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Parker's Ginger Tonic

Date: 1870 - 1890 | Identifier: LL02.
The advertisement for Parker’s Ginger Tonic depicts a young barefoot girl in a dress. She is leaning against a wall with outstretched arms. The wording is “Everybody needs at times the invigorating help of Parker’s Ginger Tonic”. The reverse of the card includes information about three products: Parker’s Hair Balsam, Parker’s Ginger Tonic, and Hindercorns. A circular picture of a woman with long hair accompanies Parker’s Hair Balsam which restores color, stops falling of hair, removes dandruff, cures itching and humors. Two testimonials accompany Parker's Ginger Tonic which is the "best cure for coughs and consumption and all diseases arising from defective nutrition, impure blood and exhaustion". Hindercorns removes corns, bunions, warts, and callouses. The balsam and tonic are sold in large bottles for .50 and 1.00 and the Hindercorns is 15 cents. Hiscox & Co., 163 William Street, New York more...