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Merchant's Gargling Oil

Date: 1870 - 1890 | Identifier: LL02.
Advertisement for Merchant’s Gargling Oil. A white horse with some black spots and some black on its mane and tail is in a middle eastern setting. One man holds the horse’s bridle while another examines its leg. Also includes two other men, tents, and palm trees. It offers a $1,000 reward for the proof of a better liniment for people or animals than this oil or a better worm remedy that Merchant’s Worm Tablets. Manufactured by Merchant’s Gargling Oil Co., Lockport, NY, “John Hodge, Sec’y”. On the back is “Established 1833” and “Yellow Wrapper for Animal and White for Human Flesh”. The list of problems it is good for includes burns and scalds, sprains and bruises, chilblains, frost bites, stringhalt, scratches or grease, foot rot in sheep, etc. Large size $1, medium $0.50, small $0.25, small size for family use $0.25. At the bottom is G.W. Longley, Belchertown, Mass. more...