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The Fool Killer is probably one of North Carolina's most notable contributions to the gallery of American folk heroes. Jesse Holmes the Fool Killer was the fictional creation of Charles Napoleon Bonaparte Evans, editor from 1841 to 1883 of the weekly Milton Chronicle in Caswell County. There have been several letters discovered written by the Fool Killer in an attempt to bring justice upon the fools in mid-19th-century North Carolina society.
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This is a reprint of five letters written by Jesse Holmes, the Fool Killer, a creation of Charles Napoleon Bonaparte Evans, editor of the \"Milton Chronicle\" from 1841 to 1883. The letters, and the character of Homes and his associate Rascal Whaler, were used by Evans as a vehicle to express his opinions on people, social events, political developments, morals, customs, and any project or cause he wished to promote or defend.