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Lesson Plans for Eastern North Carolina Digital History Exhibits

The Eastern North Carolina Digital History Exhibits (ENCDHE) enhance the educational experience by:

  • making available valuable primary resources and difficult to find resources,
  • stimulating studentsí interest and engagement,
  • improving studentsí research and critical thinking skills.
The lesson plans below suggest actual classroom uses of the ENCDHE and practical activities for students. Teachers should modify the plans according to their own needs and desired outcomes. The plans reference the relevant objectives of the North Carolina Standard Course of Study. Please help us improve the lesson plans component of the ENCDHE by commenting on the current plans, adding your own, or sharing other ideas: Talk to Us

Lesson Plan Template

Lesson Plans and Objectives Grouped By Exhibit

John Lawson Exhibit Lesson Plans

Middle School, Social Studies (Evyonne Davis, West Craven Middle School, New Bern, NC)

Lawson's Many Roles
Emigration Impact   
Emigration Impact: Short Essay

Steamers Exhibit Lesson Plans

Middle School, Language Arts Mini-unit (Tephanie Cotton, Hertford County Middle School, Murfreesboro, NC)

Lesson 1: Background Information    
Lesson 2: Routes
Lesson 3: Design and Construction

Tobacco Exhibit Lesson Plans

Eighth-grade, Social Studies (Seth Brown and Sam Newell, Pitt County Schools)

Exploring Tobacco Culture   
Labor Issues in Tobacco Processing
Relationship between Race and Occupation
Field Laborers
Fictional Biography

ECU Centennial Exhibit Lesson Plans

Eighth-Grade, Social Studies (Larry Bellis, Pitt County Schools)

Impact of the Progressive Era    

Wright Brothers Centennial Exhibit Lesson Plans and Objectives

Eighth-grade, Social Studies (Maury York, North Carolina Librarian, Joyner Library, East Carolina University)

Impact of Technological Advance    

Fourth-grade, Social Studies (Tim Longest, Eastern Elementary, Pitt County Schools)

Competency Objectives Correlated With Digital Resources    

Eighth-grade, Social Studies (Pam Laughinghouse, E.B. Aycock Middle School, Pitt County Schools)

Competency Objectives Correlated With Digital Resources    

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