. C.

Stephenson, Catherine L. Willow Springs, N. C.

Stephenson, Jean K. Seabord, N. C.

Stephenson, Mary A. Como, N. C.

Stephenson, Richard E. New Bern, N. C.

Stevens, Bermy E. Tabor City, N. C.

Stevens, Helen J. Wilmington, N. C.

Stevenson, James E. Jackson, N. C.

Stewart, Larry E. Coats, N. C.

Stewart, Mary L. Braodway, N. C.

Stewart, Shelton E. Sanford, N. C.

Stocks, Elbert L. Ayden, N. C.

Stocks, Mary Sutton Greenville, N. C.

Stokes, Betsy J. Stokes, N. C.

Stokes, Betty L. Ayden, N. C.

Stokes, David C. Winterville, N. C.

Stokes, Elbert R. Greenville, N. C.

Stokes, Julia A. Greenville, N. C.

Stokes, Paul A. Greenville, N. C.

Stokes, Robert D. Greenville, N. C.

Stout, Julia McK. Siler City, N. C.

Straughan, Anne McV. Siler City, N. C.

Straughan, Walter C. Rocky Moutn, N. C.

Strickland, Barbara A. Clinton, N. C.

Strickland, Bobby R. Fayetteville, N. C.

Strickland, Doris M. Halifax, N. C.

Strickland, Margaret A. Halifax, N. C.

Strickland, Owen W. Tabor City, N. C.

Strickland, William G. Bell Arthur, N. C.

Strole, A. Ann Chadbourn, N. C.

Stroud, Amos T. Kinston, N. C.

Stroud, Joe W. Jonesville, N. C.

Stultz, James O. Draper, N. C.

Styron, John B. Stacy, N. C.

Sugg, Betty L. New Bern, N. C.

Sugg, G. Merle Kinston, N. C.

Sugg, Mary J. Snow Hill, N. C.

Suggs, Cleo C. Tabor City, N. C.

Suggs, Jane P. Raleigh, N. C.

Sullivan, James G. Ahoskie, N. C.

Sullivan, Leonard H. Washington, N. C.

Summerlin, M. Jean Goldsboro, N. C.

Summers, Curtis G. Norfolk, Virginia

Sumner, Beverly A. Wilmington, N. C.

Sutherland, Alexander C. Newport, N. C.

Sutton, Ann M. Greenville, N. C.

Sutton, Anne N. Greenville, N. C.

Sutton, Betty F. Greenville, N. C.

Sutton, Edwin C. Kinston, N. C.

Sutton, Elizabeth G. Tomahawk, N. C.

Sutton, Jean E. LaGrange, N. C.

Sutton, Miriam L. Newton Grove, N. C.

Swan, Karen M. Southport, N. C.

Swart, John Wilmington, N. C.

Swindell, Geralding Belhaven, N. C.

Swindell, Norma E. Swan Quarter, N. C.

Swinson, Janet E. Mount Olive, N. C.


Tadlock, C. Edgar Windsor, N. C.

Tadlock, William L. Washington, N. C.

Taft, Dorothy T. Greenville, N. C.

Talley, Betty M. Lillington, N. C.

Talley, Mary N. Prospect Hill, N. C.

Talley, Vivian R. Wilmington, N. C.

Talton, Norwood M. Pikeville, N. C.

Taylor, Alice J. Kinston, N. C.

Taylor, Anna M. Chocowinity, N. C.

Taylor, Atwood B. Kinston, N. C.

Taylor, Betty G. Sanford, N. C.

Taylor, Ernestine Deep Run, N. C.

Taylor, Evelyn H. Kinston, N. C.

Taylor, Gene W. Edenton, N. C.

Taylor, Lena M. Sea Level, N. C.

Taylor, Luther M. Concord, N. C.

Taylor, Mitzi S. Greenville, N. C.

Taylor, Patricia Williamston, N. C.

