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North Carolina's prime hunting and fishing have been topics for writers since colonial times. As part of WILDLIFE IN NORTH CAROLINA magazine's fiftieth anniversary celebration, the magazine includes a sampling of some of hunting and fishing stories. The excerpts, written by the five authors, all take place in North Carolina, and all appeared in print between 1894 and 1947. Some authors were famous in their day, while others were not.
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North Carolina angler Jim Dean tells a story about one of his bass fishing experiences at a small lake near Raleigh. He hooked a largemouth bass near a sunken brush pile and fallen tree, but soon realized the fish was wrapped up in the tree limbs. Jim’s fishing buddy dove fourteen feet into the lake to free the bass.
Friend O’ Wildlife (NoCar Oversize SK 431 F74x), Vol. 29 Issue 9, Sept/Oct 1982, p6