Joyner Library's East Carolina Manuscript Collection, a component of the Manuscripts and Rare Books Department, includes a number of manuscript collections and photographs that reflect the history of tobacco in Greenville and Pitt County. Included here are letters, payroll records, photographs and other primary sources from several collections. Call numbers of these collections are provided. More detailed information about these collections can be obtained from staff members of the Manuscripts and Rare Books Department. Additional images, taken from publications in the North Carolina Collection, are included in this group.

A Country Scene in Pitt County, N.C.
A Tobacco Field Near Greenville, N.C.
A Tobacco Field Near Greenville, N.C.
O. L. Joyner, [Letterhead of the Eastern Tobacco Warehouse, Greenville, NC]
[Letterhead of Evans & Hooker, Greenville, NC], 28 September 1899
J. Byran Grimes, To the Tobacco Planters of North Carolina
H. W. Coward, [Letterhead of Coward, Hooker & Company, Greenville, NC]
[Letterhead of Parham & Parham, Greenville, NC], 25 January 1904
One of the First Tobacco Barns in Pitt County
Export Leaf Tobacco Co. (Greenville, NC) Payroll Sheets
Leaf Packing Factories of the Imperial Tobacco Co. in America