Taylor, Shirley M. North Harlowe, N. C.

Taylor, Sylvia Nashville, N. C.

Taylor, William B. Kinston, N. C.

Taylor, William F. Robersonville, N. C.

Taylor, William P. Wallace, N. C.

Tedder, Charles R. Bladenboro, N. C.

Terry, David Raleigh, N. C.

Tetterton, Jean S. Greenville, N. C.

Thach, Richard B. Hertford, N. C.

Thigpen, Murphy C. Beulaville, N. C.

Thomas, Benjamin H. Rocky Mount, N. C.

Thomas, Bobby F. Henderson, N. C.

Thomas, Elbert A. Wilmington, N. C.

Thomas, Glenna C. Leaksville, N. C.

Thomas, James c. Raleigh, N. C.

Thomas, Jo Ann Winston-Salem, N. C.

Thomas, J. Homer Whiteville, N. C.

Thomas, Mary B. Broadway, N. C.

Thomas, William R. Rocky Mount, N. C.

Thompson, A. Jean Windsor, N. C.

Thompson, Emerson M. Burgaw, N. C.

Thompson, James K. Goldsboro, N. C.

Thompson, James L. Durham, N. C.

Thompson, Janice J. Smithfield, N. C.

Thompson, Larry E. Princteon, N. C.

Thompson, Margretta B. Salisbury, N. C.

Thompson, Sara E. Goldsborog, N. C.

Thompson, Wilbur P. Whitakers, N. C.

Thorne, C. Jean Dunn, N. C.

Thornton, Julia F. Greenville, N. C.

Tilley, Barbara Ann Greenville, N. C.

Tilley, Barbara Ann Fuquay Springs, N. C.

Tisdale, Mary C. New Bern, N. C.

Todd, James W. Warsaw, N. C.

Todd, Marion G. Clarendon, N. C.

Toler, Anne W. Rocky Mount, N. C.

Toler, Monna J. washington, N. C.

Tolson, Carl D. Swansboro, N. C.

Tomlin, Kay R. Olin, N. C.

Tripp, B. Riley Ayden N. C.

Tripp, Bryant Bethel, N. C.

Tripp, Cecelia L. Shallotte, N. C.

Tripp, Harold D. Grifton, N. c.

Tripp, Hazel G. Greenville, N. C.

Tripp, Thomas J. Greenville, N. C.

Tripp, Thomas Stuart Ayden, N. C.

Trott, Letha F. Stella, N. C.

Trueblood, M. Veryl Goldsboro, N. C.

Trueblood, Samuel N. Grimesland, N. C.

Tucker, George M. Monroe, N. C.

Tucker, Joan J. Moycock, N. C.

Tucker, Lois A. Greenville, N. C.

Tucker, Margaret L. Vaughan, N. C.

Tucker, Mary J. A. Grimesland, N. C.

Tucker, Seleta A. Farmville, N. C.

Tucker, Victor J. Magnolia, N. C.

Tucker, William L. Winterville, N. C.

Tugwell, Nancy G. Farmville, N. C.

Turnage, Annie A. Snow Hill, N. C.

Turner, Betty J. Kinston, N. C.

Turner, John F. Fayetteville, N. C.



Tuner, Lydia C. Conway, N. C.

Tuner, Minnie L. Wadesboro, N. C.

Turpin, Clifton Lavern Farmville, N. C.

Turpin, Janice N. Farmville, N. C.

Tuton, Garland W. Whiteville, N. C.

Tuttle, William H. Raleigh, N. C.

Tyler, Evelyn S. Greenville, N. C.

Tyndall, Dorothy E. Duham, N. C.

Tyndall, Lynwood N. Greenville, N. C.

Tyndall, Louis L. New Bern, N. C.

Tyson, Ralph L. Tarboro, N. C.


Underhill, Ruby M. Selma, N. C.

Underwood, Eugene L. Ayden, N. C.

