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Dr. D. Jayne's Expectorant

Date: 1870 - 1890 | Identifier: LL02.
Front of card depicts two small bare-footed children with the older female child holding out her hand and the younger boy crying into her apron and holding a small basket. The reverse of the card identifies them as beggar children. It goes on to state 'during this, the wintery, rough, and changeable season do not forget that a cold, once contracted, demands prompt treatment, lest the accompanying cough should inflame and rack the Lungs, and induce the formation of tubercles'. It promotes the Expectorant as a remedy to yield symptoms and speed healing. It is also listed as a treatment for Sore Throat, Bronchitis, Asthma, Pleurisy, or any Bronchial Disorder. Bathing affected areas with Dr. D. Jayne's Liniment will also provide relief. Dr. Jayne's Tonic Vermifuge and Sanative Pills are also mentioned as useful cures for Dyspepsia, gastrointestinal upset, and Worms in children. This card was handed out by the pharmacist, A. F. Sherman of Ludlow, Vermont. Knapp & Co, Lithographers, NY. more...