Wright Brothers - Publications - Rare Articles & Pamphlets

Included in this section are publications contemporary with the Wright Brothers, describing in detail the geography and history of Dare and Currituck Counties. The other publications are rare written accounts directly concerning the interrelationships between the Wright Brothers successes at Kitty Hawk and those curious citizens that wondered at, partook in, and witnessed the many experiments with flight.

[Text on Elizabeth City]
The Albemarle District of North Carolina
North Carolina and Its Resources
History at Kill Devil Hill
The Coastal Plain of North Carolina
Elizabeth City: Rich in Natural Beauty, Unsurpassed in Location, Unlimited in Resources, Manufacturing, Lumbering, Trucking and Fishing Center
The Beginning of Human Flight
Virginia Dare Shores, North Carolina
The Wright Memorial and Fort Raleigh
Wings Over Kill Devil...and Legends of the Dunes of Dare