Upchurch, Bobby G. Charlotte, N. C.

Upchurch, Mary J. Four Oaks, N. C.

Upchurch, Waylon C. Sanford, N. C.

Umstead, Donald Leaksville, N. C.


Vail, Luther H. Pikeville, N. C.

Vainright, Julian R. Greenville, N. C.

Vandeveer, Susie G. Fremont, N. C.

Van Hook, D. Victor Nashville, N. C.

Vann, Louise Clinton, N. C.

Vaughan, Albert L. Ahoskie, N. C.

Vaughan, Betty H. Elm City, N. C.

Vaughan, Edith F. Elm City, N. C.

Vaughan, James M. Scotland Neck, N. C.

Vaughan, Patricia A. Tarboro, N. C.

Vicars, Thomas M. Ash, N. C.

Vickery, Robert L. Moorseville, N. C.

Vincent, Madeline A. Greenville, N. C.

Vinson, Herman D. Clayton, N. C.


Wadford, O'Dell Wake Forest, N. C.

Wagoner, william H. Chocowinity, N. C.

Wainwright, Irma Grifton, N. C.

Walker, Betty R. Whiteville, N. C.

Walker, John W. Goldsboro, N. C.

Walker, Rosalyn M. Jamesville, N. C.

Wall, Winnie B. Jackson, N. C.

Wallace, Jerry McL. East Rockingham, N. C.

Wallace, Jo Sue Aberdeen, N. C.

Wallace, Rachel E. Elizabethtown, N. C.

Wallace, Ronald E. Washington, N. C.

Waller, Victor B. Kinston, N. C.

Walston, Emily S. Watsonburg, N. C.

Walters, Helen L. Rocky Mount, N. C.

Walters, Rodney N. Wilmington, N. C.

Walters, Sallie R. Washington, N. C.

Ward, Benjamin A. Williamston, N. C.

Ward, Eugene M. Edenton, N. C.

Ward, Frances G. Nakina, N. C.

Ward, Harriet Williamston, N. C.

Ward, Janet A. Seven Springs, N. C.

Ward, John E. Edenton, N. C.

Warren, Alice D. Roseboro, N. C.

Warren, Anne E. Battleboro, N. C.

Warren, Betty J. Robersonville, N. C.

Warren, Betty L. Stokes, N. C.

Warren, Earl S. Mount Olive, N. C.

Warren, Edward N. Stokes, N. C.

Waters, James O. Ellensboro, N. C.

Waters, Janie E. Rose Hill, N. C.

Waters, William B. Bath, N. C.

Waters, William J. Bath, N. C.

Watkins, Marilyn A. Middleburg, N. C.

Watson, Betty G. New Bern, N. C.

Watson, Charles L. Greenville, N. C.

Watson, Janet McN. Greenville, N. C.

Watson, Janie Y. Nashville, N. C.

Watson, John R. Greenville, N. C.

Watson, Mitzi A. Engelhard, N. C.

Watson, Thomas L. Kinston, N. C.

watt, Olga T. Greenville, N. C.

watts, Mona L. Whiteville, N. C.

Weaver, D. Anne Durham, N. C.

Weaver, L. Shelton Mount Olive, N. C.

Weaver, Madeleine A. Wilmington, N. C.

Weaver, Manford B. Stonewall, N. C.

Weaver, Philip A. Whiteville, N. C.

Weaver, William D. Four Oaks, N. C.

Weavil, Doris L. Clarkton, N. C.

Webb, James B. Gastonia, N. C.

Webb, John E. Gainesville, Florida

Webb, Maude Ann Pinetops N. C.

Webster, William F. Durham, N. C.

Weeks, Paul D. Whitakers, N. C.

Weir, Barbara E. Wananish, N. C.

Welch, Nina E. Randleman, N. C.

Wells, Carolyn M. Fuquary Springs, N. C.

Wells, James E. Mount Olive, N. C.

