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Diaries concerning Wright Brothers
The following diaries belong to four men. Two of the men are known to the annals of history as the Wright Brothers while the other two simply provide a scenic and historical backdrop to the triumph of the former. A native of eastern North Carolina, Joshua Judson Davis vividly gives a glimpse into life around Roanoke Island in the 1890’s. Edward Huffaker, on the other hand, had never visited the area until 1901 when he camped and conducted experiments with the Wrights at Kitty Hawk. On the Brothers’ first trip in 1900, although they had documented their observations on soaring, they did not keep an extensive diary. However, upon viewing Huffaker’s diary entries in 1901, the Wrights recognized the invaluable importance of maintaining a diary. So starting in 1902, the Brothers maintained exhaustive diary entries for each day of experiments.

Diaries Items
Date     Title
1888 August  Joshua Judson Davis
1888 October  Joshua Judson Davis
1888 December  Joshua Judson Davis
1900 September 13 Wilbur Wright
circa 1900 September  Wilbur Wright
1900 October 26 Milton Wright
1901 June  Milton Wright
1901 July  Edward Huffaker
1901 July  Wilbur Wright
1901 July  Milton Wright
1901 August  Edward Huffaker
1901 August 2 Milton Wright
1901 August 7 Wilbur Wright
1902 March  Milton Wright
1902 April 11 Milton Wright
1902 July  Milton Wright
1902 August  Milton Wright
1902 August  Orville Wright
1902 September  Orville Wright
1902 October  Orville Wright
1902 October  Milton Wright
1902 November 24 Milton Wright
1902 Demecmber 24 Milton Wright
1903 August  Milton Wright
1903 September  Orville Wright
1903 October 6 Milton Wright
1903 October  Orville Wright
1903 November  Milton Wright
1903 November  Orville Wright
1903 December  Milton Wright
1903 December  Orville Wright
1908 April  Milton Wright
1908 April  Wilbur Wright
1908 May  Milton Wright
1908 May  Wilbur Wright
1911 September  Milton Wright
1911 October  Milton Wright
1911 October  Orville Wright
1911 November 1 Milton Wright

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