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In 1991, the Environmental Protection Agency issued strict regulations concerning the design, location, operation, and closing of municipal solid waste landfills; and requiring that landfill sites be monitored for thirty years after their closing. The bulletin discusses estimating the costs of closure and post-closure care, analyzes the six mechanisms an operator may use to provide financial assurance for those costs, analyzes the probable impact of the financial assurance regulations on North Carolina local government operators of municipal solid waste landfills, and discusses the strengths and weaknesses of the various mechanisms.
Local Finance Bulletin (NoCar KFN 7888 .L62), Vol. Issue 30, 1994, p1-9
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Locomotive cars returning home from delivering coal usually do so empty. But now, they will be filled with compost collected from three North Carolina counties, and use to spread across where coal mining has stripped the land. This endeavor represents a marketplace development for the state, of turning trash into treasure and constitutes an achievement of the General Assembly's Solid Waste Management Act.
NC Magazine (NoCar F 251 W4), Vol. 49 Issue 6, June 1991, p12, 14, 16, 18-19, il, por