Welsted, Joyce L. Elizabeth City, N. C.

Wentz, Charlie H. Asheboro, N. C.

Wesley, Grace S. Washington, N. C.

West, Charles B. Dunn, N. C.

West, Laura C. Warsaw, N. C.

West, Mable A. Roseboro, N. C.

West, Margie R. statonsburg, N. C.

Westbrook, Delia F. Princeton, N. C.

Whaley, Sara L. Elizabeth City, N. C.

White, Cohen O. Windsor, N. C.

White, Ernest L. Winsor, N. C.

White, James A. Havelock, N. C.

White, JOe J. Roper, N. C.

White, Johnnie N. Belvidere, N. C.

White, Jullian J. Greenville, N. C.

White, Margaret A. Hertford, N. C.

White, Nancy H. Wilmington, N. C.

White, R. Charles Whiteville, N. C.

Whitehead, Annie L. F. Murfreesboro, N. C.

Whitehead, Sallye B. Dunn, N. C.

Whitehead, Shirley A. Scotland Neck, N. C.

Whitehurst, Bynum J. Greenville, N. C.

Whitehurst, Frances Y. Behtel, N. C.

Whitehurst, G. Anne Robersonville, N. C.

Whitehurst, John M. Greenville, N. C.

Whitener, David C. Portsmouth, Virginia

Whitener, Henry N. Portsmouth, Virginia

Whitfield, Betty S. Hurdle Mills, N. C.

Whitfield, Charlotte M. Garland N. C.

Whitfield. Mary L. Hurdle Mills, N. C.

Whitfield, Nancy L. Creedmoor, N. C.

Whitfield, Rachel J. Kinston, N. C.

Whitfield, R. Lloyd Winterville, N. C.

Whitford, Annie L. Winterville, N. C.

Whitley, Everett H. Kenly, N. C.

Whitley, Frances M. Nashville, N. C.

Whitley, Josephine E. Washington, N. C.

Whitley, Loyd O. Pinetops, N. C.

Whitt, Juanita T. Roxboro, N. C.

Wienberry, Rose M. High Point, N. C.

Wiggins, Melva J. Tyner, N. C.

Wiggins, Mildred S. Goldsboro, N. C.

Wilder, Vernie B. Nasville, N. C.

Wilkerson, Mrs. Dorothy L. Farmville, N. C.

Wilkerson, Melvin V. Sims, N. C.

Wilkes, Virginia R. Lumberton, N. C.

Wilkins, Betty J. Roxboro, N. C.

Wilkins, Edward M. Lumberton, N. C.

Wilkins, Percy Washington, N. C.

Willard, Ivan L. Washington, N. C.

Williams, Betty S. Washington, N. C.

Williams, Carol J. Kinston, N. C.

Williams, Catherine M. Fayettville, N. C.

Williams, Charles M. Bailey, N. C.

Williams, Charles S. Greenville, N. C.

Williams, Eugene B. Kinston, N. C.

Williams, Floyd C. Wilmington, N. C.

Williams, Garland R. Clarendon, N. C.

Williams, George N. Rocky Mount, N. C.

Williams, Gertrude C. Wallace, N. C.

Williams, Grover, R. Seven Springs, N. C.

Williams, Howard P. Elm City, N. C.

Williams, Iris G. Erwin, N. C.

Williams, James Al Bailey, N. C.

Williams, James L. Clayton, N. C.

Williams, James McN. Fayetteville, N. C.

Williams, Joan B. Wallace, N. C.

Williams, Larry P. Ocracoke, N. C.

Williams, L. Grenodla Oakboro, N. C.

Williams, Louise W. Richlands, N. C.

Williams, Mary Alyce Cofield, N. C.

Williams, Mary Ann Newton Grove, N. C.

Williams, Melrose A. Spring Hope, N. C.

Williams, Pete C. Dover, N. C.

Williams, Robert K. Greenville, N. C.

