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Merchant’s Gargling Oil

Date: 1870 - 1890 | Identifier: LL02.
Advertisement for Merchant’s Gargling Oil. A standing man leans over a wrapped-up woman seated in an armchair. Behind the man are a top hat and a fireplace. On the mantel are two bottles. “And he whispered in her ear / something sweet for her to hear / said he, ‘try Gargling Oil!’” First introduced, 1833. It is “the standard liniment of the United States, and is good for Burns, Scalds, Rheumatism, Flesh Wounds, … and many other diseases incident to man and beast. Yellow Wrapper for animal, and white for human flesh.” Manufactured at Lockport, N.Y., by M.G.O. Co., and sold by all druggists. “John Hodge, Sec’y.” Gies & Co., Buffalo, N.Y., was probably the printer. On the back is an advertisement for Haynes & Co., Springfield, Massachusetts. It sold ready made clothing and had extensive boys’ and children’s, custom, and “gent’s furnishing” departments. more...