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Lesson Plan Template

Select Digital History Exhibit for Your Lesson Plan:

East Carolina University Centennial Exhibit
Tobacco Exhibit
Steamers Exhibit John Lawson Exhibit
Wright Brothers Centennial Exhibit



What are your Objectives for this Lesson?

Subject Area Standard Course of Study References (Social Studies, Science, etc.): (Follow this link to the North Carolina Curriculum.)

Information Skills Standard Course of Study References: (Follow this link to the North Carolina SCOS for Information Skills.)

Time Required for Lesson:

Materials/Supplies Needed:

Recommened Digital Resources:

Lesson Plan Format:

(Please feel free to format the lesson plan in the order you wish, or to change the terms for activities.)

Focus and Review:

Statement of Objectives/Inquiry Formation:

Teacher Input:

Group Activities:

Individual Activities:

Reflection and Closure:

Directions for Downloading this Template, or for Submitting the Completed Lesson Plan.

Visit the Links Page (for other online lesson plan resources and other digital history exhibits).

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