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After coming to North Carolina in 1924 as a graduate student in sociology, Guy Benton Johnson intended to study social sciences, but under the advisement of Howard Odum, Johnson spent his first year in graduate school compiling and editing manuscripts of black folk song. The result was THE NEGRO AND HIS SONGS in 1925 and later THE NEGRO WORKADAY SONGS and JOHN HENRY: TRACKING DOWN THE NEGRO LEGEND.
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A look at the lives and careers of scholars and married couple Guion Griffis and Guy Johnson, whose careers studying the history and culture of their native South demonstrate that male and female intellectuals of the early 20th century lived very different southern experiences. Guy's professional positions heightened his visibility and a more prominent place within the historiography of Southern liberalism, while Guion's distance from those same circles made her the more perceptive observer and passionate critic of the multiple barriers to change in the South. When viewed in combination, the stories of both scholars reveal the linked challenges of race and gender within southern liberalism.