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As early as the 1730s, it was discovered that the environment of the Lower Cape Fear was suited for growing rice, and small-scale rice cultivation flourished. Although the rice industry was often overshadowed by naval stores, it had a long-lasting effect on the colonial economy and laid a foundation for agricultural growth and broader Atlantic trade into the nineteenth century.
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John Archdale, a native of England, was a Quaker, first appearing in the colonies from 1664-1666. In 1681, Archdale purchased John Berkeley’s Carolina Proprietorship. In 1683, he went to the Albemarle region of North Carolina to be Collector of Quitrents. In 1694, the Lord’s Proprietors commissioned Archdale as Governor, serving until 1696. He is remembered for introducing rice to the NC colony. Archdale then went to Charlestown, SC to replace the Governor there. Archdale returned to England and died there in 1717. There was an Archdale Precinct in NC from 1705 to 1712, later Bath County. The city of Archdale NC was named for him.