Williams, Ted L. Wilmington, N. C.

Williams, William F. Swan Quarter, N. C.

Williamson, Barbara E. Clinton, N. C.

Williamson, Betty S. Southport, N. C.

Williamson, David C. Whiteville, N. C.

Williamson, June R. Princeton, N. C.

Wililamson, Lottie L. Whiteville, N. C.

Williamson, Nell G. Townsville, N. C.

Williamson, Shirley J. Clarkton, N. C.

Williford, Clinton A. Roxobel, N. C.

Williford, Louis (Jack) Farmville, N. C.

Willis, G. Carolyn Havelock, N. C.

Willis, Joyce Anne Davis, N. C.

Willis, Joyce Carol Sea Level, N. C.

Willis, Julian F. Atlantic, N. C.

Willis, L. Pierson Beaufort, N. C.

Willis, Weston E. Davis, N C.

Willis, William S. Coats, N. C.

Willoughby, S. Ceceilia Creswell, N. C.

Wilson, Annie L. Graham, N. C.

Wilson, Carroll W. Oxford, N. C.

Wilson, Hattie R. Dunn, N. C.

Wilson, Jane M. Louisburg, N. C.

Wilson, Joseph T. Beulaville, N. C.

Wilson, Laura Sue T. Carthage, N. C.

Winesett, Wiliiam S. Plymouth, N. C.

Winslow, Burwell R. Belvidere, N. C.

Winslow, Marjorie L. Hertford, N. C.

Winstead, James L. Elm City, N. C.

Winstead, Monteen J. Tabor City, N. C.

Witherington, Beverly L. Vanceboro, N. C.

Wolfe, John B. Tarboro, N. C.

Wolff, Helen D. Greenville, N. C.

Wood, Bettye L. Elizabeth City, N. C.

Wood, Nancy C. Virgilina, N. C.

Wood, Rosemary L. Spring Hope, N. C.

Wood, Vida McL. Benson, N. C.

Woolard, Ann P. New Bern N. C.

Woolard, Frances E. Washington, N. C.

Woolfolk, William L. Greenville, N. C.

Wooten, Dorothy A. Clinton, N. C.

Wooten, Mamie W. Hookerton, N. C.

Wooten, Talmage J. Hamlet, N. C.

Worsley, Newsome A. Greenville, N. C.

Worthington, Ada Kinston, N. C.

Worthington, Edith F. Greenville, N. C.

Worthington, Irma S. Ayden, N. C.

Worhtington, James H. Swansboro, N. C.

Worthington, Sue C. LaGrange, N. C.

Worthington, Tull H. Winterville, N. C.

Worthy, Pauline M. Washington, N. C.

Wright, George D. Turkey, N. C.

Wright, India E. Halifax, N. C.

Wyrick, Sylvia A. Gibonsville, N. C.


Yancey, Donna J. Oxford, N. C.

Yarborough, Dorothy J. Wilmington, N. C.

Yarborough, J. Illard High Point, N. C.

Yarborough, Marjorie F. Sanford, N. C.

Yarbrough, Doris M. Prospect Hill, N. C.

Yarbrough, Edwin B. Portsmouth, Virginia

Yelverton, Jean E. Statonsburg, N. C.

Young, Bobby R. Angier, N. C.

Young, Hugh Graham Raleigh, N. C.

Young, Mrs. Mary Topp Greenville, N. C.

Young, Williamm Riley Greenville, N. C.


Zeh, Joyce D. Vanceboro, N. C.

Buccaneer 1953
1953 Buccaneer, yearbook of East Carolina College. The first yearbook published by the students of East Carolina Teachers College, The Tecoan, debuted in 1923. The name of the yearbook changed to the Buccaneer in 1953. The Buccaneer suspended publication from 1976-1978 and 1991-2005, finally ceasing in 2018. It was superseded by Anchors Away in 2019.
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school yearbooks
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University Archives
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